Does This Cellulite-Fighting Treatment Really Work?

Ladies, up to 90 per cent of us will experience cellulite at some point. It should be nothing to be ashamed of, right? Unfortunately for most of us, cellulite doesn’t exactly make us feel confident – whether it’s in a bikini at the beach, or just at home in front of the mirror. I absolutely […]

Weird (& Wonderful) Ways To Update Your Hair Regime

Being in this ever-changing industry exposes me to some very interesting (sometimes very strange) beauty concepts. And while some of them may never take off, there are a few hair innovations that I think will become staples in a lot of your routines. I’m talking, a bar of soap that’s actually a shampoo, a coconut […]

What Is Ferulic Acid & Why Should I Be Using It?

How on earth are we all meant to keep up with these skincare ingredients? I know it seems like there’s always something new you should be adding to your regime. There’s a few ways I rationalise adding a new product to my skincare collection: does it target my individual skin concerns? Is it suitable for […]

What’s Chloe Morello’s Go-To Palette?

Do you base your beauty buys on the feedback of your favourite YouTubers or beauty bloggers? I mean, usually they’re a pretty reliable source for honest recommendations (I often watch tutorials to convince myself I need something) – so what happens when these beauty fanatics create products of their own? Well, we just found out! […]

You’ll Never Guess This Makeup Artist’s Hair Trick

I love learning little tips and tricks from professional makeup artists and hair stylists, so when I spotted one of my fave Aussie makeup artists, Penny Antuar, stocking up on an interesting product from our site, I had to ask what she uses it for. Jao Brand‘s multi-purpose Goe Oil isn’t a staple I see […]

The Skin-Prep Essential For A Glowing Finish

I’m always down for dewy skin. When I do my own makeup, I use as little powder as possible; a touch under my eyes to set concealer, and a really light dusting on the sides of my nose, middle of my forehead and chin. I take every opportunity to be as luminous as possible, which […]

Rihanna Said What?!

If you’ve become a loyal Fenty Beauty fanatic since the release of the coveted range, you might be familiar with the all-inclusive 40 shades of foundation – something that Rihanna takes great pride in (as she should), but Fenty Beauty isn’t alone. In fact, Make Up For Ever have been ranging 40 shades in their […]