The Cleanser Kayla Itsines Uses To Clear Breakouts

She was one of the first fitness influencers to take Instagram by storm, and now Kayla Itsines isn’t just sharing fitness tips – she’s posted about her personal acne-fighting skincare routine, too. A post shared by KAYLA ITSINES (@kayla_itsines) on Jul 20, 2018 at 5:46am PDT What’s Kayla Using? Like most of us who’ve experienced […]

Blondes, Want To Go Fairy Floss Pink For The Day?

Usually, colouring your hair pink would involve some serious damage to your hair – and let’s be honest, pink doesn’t always match your outfit anyway. But what if I told you, you can go pink temporarily without 4 hours in a salon chair and risking the health of your hair?   Say Hello To David […]

Bubble Masks Are So In Right Now

Even if you’re only just the slightest bit into Korean skincare, I’m sure you’ll be aware of the bubble mask phenomenon. I challenge you to try and keep a straight face with a bubble mask on. It’s near impossible.   Why Try A Bubble Mask? The one I’ve been using is Cremorlab’s O2 Couture Oxygenic Peeling […]

Is Neon Lipstick The Newest Trend?

We’ve covered a couple of products from the INC.redible range on Beauty IQ recently, and I’m starting to notice a pattern. This brand is super trend-forward, boasting a range that appeals to millennials and makeup geeks alike. With best-sellers like jelly highlighter and flower-infused lip balm, it shouldn’t come as a shock that the next product I’m going to […]

The Prep Spray That Basically Guarantees A Good Hair Day

You know those days where you just cannot get your hair to cooperate with you? Some bits look perfect, while other sections won’t hold curls or decide to go completely rogue. Well, those days are coming to an end because I’m about to introduce you to something that’s very new to me as well: Windle & […]

The Body Lotion Celebs Are Obsessed With

Zendaya calls it “the best freakin’ stuff in the world”, while Kate Moss, Oprah and Alexa Chung also claim Kiehl’s Crème de Corps as their go-to body moisturiser. So what makes this cult favourite so damn good, you ask? Well, let’s piece this together: it’s been a best-seller for over four decades, an average of 1.5 […]

Why I’m Using A Men’s Shampoo Right Now

I’ve been obsessed with Christophe Robin’s original Cleansing Volumising Paste for a while now. Known for its signature rose scent, I didn’t think you could get a better-smelling shampoo. Then I smelled the new Cleansing Thickening Paste, I was transported to heaven. If you enjoy masculine fragrances, you’ll love this woody, amber blend. A post shared […]