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Skinstitut Vitamin C 100% 10g

4.4 of 333 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.76

Or 4 instalments of $8.76 with LEARN MORE

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Enjoy the full effects of vitamin C with Skinstitut Vitamin C 100%, a pure powder of 100% L-Ascorbic Acid concentration.

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Skinstitut Vitamin C 100%

Skinstitut Vitamin C 100%

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Skinstitut Vitamin C 100% Reviews

4.4 of 333 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Ultra quality


This vitamin c powder is amazing . A few little sprinkles into your serum before applying to the face works wonders . My face is glowing . Pigmentation is reduced . Highly recommend.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not so simple, but effective


I had been wanting to introduce vitamin C into my routine for about 2 years before I found the Skinstitute Vitamin C powder. I had done quite a bit of research into liquid vs. powder form and was stoked to find vitamin C powder at such a reasonable price. I have been using it for 2 months now (only once a week) and have ultimately loved the results. It definitely brightens my pale/dull skin and also helps to even out the tone.
I've bumped down my review to 3 stars for 3 reasons. Firstly, the powder itself is a bit grainy. It's not finely milled as I had anticipated but it's not too bad once it's mixed in with your moisturiser. Secondly, it stinks! As soon as I apply it to my face it almost smells like fritz (or devon) and it seems to be all I can smell all day. It stains my hands, like a fake tan, for a day or two after even if I wash my hands well after applying. Lastly, the packaging it a bit of a pain and I think it would be much easier to use if it came with a tiny plastic spatula to scoop it out with rather than having to sprinkle it out of quite a large area into the palm of your hand.

Overall, as a first time user of vitamin C, I do love the results of this product and would recommend giving it a go if you don't mind the process.
  1. Ultra quality


    This vitamin c powder is amazing . A few little sprinkles into your serum before applying to the face works wonders . My face is glowing . Pigmentation is reduced . Highly recommend.
  2. Good


    I found the powder hard to open and put a small amount on my hand. Also trying to mix it into any of my other product and it went everywhere. Maybe make it into a liquid or an easier way to distribute to hand or other product. Apart from that it smells nice and you dont feel it or see it when its mixed in.
  3. Potent Vitamin C- Great Results


    verified purchaser
    Using for 2 months, this is really potent and has visibly brightened my skin and evened out the tone. Not to be used after any sort of microdermabrasion (my bad) as it can really sting. I use on alternate nights to retinol and sometimes in the am.
  4. Very soluable!


    Ok so I did a little bit of reading about Vitamin C and this product appears to have one of the best types available and I was drawn to the fact that you could control how much Vitamin C you wanted to put in. I have mixed a little bit with my serum and it gave me a tingling effect - which I liked because I felt like it was doing something and being active on my skin!
    Im not sure if I can te...
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  5. Dullness's enemy


    verified purchaser
    I use this with my moisturiser and my complexion looks so much brighter and less dull than what it used to look like, my dull areas look like they've been brought to life extraordinarily.
  6. So Brightening


    verified purchaser
    I use this mix with the ordinary's resveratol and it really leaves my skin so smooth and brightened. I feel as if it has lightened my hyperpigmentation too!
  7. Not so simple, but effective


    I had been wanting to introduce vitamin C into my routine for about 2 years before I found the Skinstitute Vitamin C powder. I had done quite a bit of research into liquid vs. powder form and was stoked to find vitamin C powder at such a reasonable price. I have been using it for 2 months now (only once a week) and have ultimately loved the results. It definitely brightens my pale/dull skin and al...
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  8. Brightening and lightening


    This product worked well to lighten hyperpigmentation, however I found the product was quite 'messy' to use and fiddly, and now I ended up splashing out on a more expensive serum. This however, was a great intro to vit c.
  9. Nice affordable vitamin C


    verified purchaser
    I think this is a good, affordable vitamin C option. I've noticed a difference in the brightness of my skin from using it. The power can be really messy though and annoying to use though and it smells really strongly like a berrocca.
  10. A nice brighten up


    Brightens up skin and noticeable difference after use
  11. I really wanted to love this product


    I had contemplated buying a vitamin C for years and had tossed over which brand to use before settling on this one due to all the reviews.
    I loved that it was a powder and it mixed beautifully with my other moisturisers like aloe vera (100%) which turned it into a lovely combo. Of course, it stung a little but nothing dramatic and gave my skin a stunning glow immediately after use and the n...
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  12. Don't like the packaging.


    This isn't necessarily a bad product at all, i think i'm just not into the process of using it. I find it a bit annoying dispensing a powder product, much easier to just use a vit C serum. It also suggest a 'rice grain' amount but it's almost impossible to ascertain how much you've actually dispensed as it come out of multiple holes and it goes all over my palm. I'll keep using it but probably won...
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  13. Too fiddly


    I find this really annoying to use, hard to get the right amount out and the product clumps so much. I have tried to keep minimum exposure to air by keeping the lid on tight and keeping the plastic sticker on the inside when not in use. I keep it in the bathroom cabinet away from light, but it just keeps clumping so I can’t shake any out and I have to open the protective lid to try and break up th...
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  14. Good, basic vitamin C


    I bought this as my first Vitamin C product as it looked good value for money and good reviews. I've only used it a few days so have yet to see long-term changes, however have been using it in combination with Aspect B12 in the evening before bed and my skin is very glowy and bright so far. Two things to note: 1. this is a powder and it needs to be mixed with another product. It is slightly fiddly...
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  15. wow


    love it! had amazing results on my skin such a great powder cannot find a fault !
  16. Tricky to use but worth trying it out


    I've used this Vit C for a while, mainly because I like to switch it up each morning with my serums so its easier to just add a tap of this powder to whatever I am using. I've found other vitamin C serums to have more immediate effects, so if you're looking for something instant this might not be for you. However I've used this for about a year now and have found that over time it has brightened m...
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  17. Even skintone


    I've only ever mixed this in with the Even Blend Serum, so can't comment on how it works with just water or any other serum. I did find that when I used the two together, my skintone evened out, pigmentation reduced and my skin had great texture and glow.
    When I ran out of this and didn't repurchase straight away, the difference was almost instant, so you need to continue using this to see...
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  18. Not the best on the market


    I have used a vitamin C serum in the past and was pleased with the results. I found that this powder was not as effective and easy to use as a gel/serum
  19. Affordable vitamin c


    I haven't tried many vit c products, however thought i'd give this a go as i like & use the skinstitut brand.

    I only use this 2-3 times a week when i feel my skin needs a boost, you need a TINY amount mixed in with moisturiser otherwise it burns a little bit (i have sensitive skin). Also, i prefer to use this product at night to let it absorb well.

    A word of advice - leav...
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  20. Great Product


    I use this every night, mixed with my Skinstitute Retinol Serum.
    I feel it’s definitely helping with pigmentation and brightening my skin.
    The only thing I can be picky on is the packaging.
    I feel like the part where you shake the product out could be smaller. Having such a wide jar means it shakes out all over my hand. I feel it would be better in a taller,slimmer jar so the to...
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  21. Great BUT Messy


    I’ve only recently incorporated vitamin C into my skincare routine and have definitely noticed a change over the last two weeks, my skin is much brighter and it has cleared up the darker spots on my face where I’ve picked at it! I mix it with my Skinstitut retinol serum and it’s definitely effective, but a little bit messy because it is a powder so I struggle to get the recommended ‘rice grain’ am...
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  22. hello bright skin


    Such a ideal product, affordable AND IT WORKS. fades suns spots and gives me glow.
  23. Okay Vitamin C


    Not a bad vitamin c but I prefer a serum rather than a powder. Good for the price.
  24. Great product


    I’ve only used it a handful of times but it goes well with the moisturiser and feels nice. I don’t often wear make up now as my skin glows.
  25. A bit annoying to use but seems to work


    I find this a little bit annoying to use, trying to get the right amount out and mix it with my moisturiser (I usually end up spilling some) but it does seem to have brightened my complexion. My main issue is that i'm not inclined to use it everyday as I find it too fiddly. Will go for vitamin C in a serum form next time.
  26. Brightening


    I use this with the Skinstitut Retinol and also with another vitamin C serum I have to boost it and it really does fade sun spots. Has completely faded my melasma under my eye socket (from pregnancy). Very happy to keep using this product!
  27. great product!


    helps brighten skin and fade any sun spots you have! feels amazing on the skin as well!
  28. Favourite vitamin C product!


    This powder is so handy as I don't like to use too many serums but still want to get in all of the good stuff. I mix this with my 2% hyaluronic acid by the ordinary :)
  29. Love this product!


    This product is Vitamin C in one of its purest forms. I personally use this for my acne scarring and have seen an incredible difference over time at fading away the pigment and promoting a more even skin-tone. A tiny shake of this product goes a very long way. My tip is to peel the sticker back slightly so that when you shake the product out it won’t go everywhere and then you can stick it back do...
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  30. Powerful powder!


    My friend is a beautician and told me to include this with my serums or face creams during the winter months.
    I must say please be careful not to get it near sensitive areas on your face especially the eye area ...I did this and it made my skin dry and raw.
    After that lesson I made a point of only applying it with serum to my cheeks where most of my pigmentations is.
    I love the ...
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  31. Your standard vitamin C crystals


    Hello my fellow vitamin C junkies!

    I purchased the Skinsitute Vitamin C powder after trying a wide array of vitamin C serums on the market. I have to say that in regards to customisation and flexibility with this product it was very impressive.
    The idea that you can add vitamin C to any skincare product you like, whether it be a cleanser, a serum, your moisturiser; I like the co...
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  32. Love it


    I want to trying vitamin c products for a long time, but they are not cheap or not good use feeling. This powder is really good, and can help absorption of my skincare products.
  33. Great product for the price


    I have used many vitamin c serums and always found that they don’t sit on my skin quite right or they go tacky. This product is easy to mix in with your morning serum although I do find it can feel sticky on my hands after. For the price I would definitely repurchase. Tip - if you are using take the clear lid off.. makes it much easier!
  34. Great choice


    After a month of using this, I have seen that my pigmentation has reduced so much!!!
  35. pretty good


    found this to be pretty good, does everything you need it too and pretty affordable
  36. Great Vitamin C!!

    Rachelle H

    I am a huge fan of Vitamin C. It's so brightening to the skin and i really see a difference when I use it! It's really straightforward to use, you just put a little amount on your hand and mix it in with either a serum or moisturiser and the job is done! Although I would love a serum version to make use even easier!
  37. noticing differences


    with a couple of uses you start to slowly see differences. I like it a lot and would highly likely repurchase
  38. amazing


    definitely noticed the difference. A little bit goes a long way, hydrating and clears the skin nicely
  39. Great for pigmentation


    I mix it with Skinstitut Even Blend serum for pigmentation from 3 pregnancies and sun damage. Pigmentation is almost gone. Takes a bit of patience but is definitely a miracle in a jar!
  40. Love this product!


    I love this product! I use it morning and night and have definitely noticed the difference. A little bit goes a long way. Have already repurchased once.
  41. Not for me


    I really wanted to love this product, unfortunately I don’t. It’s a great price point however I just find it too fiddly/messy dealing with powder. I’ll stick with creams and serums.
  42. great product


    Only need a pea size drop to cover your entire face which is great. These serums are LOVELY. It's light and hydrating, which is so nice. it just melts into the skin and my skin looks SO good. Has really helped smooth my skin and reduce redness and pores.
  43. New to vitamin c


    This is my first try with vitamin c, I think it must be contributing to the improvement I noticed. I love how you can mix this with most skinstitut products but it's a little hard to get the rice grain amount out and mixing it is a little tricky. I'll be buying again though!
  44. Nice


    Good product that brightens and hydrates your skin. Will purchase again.
  45. Vitamin C that works!


    Another repeat purchase product for me because it works. It looses a star for packaging & the clumping that happens to the powder ( easily fixed with a fork to refine it again). I think this would be best without the shifter and left open but supplied with a tiny scoop/spoon inside the canister to use as a way of scooping out the powder. Aside from the packaging challenges the product itself is th...
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  46. Unsure


    Not sure if this product has done much for my skin... Be careful when applying as you only need a little
  47. did not do a thing

    bianca c

    this did nothing for me. absolutely nothing. i hated it after a while, it was messy, it tended to clump after a while in the jar and i honestly did not see a shred of difference in my skin.
  48. Love


    I love this product!!! So easy to use, goes such a long way and I use it twice a day along with my other skinstiut products! Such a small tub but great
  49. Inovative!


    I love that the Vit C is in powder form which makes it more potent than a serum or a moisturiser. I add this to my basic moisturiser (that doesn't have other actives) and I get all the Vit C benefits. I think it will last forever too as only the tiniest amount is needed. Only thing I don't love is the grittyness if you don't mix it in properly.
  50. Little gem


    I have been using this powder blended with retinol serum and noticed a brighter, smoother skin tone in a short amount of time. However, I got some patches on my skin since using this combo alongside itchy burning sensation after application. Not sure why, but hopefully this will go away and I will keep on using to see greater results.
  51. Amazing vitamin c


    I get a lot of dark spots from past acne and this
    Product gets rid of them really well it can be a big drying so, do use a moisturiser and only use 3 times a week
  52. Game changer


    I've only started using this regularly, but it's made such a difference to my skin. I have acne prone skin and it's made it clearer, brighter and more even toned. I put a couple of shakes into my hand and mix it into my serum (The Ordinary's Buffet) at night. Feels a little tingly but nice to know it's doing something. I like the fact that it's another step in my skincare routine, without adding a...
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  53. Am questioning effectiveness as product is impossible to use


    The tub of vitamin C I received is completely chunky, almost like moisture had gotten into it during production. It’s impossible to get it to shake out properly, as when it does it goes everywhere (think that’s a design fault too, especially when needing small dosage amount).
    As a result I’m doubting it has any potency or delivering any benefit to my skin.
  54. Healthy skin


    My skin has never felt better. So bright and soft
  55. Hydrating and glowy skin


    My skin has been left feeling glowy and hydrated! I use it with my other serums and is amazing.
  56. Good vitamin C product but packaging is annoying


    This vitamin c product has helped with my pigmentation, however, the ‘grains’ in this are so chunky! It is hard to mix in with my existing products. For this reason I only wear it at night.
  57. Not sure


    I think if I used this product more regularly in my routine I would see more results, however the itching burning sensation really puts me off using it more often!
  58. LOVE


    I add this in to the skinstitut hydrating masque and I love how my skin turns out, so hydrated and glowly, my skin tone is left nice and and even
  59. Works great but packaging is inconvenient


    I use this in conjunction with the skinstitut retinol after derma rolling at home. After 3 weeks I have noticed my skin texture change and love these products together. The only downside is the packaging as it is hard to not waste product with the tip type opening. My skin is so soft and even especially the day after and I can't wait to continue using it.
  60. Good product


    I did like results from this but I did not like the powder form and the fact you had to mix it with a product. I mixed it with even blend
    Much prefer to use a vit C serum
  61. Great product but difficult application


    I purchased Skinstitut Vit C powder a couple of months ago and I have to admit it works a treat with my skin.
    It feels & looks plump & healthy.
    The only downside, it’s a Powder so you have to mix it with your moisturiser & about a rice grain worth.
    I would recommend it although it would be nice if it was in a bottle. :)
  62. Huge difference, great start to the day


    Love! Protects my skin from the weather, I am in cold weather a lot and I find it goes perfectly with my sunscreen as a barrier for my skin, love it so much, only need to use a little and it goes with a variety of products like my Ordinary serums and some ASAP products.
  63. Not a fan


    I used this with the even blend serum as recommended & found out did nothing but make my face feel sticky..
  64. Amazing.


    I've been using this product for almost a year now and have seen a huge difference in my skin. It's clearer and feels so smooth. I use it with the even blend serum. So easy to use. I love how it's a fine powder, you only need the tiniest amount and it lasts me months. Super affordable, compact and delivers results for the fraction of the price. Highly recommended.
  65. Vitamin C Saver


    Great product you can mix with a range of the skinstitut products. I’ve used it with Laser Aid yo make a mask, retinal serum to promote less redness, it’s a great additive!
  66. Good for brightening


    Brightened my skin but didn't change pigmentation
  67. love


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my skin very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone!
  68. Great for brightening


    I found the product did brighten my skin almost instantly however it did not lighten my pigmentation spots
  69. Amazing


    I love this product, I mix it with retinol and the even blend serum to add potency. I love it, easy to use (just sprinkle a little bit onto your hand and combine with your serums) I think this brand is very good value for money as they use a lot of active ingredients essential to all skincare routines and ageing.
  70. Pretty good


    I have been using this product in conjunction with my Skinstitut Retinol. I do like this product and believe it has made an improvement to my skin (minimised pores, reduced redness and acne). The only thing is, it is really messy to use as the powder does not come out easily and when it does, it tends to spill and fly everywhere. I will repurchase this.
  71. Extremely versatile


    I love this vitamin C powder. I particularly love that it can be added to any moisturizer, cream or serum, which makes it extremely versatile. I add it to my night cream. I have noticed a visible improvement in the clarity and brightness of my fair skin since I started using this product. I am loving the results and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to transform dull looking skin, or wan...
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  72. I love it


    My skin feels wonderful and bright when I use this. Helps my scars so so much and helps to intensify my products for sure. I love it!
  73. Brighter and clearer


    Love this! I mix this with my The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid Serum in the morning and have noticed almost immediately that my skin is brighter and less red since I started using it. Amazing new staple in my routine!
  74. Great results


    I love this product. Really good quality vitamin c cream at an affordable price.
  75. Wonder treatment


    I mix this with the even blend serum. Since I started using this my skin has definitely improved. It’s more even and clearer!
  76. Great product but not easy to use

    Skinsitut fan gal

    The product itself is great I noticed a difference in my skin almost straight away, however as it is a powder you mix with your moisteriser it can be messy and time consuming to use on a regular basis. Would recommend to buy but need to be aware of the process involved
  77. Ride or die product


    This product is powerful without irritating my skin. My skin is brighter, more even and has stopped drying out during the day/ over night. You only need the tiniest amount and you get loads in a container. Very happy.
  78. ok


    Not a huge fan of this. I haven't noticed anything different with my skin. Its a bit chunky and sometimes hard to get out but it mixes well. Not sure how long you need to use it for to see a difference but i have been using it for a few weeks and haven't seen a change.
  79. amazing to clear skin


    amazing at keeping my skin clear and also plump my skin for a radiant complexion, transformed from a dull dry skin
  80. Definitely needed


    Really helped my skin feel and look better
  81. Glowing skin


    I’ve been using thing once a day for a few months and I’ve noticed an improvement to my overall skin pigmentation. Just be careful as it can stain for fingers yellow as I learned a few times when I applied too liberally. A small container but you only need a small amount. Good value for money from skinstitut yet again.
  82. Great product


    I mix this in with my even blend serum works great noticing a big difference in my pigmentation
  83. Favourite


    I mixed this vitamin c with my moisturiser during day time and it has brightens my skin complexion. Definitely love it.
  84. Perfect add in!


    I have tried many many skin care products, but Skinstitut is the one I will be sticking too! I add this to the Rejuvenate 15 Serum every night. In the morning my skin feels fresh, bright and soft, wouldnt go without it! It has helped to calm the dryness and redness I did get previously.
  85. skin feels smoother


    I have been using this for a couple of months now every night and my skin looks so plump and soft when I wake up. I don't think the results are long lasting though so probably wouldn't purchase again
  86. Glowing complextion


    I mix this every morning with the Skinstitut Even Blend Serum. It mixes well and feel like it makes my skin glow slightly. I have really fair/sensitive skin and have never had an issue.
  87. Great brighten


    Great to brighten up the skin, helped heaps with my pigmentations. Definitely recommend
  88. Calming for irritated/ dry skin


    I would really recommend this to people that suffer from red and irritated skin like I do. You add it to your daily moisturiser. I find that I will wake up soft and flawless after I add this to a routine night cream.
  89. best vitamin c product


    This is one must have in your daily skin care routine. I've been using it for years. I mix it with my night cream and wake up with glowing skin.
  90. Incredible


    Amazing quality for the price! Made my skin feel and look so much healthier and brighter! Better than expected
  91. great product great price


    bought this product around three months ago as i needed to try to get rid of some pigmentation that pimples have left on my face. used it with skinstitut even blend and it worked wonders on my skin! some scars were darker and older and some quite new but it has really helped in fading them quite a bit! my olive skin is easily scarred and i will keep using this as it really works well for me. it c...
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  92. My fav skinstitut product


    By far this is the best Skinstitut product. It is the best value for money as it lasts for ages and goes well with a lot of other products. I use it with most of my other Skinstitut items (retinol, rejuv, even blend & moisturiser) I use it in my products every day and I still haven't had to repurchase, it has lasted me about 6 months and I am only halfway through the tub. I love it so much and wil...
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  93. Great product


    I love this product. I use it mixed with my moisturiser during the day and find that it brightens my skin.
  94. Good product


    It works well, your skin is glowing at the moment you apply this on your skin. I mix it with my Clinique moisturiser gel and it works fantastic. The only bad thing is the packaging, can be a little messy and I think I will prefer a serum for my next one.
  95. Good Brand


    For the price I really enjoyed this product, it is the perfect replacement for expensive serums. I have noticed my complexion has improved using the vitamin C. This product lasts a long time as you only need a small amount.
  96. Perfect replacement for serums


    This is the perfect replacement for expensive serums. Highly concentrate and easy to use
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