You Guessed It, The Ordinary’s First Cleanser Is Just As Good As The Rest Of The Range

I’m pretty sure I could just tell you this cleanser exists and you’d all go out and buy it without even hearing if it’s good or not. And in fairness, for $13.90, I probably wouldn’t ask too many questions either.

But even with that in mind, I am going to tell you a little more about The Ordinary’s Squalane Cleanser, because I’m noticing a lot of you are buying The Ordinary and then getting confused with how to use the products – so let’s clear up where this product sits in your routine.

Firstly, What The Hell Is Squalane?

Glad you asked. Put simply, squalane is a hydrogenated, stabilised version of squalene, which is a fatty molecule naturally found in the skin. Squalene maintains our moisture barrier and hydration levels, and provides antioxidant protection to neutralise environmental damage (and ultimately keeps our skin looking youthful).

Our own production of squalene starts to reduce as we edge towards 30, which is where squalane comes in (note the slight spelling change). This ingredient is now commonly derived from olives (instead of sharks which used to be common practice) and acts as an emollient to seal in hydration and prevent moisture loss. It’s also usually great for sensitive skins.

Now To The Cleanser:

Finally! The Ordinary have a cleanser in their range. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, right? The Squalane Cleanser is a gentle formula designed particularly for removing makeup, while leaving the skin smooth and moisturised.

– The formula efficiently dissolves and emulsifies makeup and impurities

– The texture transforms from a balm-like feel to a clear oil-like consistency

– It’s soap-free and does not incorporate any harsh or stripping ingredients

– The gentle formula supports the integrity of the epidermis & can be used on eyes

– It can be used on all skin types, including sensitive

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How To Use:

I know most of you already know how to use a cleanser, but just for the sake of covering all bases, I’m gonna tell you anyway.

Squeeze your Squalane Cleanser onto fingertips, and rub together to melt the texture into an oil. Massage it onto dry skin, then rinse with warm water. For oilier skins, this cleanser is best paired with NIOD’s Sanskrit Saponins.

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Every Frequent Flyer Needs This Mask In Their Carry-On

I used to be a very frequent flyer (to be honest, airline loyalty programs have made me a crazy person), so I’m all too familiar with the effects that regular travel has on your skin.

I’ve flown to Sydney and back twice over the last week (status credits, yew!) and even these short trips have left my skin feeling parched, so I added a new product to my post-flight routine – Lanolips Lano Face Base Aussie Flyer Mask.

What Is It?

It’s a natural, ultra-hydrating mask designed for sensitive or long-haul stressed skin to ease the signs of dull, travel-weary complexions. One of my absolute must-haves on flights is my Lanolips 101 Ointment, so trying the new Aussie Flyer Mask was a no-brainer.

– Helps to reboot dehydrated & dull skin with a dose of much-needed moisture

– It’s a transparent & non-greasy cream mask that absorbs quickly & easily

– Contains ingredients to nourish & awaken the skin at the same time

– This leave-on formula is pH balanced to soothe & rebalance the skin

– Designed for normal-dry skin types (plus it is suitable for sensitive skin)

– Can be used before, during & after flights to ease dehydration

– It’s Aussie made & owned and cruelty-free (lanolin is from sheep’s wool)

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What’s In It?

Lanolips Lano Face Base Aussie Flyer Mask is made from 99% natural ingredients, with lanolin as one of the hero ingredients (obvi). The molecular structure of lanolin closely resembles & mimics your skin’s natural oils, and acts as a moisture reservoir.

This mask also contains peppermint, ginger and caffeine to awaken the skin and help boost microcirculation, while shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin E support hydration and protect against the elements.

PSA: while the Aussie Flyer Mask doesn’t contain any artificial fragrance, it does have quite a noticeable natural floral scent (which I like), but it’s worth noting for anyone adverse to strong-smelling products.

How To Use It:

Unlike the terrifying sheet masks I usually don on long haul flights, the Aussie Flyer Mask is completely transparent and doesn’t need to be removed. Oh, and it’s not strictly for flying – it’s great for super dry skins that suffer from dehydrating conditions in the winter months.

Simply lather on a generous layer of the leave-on formula and allow it to absorb for 10 minutes. If there’s any residue left over, you can pat the excess off or rub it in.

Buy Lanolips Lano Face Base Aussie Flyer Mask Here

The Two-Part Eye Serum That Does Four Major Things

In my expert opinion, nothing gives away your age more than your eyes and your neck. Don’t get me wrong, ageing is a non-optional process that we shouldn’t be ashamed of – but none of us actually look at crepey skin and crow’s feet and feel good about it, do we?

Investing in a damn good eye cream/serum is the first point of call. I can never decide between a cream or a serum, hence why I’ve got 45 eye products in my cupboard. But Société have managed to solve that dilemma for me with their Ultimate Eye Lift Duo.

Tell Me More:

This two in one system features a full-size serum and cream to reverse and prevent signs of ageing around the eye area. When combined, the duo (which can be applied both morning and night) has the following benefits:

Ultimate Eye Lift offers both immediate & long-term anti-ageing results

– Improves hydration around the eye area, reducing fine lines & wrinkles

– Helps to reduce puffiness & the appearance of dark circles

– Circulation is boosted for brighter, plumper & firmer under-eyes

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The Hero Ingredients:

Asiatic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid in the Lift & Fill Serum help to soothe, repair and hydrate the skin around the delicate eye area, while peptides help to improve firmness.

The Firm & Brighten Cream also boasts a peptide complex to boost cell renewal and stimulate the production of collagen. Advanced delivery technology ensures the ingredients rapidly penetrate the skin (meaning they get to work quickly!)

How To Apply:

As I mentioned, this duo can be applied both morning and night (and should be used together for the best results). The Lift & Fill Serum features a roller ball applicator, so you’ll use that to apply under the eye, rolling from the inner corner to outer corner, and around to the brow bone.

You’ll then layer your Firm & Brighten Cream on top using a light tapping motion underneath the eye and around the the brow bone again. And there you have it!

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Is This Tinted Moisturiser Worth The Splurge?

Full disclosure: I will stop at nothing for a flawless, radiant, natural-looking base. Not even a $265 price tag can deter me. If you’re trying to save, I’d advise you to look away now before you become obsessed with this product like I have.

Giorgio Armani’s Crema Nuda Tinted Cream truly is in a league of its own. It’s an illuminating tinted moisturiser that hydrates and corrects with a radiant finish unlike any other. It has to be seen to be believed.

Tell Me More:

I shouldn’t be so surprised – Crema Nuda is a hybrid between Giorgio Armani’s best-selling foundations (including Luminous Silk) and his high-end Crema Nera skincare range, so it really couldn’t have turned out anything less than amazing.

Crema Nuda provides flawless sheer coverage with a natural, satin finish

– The luxurious creamy texture glides onto the skin, blending seamlessly

– The formula is both hydrating & corrective, combining skincare with makeup

– It imparts a subtle glow without highlighting dry patches or other imperfections

– It’s ultra lightweight & feels almost undetectable on the skin

Crema Nuda is especially suited to normal-dry skin types

– It leaves the skin feeling comfortable & looking luminous

– It’s available in both a gorgeous 50ml jar ($265) or 30ml pump bottle ($173)

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What’s In It?

Crema Nude Tinted Cream is infused with the same hero ingredient in the Crema Nera skincare range – Reviscentalis. This regenerative ingredient is sourced from a ‘resurrection plant’ that can return to life after months or even years without water – it helps to restore a natural, youthful glow to the skin.

Crema Nuda also contains glycerin, tamarind seed and hyaluronic acid for hydration, and salicylic acid which gently exfoliates the skin, minimising blemishes and revealing a clearer complexion.

Transparent pigments in the makeup formula help to unify the skin tone, reflect light and impart a natural, radiant glow.

Is It Worth The Splurge?

I am someone who spends a lot of money on beauty as it is, and even for me this investment is a big one. But in saying that, I wouldn’t regret buying this product (and subsequently becoming obsessed with it).

I do personally prefer the pump bottle to the luxurious jar packaging, as it lends itself more to the limited space available in my makeup bag, but the jar does look super fancy displayed on your vanity.

Crema Nuda ticks every box for me – it’s light, it’s hydrating, it’s glowy and it gives me the perfect amount of coverage for my skin. This product makes your skin look healthy, and it smells beautiful too.


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This Is What My $1,800 Skincare Routine Looks Like

I am known in the office for my bougie tastes in beauty and fashion – so much so that my team have affectionately bestowed me with the nickname Lady Meike.

I do love to try the newest (and most bougie) products, but my skin does get easily overwhelmed and becomes sensitive when I have too many actives on rotation, giving me what we call Adore Beauty Face.


Adore Beauty Face
A skin reaction caused by overzealous sampling of too many products at once, which causes the skin to become red, flaky and sensitive.

Ageing tops the list of my skin concerns (as it probably does for most of us who are over 30). So as someone with access to the best of the best, which products make up my $1,800 anti-ageing skincare routine?


Step 1 – Cleanser

I found the most luxurious hydrating cleanser on the planet. If you love a balm, gel or oil cleanser – Giorgio Armani’s Crema Nera Supreme Balancing Oil-In-Gel Cleanser is for you. I massage a ten to twenty cent piece onto a dry face and neck and then emulsify in the shower. It’s total heaven and your skin doesn’t feel stripped; just soft, balanced and hydrated! In fact, so hydrated it feels like you’ve already moisturised.

Step 2 – Serum

I’m not a fan of toner so I go straight for a serum. The serum I have religiously used since last December that seriously changed my skin/life is *drum roll please!* Estée Lauder’s Perfectionist Pro Rapid Firm + Lift Treatment. I can’t live without this product, it is a miracle serum. You notice a difference the very next day! This serum helped to immediately refine skin texture, improve hormonal blemishes and reduced my fine lines over time.

Step 3 – Eye Serum

This eye serum is presented in the sexiest bottle! Your eyes are one of the first places that you age, so a good eye serum or cream is essential. I actually find it really hard to find an eye serum/cream as I suffer from sensitive eyes and often react badly to active eye creams. So was relieved to find a bougie eye serum that hydrates and reduces that crepey skin and puffy under-eye bags. My eye serum of choice is Giorgio Armani’s Crema Nera Extrema Youth Memory Eye Serum (bougie as, but worth every cent and the bottle lasts a long time!)

Step 4 – Moisturiser

The pièce de résistance and by far the most luxurious beauty product I have ever used to date: Giorgio Armani’s Crema Nera Extrema Supreme Reviving Cream. The rich cream is more like a balm (if you have oily skin there is a light version) and offers instant hydration, comfort and protection. My skin became more supple after just a few applications, and after a month my one fine lines have reduced (thanks to the unique plant extract used in the Crema Nera range).

Step 5 – Sunscreen

If you spend a lot on skincare to prevent ageing, you NEED to use sunscreen. It’s the ultimate anti-ageing product. I have always hated sunscreen and had a lot of allergies – but Ultra Violette has saved my skin! It changed my view on sunscreen with how it looks and feels on my skin. Ultra Violette Supreme Screen SPF 50+ also doubles as a hydrating moisturiser and primer too.


Step 1 – Cleanser

I double cleanse at night to remove all my makeup – there’s no point having expensive serums and creams if your skin is not clean and able to absorb the ingredients properly! So my first cleanser is Giorgio Armani’s Prima Instant Off Face, Eyes & Lips Cleanser, followed by a second cleanse with my AM cleanser and my Clarisonic Mia Fit.

Step 2 – Serum

Every second night I use a retinol. After trying and loving Estée Lauder’s Perfectionist Pro Rapid Firm + Lift Treatment, I decided to try the Perfectionist Pro Rapid Renewal Retinol Treatment. It has really helped to reduce pigmentation and uneven skin tone on my cheeks and improve my skin texture overall.

Step 4 – Eye Serum

Lancôme’s Absolue Eye Cream takes me away to the rose garden at the La Alhambra in Granada, Spain. I love putting this eye cream on at night, It smells heavenly and has definitely helped with fine lines (I prefer the thicker consistency for nighttime).

Step 5 – Moisturiser

Again, finishing with my $495 Giorgio Armani Crema Nera Extrema Supreme Reviving Cream. Just unboxing this product is an experience in itself. Picking it up it feels like a smooth black obsidian stone in your hand – totally luxurious and Instagram-worthy!


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We Can’t Stop Talking About This New Sunscreen

You might’ve seen her doing the rounds on social media and sneaking into your Adore Beauty orders, now she’s officially here. I’d like to introduce you to a game changer in SPF: Ultra Violette.

More specifically, there’s a product in this range that will interest the majority of you. It’s a sunscreen serum *insert gasp* called Queen Screen. Think of her as a skinscreen – essentially, a broad-spectrum SPF in the body of an anti-ageing serum. Again, *gasp*.

The Details:

In case you haven’t heard, UV rays are the single biggest cause of premature ageing. According to co-founder of Ultra Violette, Ava Matthews, “of all the anti-ageing products available on the market, sunscreen is the single most important one.” And I can confirm, she’s 150% correct. Prevention is better than a cure, right?

So, what sets Queen Screen apart from all the other face sunscreens you’ve tried? Well, it’s for people who hate wearing sunscreen (i.e all of us).

– It has a super lightweight, hydrating formula with a luminous finish

– It’s SPF50+ & protects against the full light spectrum (including blue light)

– Contains skin-protecting antioxidants & Vitamin C to fight off free radicals

– It feels comfortable on the skin & certainly not SPF-like (it smells like roses)

– Queen Screen acts as the perfect base for makeup & layers without pilling

– It’s suitable for all skin types, especially those with sensitivities

– It won’t leave that dreaded white cast on deeper skin tones

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How To Use Queen Screen:

This seems a little trivial, but you’d be surprised by how many of us aren’t actually applying our sunscreen properly (or liberally enough).

Apply 2-3 full droppers of Queen Screen directly to your face, neck, chest and ears as the final step of your skincare routine (or first step of your makeup routine, whichever way you wanna look at it). Or you can mix it your moisturiser or foundation in with your Queen Screen to create a multi-layered protector.  

You Need Queen Screen If:

a) you avoid wearing SPF because you hate the feeling of it on your skin

b) you like an invisible, lightweight and non-greasy texture

c) you want extra hydration and a faux glow

d) you have normal to slightly dry skin, or you’re a little sensitive

The Verdict:

★★★★★ Dream SPF – Cat

“I couldn’t ask for anything more in a sunscreen. It feels so beautiful to wear, layers so well with my skincare and under makeup, and I LOVE the scent. It does smell strong at first but disappears quite quickly – I love the smell of roses though. There is a shimmer to it, it’s very subtle and for some reason appears more on hands than my face I thought. I love me a bit of glow though so it doesn’t bother me at all.”

★★★★★ A product that actually does what it says! – Edwina

“I’m fair, so wearing sunscreen when I’m out in the sun is a definite must, however, I normally hate wearing it on my face because it makes my skin greasy and clammy and I always feel so uncomfortable. I’m so happy I found this product because I will now happily wear it everyday for the rest of my life! It dries quickly, has a beautiful matte finish and the lightweight hydrating formula feels AMAZING on the skin.”

★★★★★ A sensitive skeptic no more! – Alex

“I usually can’t stand wearing sunscreen on my face, I have extremely sensitive skin that reacts to almost everything! Sunscreen is usually the worst, with my face going red and itchy and breaking out in eczema. However, I have now been using Queen Screen every day for a month and my skin has been amazing. Zero reaction and it sits perfectly under my makeup. LOVE this product!”


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Everything I Noticed When I Started Taking Apple Cider Vinegar

Full disclosure: I love products and brands that promote beauty from the inside out. For every expensive serum or cult moisturiser I buy, I will also add a new indigestible to my routine.  

If you want to know what vitamins you need to be taking to get healthier hair, stronger nails or brighter skin – I’m your girl!

Now, What’s The Go With Apple Cider Vinegar? 

If you’re anything like me, you will have spent a lifetime reading about all the amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar, only to be totally disappointed when it turns out the stuff is too horrible to drink! Not to mention how frustrating it is to lug around a glass bottle of the stuff when you go travelling.

That’s why I was so excited when I came across the brand Tonik.  These convenient little capsules make looking after your health so much easier.  You get all the goodness of a daily dose of Apple Cider Vinegar with the ease of a capsule.  Not to mention the chic packaging. The bottle easily sits alongside my fragrance and designer serum collection, and the fact that I don’t have to hide them away in a bathroom draw means I always remember to pop two in the morning.

What Changes Have I Noticed?

My skin is looking much clearer and more radiant.  I’m a big believer that glowing skin starts with your gut, and the five types of probiotics in apple cider vinegar make it a dream for your gut health

Improved digestion. After taking Tonik for three weeks I find my digestion really improved, no more nasty acid reflux!

Sugar cravings have curbed. I’ll always be a sweet tooth but I have found that after taking Tonik in the morning, I don’t crave a sweet breakfast.  Where I use to reach for a danish in the morning, I no longer cave such sugary treats.

I have more energy. When I take these pills on the regular, I feel as though I have a lot more energy during the day – especially when it hits 3pm.

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– The slippery gel texture makes the capsules very easy to swallow

– The sleek packaging slots in nicely next to your shelf of beauty products

– All the ingredients are 100% natural with no fillers or additives

– The natural benefits of each supplement is retained in its most pure form

– All four Tonik supplement varieties are proudly organic, no nasties here!

– The brains behind the brand have over 40 years experience in natural health

Shop here

Tonik feature a range of four individual supplements; Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Turmeric and Coconut Oil, so you can really zero in on the health benefits of each ingredient. Plus the range compliments each other nicely, so there’s no need to stop at one!

I’ve just added the Organic Hemp Seed Oil Capsules into my routine to boost my daily intake of protein and omega acids.  I’m excited for next level plump and radiant skin!


Check Out Tonik Here


The Spot Treatment We’re All Zapping Our Zits With

I want to get one thing clear (pardon the pun) before I even start writing this: spot treatments are not designed to be rubbed all over your face. I know that seems obvious to some of you, but you’d be surprised what people do out of desperation.

Spot treatments are designed to treat lone wolf pimples. You know, the ones that come out of nowhere at the most inconvenient time, and if you try to pop it you’ll only make it worse. That’s what Aspect’s Gold Stop Spot is for.

Tell Me More. Now.

– It’s a targeted treatment designed to minimise & treat individual blemishes

– The formula gently exfoliates, soothes & mattifies the skin

– Dries out breakouts without further irritating the skin

– Features a very potent blend of blemish-fighting ingredients

– Quickly & effectively reduces the inflammation associated with pimples

– It’s clear & undetectable (unlike some other topical spot treatments)

Buy here

What’s In It?

Ethanol (wheat-derived): assists in drying out breakouts and helps to deliver other ingredients deeper into the skin

Salicylic Acid: exfoliates the skin and unclogs pores

Niacinamide: has a soothing and mattifying effect on the skin

Beracare AAA: a patented anti-inflammatory complex that assists in improving skin health, especially in acne-prone skin types

Lemon Tea Tree Oil: provides antioxidant protection & has antibacterial properties to prevent infection

Karina from The Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter trialled the Aspect range to get her temperamental, breakout-prone skin under control – here’s what she said about Aspect’s Gold Stop Spot:

“This bottle is seriously tiny, but while it lacks in size, it still delivers a massive punch, and really does immediately go to fight those stubborn and problematic spots, to the point that I can literally feel and see it working within hours. And while sometimes it takes weeks for large breakouts to clear from my skin, with this little miracle worker, it is dramatically reduced, and again, without making my skin feel irritated, red or make it so dry it peels, as well as I also feel that the usual dark or red mark you usually get post-breakouts, is visibly reduced too.”


Buy Aspect Gold Stop Spot Here


The Super Serum To Use When You Don’t Know Where To Start

I think I’ve repeated this same sentiment about a thousand times, but skincare is confusing, especially when you’re completely new to it.

Like, when the hell do you use a serum? And why is Vitamin A making your face peel off? Don’t be afraid, skincare is really fun once you begin to understand it, but let’s take baby steps.

The Place To Start:

Aspect’s Super Serum is not only an ideal starting point for skincare beginners, but it can also supercharge any other routine regardless of how advanced it is.

It’s an antioxidant boosting serum for daytime wear, with protective and hydrating properties that basically acts as an all-rounder for promoting healthier, more youthful skin.

– It’s for all skin types & particularly targets dehydration, ageing & pigmentation

– Provides antioxidant protection against damaging free radicals

– Helps to rehydrate the skin & reduce the appearance of fine lines

– Brightens the skin tone & improves texture

– Super Serum can aid skin recovery post-procedure

– Has a lightweight, easily absorbed gel-like texture

– Layers well with other serums & heavier formulations

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What’s In It?

All you really need to know is that this serum contains a complex of enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids and hyaluronic acid. But for those of you who want more info, here’s the complicated version:

Enzymes from marine and plant sources work together in this serum to counteract free radical damage, aid faster skin cell recovery and minimise skin cell damage caused by environmental factors.

An antioxidant amino acid, L-ergothioneine, not only fights against age-accelerating damage, but it’s also a great ingredient for lacklustre skin and reducing signs of ageing like fine lines.

And finally, most of us know about Hyaluronic Acid – it’s a powerful hydrating ingredient that helps to maintain moisture balance and restore radiance and plumpness to the skin.

What Results Can You Expect?

Well, speaking strictly from personal experience, I’ve got a very expansive skincare routine and this serum slides in seamlessly as an added extra I didn’t know I needed.

Most of my serums are for nighttime, so I really enjoyed adding this to my daytime routine. It leaves my skin feeling really smooth, soft and even-toned, while also making a great base for sunscreen and makeup.

As I said, if you’re new to skincare and you’ve got ageing, dehydration or pigmentation concerns, throw this into your routine.

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This Moisturiser Has Been Made For Acne-Prone Skin

I bet this is music to some of your ears, but I’m sure you’re still somewhat dubious about the title of this article. And fair enough, I know those of you with persistent, hormonal and adult acne have tried every moisturiser under the sun – but maybe not this one.

Before I committed to writing this article, I asked a friend of mine with hormonal, acne-prone skin to try PCA’s Clearskin moisturiser for a week and give me her feedback. Needless to say, you’re reading this now so we must’ve had some success.

Tell Me More:

PCA Skin Clearskin moisturiser has a non-greasy, lightweight texture specifically designed to treat, hydrate and heal normal, combination and oily skin types prone to breakouts.

– It has a concentrated formula packed with potent active ingredients

– Suitable for even sensitive skin, this moisturiser hydrates, calms & soothes

– The formula balances moisture levels & reduces redness associated with acne

– Works to reinforce the skin’s barrier & speed up the healing process

– Prevents future breakouts while still nourishing the skin

Buy here

What’s In It?

Niacinamide: a calming antioxidant that helps to balance oil production, reduce water loss, improve uneven skin tone & protect the skin from environmental damage.

Vitamin A: promotes clearer skin by speeding up cell turnover, improving texture and tone at the same time.

Bisabolol: derived from chamomile, this anit-inflammatory ingredient calms the skin while attracting and retaining moisture, helping to speed up skin repair.

Lemongrass, Cucumber & Marigold Flower Oil: these plant-derived extracts help to purify the skin and prevent breakouts from occurring, while having a calming effect on aggravated skin.

The Verdict:

This friend of mine had been struggling with hormonal acne for a couple of months after a contraceptive change sent her skin into overdrive. She told me she’d been trying to combat the constant breakouts around her chin and jawline with a drying lotion nearly every day.

So, fearing that she was making the situation worse, I told her to drop everything else and try this moisturiser instead. When I touched base with her a week later, this was her review and results:

“I was sceptical that a moisturiser would clear up my stubborn hormonal acne, but within one application I noticed a difference. Usually, I would wake up with a new angry pimple every morning, but not the morning after using this. Within 3 days, all the acne had calmed down and was no longer raised and red raw – and all I had left at the end of the week was scarring, not a single active pimple. I even recommended it to another friend who has the same skin concerns and she bought it right away.”

Before | After

What’s Everyone Else Saying?

★★★★★ It works – Kim

“This is the most amazing moisturizer one could invest in. I have been using this moisturizer for about 6 months now and it has truly done an amazing job on my once acne-prone skin, I would never switch to any other moisturizer. My skin hasn’t been this smooth in 6 years.”

★★★★★ The only product I use – Hunter

“I have struggled with breakouts for a very long time and I could never find something that worked for my skin – everything seems to make my skin either breakout or turn red. This lotion combined with the creamy cleanser, however, is AMAZING! You absolutely must try it if you are still looking for a solution to your breakouts!”

★★★★★ My favourite product – Erica

“I have been using this off and on for years and finally just decided to stick with this as my main moisturizer because it is amazing, consistent and does everything a moisturizer should do. I have very sensitive acne prone skin. I have tried so many different kinds of moisturizers and continue to come back to this one because it never disappoints.”


Shop PCA Skin Clearskin Here


A Skin Specialist Reveals The Products She Always Recommends To Clients

Skincare is a daunting world if you’re new to it. There’s a ridiculous amount of brands and products to choose from, so if you know absolutely nothing about skincare, where do you even start?

My advice: see a skin specialist. Don’t ask your friend what she’s using, don’t buy whatever influencers are posting on Instagram, don’t rely on beauty groups on Facebook. Ask someone who knows damn well what they’re talking about – trust me, it’ll save you money in the long run.

That brings me to introduce you to Not only is this girl hilarious to follow on Instagram, but she’s also a skin and advanced laser specialist, and she’s sharing her expert tips and most recommended products with us.



View this post on Instagram









A post shared by Tegan Mac | Skin Specialist ( on

Cosmedix Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser

“People underestimate the power of a high-quality cleanser. So many skin problems originate from using the wrong cleanser so it’s important to get the first step of your skin routine right. I recommend Benefit Clean to many of my clients as it ticks all the boxes – free from nasties, non-stripping and packed full of skin-nourishing ingredients. So much more than just a basic cleanser!”

Shop here

Aspect Extreme B 17

“Extreme B 17 is a super versatile serum that every skin can benefit from. This product is amazing for barrier repair, reducing inflammation, balancing oil, it’s an antioxidant, and energizes cellular activity. Whether you’re dealing with pimples, sensitivity, dry skin or signs of ageing, adding Extreme B 17 will turbocharge any skincare routine.”

Shop here

PCA Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum

“This serum is the Rolls Royce of hyaluronic acids. Not only does it feel incredibly velvety and luxe on the skin, but it also encourages your skin to make more of its own hyaluronic acid! Remember, a hydrated skin ages slower, so it’s very important to have a super effective hydrator in your routine.”

Shop here

Cosmedix Define

“Vitamin A is a key player for anyone over 25. It keeps the skin working like it’s young. Define has a beautiful balmy texture that feels incredibly nourishing and it’s very sophisticated in the way it absorbs into the skin. Keep your skin clear, plump and smooth without the redness and sensitivity often associated with Vitamin A products.”

Shop here


You can follow Tegan on Instagram at, or if you’re based in Melbourne, you can find her at Bare Body Laser & Skin Clinic in Brunswick West.


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The Product Beginners Should Apply After Skin Needling

I often get asked which skincare products should be used in conjunction with needling, and to be honest I think the answer varies for everyone, so I usually steer away from giving a specific answer. But given I’ve been seeing a lot of mixed messages around this recently, I thought I’d throw an option out there for beginners.

Firstly, What Is Needling?

Also known as micro-needling or dermarolling, skin needling works by very lightly puncturing the surface of the skin using a specially designed tool. This sends the skin into repair, encouraging collagen and elastin production. It also allows active topical ingredients to better penetrate the skin, giving you enhanced results from your skincare products.


Which Product Should Beginners Use When Needling?

If you’ve just started skin needling at home, or you’re new to the skincare game in general, my advice to you is, don’t go too hard too early. If you’ve never really used active skincare before and suddenly you’re needing and lathering on a high strength retinol, I can guarantee you’re not going to like the result.

Instead, support your skin’s natural recovery process before jumping into the hardcore stuff. Bioderma Cicabio Crème is a good option – it’s a soothing and repairing cream specifically designed for post-treatment, so it’s ideal after needling, peels, laser treatment, hair removal etc.

– Soothes discomfort including irritation, redness, overheating & scaliness

– Helps to restore, strengthen & support the function of the skin

– Relieves any painful & itching sensations, reducing the urge to scratch

– Added zinc in this healing formula prevents the growth of bacteria

– Forms a breathable protective film for optimum skin comfort

– Moisturising agents add much-needed hydration to dry, damaged skin

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If You’re Already A Needling Pro:

I personally use a lot of actives, but when needling I prefer to focus mainly on hydration (and find I increase my chance of irritation with the stronger stuff). So these are the products I’m recommending for those of you who are already needling experts (you can still apply the Bioderma Cicabio over these serums):

Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum 

asap DNA Renewal Treatment

PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum

Aspect Extreme B 17

The Ordinary Buffet

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Haven’t Bought A Dermaroller Yet?

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with Lonvitalite’s Microneedle Derma Roller Face & Body Kit, which literally has everything you need. It comes with four separate removable titanium heads of varying needle sizes for use on the face, around the eyes, on the body and specific concern areas.

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Are Enlarged Pores Bothering You? We Need To Talk.

This is hands down one of the most common questions I get asked as a beauty editor – how can I reduce the size of my pores?

I’m afraid I can’t give you a simple or straightforward answer here, because so many factors like genetics, age and skin type can contribute to enlarged pores.

So while I can’t promise to get rid of them entirely (mainly because your skin needs them to function!) I can give you some tips on reducing their appearance with PCA’s Pore Refining Treatment.

Tell Me More:

This treatment uses the power of physical, chemical and ezymatic exfoliating properties to zone in on problem pores to target congestion and improve overall skin texture.

– This formula contains a blend of ingredients that work to absorb excess oil

– It has been designed to minimise the appearance of enlarged pores

– Uses three methods of exfoliation for dramatically smoother & softer skin

– Purifies & renews the skin by sweeping away dead skin cells, dirt & debris

– Can be used as a mask, or as an exfoliant in the shower post-cleansing

– It can be followed with the Detoxifying Mask for enhanced results

★★★★★ Worth every penny – Michelle

“This is one of my top 5 favourite pore refining products. I rub it around my entire face for about 1 minute and then I leave it on for maybe 2 or 3 minutes before I wash it off with cool water. It has helped with my pore size dramatically, especially on my cheeks and chin.”

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What’s In It?

Mandelic Acid: is an AHA which accelerates cell turnover and removes dead skin cells for a brighter, smoother complexion.

Papain: an enzyme derived from papayas, it provides a gentle enzymatic exfoliating action to further aid the physical & chemical exfoliants.

Rice Powder & Pumice: act as physical exfoliants to slough away stubborn surface build-up of dirt, oil and makeup.

Kaolin & Bentonite: these absorbent clays help to draw out impurities from the pores for clearer, less congested skin.

Bisabolol & Vitamin E: work to soothe, calm & protect the skin from environmental damage.

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Expert Tips:

Try a BHA treatment like The Ordinary’s Salicylic Acid 2% Solution. This ingredient is oil soluble and helps to exfoliate the inner walls of the pore, removing debris and reducing congestion. This serum can be used sparingly in conjunction with the Pore Refining Treatment.

Clean your face! Not removing makeup, sunscreen and general grime from your face can also lead to enlarged pores (thanks to a collection of gross stuff building up in there). Double cleansing is important to ensure every last trace of makeup, dirt and excess oil is removed. Using a device like Foreo’s Luna 2 is a great idea.

Don’t ditch hydration. It’s important to keep your skin moisturised, especially if your enlarged pores are thanks to a loss of elasticity in the skin, which occurs as we age. Moisturising will also help you avoid drying out your skin with all the exfoliating ingredients above. If you’re oily and acne-prone, go for PCA’s clearskin Moisturiser.


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Miranda Kerr’s Skincare Routine Is All About Glow

Born from Miranda Kerr’s holistic approach to health and wellness, KORA Organics certified organic and natural skincare range is brimming with products to detoxify, nourish and revitalise the skin.

It’s an ideal starting point for those wanting to switch to all-natural skincare, without having to ditch traditional formulas and textures they’re used to, plus I really like that it’s an Aussie brand.

And in case you had any doubts, Miranda practices what she preaches – she shared her dusk til dawn routine with us below:



Step 1: Cream Cleanser

Step 2: Calming Lavender Mist

Step 3: Hydrating Moisturiser with Noni Glow Face Oil

Step 4: Noni Radiant Eye Oil

Optional: Noni Glow Sleeping Mask

Miranda’s evening routine is centered around relaxation and preparing the body for sleep, as well as supporting the skin during its natural recovery period (overnight).

The Noni Glow Sleeping Mask, which I personally love, can be used simply straight after you cleanse on its own, or layered over the rest of your skincare for intense hydration and repair.


Step 1: Foaming Cleanser

Step 2: Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask

Step 3: Energising Citrus Mist

Step 4: Noni Glow Face Oil

Step 5: Hydrating Moisturiser

Step 6: Noni Radiant Eye Oil

In contrast to her evening routine, Miranda’s morning routine is all about re-energising and reinvigorating her skin to reduce puffiness and awaken and brighten her complexion.

The Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask uses turmeric (obviously), aspen bark and papaya enzymes to clear away dead skin cells and renew the surface of the skin. Rosehip also hydrates, nourishes and protects the skin., making this mask an ideal treatment every few days.


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The Supermodel Secret To Gently Removing Eye Makeup

I use the term ‘secret’ loosely here because a lot of beauty fanatics and makeup artists have long been onto this product – in fact, one bottle of this stuff is sold every six seconds around the world. It won’t come as a surprise to some that I’m talking about Bioderma’s Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire Cleanser.

For the rest of you that didn’t know about this cult sensitive skin saviour, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley just let the cat out of the bag on her blog, naming the Sensibio H2O Solution as her go-to eye makeup remover.

All The Details:

Having discovered her holy grail micellar cleanser backstage at a fashion show 10 years ago, Rosie credits Bioderma’s Sensibio with being the most gentle eye makeup remover she’s ever used. Pretty big call, right? I mean, if anyone knows how to effectively remove their makeup, it’s probably a supermodel.

Sensibio H2O Solution is a 3-in-1 makeup remover, no-rinse cleanser & toner

– It’s a French pharmacy formula specially designed for sensitive skin

– It effectively cleanses & melts away even waterproof makeup

– Refreshes and soothes the skin without stripping away natural oils

– The hypoallergenic formula is free from soap, fragrance & alcohols

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How Do Micellar Cleansers Work?

Without overcomplicating it too much, these cleansers contain micelles (molecules made up of purified water and ultra-mild cleansing agents) which act like magnets for dirt, oil and makeup.

Apart from effectively removing makeup, cleansing and toning the skin, micellar cleansers also deliver hydration, prevent moisture loss and help to protect the skin from damage.

To use, simply soak cotton pads with Bioderma’s Sensibio H2O Solution and use to gently clear away makeup and impurities. For stubborn eye makeup and lipstick, hold a soaked cotton pad over the area for a few seconds before wiping away residue. This is a no-rinse formula, so it’s ideal as your first step in a double cleansing routine.

The Reviews:

★★★★★ Best makeup remover for my skin – Sarah

“This is so good, it evens out the pH of my skin and it wipes off all the makeup and dirt. It easily takes off my heavy eye makeup which I previously used two to three products to take off. This product makes me excited to take my makeup off at the end of the night and I totally recommend it.”

★★★★★ One of the originals & the best – Michelle

“There’s a good reason why I always go back to Bioderma’s Micelle Solution – it really is one of the best. Does what it promises, keeps skin soft and healthy looking and doesn’t dry out my skin after use as some others do.”

★★★★★ Routine staple – Pixie

“Gone are the days of applying loads of cleanser to my poor old tired, sensitive eyes to get my waterproof mascara off! Just pop this product on a pad, hold it on your eyelashes for a few seconds and the waterproof mascara magically comes off with no aggravation to my skin!”


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Guess What? Skin Food Now Comes In A Lip Balm

For those of you who are already familiar with Weleda’s Skin Food, you’re probably frantically searching for the buy now button already.

If you haven’t tried Skin Food, then I’d recommend following Katie Jane Hughes on Instagram – she’ll convince you to try it better than I can.

Anyway, back to the lip balm. This natural, ultra-nourishing formula features all the benefits of Weleda’s cult skin cream, in a rich yet lightweight and non-sticky balm.

Give Me More Details:

Known for its award-winning unchanged formula, Skin Food is a favourite of dry skin sufferers and makeup artists across the world thanks to its deeply moisturising properties – which, in lip balm form, are an absolute saviour for dry, chapped lips.

– Made from a blend of natural botanical extracts, oils & waxes

– Locks in hydration & conditions lips, while soothing & repairing

– Protects lips from environmental damage by forming a protective barrier

– Offers immediate & long-lasting intensive nourishment for the driest of lips

– Doesn’t feel sticky, heavy or uncomfortable to wear

– Leaves the area feeling soft, supple & moisturised

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What’s In It?

Chamomile & Rosemary: soothes and repairs dried out, irritated lips while also offering natural antiseptic benefits

Sunflower Oil: rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, this ingredient protects the skin against environmental damage

Lanolin: a lipid-rich emollient that smooths the lips, helps to retain moisture and protects lips from chapping

Beeswax: locks in hydration and reduces the appearance of fine lines and chapping


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I Went On Tinder To Find Out If Guys Really Prefer “No Makeup”

I started this social experiment with good intentions. A small part of me thought I might just get my fairytale ending. No, not that fairytale ending.

The fairytale would be that the men of Tinder would validate my theory that, despite the Instagram-filter-Facetune-era we live in, guys actually prefer no makeup.

The Plan:

The plan was that I’d spend the first week on Tinder with a profile picture with no makeup, no filter and no Facetune. I would be flooded with complimentary messages and my calendar would be full for weeks with romantic dinner dates.  

After seven days, I would swap in a profile picture that would make the Kardashians’ proud, and women around the world would breathe a collective sigh of relief when I got significantly fewer matches (or just a couple of “DTF?” messages).

My real dating profile, which is actually on Bumble, sits somewhere in between. I don’t wear a lot of makeup (definitely no false lashes or overlined lips like my faux Tinder profile), but I don’t leave the house without foundation, bronzer and a little blush. I like to enhance my natural features, not disguise or distort them.


So, What Happened?

Single ladies, I wish I had better news for you! During my short stint on Tinder, I saw no discernible difference between the two profile pictures.  

I got more than a handful of matches, had a few forgettable chats (that went absolutely nowhere) and zero plans were made to meet face-to-face. If you’re not familiar with typical Tinder talk, it goes something like this:

Monday: “How was your weekend?”

Wednesday: “Great, how was yours?”

Friday: “Busy, looking forward to the weekend?”

There were no “DTF?” messages, just one “I think I fancy you, Hannah”…

I’m sure some of you have more luck on the dating apps than me – I have a friend who is the master of flirty Bumble banter and seems to be on a date with a new guy every second night. How exhausting! I personally find it really hard to sacrifice a night of Uber Eats and Netflix for a stranger that I most likely will have no chemistry with, but that’s a WHOLE other story and an article for another time…


The Moral Of This Story:

When I started this experiment, I genuinely wanted to find out what men preferred. By the end, I realised it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that at the age of 30, I finally feel comfortable in my own skin, completely makeup and filter-free.

But let’s get real: six months ago, when my skin was at its worst (see below) – hormonal breakouts, enlarged pores, blackheads, dull, dehydrated and, as a well-meaning family member once described it, “rough” – I would never have posted a photo of my bare skin on Tinder, let alone ventured to the supermarket without concealer. Even though my ex lives miles away, you just never know who you’ll bump into.

I wish I could say that I still feel confident when my chin is covered in spots but that would be a flat-out lie. Confidence comes in all shapes and sizes. Some people feel most confident in their favourite red lippy. Others feel their best with just a glowing faux tan.  

I’ve made a commitment to my skin over the past six months. As a result, I’ve not only been gallivanting around the supermarket sans makeup; I’ve even been on real-life date with a real-life man wearing just tinted moisturiser!

How Did I Find My Confidence?

The short answer is, I started working in beauty and suddenly put a huge focus on taking care of my skin (and had access to a huge range of products to do so).

I slowly introduced retinol – and boy did my skin get worse before it got better! I started with Murad Resurgence Retinol Youth Renewal Serum because it’s a milder formulation.

I use the Lonvitalite Derma Roller once a week with a hydrating serum, like Medik8 Hydr8 B5plus Alpha-H’s Beauty Sleep Power Peel twice a week. This stuff is like a pot of gold! I literally wake up with glowing, plumped skin. Also, I swapped to Eco Tan Face Tan Water for a natural glow that doesn’t clog my pores.  

And lastly, I get anti-wrinkle injections on my forehead and around my eyes and just before my 30th birthday, I got filler under my eyes. There, I said it! And I’m not ashamed to say, I’m super happy with the results. Despite what you see on Instagram, you can achieve a natural result.

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Find Out What Makes A $150 Serum Worth The Price Tag

I can’t even really explain why this serum is worth it, but it is. I know I need to justify that statement with some more evidence than just my own opinion – so here we go.

I’ve only been using the Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum for about a week, and I can confidently say I’d repurchase it. It’s a hydrating and revitalising anti-ageing serum that delivers (literally) instant results. I’m talking smoother, brighter, healthier-looking skin. What more could you want?

Tell Me More:

Yes, $150 is expensive for a serum. I totally agree. But does it seem more reasonable if I tell you this serum is for your eyes too? So technically you don’t need a separate eye serum…

– Revitalixir Recovery Serum revives & refreshes the skin’s appearance

– It targets the signs of ageing including dullness, dehydration & puffiness

– Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, redness & uneven skin tone

– Leaves the skin feeling instantly smoother, softer & more supple

– Uses a unique delivery system to allow for a higher concentration of actives

– The complexion looks brighter, more radiant & youthful the next day

– Layers really well with other products & sits beautifully under makeup

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What Makes It Different?

Murad’s Revitalixir Recovery Serum uses a spherical delivery system which means a higher concentration of active ingredients can be used in the serum.

When you pump the serum out, the oil-based formula inside the spheres combines with the water-based gel surrounding the spheres, blending a powerhouse of ingredients together to form the serum.

What’s In It?

Hemp Seed Oil: a source of omega 3, 6 & 9 which helps to soothe and nourish the skin, while relieving dryness and visibly minimising fine lines.

Paracress Extract: this flowering herb smoothes skin, improves firmness and visibilty reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid: the ultimate hydration ingredients – provides immediate and lasting hydration benefits as well as a smoother texture.

Wild Indigo: helps to quickly calm the skin, reduce under-eye circles and improve luminosity and tone.

Caffeine: helps combat the appearance of fatigue and stress on skin, including under-eye puffiness, dullness and a loss of tone.

Niacinamide: helps refine skin texture, increase radiance, boost cell turnover and promote a clearer, more even complexion.

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What Everyone’s Saying:

★★★★★ I will definitely repurchase – Hayley

“I saw so many great reviews on this product and decided to try it out myself and I LOVE IT!! I have used this serum every night for a few weeks and I have noticed my skin looking energized, brighter, and younger! I have a few fine lines and I have noticed them start to disappear! I am so happy I decided to try this product out.”

★★★★★ I am honestly so impressed – Aziza

“I have been using this product for over two months now and it has improved the texture of my skin sooo much. It made it so soft. A little goes a long way and does the job! And on top of that, it smells really good too!”

★★★★★ I’d give this product an A+ – Tara

“This Revitalixir Recovery Serum is truly a great product. I love how it makes my skin feel and how awake and radiant I look after using it. It’s not too thick or oily like some other serums. My favourite thing about it is how you can use it in the morning before your makeup routine without feeling like you are layering makeup over a gross thick oily mess.”


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This Night Cream Is Eight Times Stronger Than Your Retinol…

Yep, you read that right. Eight. Times. Stronger. This slightly terrified me, but at the same time gave me a rush of excitement. Who doesn’t want to try something that has the potential to overhaul your skin within a month?

Readers, beware: Medik8’s r-Retinoate Intense is not for beginners, nor is it for those on a budget. However, if you’re looking to take your retinol game to the next level – this is the product that’ll get you there.

All The Details:

Medik8 really are experts in the retinol department, so if I was going to trust any brand with a product like this, it would be them.

This revolutionary formula blends the benefits of retinyl retinoate and stabilised retinaldehyde to deliver an ultra-powerful anti-ageing treatment. It has been designed for those already using retinol and other active ingredients, who want to amp up their routine.

– It’s a very potent, scientifically proven retexturising night cream

– The formula is lightweight, fast-absorbing & feels nourishing on the skin

– The strength of the product means it needs to be slowly introduced

r-Retinoate Intense rejuvenates the appearance of skin overnight

– Leaves skin feeling firmer, while fine lines & wrinkles are reduced

– Improves overall radiance, texture & tone for a more youthful complexion

– It can deliver visible results within a month & even better results over 3 months

– The night cream is apricot-toned & lightly scented with vanilla & citrus

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The Ingredients List:

Retinyl retinoate (stronger than your standard retinol) works to improve signs of ageing by stimulating collagen production and supporting the development of new cells.

Encapsulated retinaldehyde is one step closer to retinoic acid, and acts as an advanced delivery mechanism to deliver results up to 11 times faster than retinol. Combining these two forms of Vitamin A helps increase their efficacy and strength.

But the hero ingredients don’t stop there. Medik8’s r-Retinoate Intense also boasts a blend of hydrating and protective ingredients.

Copper Peptides: help to restore & support the skin while it’s rejuvenated by the blend of retinols.

Hyaluronic Acid: in multiple weights, this hydrating superhero delivers intense hydration to different levels of the skin, leaving it plump and supple.

Squalene: supports the skin’s natural barrier and provides hydration.

Vitamin E: rich in antioxidants, this ingredient protects the skin from environmental damage and supports healing.

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How To Use It:

Due to the retinaldehyde content of this product, it needs to be phased into your routine gradually (even if you already use a retinol). It can be used 1-2 times a week for the first 2-3 weeks, then you can increase your usage.

There’s often a risk of irritation associated with highly concentrated retinols, so if you experience redness, irritation or sensitivity, pull back your usage before slowly reintroducing.

A little bit of tingling is normal with this product thanks to the time-release technology, however this should decrease as your skin adapts to the product.

Precaution: A high-protection sunscreen must be applied daily when using this product in your routine.


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What’s So Remarkable About These Award-Winning Tweezers?

Answer me this: how does a pair of tweezers get over 50 reviews? Who is writing reviews about tweezers?! How much can you even say about tweezers? A lot, apparently. See Exhibit A below:

★★★★★ Worth the price – Chantelle

“Why would you use any other tweezer but these? I absolutely love plucking my own eyebrows and the precision edge of these tweezers grabs every stray hair, even ones that have just broken through the skin’s surface. They are quality and last years. Sure, you could get other tweezers for cheaper but they don’t have the grabbing power of these and after a year or so they begin to lose their shape and aren’t effective at all.”

Why You Need Them:

Used by celebrity makeup artists on clients like Olivia Munn, Tina Fey and Elizabeth Olsen, Tweezerman’s Slant Tweezers have quite the reputation. In fact, these tweezers have won Allure’s ‘Best of Beauty’ award every year since 2001.

– The 25° slanted tip is the perfect angle for achieving high definition brows

– Leading brow & makeup artists recommend it for its unmatched quality

– Features calibrated tension with perfectly aligned tips

– The hand-filed tips ensure the tweezers firmly & precisely grip brow hairs

– Stainless steel tips are durable & easy to clean (ideal for professionals)

– Available in 4 colours: silver, geranium, rose gold & pink

Shop here

Tweezing Tips:

1. For easier, less painful tweezing, pluck hair after a warm shower

2. Always tweeze in the direction of hair growth to avoid breakage (basically, the opposite advice to waxing)

3. Avoid yanking or tugging on brow hairs – always use the tweezers precision tip to isolate, lift and then grab the hair from the root.

More Reviews…

★★★★★ Love them – Deborah

“I’ve had numerous tweezers over the years, many of which don’t last very long, twisting out of shape, rendering them unable to grab onto hairs! However, I have had this pair for years and they’re still as good as they were when I first got them. The slant helps grab onto tiny hairs and I have not had to look elsewhere for a replacement and I’m sure I won’t have to for years to come.”

★★★★★ The best! – Christy

“A great fun colour to make these already amazing tweezers even better! I thought all tweezers were the same until I tried Tweezerman! The slant of the tip allows me to get the smallest hairs. The tweezers are strong and give a great grip of the hair – stopping hair breakage. Can’t recommend enough!”

★★★★★ Worth the price –  Leanne

“These tweezers are the best I’ve ever used, I’ve been using them for a few years now and they are still not blunt. I have very thick brow hairs and these remove all those stubborn hairs with ease. SO worth the investment.”


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