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Skinstitut Vitamin C 100% 10g

4.4 of 218 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58


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Skinstitut Vitamin C 100%

Skinstitut Vitamin C 100%

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4.4 of 218 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

It works for me
I mix this in with the even blend serum and it has definitely made an improvement in my hormonal pigmentation problems. Needs to be used regularly. Spots aren’t entirely gone but have certainly faded.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good value product
I use this mixed with skinstitut serum and it works well, it absorb very fast in my face. Only dislike is the packaging, it is hard to get the powder out.
  1. makes my skin glow

    I mix this vitamin c every night with one of my Skinstitut moisturisers and my skin looks so soft and smooth the next morning! definitely worth re purchasing and super affordable
  2. Good value product

    I use this mixed with skinstitut serum and it works well, it absorb very fast in my face. Only dislike is the packaging, it is hard to get the powder out.
  3. It works for me

    I mix this in with the even blend serum and it has definitely made an improvement in my hormonal pigmentation problems. Needs to be used regularly. Spots aren’t entirely gone but have certainly faded.
  4. love!

    This powder is amazing and evening my skin tone and getting rid of pigmentation! also makes my skin glow the next day. Definitely would NOT recommend using twice daily as it says that is way too much, I use this every second day with perfect results other wise my skin will become very red and irritated. As other people have said the packaging could be better as the product clumps together over time and can be hard to get out.
  5. Beats vitamin C serum

    I’ve tried three different vitamin c products before and this is my favourite, simply because of the price point and the longevity. It performs just as well as the Clinique C serum without the short expiration date and can be mixed with anything! Will definitely
    Be repurchasing
  6. not sure if worked for me.

    I mixed this with the serum or cream at night only but not sure if this made difference after all. Toward the end of this jar it was a little hard for the powder to come out so had to shake many times.
  7. A great skin boost!

    This powder is really versatile as it can be mixed in with any serum or light moisturiser as an extra skin boost!
  8. Great price and potency

    I love that this comes in powder form as serums tend to go off quite quickly. I was using a drunk elephant vitamin c serum previously which did not compare to this powder.
  9. Already see a difference

    Didn’t realise this was a powder until I received it. Once I got used to it it’s actually quite easy to mix in with the skinstitut retinol or serum of your choice. A little goes a long way, this will last a while.
  10. Great Vit C

    This product has helped with my pigmentation and I use it a few nights a week when I don't use my retinol. This has also helped with many of my other skin concerns, including texture, and it lasts for such a long time!
  11. Great product.

    Love this and use it morning and nite. (Mixed with moisturiser in morning and retinol at nite) I m 45 with fair sun damaged skin and this brightens my skin.
    Highly recommend it.
  12. Value for money

    I'm battling pigmentation and this is one of my newest weapons. The product seemed to have good reviews and the price was extremely reasonable. I had been wanting to incorporate a vit c product into my routine, but had read that it can be a volatile active so decided to go with a powder form to get the most from it.
    I found the packaging abit cumbersome, so removed the inner lining so I could scoop a tiny but out each time, so much easier than trying to shake out the right amount.
    I add this to the ordinary's Hyaluronic acid serum, it mixes perfectly. I haven't had any irritation using it. So far so good!!
  13. Worth the price

    This vitamin c powder is worth the money as a little bit goes a long way. I still have mine from 2 years ago and will be repurchasing a new one soon. Since it’s in powder form, there is less chance for it to go off like the other liquid vitamin c serums. It works well when mixed with my even blend serum. Will continue using it until I come across a better vitamin c serum.
  14. Brightest C

    I have tried numerous vitamin c products to help with pigmentation and dullness, I can actually see an improvement with this product. I love the formula, i can choose how much product to add to my favourite serum. The product lasts ages and i will repurchase when i run out.
  15. Mixes nicely with gentle cleanser

    I have been mixing this into the skinstitut gentle facial cleanser which i use every morning, and it lathers in very nicely, however I personally haven't seen a huge difference in my skin using it, I might try mixing it into my moisturiser and see if that makes a difference, and the packaging is a little silly, but usable if your careful.
  16. Goes a long way

    I’m still getting used to working this product (in conjunction with skinstitutes retinal) into my skin routine. It goes a really long way and I like how the product works. I think it’s probably one of the best methods to fight pigmentation based on value. It’s quite quick and easy to use too.
  17. Love love love

    I add this onto my defence moisturiser and apply twice a day and it has definitely helped my pigmentation. Last few months I’ve been breaking out a lot. But this has helped me tremendously.
  18. Pores smaller, visibly better texture and even tone

    I use this almost daily at night, mixed into my vitamin E moisturiser. A visible difference in complexion can be seen in the morning, and over time unevenly textured skin on my forehead has smoothed out dramatically!

    Regarding dispensing, I use a tiny spatula to scoop a grain of rice amount - it's easier and there's no concern about clumping!

    No cons about this product. Just be careful about mixing vitamin C with other active ingredients such as AHAs and BHAs. First time users should start small to build tolerance, dry skin is normal in the beginning stages but it's worth it!
  19. Perfect for glowing skin

    I use almost daily and add to any base product, such as my skinstitut moisturiser or enzyme mask. Gives a slight tingle and a smidge pink for a little bit leaves my skin glowing and smooth!! Love this!!!
  20. glowing skin!

    I only used this for 2 weeks and my skin has improved so much. its texture is so even and I breakout far less than before
  21. A real game changer

    I started using this product about a month ago as I wanted to add Vitamin C into my skincare routine having read all the benefits. Knowing I didn't want to pay $130 for a C Serum this seemed like a more affordable option. Every day I have been tapping a small amount of the powder into my palm and mixing with my 'the buffet' ordinary skin serum. AND WOW! Such a dramatic difference in my skin. My pores have shrunk dramatically, the texture of my skin is incredibly smooth and I notice it helps with blemishes and pigmentation. The applicator is easy to use if you peel back the sticker a little bit, rather than completely off. Highly recommend!
  22. Perfect for the price

    Very impressed with the quality of this vitamin c cream! My normal/oily skin felt so much brighter and smoother. Ive used more expensive versions of this and skinstituts is definitely worth trying!
  23. Hydrating mixed with Skinstitut even blend.

    Works well mixed in with Skinstitut even blend. Very hydrating.
  24. Great Price!

    Let’s face it, vitamin C is excellent for the skin and every time I have used this product, the results have been great! I am 43 and my skin is going through changes and this definitely slows the process down! I do over kill it and it comes out sludgy but that is at night. Day time just small amounts applied to my serums.
  25. Noticeable results

    I have been using this for a couple of weeks, and have mixed it in with my moisturiser. I am noticing results and my skin looks brighter, less uneven and my pores are looking smaller. I would certainly recommend this product!
  26. Colours like a tan?

    I am 33yrs old, have combination skin, and very freckled - irish skin. I use this with the Skinstitute even blend serum. Together they do improve wrinkles and complexion and glow, but they're not miracle workers like some reviews here might have you believe. I still have wrinkles, some redness, and of course freckles (they ain't going nowhere!). However they do improve/reduce these issues. I feel more comfortable going makeup free. One thing I'm not entirely sure of is whether the glow simply comes from colouration rather than actually improving your skin. Possibly it's both. It leaves orange on my sink and my pyjamas making me think it works slightly like a fake tan (don't worry the orange is easily cleaned). You definitely need to follow this with a moisturiser to seal it into the skin, otherwise if you put makeup/sunscreen on top it tends to cake slightly into small areas, and again, they're orange. So it kind of looks like you haven't rubbed your foundation in properly in some areas. I like this product, but I don't know that I would pay full price for it. $34 seems reasonable. I would buy again at that price.
  27. Worked so well from first try!

    I have been struggling with the rough texture of my skin & size of my pores for a while. As soon as I tried this powder with a serum or moisturiser I saw the size of my pores minimise & the texture of my skin look great (along with the brightness) from using it twice a day, so far I’m 3 days in.
    I would HIGHLY recommend this amazing product, especially for the inexpensive price that it is, you can see the results almost instantaneously!
  28. Skinstitut’s best product

    I LOVE this.
    My skin is so much brighter when I use it.
    I mix the tiniest amount with my retinol nightly. It is an absolute game changer and a must use for everyone
  29. Amazing!!

    Use this with even blend to get some amazing results! Love this vitamin C!
  30. Great addition to my skincare routine!

    I have been mixing the Vitamin C powder with my Even Blend Serum in the morning and with my retinol at night for an extra boost. My skin feels brighter and firmer. I will definitely keep using this product.
  31. Gives your skin the most amazing glow ever!

    I have hyperpigmentation from old acne and really wanted to find a product that could reduce the pigmentation as I hate having to use a lot of make up to cover it. After reading reviews for many Vitamin C products, I figured I would give Skinstitut Vitamin C a go. I've used one tub over the course of a few months and it definitely brightened and evened out my skin tone. My hyperpigmentation is a lot darker than the rest of face so I didn't experience a massive change in the pigmentation. I did however stop using it once my acne got worse but intend on repurchasing it once my skin calm downs.
  32. So much love

    Love that this product is 100% vitamin C. My skin definitely feels brighter after use. I mix this with my even blend serum for optimal coverage. Last forever too which is fantastic
  33. Great for pigmentation

    This helped with dark spots from past acne and some sun spots I have. Really great product, vitamin c in general is amazing for the skin!
  34. great to add to serums

    I have been using this for several months now and love that I can add to serums to give that extra vit c boost to my skin every day. Only down side is the way it is packaged, it's hard to get out and does lead to some wastage.
  35. Love love this product!

    Absolutely like the Vit C powder. Have noticed such a difference in my skin using this every morning mixed with even skin serum. Pain to get the powder out so use a small beauty spoon to put it on hand and mix with the serum
  36. Great value for money

    Great value product, easy to use & lasts forever. Have noticed a brighter complexion and slight reduction in my pigmentation since using.
  37. Great product for price

    This is a great product for the price you are paying. Mixes in great with other skinstitut products. Can be really hard to dispense and it needs to be kept in extremely dry places, not in bathrooms otherwise it clumps due to moisture.
  38. Product with results

    Can be a little bit of an effort to use but well worth the effort , my skin looks so much more glowy and radiant , feels nice and smooth , love this product
  39. Good

    Like others have said, hard to use product but have noticed results and great for the price tag
  40. Perfect to use with skintitue products

    I recently switched to using exclusively skinstitute products. The vitamin c powder works perfectly with the range. I mix it with the retinol cream at night and the even blend serum every couple of days. I have noticed a improvement in the texture of my skin. Vitamin c powder Compliments the range perfectly
  41. Good product and good value

    I have been using this product for a couple of weeks. Love how versatile the Vitamin C powder is. I add it to my toner and also to my Skinstitut Even Blend serum every night. Just add a few dashes of Vitamin C powder. It dispenses like loose powder or talcum powder. Love this product!
  42. Brightens skin but fiddley

    This product is wonderful but can be a bit frustrating to get the little granules out of the container and then stir up. I’ve heard that the benefits of the product far outweigh the annoying application so I will continue using it. With time I’ll get used to it and would possibly repurchase if it gets easier with practice.
  43. Brightens skin

    I use this product with serum. It noticeably brightens my skin. I can always tell the difference when I use it regularly. Personally I didn’t have a problem with the packaging. I kept the sticker over the holes so the beads weren’t exposed to air and I haven’t had a problem.
  44. Great product

    I’ve been using this with the serum & I love it. I left the sticky film on the container & only exposed a few holes to minimise the amount that comes out. My skin is dry but this makes it look hydrated & soft.
  45. Annoying packaging but very affordable and seems to work well

    I have only opened one corner but I still seem to spill this every time I use it. Packaging could be improved but this is a very affordable vitamin c and it mixes into serums well.
  46. Love this but really hard to dispense

    Love this product and how it works on my skin. My skin always looks clearer and brighter whenever I use it regularly. Biggest downfall is that the product is really hard to get out without making a mess and wasting product. They really need to change the product packaging to make it easier for customers.
  47. Great boost

    Nice little boost to my daily face serum. Be careful not to add more than recomended because I did and my skin peeled (oops). I do find it difficult to be getting it out and then mixing it to my serums each day so I have since moved to using the MediK8 C serum.

    I Love this product especially when mixed with the even blend serum! I have been using it for six months and I have noticed a change in uneven skin tone, and brightness. I started using this product as I had a horrendous break out around my jaw line going up to cheeks and after a few weeks my skin had cleared up and after a couple of months the dark circles left behind by large spots were cleared. I have my partner using this product with the even blend serum for his sun spots and we have noticed a difference in only 4 weeks. I would recommend this product to any one and everyone!!
  49. Amazing!!

    I just recently received mine and i'm so happy with the results already! As its a powder i mix it in with my daily moisturiser (Emergin C Complexion Control) before bed ( as it turns my moisturiser quite sticky and i have oily skin). I've noticed that my skin is brighter and its starting to clear some of my blemishes & pimples! Very happy with this product
  50. Skinstitut vitamin c

    Hi strongly recommend skinstitut vitamin c is so easy to apply and feels great on and affordable too
  51. Great!

    Works well mixed in with the Even Better Blend serum, and goes under make up nicely. Price point is awesome, and lasts ages too. Just wish that there was a way to dispense the product a bit easier.
  52. Good to additive to moisturiser

    I've seen my skin brighten a bit due to this product. I'm happy it does not irritate my skin since I have eczema, very dry, sensitive skin. I wish the packaging was better. Only a small portion is needed so you have to be careful to not tip too much out. A vertical canister with a small opening would've been ideal. I'd recommend this product.
  53. Versatile and affordable price!

    I love this product. It is very versatile. I add it to my toner, moisturiser and serum every night. Just a few taps to get the Vitamin C powder out of the container an into my palm, mix it into my daily skin care routine. The size of this container can go a long way.
  54. Love it

    This product does exactly what it’s suppose to do clears your uneven skin tone love it.
  55. Beauty boost

    I really like that I can add this powder to quite a few of my skinstitut products, it is a little tricky to use , however I removed the shaker cap and keep a mini scoop in container which does a great job.
  56. Great extra to add into products

    I add this to my serums or moisturiser at night for an extra boost for my skin.
  57. ZING! love it

    Great little product. My skin is more refined and plump. I love how you can you can mix this with virtually any product. I mix this with my skinstitut enzymatic micro peel and it's a great combo. I feel quite refreshed post peel.
    The only downfall is the packaging/shaker, I feel like it's a little tricky and wasteful as the surface area of the jar is so large. Other than that 100% love. A little goes a long way.
  58. Amazing!

    From the advice from one of the adore beauty online consultants I was advised to try this product along with Skinstitut even blend serum. WOW is all I can say.
    I have freckles/uneven skin tone all over my face from being a 70's child with not much sun protection on the face until the late 80's! Now in my late 40's I wanted to even out my skin tone and make it look fresher and youthful again and these products have fulfilled my wishes.
    Thank you to the adore beauty team for your recommendation, I will definitely be repurchasing this product and asking for assistance in the future.
  59. Great product

    Great product and affordable price. Vitamin C works wonders for broken capillaries and other skin concerns
  60. Vitamin C

    Ive just started using the vitamin C in the range - and i love it! I use it every night before bed, and my skin looks better than ever. I wake up looking fresh faced, and gloomy - something ive never been able to achieve!
    I do wish it was packaged differently, and also came in a handy travel size. This is now one of my favourite products
  61. Good additive

    This product is easy to use and multi functional because you can add it with your other skinstitute products. I mix it with my moisturiser in the morning.
    Long term it definitely brightens my skin, giving my dull skin a more refreshed look!
  62. A bit of a mess

    I love the effect this product has on my skin. I’ve definitely noticed a difference to the brightness of my skin. However, it is hard to use in powder form and can get quite messy.
  63. Not worth the hassle

    I LOVE Skinstitut products but I wasn't blown away by this one. The packaging is very tricky - the powder is difficult to get out and has to be mixed with something. It clumps easily and is overall a clumsy product. Persevered for a few months with no noticeable results.
  64. A winner!

    Love the feeling of this mixed in with my moisturiser. I can feel it tightening my skin! It also lasts!
  65. Has given my skin extra glow

    This is the first vitamin c product I have ever used. I mix it with the skinstitute retinol at night. I don’t feel any stinging at all. Within the first week i noticed a visible difference in the eveness of my skin tone. All the smaller dark marks that made my skin uneven had disappeared. My skin just felt like it was glowing and I have even been going makeup free more often now as I feel more confident with my skin
  66. A little goes a long way!

    This is an amazing product, great value for money as you literally only use a grain of rice size amount mixed with your favourite Skinstitut serum, moisturiser or mask. I mix it with Even Blend and/or Retinol serum and have seen some amazing results with my pigmentation issues. I do recommend starting off gradually with this product as it can cause peeling and some sensitivity.
  67. Really good

    Love using this with the skinstitut retinol cream. Feels so good on the skin, have bought it on multiple occasions.
  68. Great addition to your moisturiser

    This is a wonderful product! I find it more effective than other vitamin C products on the market. As it is a powder form, it's a great addition to your daily moisturiser. I find that my skin looks much brighter and improves my skin texture. I've use this product with the Skinstitut Even Blend Serum to help with my previous hyperpigmentation.
  69. Brightens and Exfoliating

    This Vitamin C product is brightening and makes my skin feel fresh afterwards.
    The texture is amazing! I love anything that feels like it's working and giving exfoliation. I mixed this powder with a serum I have at home every night and sometimes in the morning.
    I like the smell, even though some reviews some they don't like it, it doesn't bother me.
    I would prefer the product to be in a different container/bottle as it is hard to estimate how much to get out and the product does stain a yellow colour.
    If this brand would change the packaging I would buy this product again.
  70. A staple

    This is probably my 4th or 5th time buying this powder and i love it! It really helps to brighten my skin. Any stinging sensation goes away once your skin is used to it.
  71. Like this product

    I actually bought by mistake but used it added to moisturizer cream and it’s actually such a good product would buy again
  72. Add a Punch to your Serums

    Amazing product!! Add to your serum or face mask for extra nutrition for your skin. My skin looks more refined and clear since using. Highly recommended!!

    I have been using this with the Even Blend Serum and i am honestly still shocked at how well this worked ! Ive never had something clear my skin so quickly and so effectively. My skin is the most clear its even been since i was literally an infant haha. Im on to my second tub and will definitely be purchasing time after time.
  74. Use sparingly

    Nice boost to my moisturiser once a week. Be careful not to apply too much of the C powder or you will end up with flaking skin the next morning.
  75. Love it

    I have only used it about a week and my skin is already looking clearer and more even, I’ve been mixing it with the even blend serum and this is now my go to. This powder will last me forever. Such good value for money!
  76. Boost to add to you serums and creams

    I love that this product can easily be added to any serum or cream and dissolves. I found my skin definitely looks brighter after using it.
  77. HG status product

    I have very fair Asian skin which, as is typical of my skin type, can be prone the sunspots and pigmentation. After an island holiday I noticed some very light pigmentation from the sun and panicked, heading to my skin therapist for advice. She recommended this product, which you can add a pinch to any moisturiser, day and night. It is concentrated so it can tingle but I quite enjoy the sensation. I'm on the end of my first tub after heavy use (about 3-5 days a week, day and night) and it has lasted me roughly three months.My pigmentation has lightened, though not completely gone and it has introduced some serious radiance to my skin. I have already ordered a second tub and it is reached holy grail status for me due to the results and versatility. My one gripe is the packaging which is plain and a little fussy, especially as the powder can clump - I personally remove the dispenser and just use (clean) fingers to pick up a pinch to add to my moisturiser or serum, day and night.
  78. Not sure about this product

    I have always been a fan of vitamin C for your skin, this product is great because it can be added to all other products and moisturisers to add that extra boost, although it can get really messy being a loose powder and annoying to work with.
    Not sure if I could get this product again
  79. Feels active on the skin but can’t yet see visible results

    I have used this vitamin c powder most nights for around a month now. Immediately upon application I felt it acting on the skin, tingling but not stinging. I used it straight on the skin and also mixed with Skinstitute Even Blend serum and the vitamin c worked similarly both ways. It’s defintely concentrated and active. My pigmentation is very minor, no noticeable patches or freckles except under an infrared magnifying lamp. Results for lightening may be more obvious to skin more visibly pigmented but not so for me with naturally olive unfreckled skin.
    I’ve had better results for clarity and luminosity from vitamin c serums in the past.
    By the way I’m a qualified beauty therapist so I’ve used and worked with many products.
  80. Smoother skin, less breakouts

    I've been using the Vit C 100% along with Skinstitut's Even Blend Serum, and this has given me a glow, has smoothed out my complexion and I've noticed fewer breakouts as well.

    What bothers me is the packaging. It's wasteful and you can end up using a lot more than you need - only a grain of nice sized amount required.

    Otherwise, I would recommend.
  81. Great addition to skincare routine

    I love this product because it helps your skin absorb the products in. It has brightened my skin and made it plump, and it's 100% vitamin C so you don't have to worry about the ingredients because theres only 1! I don't really like the shaking and it's a bit messy, but it is a powder, so I don't see a way to make it less messy so I'm not complaining.
  82. A good vitamin powder to add to products

    Love this powder, it mixes in good with the clear skin serum I use it with , my skins heaps better now I’ve been adding this to the serum
  83. No visible results

    I did not notice any results, even after using up the entire tub. Often it would leave a 'fake tan' smell on my hands and face.
  84. Great addition to the skincare routine

    I've been using this product with the retinol and have been loving it, I notice the difference when I'm too lazy to mix this powder in with my serum as it leaves my skin looking brighter.
  85. This product was recommended to me by my Beautician.

    I was a little unsure about using this at first but it was recommended to me by my Beautician. I use it day & night with my current moisturiser and have noticed an improvement in my skin. Would definitely recommend it.
  86. Love this!

    I was unsure about this product when I first purchased it, having never used any vitamin c products but now I wouldn't be able to get by a day without using it!
    I usually use it morning and night mixed with the oily skin moisturiser.
    I definitely think it helps brighten the skin and even help clear up my acne and acne scars. Only downside is that it can be hard to get out at times.
  87. Bright and plump skin

    Love this product so much, really brightens and plumps your skin. Super nice consistency too.
  88. Perfect for dry, sensitive breakout-prone skin

    I've only been using this product for a short time, and I can already see a difference! I mix it with my Moisture Defence - Ultra Dry each morning and night and I have noticed my skin is a lot brighter and calmer, not to mention radiant. Can't wait to see it improve even further!
  89. Great added boost

    Nice little added boost to my usual moisturiser. I find if I put too much of the sprinkles of vitamin C into it, my skin flakes and goes dry so LESS IS MORE! Listen to the instructions on the back! Great product for occasional use.
  90. Great boost

    I purchased this and occasionally add it to a moisturiser or serum. For me I can only use it occasionally and I only add the tiniest amount because I find it makes my skin peel and go dry.
  91. Plump and clear skin

    My skin has cleared up with daily use, feeling plump and glowy, product will last for ages with only a tiny bit needed!
  92. Calms my skin

    This powder calms my skin and has improved the texture also. The container can be a bit annoying to use but I just mix it into my serum and its not too hard
  93. Calm and brightens

    This is amazing for my dry, sensitive and breakout prone skin It calms and brightens my skin.
  94. Love it

    its a great Vitamin C and I have tried a few. Just dont like the packaging and the shaking part of it...I think I would prefer to spoon it out.
  95. Love this product

    Already I feel my skin is much brighter after only short use
  96. Helps calm my skin that is prone to redness

    I was skeptical because this product was much cheaper then the last vitamin c I used but this product is great to calm my sensitive skin. I only open a small section of the lid so that I can shake it onto my plan and mix it into my serum.
  97. Good product

    Have used this a couple times since buying it and find it is doing a good job at reducing the size of my acne scars
  98. Great

    This is a must have add in to really top off your skincare. I love adding this to the even blend serum, but it is very versatile and goes a long way.
  99. Stops pimples in their tracks & speeds up recovery time

    I struggle with big red hormonal pimples around my jaw line and sometimes uneven skin tone across my forehead. Since using this powder (mixed in with either rose hip oil or the Skintstitut even blend serum), I have noticed my pimples don't grow to huge whiteheads or even that big at all, and the redness goes away much quicker.
    I love the tingling feeling - makes me think it's working it's power!
    It's a bit messy to use & when I first ordered it, I had no idea what I was doing. So now I squirt some serum/oil in my palm then give the container a couple of taps straight into my palm, mixed it in my with finger & slap onto my face!
  100. Great added to moisturiser or serum

    I have started adding a sprinkle of this to my night serum and my skin always feels great the next day. I only use it once a week or sometimes once a fortnight because I find if I get too much Vitamin C my skin peels. I also find it happens if I sprinkle a little bit more than recommended into my serum. OOPS. Great product.
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