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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% 200ml

4.7 of 852 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58


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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

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4.7 of 852 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

One of my favourite scrubs!
I started using this in between laser hair removal appointments, but now I use it once-twice a week as a facial scrub, as part of my normal routine! It smells great and you can actually feel it making a difference to your skin. After washing it off, my skin feels so soft. I recommend this, as well as other Skinstitut products!

Most Helpful Criticism

Feels good
Only used a couple of times but love the way it makes my skin feel afterwards. Makes me feel like I’m really cleaning my skin and bonus they made it ocean friendly.
  1. Helps lift the dead skin

    I would only use a few times a week, helps really get off the dead skin and is a gentle enough exfoliant, amazing stuff
  2. One of my favourite scrubs!

    I started using this in between laser hair removal appointments, but now I use it once-twice a week as a facial scrub, as part of my normal routine! It smells great and you can actually feel it making a difference to your skin. After washing it off, my skin feels so soft. I recommend this, as well as other Skinstitut products!
  3. WOW

    Such a great product to clear up clogging around your nose especially! Good for acne and small bumps. Great exfoliant.
  4. The best exfoliant!

    There’s nothing more I love than a great exfoliant! After using this my skin feels like it’s just had a microderm treatment. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my pores. They’re smaller and blackheads are disappearing. My pigmentation has also lightened! Love it!
  5. Makes your skin so soft!

    I love this scrub! I use it 3 times a week and it leaves my skin feeling so clean and smooth
  6. A really effective exfoliant!

    Been using this for over a month and I’d definitely recommend it. It really helped improve the texture and tone of the skin on my elbows and knees but is still gentle enough to use on my face - really helps prep the skin before a shave.
  7. Does what's intended

    A thorough exfoliant. Only would recommend usage a couple of times a week on face as it is quite coarse. Leaves skin feeling smooth and fresh.
  8. effective exfoliant

    effective exfoliant to lift dead skin and renew skin.
    hreat for anti ageing skin care as well as deep cleaning.
    A lot of product for Such a great price
  9. My Favourite Scrub

    Suffering from years with adult breakouts, I had tried everything from prescribed medication to high end skin care - nothing helped. Within weeks of being introduced to the Skinstitute range, my skin cleared up drastically. The Glycolic Scrub is now a staple in my daily routine, alternating between it and the Gentle Cleanser. The grains are fine, and you can instantly feel a difference to the skins texture after each use. I do recommend moisturizing afterwards though. I use 2x a week.
  10. Best for Milia

    I have been using this product for 4 years. I first got introduced at Australian Skin Clinics. I use this product twice a week at night with the Enzymatic Micro Peel and has done wonders for dead skins and make my face feel smooth. I wouldn't stop using this product/.
  11. Great Cleaners

    it's gentle scrub and no harsh on my face. Feeling clean and smooth after using it.
  12. Really works

    I use this pre laser hair removal and it works exactly as advertised. I wouldn’t dream of using this on my face as it works far too well for delicate facial skin.
  13. A lovely scrub for the face

    I use this scrub twice and love how glowy and refreshed my skin feels after. I have sensitive skin but this does not irritate my skin at all and I even leave it on for an extra 5 minutes for a bit of a mini masking time in the shower! It also lasts a long long time as well as a little goes a long way!
  14. Great chemical exfoliant

    Great chemical exfoliant, I recommend patch testing first. It's really helped clear up my skin.
  15. Effective

    Super effective at toning down my acne breakouts almost overnight. Reliable effects on my skin
  16. Love it!

    Just started using this to help with a congested t zone and it’s great! Leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh. It is a little harsh so be gentle when using it.
  17. Nice

    Very nice for exfoliating the skin gently. It works well to smooth post-acne bumps
  18. A must have!

    I use this scrub every 4-5 days & I love it! It leaves your skin feeling so soft & smooth, like you've just had a micro!
  19. Super gritty

    I love this exfoliant, it’s super gritty and works well but isn’t too harsh on my skin. Always leaves my feeling fresh.
  20. Lot of product

    The size is great as you get a lot of product for what you pay, especially if you only use a pea-size amount. I found this scrub a bit too harsh for my skin. Probably best to limit use to once or twice a week and scrub very gently as it is fairly coarse.
  21. A weekly must have

    I use this product religiously once a week at least just be gentle let the glycolic acid do the work as well!
  22. great value

    The package is big and it lasts for a long time. As it is quite coarse, you need to be gentle when applying on your skin. You feel so great after the exfoliation. I try not to do too often as it makes some breakouts on chin/cheek. Probably once a week should be enough.
  23. GREAT

    I think this product is a great it exfoliates the skin quite nicely , definitely not something you should use daily, I recommend 1-2 times a week. It’s helped with removing my blackheads.
  24. I always recommend this product!

    I have been on various medications in the past that cause my skin to break out terribly and this Glycolic Scrub sorts it out fast! I have been using it for close to 3 years and I swear by it!

    I use it every second to third day to polish and get rid of the dead top layer on my skin. Afterwards, my skin feels so soft and supple.

  25. Clean feeling

    Ive been using this for about six months, I have normal to slightly combination skin I find this product leaves my skin smooth and clean feeling I would recommend it I also think it well priced for the quality
  26. Fantastic product

    I have never purchased this brand before. Really excited to try out more if their stuff now.
    My skin felt so soft and smooth after using it and it was not irritated at all. My skin feels brighter today and has already helped with some breakout prone areas after one use. Love it!!
  27. I always go back to this

    A great “deep” cleansing scrub! I find it can be used a few times a week, and can be left on the skin for a few minutes before scrubbing as a deeper exfoliating scrub! Great for the body too! A classic scrub that always finds it way back into my shower year after year.
  28. Great exfoliator

    I use this product 1-2 a week especially after I go out on the weekend and wear heavy makeup. It makes the skin feel so smooth and clear. I love that skinstitut also replaced the plastic exfoliating beads with environmentally friendly ones!!
  29. Feels good

    Only used a couple of times but love the way it makes my skin feel afterwards. Makes me feel like I’m really cleaning my skin and bonus they made it ocean friendly.
  30. great for acne prone skin

    This product is amazing! I have acne prone skin, and it dries out very easily so finding the right scrub for my skin has been very hard. However, this scrub is perfect! it has cleared my skin up so much and doesn't leave it tight or dry at all! 100% recommend
  31. My go to

    I recently received this as a sample and was so excited as I love their products and I have used this many times it cleans your skin properly and once a week is enough to notice a difference
  32. Great product for pimple prone sensitive skin.

    Love this product i have oily t zone and super sensitive skin this is the only product i have used that doesnt give me breakouts.
    Great value, huge bottle that lasts ages.
  33. Skin looks squeaky clean

    I have congested skin and this scrub really does its job! Only downside is that the grains do feel a little harsh - other than that, I recommend it.
  34. Excellent

    Received generous sample of this and fell in love. Makes my skin feel fresh clean and glowy.
  35. LOVE.

    I recieved this as a sample and I LOVE it. I have oily, textured skin, on the sensitive side, and this helps remove dead skin without being too harsh. I use it 2-3 times a week - leaving it sit on the skin for another 30-60 seconds after scrubbing gets a deeper result without irritation.
    When I don't use this, I use Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12%, which is more gentle. The two make a great combo.
    I will definitely repurchase.
  36. Love

    I have acne prone skin. This scrub helps to clear up my acne and leave my skin smoother. Love it
  37. great

    this scrub is a fine texture so its great for exfoliating your skin without damaging it. alittle goes a long way with this one and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft.
  38. Great exfoliator

    Such a great product. My skin always feels super smooth afterwards. Great for congestion and acne prone skin. This product lasts for ever too, a little bit goes a long way! I’ve been using this product for years and won’t buy any other exfoliant.
  39. 3rd times repurchased

    I have been using this scrub for 2year now, make my skin feel smooth after and help with ingrown hair issue. Have to be very gentle scrub when use on my face tho.
  40. Superb for my skin

    I got it for my dry skin..and it made my skin clearer n soft...n balanced..with a continuous use i started loving my skin..
    I have normal to combination skin..its suits my skin
  41. Best Scrub I Have Tried

    This is honestly the best scrub I have tried! It has a good texture and leaves my skin feeling smooth.
  42. Good exfoliant

    A really good product that is effective in exfoliating. If you have open sores on your face, try to avoid using this product as it can sting. However overall it has been really good, and the exfoliating jojoba beads are environmentally friendly also!
  43. Like it!

    This scrub has made my face feel smoother without being oily!
  44. Great product

    Love the way my skin feels when I use this 3 times a week. It has cleared up some of my acne which I've been struggling to find a product that helps it.
  45. Awesome

    only a pea size needed, gets rid of my dry flaky skin without drying it out, i recommend use every second day for acne and oily skin people like myself, highly recommend
  46. actually helps skin

    one of those scrubs that actually lifts dirt and smooths skin. love this!
  47. Lovely

    such a good scrub! I've been looking for the perfect face scrub for ages and finally found it! you only need to use a little each time so it lasts for ages.
  48. A must for laser treatment

    I was recommended this product to use between laser sessions, it leaves your skin smooth and helping remove the hairs from the follicles. I also use it on my face where I suffer hormonal breakouts - it is quite a strong scrub though so start off easy!
  49. great cleanser

    I have acne prone skin and I use this cleanser after the gentle cleanser every second night to really clean my skin
    makes me skin feel smooth and helps me with my breakouts
    love all the skinstitut products
  50. Amazing

    Been using this for years! It’s great as both a facial and body scrub. Wouldn’t recommend using it more then 2-3x weekly on the face as it can dry your skin out but defiantly leaves your skin feeling amazing!
  51. So good for acne

    I've been searching for the perfect product to clear my skin for years now and finally found the one! this scrub makes my face feel so smooth and I can definitely see a difference when I use it
  52. Great Exfoliator!

    I used this years ago and I'm so glad I've revisited. It's also perfect for my laser hair removal areas to deeply exfoliate between laser sessions as instructed. Such good value!
  53. nice feeling

    only in need of a small amount, a little goes a long way, but is rather harsh, but still doesnt strip my skin
  54. Great exfoliation

    This scrub is a really great one for a combination scrub. Leave it on for a couple minutes and then gently work into the skin and rinse. Really good for using in the shower.
  55. Best

    Best scrub I’ve used, no harsh on my face. Leaves it looking clear and feeling very soft
  56. Great exfoliator

    Swear by this product. I have problematic skin and this does a great job of exfoliating, while still being gentle on the skin.
    Can’t live without this.
  57. Amazing exfoliator.

    Swear by this product. I have sensitive problematic skin and this has contributed to fixing my skin concerns.
    Can’t live without this.
  58. Fantastic multi purpose scrub

    Such a versatile product - I use it for facials as well as on the body when I have dry patches.
  59. Super smooth skin!

    This product makes your skin so soft and smooth! I use it on areas of my body that I get lasered and it works great at helping the hairs fall out. 14% glycolic acid is quite potent though so I would ease into using this if you aren't comfortable with acids just yet.
  60. Very cleansing

    Very cleansing scrub, leaves skin soft and a little bit tight. Don’t rub too hard with this stuff, it will make your face go red.
  61. Good Scrub without being too harsh

    This scrub is very fine and exfoliates my skin nicely without harshly scratching my skin like some others I have tried.
  62. LOVE

    Such a versatile product - I use it twice a week followed by the Aesop Blue Chamomile Hydrating Masque for a great easy facial, and also occasionally on the body wherever I need exfoliating- it even helps prevent ingrown hairs on the bikini line.
    Permanent addition to my routine!
  63. Good scrub

    It was recommended that I use this after laser to stop any ingrowns and it works well for this purpose.
  64. Absolutely essential for laser hair removal

    You know you're taking good care if you use this before and after a laser hair removal treatment. Most defs need for exfoliation of skin so it doesn't block where your hair follicles are. Potent source of glycolic acid wash for your face i would probs just use once or twice a week.
  65. Good Scrub

    I received this as a deluxe sample and have been using it twice weekly. My skin definitely feels buffed and polished afterwards. I find i have to put a decent serum/moisturiser on afterwards otherwise my skin feel taught and dry, i would say i have oily skin.
  66. Great scrub

    I really like this scrub. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I use it a couple of times per week, including on my back where I noticed a few spots appearing. I have now got my husband using it as well.
  67. Excellent face scrub

    I love this scrub to exfoliate my skin and deep cleanse my face twice a week. It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and my acne is subsiding. It is suitable for my sensitive skin without it being too abrasive. It has no strong scent which is good, and it also is ocean friendly with no micro beads which is a plus.
  68. Feels like new skin!

    This scrub is the perfect consistency. Since coming off the pill my skin has gone crazy but I find using this product, targeting my problem areas really makes a difference. I use this at night and the ASAP cleanse and refine morning and night to get the best results.
  69. Way too harsh!

    My skin is pretty tough and I barely ever react to products. With oily, acne prone skin, I loved this scrub the first time I used it because it left my skin baby smooth. However, with regular use, I started to notice that I was getting incredibly sensitive. I initially used it daily (as recommended on the bottle) and my skin was red and angry, my blemishes were painful and raw and when I used the scrub, it stung my face and eyes. After leaving it for a bit, I tried using the scrub again but 2-3 times a week. I've still noticed that my skin is incredibly red afterwards and the appearance of my acne is more prominent. The noticeable fumes sting my eyes upon application and I've just come to the conclusion that this scrub is way too harsh with the glycolic acid, as well as the coarse grain. I have the feeling that the scrub might actually damage the skin since it's so rough and there are so many other scrubs out there that are less stripping. I've got half a bottle of the Glycolic Scrub sitting in my bathroom and the only thing that's stopping me from throwing it out is how much I paid for it! Coming from someone whose skin is normally pretty bullet proof when it comes to sensitivity, this scrub made my skin SO angry and irritated so I would proceed with caution - there are other more gentle scrubs out there that will smooth your skin without being so damaging!
  70. Soft skin

    Received a sample it's a good scrub and leaves my skin smooth and soft doesn't harm my sensitive skin
  71. So far so good.

    Received a deluxe sample and had always wanted to try Skinstitut. Have been using twice a week for a month and I am happy to have found a exfoliator that works. It has just the right balance and is not to harsh on the face, just remember not too scrub to hard. Cant wait to see the benefits after long term use.
  72. burns my eyes

    i have used the face wash in the brand and recently started using this

    i find it so harsh it burns my eyes its really quite horrible to use/endure i did continue to try to use this on 4/5 occasions and nope still hate it

    i dont have sensitive skin but i find this scrub abrasive and harsh

    i do not recommend this
  73. Shrunk my black-heads

    I bought this product as recommended by a laser technician to prevent in-grown hairs. However, it has been amazing as a face-scrub to reduce the size and frequency of black-heads!
  74. Pretty good

    Leaves skin feeling super smooth. Texture is very course and feels very a bit rough on the skin so it's best to use on wet skin. But results are worth it
  75. Leaves skin feeling clean and fresh

    Love this product, after trying heaps of products that would stop my chin breakouts and oily pores, this one really seemed to help. However, I wouldn't recommend it for daily use, because it doesn't lather up and you have to use quite a lot of it, meaning it runs out quite quickly.
  76. Great chemical exfoliation!

    I have oily skin and I use this once a week to gently exfoliate my skin without the harshness of microbeads or walnuts (St Ives./Kylie Skin). It leaves my face with a nice sheen and I follow with the rest of my PM routine. Definitely a staple.
  77. Great scrub - combats acne

    I LOVE using this product. I have normal skin with mild acne on my cheeks and jawline. Since I started using this product (a few months ago) I have noticed a massive change in my skin, it not only looks much clearer but it also feels so much smoother and healthier. It is such a quality product and the results really motivate me to maintain my skincare routine and look after my skin.
  78. Great facial Scrub

    I tried a sample and was so impressed I bought the full size tube. Excellent product, would highly recommend this.
  79. Does the job

    I use it every 2-3 days in the evening after my cleanser. Its has helped with my congestion along my jaw line as well as the blackheads on my nose. I find it too much if i use it everyday. I am not a really big fan of the scent but I have gotten used to it and I will keep using it as it has made a visible difference for my skin.
  80. Fine scrub that leaves skin clean and smooth

    I am a huge fan of the Aesop face scrub however this one has overtaken it. This scrub has finer granules leaving skin feeling smooth and extremely clean afterward. Removes blackheads and prevents breakouts well.

    I use this twice a week and have extremely sensitive dry skin and have not got any strong reactions or rashes.

    There is no real fragrance for those that dislike strong smelling projects.
  81. Great for breakouts

    I love this scrub, it really helped calm my acne and clear up break outs. Can make your skin dry/flaky if you use it too often, so stick to once or twice a week.
  82. Great for problem skin

    My skin’s been temperamental with breakout that was really painful and it affected my confidence badly. My best friend recommended this scrub and it’s been amazing for my skin! I don’t have any breakouts anymore and I live using this at the end of a really rough day as it makes my skin feel super clean.

    The scrub itself can be rough on your skin if you apply too much pressure and although only a little is required, this does not lather well so I use more to ensure I have enough product on my entire face. It does make my skin feel a bit dry sometimes but their face cream puts enough moisture back when I use it.
    100% recommend this.
  83. Love this for my skin

    This has made such a huge difference to my oily skin and really cleared up any blemishes! Have re-ordered this 3times now
  84. Great but maybe too harsh

    I loved this scrub because my skin tends to look dull quite easily, and the chemical and physical exfoliating components of this scrub really helped with my skin looking radiant for longer. I felt as though I only had to use it a couple of times a week, and my skin looked extremely radiant and smooth. I stopped using it recently because I heard that physical exfoliants with particles cause microtears which damage the skin barrier and accelerates ageing, and I started using retinol and think that this would be extremely harsh in conjunction with retinol. I would definitely recommend it for those who don't use retinol, tend to have duller skin, and don't have sensitive skin.
  85. Great exfoliant

    This exfoliant is amazing. After using your skin feels incredibly clean and smooth. Definitely will purchase again.
  86. Hello fresh skin!

    I have trouble with dry patches on my skin but since switching to Skinstitut I have noticed a considerable difference. I use this twice a week on my face.
  87. Amazing

    I use this twice a week and it stops any breakouts, any skin unevenness and makes my face feel soo soft
  88. awesome

    this scrub is sooo good!!! it made my skin feel so soft and clean
  89. Strong scrub, you can feel working

    Skin type: combination
    Skin concern: Dull, Dry skin, blemishes on jaw line.
    This scrub is amazing! Has tea tree to really help with acne & congestion.
    I use this daily, not over my whole face but on breakouts & weekly when I don’t have breakouts. You can feel it working as it stings sometimes, also make sure u shut ur eyes as even putting it on your nose can sting your eyes if they are open (well mine anyways).
    I use this with the glycolic cleanser & my skin has never felt so smooth
  90. unsure

    I do use and like this product, however am unsure of its worth especially taking into account it's price. It is nice and does help skin feel cleaner, however I can't say I've notice any dramatic difference in the appearance of my complexion since using it. While it is a nice product to have, it is not a staple for me and I will not be repurchasing as I find chemical exfoliants to yield much more evident and quicker results
  91. The best scrub! The only scrub I use!

    This product is amazing. I can see the results immediately. I use it once a week on clean skin. I notice the difference when I don't use this product and my skin is not happy when it isn't used! It is perfect for removing the build up from throughout the week and leaves my skin feeling fresh, smooth and new. I have somewhat sensitive skin and this product does not irritate my skin all. I do recommend not using it too often throughout the week as it is quite strong. I find 1-2 times a week works really well. I find this scrub works really well for target areas - i get blackheads and some pimples around my chin and nose areas. I find using this scrub on these problem areas really improves the complexion and removes gunk.
    A little also goes a long way so this product will last quite a while and it is such good value for money at this reasonable price!
  92. wow

    When i first used this i could not believe how soft this made my skin & how much it cleaned my face! My T Zone is usually covered in blackheads but with one use of this product my face was cleared! I am definitely so impressed!
  93. Amazing!!

    i struggle with textured skin and this product has really helped to get rid of dead skin and has made me skin so smooth!
  94. Effective exfoliate- a bit stingy

    I liked this product a lot and it definitely gets rid of dull dry skin however if you have extremely dry or sensitive skin this could be a little aggressive. Great for congested and thickened skin.
  95. Smooths skin

    Makes my skin feel very smooth and even textured. I would say use this once a week otherwise my skin gets quite dry from the exfoliation
  96. Softest skin

    I love this and the tube lasts for ages! I use once a week as its very abrasive! Its great on the backs of your arms
  97. Good exfoliant

    Leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth, can’t use really often though as overuse leaves my skin feeling sensitive, overworking it when using stings my face slightly but overall a great scrub when used right
  98. does wonders

    I love this product, leaves the skin smooth and blemish free.

    This product is very dehydrating on the skin, it feels like you are exfoliating with sandpaper. Very abrasive! I used this product for 3 months and I had to chuck it away as it has absolutely ruined my skin.
    I have combination skin.
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