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Skinstitut Hydrating Mask 75ml

4.5 of 105 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58

Or 4 instalments of $8.58 with LEARN MORE

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Skinstitut Hydrating Mask is a medium intensity hydrator delivering intense moisture to promote skin radiance. For all skin types and conditions, especially dehydrated.

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What customers say

GREAT - 88% recommend

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Skinstitut Hydrating Mask

Skinstitut Hydrating Mask

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Skinstitut Hydrating Mask Reviews

4.5 of 105 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Makes skin glow!


Lovely product. Makes skin smooth, soft and hydrated. A wonderful hydrating mask!

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice product..


I have dry and sensitive skin, and was recommended this to help increase hydration. The product feels nice on the skin, and doesn't irritate at all, but I just didn't notice any real improvement in the hydration of my skin. I'm interested to see if I get better results using this throughout the warmer months when my skin isn't quite as dry.
  1. Makes skin glow!


    Lovely product. Makes skin smooth, soft and hydrated. A wonderful hydrating mask!
  2. Lovely product


    I really like how this makes my skin feel after using this, very moisturising but not overly heavy.
  3. Good


    This mask has a very good moisturizing effect
  4. Great mask


    I use this mask twice a week after my clay mask. Its sometimes a little tingly when first applied but leaves my skin smooth and full of life and very hydrated.
  5. very hydrating


    this is so hydrating! My skin is dry and this really helps
  6. Quick hydro mask


    I thought that this would be a lot more hydrating! Although it works well for little more hydration and feels amazing on your skin.
  7. Good hydration


    This product does give good hydration, however it's not quite enough for me. I think this product works better like a night cream or moisturiser, not a face mask.
  8. Great product


    I use this after I have used used the glycolic acid and it always adds back moisture and leaves my skin feeling so good and glowing
  9. Nourishing but not amazing


    verified purchaser
    I enjoy using this mask but there isn't anything groundbreaking about it. My skin does feel moisturizes and hydrated but no more and a little less than other I have tried. It was fine with my sensitive skin and caused no breakouts. The texture is lovely to put on so I will keep using. Won't repurchase, however.
  10. Moisturising

    Theresa Green

    I have always tried and loved different Skinstitut products and I use this mask at least once or twice a week (after exfoliation) I leave it on face for 15 minutes and after rinsing off am very happy with the hydrated healthy look of skin
  11. Lovely Hydrating Mask


    This is a great little mask for dry skin! I use a few times a week and my skin feels so hydrated and clean afterwards. It's a great price too!
  12. Get product


    It's advertised as a mask, but goes on more like a heavy moisturer. This is exactly how I use it, night time moisturiser, mix with vitamin C powder. My skin wakes up feeling soft and supple. As a mask I could take it or leave it, use it as a night time moisturer it's amazing.
  13. Love the consistency of this mask


    The consistency of this mask feels rich and hydrating on the skin, yet it’s not heavy. I love to do my exfoliation routine right before I do this mask for the ultimate skin goals. A really nice pick me up mask and I love to put it on my décolletage too.
  14. So hydrating.


    This is my favorite hydrating mask. You can see the difference in your skin straight after using it. Skin is left glowing and hydrated. Works wonderfully after an exfoliating mask too.
  15. Feels amazing!


    I use these mask a couple of times a week on the days that I use facial scrub. I have normal to oily skin and it leaves my face feel so hydrated and fresh. Very happy with both the quality of the product, and the quantity for the price you pay.
  16. Lovely


    it feels good on, and feels better after washing it off. Its an instant hydrating boost. I love this
  17. Great value for money


    Very impressed with the price point on this one, as you can use a couple of times a week and not stress to much about cost. It’s not the most luxurious of hydrating masks but does the job. I use after a clay mask or a deep exfoliation to add some of the moisture back in that I’ve just taken out. Definitely makes a difference.
  18. Lovely hydrating mask!


    I use this mask once a week (twice if i'm feeling very dry). I massage it into my skin and sleep with it on then rinse it off in the morning. My skin feels hydrated, supple and glowy in the morning. It has a nice consistency and scent and it would last ages. As with all Skinstitut products it's also great value.
  19. Great


    Great hydrating mask.
  20. Slightly hydrating


    I have sensitive skin, my skin can be very dry around my chin area. This mask is okay, when my skin is very dry it doesn’t make much difference. But it does feel nice on the skin. Average product, I expected more. Won’t repurchase.
  21. Nice feeling


    Nice fresh feeling and great boost of moisture, I use it once a fortnight
  22. Nice recovery mask


    I use this as a recovery type mask after harsher products (e.g,. dermaroller etc.). I find that it helps to calm the skin and my face looks plump and hydrated the next day. Good price point too, for the benefits you get from it.
  23. Good hydrating mask for price!


    I have used this mask on and off for 5+ years. I wouldn't say it is the most luxurious mask out there though it is hydrating and I love the smell.
  24. Good but not amazing

    Arlo F

    Is a good product to use if you want to do a mask a couple of times a week and not have to worry about running through an expensive product so quickly. I use mine twice a week after derma-needling.

    My skin feels moisturised after but missing that “wow” feeling and glow achieved after most other clay masks.
  25. Hydration station


    This mask is so soothing to the skin. I use it after the glycolic scrub and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth. Has a light fragrance that doesn’t bother me. Overall really great mask which is a great alternative to sheet masks.
  26. Not sure if effective


    Love the skinstitut range but this is my least favourite product. When I get a facial done this is applied at the end and it feels nice and makes skin look more radiant but my skin never feels hydrated enough. Maybe it just doesn’t work for my skin type.
  27. Makes your skin super hydrated


    Awesome mask for dry skin. Whenever my skin is super dry I use this and when I wake up my skin looks soo much more hydrated.
  28. Hydrating


    My skin felt beautifully soft & hydrated. Using twice a week during the hotter months in our drought where everything is dryed out
  29. Great boost!


    This is an awesome mask - a bit pricey for what it does but leaves my skin glowing and hydrated every time. Doesn’t clog pores either. I often leave it on while I’m studying or cleaning etc for an extended period of time and my skin cannot thank me enough! So hydrating and supple
  30. great for winter


    i love using this mask in winter, it hydrates my face so much and also helps with my acne. Definitely recommend!
  31. Super boost of hydration


    I have oily skin so I suffer from more dehydration rather than dryness. The skin is left so plump and really glowing.
  32. Solid Face Mask


    This mask if very hydrating however, I have not yet noticed the radiance part that is described in the description. Overall, a solid mask for its price point.
  33. Great face mask


    I use this once a week which helps keep the skin moist. When I have really dry skin I use it more often and it helps a lot
  34. Just ok


    I love all of Skinstitut products, but I don’t love this one. This seemed to irritate my sensitive, acne prone skin. The product also made my skin break out. I was also disappointed that the mask didn’t completely dry, as I would have liked to have left it on over night. Will not repurchase.
  35. Spend $10 more and get the Apsect Hydrating mask


    This product is 'ok', but not amazing, it is actually a little irritating to the skin - I recommend spending a tiny bit more to get the Aspect hydrating mask instead. Much better product.
  36. Can’t recommend enough


    So smooth going on. Great results
  37. Can’t recommend enough


    So smooth going on. Great results
  38. perfect overnight masque


    I sleep with this masque on twice a week. I love how it makes my skin feel in the days after. Such a nice texture and doesn't feel too thick onthe skin
  39. Firming


    Very hydrating and firming the aged skin. I use it 3,4 times a week and i have noticed that my skin is smoother and softer than before
  40. Deeply Hydrating


    During winter I get extremely dry skin and this product was a life saver for me. After putting it on every couple of days this winter I found that I no longer had to worry about my dry skin. It also doesn’t make my skin greasy which is a huge plus and it didn’t make my acne break out. Great product!
  41. Average


    This seemed to aggravate my skin a little bit. I don’t love it and don’t see a huge difference in my hydration after I use it as I seem to get small bumps every time I use it.
  42. Good


    Feels nice and cooling on the skin, and leaves my skin feeling so soft after I rinse it off.
  43. helps after over exfoliation


    I like to use this when I feel like my skin needs a bit of a break from peels and scrubs
  44. Affordable and effective


    I use this a few times weekly and notice such a difference in my skin complexion. My skin feels smooth and hydrated after using this
  45. Love it


    This mask leaves my skin hydrated and plump. This mask is especially great for winter season. Definitely recommend.
  46. Nice product..


    I have dry and sensitive skin, and was recommended this to help increase hydration. The product feels nice on the skin, and doesn't irritate at all, but I just didn't notice any real improvement in the hydration of my skin. I'm interested to see if I get better results using this throughout the warmer months when my skin isn't quite as dry.
  47. Nice


    This is a nice product but I suffer from very dry skin and it didn't do a whole lot for me.
  48. Refreshing!


    I was recommended this mask after a microdermabrasion appointment at LCA due to my skin flaking a ton. I can definitely say it hydrates my skin a lot! I used it last night and almost all of my flaking is gone and my skin feels super plump! Cant wait to use it again! Super happy with my purchase!
  49. Awesome


    i suffer from really dry flaky skin and after continuous use of this mask i notice a boost in hydration and elasticity
  50. really hydrating


    Definitely see a difference in my skins hydration when I use this product but it tends to only be a temporary effect, however my skin can be pretty dry so I probably soak all the moisture up!
    I could use this every day if I had time LOL but otherwise I try and use it twice a week to give my skin a pick me up
  51. Love this mask


    I tend to use this mask about once a week when my skin is feeling tired or dull. It always gives it a bit of a pick me up. Very well priced for such a good mask.
  52. Love it


    I have normal to dry sensitive skin. I love this mask. I use it after the Skinstitut enzymatic micro peel. It leaves my skin hydrated and calm. I have been using this product for 3 years now. It is very easy to use... just leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash your face. It is a great value for money. Love it!!
  53. Great mask for dehydrated skin


    I use this mask if my skin care routine leaves me feeling a bit tight. It's like giving my skin a huge drink of water! I have oily skin so I am really trying to add more moisture to it and I feel this is a great product to do just that
  54. Fantastic with sensitive skin


    Super nourishing and soft on my delicate skin. Leaves my face feeling refreshed, brightened and moisturised. Love it
  55. Nice but unsure if necessary


    I don’t mind this product and yes your skin feels pretty good after using but I’m not convinced it’s any better than using hyaluronic acid serum and a good moisturiser. I think I’ll keep it for those times when skin colour is feeling super tight and dry but I don’t see enough reason to use regularly. I have sensitive and breakout prone skin so on the plus side this hydrates without causing breakou...
    Read More
  56. Oh yes


    This is great for my skin, if you have dehydrated & sensitive skin but not sure what to use I would recommend this! My skin hasn't broken out and feels soft and supple after use. LOVE IT
  57. Very hydrating


    This hydrating mask is a life saver when my skin feels dehydrated. It instantly gives hydration to my skin and make my skin feels smooth and soft. Highly recommend.
  58. A slight difference


    I leave it on overnight now the weather is cooler. I notice a slight difference the next day
  59. Little hydration pick me up


    Good for when your skin is feeling dehydrated and needs a bit more attention
  60. Great face mask


    This product makes my skin smooth & hydrates, very recommended during winter season
  61. Mosturising


    I have combination/oily skin. This product moisturise my skin and make my skin feel hydrated and fresh. However, the normal skin moisturiser works similarly so personally I think there is no need to buy both product. Just pick one and save money.
  62. great!


    so refreshing, I love using this mask it makes my skin feel plump and full of moisture
  63. Amazingly hydrating


    This is such an amazing product.
    If I could only have 3 skin care products to use for the rest of my life, this would be one.
  64. Amazing stuff!


    I use this twice a week after exfoliating my skin. It hydrates my skin and makes it feel so much softer. I absolutely love it and don’t know how I ever lived without this product in my skin care routine
  65. Not sure


    I don't know if I see amazing results from this. I think my normal moisturiser does just as much! It's nice but yeah probably not worth it.
  66. average


    I don't know if this does a whole lot. My skin feels fine after, but not amazing. I often feel more hydrated after other masks or just my usual moisturiser.
  67. Definitely hydrating


    It’s easy to use and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated
  68. Replenishing!


    This is by far the best mask I’ve ever tried! After only 10-15 my skin feels noticeably moisturised. I have very sensitive-dry skin and try not to put unnecessary products on it but this makes the cut. I do avoid putting it on any area when I have a break out, but that’s just my personal preference. I already have soft skin but this brings it to life. I definitely recommend this!
  69. Calming and moisturising


    My skin was a little red on my neck and face. This calmed it right down and skin felt so moisturised after. Very happy. I’m a relative new user to skinstitute but am very impressed with their products so far
  70. Very hydrating


    Love this mask! Exactly what I need to give my skin a pep up, leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth. Definitely worth it.
  71. Nice soothing feel


    My skin really enjoys this hydrating mask as it seems to feel refreshed and smooth after applying.
  72. Gentle mask


    I really like how gentle this mask feels on my skin , I haven't tried leaving it on overnight yet but after reading some reviews might give it a try.
  73. Pretty good


    I have sensitive skin but also 'normal' (not dry or oily). I use this product 1-2 times per week and find that my skin feels very refreshed. I wouldn't use it more than that though or my skin gets a bit red and raw.
  74. So soft and smooth


    I love this, I tend to leave it on overnight once or twice a week and it leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth. Plus it definitely feels firm. Love!
  75. Love it.


    My skin felt great after using this product. I use it twice a week.
  76. Hydration mask that works


    Happy with this product, instant moisture boost
  77. Plumping and Hydrating


    Nice little after cleanser mask. I usually apply this to dry skin and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Skin feels really plump and fresh and hydrated after.
  78. Excellent Boost


    I have oily skin so i dont need the extra moisture very often. I tried this after my skin was a little dry. Left it on for the recommended time and wow. My skin felt moisterised and plump. Nice addition when you just need a little extra.
  79. Great for dry skin


    This makes really hydrates my skin. I can see and feel the difference after I use it.
  80. Water for your skin


    This mask gives you a instant boost of hydration and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. I have oily to combination skin and doesn't make my skin break out the slightest.
  81. Boost your skin


    Instant boost of hydration for your skin. Don't freak out when your skin tingles it's just working it's magic
  82. Great for extra hydration


    This mask is great for extra hydration. You can leave it on longer then it says on the packet too
  83. Gentle, hydrating mask


    This mask if gentle and hydrating on my sensitive skin. I usually leave it for longer than it says on the bottle.
  84. Needed for Australian summer


    I love this product, I often sleep in it and I wake up with such fresh, hydrated and dewy skin.
  85. Super Duper Hydrating


    I looove this mask and use it nearly every day! I like to leave it on for a bit longer than 10 mins when it’s my lazy day and it really hydrates my skin when it’s in need. I generally have dry skin so this product is perfect!
  86. Hydration plus


    Great for hydrating after being in a/c too much in summer or when skin is very dry in winter
  87. Hydrating


    This mask is super hydrating, after the first time I used it my skin felt fresher and healthier. It didn't leave you with that tight feeling a lot of other masks leave you with.
    Would recommend this product!
  88. So hydrating and smooth


    This product is so hydrating and leaves your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated! Would definitely recommend if you want a skin calming product to use as a relaxing mask.
  89. Hydration!


    So hydrating! Love using this during winter or when my skin needs more TLC.
  90. Very Hydrating!


    So happy with this. My skin felt so soft and hydrated the next morning after using the night before. You could really see the difference. Will definitely purchase again.
  91. Very hydrating


    Love this product, initially I used it twice a week as my skin was very dehydrated. I use it once a week now and can honestly say my skin has improved considerably.
  92. Okay product


    This hydrating mask delivers on hydration but need to leave it on for at least 1hr to see results. My skin type is sensitive combination. This is a gentle hydrating mask with no tight feeling after.
  93. Excellent Mask


    I love this mask - I use it straight after a peel or detoxifying mask and my skin loves it.
    It feels quite light weight, but really packs a punch in the hydrating factor.
    Its short timed - you only need it on for 10 minutes, but you can leave it longer if you choose.
    I find it great before a night out - my skin stays dewy and soft, even out in the cold and the wind.
  94. Skin saviour


    I have combination/dry skin that gets exceptionally dry in winter. I use this mask 2-3 times a week and it ensures that my skin stays hydrated, plump and glowing all year around. I have sensitive skin as well at it does not irritate it at all which is really great. Overall i would definitely recommend this mask to all skin types.
  95. Amazing


    My skin can be dry if I don’t look after it properly and this product makes my skin feel amazing
  96. Great mask to wear to bed


    After cleansing before bed I use this product every second night and sleep with the mask on. In the morning my skin is nice, plumped and refreshed.
  97. Perfect solution to dry irritated skin.


    I ordered this product when i heard lots of good reviews. I have dry skin, especially in my cheeks which are red and irritated. I have only been using this product once a night for about a week or less and my skin has already transformed to smooth, soft and clear. I highly recommend this to anyone of my skin type!
  98. Great for Flying!


    I was reading up about how to prepare skin for a flight because I always happen to breakout whenever I get off a flight (annoying).

    For years, it never occurred to me it was due to dehydration.. until now. Coupled with lots of fluids, I treated myself with this mask the night before then added the Skinstitut Repair Balm into my everyday moisturiser in the morning and this worked amaz...
    Read More
  99. Great soft mask


    I've used Skinsititut for a long time but have only just added this to my routine. It is nice and soft on my skin, doesn't give that really raw feeling some other masks do.
  100. Love this!


    I have combination and sensitive skin, and I use this mask whenever my skin is feeling dry or dehydrated or just needs a pick me up. After using this my skin feels so incredibly soft and glowing. This is a really good mask that is so effective! Sometimes i will even leave it on overnight if i want extra hydration. Overall, I would really recommend this hydrating face mask.
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