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Skinstitut Age Defence SPF50+ 75ml

4.2 of 271 reviews

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4 instalments of $9.01

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Skinstitut Age Defence SPF 50+ is a low intensity broad spectrum moisturiser with Vitamin B3 and antioxidants. Beneficial for all skin types and conditions.

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GREAT - 76% recommend

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Skinstitut Age Defence SPF50+

Skinstitut Age Defence SPF50+

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Skinstitut Age Defence SPF50+ Reviews

4.2 of 271 reviews

76% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Favourite sunscreen


I’ve struggled with sunscreens my whole life, I seem to be allergic to a lot of them. This one works so well for me and doesn’t clog my pores either which is incredible. Unfortunately it has a white cast but I just put my makeup over the top and you can’t tell, I’d highly recommend!!

Most Helpful Criticism

Decent coverage but doesn’t spread well


Gives good coverage but I don’t like the consistency or smell. Very thick and unnecessary fragrance. Does not spread easily. If I wear makeup with it, liquid foundation does not sit well on top. Would not re-purchase.
  1. Favourite sunscreen


    I’ve struggled with sunscreens my whole life, I seem to be allergic to a lot of them. This one works so well for me and doesn’t clog my pores either which is incredible. Unfortunately it has a white cast but I just put my makeup over the top and you can’t tell, I’d highly recommend!!
  2. Favourite sunscreen


    I’ve struggled with sunscreens my whole life, I seem to be allergic to a lot of them. This one works so well for me and doesn’t clog my pores either which is incredible. Unfortunately it has a white cast but I just put my makeup over the top and you can’t tell, I’d highly recommend!!
  3. Great


    This is quite thick but still easy to spread. You don’t need too much either which is good. I use it daily
  4. Thick!


    I'm extremely picky with face SPF and this one is way to thick for my liking. It's difficult to rub in and leaves a white film over my face. It also has a playdough like smell. I've been using it on my shoulders as I like a thick sunscreen for the areas that catch the sun most, however I will not repurchase.
  5. Typical Sunscreen


    When I first used this, i felt terrible as it was the typical sunscreen that doesnt spread well, is thick and makes your face white. I was expecting something better from Skinstitut as it being one of the best brands out there. You really need to take a very small amount and i dont know how my make up will sit on top of it as currently Working from home so not using any make up. I dont feel confid...
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  6. Lovely Day Cream SPF 50+


    I was very hesitant about buying and using this SPF. Had read a few reviews of it being quite thick and leaving a white cast.
    I received a sample and absolutely loved it and have purchased the full size since. I use it every single morning after serums, find for my 40 Year old Combination Skin that it is wonderful. I tend to not use a moisturiser beforehand as it is quite hydrating on its ow...
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  7. Essential


    This is highly protective and moisturising is great for every day wear
  8. Works a treat


    Unlike a lot of SPF products, this one is not sticky and heavy. It’s really effective and feels almost more like a serum than a sunscreen or moisturiser.
    Wore through the entire summer and never got burnt nor did my face feel dry.
    I highly rate this product.
  9. Heavy duty!


    I feel like this sunscreen knows what it’s doing, great coverage and quite thick.
    Like a lot of sunscreens though I feel like if you use the amount you’re supposed to your face would be quite white but at least you would be fully covered! Feels very nourishing too
  10. Sun protection


    verified purchaser
    I like this sunscreen for a few reasons: it is affordable, I like the Skinstitut brand and it adds hydration and a dewy look to my complexion.
    It is quite thick application but doesn't feel heavy.
  11. Perfect SPF that acts as a primer


    Great SPF, the consistency is quite thick but once you put on to your face and pat in, it feels like a primer and is a great base for makeup
  12. Repeat buyer


    This is a staple in my morning routine as I'm conscious of sun damage and want to use a high SPF. I use this as a moisturiser and sunscreen in one, after serums, as it's very hydrating. I love the fact that it doesn't smell like sunscreen.
  13. Great product


    My all time favourite daily moisturiser. Only need a tiny amount, doesn't sting as the spf is aided by zinc so it's gentle on my skin. Non greasy, absorbs quickly.
  14. Cannot find any product providing more protection than this


    My skin is very sensitive to uva. I tried hundreds of products. This is the only one so far which really prevents dark spots and doesn't sting eyes.
  15. Holy grail


    I am now wearing sun screen every single day after using this I love using this every day it’s so perfect for my sensitive skin and leaves skin so hydrated and healthy looking. New holy grail product!
  16. i recommend


    I do really like this sunscreen, very good protection, however quite thick.
  17. Must have skin protection


    Me and my husband have been using this for years now. Doesn’t feel like sunscreen and has great texture. I would never go without
  18. Thick & Creamy


    I think I expected this to be a bit more of a moisturiser type texture due to the description but when I first put it on my face I had a bit of a shock. It’s a pretty think zinc-y texture that made my face go white haha! I have no doubt on its SunSmart effectiveness but it’s not great under makeup as it’s thick and shiny looking after you’ve heavily massaged it all in. Probably won’t purchase agai...
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  19. Screen screen rather than moisturiser


    I find this product very thick to use. It is good for my partner as he is in the sun all day so needs 50+ but for a base moisturiser it is very thick and unless rubbed in very well, leaves a white sheen.
  20. All Purpose Sunscreen


    I have normal to oily skin (depending on the season, more oily in summer). My main concerns a breakouts (hormonal) and fading old red spots left from spots (for which sunscreen is a must). I really like this sunscreen as I can use it without a moisturiser and not be too oily or dry. I would say its more of a legacy sunscreen in terms of formula (i.e. takes a bit of rubbing in to get rid of the whi...
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  21. Decent coverage but doesn’t spread well


    Gives good coverage but I don’t like the consistency or smell. Very thick and unnecessary fragrance. Does not spread easily. If I wear makeup with it, liquid foundation does not sit well on top. Would not re-purchase.
  22. Best all in one


    Tried this product after years of using a 50+ over my moisturiser. Now I use this all-in-one every single day and I love it. Doesn't leave any grease or residue. Also doesn't congest to cause breakouts. Absorbs quickly and I think the price is really reasonable. Great for my sensitive, dry skin.
  23. Great daily protector


    I use this daily over moisturiser and find with use of moisturiser underneath it spreads well and sits lightly on the face
  24. A vital part


    After using the vitamin c powder and Retinol this is a must everyday to prevent further UV damage.
    At first it goes on a little zinc like, but then absorbs quite well. It works well after makeup too.
    A must in any skincare kit!
  25. Nice


    I really like this product.It is quite a thick consistency but I find it good on my skin,I just make sure I don’t go too heavy handed. You don’t need much at all.
    I really like that this is a 50+ SPF. For us Australian women it is so important to use a 50+. It really is the best way to prevent premature aging.
  26. Great SPF!


    I didn't think i'd like this sunscreen as much as i did considering the consistency is quite thick but i really enjoy using it! It doesn't make my skin sensitive and has a high spf rating. It can leave a slight white cast if applied incorrectly. If you dispense it into your hand then rub it between palms to warm it up then press it onto the skin it sinks in really well. Great to use on beach days ...
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  27. nice but wouldnt repurchase


    this is a nice SPF, provides good coverage and never failed even when starting retinol and using glycolic acid regularly. it's moisturising but is a bit greasy for my oily skin although not a big deal for me. the reason i wouldn't repurchase it is purely because it's too thick and not easy to spread
  28. Good


    I use a moisturiser and then this. It works nicely for my dry skin and it is more affordable than other sunscreens
  29. Not bad


    I don't mind this spf, however I find it a bit too greasy for my skin type (oily/combination) and if I move it down to my neck and chest I tend to break out. If I was on the drier side I think I would enjoy it.
  30. Love this product


    This is my second time purchasing this product. I ran out and immediately missed it in my routine. I have oily skin and so it's hard to find an SPF moisturiser that doesn't make it more oily throughout the day. This product is perfect because it has a mattifying effect on your skin and I find my doesn't look so oily throughout the day when I wear this product. It's also lightweight and doesn't fee...
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  31. Works for me


    Most days I dont wear makeup, but sunscreen is a must for me when leaving the house. This product is a bit thick, but I personally love it as I feel it provides very good sun protection for both daily wear, and during outdoor exercise/ adventure (hiking, triathlon, etc). I think the product consistency would not be suited to all people, and if you prefer something light that absorbs like a moistur...
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  32. Very thick but great spf coverage!


    This product is extremely thick and works best when it’s rubbed and warmed up in your fingers before spreading on the face. I wouldn’t recommend for oily skin as it is slightly greasy.
  33. Good


    I have oily skin and I found this too greasy for me but it might work for dry skin. It has good protection
  34. It's ok


    Great sunscreen but is very thick and tacky feeling. Not a big fan to be honest.. feels very heavy on the skin so I would not use under make up or with other products, strictly just at the beach.
  35. So thick!


    I really dislike this! It is way too thick and feels horrible on my oily skin! Also takes ages to absorb so my skin feels like its covered in thick gross cream for forever!
  36. Thank you Skinstitut for a great 50+


    This is my saviour and as i have recently moved to a hot climate, this is a wonderful product. Yes, its a bit thick in consistency, but for my skin being sensitive i thought i would break out and i never did. The thick consistency doesn't bother me at all as the end goal is to provide daily protection & minimise wrinkles. I am a person that only uses concealer, mascara and the tiniest bit of powde...
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  37. Not a fan


    I've loved every Skinstitut product I've ever tried, except this one. I wanted an SPF50+ moisturiser for daily use on my face. This product is incredibly heavy, sticky, shiny and creates a strong white cast (and I'm very pale). My hair just kept sticking to my face and my face looked very oily. Do not recommend.
  38. Good moisturiser


    Good moisturiser for dry skin and sun protection as well. I use it over moisturiser for extra hydration during summer months it gives refreshing felling to face .
  39. Really thick sunscreen


    Found this not a great moisturiser more a good sun cream. Definately need to use with a moisturiser with it. Lovely going on though
  40. Another great Skinstitut product


    This moisturiser is perfect under make up and doesn't leave my skin greasy. Very well priced also. Skinstitut has fast become my #1 brand. Love the price, quality and supporting an Australian brand.
  41. Not for sensitive skin


    Normally I love Skinstitut products but this made my sensitive skin badly react. It also left a white cast and was very thick.
  42. Impressive


    Love this product & the fact that you know your skin is protected by SPF 50+.


    I love Skinstitut products, so I am not trolling the brand, but this product was absolutely horrible. I have oily skin, so I am weary of unknown SPFs to begin with. Immediately after application, it turned my face into this greasy, excessively shiny oil slick. it was just heavy on my face and generally disgusting to wear.

    My advice - if you have oily skin avoid, if you have dry/dehyd...
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  44. Great protection


    I wore this before a skin mapping appointment and the beauty therapist couldn't see my skin through the blue light. Enough said, coverage is great. I use it on my body too and haven't been burnt once with it on. The only downside is that if its a humid day this can be a bit sweaty as it is so thick.
  45. A bit heavy


    I was really excited to try this one because I’ve heard good reviews but I wasn’t a fan. It’s a nice feeling on your skin but for someone who sweats a lot, it felt so heavy like you’re wearing a face mask all the time and you just want to take it off. I was previously using Alpha H’s SPF so it’s a big difference in the consistency!
  46. Best moisturiser


    Third time purchase .it is good sunscreen for all year around .doesn't feel heavy on face as the other sunscreen lotions do .
  47. Too thick, but okay


    My first impression on this was that its consistency is too thick when applied on face. It also leaves the face a bit oily, so really need to apply loose powder to reduce the oil. But other than that, it looks fine. Most importantly it does not contain comedogenic ingredients, which is rare to find in sunscreen.
  48. Anti-aging


    It is a good anti aging sunscreen lotion. I use it every day in the morning even in winter
  49. Never been burnt


    Great sunscreen, anytime I've worn this under my makeup I have never been burnt even though I've been in direct sunlight for hours. Sits nicely under my makeup, but it quite thick to apply, it does leave my skin shiny.
  50. Dewy and Somewhat Fresh Look


    I love how dewy this makes me look because I personally love the dewy look but at the same time, I find it very sticky and within a few hours I think my face becomes oily instead of dewy.
  51. Important Step


    One of the most important steps of skin care is sunscreen in the day!! Love this sunscreen although I do think there a nicer lightweight ones out there. I am a massive fan of Skinstitut so have tried a lot of their products. Would purchase this again but also will keep my options open.
  52. Every body should use sunscreen


    I’m on my third bottle of this stuff it amazing. I even brought it for family members. Not only I have managed to never get that horrible sunburnt nose my skin looks great and it’s great under makeup. Rub in well on days without makeup so u don’t look white. It’s thick and feels wonderful I love it under really matte foundations to make them more dewy!!! Highly recommend
  53. sun protection


    it is a very good sun protection. light formula. it has creamy texture that is not too flowy.
  54. A little bit thick


    Not too oily, as some suncreams can be... But it is a little thick and I have found it leaves a bit of a white sheen on my face
  55. Sunscreen for Acne Prone


    If you have acne prone skin and have been looking for a sunscreen that doesn't aggravate it, this is for you. This sunscreen doesn't make your face feel oily yet provides amazing coverage/protection. Dries quickly and I wear it everyday under my makeup with no issues. Would recommend to double cleanse at the end of the day to ensure it has been removed completely. LOVE!
  56. Good daily use for the price point


    Sure, I have used more luxe lightweight high end 50+ but for the price point this is definitely a solid performer. It has an initial whitecast that disappears in seconds, its not a matte finish its more of a dewy finish but I like that personally. Goes nice under makeup. It has a subtle, pleasant scent. Overall a happy, repeat customer made!
  57. Take this to work with me


    I wouldn't consider this as good as any of my 'luxury' sunscreens but it's ok for the price and how long it lasts. Feels hydrating on the skin due to the thickness which is easily hidden under makeup. Easy to spread and doesn't pill. I personally don't mind the shine/hydrated look it gives my skin although I understand some would fine it too greasy.
  58. We all scream for sunscreen


    I love this product, it’s moisturising, non-sticky and makes my skin look smoother. A real winner.
  59. the only sunscreen i use


    this is the only sun protection i use. it has maximum sun protection i am very happy with it. definitely worth the price.
  60. Great sunscreen


    This is a great moisturiser and sunscreen but it is quite thick in consistency. I generally mix it with a little water based lotion to help apply it to my face
  61. Best moisturiser


    Best thing I can use it under makeup it keeps skin hydrated.
  62. Good


    I have oily skin and I liked this sunscreen but it does not look the best on my skin compared to my fav sunscreen but it is still good
  63. perfect spa


    I love using this with the moisture defence in themornings, a perfect pair together. This product is thick but it glides on the skin so nicely and feels cooling on the skin.
  64. Too heavy for daily application


    I bought this a while ago, and was hoping it would be the answer to my SPF prayers. But, it is too thick for a daily application, especially with additional moisturisers and serums that I use daily.
    My skin is normal to dry, so maybe it is better for someone who has quite dry skin ? Ultimately, I wouldn't buy again - especially when there are lighter sunscreen serums/ products now available...
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  65. Love it


    Absolutely love this SPF, it’s nice and thick which I like because I have dry skin. After sinking in I feel that it leaves a nice sheen to the skin like a nice glow. I use it with a moisturiser underneath and feel hydrated and protected all day.
  66. Quite thick


    This one is quite thick and does not apply well. Might be more suitable for someone with dry skin who need extra moisturising benefits with spf.
  67. my favourite face sunscreen


    My skin is early 40s, dry, hormonal, I have struggled to find a facial sunscreen that doesn't leave a white layer on my face, AND doesn't block my pores AND actually works as a sunscreen even after swimming, hot days, exercise etc.
    This is the first sunscreen I've tried that actually ticks all 3 boxes.
    I got it in the starter kit and i love it, will definitely buy again.

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  68. Great to use as a primer for makeup


    I use this as my last step in the mornings before I apply my makeup and it works great as a primer. It took me a little while to get use to the consistency but I love how nourishing this product is. I also love that it has high spf and I use it as my daily sunscreen for my face. I haven’t had any issues with my face getting sunburnt since using this product which I did have occur quite a lot befor...
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  69. thick, not for under makeup


    this is very thick and greasy. i think it breaks me out too..but all sunscreens do unfortunately still searching for one that doesnt.
  70. Not great for darker skin tones


    I have a medium to tan skin tone and this leaves a purple cast on me, and it’s quite thick in consistency which I don’t mind but it may bother some. It’s ok, but the purple cast is a pretty big downside for me.
  71. Best sunscreen


    I have combination acne prone skin so all sunscreen break me out or is drying. This sunscreen feels like normal sunscreen and whitens my face like sunscreen (I have Indian brown skin) however it moisturises well and my skin doesn’t dry out or get too oily.
    I don’t break out too. It’ll be nice in a bigger tube as it’s costly and I can use it for my body. It because it’s small and expensive ...
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  72. White cast


    White cast. Too thick. Greasy. Sticky. Perfect for someone who who has dry skin.
  73. Decent Product


    I find that it does really work for my skin but the texture is very thick and might not be the best choice if you have really oily skin.

    I put on a light moisturiser first, though and then put on the sunscreen.
    It helps it go on more easily without that tough, thick texture that it kind of has.

    Otherwise, it protects my skin really well and sits underneath makeup n...
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  74. Apply daily as part of my skincare regimen as wrinkle preventative


    I was recommended this product by a skin specialist and decided to use it when overseas in Bali. I have very fair, sensitive skin and I’m not usually keen on wearing facial sunscreen as they are often heavy and greasy. I applied this sunscreen to my face and neck, every morning. On days when I was wearing makeup, it acted like a primer and I applied the sunscreen after my moisturizer. My makeup sa...
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  75. Not great for oily skin


    Quite a thick, zinc like product which didn't go so well with my oily and acne-prone skin. Did not break me out but definitely needed to be used sparingly on the face. Otherwise, it is an affordable high SPF for the face and had no concerns with its use under makeup.
  76. My favourite sunscreen ever


    I’m very happy with this as I’ve always struggled with sunscreen clogging my skin. This does a great job at protecting me and helping my acne. Great spf product and I will forever use this!
  77. A bit heavy


    Quite a thick consistency for me. Love how it leaves my skin looking like its dewy when I'm make up free, but it doesn't work well under my make up after a full day.
  78. Nope!


    Far too heavy, thick and greasy for my oily combo skin. I hate wasting product but just can’t bring myself to use it past the two applications. Do not recommend if you are after a light weight, absorbing formula.
  79. Nope!


    Far too heavy, thick and greasy for my oily combo skin. I hate wasting product but just can’t bring myself to use it past the two applications. Do not recommend if you are after a light weight, absorbing formula.
  80. Too thick


    Sorry to say I didn’t like this at all . I have acne prone skin and this is definitely a no go. Feels very thick. If you do use it it would be best to pat onto the skin. Wouldn’t recommend for oily skin type
  81. My daily


    Does not leave skin feeling oily or greasy. Great product to apply before makeup. I use this product daily and highly recommend.
  82. Everyday must have


    I love this product, I work outdoors and I use this daily. It has really helped protect my skin and prevent more pigmentation. In summer it is my daytime moisturiser in winter I apply over the top of my age defence.
  83. A reliable cream for sun protection


    Can be used underneath make up or just on its own if you’re going to be exposed to sunlight. We all know the sun can rapidly age skin so I recommend you carry this with you if you’re not wearing make up often and are exposing your face to the sun often. The consistency is very much like a sun block and has the same lasting effect. I haven’t been burnt once since using this cream which is why I con...
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  84. Very thick but feels protective


    This product I find I have to put on a face oil or moisturizer first so that it goes on easier. It is quite chalky feeling and very thick. I have to pat it on very thinly and try to spread it which takes a long time. It looks very greasy for the first hour but settles into a fairly matte finish after a while
  85. TOO THICK.


    I really wanted to like this product as Skinstitut has a range of affordable yet great products,

    I just found it to be SUPER thick and didn't like the way it sat under my make-up (made me extra oily)

    I feel there are so many other sunscreens on the market that do a far better job than this one.
  86. Really good


    I really love this SPF. It doesn’t feel or smell as strong as normal sunscreen. It’s not greasy or sticky. It goes well under makeup. I have oily/combo acne prone skin and it doesn’t cause any breakouts
  87. Too thick and greasy


    I love skinstitut products but this sunscreen was not what I was expecting. Sure it worked, I didn’t get sunburnt however it’s so incredibly think and oily even a small amount just sat on my skin attracting dirt and anything else in the air. It did no sink into my skin at all and being so oily I found that after a few short hours of wearing it my pores were clogging and I was breaking out in white...
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  88. Amazing


    This sunscreen is great for combination skin. It’s not too greasy and sticky. Definitely recommend.
  89. Not for sensitive skin


    I absolutely LOVE Skinstitut products, but for my skin this product was to sensitive to. The SPF50+ is great for those out in the sun! But I found it flared up my eczema.
  90. Good protection!


    This brand is reliable and gives good results. Perfect product to use on the beach. It is water resistant and does not have that shiny aspect of other solar sunscreens. I do not recommend it for daily use or under the makeup, personally I think it's a bit heavy for that, because its texture is dense.
  91. Good quality


    Great sunscreen for sensitive skin, feels nice but struggled trying to put makeup over the top, felt a little thick. I would certainly recommend it as a good quality sunscreen though.
  92. Great formula


    Formula is great for my combination skin and it stayed on after swimming and/or sweating. Did need to re apply more frequently though
  93. Great protection!


    I have really fair/sensitive skin so found it hard to find a 50+ sunscreen that wasn't oily. The sunscreen is very thick, however you don't need much. I also love that it's waterproof. Highly recommend primer if wearing under foundation but otherwise is great!
  94. Too thick


    Although this product did protect me from the sun I found it way too thick and cakey, it also left a white film over my face and made me break out.
  95. Fabolous


    Got a sample of this sunscreen. Had the chance to try it. Skinstitut is a well known brand. My Laser clinic sells these products. I have dry skin. This one is REALLY good. It's water resistant keep my make up in tact. Soft on skin great feeling. Price is good but it's only 2 hours resistant.
  96. Great sunscreen for oily skin


    Great for my oily skin - not too heavy or greasy., Perfect for applying under foundation.
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