I Dyed My Virgin Hair Blonde And It Actually Feels Healthier

If I was going to lose my virginity to anyone, I’m glad it was Olaplex. I’m one of those girls who likes to constantly change my look, so it’s been a long-standing dream of mine to go blonde. Each time I’ve pondered the idea, it ended up going in the too-hard basket. The time, the […]

A Skin Specialist Reveals The Products She Always Recommends To Clients

Skincare is a daunting world if you’re new to it. There’s a ridiculous amount of brands and products to choose from, so if you know absolutely nothing about skincare, where do you even start? My advice: see a skin specialist. Don’t ask your friend what she’s using, don’t buy whatever influencers are posting on Instagram, […]

Did This Routine Make A Difference To Our Thinning Hair?

Thinning hair is a topic our customers ask us about constantly, and if you’ve got very fine or thinning hair yourself, you’ve probably invested in countless products that promise to thicken your hair to no avail. That’s where we come in – we’ve trialled Aveda’s Invati range on your behalf, which is designed to reduce […]

This Is My Favourite Liquid Highlighter I’ve Used To Date

You’d think as a beauty editor that highlighter would be a staple product in my makeup routine – but believe it or not, I rarely use it. That’s not to say I haven’t tried a lot of them, I’ve just never been obsessed by highlighter like everyone else. I’m a minimalist when it comes to […]

My Fave Makeup Artist Loves This Lipstick, So Obviously I’m Buying It

If @nikki_makeup recommends anything, you can bet I’m probably gonna buy it. My friends, if you aren’t already following her, I urge you to go and do it now – you’ll be glued to her Sunday tutorials every week. A product she used in one of her tutorials recently was M.A.C’s new Powder Kiss Lipstick […]

The Product Beginners Should Apply After Skin Needling

I often get asked which skincare products should be used in conjunction with needling, and to be honest I think the answer varies for everyone, so I usually steer away from giving a specific answer. But given I’ve been seeing a lot of mixed messages around this recently, I thought I’d throw an option out […]

This Self-Setting Concealer Is Almost Invisible (In A Good Way)

Much like mascaras, everyone’s always on the hunt for their holy grail concealer, aren’t they? One that brightens dark circles (without settling into fine lines) that also covers blemishes and uneven skin tone, but it can’t look cakey either. In a previous life, I’d have a different concealer for each of these concerns, but Make […]