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Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel 75ml

4.6 of 390 reviews

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4 instalments of $9.01

Or 4 instalments of $9.01 with LEARN MORE

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Reveal a smoother and brighter complexion with the Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel. This low-intensity granule-free exfoliating mask helps to hydrate, soften and refresh skin while remaining gentle for sensitive skin types.

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel

Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel

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Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel Reviews

4.6 of 390 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love this calming mask


I love this mask. It is very gentle on the skin. I use it once or twice a week to make my skin feel calm, fresh and bright. Have been using it for years and it is still one of my favourites.

Most Helpful Criticism

Too Gentle, Little Results


I was recommended this product to use after my skin needling sessions at Laser Clinics, to remove dead skin after I flaked up days after treatment. I honestly did not notice any difference in skin and dry skin was still there once removed. I have used it on my skin outside of doing skin needling, and found it made my skin rough. I have since thrown the rest of the bottle out.
  1. Does the job


    verified purchaser
    I have dry sensitive skin, so exfoliation can be scary (have had chemical burns before) but was very pleasantly suprised by this product. After one use skin look much clearer and brighter and with no irritation!!
  2. Love this calming mask


    verified purchaser
    I love this mask. It is very gentle on the skin. I use it once or twice a week to make my skin feel calm, fresh and bright. Have been using it for years and it is still one of my favourites.
  3. Mild hydrating face mask


    verified purchaser
    I've found this product light and hydrating face mask with a light tingle when following the directions, I like that's it's gentle enough that it can be used frequently and doesnt irritate. I just read that it can be used overnight so I'm keen to see if that gives a more brightening result.
  4. Gentle


    I bought this and found the results were very gentle and perhaps better suited to sensitive skin who's just starting with exfoliation. Those experienced with glycolic acid may not see impressive results from this because it is very gentle.
  5. Granule free exfoliator


    I absolutely love the skinstitut brand. I was excited to try this. I love that it is granule free it makes it so much gentler on your skin. The only downside is it stings a little but it works really well and it stops as soon as you wash it off. It's different on everyone's skin as my sister uses it and it doesn't stop her. I like the results but my skin is extremely sensitive.
  6. Excellent when used overnight


    I have had this for quite a few months. I wasn't that impressed with it to begin with - - I initially would put it on for 5-10 minutes before washing off as per the directions. I didn't think it was that special, but just recently read it could be used overnight. I tried this and was sooo impressed. I'm nearly 38 so am noticing my skin is starting to look a little drier. Looked so beautiful and d...
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  7. Buy this!!!!


    verified purchaser
    I love this peel more than life itself - I am so so so happy that I ditched physical exfoliation for chemical exfoliation, and that this was the product that caused me to make the change. I noticed a difference in my skin in about 3 weeks (3 uses)!!!!! It has absolutely improved the pigmentation and overall texture of my skin, and the frequency of breakouts :)
  8. Best Allrounder mask on the market


    Been using this for years now, its a great price and makes my skin near perfect,

    Super hydrating and evens out my skin tone overnight, help minimise blemishes within 24 hours.

    I leave this mask on overnight once a week, and twice a week if i have a lot of blemishes

    This tube lasts for over 6 months and is great value for money.
  9. Worth the money


    verified purchaser
    I've never used an enzymatic peel before, but this has changed my skin!! It has helped to smooth out my skin and can really notice the difference after using it for a few weeks! If you're new to skincare I couldn't recommend enough.
    Also a super good price!
  10. Nice and gentle


    verified purchaser
    A very gentle micro peel that leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed
  11. big difference


    i found a big difference after using this routinely. very well worth it
  12. Love this gentle peel


    This is gentle enough for me to use a few times a week, loving the results. I instantly feel my skin is clearer, smoother and brighter. Have started to use this every 3rd day and noticed differences

    Julia Hothersall

    I love Skinstitut brand and have tried few products of this brand before. I used to have Enzymatic peel at the beautician salon but no need to waste money anymore as you can easily achieve salon results at home with this product! This product has absolutely blown me away especially for THIS PRICE!!!! This peel hydrates your skin and it looks smoother and brighter after each use. I think it is q...
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  14. Best enzyme mask!


    I've been using this for over 3 years once a week and love it, it leaves your skin super exfoliated and smooth!
  15. Fabulous


    I love having this in my repertoire, its a fabulous product to pull out when my skin is feeling a little lack -luster and I want a bit of a pick me up! I like to leave on for as long as possible!
  16. Easy to use


    I love how this product goes on so smooth. I leave it on over night and it isn’t sticky or sweaty.
  17. Great


    This is perfect for my sensitive skin. I get acne, but also my skin reacts easily and I tend to get dermatitis if I don’t choose skin products carefully. I use it a couple of times a week and it always leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft. It’s very gentle but effective. It helps reduce breakouts without making my skin react. It’s good value for money as well.
  18. Smooth skin

    Georgia Barnes

    leaves my skin so smooth and makes my face absorb my serums so much better! Absolutely love it and smells so good!!
  19. Love!


    I love this product! I use this once or twice a week and it leaves my skin feeling soft and looking bright. My skin is sensitive but this doesn't irritate my skin at all. This peel is gentle, but also does the job.
  20. Great gentle peel


    It worked great on my sensitive skin. Did not break out from it. I only use it once a week since i have other acid products in my usual routine. It really leaves my skin visibly more glowy, soft and helped with evening out my hyperpigmentation. A great product for someone who wants a mild exfoliant.
  21. Not really a peel


    There is nothing wrong with this product, it didn't make me breakout or have any adverse reactions. It just also didn't really seem to do anything. It felt pleasant enough but maybe I was expecting something stronger.
  22. Great mask


    This is my favourite mask to use, it leaves my face looking so smooth the next morning. It gives a slight tingle, but it feels really nice. the texture is really smooth and easy to apply
  23. Can't get enough of this


    I have normal to oily sensitive skin so I stay away from harsh exfoliants. I have been using this product for more than 3 years and never want to try anything else. It does its job really well, easy to use and does not give me any irritation. You actually notice the change in your skin. If my skin starts to congest, i will leave it on overnight and it fixes all little bumps and pimples under the ...
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  24. Leaves my skin super soft


    I have bumpy, white-head prone skin and as a result, I have a bad habit of picking it (I need to stop, I know!). This usually makes it turn flaky and dry...

    I was super impressed with the ratings and so decided to give this peel a try! While it didn't visibly reduce the amount of white-heads, I loved how it softens my skin and leaves it feeling supple (but not tight).

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  25. Lux quality


    This products has blown me away. I was a little sceptical as the packaging looks a bit clinical so I hoped it wasn’t going to be harsh but the products is anything but! I’m 30 and I felt like it’s time to do a few more peels to help the skin cells turn over more frequently.
    My skin time is delicate / normal to dry. I could tell buy the texture it was going to be good. It felt like a hydrati...
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  26. New favourite product


    This mask softens fine lines and hydrates my skin more than any other product I’ve tried. I love the skinstitut range, it’s made my skin the best it’s ever been. So glad I tried this product and will continue to have it in my skincare routine.
  27. Fabulous non-irritating gentle exfoliating peel


    Bought this so I can use it at home - it's the same as the one Laser Clinics Australia use in their AHA Enzyme Peel. Really gentle and actually hydrates your skin from the fruit enzymes. Not irritating on my dry acne prone skin. I use once a week for about 5 minutes constantly massaging it into my face. Price is so cheap for something that works
  28. Great intro peel or for sensitive skins.


    I'm more inclined to use much harsher chemical exfoliants these days but this is still something i keep on hand. It's a lovely gentle exfoliant for those with sensitive or inflamed skin. It's gentle enough to use a few days after a peel or needling to help with slight flaking. I massage it onto my skin, sleep with it on and the rinse my face in the morning and my skin loves it. It's not harsh enou...
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  29. silky smooth skin!


    Aw wow this stuff makes my skin so soft yet exfoliated. Perfect for winter, i sleep in it over night once or twice a week. I will purchase again and again.
  30. No peel


    This is super hydrating and I’m not sure the name really articulates the product function. It’s left my skin really soft and hydrated and I haven’t had any new break outs. I leave it on for a good 30 mins twice per week. Will definitely keep this in my routine!
  31. Too harsh for my sensitive skin


    I have sensitive combination skin and this product caused the skin around my chin area to flake and fall off for days. It was very embarrassing and looked horrible. When I would yawn I could feel my skin ripping. Might suit other people’s skin but it was a nightmare for me.
  32. In love


    I have used it 3 times and it gets better every time! I love it. First time I got a little red but that went away not long after. Used it on my boyfriend too. His face went slightly red and hot but went away after 5 mins and cold compress. Works great, leaves my skin glowing!
  33. Micro peel


    This stuff smells AMAZING. It is so easy to apply and you dont need to use much. I had a cystic acne breakout - and this has helped. Good alternative at the moment when you can't get to your normal facialist!
  34. Excellent gentle exfoliant


    Despite being gentle this exfoliant still does a good job. I use it between stronger treatments to maintain results without irritating my skin and it would be a great introductory product if you are looking to introduce an exfoliant into your routine.
  35. Perfect at-home peel for COVID19 Pandemic time


    Bought this to make up for regular peels with a facialist during COVID19 pandemic. You want to be careful in this time and not go too aggressive - so this peel was perfect for that. It's not too strong, so risk is low, but it's strong enough to make a difference. I'm using once a week.
  36. Baby smooth skin!


    I was hunting around for a chemical exfoliating peel and came across this one on the website on sale, so thought I'd give it a crack. I'd heard good things about Skinstitut but had never tried it myself. I was so pleasantly surprised with how effective this product was! I put it on after cleansing, left for 15 mins, and then wiped off with a facewasher - MY SKIN WAS SO SMOOTH! My hyaluronic acid s...
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  37. Love this product


    Nice gentle exfoliator which really helps to remove congestion and build up. I like to sleep with the this mask on, as I wake up in the morning with a fresh complexion. This does not irritate the skin, or leave it feeling stripped/dry. Great product and would highly recommend.
  38. Leaves the skin soft and plump!


    This product leaves my skin looking refreshed and feeling supple.
  39. O B S E S S E D


    This mask is amazing !! from the first use I was hooked it leaves my skin feeling soft like a cloud, I honestly think this mask makes my skin feel softer than any other, I'm just about to finish my first bottle and will definitely be repurchasing.
  40. Gentle


    I think this is a great intro into exfoliants, without the irritation of AHAs and other stronger exfoliation. Made my skin feel a bit softer overnight after one use, but I noticed greater effects after using it consistently every few days for a month
  41. Too Gentle, Little Results


    I was recommended this product to use after my skin needling sessions at Laser Clinics, to remove dead skin after I flaked up days after treatment. I honestly did not notice any difference in skin and dry skin was still there once removed. I have used it on my skin outside of doing skin needling, and found it made my skin rough. I have since thrown the rest of the bottle out.
  42. Super moisturising!


    I leave this mask on overnight for deep hydration and when I wake up my skin is clear and glowy due to the chemical (enzymatic) exfoliant. This is a great product for sensitive skin!
  43. Amazing for rosacea


    This product is amazing. I left it on overnight and woke up with smooth, hydrated skin. I suffer from sensitive skin and rosacea, and this product really seemed to calm the redness. A new staple in my beauty drawer.
  44. Good first peel product


    I haven't had any chemical peels or used super strong products before, so this one is gentle but seems effective enough!
  45. Makes my skin super soft!


    I love using this micro peel as I have dull and sensitive skin. It really helps with my pigmentation without causing any irritation.
  46. Great for an at home mask


    I love using this mask between facial visits. It really cleans and detoxifies my skin and I love how my skin feels after using it.
  47. my favourite


    At tafe i use this product on ALL clients ,its great for all skin types as it a gentle exfoliator and i love that it can even be left on overnight if needed,
    i use this product with the steamer at tafe or just with a steamy hot shower at home, mine and my boyfriends skin both feel amazing
  48. Gentle & easy to use


    Quite like this. It's not irritating and leaves your skin smooth.
  49. Sensitive skin's best friend


    Generally any exfoliator I use sets off the redness and sensitivity around my nose, but this does the complete opposite. My skin feels so nice and refreshed after using this and really calms it down without any sort of flare up. Since using this, my pores have minimised AND the flakiness has stopped altogether. Couldn't be more happier
  50. Impressed


    Super happy with this peel, makes my skin feel sooo soft afterwards
  51. Amazing for sensitive skin!


    I have gone through numerous bottles of this product and use it 2 times a week! It’s such a gentle exfoliant but it helps keep my skin so clear and soft
  52. Great Value


    This is a great value mask, truly deep cleans the skin in a safe way
  53. Best exfoliant for sensitive skin


    This has to be the best exfoliant in my 32 years of my skincare regime. I have sensitive skin so exfoliant with beads can be quite harsh on my skin. I use this twice a week and leave it on over night after cleansing with other skinstitut products. I wake up glowing and bright and skin feels smooth. I was surprised that there was an exfoliant out there that doesn't have beads in it & works so much ...
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  54. Wonderful


    Nice and gentle way to exfoliate the skin. I feel my skin is super soft after! Love it.
  55. Winner


    This stuff is amazing! It leaves my skin looking brand new and so refreshed! Super gentle but also super results! Can't get enough.
  56. Good mask


    I have only used this one once so far since reviving my order and found it to be good, however I would hands down recommend the l-actic cleanser and glycolic scrub over this product... maybe time will tell at the next use?
  57. Another great Skinstitut product


    I love this product! Leaves my skin clean, refreshed and glowing.
  58. Great product


    With after two uses my skin already looks and feels much better. Helped clear my chin and easing congestion.
  59. Amazing!!


    I used this just wanting to clear up any dead skin etc I may have. I was not expecting it to clear the blackheads on my nose the way it did! It was so amazing, I wish I had a before picture. I have very sensitive skin and my skin didn’t react badly at all. I’ll be using this more often now
  60. Absolute game changer!


    After reading other reviews I left this on overnight. I woke up to clear, glowing skin. This is awesome in helping with breakouts and congestion. My skin is looking so much better as a result of this peel.
    I recommend using every 3rd night to maintain clear, glowing skin. Love Skinstitut ❤
  61. Surprisingly gentle


    I got this hoping to improve my skin texture and tone. It is surprisingly gentle on the skin read no redness after application and smells like fresh grapefruit. My skin feels so soft after using it
  62. Glowing skin


    I have Very sensitive skin. This is amazing! Clear pores without drying. Every time I use it I get compliments
  63. like it


    Only need a pea size drop to cover your entire face which is great. These serums are LOVELY. It's light and hydrating, which is so nice. it just melts into the skin and my skin looks SO good. Has really helped smooth my skin and reduce redness and pores.
  64. Great intensive cleanser


    I love this. I’ve used it for over 3 years and it is such a great cleanser. I apply in the shower and leave it on for a few minutes to work it’s magic and my skin feels soft, hydrated and clean. It’s great!
  65. Excellent Non-Physical Exfoliant


    I really enjoy this product for a non invasive way of exfoliating. This product clears up some congestion on my skin and has overall helped to hide pores and clear any dirt remaining on the surface after cleaning.
  66. Leaves skin feeling beautiful


    Lovely little mask to have in your rotation if you’re a mask junkie like me. Skin feels softer and smoother straight away. This brand is brilliant if there are any specific skin products you’re keen to try but don’t know where to start out. The price is a plus!
  67. Good mask


    Nice gentle peel that leaves the face feeling a little bit fresh but not raw
  68. such a good peel


    this peel leaves your skin feeling soooo soft! it doesnt dry out your skin at all and has helped with my acne a lot. definitely recommend
  69. No reason to fear this one...


    OK, so i have blemish prone skin and of course scaring with pigment problems so this peel sounded perfect but i was a little fearful of it causing dryness, redness or a breakout.... I had nothing to fear!.

    After use my skin is smoother, brighter and over time my left over blemish pigment spots have started to fade, FADE!! I use every three days or so, depending on time. When i first...
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  70. Can't Fault It!


    This is the real deal. I apply it on clean skin and leave for 15 minutes and open I wash it off my skin feels soooo soft! I will repurchase this. I use it once a week as a mask and you a tube does last quite a while. My makeup applies so nicely the day after and my skin looks and feels so much healthier.
  71. Ok product


    This is a good product for first time AHA users. It’s gentle and with time may yield some positive results.
  72. Peel your troubles away


    My skin has never felt cleaner after using the micro peel. So easy to apply. You can feel it working with no discomfort. Other peels i have used in the past have not felt as gentle yet been as effective as Skinstitut.
    The product itself is real value for money. I love that you use the product sparingly, the tube lasts ages.
    I feel like I have had a beauty treatment at home
  73. very nice


    has a lovely scent and makes skin feel baby soft when used a few times a week
  74. I love it


    it makes my skin so soft and the price is so good for what you get
  75. Awesome mask at night


    Makes my skin so soft and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin
  76. Beautiful


    This product is simply beautiful. It is a gentle exfoliant that leaves the skin feeling soft and glowing. Perfect if you want to remove any dead skin but not use a harsh exfoliant.
  77. Love the smell!!


    I still can’t tell if I’m meant to be rubbing this in fully or leaving a layer on my skin but I’m using it overnight as many have recommended and it feels lovely on and smells so good but haven’t noticed and mentionsble change to my skin.
  78. Nice gentle exfoliant


    This exfoliant works really well on my sensitive, drier skin. I find the thick texture and minimal scent really pleasant, and i find i only need to leave it on for 2-3 minutes to feel a difference in my skins texture. This might not feel strong enough for someone with a thicker, oilier skin, however i find this pretty perfect for me!
  79. Brilliant product!


    I have become addicted to this beautiful product! I use it every day and it leaves my skin feeling soooo soft, smooth and hydrated. At first I wasn't sure it was doing anything as I didn't feel a tingly sensation or anything, but my skin was so much softer after using it! I just love how it feels like my skin has been resurfaced without any harsh scrubbing or peeling, my skin actually feels more h...
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  80. Not for me


    Was really looking forward to using this after reading reviews as I have sensitive skin but this does not leave my skin feeling hydrated or soft. In fact it leaves my skin very red and irritated especially on my cheeks. I look like I'm sunburnt for quite a few hours after use. Gave it two tries to make sure but it did it both times. Next day it still looks slightly irrritated so not the product ...
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  81. Great mask


    I have combination skin and love this product. I use it roughly once a week, leaving it on for around 15 minutes and find it a great exfoliator. My skin is so soft and smooth after and my makeup sits nicely the day after.
    This product has also helped with the dryness around my mouth and has helped with breakouts.
    Also maintains the results of a microdermabrasion if you use this 5 days...
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  82. Smells divine!


    This does not just smell awesome but also has been working little miracles on my skin! Ive noticed even skin tone and my skin is feeling less dry! Did i mention it also smells soooo good
  83. Tingly but amazing


    I use this at the end of my shower for 10-15mins, skin feels amazing and refreshed afterwards. It tingles a little bit that means it is working, love it.
  84. Gentle exfoliator


    This is a great exfoliator that is gentle on the skin and highly effective
  85. Wow !


    I can’t live without this micro peel . It really is amazing . Removes surface dry flakey bits and leaves my skin feeling well hydrated. I love it .
  86. Good


    I like this peel, it seems to work pretty well. It isn’t a stand out for me, as someone who is a huge fan of the entire Skinstitut range. I will continue to use and monitor, I am unsure if I will repurchase at this stage.
  87. amazing exfoliator


    this is a very gentle low strength peel that gives amazing results. I love the feel of this on my skin and leave it on for 10-15 minutes to get the best results, it gives my skin a glow and my face feels smooth and still hydratedhighly recommend for any skin type
  88. It works


    For a quick little 15 minute skin peel with results it works! I use 3 times a week while I am drying my hair and people are always complimenting on my skin!
  89. Stands true to claims


    I use this low strength peel as an overnight mask particularly when I have finished the period of 'no active products' post microdermabrasion and clinic chemical peels. I find the combination of exfoliating, calming and hydrating properties helps to remove flaking and nourish the skin to leave a smoother texture. Would recommend.

  90. On the fence


    I love all of Skinstitut’s products but this one didn’t do it for me entirely. I have oily skin prone to breakouts and I’m in my mid 20’s I’m not sure if this peel isn’t “strong enough”. But for me I was expecting more something harsher.
  91. Smells Good, hydrating


    This is a low strength peel that chemically eats away at your dead skin cells to reveal new smooth skin. I feel my skin is hydrated and smooth after I use this but without any irritation or sensitivity. You can leave it on over night but probably better to layer on a moisturiser as it isn't as hydrating for my combo dehydrated skin. Smells amazing though.
  92. Good


    This is a very gentle exfoliator for my oily skin. I generally prefer using stronger exfoliants but I like this too as it leaves my skin soft
  93. Loved it, now its average


    Great for sensitive skin. I have eczema, I used it over night on bare skin. Not too bad. Great to use 15 minutes (blow dry your hair) take off, apply makeup :) Doesn't do too much. Not a fan of Skinstitut products.
  94. So hydrating


    This feels comfortable on sensitive skin and is so gentle whilst exfoliating. Skin feels fresh and super hydrated afterward. Love the fact it isn't tested on animals and doesn't have added fragrances either.
  95. Good peel to use weekly


    Smells great, very cooling, skin feels immediately firmer after use.
  96. Love it


    I really like this product, I have combo/oily skin and it works really well for me. It exfoliates by gently eating away at dead skin and impurities, and leaves my skin feeling really smooth, glowy and purified. Because it is chemical rather than physical exfoliation, it often works better for me if I have red or inflamed break outs as it doesn't further irritate. It has a nice fruity smell, is ful...
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