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Oil-Cleansing Your Hair: Everything You Need To Know

Wait! Give me a chance to explain myself before you run away. I know, oil-cleansing your hair sounds like a disaster, but if you know anything about how oil can counteract oily skin, you might have a little more faith in me. How Does Oil-Cleansing Work? Using a cleansing oil shampoo helps to regulate the scalp’s […]

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Is Your Foundation Giving You Acne?

My short answer is probably not. But I’m going to explain that answer a little more. It’s not just your foundation causing breakouts, it’s probably a combination of factors associated with your foundation. So let’s get to the bottom of what’s causing your troublesome skin.   Are You Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes? Surely you’ve heard this […]

Head-to-Toe Cruelty Free Beauty Buys

Thankfully, there are more and more cruelty-free beauty options to choose from, and they’re all in one place at Adore Beauty, but in case you haven’t checked out our cruelty-free category, I asked the experts from our customer service team to tell me their personal faves! A post shared by Official PETA (@peta) on Sep […]

Your Low-Maintenance Answer To Refreshing Your Colour

Honestly, who has time to go and see their hairdresser to refresh their colour or have their hair toned every few weeks? As an ex-blonde, I found that process so time-consuming that I’ve now gone back to my natural brunette colour to avoid the dreaded salon appointment that takes up your entire Saturday morning. But, […]

An Eye Cream For Every Age

Whether it’s a cream, serum or mask, there’ll be an eye care product out there that’s just right for you and suited to your eye concerns. While I’ve picked out my faves for each age group, all of them are suitable across every age and designed to target the most common concerns in the delicate eye […]

Why I Can’t Get Enough Of This Certified Organic Vegan Mascara

If you’re already a bit sceptical about organic makeup, a mascara is the last product you’re going to buy from an organic range. Don’t worry, I’m with you – I’ve had my doubts about organic cosmetics in the past too. Before I actually tried organic makeup, I wondered how it could possibly top my everyday beauty […]

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My Secret To Thicker Hair In Under 10 Minutes

Have you ever thought about getting hair extensions? Maybe your hairdresser ‘trimmed’ a little too much off the ends, or you’re like me and have very thin, fine hair. For those of us that can’t create volume with styling products (no matter how hard we try) sometimes hair extensions are the answer! I’m excited about […]