Can ghd Get Any Better?
Joanna Fleming

Time goes very fast in the beauty industry, and what was once exciting, new technology suddenly seems outdated in the blink of an eye. Which probably explains why I feel like my ghd styler is 14 versions old (mind you, it’s still kicking).

Without wanting to betray my loyal old styler, I figured I’d just have a quick little play with ghd’s new platinum+ to see what all the fuss was about.

Spoiler alert: it didn’t end well for one of them.


What’s New About The Platinum+?

The most major addition to this model is its predictive technology, which adjusts the power output based on its ability to identify the thickness of your hair, how big the section is, and the speed at which you’re styling. Mind = blown.

– Sensors continuously maintain the optimum styling temperature of 185ºC

– Heat distribution is monitored over 250 times per second via sensors on the plates

– The plates are precision milled, allowing every strand to pass without snagging

– The platinum+ also has rounded edges & body for super easy curling & waving

– It heats up in 20 seconds & will turn off automatically after 30 mins of non-use

– It also features universal voltage & is available in black & white

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How Did It Stack Up?

Apart from being much quicker to heat up, I found the platinum+ slid over the sections of my hair so much easier than my older styler. There was zero snagging or pulling (which is usually the case with my fine hair, especially if trying to curl with it).

Once I’d finished with the platinum+, my hair looked extremely shiny and was silky to touch – and it stayed that way. The best part? I didn’t experience that ‘burnt hair’ smell that often comes with heat styling at high temperatures.

I’m afraid to say I think my old styler needs to officially retire from duty.


But What’s Everyone Else Saying?


“ghd does not disappoint with its latest model, and the straightener is worth every cent in my opinion! I upgraded after my previous hair straightener broke and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Heats up quickly, and hair is left silky and not damaged like most cheaper stylers. It also provides very even heat and I feel like my time in the bathroom has been reduced!”

★★★★★ This new pearler is fantastic – Macka

“It made me realise how much I needed to upgrade. The old girl just wasn’t performing. I had to keep going over and over the same section of hair many times (thin straight-ish hair that has a natural ‘fuzz’ to it). My new girl is wham bam done first go! Saves time and instant results. Let’s not kid that it is a bit on the pricey side but can one really put a price on a good hair day every day!”

★★★★★ Life changing tool! – Mochelley

“Leaves my hair looking so healthy in an instant. I don’t even use hair products after to achieve a smooth shiny affect. My hair is past my waist and I can straighten my hair in under 6 minutes. I threw all my other hair straighteners in the trash. No comparison whatsoever.”

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How I’m Reaching My Long Hair Goals (Without Extensions)
Joanna Fleming

I chopped off my long hair about 6 months ago now, so of course I’ve been looking back at old photos wondering if I should grow my hair again or cut it even shorter. Who else has a group chat going with their friends about this exact topic?

Because I’m so indecisive on this pressing issue, I decided to observe Vydia Rishie‘s hair-growing journey before starting Kérastase’s Resistance Extentioniste regime myself (just wait til you see her before and afters…)


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What’s In The Range?

This brand new hair training program, I guess you’d call it, has been specifically formulated to encourage the growth of long, healthy hair. This regime includes four products: a shampoo and conditioner, plus a masque and serum.

– Resistance Extentioniste works to encourage healthy hair growth

– The products stimulate the scalp, detangle the lengths & repair the hair fibre

– They help to strengthen heat damaged & chemically-afflicted hair

– The regime prevents future breakage with a blend of repairing ingredients

– Restores & improves the condition of the hair cuticle

– Packed with ceramides to soften the hair & taurine to protect the fibre

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Let’s Get To The Results:

Vydia Rishie was lucky enough to be one of the first in Australia to test out Kérastase’s new Resistance Extentioniste regime – this is her verdict.

“It’s not until you dye your hair from black to blonde that you realise how good you had it with fresh, perfectly healthy virgin hair. But let’s be real, dying your hair, styling it with hot tools and having it back-combed by hair/make-up artists is way more fun. But as always, it comes at a price, and as a Creative Director and Stylist constantly in front of the camera, that price came in form of damaged, thinned out and lack-lustre hair. Cue damage control.

I’ve been super lucky to be chosen to test out the new Kérastase Resistance Extenioniste Range.

The results? For me – less breakage, less split ends (leading to that lush hair look), thicker hair (my friends and family thought I was wearing extensions!) and most importantly my hair grew 5cm over 2 months! My before and after definitely speaks for itself.


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So will I be using the Kérastase Resistance Extentioniste regime on my own hair? Truth is, I couldn’t get these products in my shopping cart quick enough. Long hair, here we come!

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The Semi-Permanent Secret To Disguising Rogue Greys
Joanna Fleming

Timing your salon visits is almost as challenging as aligning your hair washing days with events (I believe this is a fine art).

Whether you’re at that age where you’re plucking out one grey hair per week, or getting fortnightly root touch-ups, a new product has launched that might keep you from worrying about greys altogether.


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Tell Me Everything!

Christophe Robin’s Temporary Colour Gel (which he’s been formulating for five years) is a semi-permanent dye that nourishes the hair while depositing rich colour.

– It immediately covers greys, blending them with the rest of your hair

– This gentle formula is suitable for all hair types, even sensitive scalps

– Perfect for quickly touching up around the roots & hairline

– It washes out in 5-7 shampoos & doesn’t require any mixing

– Develops in just 40 minutes & comes with an applicator brush

– Also works well for refreshing your colour between salon visits

– Available in Golden Blonde, Dark Blonde, Light Chestnut & Dark Chestnut

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The Key Ingredients:

Formulated with over 90% naturally-derived ingredients, Christophe Robin’s Temporary Colour Gel contains no ammonia or peroxide, plus it’s also free from silicones and SLS.

What does it contain, you ask? The two key ingredients include Oat kernel extract which provides protective and antioxidant properties, while soothing sensitive scalps. Inula Flower Extract works to preserve and brightens colour while helping to stimulate keratin production.


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So, What’s Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ Lovely colour  Judy

“This product is easy to use and the Golden Blonde colour is really quite excellent. I loved that my hair felt softer and smoother and the colour really intensified my natural hair colour as well. Great product, highly recommend.”

★★★★ Works well Simon

“I found Dark Chestnut a very subtle colour, loved that there was no mixing of lotions and no harsh smells, it left my hair feeling very soft.”

★★★★ Saviour inbetween salon visits  Meike 

“I have dark blonde natural hair which I balayage light blonde. Hello Christophe Robin Temporary colour gel – the perfect partner to tie you over between salon visits. I did make one mistake -I didn’t choose my natural colour dark blonde and got the golden blonde which added too much gold. After using the dark blonde (my actual colour) I saw a 70% improvement with majority vanishing. I was careful not to overlap the dye onto the balayage sections.”


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We’ve Voted This Our Fave Hair Styling Product Of Last Month
Joanna Fleming

I was hesitant to actually write this article, because I kind of wanted to keep this product a secret. It’s the lesser known sister of Oribe’s Dry Texturising Spray – and this might be controversial, but I think it’s better *insert shock here*.


What You Need To Know:

We actually stumbled across this product by accident on a shoot, and it has quickly become a textured-hair fave amongst the office.

– Allows you to create texture without salty stiffness & with added shine

– Contains rich extracts & exotic oils to help repair strands

– Offers UV protection, plus it’s safe to use on coloured & keratin-treated hair

– Creates light, movable hold with wavy, piecey texture

– Can be used on wet or dry hair to style (and it smells amazing)

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The Key Ingredients:

Watermelon, Lychee and Edelweiss Flower Extracts: defends hair from oxidative stress, photoaging and the deterioration of natural keratin, all while protecting from the drying, damaging effects of the elements.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Pro-Vitamin B5, Unique Copolymer & Amber Extract: swells the hair shaft and creates wavy, piecey texture and light hold.

Plant Extracts and Oils: provide soft, silky, sultry texture and offer antioxidant protection against free-radical damage.

Kaempferia Galanga Root Extract: found in Southeast Asia, imparts natural UV protection.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein: conditions and renews damaged hair, while adding body and shine.


My Verdict:

Not expecting it to trump the coveted Dry Texturising Spray, I lightly coated my already waved hair with Oribe’s Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray. The result? Seriously voluminous, tousled tresses (aka exactly what I’ve been searching for).

Don’t get me wrong, I still rate the Dry Texturising Spray, but in my case – with very fine, flat hair – Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray gives my waves more volume and allows me to get that piecey, undone texture.

I do want to mention – if you’ve got straight hair, this product isn’t going to make your hair wavy on its own. Use a tong first, wave your hair and brush out. Follow with the Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray to style. You can thank me later.

Buy here

The Reviews:

★★★★★ OMG I absolutely love it – Traci

“I have fine, straight hair and will sometimes use a straightener to make big beachy curls. I usually use a serum after to help the curl. Well folks, with this spray, it not only has the serum in it but it also held my curl. Side note: it smells really good too!”

★★★★★ Obsessed – Eileen

“I am completely and utterly obsessed with this spray. This brand is expensive but I find that the quality is superb and it smells great which is an added bonus. This spray is good for fine wavy hair that doesn’t have much definition to it. It texturises and makes my hair look healthy all in one.”

★★★★★ Forever in love with this product! – Chelsea

“It’s my favourite styling product for my hair. I have naturally big wavy hair and Après Beach is the perfect answer for my hair. It’s oil based unlike the Dry Texturizing spray from Oribe, so it makes my hair shinier and really makes my waves beautiful and full. Highly recommend this product!”

Buy Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray Here


This Is Not A Drill: Olaplex Now Has A Shampoo & Conditioner
Joanna Fleming

Just over three years ago, Olaplex completely disrupted the haircare industry with a revolutionary professional range that promised to repair even the most damaged, chemically-afflicted hair types and make the colouring process less damaging.

Olaplex’s No.3 Home Treatment has become a staple product in many of our routines, so the addition of Olaplex’s No.4 and No.5 is sure to be a gamechanger when it comes to achieving healthy hair.


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Tell Me More:

No.4 Shampoo and No.5 Conditioner are both formulated with Olaplex’s patented Bond Building Chemistry to restore, repair and hydrate the hair.

This duo works to reduce damage and frizz for stronger, healthier, shinier locks – and like the rest of the range, the shampoo and conditioner are vegan-friendly and free from sulfates, parabens and gluten.

No.4 and No.5 contain the highest quality ingredients including essential vitamins, natural oils and fruit extracts which not only restore strength and vitality to the hair, but also support scalp health.


What’s The Verdict?

Rachel of has been using No.4 & No.5 for a few weeks – here’s what she had to say about the duo:

“When my hairdresser handed me these bottles of Olaplex shampoo and conditioner whilst telling me “you are going to become obsessed with these” I grabbed them with my hot little hands and impatiently waited until wash day.

I have been a loyal user of the in-salon treatments 1 & 2, and also the at home No.3 (which I swear by) so I was super excited to see what the hype was about. I kid you not, this stuff is the bomb dot com. My hair is healthier, smoother, and growing so much faster all thanks to Olaplex. It’s a game changer guys. Get on it!”


Can I use No.3, 4 & 5 if I haven’t completed the first two in-salon steps?

Absolutely, it’s not a requirement to have done the first two steps – you can still use the treatment, as well as the shampoo and conditioner for stronger, shinier and healthier hair.

Is Olaplex just for blondes?

Nope! Olaplex is designed to rebuild the bonds of the hair to strengthen it, reduce breakage and increase shine and softness. So hair types that are damaged, chemically-afflicted or colour-treated will benefit most from the range (regardless of your hair colour).

Why don’t you sell No.1 & No.2?

These are salon only steps – meaning you only have them in-salon as an add-on to your colour service. The No.1 Bond Multiplier is added directly into colour to actively protect and rebuild during the colouring process, while the No.2 Bond Perfector was developed as a post-colour service or as an express in-salon treatment.

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How Long Can We Last Without Washing Our Hair?
Joanna Fleming

This seemed like a really gross concept when we first talked about it, but it was the only way to test out if R+Co‘s dry shampoos did the trick. So we embarked on a no-wash challenge – using only the dry shampoos below to keep our hair looking presentable.

Spoiler alert: it wasn’t as bad as we thought it was gonna be.


So What Did We Use?

We thought it’d be worth trying out different formulas to see what worked for each of us, so we picked out three of R+Co‘s best-selling dry shampoos and documented our experience. But what’s different about each of these products?

Death Valley Dry Shampoo

– The classic powder aerosol formula (a really good one, might I add)

– Quickly absorbs excess oil in the hair while adding body & volume

– Deodorises the hair with a fragrance of Bergamot, Wild Fig & Cedarwood

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Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist

– R+Co’s newest addition; it was voted Best Invention of 2018 by Refinery29

– Uses quick-drying cleansing agents in micellar water to cleanse the hair & scalp

– Perfect to use after the gym or while travelling (with zero powderiness)

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Skyline Dry Shampoo Powder

– Doubles as a dry shampoo & a texturising styling product

– Adds grip to create textured, voluminous styles while absorbing excess oil

– Has an aerosol-free pump which allows Skyline to be easily dispersed

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…And How Long Did We Last?

Hannah – 7 Days

“I have oily roots and dry ends, so I was expecting to be wearing my hair up in a top bun by day 3. I had a friend’s 30th on day 3, and Spiritualized was a lifesaver. I wore my hair out and it looked fresh with a bit of texture. Fast forward to day 7, and my scalp was giving me grief. I went to the gym in the morning & used Spirtualized before work, and my irritated scalp completely calmed down! It’s definitely my new must-have for lazy Friday nights when I don’t have time to wash my hair in between work and an event.”


Elena – 8 Days

“I usually wash my hair every 3-4 days, but not without the help of my trusty dry shampoo. I can honestly say that R&Co’s Spiritualized is a game changer. I was originally a non-believer as it was so different to what I’m used to, so I was only brave enough to use it on day 6. To my surprise, it completely refreshed my hair and scalp. Sure, my hair had an interesting texture to it, but the oil-slick look was banished, and I could fake my way through another 2 days of not washing.”


Joanna – 6 Days

“I thought I was really going to struggle with this challenge. I usually wash my hair every 3 days and I’m a germophobe, but I was actually really surprised that by the sixth day my hair didn’t look bad at all. It felt like it had product in it, so it certainly didn’t feel clean, but it looked totally presentable. I particularly loved Spiritualized; it’s totally different to every other dry shampoo I’ve tried and genuinely made my hair look clean.”


Shop R+Co Here


Banishing Brassy Balayage On A Budget
Joanna Fleming

As a brunette who’s lightened their hair, brassiness is something I’m constantly battling. Not only does my hair have a natural tendency to turn an unfavourable shade of orange, but I’m trying to maintain a creamy beige shade which is proving to be a challenge.

So what am I currently using to ward off this dreaded brassiness? A range that’s basically been made for balayage hair: Matrix Total Results Brass Off.


Tell Me More:

– This range is specially designed to neutralise brassy tones in lightened brunette hair

– Deposits blue-violet pigments onto the hair to target orange & yellow tones

– Replaces brassiness with a cooler tone for a just coloured appearance

– Improves hair strength for less breakage

– Contains Vitamin E to nourish & protect the hair from damage

Shop here


About The Range:

Brass Off features three products: a shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in treatment. The shampoo does the toning, while the conditioner hydrates and softens dry and brittle hair (it’s a non-colour depositing formula).

The leave-in treatment, Blonde Threesome, is essentially a nourishing mask which complements the results of the shampoo and conditioner. It softens, smooths and protects the hair by sealing the cuticle and providing heat protection up to 230°C. It also contains vitamin oil to support stronger hair for less breakage.


What’s The Verdict?

★★★★★ I absolutely love this product! – Kaitlin

“Actually I love the whole brass off line! I have hard water and blonde hair which do not mix well at all. Every time I coloured my hair, I never found a shampoo that kept my hair from turning orange from the hard water! Until my new hair stylist told me to try this product and that I wouldn’t regret it and seriously she was right ! This line has helped my hair become healthier and stay blonde and it smells amazing definitely recommend to anyone!”

★★★★★ Hands down BEST purple shampoo – Sydnee

“This creates dramatic results, more so than I have seen with any other purple shampoo. It works quickly, and the effects don’t wash out after the next wash. I do not mind the price, because it actually works. It is the superior purple shampoo!”

★★★★★ So impressed – Christina

“I have balayage and my highlights are a little brassy. I was recommended this by my hair stylist and omg I was so impressed! IT SMELLS AMAZING and the lather is phenomenal. I have nothing to compare it to because I have never washed my hair with another type of blue shampoo but I really like what it has done for my hair.”

Shop Matrix Total Results Brass Off Here