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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% 200ml

4.7 of 1165 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58


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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% is a high intensity exfoliant that works to deeply cleanse while also performing a controlled skin exfoliation. Suitable for most skin types, except red, sensitised or irritated.

  • Cosmeceuticals

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

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4.7 of 1165 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Soooo gooood!


Would highly recommend if you are prone to hormonal break outs as this stuff is great for giving your skin a really deep clean. Really enjoying Skinstitut products at the moment, effective and affordable.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not the best product out there


I started using this for the acne on my back as I was getting really upset and insecure about it. I would put a pea sized amount on each pimple and leave it for a short while and then get in the shower and exfoliate with a brush in that area as i wash it off. I felt it did improve my body acne but it did not entirely get rid of it... I have not repurchased the product and have gone onto find a scrub by Mario Bodescu that works better for me.
  1. Soooo gooood!


    verified purchaser
    Would highly recommend if you are prone to hormonal break outs as this stuff is great for giving your skin a really deep clean. Really enjoying Skinstitut products at the moment, effective and affordable.
  2. Greats results and great value


    This product has been a small win, it’s a strong enough exfoliate yet gentle enough to not leave your skin to red or dry. My skin is more smooth, radiant and unclogged. And its great value , which is also a bonus and more sustainable!
  3. Very effective!


    verified purchaser
    I use this once to twice a week on my acne prone skin, great for congestion and gentle enough for irritated skin. Also amazing for in grown hairs.
  4. Not the best product out there


    I started using this for the acne on my back as I was getting really upset and insecure about it. I would put a pea sized amount on each pimple and leave it for a short while and then get in the shower and exfoliate with a brush in that area as i wash it off. I felt it did improve my body acne but it did not entirely get rid of it... I have not repurchased the product and have gone onto find a scr...
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  5. best scrub out there


    verified purchaser
    this is by far my fav!! it has helped with my acne so much and makes my skin feel amazing and so soft! definitely recommend
  6. Fantastic scrub!


    verified purchaser
    This scrub has been one of the better scrubs for my oily skin and I only use this once per week. It does a really good job at exfoliating and making my skin feel clean and fresh!
  7. Scrub-sational


    This is by far my favourite! The micro beads scrub away the diet and grime from your skin gently, yet effectively. So simple and easy to use, with a beautiful fresh result.
    Real value for money as you only need a small amount because it’s spreads well and washes off easily.
    My skin feels amazing, it’s a staple in my toiletries
  8. Lasts forever


    I have sensitive skin so I only use this twice a week. My housemate got me onto this product and I love if. My skin feels amazingly soft afterward and it’s looking very clear and glowy.
  9. Worth It!


    verified purchaser
    I've always struggled with breakouts and have been searching for something that would actually give me results. This scrub has saved me! I love it so much. It is a bit strong, but it totally works. It leaves my skin feeling soft and my skin is as clear as it's ever been. Will continue to repurchase!
  10. Excellent Scrub


    I have been using the glycolic cleanser for a couple of years already so my skin is mostly blemish free. I decided to try out the scrub as well to see if I could improve the pores and texture. As expected, this scrub does as promises and lives up to the reviews. Skin texture has smoothed out significantly and pores have minimized. Doubles as a body scrub.
  11. Good but quite strong


    I like using this scrub on other parts of my body as I find it harsh on my face. If I'm feeling a little congested or like my skin needs some exfoliation, I will use it on my T zone. Although it makes my skin a bit red, it leaves the areas soft and smooth.
  12. Reliable

    Bree M

    I have owned this product for a long time. It is a go-to for body exfoliating (bacne). Gentle enough to be used a few days in a row if the area is quite affected, or also great once a week as a preventative measure. I am going to try the ordinary tonic just to mix it up/compare but I think I may be back to repurchase this one.
  13. effective and cost friendly


    super good value for money and does an amazing job
  14. Harsh


    I have very sensitive skin and i felt like this product was way too harsh on my face.
  15. Great chemical/physical exfoliant


    I got a small sample tube and immediately purchased it when it ran out. It is a really effective chemical exfoliant with and added gentle exfoliant that isn’t too harsh/abrasive. It always leaves my skin really smooth and improves texture - I use it around twice a week.
  16. Best exfoliator


    love this product.., definitely the best exfoliator i have used! the micro beads are so fine and do a great job of clearing away any dead skin and declogging pores! the glycolic is quite strong tho, which my skin can handle as it is used to it but if you have very sensitive skin this product may not be for you... it does tingle a little bit and if you have any open wounds or scratches on your face...
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  17. Cleans pores!


    I received a sample of this product, knowing it has a cult following I was expecting it to be good, well it was great!
    My pores have never been so clean! Also it’s not drying like other scrubs like this I’ve used. This is really effective through my oily breakout t zone!
  18. Great product!


    The skinstitut scrub is such an amazing facial scrub i love it!
    Made my skin feeling clean and refreshed! And all of their products go such a long way! They last ages!
    As i have acne prone skin i would defiantly recommend!!!
  19. A little goes a long way


    I received a free 50mL tube as sample. Works really well to smooth out congested skin. It has removed my whitehead and considering you only a pea sized for one application, this is not expensive! Make sure not to use it too often. I personally use it every third night.
  20. Reccomended


    Reccomended by laser hair removal tech - good product - works best if you put it on dry skin leave for a few mins then rinse off.
  21. I've used it for 3+ years!


    I used to work for a company that sold this product but haven't in the last 18 months but I still purchase it! It is fantastic. A great chemical exfoliator that keeps your skin blemish free. My partner uses this as well! its great for men
  22. Favourite scrub


    My skin is slightly on the dry side and this scrub really does the trick. Not only is glycolic acid a chemical exfoliant, the scrub is really... scrubby (for lack of a better word) which I really like. My skin is quite tolerant and I find a lot of scrubs too gentle and just don't do the job, but after using this my skin feels so soft and clean. And because the scrub is quite harsh you can be reall...
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  23. No more bumpy skin


    Received this as a sample with my AB order, and WOW the bumpy skin on my back has been dramatically reduced! For clogged skin, i think it is best to use once every day for a full week, and then once every 2nd day thereafter until the bumps are gone
  24. Smooth Skin


    I love how this product works. It makes my skin extremely smooth and doesn't dry it out. I use it daily and does not seem too harsh.
  25. Really Effective!


    This scrub is perfect for my dry and acne prone skin! After receiving a sample I was excited to use it after reading all of the great reviews and it exceeded my expectations. It instantly gave me a burst of hydration by gently removing my dead skin cells and helped to clear up some stubborn acne marks. It was really gentle to use and I look forward to using this product more in the future to contr...
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  26. Pimples and bumps gone


    With the hot weather these days, i was getting pimples and bumps on my back neck and shoulders. Used this product every day for a week and not only was my skin smoother, but those bumps were noticeably reduced!
  27. caused breakouts


    This product caused breakouts on my skin. I have slightly sensitive skin and that may have been the reason.
  28. Great exfoliating scrub!!


    One of my fave scrubs I've used so far. Have used skinstitut products when I get facial peels at my clinic. Thought I'd give this product a try, and highly recommend it!
    Skin feels instantly polished right after.
  29. The best scrub


    If you are after a scrub that is course enough but still gentlle on rhis skin this is the best! I have conbination skin with large pores and it is great!
  30. Love this so much


    This scrub is by far the best scrub I've ever used. I received a sample of this and have since stocked up on full sizes because I can't live without it. At first it felt quite heavy duty but it is actually really gentle and left my skin so shiny and smooth. I've also bought it for my Mum who is very fussy and she absolutely loves it. It has really changed my skin so much, would absolutely recommen...
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  31. Works, but not great for sensitive skin


    I received a deluxe sample of this. It is great for clearing up any pesky spots, but I found that it would leave my face very red and stingy for a while afterward, so unsure if I will buy the full size.
  32. So Happy!


    This is the best scrub I have come across. I have always had clogged pores and bumpy skin but just after using this one by skin was feeling smooth and clean. Only need to use it once or twice a week so it lasts for ages as well.
    Great value for money!
  33. Wow


    This cleanser is great! Gentle but extremely effective. My skin feels amazing after use and after a month or so it’s looking very clear and glowy
  34. Great buy


    Skinstitut always delivers and with this scrub it does not disappoint. If used 2-3 times a week, it removes dead skin and unblocks the pores. Your face just feels tight and super clean. I try not to use daily as it can be quite drying (I have normal skin type). Evan an oilier skin type I think it would be too stripping of your natural oils and have the reverse effect. I alternate between this and ...
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  35. OMFG!


    Before being introduced to Skinstitut my skin was red, inflamed and prone to breakouts, now i'm confident in my skin and loving my face more and more each day!
    The glycolic scrub 14% has helped deeply cleanse while also performing a controlled skin exfoliation.
    Would 101% recommend to all males and females out there looking to clear/maintain their healthy face.
  36. glycolic scrub


    This scrub is amazing. Use it regularly and have seen amazing improvements in my skin. great for exfoliating.
  37. Deep exfoliation


    Got this scrub as a tester size and loved the deep cleanse that it gave me when I used it, also tried it all over after a heavy gym session and I can’t remember the last time I felt that squeaky clean, will definitely be purchasing the full size.
  38. Buying again!


    I've bought this a couple of times now, it is just simple and does what it is meant to! I use this every morning (and the glycolic cleanser at night) and it leaves my skin smooth for my make up to go on beautifully. It's also a fairly large bottle for a good price, can't go wrong.
  39. Amazing Product!


    Ive been using Skinstitut for years and Ive always loved the Glycolic Scrub. It really cleans the day off I use it maybe 2 times a week. When Im not using it I use the Glycolic Cleanser or Gentle Cleanser
  40. Will purchase full size


    Tried the sample. Very effective product. I also found it really good to use it on the body. Will definitely buy the full size.
  41. Will become your go to exfoliating!


    I’ve been using this scrub for a few years now and it has been an absolute godsend!
    It has completely changed the texture of my skin and has made it so smooth!
    I’ve even got my husband onto it!
  42. Effective exfoliation


    This product does what it promises, a great exfoliation in a short time. I use it in the shower However I find it too abrasive on my skin to purchase again hence only 3 stars.
    I'm 54 and have dry dehydrated skin sometimes sensitive flareups or rosacea if I overtreat it. This product was non reactive on me.
  43. Soothing

    The one!

    I find this cleanser to be really helpful! I have acne skin and it is congested and i find that using this reduces the inflammation as well
  44. Good product for laser hair removal


    I find this product works well to exfoliate the body and I use 5 days after laser fair removal. However I do not like using this product on my face - I have combination skin which broke out after using this.
    Reasonably priced.
  45. Scrub the day away!

    Trish S

    Amazing product! Received as a sample tube in my Adore Beauty purchase.

    It lasts for ages, you only need a pea size amount and I only use this perhaps once a fortnight.

    I find the grit in it quite strong so I only use it very gently on my skin in light circles when it needs a deeper cleanse. It really does give you great results and makes my skin feel super clean afterwa...
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  46. Amazing


    I use this once to twice a week on my acne prone skin, great for congestion and gentle enough for irritated skin. Also amazing for in grown hairs.
  47. Leaves skin feeling fresh


    I have been using this scrub twice a week and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and new. Love using it before putting on a more fuller face of makeup.
  48. A skincare staple!


    I have issues with enlarged pores, uneven texture and some light pigmentation. This scrub fixes all of that, and my skin is glowing after use. I only need the smallest amount of product as it goes quite far, so a tube lasts ages.
  49. Coarse but effective


    The beads can feel a bit rough on the skin but nothing too painful. It really helps smooth the skin and clear any active breakouts.
  50. Great scrub


    This scrub was great at giving me soft smooth skin and my blemishes have reduced as well, great product.
  51. Amazing Exfoliator


    The product is amazing at clearing the skin and getting rid of excess dry skin
  52. Amazing price and product


    This is a nice, coarse, granular scrub - I love giving my skin a good once over every few days with this. It's really nice and rough, so you can feel it working as you scrub.
  53. Smooths face and body


    Gentle enough for the face but also works like a charm on the body. Best exfoliator if you get laser hair removal treatments
  54. Amazing


    Such a nice physical scrub. Leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft after use
  55. Excellent


    One of the most effective scrubs out there and doesn’t entirely strip my dry ageing skin. Excellent even for daily use. The smell is appalling but trust me it is worth it.
  56. Best exfoliater


    This is best scrub I ever used it keeps skin bright and smooth.
  57. Best scrub


    Good for congested acne prone skin as it keeps skin smooth and unclogged.
  58. Nice squeaky clean cleanser


    I like this, in combination with some other skinstituit products this has cleared up my dodgy acne prone combination skin. I like the big bottle that lasts a long time and the affordable price too!
  59. Freshen up!


    Brought this after hearing the girls on the podcast. I do get quite a few lumps and bumps on my back and chest from the gym and felt my face had been feeling a little flat of late.

    After one good scrub, my skin was beautiful and soft again. I've been using it on my back, shoulders, and chest and also been seeing a great reduction in new spots lumps and bumps. It's not overly invasive ...
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  60. Strong but good


    I use this scrub the first time after get laser. I have to say that is strong but the results are very impressives. I really like ot... leave you skin soft and super clean... but be careful with your eyes
  61. Keratosis Pilaris


    I suffer from Keratosis Pilaris, and this has definitely helped mellow it out. I use it on my legs and arms about 2-3 times a week, because my skin is quite congested. Something I would definitely recommend
  62. Hormonal Acne's Best Bud


    Got this scrub on a whim and it's become a staple product in my skincare routine. I'm usually not a fan of physical exfoliants, but this cleared up the texture issues I was having around my cheeks and chin area, and made my hormonal breakouts infinitely more managable. It makes my skin feel baby soft and glowy, and I've had so many compliments on my complexion from using this. Well priced, great b...
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  63. Great for body


    I use this on my body too get rid of dead skin or ingrown hairs and it works a treat
  64. Great post laser hair removal


    I use this on various parts of my body to exfoliate dead skin and hair follicles prior to laser hair removal sessions.

    I find it works much better compared to other physical exfoliants that don't contain glycolic acid.

    Would recommend to all looking for a deep exfoliation but sensitive skin types should take care not to overuse.
  65. Perfection


    I received 2 of these samples and recalled I used to use it several years ago and now I have no idea why I ever stopped. It absolutely does the job, leaving my feeling feeling perfectly cleansed and exfoliated and as soft as a baby's butt! Extremely well priced for the quality. 100% recommended.
  66. Product does exactly what it says.


    This product is a must have in our bathroom. It does exactly what it says it does and removes impurities. It has helped clear up my partners skin and I have even used it as an exfoliator on my legs.
  67. Bought this because of the podcast


    Bought this after listening to the podcast and I love using it with an exfoliating mit to get rid of all of that leftover fake tan. Really good for keratosis pilaris also!
  68. Glycolic


    I personally found it a tiny bit too harsh on my skin. I prefer it on my body, where the physical and chemical exfoliation work really well
  69. Glycolic


    I personally found it a tiny bit too harsh on my skin. I prefer it on my body, where the physical and chemical exfoliation work really well
  70. Does what is says


    Effective product that remains gentle on the skin
  71. Great for oily skin!


    Use this product for 6 months and I can tell it works! . I recommend using it only 1 or 2 times per week and carefully massage the skin as it can be a bit abrasive for some people .. watch your eyes! In my case, I also uses it on my body after having laser hair removal. It helps the hairs not incarnate inside the skin.
  72. Works well


    Bought this for my blackheads & I definately feel smoother skin on my face when I use it, however I find that it doesn't do anything about Previous congestion concerns otherwise it works well for cleaning current skin.
  73. Definitely works!


    This is the best scrub I have ever used. Removes dry dull skin and unblocks the pores. For the price you really can’t go wrong. I have sensitive skin and found thus does not cause any reactions.
  74. Strong but effective


    I've recently started using this scrub twice per week. I love the smell and the texture is course but not dry. I find since I've started using it I'm having less breakouts around my mouth and chin. I wouldn't recommend it for sensitive skin as it potentially could irritate.
  75. Grainy but effective!


    If you want baby smooth skin - this is your guy! I use this in the shower every second night and my skin has never been better. It is incredibly smooth and allows makeup to glide on beautifully. It is quite grainy and course so I am not sure how this would go with super sensitive skin.
  76. Best Deep Clean


    This product is amazing! I use it approx 3 times per week. It is my go to product if I start to get a break out or feel like I need to give my face or back a good clean. My partner also steals this all the time. Considering the price and the size of the bottle, it is great value for money as well!
  77. The BEST scrub ever


    This leaves you feeling so fresh and clean. Won’t use any other scrub.
  78. Great scrub


    After a long time of trying all kinds of facial scrubs, this is what I’ve been searching for. Used every second night seems to be what my skin needs. Highly recommend.
  79. A little goes a long way


    I've used this on my face and body. It is quite rough so I don't use it on my face too often, but it leaves skin feeling super smooth and it is great on the body, esp on the back, has help get rid of those little bumps - bought this after hearing about it on the podcast - thanks ladies for the recommendation!
  80. Not a bad scrub


    I don’t usually use this brand but didn’t mind the scan at all. It left my skin feeling very fresh and clean.
  81. Not a bad scrub


    I don’t usually use this brand but didn’t mind the scan at all. It left my skin feeling very fresh and clean.
  82. Best product ever

    Best Scrub

    I had little white lumps under my skin across my forehead and within 3 months this product in conjunction with the gentle cleanser has cleared my skin up. I recommend this product to everyone!!
  83. Pregnancy Saver!


    This scrub is great! Saved my skin from pregnancy breakouts mostly, not sure if anything would have cured it but it cleared my skin up by 90%
  84. Good but coarse


    I’ve got combo, acne prone skin. I’m also 26 so dealing with the first signes of aging.. I love glycolic acid but I find the fumes from this product burn my eyes which is a little strange. I’ve never experienced that from any of my other glycolic acid products.. The actual scrubbies dissolve and are environmentally friendly which is extremely important to me but I find that because they are so coa...
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  85. Just can't get on board with it


    I don't like the way this feels on my skin. I can't explain it but it feels a little 'too much' and afterwards my skin was always bright red. I don't have sensitive skin but i do find this scrub too harsh for me. Plus i do not like the smell and find it smells too chemically. I ended up using this on my body on areas that needed it but i wouldn't use it on my face again.
  86. Great


    This takes off the dead skin so well and smoothes out my skin
  87. Effective Scrub


    I use this scrub 3 times a week or every other day because I live in a dusty, hot, environment. I feel like I need to exfoliate my skin more especially when I break out a lot and currently have acne. Honestly, I would rate this scrub 5/5 because it is effective and works great. If I have a bumpy pimples today and used this scrub, the next morning that pimples is flat as a pancake! Also after using...
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  88. Perfect scrub!


    I use this scrub 1-2 times a week and find it perfect for smoothing my skin, limiting dreaded breakouts and aiding product absorption. Lasts forever with only a small pea size amount needed. Onto my second bottle and will continue to purchase.
  89. Great exfoliator


    I use this every second day as an exfoliator for my face. It gets all the dry patches without being too harsh. It has the consistency of fine salt. Also this bottle lasts what seems like forever a small bit goes a long way!
  90. Great product


    Love using this a few times a week. I can have sensitive skins and the scrub leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed afterwards
  91. Great for Ance Prone Skin


    By far the best cleanser I have come across.
    Works really well on my acne-prone skin and doesn't make my skin feel like it's been stripped of everything. I use this twice a week for good results.
  92. Nice scrub


    I got this as a sample and I really like it. My skin feels nice and clean afterwards, no breakouts, no dryness. You do have to be super gentle though as it is quite harsh.
  93. Spots be gone


    I love this so much, this is my second purchase. I use this 2-3 times per week to scrub my pimples away on my chin area and neck. I love this. It does sting a little but it feels good to clean my pores. I have oily skin and it does strip your face, but it's worth it to get rid of my pimples. Plus, I only use on pimple area not my whole face.
  94. Amazing


    Love this scrub! I use it a few times a week and can definitely notice a difference - my skin feels and looks brighter and smoother.
  95. Best physical exfoliant


    This is seriously excellent - skin feels so smooth afterwards and definitely helps keep the skin smooth and fresh. You only need a pea sized amount for your face so it lasts forever. It is also great to use on your body before you shower. I will always come back to this!
  96. Best SCRUB


    I've got combination skin prone to breakouts. This is the Best Scrub for daily use. It takes only about 2 minutes for desired results. The product does exactly what is says.
  97. Favourite Physical Exfoliator


    Love this for the body! Effective but gentle. I get Kreatosis Pilaris on my arms and this really helps keep it at bay. Bonus use can be applied as a small spot treatment for pimples! My facialist told me thats what she uses for any angry breakouts. Its thick enough that it dries and stays on overnight.
  98. Amazing


    This product is amazing . A great exfoliating scrub used a few times a week will get great results . Rub gently and you will feel amazing smooth skin when wash off :)
  99. Best exfoliator for laser hair removal


    Should not use anything else for post-laser hair removal exfoliation. This is amazing and makes your skin supple (i use it on my face too as a weekly deep exfoliator).
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