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Skinstitut Even Blend Serum 30ml

4.4 of 308 reviews

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4 instalments of $9.01

Or 4 instalments of $9.01 with LEARN MORE

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Skinstitut Even Blend Serum is a medium intensity corrector that works to clarify uneven skin tone and pigmentation. For most skin types, especially pigmented.

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GREAT - 85% recommend

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Skinstitut Even Blend Serum

Skinstitut Even Blend Serum

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Skinstitut Even Blend Serum Reviews

4.4 of 308 reviews

85% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Works wonders


So I recently tried the whole skinstitut range after I read amazing reviews on Instagram, adore beauty, & their own website skinstitut.com. I suffer from acne marks and i have extremely sensitive skin. Almost 70% of the products I have tried in the past have either broke me out or caused sensitivity or some kind of rash. I was very sceptical at first to try their skincare because I was buying all these products , which are kinda costly if You buy them together. But im so glad I did. I had read some reviews that their skincare doesnt work it you just try one product. All i can say is that the evenblend serum mixed with a shake of vitamin c has transformed my skin.. used it with the glycolic scrub and I can definitely see a change in my skin. I have had no break out since starting their products. I use the evenblend & vitamin c 6 times a week and retinol serum once a week. I finish my skincare with their multi active mist which is so hydrating cause it has Hyaluronic acid. Also am using the glycolic scrub once a week, which is amazing. In three words , if i can finish off my review is TRY THEIR PRODUCTS! i would totally recommend to anyone As they are vegan and cruelty free and they have worked on my problematic skin.

Most Helpful Criticism

Just not sure...


I have not been able to make up my mind about this product. Sometimes when I use it I feel my skin looks really good the next morning and other days I feel like it makes it look more dull. It hasn't broken me out or irritated my sensitive skin which is a plus but I don't think I would re-purchase since I cant figure out what its doing to my skin.
  1. Didn't see much of a difference


    verified purchaser
    I have purchased this product a few times as instructed by my skin therapist. It made a slight difference to my skin with it being much clear and pigmentation slightly lighter. However, after continually using it every few days I didn't see the change progress much further.
  2. Works wonders


    So I recently tried the whole skinstitut range after I read amazing reviews on Instagram, adore beauty, & their own website skinstitut.com. I suffer from acne marks and i have extremely sensitive skin. Almost 70% of the products I have tried in the past have either broke me out or caused sensitivity or some kind of rash. I was very sceptical at first to try their skincare because I was buying all...
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  3. Great product so far


    A little of this goes a surprisingly long way!
    On my first bottle and have been using daily and can already see some progress with the redness around my nose. I am hoping things will continue to improve.
    Take care when applying around the eye area, this product stings!
  4. Enjoy the product, not so much the packaging


    Works great in combination with other products such as Vitamin C, as well as on its own. It has really helped with my pigmentation. I'm not much of a fan of the packaging, I squeeze a pea size as instructed on the bottle, however when I close the tube more tends seep out.
  5. Good Product!


    I have been using this product to help with pigmentation for over a month now and I do feel that it is working. It may not eliminate dark spots immediately or completely, but I definitely think it is helping. Good product for the price.
  6. works well


    I have a few faded dark spots on my face from and i find this does help to improve the texture and appearance.
  7. Mild but works


    It does what it says ..in 2 weeks time my scars start fading and clearly see the different..its good as i was after mild but effective serum..and here it is !
  8. Nice


    I purchased this because of the low concentration of glycolic acid to help exfoliate my sensitive irritated skin. It has not irritated my skin, nor has it left a tight feeling. My skin actually feels really nice smooth and gentle, and light with less red after 1 use.
  9. great product!


    2nd time buying this product. my skin has defiently seen a lot of changes. only downside is that its very small
  10. Plump and glow


    I find this serum is great to add the Vit C powder in. Together they give my skin a great glow and plumpness. I do find that I have to be careful using this on the apple of my cheeks as it does increase slight facial redness and makes more pronounce my teeny tiny spider veins.
  11. No significant results


    Using for 2 months I don’t think this product did much for my skin. Am moving over to rejuvenate 15 to see if I get more significant results. Not really a ‘hero’ product.
  12. Can't decide if beneficial


    I was looking for an everyday serum that would be amazing and because I love most of the other Skinstitut products I thought I would give this a go.. I can't decide if it does anything for my skin. It absorbs really quickly and you only need a tiny amount! Don't do what I have done and used too much it means your makeup doesn't sit on well for the whole day. Some days I think this serum does somet...
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  13. Get the range


    Initially when I bought this product I was disappointed it didn’t fix my dark spots and pigmentation. Since buying on its own I now have the whole Skinstitut range tailored to me, and it works so much better. Don’t go out on a limb thinking this will work on its own, I suggest doing tour research to get the best results.
  14. It's okay


    I love the feel it has on my skin but so far after a few months use I haven't noticed much difference in my skin
  15. The good and the bad


    I do like how this serum feels once it has had time to sink into my skin, unfortunately I feel this takes quite a while and in the process makes it feel a bit gooey. It also comes out of the bottle very easily so it is extremely hard to moderate how much comes out. You therefore have to decide to try get it back in or waste it.
  16. Just not sure...


    I have not been able to make up my mind about this product. Sometimes when I use it I feel my skin looks really good the next morning and other days I feel like it makes it look more dull. It hasn't broken me out or irritated my sensitive skin which is a plus but I don't think I would re-purchase since I cant figure out what its doing to my skin.
  17. Wouldn't re-purchase


    I purchased this because I love Skinstitute cleansers. Unfortunately this product was a disappointment. I did not notice any results after using this everyday for a month. I do not like the texture of it as I find it quite slimy and the design of the bottle is not ideal as it's hard to get the right amount of product out. It is a runny consistency and too much always comes out. I do not like the ...
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  18. Pigmentation serum


    I was advised this serum for the pigmentation above my lipline and uneven skin tone.I have been using it daily but have not seen results yet. Its a strange texture, like more sticky than soft.
  19. love this


    I have only been using this a couple of days, AM and PM and I think it has already made a difference in my PIH spots. Hopefully with time it'll correct some sun damage! great consistency, easy to layer and does not irritate my skin, which is a bit dehydrated at the moment.
  20. dark girl's dream


    There is no given point when you won't find at least two bottles of Even Blend on me.
    It's perfect for use in conjunction with laser treatments, this product can adequately even out the skin tone when used two weeks prior to any laser appointments to avoid further darkening in spots.
    not as heavy as the price tag on the 'Simply Brilliant' product, but far more gentle on young and sen...
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  21. A great surprise Serum - so good.


    I have acne scarring and for some wonderful reason most of it has faded. I just apply this every night before my moisturizer and then apply my moisturizer. It takes a long time though. I have been using this for a year now. On my third bottle now. Love it.
  22. skin saviour


    loved this product! was recommended by an adore beauty advisor to get this, has seriously healed the redness around my nose and cleared up congestion in my oily areas in only 2 weeks!
  23. Brightening


    I bought this to try and combat hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. I haven’t found that it’s done much to the pigmentation but definitely makes my skin look brighter and clearer. I use this after cleansing and before oils and moisturiser and it has become a welcome part of my routine. You only need a very small amount (pea sized) per application so the tube actually lasts quite a while so is priced w...
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  24. Good serum that helps with spot and imperfections on skin


    Has helped with clearing my skin of imperfections. The only small issue is if too much is applied can make the skin feel dry. And bottle nozzle hard to control how much comes out. Otherwise great product.
  25. Excellent serum


    I have noticed a definite reduction in pigmentation after using this product on a regular basis. It glides easily onto the skin but can take a little while to absorb.
  26. Not sure about this one.


    This isn't a bad product by any means. The consistency is fine and the scent didn't bother me. I just felt like it's not needed for my concerns but i thought i'd try it anyway as lots of my colleagues love it. I like using stronger acids, and stronger vitamic c products so i just tried this out of curiosity but it didn't seem to do much. I don't think i need this in my serum rotation but will use ...
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  27. Brightens skin


    I use this on days my skin feels a bit dull - definitely brightens it up, but for other concerns such as breakouts, I prefer to use their retinol.
  28. Would repurchase


    I bought this to use in conjunction with my Laser Clinic treatments and I think it has definitely helped reduce the appearance of my pigmentation. I would certainly repurchase.
  29. My go to


    Been using this for over a year and was recommended by my skin specialist. I sprinkle some of the vitamin c powder by the same brand with it.
  30. Irritates sensitive areas of skin


    I have caramel brown skin and have been advised to use this daily in the lead up to skin treatments to prep my skin, and protect against hyperpigmentation. However, I find time and time again, even blend causes me irritation (dryness/itchyness) around my chin area when I use it everyday. It also seems to discolour my skin too around these sensitive areas. Have stopped using this product for that r...
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  31. Love this


    Nice product for those wanting to brighten the skin! Takes a while to see results but worth it
  32. Good serum


    This serum helped to slightly fade my acne scars.
  33. Not working fast


    I use it on my skin of underarms to reduce darkness. After 2 weeks, I think it not changed. Maybe I will keep using to see how it works.
  34. Smoother skin


    It’s early days with this, I use in the evening before a hydrating oil, and my skin definitely feels smoother and clearer in the morning. Am yet to see any fading of pigmentation, but I’m loving it so far so will stick it out.
  35. Repeat purchase


    I’ve bought this product twice now. It’s a really great serum for every day. I use it morning and night and I find it to be nourishing and brightening. My skin absorbs in nicely and I like the consistency.
  36. Not a big change yet


    I purchased this as my friends all raved about it. As I can be quite red on my cheeks I can honestly say after using for a month, I have not noticed a big difference, but its definitely worth a try. I will persevere with this product as I love the rest of the range as its changed my skin quality immensely. Go Skinstitut!
  37. Allrounder


    This is a great serum for when you're not sure what to use. It is a multi-use product. I find it to be nourishing and brightening (good for day time use) I will especially use it on days where I am going makeup-free.
  38. Best moisturiser


    It helps to fade acne scar. I apply it every other day along with vitamin c powder
  39. Great


    This has improved my skin's moisture levels and texture and it feels great on my skin
  40. Good serum


    It's my second time purchase of this serum.it does help to fade acne scar.
  41. nice product


    helped to even my skin, and reduced the pigmentation which was what i was looking for. it is very gentle
  42. Favourite Serum


    I use this daily with the Skinstitut Vitamin C and it has reduced pigmentation caused by 3 pregnancies and sun damage exponentially. Skin looks glowy and healthy. I apply with the Hendrix Rose Quartz roller. Love it!
  43. Great product


    I find this product works and helps keep my pigmentation under control
  44. dark girl's dream


    Highly recommend for anyone with hyperpigmentation problems!!
    It isn't as strong as say the Cosmedix 'Simply Brilliant', but it's far more gentle on young skin.
    If you have dark skin, use every day for two weeks before getting laser treatment to avoid the darkening of certain areas on your face.
    But this is one of the few pigmentation serums that don't cost an arm and leg, but...
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  45. Clear skin


    I use it for acne blemishes every other night along with vitamin c serum.it does help to fade scars
  46. So far so good!


    I’ve only been using this serum for about a week and a half but I can already say I can see a difference in the pigmentation on my face. My pigmentation is only mild as I’m only 21 but I found my face looking more flawless after using this, I love the smell and the concistency. I would recommend :)
  47. Improvements to Skin


    Great product and have seen massive improvements to my pigmentation and pores. I think this smells a little strange but it doesn't bother me enough to not use the product (my friend thinks it smells great but I just can't get around it). Will continue to repurchase. I also use the Rejuvenate and Retinol and switch out days and mornings/nights.
  48. I like it


    Used this serum after skin needling sessions at home and it helps reduce redness and calm the skin, happy with the results. Smells amazing, would recommend.
  49. Undecided


    Nearly through my first bottle and undecided as to whether it has had much effect. Not too fussed on the scent either, kind of smells like a fake tan if you dont wash it off your hands after applying
  50. Great value


    I hadn't been using my serum daily (I tend to under use) but since my therapist said to use it each day I have been very happy with the look of my skin so very happy to have it in my daily routine.
  51. Sooo good!


    This product is great! Firstly it smells incredible - but not fake or synthetic which i love! Overall it is so gentle on the skin and yet you know it’s working to brighten and fade marks! I’ve been using this daily for over two years now and i just love it
  52. It's ok


    I've been using this on my face and arms after pigmentation laser and haven't seen any results - maybe I haven't been using it consistently enough. From the reviews it's best to use it morning and night. So I'll try this and see how I go. Feels a little tacky and doesn't mix well with other products. Overall pretty average but will keep using the bottle until it's empty.
  53. A must have


    This serum is essential is my skin care routine . It keeps pigmentations at bay and glides on to my skin with little effort . My skin feels plump after using in combo with the vitamin c by skinstitute. Love it .
  54. Sticky


    I used this with the vitamin c powder as recommended & found it did nothing but make my face feel sticky..
  55. Breaks me out!


    Was recommended this serum by my skin therapist when I first started micros. Really wanted this to work and help fade my post inflammatory pigmentation however have found that it only causes me to breakout. I have removed it from my skincare regime on multiple occasions and each time my skin has settled without it. While I love other products in the Skinstitut range I won’t repurchase this serum.<...
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  56. Great product but...

    Emma Loves Skincare

    I liked the texture of this serum and I felt it made a difference but I did find I went through it quickly and sometimes it balled up when I layered with other products which was frustrating.

    For reference my skin is oily/combination and I am 30 years old
  57. amazing


    Such a must have for those with problematic skin! Very hydrating and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight!
  58. Love love love!


    Absolutely love this serum and have been using it for the last few years. I mix it in with a small amount of the Skinstitut Vitamin C and have definitely seen an improvement in the brightness of my skin. It has also significantly helped with acne scarring. Would highly recommend this product!
  59. Good value serum


    I quite liked this serum, but haven't experienced amazing results, personally I experienced more noticeable results with my retinol serum. I have combo/oily acne prone skin, and I'm 25 but have a bit of pigmentation and a decent amount of scarring. I find the serum quite sticky so when I do use it I use my facial roller. I have noticed some improvements but as I said not massive, there is definite...
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  60. Great for brightening


    I used this along with the vitamin C from skinstitut and found it did brighten my skin however it did not make too much of a difference to my pigmentation spots.
  61. Works good


    I have really bad scarring from having strawberry legs, ingrown hairs, shaving scars, a burnt mark & acne scarring on my face and body.
    I use this straight after cleansing and I’ve noticed it has lightened a lot of my scars so it’s not as visible. It doesn’t get rid of the scars butbjust lightened it, which is good for me because I’ve never found anything that gets rid of scars and this is t...
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  62. Gets rid of Pigmentation


    My skin feels all round a lot even and brighter. It got rid of stubborn pigmentation on my cheeks after laser and I mix it with a sprinkle of the vitamin c powder.
  63. Fantastic


    I used to use this for my acne scars and it helped a lot. I was using multiple treatments to help me so I’m not sure if this is the main contributor but it’s still lovely.
  64. Good


    I bought this to help fade a dark spot on my face. Of course it didn't fade overnight and I nearly gave up on using it until I looked back at photos and realised the spot was gone! Love how light and fast absorbing this serum is. I find that if I use too much or use it too often it left fine bumps on my face.
  65. Holy grail product


    I use this daily every night mixed with the vitamin c. Since using it my pigmentation has reduced by around 30 percent and I don’t use as much concealer as I used to. It’s wonderful! I keep stocking up on this can’t get enough
  66. The product I didn’t know I needed!

    Kirsten M

    Was recommended this product by the Adore Beauty Product Specialists and I’m so happy with it!

    I’m only a few weeks into introducing it to my skincare routine but I can already see the change in my scarring and pigmentation.

    A little goes a long way when you are using it, and it also smells lovely.
  67. Great everyday serum


    This is a fantastic everyday serum, I use this in the mornings as it absorbs beautifully into the skin, makeup sits well on top of it. I have only been using this for a short time and have already noticed my skin is more even and bright
  68. Cant live without it


    I was recommended this product and noticed improvement in my skin. reduces pigmentation and i cant live without it
  69. Great for everyday


    I really like this serum. It absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving any residue, so it's perfect for under make up.

    I've noticed an improvement in my complexion which is now clearer than it used to be, i'm using my second bottle of this now.

    Gentle enough for everyday use - I apply morning and night. Will definitely keep purchasing this one - reasonably priced to...
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  70. Doesn't live up to the hype


    I don't know why but I have not had much luck with Skinstitut's products and this is no exception. I used this with Vit C powder but didn't notice any difference in my pigmentation. It feel good on the skin though.
  71. Effective


    This serum helps to get rid of my pigmentation and my skin looks a lot even and better. Definitely repurchase.
  72. Actually does what it says it does.


    Whilst it doesn't help prevent breakouts or spots, it makes them much less obvious and easier to hide or cover.

    You have to be very consistent with it though, use it every day or it won't work completely (or at all).
  73. Smells Good, Works Good


    I've been using this product for around three weeks, morning and night and it's done a great job at making my skin appear brighter. I have hyper pigmentation on my cheeks and chin and this really assists with settling them more. I also find that it makes my skin feel smoother after use as it almost feels like a layer on top my skin. Not a good or a bad thing, just something that I've noticed. I di...
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  74. So good for the skin!


    This product made my skin look so healthy overall. It made my skin look and feel hydrated without being oily or causing breakouts. Definitely made my skin look brighter
  75. Does What It Says!


    Great for evening out my skin tone and brightening my skin. I use this before my moisturiser, and follow it with the Skinstitut Age Defence SPF 50+.
  76. Amazing!


    This is the first product I purchased from the Skinstitut range over 2 years ago and am hooked!! You only need a little bit of the product (too much and your skin can look oily) but it does wonders. I have really fair/sensitive skin and mix with the Skinstitut Vitamin C 100%. I had many compliments after I started using this as something as small as a pimple would leave a mark on my face for abo...
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  77. The holy grail


    I can not recommend this product enough. I have been living with extreme acne scaring & uneven skin from the acne for years now & this is helping more then I could have ever dreamed of. I have been using this along with the vitamin C powder daily & in just 3 weeks I have noticed a HUGE reduction in my acne scaring. You only need the smallest amount and it really does go a long way. I am so excited...
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  78. amazing serum


    bought this after chatting online to adore beauty and they advised me to try this along with the vitamin C powder as they work well together. and with that price i would be crazy not to buy so i did and totally loved this product. i needed something to try to diminish the look of pimple scarring on my face. it has done so well on my olive skin and i will definitely buy again. i have been using it ...
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  79. Amazing you NEED this


    I was a bit skeptical when my friend recommended me this product saying it removed 90% of her acne scars and marks on her face but when she showed me her before and after pictures, I immediately ordered it for myself. I don't know how I ever lived without this serum. It removes the marks on my face so quickly. No more having to wait months to see results, I see the spots on my face lightening and ...
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  80. Amazing serum


    This serum has gotten rid of a lot of my pigmentation and my skin looks a lot more youthful now.


  82. Brightens more so than reducing pigmentation


    I really like this serum however I think it's power is in being combined with Skinstitut's Vit C powder.
    I was originally using the powder (for pigmentation) with a hyaluronic acid serum but switched to the Even Blend Serum instead and I definitely think the Even Blend serum has made a difference to the 'glow' and brightness of my skin.
    I will definitely continue using it and would p...
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  83. Improved Pigmentation


    Since starting this product a couple of months ago i have noticed an improvement in my pigmentation and the lady at my local skin care clinic has also been impressed with the results - also used under my arms after having laser treatment to remove the dark stains - great product
  84. Great serum


    This serum is on high rotation in my Skinstitut skin care program. A little goes a long way and the tube lasts for ages. It does a great job in helping to reduce my pigmentation and come summer, those life long freckles.
  85. I love this product!!


    I absolutely love this serum.. makes my skin feel so soft and look extra good...
  86. Magic !


    I love this serum so much and probably i am on my 6th or 7th tube of the serum. This product is just amazing and its a fraction of the cost vs other competitors. It does the job and it has significantly reduced the pigmentation , acne scars on my face.
  87. great at reducing redness


    I use this product daily and it has visibly reduced redness and pigmentation from old breakouts.
  88. Love this product


    A great serum that works. Helped my skin tone become more even after I suffer from frekkles. An essential in my beauty routine.
  89. awesome


    I gave up on this serum last year around July, 2018. Then again ,I started using it on July 2019. I remember I quit this product because it was feeling sticky on my skin. But this time it has been almost 2 months and I must say it is the best serum to reduce the acne marks . I would like to suggest other people to not quit just because it is a bit sticky on you face . if it is like that, put a ve...
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  90. Good Serum


    I don't usually use serums but am a huge fan of the Skinstitute range so tried this out after using the Glycolic Scrub 14%. The Even Blend Serum is great for regular use, I put it on before bed after cleansing and sometimes in the morning. So far I have seen reduced pigmentation and reduced red splotches on my face. You only need a small amount and it doesn't go on oily, it's extremely light and d...
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  91. Bye bye pigmentation!


    This lightweight serum does what is says! Corrects uneven tones to create a more supple and vibrant complexion. I am currently on my third bottle and not thinking of stopping any time soon! It also speeds the results when paired with a dermal roller.
  92. WOW!


    Absolutely love this product, absorbs straight into your skin and leaves no residue - wake up in the morning with super glowy clear skin.
  93. Mix with vitamin c powder for best results


    I’ve found since mixing this the vitamin c powder my post pregnancy pigmentation has improved immensely over the past few months. There is a slight tackiness to the mixture but once you’ve finished your routine with moisturizer the feeling is gone. Less is more with these products so don’t over do it.
  94. good for texture


    This is great at smoothing out my textures skin, it feels very light weight as well. I have only been using it for 2-3 weeks and haven't seen any dramatic results other than feeling my skin is softer and less bumpy
  95. Consistency


    I have been using this product for years. At the start I really doubted it and stopped using it but a friend told me to keep trying it takes a long time to work. It did take months and months to work but it was worth the wait. It's not a quick fix.
  96. Great product


    This product is great. I use it with the skinstitut vitamin C powder. It is quite sticky but has made a definite improvement in my hormonal pigmentation problems. Needs to be used regularly though.
  97. Packaging troublesome and no signs of skin improvemnt


    I really wanted to like this product after reading the rave reviews. I have combination, pale skin with large pores and pigmentation. I bought this product to assist with my pigmentation.

    Firstly, the packaging needs to be improved. You only need a pea sized amount but sometimes the product just gushes out and you are left with too much to use! It is difficult to get the right amo...
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  98. Nice serum but doesn’t live up to hype


    I read so many reviews about this product claiming it helps pigmentation and evening of the skin tone. Sadly I really didn’t notice a difference on myself. I added vitamin c as suggested and always follow with spf 50 the next day (or everyday in summer!) but my skin tone has remained the same. I found it a nice general serum to use though and definitely left my skin feeling nice and soft!
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