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Skinstitut Laser Aid 200ml

4.6 of 271 reviews

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A healing and soothing gel based lotion, to be used following dermatological procedures.
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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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Skinstitut Laser Aid

Skinstitut Laser Aid

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Skinstitut Laser Aid Reviews

4.6 of 271 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love this!


This is honestly the best product. It's perfect after laser, on sunburns and I even use it after showering at the gym for its antibacterial properties as sweat tends to make me break out. I have one in my house and one in my gym bag! I love this brands ethics and it's always my first choice for skin concerns.

Most Helpful Criticism



It provides relief for me when it goes on but doesn't really do much after. However, I only get my underarms lasered so I might not have the same experience as everyone! I also don't like how it feels sticky under my underarms, but I guess that's to be expected of any topical underarm product. I personally wouldn't repurchase again even though I really like the brand
  1. Love this!


    This is honestly the best product. It's perfect after laser, on sunburns and I even use it after showering at the gym for its antibacterial properties as sweat tends to make me break out. I have one in my house and one in my gym bag! I love this brands ethics and it's always my first choice for skin concerns.
  2. Eh


    It provides relief for me when it goes on but doesn't really do much after. However, I only get my underarms lasered so I might not have the same experience as everyone! I also don't like how it feels sticky under my underarms, but I guess that's to be expected of any topical underarm product. I personally wouldn't repurchase again even though I really like the brand
  3. Amazing Relief!


    This product is amazing relief from my laser treatments, I do a laser treatment once a month and it lasts so long. It lasts at least a couple of months. It doesn’t have any scent so it’s great for people with sensitive skin and you save so much money buying online than in store.
  4. Very soothing


    I use this product after laser and on sunburns. It is very soothing and an all around lovely product.
  5. So soothing


    Great product for post laser treatments. It’s so soothing and can be used after sunburn or to relieve itchiness. I leave mine in the fridge so it’s extra cold for that extra relief! Minus one star for the price but the tube lasts a long time!
  6. absolutely soothing


    verified purchaser
    My go to product after each laser treatment and when i get sunburnt. I put it in the fridge to give it a cooling effect at each use.
  7. Yup! I'm Sold


    verified purchaser
    I started using this product when I initially started Laser Hair Removal, a couple of years ago when it was still getting its popularity. This laser aid cream really does calm my skin down after a laser session. Initially I would get really red after a treatment and Laser Aid helped soothe that with continuous use for about 3-5 days day and night post treatment, this was also the recommended time ...
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  8. Great


    verified purchaser
    I like this product as it really helped to calm down my irritated sensitive skin. It's soothing and cooling.
  9. great product!


    i use this product after laser and it always calms my skin down. also used it after being out in the sun all day. It was good then too
  10. Must have after Laser


    Excellent product. Started laser hair removal in early 2020 and this has helped with the itchiness and redness
  11. Epic Product


    This stuff is the bomb. So amazing on burns and post laser treatments. I have had Laser Hair removal and Laser for pigmentation and this was my saviour. Such a refreshing and soothing product. Must have
  12. My saviour


    An absolutely perfect product for aftercare. You definitely get your money's worth as you don't need much, and can also use for things like sunburn, irritated skin and breakouts :))
  13. Good for sunburn


    I really like this cream for reducing the redness and pain from my sunburn. It has a cooling effect and I can feel the heat of my sunburn being drawn out.
  14. Great product


    Great for after laser sessions - I don't use much and only really once after each treatment. Great for sunburn too!
  15. Did Not Make a Difference for Laser but Great for Sunburn


    Bought this for when I got laser hair removal under my arms. Didn't make a difference at all although I wasn't in pain or red afterwards. Works great on sunburn though. Soothes the skin and stops peeling.
  16. Great post-laser


    I apply this after having laser and it has a nice cooling effect with a slight cucumber scent. Happy to buy it here 25% cheaper than at the laser clinic. Have read it can also be used on pimples and as moisturiser.
  17. Amazing as a face moisturiser


    I use this on my face and chest every morning and night as my moisturiser and it is a life saver! After coming off the pill 2 years ago my skin hated pretty much all moisturisers. I would get pimples and congestion on my forehead and chest from any normal moisturiser (I used to use Khiels).

    Although my skin is still high maintenance, this takes the redness out of my skin and i think ...
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  18. Great Product


    I use this between laser appointments and it is great, nice and cooling on the skin. I also use when I get breakouts and it calms and hydrates
  19. SO GOOD!


    I'm a laser tech and i LOVE this product for myself and clients. I use it after laser for a day or two just to be extra careful with heat retention in the skin. I personally feel it is a must have for any one undergoing laser or ipl treatments in the Australian climate. It's really great as an after sun cream as well- my brother came home from golf red raw not long ago. I keep a bottle in the frid...
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  20. Gentle and soothing


    I use this product after getting laser hair removal on my underarms and upper lip, it really absorbs the heat and has a lovely fresh smell that soothes the area. Highly recommend and is great value for money as you need the tiniest amount.
  21. Must have for post laser


    If you get laser treatment you must buy this. So soothing and helps for a faster healing process.
  22. Great product!


    I use this product to take heat and redness out of my skin. It feels even more amazing on the skin when the tube is left in the fridge a while before it is applied.
  23. Everyone needs this product in their household!


    This will be a continuous purchase until it's no longer in production. Not only does this help tremendously post-laser treatment but also for sunburns. It has a cooling sensation once applied and a mild cucumber scent.
  24. Really helpful


    I use it after my first laser hair removal. I feel better after use it, and my skin is not as sensitive as before.
  25. Exceptional post laser cream


    Exceptional post laser cream. Ultimate cooling sensation on skin recently exposed to laser.
  26. Great product


    I received it as a luxury sample. Great calming after a laser hair removal treatment. It also helps reduce the redness on my face and body after sunburn.
  27. Recommend!


    I've been using this product for a really long time now, ever since I started doing LHR. Its been working really well for me in cooling down the skin after treatments. I also use this as a moisturizer for my face at times when I'm breaking out and its been great for that too in just calming my skin down. A little goes a long with this product, being on the pricey side it does last you a fair while...
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  28. Good product


    I was given this product after getting my eyebrows waxed and my skin became tender it is marvellous product
  29. Must-have for post-laser


    I purchased this product as recommended for post laser body treatment and it's never failed me. Soothes skin, I've never experienced pain or irritation after laser as apply this immediately
  30. Soothing and cooling


    This works fantastic for post-laser but also sunburns. I always keep a bottle handy in the fridge for extra cooling effects.


    I have severe acne that is inflammed, I use this product as a mask and it reduces inflammation and takes the redness out of my skin. Actual life saver.
  32. I love it


    It helps reduce the redness on my face and body after sun exposure at the beach.
  33. Super calming


    Super calming after a laser hair removal treatment. So cooling!
  34. LOVE IT


    So good after laser and for sunburn(all the family use it for this).I use it as a rehydrating mask when my skin needs a little extra care.KEEP it in the fridge For extra cooling effect
  35. Soothing for red dots.


    I use this after I get my laser treatment done to relieve some of the itchiness and red dots. This works a treat! It has a bearable smell and also makes your skin smooth. Would highly recommend especially if you get irritated skin after shaving or if you get laser hair removal done.
  36. Cool and calm


    Lovely product to use after laser hair removal. Very lightweight, absorbs quickly and a pleasant, gentle fragrance.
  37. It's... ok


    I feel a bit meh about this one. I suppose it's cooling and gentle, but feels like a product you don't really need, especially if the laser if it's set to the right setting.
  38. Love


    I bought this to try on an eczema breakout as my usual go to treatment wasn’t helping. This is such a great product I’m so glad I tried it. It’s moisturising but not heavy and very very soothing, took the itch out immediately. I applied it multiple times over a few days and it really soothed my skin. Highly recommended.
  39. Love this stuff


    helps to cool the skin after laser treatments and also after sunburn. i love multi use products
  40. Cooling


    This helps cool the skin after laser but also helps with sunburns.
  41. Calming


    Love this. It is calming and moisturising, without feeling heavy on the skin. I also use if I have any sunburn.
  42. Not just for laser treatment


    I bought this to use after laser treatment as recommended by the beautician. It does what it says, plus some. I also use it for sun burn as well as it sooths burns. It is nice, light and great for sensitive skin.
  43. Great


    Had to purchase this for my laser. Really like the smell and texture: very soothing. Have used this for sunburn too so product is versatile.
  44. Soothing


    This product is magic! I received a full size tube as a gift and use it all the time. Its great for sunburn and i use it after micro needling or if my face is a little red and sore from break outs. It instantly cools and is very soothing. Its great to have in the cupboard as an emergency cream! I will be buying this everytime i run out
  45. Soothe me baby


    I was recommended this product by my Laser hair removal clinic. I would never be without it. It soothes my skin without making it clogged after a procedure or if I am experiencing a sensitivity or a reaction to the environment.
    It is imperative after any laser treatment.
    Sensational product
  46. Great as Moisturiser!


    This is great! I use this a moisturiser - I just use a small amount and it spreads like crazy. One tube will last a long time. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and healthy and does exactly what it says - reduces redness and swelling from breakouts! It feels cooling on the skin doesn't have a weird texture.
  47. Gentle

    Bree M

    Whilst this product is gentle and cooling immediately after receiving laser treatment, I found it to be non-essential for use after you had been getting laser treatments a few times. In my case, it was only necessary to be used at the laser clinic, there was no need for it to be reapplied at home.
  48. Great for sunburn!


    This gel is just amazing for sunburn, I bought it to use after having laser treatment which was nice and cooling on the skin, it helps to take the heat out of the burn so using it on sunburn is so soothing. I have very pale skin naturally and usually peel when I get burnt, but using this takes the redness away and helps the skin to go brown, I absolutely love it & have recommended it to so many pe...
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  49. So cooling


    So cooling on the skin after my laser treatments.
  50. Incredibly cooling & light weight

    Julie (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I got this for post-laser hair removal. Honestly I don't need it (fingers crossed laser doesn't get more painful) but it's so good to have. I've actually just used it for sunburn because it's so much more cooling than aloe vera gel and the like. Highly recommend! Doesn't smell like anything in particular, goes in like a gel and it's not sticky.
  51. Cools instantly


    Works as promised after any laser treatment and also cools down any sunburn really well too!
  52. cool on the skin


    i use it after my laser treatments and the second i put it on my skin it is so cool. i use it everyday as a moisturizer too.
  53. Great


    Great product after laser treatment it cools my skin down
  54. Not just for laser


    This is also a lovely light and refreshing Summer moisturiser. I purchased it originally for facial laser treatment. However I find it soothing during Perths hot dry Summer when my capillaries are dilated. I'm 54 wirh dry skin and disgrace rosacea flareups
  55. Great after laser


    I use this product after laser treatments and find it very cooling and soothing. Would also recommend using it after sunburn and can keep it in the fridge. The bottle lasts a long time. Would highly recommend.
  56. Great for post-laser or IPL


    I use this after having laser done professionally. It cools the skin immediately and takes away any redness in minutes.
  57. Refreshing and soothing


    Super soft and soothing and calming post treatments for laser or micros. Super refreshing if you put in the fridge before use as well.
  58. Amazing product


    This product is awesome, definitely a multi tasker. I use this daily as a moisturiser before foundation. It keeps makeup looking fresh all day and feels soothing and light. It is not greasy at all.
    This is also perfect for after laser treatments. I have repurchased a number of times and will continue to do so!
  59. Great soother


    I keep this in the fridge. It noticeably cools the skin and provides immediate relief caused by sun exposure, and personally I think it significantly reduces redness and calms sunburn within 12 or so hours with regular applications.
  60. Soothing post laser


    Super soothing and cooling post last treatment. A little goes a long way and will last a long time
  61. Great for post-laser or sunburn


    This product is great to reduce redness wither post-laser or due to sunburn. I always have one on hand.
  62. a must for someone getting laser treatment


    This product feels so nice post laser treatment and also so cooling and refreshing on sunburnt skin.
  63. Cooling for all


    Beautiful smooth balm, I keep mine in the fridge. Perfect for sunburn or any form of hot irritation on the skin.
  64. Long Lasting


    This product is great not only for after laser hair removal but cooling and soothing the skin after sun exposure. I have had my tube for six months and it still has not run out. Not sticky or smelly.
  65. Laser and Sunburns best friend


    This product is fantastic. It has so many uses. I’ve used it as a soother for after laser, help with sunburn and even added the vitamin c powder to it and made a face mask!
  66. An essential!


    Have been using Laser Aid ever since I started laser hair removal and find it effective in cooling and reducing redness. It’s also super soothing and nourishing post micros with chemical peels. Has a slightly tacky feel though wouldn’t be without!
  67. Laser? You Need This!


    I had purchased this when I got laser, and it is a MUST HAVE. Cant imagine not using this post laser. Especially the first few treatments. Takes the heat out of the treated area within half an hour. I've been lasered top to toe now and always have this stocked in my bathroom when I'm due for maintenance . Bonus use for sunburn! My partner was badly burnt and this took away the reddness overnight!
  68. Soothing


    I received this lotion as a gift with my purchase. I haven’t had laser but if I had this would be very soothing. My boyfriend stole it and used to keep his lips moisturised. Gel like consistency, absorbs quickly and cooling.
  69. Soothing


    I received this lotion as a gift with my purchase. I haven’t had laser but if I had this would be very soothing. My boyfriend stole it and used to keep his lips moisturised. Gel like consistency, absorbs quickly and cooling.
  70. So soothing!!


    I absolutely love laser aid, especially coming into the warmer months! It is an amazing soother post sunburn, it cools, soothes and also moisturises. It is also a great face moisturiser, a friend who is a skin therapist recommended me to also use it in this way, apparently it is a great antibacterial, and I have combo/oily, very break out prone skin. This means it also really soothes my inflammat...
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  71. Best product to reduce redness


    I use this product as an everyday moisturiser and it seriously helps reduce the redness in from my acne!
    It also helps reduce redness and my skin from breaking out after skin procedures and waxing, and perfect for the whole body after laser!
    Must have product that I swear by!
  72. Sunburn's best friend


    Originally purchased this years ago while getting laser hair treatments but discovered it has so many other uses! Works perfectly on sunburn and bug bites! Soothed a lot better than other lotions targeted directly for that use. Cools down my rosacea on my face and leaves my skin smooth and moisturised. Have repurchased this multiple times now and use it as my main lotion especially in summer. *TIP...
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  73. Great for after shaving and sunburn


    I got this to use for after care laser hair removal and it works well soothing my skin from the redness from laser.
    I also use it after shaving as I get shaving burns and redness and it usually hurts but this cream soothes it and I use it multiple times a day, whenever I feel itchy or sore or any sensation.
    I’ve also used it on sunburn and it works well soothing burnt skin too so it’s ...
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  74. Good for laser hair removal and even sunburn


    I got sunburnt on my shoulders and back, and i have been using this on the area. The cooling sensation lasts longer on the skin than my 100% organic aloe vera gel and most other aloe vera / after-sun gel/cream. Also use this on areas after laser hair removal and its sooooo cooling.
  75. Post laser life-saver or good for sensitive skin


    Great soothing lotion for after laser treatment.
    Also a great soothing moisturiser for anytime my skin is extra sensitive or for treating redness.
  76. Awesome multi use product


    Nice and soothing after laser. I use it over sunburn too and it helps a lot.
  77. Helpful


    I use this after laser hair removal and it definitely helps to reduce the redness of my skin and draws the heat out.
  78. Can’t find a better moisturizer!


    From someone who never ever used to use moisturizer, due to never finding one that worked with my face well (oily skin), ever since using Laser Aid I can’t go past it.
    Besides the obvious fact that it works well with laser treatments/facials, it is wonderful for sunburns and I love using it as an overnight moisturizer. Will never not buy it!
  79. very helpful for dry skin


    makes your skin feel so soft and helps after chemical peels
  80. Perfect for post laser


    I use this after laser treatment and it makes a huge difference. Reduces the heat and soothes skin for an easy recovery
  81. Not just for post-laser


    Amazing to sooth your skin post laser but also incredibly soothing on burns! I wasn't sure if it was suitable for sun burn but it definitely helped cool my skin.
  82. A life long purchase


    This product has become a life long purchase. I started using it when I started laser hair removal months ago and it has changed my life. It calms the under skin heat of laser so well and it’s also sensational at calming heat within the body such as sunburn.
  83. A must after laser!


    I thought this was a money grab when I first started getting laser hair removal but I was so wrong! If you've ever had laser and you get that hot tight feeling afterwards, I'd get it only on my legs, this helps so much! Keep it in the fridge to make it even more soothing but man this a god-send after laser! You get a heap of product for the price and it doesn't have an obnoxious smell which is ano...
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  84. Calmed pigmentation


    I bought this for my mum who suffers with rosacea as her beautician recommended it to try. Rosacea is hard to treat but this product deffinetly calmes down the red complexion.
    It is also handy for other things like after facial treatments for soothing benefits and sunburn.
  85. Great for post laser


    I use this after laser hair removal and it helps soothe redness and bumpiness. I find as I have got more and more laser I don't have to use it as often, but still definitely use it on the first day at the very least. It is much cheaper to buy from Adore than at any laser or skin clinic. A little also goes a long way. My partner uses it too. I have yet to try it for other things but upon reading so...
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  86. Not a fan..


    I have recently switched to skinstitut, and have been impressed with most products I have tried. This one unfortunately fell a little short for me.

    I know it is predominantly recommended for use after laser hair removal, but it was recommended to me for my sensitive and easily inflamed skin. For this purpose, I didn't find it very effective, and it actually stung my skin in some spots...
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  87. Excellent


    I love using laser aid. I use it after my laser hair removal, and so many other uses. Smells wonderful and makes my skin feel amazing too. Definitely worth it. I have just learnt as Well, you can mix some skinstitute vitamin C powder into your laser aid for extra skin benefits!
  88. Multi use


    I brought this product after starting my laser treatments. It instantly calms and cools my skin. I have also used this product on my face when I have had any redness which it calms, it gives a very 'clean' feeling to the skin rather then moisturised.
  89. Wonder cream!


    A miultipurpose miracle ointment! I keep mine in the fridge for an extra soothing affect. Not only is it great for use after laser treatments but also for any stinging sensations, burns and in particular sunburn! I even use it on the kids. Love this product!
  90. Half-half


    I’m very half half about this product. It’s great and I feel like I makes some what difference after getting my laser done but I definitely don’t feel like I need to use it for as long as it’s recommended. I only use it maybe 2 times after getting my laser done and that seems to be enough.
  91. Great soothing product for skin


    This is such a great product to use after any laser treatment. It goes on the skin smoothly and helps reduce any redness on no matter what part of the body. Its also a really great moisturiser.
  92. No difference


    Makes no difference if i use it or not and never been told by a laser clinic to use something before. If anything apply a natural aloe vera
  93. Great for aftercare for laser or sunburn


    I bought this after starting laser treatment for underarms and brazilian. I use this for a week after my laser treatments and it is great at getting the heat out of my skin. It instantly reduced redness and swelling. Very hydrating! Definitely recommend.
  94. Perfect post-laser treatment


    I use this for a week after my laser treatments and it is great at getting the heat out of my skin. I have dry skin and it also provides long-lasting moisture.
  95. Fantastic cooling and hydrating moisturiser


    This is a go to product. It is cooling and hydrating. I use it anywhere that is sensitive and red. I have even used it in eczema. Definitely recommend this product.
  96. Removes heat from the skin


    I bought this after starting laser treatment for underarms and brazilian. I have sensitive skin and it's super soothing. Instantly reduces redness and actually draws the heat out of the skin. Very hydrating! Definitely recommend.
  97. Great post laser


    I bought this after getting laser treatment for the first time as it was advised to. I’m glad I did, after putting it on it instantly reduced redness and swelling. I highly recommend if you get any laser treatment.
  98. swelling reduced instantly


    My skin is sensitive and i have thick hair growth. this was my first time going for a laser treatment and i had concerns that i will have a painful experience since my skin easily gets red but after using laser aid following my laser treatment the swelling went down in a couple of hours. the best thing is it kept my skin moisturize for a longer time than my normal moisturizer. Would definitely re...
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  99. Perfect for those who receive laser treatment!


    I have had quite a few laser treatments in the past and the laser clinic put me onto skinstitut! (I bought it from AdoreBeauty because it was much cheaper!). After laser, my skin becomes red and looks irritated. However, as soon as I apply some laser aid I feel my skin cooling down, and the redness disappears immediately. I only need to apply it twice a day for a day or two after my treatment and ...
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