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How To: Choose The Perfect Brow Shade

A well groomed brow can will help to enhance your features, and choosing the correct shade is an important factor. Do you ever look back at old photos and cringe at your brows? I know I definitely do. If you are on your journey to the perfect brow, here are some tips to help!  Top […]

Banish The Frizz: These Ingredients Should Be In Your Haircare

Fighting against frizz is a constant battle and frizz doesn’t discriminate, it can affect anyone with any hair type – how nice of it! There are plenty of products out there that claim to be anti-frizz but I’m on a mission to find the ones which are packed with ingredients to banish it once and […]

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Curly Hair 101: The Right Brush & How To Use It

If I could have any hair in the world I would definitely choose to have curly hair, but every time I say this to a curly-haired friend they just complain about it being unruly and wish it was easier to manage. There’s no doubt about it, curly hair can be tricky to manage and style, […]

Winter-Safe Bronzers: A Guide For Fair Skin

So many of my fair-skinned friends shy away from bronzers because they can’t quite get their shade right, and nobody wants that ‘muddy’ look do they? But bronzer really can be for everyone, no matter how fair their skin. Bronzing powders are amazing on fair skin when used to warm up the complexion, add a sunkissed […]

Which Is Better for My Skin: Manual or Chemical Exfoliation?

Nothing makes my skin feel cleaner than a good old-fashioned scrub, but with chemical exfoliation becoming increasingly popular, scrubbing your skin isn’t as simple as it used to be. Gone are the days of scary-looking brushes and oversized grains in your exfoliator, nowadays we are all about chemicals to do the job for us. But […]

Do Heat Protectants Actually Work?

I used to be a little sceptical of heat protectants. Every blow dry or curling session, I spritz one on without fail, but with no visible results how am I meant to know if it’s actually doing anything? Is this all some massive con from hair stylists? After doing my research, my cynical side has […]

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Are You Using The Right Primer For Your Skin Type?

I know so many people who skip out primer from their makeup routine and to me, it seems crazy as there are so many benefits to using one. They aren’t just great for making sure makeup goes on easily and actually lasts all day, but some act as an extension to your skincare routine with […]