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Skinstitut Moisture Defence - Normal Skin 50ml

4.6 of 236 reviews

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Skinstitut Moisture Defence - Normal Skin

Skinstitut Moisture Defence - Normal Skin

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4.6 of 236 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Like this Moisturiser a lot
Was recommended this brand and moisturiser and find it lightweight, absorbs quickly, feels nice on my skin. Would recommend to others, pay a little extra compared to what i was using but well worth it.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not the best for oily skin
This moisturiser is very lightweight and I have found that it has sometimes left an oily residue on my skin.
Definitely not suitable for those with oily skin.
  1. Like this Moisturiser a lot

    Was recommended this brand and moisturiser and find it lightweight, absorbs quickly, feels nice on my skin. Would recommend to others, pay a little extra compared to what i was using but well worth it.
  2. One of my favourites!

    Absolutely love this product. Very lightweight, fast absorbing, but very moisturising. I do not necessarily have dry skin but I am prone to dry patches every now and then. This product keeps my dry patches at bay and my skin very hydrated. I use this product day and night and it layers very well under my other products as well as my SPF. Also works very well under makeup for me. Light and fresh scent which I absolutely love.
  3. Go to moisturizer

    I really like this product. It leaves skin feeling good and is not too heavy, I’ve been exploring with a range of moisturizers and I feel like this is a great staple moisturizer, up to the normal standard of skinstitutes high standards.
  4. An amazing moisturiser!

    I have sensitive/dry skin. This product worked wonders, it’s smooth, absorbs really fast and you only need a small amount per application - making it long lasting.
    My only issue with this though is after exfoliating my skin, I irritated my skin in the more sensitive areas (around the nose and under eye area), so much so I would swap it out for another moisturiser.
    Overall, pretty happy.
  5. Best moisturizer

    So light weight and absorbs quickly. Have been using this range for years and it’s the best. Would definitely recommend to others
  6. Amazing

    I have combination skin type. This moisturiser is light weighted and very gentle. When apply to my face, it doesn’t feel sticky or heavy. I use this every day and night. Highly recommend.
  7. Love it so much

    This is the first time I tried this and I am loving it how my skin looks and feel of it. It’s nicely hydrating not overly. Love it under my makeup too. My skin is a combination skin prone to acne. But this moisturiser I am loving it.
  8. Love it

    I have combination skin. This moisturiser is lightweight and glides onto my skin so easy. I've only been using it for a week, but so far I love it!
  9. Best product from the skinstitut brand

    I bought the whole range from skinstitut range and I am most happy with this product as it is hydrating, not sticky and makes your skin glow after cleansing.
  10. Great product

    I switched from the skinstitut moisturiser for dry skin to normal and was a little apprehensive as the texture was so different but I really love this product. It is far lighter and almost gel like making it great to wear under makeup. A little goes a long way.
  11. Amazing product

    I have been using the skinstitut range for a year now and my skin has never been better. It took a couple months to start seeing results but It has definitely helped clear my skin.
  12. Easy lightweight moisturiser

    Love love love this moisturiser it's easy to use and lightweight. The only downside is its not hydrating enough for night time use.
  13. So good

    This product is small in size but has lasted my such a long time. It’s definitely good value for money. My skin has been so calm since swapping to skinstitute products. It’s so rare for me to have a breakout now
  14. Sensitive and affordable

    I have really sensitive and combination skin I had trouble finding the right moisturiser as it gets really difficult to find an affordable and the one for your skin. My skin reacts really quickly and gets red patches on some weathers but since I started using this my reactions have stopped and my face feels really soft and hydrated it’s really affordable and light weighted
  15. Hydrating

    I have combination/oily skin. This product is light and hydrating. It doesn’t make my skin feel very creamy when applying. It also works well for sensitive skin. Pretty good product.
  16. Great if you’re looking for a good, affordable moisturiser!

    Feels quite hydrating, and for the price is a really affordable moisturiser. It’s quite a small size but a little goes quite a long way and you don’t need much so it does last quite a while. I have a normal/oily skin type and this didn’t make me break out at all which i do find with other brands moisturisers!
  17. Soft and light

    This moisturiser is very soft and light. Doesn't have a grease feeling on the skin and make up sits really nice on top of it.
  18. Not the best for oily skin

    This moisturiser is very lightweight and I have found that it has sometimes left an oily residue on my skin.
    Definitely not suitable for those with oily skin.
  19. Great moisturiser!

    I have used this in the past then tried another product. Have come back to this product as it definitely suits my sensitive, mature skin. After just a couple of applications my face is now soft with no dry spots. Thank you!
  20. Light and moisturising

    I use this morning and night. It is amazing under make up and keeps my skin well hydrated. It’s extremely lightweight and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.
  21. Super light!

    I hate heavy moisturisers - and this is certainly not one of them! It is light and feels like a dream when it is on. I have very dehydrated skin so this is perfect as my day moisturiser, but I add a few drops of oil to make it a bit more hydrating at night. Great for sensitive skin!
  22. Works well

    Not my favourite out of their products moistures and smells nice but not for me
  23. Light and hydrating - definitely recommend

    I have acne so am wary of overly greasy or thick moisturizers, this is the best moisturizer I’ve used for my skin. It’s very light on the skin and soaks in nicely, rather than feeling greasy and sitting on my skin. I’m currently using Stieve-A as a topical treatment for my acne which can be drying, but using this moisturizer is super helpful to keep my skin looking hydrated and the best it can :)
  24. So good

    This has transformed my skin. I dealt with severe acne and for so long couldn't find a moisturizer that made my skin glowy but didn't clog my pores. This honestly made my skin the way it is now! Highly recommend!!
  25. Everyday moisturiser

    Gentle on skin while also providing enough moisture to protect against dryness. Has a neutral smell and a little goes a long way
  26. Lightweight and amazing

    I have always hated wearing moisturiser on my face until now this product is so lightweight and has changed my skin dramatically, even my makeup artist noticed! On my 3rd tube!
  27. Not for sensitive skin

    I tested this first on my hand and found it super light. When I put it on my face, my cheeks when bright red. I usually have slightly reactive, sensitive skin. I’ve since been using it on my neck, and haven’t found it amazing
  28. Lightweight, great for daily use

    I love this moisturiser so much, I have one at home and one in my handbag.
    It sits perfectly under make up and can be mixed with a full coverage makeup (hourglass) to give a tinted finish.
  29. Love the smell

    Smells fresh like cucumber leave skin soft without a greasy look. I use this morning and night and noticed I huge different in my skin after only using it for a week.
  30. Great

    Great light weight moisturiser, soaks into the skin instead of sitting on top. Second time I have brought this product. Can not fault
  31. Great moisturiser

    I love this moisturiser. I use it day and night, it sinks in quickly while leaving my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. It's also a great base before applying makeup. The only issue I have with it is that I go through it so quickly, I wish it came in a bigger size!
  32. Beautiful and light, does the job perfectly

    I swapped to this moisturiser to avoid paying the $72 for the moisturiser recommended by my skincare therapist. I had heard amazing things about this moisturiser on the Keep it Cleaner facebook page, however, I was sceptical because of the cheap price tag. So far it has delivered amazing results for my skin and is the perfect amount of hydration. Also a much better scent than my previous moisturiser. I would consider a heavier cream for night, however I think this is absolutely perfect for mornings!
  33. New fave

    This moisturiser is my new favourite. It is a gel like hydrating formula that goes on really smoothly. I also really like the scent. It leaves my skin feeling really hydrated and nourished.
  34. Best moisturiser ever

    I wish I found this product sooner. It’s not too light, not too heavy, and is the perfect base for makeup. It feels nice and cool on the skin and keeps me very hydrated throughout the day. I’ve got combination fair skin, and I find it works best if I use both morning and night after serums.
  35. Good moisturiser

    I have been using this product for a little while now and I like it for a daily moisturiser, a little goes a long way and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated. It soaks in quickly and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky which I really like.
  36. Great light weight moisturizer

    I use this twice a day and find it goes under make up really nicely. It also wear it at night as I don’t like the feel of heavier moisturizers
  37. Loved it - nice and simple

    Loved this moisturiser for summer - wasn't too thick on hot days and blended nicely into my skin. Only downfall was that I went through it way too quickly. Might have just been me though
  38. Best moisturiser yet!

    I find this moisturiser soaks into my skin so well and leaves me feeling extremely hydrated! I use it twice a day, just wished it came in bigger packaging size as I find I always have to re-stock!
  39. Light and non greasy

    Great light and hydrating moisturiser. I never used a gel moisturiser before so I was quite hesitant in trying this. It didn’t disappoint! You only need the tiniest amount, and it absorbs quite fast. I apply it once in the morning and it covers me all day.
  40. 100% recommend

    Fantastic all round deep moisturiser. Hydrating for night, yet I could still use it in the day if I needed without feeling gluggy. Perfect for my combo skin!
  41. Very lightweight

    I have normal skin and this is ok. It isn't going to do anything amazing but it doesn't claim too. It is a nice lightweight moisturiser.
  42. The best moisturiser ever!

    My skin was prone to breakouts before I was referred to this brand, and I’ve never looked back! This moisturiser is great on its own or under makeup and doesn’t make my skin go oily, so it’s perfect!
  43. Lightweight daily moisturiser, perfect to hydrate my dry to normal skin

    I found this moisturiser to be very light weight on my skin yet hydrating, was easily absorbed by my skin and didn’t leave my face looking oily or shiny.
    It played very well with all my foundations and my skin felt hydrated all day long.
    I only wore it in the morning under my makeup as I like a heavier cream at night.
  44. My go to moisturiser

    Favourite moisturiser on the market. Is nice and light while leaving my skin feeling nourished.
  45. Finally found it!

    I had to wait a few months before I wrote this review as it can take sometime before I know if a new product is working - and this most definitely is!

    I have dry to sensitive skin, that is prone to flaring if I get run down or stressed, or sometimes, just overnight, it will begin to reject a product that up until that point was fine.

    But since using the Skinstitut Moisture Defence (Oct last year), I have not had a single problem. I use it with a Retinal Serum and Facial Oil, and it leaves my skin so soft, smooth and moisturised. And when they say you only need a pea sized amount, that is all you need. It is enough to go down my neck and to my décolletage (and I have a few chins to get past before getting there :-).

    While my skin is not acne prone, I will get the odd digestive or hormonal pimple, and have noticed that I have been getting fewer of these. The pores on my nose also seem finer. This may be due to the combination with the serum and glycolic scrub (both Skinstitut) but still part of the outcome.

    I'm heading to 50, and I think my skin has felt the best it has felt!

    And to top it all off - that price is awesome!!!
  46. The best moisturiser!

    This was recommended to me by a skin clinic a couple of years ago and I have been using it ever since. I use it alongside other Skinstitut products and my skin has never been better!
  47. Love it

    I love this moisturiser. I use it in conjunction with the cleaners from this brand and my skin feels amazing. No signs of breakouts and my skin is super nice and hydrated. Doesn't leave a sticky feeling to my skin and my makeup applies sooo nice when I use this moisturiser beforehand which is amazing!
  48. Best moisturiser for oily skin

    I have oily/combination skin and this is the best moisturiser i've found that is light enough not to cause break-outs but still leave your skin hydrated. I use it on my neck as well and add a couple of drops of The Ordinary's Moroccan Oil when my skin is feeling particularly dehydrated.
  49. Staple Item

    As someone new to active skincare, I wanted a simple but good quality moisturiser for my normal 30 year old skin. This product is medium weight, has no strong fragrance, a little goes a long way, and is a good layering product. I use this daily under a skinstitut SPF 50 sunscreen and have feel it is a quality staple item to round out my routine.
  50. Nice basic moisturiser

    This is perfect if you are someone who likes a lightweight gel-style moisturiser. I have combination skin and find that it is a good daytime moisturiser however, not hydrating enough at night. It has never broken me out or irritated my skin either.
  51. Staple moisturiser

    I have very sensitive, breakout prone skin. This was recommended to me by a skin clinic a year ago and I have been using it ever since. It's light enough to layer with serums at night and SPF in the morning. At this price, this is the best moisturiser around.
  52. Awesome moisturiser!

    I have been using this moisturiser for a couple of weeks now and it is awesome! It has made my skin soft and really hydrates. And it is lightweight which is good! Highly recommend!
  53. Holy grail.

    Never again will I use anything else. My reactive over sensitive skin was repaired using skinstitute. I stupidly stopped and my concerns reappeared. Holy grail and yes, serious skincare indeed
  54. Good all rounder

    This is a good all round moisturiser, it's hydrating yet light and refreshing. I wouldn't say it's my most favourite moisturiser as I prefer the Age Defence SPF 50+ moisturiser over this one. But it's perfect for anyone who likes a light gel/cream texture.
  55. Good Moisturiser

    I have been through two of this tubes now and quite enjoy this moisturiser. I have oily skin and find that the normal skin works fine for me. It moisturisers the skin without leaving it feeling greasy. Will definitely repurchase again as I think the product is great for the price.
  56. Great Lightweight Moisturiser

    I have really enjoyed using this product over the last month or so. I have been experiencing more breakouts than usual and was advised to start using a lighter moisturiser. It smells wonderful and is very lightweight so it doesn't leave your face feeling greasy. A small amount also goes a long way which is great considering I use it morning and night. At this stage I will definitely re-purchase when the time comes :)
  57. All round great moisteriser

    I have used many many moisterisers over the years, and this is the first one I have been 100% happy with. Does a great job and my skin always feels so nice after. If you haven't tried Skinstitut products before, you 100% should!
  58. Great product

    I use this for night cream great product not too heavy not too light
    If your after a richer cream buy the ultra dry
  59. Wonderful light moisturiser

    A wonderful light moisturizer. I've been using Skinstitut for 4 years now and this is my go to moisturizer for the summer. In winter I move to the next level moisturizer as my skin usually drys out with the cold snap.
  60. The best moisturiser ever!

    Absolutely love this, it doesn't go on greasy and is an awesome base under a powder foundation. I find it helps my makeup stay on longer to last the whole day. I am a huge fan of all Skinstitut products and this one is no different.
  61. Best skincare

    I swear by this brand and absolutely love all their products, especially this moisturiser. Makes me skin feel super soft!
  62. Perfect for summer

    This moisturizer is a great one to use during summer as it's light weight. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin, sinks in quickly & wears well under makeup.
  63. WORTH IT

    Trust me - I use to buy cheap moisturizers and sometimes completely over look moisturizing my skin. But this has been a game changer and has done so much in restoring my skin
  64. Only Mosituriser I use

    I love this moisturizer and have been using it for a few years now. It is lovely and light and easily absorbs. I don't think I have had any dry skin or skin issues since I began using it.
  65. Good value for money

    Lovely light moisturiser and you need barely any at all!
  66. Fav Moisturiser

    I have been using this for a year now and love it. My facialist even commented saying my skin moisture is perfectly balanced. Highly recommended.
  67. I like it

    Love all my other skinstitut products so was keen to try this out. Is lightweight, yet hydrating. The only negative is the size, I think I will run out of this quicker than my aspect moisturizer i was using. Very good price though.
  68. Good everyday moitturiser

    I really liked this moisturiser for everyday use but found it wasn't very good value for such a small tube which is surprising for skinstitute
  69. Great light moisturizer

    Great moisturizer for mixed skin, light and absorbs easily. My husband even started using it, only negative is the small size, would be great in a bigger option.
  70. Great moisturiser

    Great moisture for everyday use, nice little portable size but expected a bit more for the price. I prefer my moisturiser to be lighter on my skin. But overall does the job
  71. Hate it!

    This is the worst moisturiser i have ever used, i don't like the gel-like consistency and when applied to the face it burns which is not what you want a moisturiser to do. It would make my skin red and make it drier if anything

    do not buy this if you have sensitive skin!!
  72. Only moisturizer I use

    So lightweight and is never oily
  73. Maybe not using on top of serum

    I got sensitive skin and using rosehip oil and skinceuticals CEF serum underneath this moisture. First time using it not feeling well, my skin felt instantly blocked and unable to breathe. It’s a wired feeling, it’s like very humid skin. I gave a second try but still not feeling well. I think I will not using it anymore. Luckily it’s not expensive.
  74. Favourite Moisturiser!

    I absolutely love this moisturiser! It is one that I keep on re-purchasing! I apply it every morning and night and it instantly gives me dewy, fresh skin! It really is super hydrating and amazing to wear under foundation to give it a dewy look!
  75. Liked it

    I went through a patch of dry skin rather than the normal oily. So i got this to try and use when i needed the extra hydration in my skin. it was super light and soft on the skin. Liked it however my skin changed again so i didn't get to use it very long before i needed the oily skin moisturiser.
  76. My go to moisturizer

    Love skinstitut and this product doesn't disappoint. Lightweight with a pleasant scent and you only need a small amount to feel hydrated. Doesn't make skin break out either.
  77. Pretty Good

    Smells really lovely and its very light weight.
  78. Great moisturiser to use sparingly

    I only need a small amount to use with my serums in the hot weather but works so well and is great because the range is vegan
  79. Smells like a rainforest

    I love this moisturizer. It smells so fresh and earthy which is such a luxury for the face. It really has a beautiful consistency and made my skin glow and I didn’t break out. A little goes a long way so use sparingly as the tube is pretty small and I found it ran out quickly. I use this with the skinstitut vitamin c powder and it’s amazing. I am about to purchase again. A new favourite.
  80. Moisturising and effective

    This product is effective at providing moisture to my normal-dry skin, and a little goes a long way with this product. Slightly expensive but the ingredients and lack of harsh irritants without compromising on the formula are worth it
  81. Light and Gentle

    I had never purchased any skinstitut products before, but since using this moisturiser, I'm hooked. I have combination skin...dry around the outside (forehead, cheeks) and oily nose), and this moisturiser is perfect. It's light, but hydrating. I love it. No more cheap supermarket moisturisers for me!
  82. Good for acne prone / sensitive skin

    I find this moisturiser relatively lightweight and moisturising. It did not cause a breakout for my sensitive skin or worsen the oiliness on my skin but I do not think it controls oil if that is what you looking for. I use it for night time and tend to use another oil-control moisturiser for the daytime. I learned over the years that there is never a great product to control oil for combination-oily skin type, unfortunately. All you can do is finding one that does not worsen /trigger the oiliness. This product is definitely one of my favourite. The price is definitely reasonable compared to other proclaimed 'oil-controlling' moisturisers.
  83. Amazing for everything

    This is the best moisturiser I have ever used, perfect under make up and as a night cream.
  84. Amazing everyday moisturiser

    Such a great everyday moisturiser, really hydrating and leaves skin feeling smooth. Not too heavy over serums at night either. Would definitely recommend
  85. Simple moisturiser.

    A nice simple moisturiser.
  86. Doesn’t leave sticky residue

    I like this light moisturiser however I do have quite dry skin so think I will be using the heavier duty one in the future, for this reason this moisturiser hasn’t lasted me long as I have been using a lot of product. I do enjoy the lightness of this moisturiser though and the speed at which it is absorbed in to my skin instead of sitting on top like some other products do
  87. Big Fan

    I have combination skin (dry nose and cheeks and oily T-zone). Am always looking for the right moisturiser. This proved to be the one. I was recommended it by my sister who has great skin so I was a bit sceptical at first. However, I have been using it for 6 months now and its perfect for me. Just moisturising enough and not oily. My nose is still a bit dry. Sometimes I use the moisture defect - ultra dry moisturiser for areas that need a bit more attention. Works well. Now a big fan :)
  88. Love it

    I absolutely love this moisturiser, it’s light and sets quickly
  89. Will continue to re-purchase!

    This is the best moisturizer on the market for this price point!! I have re-purchased this again and again and will continue to do so.

    It lasts forever and the smallest drop works wonders on hydrating the skin. I constantly get compliments on how glowey this makes me look!
  90. It ok but not great!

    I’ve been using this for years and I like it because it’s none greasy but in saying that, it’s not very hydrating.
  91. Great moisturizer

    I use this as a night moisturizer as it's not heavy which is what I find with a lot of other night moisturizers. My skin always feels great in the morning.
  92. I really love this

    I really love this moisturiser. Perfect balance for summer and winter as well as for my combination skin. It is lightweight but still keeps my skin hydrated. Will purchase again.
  93. Great moisturiser

    This is my go to face moisturiser for day and night. I apply after cleansing and applying my serums, and does a great job at hydrating. I have combination skin prone to breakouts, I had tried the oily skin moisturiser previously but was drying me out too much. This moisturiser does not make me breakout at all, the only issue is I wish the bottle was bigger! I go through these a lot quicker then my cleanser
  94. Fav Moisturiser

    I've been using the skinstitut moisturiser for a few years now and I must say its my absolute favourite it makes my skin feel soft and absorbs quite quickly.
  95. Great hydration

    Skin feels so hydrated! Great for normal skin, I mix with skinstitut vitamin c powder and it leave my skin with a glowing finish!
  96. Perfect makeup base

    I adore this moisturiser, it is a gel like consistency and sinks instantly into my skin. In the cooler months when my skin is a little drier I mix a little bit of the Skinstitut multi oil which works a treat. My makeup lasts all day with this moisturiser also, couldn’t recommend more!
  97. Great for dry and sensitive skin

    A little goes a long way, this moisturizer feels great on and doesn’t feel to thick like some others
  98. My new go to

    This moisturizer is perfect for my dry, sensitive and prone to break out skin
  99. Super moisturiser

    It's a shame it doesn't come in a bigger bottle but it does seem to last a while. Worth the money.
  100. Works Great!!!

    this is such a good moisturiser for its price, this is the best moisturiser I own, and beats $60 moisturisers I own!

    I would definitely recommend this to anymore with combination/normal skin!
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