Other Uses for the Skinstitut Laser Aid

Other than skin laser treatments the skinstitut laser aid can provide a lasting benefit.

After your skin’s been through the wringer, give skin a little lovin’ with Skinstitut Laser Aid! Skinstitut formulated Laser Aid to assist in healing and soothing skin after laser treatments, which can initially leave skin red, raw, and irritated. However, as beauty junkies know, some of the best beauty tips are off-label product uses. Skinstitut Laser Aid has grown to be a serious contender for ‘best cure-all product’ with our staff here at Adore Beauty. A truly luxe multi-tasker, Laser Aid is sure to get whatever issues your skin’s having under control.

A Healing and Soothing Gel Based Lotion

Skinstitut Laser Aid, made up of rich, nourishing ingredients, is the perfect skin-soother for a variety of ills. This cooling, gel-based lotion is packed with tried-and-true, skin-calming heroes, from cooling Cucumber Seed Oil to anti-inflammatory Aloe Leaf Juice. These naturally wonderful ingredients normalize even the most inflamed skins, decreasing discomfort and helping skin return to its healthy, happy state. Glycerine and Sunflower Seed Oil infuse skin with moisture and lock it in. Chamomile calms for soft, hydrated skin, rounding out this gentle formula for a product that can keep skin calm under any conditions.

Skinstitut Laser Aid

Not content to simply nourish skin, Skinstitut ensures skin is protected with Vitamin A and Vitamin E, minimising environmental damage. Compromised skin is often more susceptible to sun damage and other environmental factors that negatively affect the skin. Laser Aid’s antioxidant-rich formula is a serious win for those focused on calming skin in the moment as well as protecting skin in the future.

Skinstitut Laser Aid was developed to soothe irritation and restore moisture post laser treatments. But this crucially calming formula is ideal for much more than post-treatment soothing.

Skinstitut Laser Aid - One hand holds the tube squeezing a dollop of product onto the other hands fingertips -700x467Skinstitut Laser Aid - One hand holds the tube squeezing a dollop of product onto the other hands fingertips -700x467

What Can You Use Skinstitut Laser Aid For?

  • Serious sunburns (while also consulting your doctor)

  • Razor burn on face and body

  • Post-waxing irritation and inflammation on face and body

  • Rosacea and other inflammatory skin conditions

  • Persistent dry areas, such as elbows and knees

  • Topical skin reactions, such as dermatitis

  • Allergic reactions

  • General inflammation

How To Use Skinstitut Laser Aid?

  1. Apply to clean skin. Use only a very calming cleanser, such as Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser.

  2. Do not apply to broken skin or open acne spots.

  3. Apply liberally to affected area, up to 4 times a day.

  4. Do not rub excessively.

  5. Remove any excess product with a tissue.

  6. For drier skin types or drier areas, use a mist between applications of Laser Aid, such as Skinstitut Multi-Active Mist, to help skin absorb the product while also cooling and calming skin.

  7. Ensure your skin is protected by a sunscreen of at least SPF 30, especially if it’s inflamed or irritated. Compromised skin is more likely to become sun-damaged during sun exposure. Try Skinstitut Age Defence SPF50+, a Therapeutic Goods Administration-approved sunscreen that protects skin from broad-spectrum rays.

Skinstitut Laser Aid - Hand rubs product into arm. You can see the product on the arm. -700x467Skinstitut Laser Aid - Hand rubs product into arm. You can see the product on the arm. -700x467

Skinstitut Laser Aid is suitable for all skin types. Those with persistent dryness, rosacea, or any other conditions listed above will benefit most from the use of this product. But honestly, it’s just a great soothing salve to have on hand. This multipurpose skin-soother is your best bet in any angry skin emergency, so don’t be unprepared: grab a tube of Skinstitut Laser Aid to banish irritated skin, whenever you need it!



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