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Skinstitut Age Defence SPF50+ 75ml

4.2 of 155 reviews

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Skinstitut Age Defence SPF50+

Skinstitut Age Defence SPF50+

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4.2 of 155 reviews

78% recommend this product

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Love My New Skinstitut Age Defence SPF50+
I've always looked after my skin with good moisturisers and have only just started using Skinstitut products and I'm so happy I have. I'm having laser to lighten my horrible age spots and my dermatologist insisted I use SPF50+Broad Spectrum on my face. I hate most SPF creams because they smell horrible - especially having to wear it on my face; but this product is beautiful. I mix my SPF50+ with Skinstitut Vitamin C 100% and Skinstitut Multi-Active Oil and it glides across my skin like silk. I'll be using Skinstitut Age Defence SPF50+ long after I have to laser to hopefully help stop me getting more ugly pigmentation. Totally beautiful product.

Most Helpful Criticism

Oily skin not suited
I have oiled and acne prone skin, this is quite an oily mixture so really didnt help with my acne, and made my skin look and feel greasy. Would be good for dry skin.
  1. I use this everyday!

    I use this every day for sun protection. I particularly like this one as it isn't as heavy as other brands.
  2. Great product!

    Good sunscreen that doesn’t clog pores! I find it is amazing under makeup, however I have to press it on my face as it can make me feel sweaty if rubbed in.
  3. Love My New Skinstitut Age Defence SPF50+

    I've always looked after my skin with good moisturisers and have only just started using Skinstitut products and I'm so happy I have. I'm having laser to lighten my horrible age spots and my dermatologist insisted I use SPF50+Broad Spectrum on my face. I hate most SPF creams because they smell horrible - especially having to wear it on my face; but this product is beautiful. I mix my SPF50+ with Skinstitut Vitamin C 100% and Skinstitut Multi-Active Oil and it glides across my skin like silk. I'll be using Skinstitut Age Defence SPF50+ long after I have to laser to hopefully help stop me getting more ugly pigmentation. Totally beautiful product.
  4. Oily skin not suited

    I have oiled and acne prone skin, this is quite an oily mixture so really didnt help with my acne, and made my skin look and feel greasy. Would be good for dry skin.
  5. Daily use

    I have acne prone skin and this sunscreen didn’t break me out. I use this every morning and it works well for me. The texture is medium but the moment I apply on my skin it’s gone. I love the smell as well. Definitely repurchase.
  6. Maybe

    I love this sunscreen although I feel like it is a little more oily for my oily skin and I get greasy easily
  7. Intense purple cast on medium-deep skin tones

    This sunscreen is so thick and uncomfortable to wear under makeup, but my major issue is that it leaves a crazy purple cast on my medium-dark skin tone. I found that I had to wear full coverage foundation when using this sunscreen because the purple cast was so bad.
  8. LOVE

    I use this everyday! it is such a treat for my skin and i feel like i am protecting it very well
  9. The best sunscreen

    This is the best sunscreen ever and , trust me, I tried so many!!! Perfect for my sensitive dry skin, it leaves my skin soft and well repaired. Nice smell, great texture for sunscreen: thick but not too much and very easy to massage in the face and neck
  10. Good facial sunscreen

    Goes on beautifully. Feels nice. Good coverage. A good staple sunscreen that isn’t a chore to apply.
  11. Great for break out prone skin

    This sunscreen is good for breakout prone skin. It can leave skin a bit shiny/dewy, but if you like that like I do then this is perfect. Goes great under make up and can help reduce some redness too.
  12. Love it

    I have combination skin type. This sunscreen is amazing. It’s not thick and non-greasy. Doesn’t make my face feels suffocated. It is good for everyday use. Highly recommend.
  13. Too thick to be used as everyday sunscreen/moisturiser

    This product is not a moisturising sunscreen and it is definitely to thick and chalky for a work day. I would use it for days at the beach, in the garden or in my bike. I need a sunscreen that can double as everyday moisturiser and sunscreen. Save your money and buy one from the supermarket or chemist
  14. Love It

    I use this everyday and love how it feels on my skin, I even stopped wearing makeup as I love the glowy look this gives my face on it's own!
  15. Easy to apply

    This products absorbs very well and is great under makeup. I bought it thinking it was a moisturiser with sunscreen but it's just a sunscreen. However it would be great in summer and it certainly doesn't leave your skin with a white film! Skinstitut products have all proven very cost effective and certainly of a good quality.
  16. Summer primer

    I love this spf I have sensitive skin, in summer I use it as a primer and it does not shine keeps the face hydrating, non grease and easy to blend
  17. Good for combination skin

    Good as an everyday moisturizer, as it has an SPF. Did make my skin abit oily, that would be the only down side. I use the regular moisturizer daily and it doesnt have the same effect on my skin.
  18. Not for me

    I have combination skin. I found this product quite thick and heavy and it had a strange smell. I’d imagine it would be better for someone with drier skin.
  19. Amazing product

    I have oily/combination skin type. This product works really well for me as it is light weighted and does not leave any white marks on my face. It does takes a while to absorb however once it is absorbed, you don’t feel anything on the face. It works well for sensitive skin as well. I love it so much and will definitely repurchase it.
  20. Best sunscreen with the best ingredients

    You may think it is thick but it's easy to apply, and it's not oily at all. It provides the no.1 active ingredients so far in the market from my personal opinion.
  21. Very thick

    My experience says that a moisturizer and sun screen protection should not be put together in to the same cream, it leaves a thick white layer on your face and takes a while to be absorbed. Won't buy it again...
  22. best SPF

    it suited my skin so well. i have oily skin therefore i just apply a pea sized amount and it is enough for the entire day. i cannot imagine my life without it now. it does gives a whitish glare so you have to make sure you blend it well onto your skin.
  23. Excellent.

    I’ve just started to use Skinstitut that was recommended to me by a close friend & i am glad! Light weight on skin, dose not feel like you are even wearing the Age Defence SPF50+ once applied & absorbed. I love it!
  24. Favourite sunscreen

    Love this product! Easy to apply and doesn't leave white marks on skin
  25. Best sunscreen I've found

    I'm always hesitant when it comes to sunscreen but this product is fantastic. It's not oily and it's thick so I know it's going to protect my skin. For best application pat/ press into the skin. Haven't been burnt since I started using this product which is great
  26. Skin Saver

    As someone who is obsessed with sun safety, this product is amazing. I've got really fair and sensitive skin and I use this 50+ every day. It might seem to leave a white hue on your skin but your skin quickly absorbs it and it's a really great makeup primer. I love the Skinstitut range as they're developed in Australia and can handle the Australian sun. My skin loves it!
  27. Alright

    Good for protection and use when not wearing a lot of makeup. Makes your skin glow as well and look quite healthy which is nice.
  28. thick and oily

    It is better than standard sunblock but leaves my skin oily and is quite heavy, since it is waterproof I will be keeping it for summer beach days but I wont use it for an everyday sunblock.
  29. Good protection

    I love how much protection this gives, I can be sure my skin is getting no sun damage. However the texture I am unsure about. I wouldn’t say it is easy to put on but once it is on, sits nicely on the skin. Overall, pretty happy with this product but unsure if I would repurchase.
  30. Skinstitut SPF50 - Great daily sunscreen

    Very good sunscreen, I apply it after the skinstitut moisturizer in the morning. I don't find it too thick at all, goes on nicely and has a good texture. Dries quickly. No sunscreen smell and doesn't make the skin oily. Good value for money when considering similar products.
  31. Very thick

    I bought this to wear under make up but I find it too thick. It's fine for normal day use though.
  32. Good sun protection but makes me break out

    I have dry, sensitive, breakout prone skin and this sunscreen makes me break out but very sunscreen seems to do this? I only wear it on days that’s I al going to be outside for an extended period because of this. Sun protection seems to last well when I only put it on in the morning and forget to reapply.
  33. Great SPF

    I love this SPF! The ingredients are great being broad spectrum, both chemical and physical protection provided. The key to this product is allowing for it to sit on the skin before other products or makeup go on. It almost sets down in a lovely way and the skin is good-to-go!!
  34. Great sun protection but too claggy

    Sad to write this review because i normally love Skinstitut. Age Defence SPF is thick and claggy, doesn't spread well, makes my whole face shiney. I wouldn't use this product unless I was doing outdoor sports (it's great UV protection but my combination skin can't handle the pore-clogging greasiness especially under make-up)

    I think Skinstitut should make moisturisers with built-in sun protection, adjusted for skin type. This is their only SPF product and its not good for anybody who doesn't have super dry skin
  35. Great product

    I use this every morning after my Skinstitut Ultra Dry moisturiser and I love it.

    I only need a tiny amount (so my tube has lasted ages) and it doesn't irritate my skin.
  36. Fantastic!

    Simply rub into your hands and then press onto face and neck, sun protection and moisturiser in one. I have been out in sun and never felt like my skin is being damaged. Highly recommend!
  37. Love it!

    I have mature skin and many products were irritating my skin. From the first time I used this product I haven't had any problems and my skin loves the moisture and protection. Definitely recommend.
  38. Perfect SPF50+ for sensitive skin

    I use this every morning after the Skinstitut moisturiser and I love it. Unlike other sunscreens this doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and doesn't burn around my eyes. 1 bottle has lasted a decent period of time and is great value. I also love that this is SPF 50+
  39. Good spf

    This sunscreen is thick when it first comes out the tube but it spreads around the skin very easily so it feels more light weight.
    The spf 50 is what caught my eye and looking for a sunscreen in a skin care range that doesnt make me break out. This one is good for that!
    It does feel a bit oily when you put it on, but after about 10 mins it dries enough to apply make up on top.
  40. Love

    Love this moisturiser so much! Ultra rich and very moisturising
  41. Best moisturiser!

    This is by far my favourite moisturiser of all time, it isn't just a moisturiser it contains SPF 50+ in a non greasy formula eliminating the need to add another product into my already full regime. I have oily combination skin and this never gets greasy or seperates and acts as a really good primer for foundation. Highly recommended this to all skin types!!
  42. Finally! A light facial sunscreen!

    Finally, after many 50+ Sunscreen trials I have found THE ONE that doesn't make me feel like I'm swimming in a bucket of oil! It's so smooth and lightweight on.

    Mixed in with a little laser aid does the trick to spread and thin a little further as I found on it's own it can be a little thick if you use too much.
  43. Greasy layer that clogs skin

    I found that with everyday use in summer, it clogged my skin. To not have any side effects from it, I need to use it no more than every other day and use a scrubs as early in the day as possible to remove it.
  44. Great product

    Very happy with this SPF no to thick and zinc like but you are able to spread very easy on the face. Love it

    Skinstitut has been my facial product brand for the past 10 years. The SPF is one of the best I have ever used and would recommend it to everyone.
  46. It's ok

    It's ok however I find it to be a little thick and oily, I wouldn't buy another bottle
  47. Best face sunscreen i have used

    I always struggled with using face sunscreen as my face is quite shiny naturally, but I have enjoyed this sunscreen and am not afraid to use it under my makeup. I bought my mum and sister some too.
  48. Great sunscreen

    I received this as a sample but am going to purchase a bottle. It was not greasy and didn’t make my skin break out like a lot of sun creams do. I have oily skin and it was fine on my skin.
  49. Oily and Gritty

    Really disappointed by this skinstitut product. It made my very dry-dry skin super oily, is extremely thick to apply in the morning, doesn't sit well under my (expensive) makeup, is fragranced (a huge no no for sensitive skin), stung my eyes if I sweated or it moved, and LASTLY - it is gritty! I thought it was just my tube and after recommending it to my mum - she had the same issue! I wish this would have been a great product but unfortunately it just wasn't.
  50. Shinny and oily feeling

    Not my favourite product. I was expecting it to be a rhick constancy as previous reviews remarked but i was unhappy with how shinny it looked once on my face. Should have just worn my good old banana boat
  51. Good but oily

    I find this a good product when I need to be wearing spf but would not feel comfortable wearing this on my skin everyday. The product is very oily and makes me look really shiny, I’m sure because of the spf but wouldn’t wear it everyday for sun protection
  52. Nice Product

    Pros: Pleasant smell and does its job. I also have sensitive skin and it doesn't upset it.

    Cons: Is quite thick so can be hard to spread
  53. Pretty horrid

    I am a fan of this brand but will not repurchase this. It's greasy (makeup slides off my face) with a white cast. It also has a slight powdery perfume to it, just my personal preference I don't like scented products on my face. As a chemical sunscreen from such a good brand I was surprised and disappointed by this. I'd rather use my tub of cheapest possible, supermarket own brand stuff.
  54. Greatest sun protection ever.

    Always use 50 plus. Great feel and makes the skin look great as well. Recommend to everyone for best protection and best price and value.
  55. Skinstut is my fav

    The best 50 plus sun screen going around. Use it all the time. It makes the skin look clear and fine with great sun protection.
  56. Essential

    everyone needs a sunscreen in their skincare routine and this is a very good one, spreads good doesnt clog pores

    it is a little bit thick but i dont mind that
  57. Great face sunscreen

    I use this everyday and love it. It never blocks my pores and it doesn't sting my eyes and I never get burnt when wearing it which is great.
  58. Smells like play doh

    I found this product hard to spread evenly across my face due to the almost sticky nature of the product. It smells like play doh which whilst nostalgic I would rather my face not smell like I’ve smeared play doh across my face. However I did find that my face did not burn (did it’s job) and it worked well as a primer under my foundation.
  59. Super nourishing

    Amazing moisturiser! Very thick and nourishing but doesn’t clog pores.. love this brand!
  60. Best!!

    I've tried a lot of moisturizers and skin care over the years. My mum put me into this and my skin has never felt better..
  61. Does the job

    It's a good product. Thick, but does the job. Its hard to find a nice face sunscreen, but this is ok
  62. So thick and gluggy

    I've tried just about every SPF 50 moisturiser under $50 available. I would rather not wear SPF then put this stuff on my face again. Wore a few times and hated how gluggy and hard to spread so put it back in the drawer till I ran out of SPF again. Nope still hate it, in the bin now. Didn't notice any more breakouts then usual the few times I could bear to out this on my face. Very ghost-like which is a no go as I don't wear make up a majority of the time.
  63. Great protection, a little hard to spread

    I found I needed to use a little extra as the consistency is quite thick I needed that bit extra to get coverage when spreading.
    It’s great as a makeup base or even mixed in with bb cream!
  64. Good face sunscreen

    I loved this product as it was quite moisturising as well as protecting against the sun. I love that it is SPF50 which I think is important. You only need a small amount of product and it lasts all day. I like to wear it under my mineral makeup and dose up on the protection.
  65. Great sunscreen

    I am always hesitant about using sunscreen on my face especially since I have oily, acne prone skin. This sunscreen is excellent though and I use it daily.
    You only need a small amount, a little goes a long way. I use it before the vitamin c powder and moisturiser and I usually like to put it on then wait around ten minutes or so before applying the other two products.
  66. Not too great for oily skin

    I have been using skinstitut for many years. I have a combination to oily skin and a tendency to breakouts. I never have this problem with skinstitut product. I do however find that this sunscreen feels a little bit thick on my skin and tends to make my skin oily after a couple of hours. Otherwise, no issues at all.
  67. Good but drying

    I found this dried my skin out a bit after using it, but it is a good face sun screen!
  68. Great for body but too thick for my face

    I purchased the Skinstitut Age Defence SPF50+ as a facial sunscreen for my combination skin after reading reviews that stated it was lightweight and able to have make-up applied over the top. I was dissapointed to find that this wasn't the case on for me. The sunscreen felt too thick on my face despite only using a small amount, however, it works well and absorbs better on the rest of my body.

    I've spent heaps of $$ on sunscreens but this by far takes the cake. You only need a small amount to protect your skin for the whole day. I couldn't recommend anything more highly!
  70. Quite sticky and will leave a slight white cast

    I have been using this sunscreen for more than a month and I am here to give my second review. This sunscreen is quite thick in texture. After spreading it on the face, it takes around half a minute to disappear. However, it makes my skin quite sticky. If you are not putting make-up or any powder on it, it will be quite uncomfortable. I think the reason why it is sticky is that it is water resistant for 2 hours. I am sure that it can achieve that given that it sticks on your skin really well. Apart from that, I am starting to find out that it leaves a slight white cast on my face. My skin tone is not dark but I can see a slight white cast when I am under the sun (not very visible in normal lighting). If you are looking for an everyday sunscreen I would not recommend this product. If you are looking for a heavy duty sunscreen that can withstand sweat, water or rubbing I think it will do its job.
  71. Good for my dry skin

    This sunscreen work well for my dry, sensitive skin. It’s not to white when put on and seems to protect my skin from the sun all day
  72. Good protection, not greasy

    This is amazing for my dry, sensitive and breakout prone skin. It’s good to know that I have protected skin in the harsh element
  73. Good

    I hate using sunscreen on my face but so glad I found this spf50+ cream, feels so amazing on my face
  74. A bit too thick

    I've used this product a few times and found the formula too thick to my liking. It has a layer of white that I can see. I prefer some other brand. Price is also a bit too much for the volume.
  75. Not the best one

    i have used other sunscreens before but i got this just to try how would this be. other sunscreens have alcohol in them which is bad for skin, this does not, but it is not liquidy. i would like it better if it was a bit runny. however, works fine, i have dry skin so not the BEST one for me but i will use up this tube that i have bought and then switch to another sunscreen. might work best on oily skin.
  76. Not to thick, seems to last

    This product is not too thick to put on but it is quite white when applied. Seems to last well and protect my pale face.
  77. nice and light on the face

    I love using this on my face and I use it every day before make up. It is not overly perfumed or thick and gluggy, it feels like a normal, everyday moisturiser. My make up goes on like normal and my skin feels like it can still breath.
  78. Quality product

    Light non greasy sunscreen that doesn’t leave the skin feeling gross and can be worn under makeup would defiantly recommend!
  79. Love it

    This is my go to daily moisturizer! Its high spf but it soaks in well and leaves a hydrating dewy finish, doesn't give me breakouts and even works under primer/makeup. I hate sunscreen but couldn't recommend this more.
  80. Smooth and blends easily

    I have mostly dry skin that can be a bit red and sensitive at times and I find this moisturiser so soothing and helpful. The spf 50+ helps me know I'm doing the anti ageing thing, but it also stops my skin drying out any further from sun or element damage. It's not too heavy either, and I can use it right on top of another moisturiser or serum without breaking out.
  81. One of the better sunscreens

    I’m not a fan on the feel of sunscreen but I know that I should wear it. This sunscreen can still be felt when I wear it, if I rub my eyes even at the end of the day it stings my eyes but overall one of the better sunscreens I’ve tried.
  82. Pretty Good

    I bought this to use daily, but found it was a bit heavy when first put on. However, due to its high SPF, that is understandable. I like the product, but prefer product that feels lighter on my skin.
  83. Search is over

    I have been searching for an SPF 50+ moisturiser to stop any aging signs from coming on early. This is not heavy like other SPF products and goes on clear, you can wear as a base with powder over the top. I have sentitive skin and this has not caused any irritation or break outs as my skin is also acne prone. This is a part of my morning skin routine now.
  84. very thick and white

    I bought this for a daily moisturiser, but it's very thick and gives a bit of ghosting effect from the sunscreen ingrendients. It also makes my face feel really sticky. Fortunately, if I let it soak in for a bit and then put my primer over the top, it is fine. I'm not sure if I will buy it again, but I will definitely use the rest of the tube.

    I have been using skinstitut age defence SPF 50+ for a year now and I will keep re ordering! Living in Aus minimum SPF 50 should be used on the face or you're likely to prematurely age and/or get pigmentation. You only need a small amount, it's easy to apply and sits well underneath make up

    I have been using skinstitut age defence SPF 50+ for a year now and I will keep re ordering! Living in Aus minimum SPF 50 should be used on the face or you're likely to prematurely age and/or get pigmentation. You only need a small amount, it's easy to apply and sits well underneath make up
  87. Not as light as I expect but excellent ingredients

    I bought this sunscreen because it contains a bunch of newer, more advanced sunscreen filters (Tinosorb). I was expecting a lighter texture and less white cast as I don't see much inorganic sunscreen filters (physical ones: zinc oxide or TiO2). However, it is actually moderately thick and will cause white cast if you apply it generously. Applying a thinner layer produces zero white cast and is comfortable (not too sticky) but I am not sure whether it provides enough SPF. Another thing that I don't like is the smell. It does not smell horrible but it certainly does not have a nice scent.
  88. Best used as a sunscreen

    I initially purchased this moisturiser to replace my daily moisturiser however it was just too thick for my oily skin and to sit under makeup. It is better used as a sunscreen, which I love! As I have fair skin it protects effectively, smells nicer than some sunscreens and can be used all over.
  89. does what it says, great SPF50 product

    You cant beat Skinstitut products and this one doubles as an effective sunscreen and intensive moisture protection as well.Although quite thick it blends easily and smoothly and lasts for best protection for your skin in the sun!
  90. Alright

    Amazing spf in this but I feel it dries my skin a bit. Some days my usual moisturiser isnt enough to company the dryness it can cause
  91. May be good for dry skin types

    I am unsure of about if this product is suited to my skin type. I have an oily, acne prone skin type and this sunscreen is thick and I feel like it sits on my face and makes me a bit congested. Having said that, if my skin was not already oily, I think it could be quite a good, hydrating moisturiser with the added bonus of sunscreen. It is hard to apply as it is quite thick and does not spread well. I have found 'patting' it on more effective.
  92. Good protection and product

    I generally dislike wearing sunscreen. I have sensitive eyes and skin. This sunscreen doesn’t irritate my eyes straight away when I put it on unlike other sunscreens but if I rub my face close to my eyes later on in the day, I do get stinging in my eyes from the product. It seems a bit thick when I put it on first but the product rubs in quite well. I am pale and have now gotten sunburnt whilst wearing this.
  93. Best sunscreen ever

    I was recommended this product by a friend and was super happy with the results. I have dry combination skin. A good sunscreen that’s not too white, heavy or greasy and has high SPF is hard to find. I absolutely loved this sunscreen. My skin looks glowy with it and it works well under makeup or alone. I have tried all kinds of sunscreen including cosmedix and aspect, and this is by far my favourite. Will definitely repurchase.
  94. My go to for everyday SPF

    I LOVE this sunscreen, I have combination skin and it feels light weight and absorbs straight into my skin and doesnt leave a weird greasy residue. I use this with my Skinstitut moisturiser and they work so well together. I have not developed any more freckles or sunspots on my face since using this product.
  95. Good skin protection

    I purchased this product because I was so impressed with all other Skinstitut products but it’s not my fav. It has a thick consistency that does leave a white tinge to skin. The sunscreen has a grainy texture. I thought it was just me but the grainy feel has happened every time. I’ve kept to use as a sun protection but won’t purchase again.
  96. Feels dry but is amazing

    I wasn't sure about this cream at first. I mean, it goes on kind of dry and feels a little dry. But the SPF is amazing and I feel like it gives my skin a matte finish without using powder or looking powdery. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.
  97. Great sunscreen

    This sunscreen feels good to put on, not oily or too thick and not doesn’t leave my face looking white. I have rosacea and haven’t found this to irritate my skin. Great product.
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