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Skinstitut Even Blend Serum by Skinstitut


Skinstitut Even Blend Serum is a highly active, oil-free complex that fades the appearance of dark spots and patches caused by inflammation, sun damage, and hormonal imbalances. Formulated for pigmented, dull, or uneven skin, this correcting serum works by interrupting and calming the overactive pigment-producing pathways in the skin.


Key benefits of Skinstitut Even Blend Serum:

  • Reduces pigmentation and helps minimise future damage
  • Exfoliates and smoothes
  • Lightens and brightens complexion, improving luminosity
  • Smoothes and evens skin tone
  • Clears pores and treats congestion
  • Restores skin renewal process
  • Aids barrier repair
  • Prepares skin for dermal therapy modalities

Made with botanical extracts, such as Daisy Flower, that act as pigment inhibitors, this treatment serum can brighten skin tone, reduce inflammation, and minimise future damage. Rather than bleaching the skin, this facial serum uses natural ingredients such as Wakame (Seaweed Extract), which is rich in nutrients and vitamins that have lightening and brightening properties to fade existing pigment.

Glycolic Acid helps to facilitate cell turnover, cleansing pores and treating congestion to improve luminosity and revealing your most radiant skin.

Even Blend Serum is not just for dark spots and pigmentation. Acne sufferers can benefit from the exfoliating properties of 4% Glycolic Acid, which decongests pores and removes dead skin cells. The natural astringent and clarifying effect of Witch Hazel keeps skin clear, even, and luminous.

To address age spots, smooth skin texture, and see an overall improvement in your complexion, use Even Blend Serum twice daily. This correcting treatment is suitable for all types of skin.

How do I use Skinstitut Even Blend Serum?

  • Cleanse your face.
  • Apply a pea-sized amount over the affected areas, avoiding the eye area and sensitised or broken skin.
  • Apply moisturiser or serum.
  • Due to changes in pH, slight tingling, sensitivity, or mild peeling may occur with initial use. Skin will normalise within 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Do not use immediately after a dermal treatment, as skin needs 3 to 10 days to epithelialise.

We recommend using Even Blend Serum in conjunction with a broad-spectrum SPF product to prevent further sun damage.


What is the serum formulated WITHOUT?


Skinstitut Even Blend Serum features abundant natural botanicals to target pigmentation without the questionable ingredients found in other tone correcting products such as hydroquinone. It is also free of parabens, synthetic dyes or irritating fragrances.


Who should use Skinstitut Even Blend Serum?


This oil free serum is ideal for all skin types, from dry to oily. It is especially beneficial for those with uneven skin tone and pigmentation issues such as brown spots and blotchiness.


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Great Product, Excellent Price - 14-01-2019 by

such a good product for the price. the packaging can make this a little tricky to dispense the amount you need at first, but after using it a few times I got the hang of it. the serum is light and sinks in quickly. I also add a shake of Vitamin C in powder form to the serum and it mixes really well. I'm onto my second tube now, and my skin feels and looks great since I've been using it.

Love it - 14-01-2019 by

This has been great for my spots and scars. Very gentle on the skin and you only need a little bit for coverage. I use every day before my moisteriser and foundation. I will continue to use this product!!

LOVE - 11-01-2019 by

I use the Even Blend serum twice a day. And I pop the Vitamin C powder in at night. It's really good. It evens out skin tone, minimises breakouts and isn't too harsh on my sensitive skin.

I would recommend this to anyone.

Skin has never looked so good! - 10-01-2019 by

Can I just start by saying I love Skinstitut!?
I have been using this for only a week now but my skin has never had a more even tone. All the redness from my face has disappeared and it's even started clearing/lightening some of my acne scarring! Love this product!

Didn't notice any difference - 05-01-2019 by

I didnt see any real difference to dark spots and acne scars. I feel like the Vitamin C suspension form The Ordinary works 3 x better for less than half the cost

Skincare without a hefty price tag that works!! - 03-01-2019 by

Ive been using this serum along with the Skinstitut vitamin C powder and this is one hell of a product. It has helped me with my scars ( acne, pigmentation marks) significantly. What Im shocked even more with is the fact that it isnt like any other brands out there where you've got to pay quite a bit with the hope it might work or it might not. This has truly changed my perspective in relation to how I look at skincare and much rather be driven by the price tag ( higher the price , better the product.
Its a must try product and use it along with the vitamin c powder . You also dont need a lot of this product either so one tube will last you a while. I currently use this product twice a day.

Noticed no change - 02-01-2019 by

Used an entire bottle of this and noticed no change in my skin. Gave it a star because it didnt break me out.

seems to help with pigmentation/brightness - 01-01-2019 by

I have been using this product a few times a week for about a year now. My skin is fairly oily and my main concern was the beginning of pigmentation in my skin, which I only noticed in the last few years. This seems to be keeping any further pigmentation at bay as well as brightening my skin in general. I will continue using in conjunction with Vit C and Rejuvinate by Skinstitut.

Tube can be messy - 31-12-2018 by

This product seemed quite runny for something presented in a squeeze bottle with cap. The serum itself gave my skin a slight tingling and a slight sting in my eyes if I went about one centimetre below the eye. However my skin was quite smooth after.

Thumbs down for packaging - 24-12-2018 by

The packaging is a let down and sometimes leaks but the product itself is amazing and works wonders for your pigmented skin. I found using it for just only a few weeks helped alleviate my acne scars !

Excellent - 20-12-2018 by

I am using this serum daily morning and night. Its really works for stubborn pigmentation . Easy to use and after applying it leaves skin dry and smooth . Definitely i will buy more,

Pigmentation - 20-12-2018 by

Leaves my skin feeling so soft and gives my face a vibrant glow. It has not helped me with pigmentation as much as i would’ve hoped but it has still done amazing things to my skin.

Love it - 20-12-2018 by

Has helped immensely to keep my breakouts at bay, I always leave it sitting on face for a minute or two, or until I start feeling a tingling sensation on my face and then wash off. I find it helps speed up the process of clearing breakouts that have just begun popping up

Been using this serum for over 5 years - 17-12-2018 by

I can honest say evenblend helped improve my skin pigmentation and got rid of acne scars I had for year prior. I won’t use anything else. Mixed with vit c, it works wonders.

Found the best product for my skin type - 17-12-2018 by

Even blend is the only product that really fixed my pigmentation and acne scarring tried a lot of products but this one is the best.

Great serum - 14-12-2018 by

Since using this serum I have noticed my skin having more of a glow and balanced tone.

Great product - 12-12-2018 by

This has really helped me keep pigmentation at bay. I usually mix tiny bit of Vit C with it and it works well at brightening my skin and reducing any pigmentation. One of my favourite serums to use.

Great for scars - 10-12-2018 by

I have a little bit of scaring from previous breakouts on my chin. I use this once per week on it and it helps with the redness. I sometimes will also put it on the parts of my face that I have freckles. I dont notice huge differences but seems to work.

Nice product but not completely sold yet... - 07-12-2018 by

I’ve been using skinstitut products for a little over 8 weeks now, I use the even blend serum on average 5-6 times a week mixing it with the vitamin C powder. I was really hoping for a bit of a miracle in terms of pigmentation that developed during pregnancy but I haven’t really noticed a difference - It’s only early days so I will definitely keep using these products! They can be a little bit drying alone but once I let it sink in I use the eye and neck cream along with the age defence daily moisturising cream over the top and don’t have any issues.

Helps even my skin tone - 06-12-2018 by

This mixed with the vitamin c powder has really helped improve my uneven skin tone.

Great mixed with vit c - 05-12-2018 by

I use this mixed in with vitamin c powder and it helps my skin feel and appear fresh

Asorbs well - 29-11-2018 by

I brought this product over a week ago, as I've only been using it a short time I haven’t seen much difference as I have never had a skin care routine before and my skin is very congested so needs more time. I found this serum absorbs well into my skin, it’s quiet light weight too. Only down side is the tube it’s in does come out a bit too much so I do waste some (only need a pea size amount) I might transfer it into a travel container, to avoid further wastage. I will continue using this product.

Seems to be working - 29-11-2018 by

I have quiet stubborn pigmentation and I do see some results with this product

Great serum - 28-11-2018 by

I alternate this serum with another skinstitut serum and mix the vitamin c powder in. It makes my skin look brighter and more full.

Great product - 27-11-2018 by

I have combination skin and I find this serum doesn't irritate or cause breakouts at all! My skin always feels nice after, and I've noticed subtle differences in texture

Love - 26-11-2018 by

Light weight, beautiful on and ive noticed a massive difference in my complexion

Day Time Prep for a Jessner Peel - 26-11-2018 by

I purchased the Even Blend Serum to prep my skin during the day for a Jessner peel. The lady doing my peel asked which products I was using as my skin was perfectly prepped, showing great 'frosting'. I will continue to use this to maintain my skin after the peel has healed.

Great for scaring - 26-11-2018 by

I use this once a week just on my skin and nose where I have a little bit of scarring from breakouts etc. My skin always feels firmer and the next day the redness really is reduced. I dont see HUGE differences. Just little ones.

Easy to blend, not sure if it's doing anything - 26-11-2018 by

I use this as a part of my evening routine, mixing in the Skinstitut Vitamin C powder. I'm not sure if the serum or the powder is keeping my pimples at bay (probably a combination of everything). I'm not confident I agree with the hype for this product. My skin is normal/dry so sometimes I can get away with just this product & other times I mix in some other oils/serums or a moisturizer.

Average Serum - 26-11-2018 by

It was a rather average serum. I tried it out after being recommended this for my acne scarring and pigmentation. I used the entire serum and didn't see any significant reduction in my scars. HOWEVER, every day my skin looked a lot brighter. The packaging could be improved to reduce wastage as well

10/10 - 23-11-2018 by

A lot of people recommended this online to be best partnered with the vitamin c and it is the best combo ever! My acne scars are fading and my skin is just looking so clear and healthy now, I only apply this at nighttime.

Great serum - 20-11-2018 by

I alternate between this serum and another skinstitut one. It seems to have really helped clear my redness and pigmentation spots.

It's okay. Didn't see that much of a difference - 19-11-2018 by

I've used this product for a while now but never really saw that much of a difference. It's quite a sticky solution and I found it caused my moisturiser to pill after using it, even after waiting 30 minutes for it to dry before applying any further skin care.

My skin is oily/combination and I sometimes get a few breakouts; my age is 29

It's not bad value for the amount of product you get but I was hoping to see much more of a change to my skin.

Overall I don't think I'll try this product again.

True to description - 15-11-2018 by

I like this product because it makes my skin feel more vibrant and firm and when used repeatedly I can see an improvement in my skin tone.

Great for melasma and pigmentation - 05-11-2018 by

I have used plenty of products to help my melasma and this is the only one I have noticed much difference. Will definitely keep using...especially during summer months. Definitely remember to use sun protection while using this product

Great Eye cream - 01-11-2018 by

I have used this product for over a year now, I recently ran out and stopped using it for a few months and noticed the colour under my eyes got worse again. I have since then restarted using each night again and can see a huge difference in puffiness, darkness and fine lines. I am super happy with this eyecream.

Great product - 01-11-2018 by

This is a great serum I have noticed a difference in my skin tone and completion

Amazing Serum that really works - 29-10-2018 by

breathtaking results after 1 week of use.
you feel the serum work right away as it tightens and firms your skin with a slight nice tingle so you know its working.
My blemishes and red harsh marks have dramatically reduced thanks to this serum.

I will always use from now on!

Excellent cosmedical grade product - 29-10-2018 by

Mix with Vitamin C for best results - this product really works at fading pigmentation and evening out skin tone. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Did not do anything for me - 29-10-2018 by

i have been using this for more than 3 weeks now. i used it in morning and night everyday but i did not see the difference. it did not work for me, wished it would have lightened the blemish marks at least.

Brighten and even out - 25-10-2018 by

started seeing results in less than 2 weeks. brightened my skin and evened out my skin tone.

Mix with Vitamin C powder for extra boost! - 24-10-2018 by

I've been using this every morning mixed with Skinstitut Vitamin C powder and love the way it feels. Skin is looking clear and feeling smooth and clean, and it's definitely corrected some minor pigmentation. Highly recommend!

Fixed my eczema! - 24-10-2018 by

Have been experiencing eczema all around my eyes for the first time in my life over the cold winter and no kind of moisturizer was able to fix it. After just 2 uses of the even blend serum it was completely gone and my skin has been feeling amazing! Never have I used such a quick acting and effective product. Not only this, but my skin is looking a lot brighter overall.

Works well - 23-10-2018 by

A very reasonably priced serum, which makes my skin feel plump and soft, Not sure about lightening my pigmentation but I am persevering! Has a slightly sticky texture, which takes a little while to absorb, but overall a quite good product.

Good serum - 23-10-2018 by

I bought this serum with skinstitut kit and I'm in love with this brand my skin combinations but this serum slightly reduces my pores size I use it every single night.

Effective - 19-10-2018 by

Skin type - combination
Target areas - congestion, dry patches, dull uneven skin tone

I use this serum AM + PM (mixed with vitamin c in the AM) and I have found my skin is truly starting to brighten! It’s only been about a week, I’m noticing a glow and signs of pigmentation starting to lighten but I think I will need to use for longer to lift that deep pigmentation colour. It is a bit sticky.. but I always moisturise after so it doesn’t bother me too much, I just go away and do something while it dries before moisturising.

My skinstitut AM routine
Gentle cleanser
Multi active mist
Even blend serum + vitamin c powder
Oily skin moisturiser

My PM skinstitut routine
Gentle cleanser
L- lactic cleanser
Multi active skin mist
Even blend serum
Oily skin moisturiser

My PM skinstitut routine (every 2nd night)
Gentle cleanser
Enzymatic peel (left on overnight, washed off next morning)

Olive skin review - 19-10-2018 by

Used it for 6 months along with powdered vitamin C. Didn’t work much on my skin tone, pigmentation was the same.
I reckon it varies from type of pigmentation and skin tone because I did hear good reviews about it.

Removed pigmentation! - 17-10-2018 by

I used this product with the vitamin C powder by Skinstitut for two weeks in the lead up to laser treatment for a dark pigmentation on my cheek. In the two weeks I used them, the dark spot went away! I had to cancel my treatment. The laser clinic which sold me the products was in shock. They’re truly such effective products. I have oil-prone skin and my concerns are pigmentation and ageing. I only have a small gripe in that this serum is quite sticky feeling. Small price to pay for such effectiveness.

Gentle on skin for a flawless complexion - 17-10-2018 by

Add this into your morning routine, after cleansing and before moisturiser. Won’t clog up the skin at all with product and you’ll find your complexion so even toned at the end of the day when you wash your makeup off. A must have.

Another great - 17-10-2018 by

This brand is very impressive. I've only used a sample of this but so far happy with the results.

Does the job - 15-10-2018 by

I use this product with the Vitamin C powder - its very lightweight on the skin and I find its very helpful with the pigmentation laser I get done.
I doesn't make me break out or cause any kind or irritation.
The only negative thing about it is the smell.. it's not great but I can handle it.. it's worth it in the end

Really nice! - 15-10-2018 by

I really like this serum as it feels light weight on the skin and absorbs easily. I use it in conjunction with the Vit C product from Skinstitut and I have seen a difference in the texture and pigmentation on my skin.

Amazing - 11-10-2018 by

This serum is amazing . Really targets pigmentations to lighten and with continued use with even your skin tone and remove pigmentation.
Love it

Love it - 04-10-2018 by

I have been using the evenblend for 2 years. I feel my skin is more refined now.

LOVE - 04-10-2018 by

Best skinstitut produce. I swear by this. Love it

Love it! - 02-10-2018 by

This even blend serum is awesome! It has helped the scaring and inflammation reduce on my face.

Great serum for acne and pigmentation - 01-10-2018 by

I've been using this serum for over a year now and my skin has definitely improved in terms of texture, tone and pigmentation. I would not recommend this for serious pigmentation as I don't think it'll have much effect but for newly made superficial spots, it really does help to lighten and diminish the redness. It's also great on pimples and congested areas.

It contains 4% Glycolic Acid and you only need 1/2 a pea size amount for your whole face.The reason why I took 1 star away was due to the packaging and instructions. I'd recommend squeezing a little less than what you need as closing the lid forces a little more product out. If you have sensitive combo skin like me, I would suggest using it once a day when first starting to get your skin used to the ingredients before using it day and night. It took me about 6 months to build up that tolerance. My skin looked irritated and red but calmed down when I limited it to nighttime use. Remember to wear sunscreen otherwise all your hard work will be reversed.

Clears pigmentation - 22-09-2018 by

Only used one entire tube and most of my pigmentation have faded away, had terrible pigmentation on my nose and most of them are gone from just one tube....

Will definitely recommend this product and definitely going to keep repurchase this for life. Not only does it help moisturize as a moisturizer but also hydrates and clear the skin.

It works! - 21-09-2018 by

Non-irritating, spreads evenly and does the job! I mix it with vit c powder for extra strength. Will definitely repurchase.

Definitely recommend. - 17-09-2018 by

I've had terrible pigmentation since my 2nd pregnancy, I've tried a few products & different methods none of them worked. I am very happy with the results I have had so far, it's a slow process but I've finally found something that works & doesn't cost the earth or do damage to my skin!

Really Effective - 13-09-2018 by

This serum has evened out my skin and faded dark spot left behind by scarring and sun damage. I was always sceptical about products like this, but I now wish that I started sooner.

like this a lot! - 13-09-2018 by

I have combination skin and purchased this after getting terrible sun damage on my face. I have been using this for a month and have noticed the dark spots fade significantly. It also doesn't irritate my skin at all which is great. Overall i would definitely recommend this.

Feels Great - 11-09-2018 by

Serum is very light and feels good but not much deference to skin long term.

Highly recommend - 10-09-2018 by

very affordable for a cosmetic grade product, great results, clears and prevents uneven skin tone.

No change - 05-09-2018 by

I have combo oily skin with pigmentation. Didn’t find the gel very hydrating despite my oily skin. Did not see any improvement in evening skin tone

Fab serum - feels nice and works to even your skin tone - 04-09-2018 by

Such a lovely serum and an even better price. All skinstitut products seem to do what they say they are going to do but this serum when mixed with the vit c powder is definitely a power couple! Some of my dark spots on my forehead (from pregnancy) have faded so much and not at a price that will break the bank. Serum also feels quite nice on the skin and a small amount spreads really well.

Excellent product especially to even put skin tone - 03-09-2018 by

I purchased this product along with the Vitamin C powder to help reduce my pigmentation. It makes your skin feel amazing and i have noticed a more even skin tone.

Great for evening skin tone - 23-08-2018 by

I love this product for evening out my skin tone. Combined with vitamin c, it leaves my skin feeling fresh.

Second tube of this, results showed in the photos! - 22-08-2018 by

I am on my second tube of this now. I had professional before & after photos of my skin with a clinic and really noticed a difference in the texture of my skin. This serum lightly exfoliates and keeps my pores looking clear and tight. I also notice a difference in how quickly any acne scarring fades. I would recommend this.

Amazing - 20-08-2018 by

I have scars from acne and this product works very well. I noticed my skin was brighter, glowy and the scars were less visible after a week of using this product. I use it morning and night before my moisturiser and it is light weight and a little goes a long way. I have oily skin and at times it can be very sensitive but this product didn't irritate my skin at all. It's now a staple item in my skincare routine.

Best product ever! - 20-08-2018 by

This is my favourite product - i'm truly addicted! I have had severe acne and scars on my face for years. After using this product every day and night I have noticed a huge different in my skin's appearance in a few months. My skin glows bright daily! LOVE IT!

Excellent - 16-08-2018 by

I pair this with the 100% Vitamin C powder for my evening routine and it has done an amazing job of fading my acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Perhaps working a little too well as my freckles (which I like) are fading too, so I now avoid applying the serum over them. To avoid product spurting out when opening the tube, you need to hold it by the silver neck and not the soft white plastic.

Even skin - 16-08-2018 by

I was recommended this product by the skincare clinicians at the Laser Clinics Australia. This product really helped with my pigmentation! Combined with Vitamin C made my skin appear brighter and reduced acne scarring!

Pair it with Vitamin C - 15-08-2018 by

I purchased this product due to a tiny bit of sun damage I wanted to get under control. I started using this product alone and didn't notice much difference, however when I started pairing it with Skinstitut Vitamin C 100% powder I started notice a great difference. These two products paired together are a match made in heaven. Tends to be a little harsh on my sensative skin so I only use this 2-3 times a week to avoid any possible irritation. Bonus, you only need a tiny amount so it lasts me roughly 3 months a tube!

Helping even out my skin - 14-08-2018 by

I think this product is helping. No radical improvement but paired with vitamin c my skin is looking a bit less sun and pregnancy pigment damaged. I’ll definitely keep using for a while

Good for laser - 14-08-2018 by

I’ve been getting laser hair removal and was recommended to use this product to stop skin pigmentation. I feel that it does work when used consistently. Definitely recommend for anyone getting laser!

Nothing special - 13-08-2018 by

This product let me down a little. Didn't do anything special and doesnt feel good on the skin

Not too sure - 13-08-2018 by

I haven’t noticed any drastic changes in my acne scarring or freckles. It’s been a few months so I feel as though I should’ve seen some slight results by now...

Love the product not a fan of packaging - 13-08-2018 by

This serum has improved the overall complexion of my skin, it looks brighter and feels fresh. But the packaging is not really a hit i find the product leaks out way to much as i gently squeeze it onto my hand leaving it going all over the packaging and wasting the serum. Overall i like the product but not the packaging.

Does what it says - 13-08-2018 by

This even blend serum does evenly blend onto the skin, glides on your fingertips and smoothes. Only use a little bit as it spreads quite far. Quite an economical choice for a serum.

Everyone has seen a difference! - 12-08-2018 by

I wont live with out this serum.
Morning and night. Easy as. Best product in my regime.
Been using the products for a year and get so many compliments on my skin.
I'm told I look younger. And my pigmentation has reduced.
I didnt think much of it at first and then about 2 weeks in I started getting compliments. Can't argue with that.

Blends out uneven skintone - 06-08-2018 by

The serum does what it is supposed! I am an avid lover of the range. This product has helped with my pigmentation from acne scars. I use it together with the retinol serum.

Love it! Definitely purchase it!

Clears pigmentation and freckles. Definitely works - 01-08-2018 by

Been using this with Vitamin C for a couple of years. Definitely works to clear freckles, scarring and rosacea

Not entirely sure - 30-07-2018 by

I am not entirely sure what this serum is doing and whether it is just because I am using it in conjunction with other Skinstitute products that it is helping my skin. I use it, maybe once a week or when I remember. The only thing I don't like about it, is the packaging. It always seems to leak into the lid and when I open it to apply I am usually just wiping all the product that has leaked out onto my face. It does have a nice feel though. Isn't oily, and I sometimes use it instead of moisturiser.

Truly brightens your skin! - 24-07-2018 by

My skin tends to be on the dry side and often leaves me looking rather pale. I've tried a few serums however do not find them as effective as this particular serum. Using only a pea size amount, I find my skin absorbs this serum very well and it has this really nice smell to it. I consistently use this serum on a daily basis, morning and night, and it has definitely refreshed my skin and leaves it looking more much alive. I have even received compliments on how bright and well my skin looks which is nice!

My only pet peeve about this serum is the packaging as I find it difficult to snap the lid close after squeezing the serum out without making a small mess. Otherwise, it is a wonderful product that I will continue to use for years to come!

Great product - 18-07-2018 by

Agree, the packaging is inappropriate and seems more about the products all looking nice on the display shelf than giving consideration to practicality for the consumer.
The actual product itself is great though, my skin is oily and sensitive, prone to breakouts. I have been using this product every day for about 4 months now and have noticed quite a difference, my breakouts are reducing and much less 'angry". I will continue to use for the foreseeable future.

Great product, rubbish packaging - 17-07-2018 by

I love this product. When used with the rest of the skinstitut range I see a difference in the overall texture of my skin. I have super dry, acne prone skin that leaves terrible pigmentation issues for months after a breakout. I find this serum helps heal those spots and subdues the pigmentation problems I normally have.
The only issue I have with this product is the packaging is terrible! The jelly texture of the product squirts out of the cap very easily and with the pop top lid means a lot is wasted. I actually have had to depot this and put it into a travel bottle to save my sanity

Good for infrequent use - 17-07-2018 by

I love Skinstitut products, and this is a good one for my hypermigented combination skin, but I am unsure if it's worth using year-round. It definitely unclogs pores and resurfaces the skin, but it's recommended to use twice a day, which is far too much for me and dries my skin out (which is super hard to do with combination skin which leads more towards oily). I will continue to repurchase, but I'll use it maybe a few times a week and not throughout the whole year. Definitely has a place in my cabinet.

Effective for pigmentation - 16-07-2018 by

I have an olive complexion and am very prone to pigmentation from breakouts, scratches. I’ve been using this product for over a year now and I have found it quite effective for reducing my pigmentation. I find it doesn’t have any adverse reactions for me (redness or irritation), even when I have the occasional eczema flare up.

Did not work for me - 13-07-2018 by

Just like another reviewer.. this product just did not work for me. I used it for around 6 months. I have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and I feel this did not do anything to fade it. The only positive is that it did not irritate my skin in any way either.

Love it! - 12-07-2018 by

I love this product! It takes away my redness and brightens my skin. It also helps with my breakouts! I find my skin isn't as congested when I use it. I'll be definitely keeping this product in my skincare routine!

Could take it or leave it. - 11-07-2018 by

I love Skinstitut, and thought this may have been doing something but I just couldn't tell, though since using other products I think it may not have been that effective compared to other brands. In saying that, alot of people have great reviews for this product so maybe it's just my skin!

Great for pigmentation - 04-07-2018 by

After months of suffering with hormonal pigmentation (Melasma) this product has lighten my pigmentation in just a few months.Mixed with Vitamin C has given me the best skin

Love - 25-06-2018 by

after 2 weeks of using my pigmentation had drastically evened out I am so happy! Will repurchase.

Great for hyperpigmentation and melasma - 21-06-2018 by

I've started to get a bit of sun damage and have a few stubborn acne scars and this has really helped reduce the discolouration and ensure no further hyperpigmentation occurs. Not sure how effective it is on its own but when used with other products like the lactic cleanser and retinol I've seen a big change in my skin.

Instant results! - 19-06-2018 by

This serum produced almost immediate results. I mixed it with the skintitut vitamin c powder and my skin was so clear and my freckles faded so much. I ran out and it was obvious within a few days so its probably not something that has lasting results but also proof it worked!!

Fantastic Product - 13-06-2018 by

An excellent addition to my skin care routine that has helped reduce the redness of my skin over time. This product helped me improve my skin quality and cell turn over to repair the redness left behind from pimples. It was a face savior!

Excellent for reducing acne - 13-06-2018 by

This product has worked for me in conjuction with the Skinstitut cleanser and moisteriser. It reduces the sizes of my pores and pimples and smoothes out my skin.

So cooling - 11-06-2018 by

I find this formula is very cooling on my skin and really helps it go more one bright tone. I really love this product.
I hate the packaging because I find it wastes a lot of product.

Amazing - 28-05-2018 by

I use this product under the Skinstitut moisturiser and it makes my face noticeably less red and inflamed. It also means I feel confident enough to not wear makeup

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