This Is How I Got Rid Of My Blackheads In Under A Week
Elena Anastasiou

I don’t know about you, but blackheads and rough texture are two of my biggest skincare woes. I want to see results with my skincare, but I also want it to be a convenient process.

The multi-tasking Medik8 Blemish Control Pads containing 2% Salicylic Acid are known for their ability to control those pesky, inconvenient breakouts – but can they do more? Can they clear my stubborn blackheads and help smooth my uneven textured skin? Game on Medik8, let’s put your pads to the test.


What’s So Good About Medik8 Blemish Control Pads?

They contain a potent ingredient called Salicylic Acid which is a BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid). This ingredient is exceptionally good at clearing pores, soothing inflammation and gently exfoliating the skin.

This all-rounder acid works to dissolve the ‘glue’ that holds dead skin cells together, while infiltrating pores to remove blemish-causing bacteria and skin debris.

– These textured pre-soaked pads contain 2% Salicylic Acid

– Excellent at controlling & minimising breakouts

– Anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe & reduce redness

– These pads help to decongest pores & minimise blackheads

– They improve texture & protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier

– These alcohol-free pads can be used on face & body

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My First Impression:

The texture of these generously soaked pads reinforces the fact that they’re gently exfoliating my skin. The formula felt more hydrating than previous peel pads I’ve used, but I still felt that slight tingle that lets me know the active ingredients are doing their job.

I focused on my troublesome area around my nose – the home of the most stubborn blackheads in the world. After using these pads daily, I woke up on day 4 and thought, finally! My stubborn blackheads have finally been evicted – they were rapidly packing up and moving on. The rough texture had started to smooth and my skin was looking healthy.

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How To Use Them:

Now that I have achieved my desired outcome, I will only use the pads to maintain my skin 1-2 times a week. It’s important to note that I have dehydrated skin, so to combat the sometimes drying effect BHAs, I ramped up the hydrating products in my routine and used the Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Serum with the Cosmedix Humidify Deep Moisture & Firming Hydrator twice a day.

Treating blemishes? If you’re using these pads specifically to treat breakouts, then it’s best to follow Medik8’s recommended usage, which is daily. You can use them as a spot treatment focusing on problem areas, or all over your face.  

Have oily/combination skin? You can afford to use these pads a little more regularly than dry/dehydrated skin types, but be careful not to overdo it.

New to active products? I would recommend slowly introducing your skin to these pads, starting with a couple of times a week, and then increasing the application as required.

Medik8’s Blemish Control Pads are my new secret weapon to combating any nasty blackheads, rough texture or unpredictable breakouts that come my way. Add these to the list of products that really do work!


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The Holy Grail Eye Serum That Resembles Unicorn Tears
Joanna Fleming

We’ve been having a debate in our office lately around the best eye creams and treatments for targeting fine lines, fatigue, dehydration and other signs of ageing.

There’s been discussion around needling, injectables and topical serums – and there was one serum in particular that caught our eye (pun intended). Initially, because it doesn’t look like your usual eye serum, and secondly because it wow’d nearly all of us with visible results.


What Is It?

Cosmedix Opti-Crystal Liquid Crystal Eye Serum is unique in every way – from its holographic unicorn-like colour to its potent anti-ageing formula, we think this product is worth the hefty price tag.

Opti-Crystal is ideal for eyes plagued by loss of volume & fine lines

– The refreshing texture melts into the delicate skin around the eyes

– Applies as a colourful iridescent balm & blends out to a clear, lightweight serum

– Formulated with a powerful blend of anti-ageing ingredients

– Helps to firm the skin around the delicate eye area & smooth unwanted lines

– The formula works to attract & retain vital moisture in the skin

– Rich in antioxidants, this serum defends skin from environmental damage

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What Are The Key Ingredients?

Packed with powerful antioxidants like Alpha-Lipoic Acid which protects the delicate eye area from harmful free radicals that can cause accelerated ageing and skin damage.

Copper Peptides support and maintain the structure of the skin to prevent sagging, smooth fine lines and lift the eye area, while Coconut Extract strengthens and soothes skin whilst promoting moisture retention and maintaining healthy moisture reserves.

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What You Need To Know:

It’s not every day you drop $150 on an eye serum, so you want to be sure you’re getting what you paid for. One thing I want to stress is: don’t freak out when you open your package. The tube looks tiny. But trust me, a little bit of Opti-Crystal goes a really long way, so if you’re using a pin-sized amount as directed, it should last you a decent amount of time.

To promote lymphatic drainage and de-puffing around the eye area, lightly pat the product in with your ring finger starting at the inner corner of the eye, moving outwards until it appears clear.


What’s Everyone’s Verdict?

★★★★★ Best eye serum – Jackie

“This stuff is the best under-eye serum I’ve used! It’s thick so it’s definitely a night time product but it’s awesome! I could tell a subtle difference the next day. It was like it filled in this one fine line I obsess over by the next morning. Now that I’ve used it a couple months I can definitely see a difference!”

★★★★★ Brightens dark circles! – Meg

“This stuff is incredible! I suffer from dark uneven skin tone under my eyes and this serum goes on smooth and doesn’t feel heavy. It blends in well with my skin and brightens my under-eye circles!”

★★★★★ Oustanding – Miranda

“The skin around my eyes has never looked this well-rested before. After spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on countless eye serums, I’ve finally found my holy grail!”

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The One Product I’m Going To Be Carrying In My Handbag This Summer
Joanna Fleming

I have a Lanolips product in my handbag, beside my bed, in my car, on my desk and in my makeup bag. Some may call that overkill, I call it preparedness.

Up until this point, I’ve never met a Lanolips product I didn’t like – and the new Hydrating Lip Luminiser is no exception. In fact, I think it’s my new favourite.


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What Is It?

I liken the Lanolips Hydrating Lip Luminiser to their classic Tinted Balms, just with an added hint of glossy shimmer, without the stickiness.

– The Hydrating Lip Luminiser works to instantly boost moisture levels

– Helps to plump & smooth your pout, leaving behind a soft shimmery gloss

– Protects, treats & soothes dry lips with a blend of lanolin & natural oils

– Lanolin closely resembles & mimics your own skin oils for long-lasting nourishment

– Available in two natural pinky nude lip shades: Beach Pop & Desert Glow

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More About The Formula:

Lanolin is a natural, cruelty-free by-product of sheep’s wool. It’s processed into an ultra pure, medical-grade form that holds up to 400% its weight in moisture.

Accompanying lanolin in the Hydrating Lip Luminiser is a blend of nourishing Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil and Pomegranate Seed Oil which work together to offer antioxidant protection against environment damage.


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What’s Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ Hydrated shiny lips – Fefe

“I bought the Lanolips Hydrating Lip Luminiser in Beach Pop. It has a very soft pinkish subtle colour but has a glittery sheen to it so it makes the lips look super moist and nourished. It glided on smoothly and definitely didn’t leave a sticky feel on my lips. I have very dry lips and this lip gloss left my lips feeling super hydrated all day . Absolutely love this cute lip gloss and definitely recommend to try.”

★★★★★ Lovely lip gloss – HG

“Love this lip balm so much! The formula is amazing – makes my lips feel super soft and hydrated and I love the scent. It looks gorgeous and gives you a nice shine. Would definitely recommend as a gift or for yourself.”

★★★★★ Lanolips but make it shimmer Alexina

“If you like the Lanolips Tinted Balms you’ll like these too. The formulas feel and wear very similarly – non-sticky and hydrating, and the shimmer is a nice extra touch that’s subtle but still noticeable. My favourite thing about this though is the smaller tube tip – when I apply my regular Lanolips tinted balm I find it’s really easy to squeeze out too much, but the smaller tube tip on the Luminiser means I don’t have to be as careful!”

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What Exactly Is A Cleansing Stick And Why Do I Need One?
Joanna Fleming

I did think Hunter Lab’s Charcoal Cleansing Stick was a really weird concept at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised it’s actually a really practical option for those of you who are low-key with your skincare.

I don’t think I’ve ever come across another ‘cleansing stick’, but I do know a fair bit about charcoal, so that part certainly piqued my interest.

Want To Know More?

Activated charcoal is certainly big in the beauty industry right now (I’m actually surprised there’s not a charcoal latte yet), so what can this ingredient actually do?

Well, the carbon component in activated charcoal acts like a magnet to attract and absorb dirt and oil, essentially vacuuming the nasties out of your pores to promote clearer, cleaner skin. That’s why it belongs in Hunter Lab’s Charcoal Cleansing Stick.


What Are The Benefits?

This Melbourne-made, naturally purifying balm cleanser doesn’t just contain charcoal – it hosts a bunch of other skin-nourishing ingredients too.

– It deeply cleanses & purifies the skin without stripping it

– Hydrates & nourishes with a blend of moisturising ingredients

– Effective removes excess oils, dirt & impurities from the skin

– Packaged in a wind-up cylinder making it easy to use & great for travel

– Naturally fragranced with a gender neutral scent of peppermint & aloe vera

– Leaves the skin feeling comfortable, soft & refreshed

– The natural formula is vegan-friendly & cruelty-free

– Simply apply directly to damp skin & massage in before rinsing

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What Else Is In There?

Green Tea: Rich in antioxidants, this ingredient helps to reduce inflammation, while protecting the skin from free radical damage.

Argan Oil: Boasting a high content of essential fatty acids and protective Vitamin E, Argan Oil moisturisers and softens the skin.

Coconut Oil: Also featuring a high percentage of Vitamin E, Coconut Oil has a deep moisturising effect, whilst also working as a mild exfoliant.

Aloe Vera: Has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant and soothing properties for the skin.


What’s The Verdict?

★★★★★ It’s a revelation. I’m obsessed! – Jamie

“It combines the cleansing prowess of a balm in the convenience of a stick, removing all impurities whilst leaving my skin feeling soft and comfortable. This product embodies true innovation in the cleansing space.”

★★★★★ Amazing! Vira

“The cleansing stick goes on very easily on a damp face. It massages into the skin well, and has the lightest cooling sensation (perfect for summer!) It leaves my skin feeling extremely soft and clean but doesn’t give it that tightening, drying sensation. I find that my serums and moisturisers sink into the skin easier after using it. I can’t recommend this product enough.”

★★★★★ Hello to the best product innovation of 2018! – Natassia

“I’ve spent years looking for the best cleanser but never have found anything as unique, stylish and practical as this product. The phenomenal formulation is completely natural and treats my face to a deep cleanse, leaving my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. See you later to synthetic face wipes and messy gels.”

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The Organic Hand Cream Our Editor Keeps On Her Desk
Joanna Fleming

Hand creams do not get enough credit in our skincare routines. A lot of us use our hand cream multiple times a day, but it’s not usually something we’d rave to our friends about.

I’m a germaphobe so I sanitise my hands throughout the day with Dr Bronner’s Lavender Hand Sanitiser, and keep them hydrated with Edible Beauty’s Precious Sea Hand Saviour.


Why Is Hand Cream Important?

When you think about the signs of ageing, you don’t think about your hands first, do you?

You might be surprised to learn that there’s an increasing number of people having dermal fillers in their hands to prevent the look of crepey skin, and laser treatments to banish age spots. Might seem trivial, but our hands really can give away our age.

The skin on the backs of our hands is thinner, with less sebaceous glands – meaning this skin is more prone to dryness. Plus, if you think about the constant exposure to water, sun, chemicals and just about everything else, it’s no surprise our hands can show signs of damage. That’s why it’s important to use a rich cream to hydrate and protect your mitts.

Pro Tip: When you apply your SPF to your face in the morning, rub the excess sunscreen into the backs of your hands.


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What’s So Special About This Hand Cream?

For starters, you can eat it. I’m not recommending you should, but my point is that all Edible Beauty products are natural and non-toxic.

Precious Sea Hand Saviour hydrates & replenishes dry hands

– Instantly nourishes parched skin with a blend of natural ingredients

– Improves skin texture while helping to repair skin tissue

– Infused with ingredients to enhance elasticity

– The replenishing formula creates a lightweight protective film

– Absorbs well & doesn’t leave an oily or greasy residue

– Leaves the hands feeling smooth, hydrated & protected

– Features a beautiful herbaceous citrus fragrance

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What’s In It?

I don’t use all-natural skincare or anything, but I do prefer to use a natural hand cream – and this one contains some beautiful ingredients.

Fermented Alteromonas Seaweed Extract: Helps to improves skin texture and elasticity, rebuilds and repairs skin tissue and protects the skin against the elements.

Mangosteen: This “miracle fruit” is rich in antioxidants to brighten and protect the skin from damage.

Snowflower Seed: An Australian wildcrafted ingredient with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties understood to be 50 times greater than vitamin E and 100 times greater than vitamin C.

Parsley Seed Oil: A botanical rich in vitamin C, chlorophyll and vitamin K which assists in removing dead skin cells and accumulated dirt, and soothes dry irritated skin.


It’s Got Great Reviews:

★★★★★ Beautiful product – Jacqueline

“This hand cream is simply divine. A lovely scent and beautiful texture. It delivers almost instantly – after just a few applications I saw results, you can’t ask for more than that. It really does brighten and moisturise and a little goes a long way.”

★★★★★ LOVE – Nancy

“Started using this hand creme about a week ago and my aged hands are looking so much smoother and nourished. Absorbs nicely and is creamy not greasy or oily. Will be restocking this product too!”

★★★★★ Perfect – Lyn

“This hand cream is the first one in my many years, that I simply adore. Not thick and greasy thank goodness. Light and easily absorbs. I love the light lime fragrance as I am frangrance sensitive.”

Buy Edible Beauty Precious Sea Hand Saviour Here


Victoria Beckham’s Cleansing Routine Was Inspired By An Aussie Facialist
Joanna Fleming

When Posh visited Australia recently, like a lot of celebs, she saw esteemed Sydney facialist Melanie Grant.

Calling it the most amazing facial she’s ever had, Victoria also shared the cleansing duo she’s been loving since her visit to the Double Bay skin specialist.


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What’s She Using?

Considering some of the insanely pricey items in Victoria Beckham’s skincare wardrobe, this double cleansing powerhouse is relatively affordable for us regular people.

Cosmedix Purity Solution Cleansing Oil and Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser don’t really need the endorsement though – they’re already our best selling products from the Cosmedix range (which might explain Melanie Grant’s recommendation).

But why do you need two cleansers?! Because they have different functions, yet work in unison to deliver results. Your Cleansing Oil removes makeup, dirt and oil, while the Exfoliating Cleanser uses active ingredients to chemically exfoliate away dead cells to reveal fresher, brighter skin.

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More On The Cleansing Oil

– Deeply cleanses & purifies the skin without stripping it of its natural oils

Neem Extract removes excess oil, makeup, sunscreen & impurities

Argan, Moringa & Olive Oils deliver key nutrients & antioxidants to the skin

– Helps to support the skins natural protective barrier from impairment

– It’s suitable for all skin types from sensitive to oily

★★★★★ Amazing  Pearl

“This cleanser is sooo good! It gets all my makeup and sunscreen off my face at the end of the day and doesn’t leave my skin dry or tight at all. It’s great in the morning too as the scent is slightly citrus-y and wakes me up.”

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More On The Exfoliating Cleanser

– Purity Clean helps to unclog pores, cleanse away impurities & remove excess oil

– Contains L-Lactic Acid to gently & effective exfoliate the skin

Tea Tree and Peppermint Oil ensure skin is restored to a balanced state

– Antioxidants defend the skin from environmental damage

– Helps to even skin tone by reducing the appearance of scarring & pigmentation

★★★★★ Awesome for double cleansing Meg

“I use this nightly as part of my double cleansing routine. I cleanse first with the purity solution then follow with the exfoliating cleanser. I know scent is subjective, but I love the peppermint smell. I find this double cleanse routine at night really cleans my skin so the sunscreen and make up doesn’t clog my pores. My skin is fresh, soft and hydrated. I don’t plan on ever changing this routine.”

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Why Is Everyone At Adore HQ Loving This Vitamin C Serum?
Joanna Fleming

Out of all the various serums on the market, I’d say Vitamin C serums involve the most trial and error for the user.

Given the instability of this ingredient, the sometimes strong smell and often associated tingling sensation, discovering the right formula for your skin can be a minefield.

But boy, when you find the right one, Vitamin C really pays off.


Which Product Are We Loving?

This newbie caught me by surprise. I’d heard whispers about it around the office, so I took the plunge and tried it myself. Dermalogica’s Age Smart Biolumin-C Serum only launched recently and it’s already racking up some seriously good reviews.

– It helps to brighten, firm and protect the skin from damage

– Works with the skin’s own defences to prevent premature ageing

– Helps to reduce visible signs of ageing including fine lines & wrinkles

– The formula gently exfoliates & evens out the skin tone

– It has a refreshing (yet not overpowering) citrus scent

– Works well as an anti-ageing addition to your skincare routine

– Has a lightweight, easily absorbed texture that glides onto the skin

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What’s In It?

Dermalogica’s Age Smart Biolumin-C Serum isn’t just a Vitamin C serum, it actually contains some other really important ingredients that make this product a stand-out for me.

The unique formula firstly features an ultra-stable Vitamin C and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 complex, using advanced technology to deliver more Vitamin C into skin, without irritation. This promotes brighter, firmer, more radiant skin.

Lactic Acid accelerates cell turnover for a smoother and more even complexion, while Sophora Japonica Flower Extract helps to a calm the skin with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Chia Seed Oil and Sodium Hyaluronate combine to hydrate the skin at the same time.


What’s Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ So glad I bought this! Jac

“I was first given a sample size of this product after a facial, and the therapist couldn’t stop talking about it. I just thought it was the usual sales pitch until I started using it. My skin has never felt so smooth and hydrated; and I have noticed a visible reduction in pigmentation. So glad that I bought it!”

★★★★★ Very good serum to use with my overall skin program Violetta

“I received this serum as a sample, generous enough to help me make up my mind. I like the smell, the texture and how it is absorbed into my skin. It also blends well with other serums I use. It is mild enough not to upset my rosacea. This is one of the other good products for sensitive skin by Dermalogica.”

★★★★★ Glowing, hydrated skin  Lauren

“I was advised to try out Dermalogica by my local beauty salon, especially this Vitamin C serum which would not only assist with the dullness but also slight pigmentation. The serum smells fresh and glides onto my skin perfectly, with no sticky feeling. After applying it to my face my skin straight away looks hydrated and plump! My skin tone seems to be more even also.”

★★★★★ Worth the price – Bella

“I have combination skin that can get dull and tired easily. Not only does using this serum feel luxurious, but it makes me look glowing and as if I’ve had so much sleep even when I haven’t! The only way to describe the results of this is as if you have drunk a lot of water and as a result, your skin is glowing. I absolutely love this and cannot recommend it enough.”

Buy Dermalogica Age Smart Biolumin-C Serum Here