I Bet You’ve Never Seen Eye Masks Packaged Like This

Let me tell you of the purest love story I know. The one of me and cucumbers. In primary school, I would bring whole Lebanese cucumbers to eat at snack time. In high school, my Hotmail address was dedicated to cucumbers. As a young adult, I had specifically picked beauty products that contained cucumber just […]

The Universal Balm You Can Use Pretty Much Everywhere

When I’m sitting in the chair of an esteemed hair stylist or makeup artist, I always ask them what their favourite product is. I make a point of telling them their answer is off the record (in other words, they don’t have to give me a ‘professional’ answer, I want their honest thoughts). In this […]

The Hero Product Of MBFWA Is A Dream For Fine Hair

You learn a lot backstage at Fashion Week. Firstly, that you’re in the way most of the time, and secondly, that runway hair is usually much simpler than you think it’d be. With a strong 70’s vibe translated in the graphic prints and bold colours of Bec + Bridge’s newest collection, the same theme was […]

We’ve Just Launched Hair Clips. Here’s How We Style Them

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed we’re living in the age of the hair accessory. Scrunchies have made their comeback, shortly followed by the rise of hair scarves, which have since been overshadowed by hair clips. At Adore HQ, we’ve all been dabbling in how to style our Valet clips, and […]

The Affordable Cream Eyeshadows That Literally Won’t Budge

I’ve never been a cream eyeshadow convert. I just don’t trust them, you know? Like, are you going to crease? Are you going to still be there by the time I get home? Do you blend well with others? I just never know. When I started reading rave reviews about 3INA’s The Cream Eyeshadow, I […]

This Serum Is A Game-Changer For Textured & Dehydrated Skin

Totally a first world problem, but I’m constantly toeing the fine line between wanting smoother, softer skin texture, and going too far with the chemical exfoliants. My skin is normal to dry, but it can be a little sensitive, so if I don’t pick my timing wisely, I can easily make the mistake of overdoing […]

We’ve Made Navigating Ultra Violette’s SPF Range Simple

I’m excited about Ultra Violette, and judging by the way it keeps selling out, lots of other people are too. Speaking as the (self-appointed) Adore Beauty Skincare Nerd, sunscreen is hard to recommend. We’re brand-agnostic, we have a tonne of brands and products to choose from so it should be easy, right? Here’s the thing […]