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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% 200ml

4.7 of 1388 reviews

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4 instalments of $9.01

Or 4 instalments of $9.01 with LEARN MORE

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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% is a high intensity exfoliant that works to deeply cleanse while also performing a controlled skin exfoliation. Suitable for most skin types, except red, sensitised or irritated.

  • Cosmeceuticals

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% Reviews

4.7 of 1388 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great for next morning exfoliation


What product you put on the night before, you should be exfoliating that skin next morning. Particularly if you are using retinol based products. It gets off all the flaky dead skin cells created by the retinol overnight. Gently rub for at least 30 seconds before washing off!

Most Helpful Criticism

Can be harsh for sensitive skins


This scrub can be quite harsh if you have sensitive/combination skin, 14% is quite high percentage of glycolic acid if you haven't used it before and can give a tingly sensation. I would suggest a lower percentage or L-Lactic cleanser for the face and use this for the body instead. Please keep in mind scrubs like this if used on the face should only be used once a week maximum!! Anything more can cause micro tears within the skin causing serious irritation.
  1. Great for next morning exfoliation


    What product you put on the night before, you should be exfoliating that skin next morning. Particularly if you are using retinol based products. It gets off all the flaky dead skin cells created by the retinol overnight. Gently rub for at least 30 seconds before washing off!
  2. favourite scrub!


    I purchased this product needing a scrub that worked, something that would actually help de-congest my skin.

    And I am proud to say I have found it! finally a product that helps clear blemishes and acne as well as ensuring it is not to harsh on my skin, I use this approx 3 times a week and feel immediately refreshed. Love it
  3. Best scrub I've ever used


    I have combination skin so I am careful not to use this scrub more than once per week, not too much at a time (a 10c coin size amount is plenty) and not rub too hard on areas that are prone to redness. I have never used a scrub that was so effective with blackheads, blemishes, and also targets pigmentation which is a problem on some parts of my face. It leaves the skin feeling so soft and amazing.
  4. Great gentle scrub


    Great gentle exfoliant without being to harsh on my skin. I purchased this to help decongest my skin which is prone to acne and it has made a huge difference.
  5. great cleanser for oily skin


    Since using this cleanser I have noticed my skin becoming less oily. Its very gentle on the skin as well and doesn't dry me out like other acne cleansers do.
  6. Really effective


    I really love this scrub as it makes my skin feel so much cleaner, although I will say that it does irritate my sensitive skin at times.
  7. #1 morning exfoliator and body exfoliator


    verified purchaser
    Ive been using AHA leave-in products at night. So when i get up next morning, i use this to exfoliate the dead skin cells that the leave-in product has left behind. And AHA to get rid of the AHA remnants. It's the best thing ever! Also excellent for post-laser hair clinic treatments to make sure you dont get those in-grown hairs.
  8. Good scrub


    I been using this scrub 1 per week for 2 months now. Find it help with in in growth hair issue. But mostly should use for the body only tho, as i find it quote harsh on the face.
  9. One of the best scrubs


    This is actually one of my all time fave face products. I love it and it makes my skin feel soft and fresh afterwards. If I could use it every day I would but it’s only recommended for a few times a week. My blackheads clear and minimal pimples when using this product.
  10. So good!


    I got a trial size of this with my last order and OMG it is fantastic! Gets rid of any blackheads and leaves the skin feeling so smooth.
  11. A tad too harsh for my face!


    I bought this scrub, and over my skincare journey found out that physical scrubs do not agree with my face and I tend to opt for chemical exfoliation instead.. However, my boyfriend is obsessed with this product and always reaches for it first in the shower as his skin is a lot less sensitive. If you don't have sensitive skin and like physical exfoliation, you will likely love it.
  12. Great value scrub


    Always keep this product at home and use about every second day to keep my skin smooth. I find it help reduce congestion and keep my pigmentation at bay
  13. Its ok


    Not the best Glycolic product I have used. Its ok but don't have that wow factor.
    My skin is a bit red after using it.
  14. Skin feels so soft afterwards!


    I use this in the shower once or twice a week, not everyday as I have very sensitive skin. I use very gentle pressure when I am scrubbing my face because I am prone to break outs. This leaves my skin baby soft once I rinse it off! Love it so much and it's such great value!
  15. Not for regular use


    Good product, haven't been able to use it as regularly as I like as it is a chemical exfoliant as well as a physical exfoliant too which can be pretty harsh on my skin. I have gone back to using it once a week and it is great as a weekly scrub. Would recommend for someone that does not have sensitive skin and is happy using it gradually.
  16. Soft clean skin


    I use this product a few times a week after a good soak in the bath. It leaves skin soft and clean. I get a smoother better shave on my legs too. Highly recommend!
  17. Little bumps be gone


    I've always been annoyed by those pesky little bumps on the back of my arms (keratosis pilaris) and decided it was finally time to sort them out. After only a couple of days of using this product in the shower and then mosituring after, my skin was noticeably smoother and dramatically less congested! This has become a regular as part of my skin care routine and use it most days without fail.
  18. Glycolic scrub


    Can be quite rough on sensitive skin but I do think that it works great for eliminating body acne. The chemical exfoliation is great so you don't have to scrub your skin raw


    This scrub is amazing and does wonders for my skin! You only need a pea sized amount to exfoliate your face and it leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh!
  20. Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub

    Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub

    I tried a sample version of the Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub. I used it quite a few times but it never properly exfoliated my face. It just dried it out and left the dead skin that needed to be exfoliated there, this resulted in a lot of white pimples sitting under the surface of my skin.
  21. BEST scrub out there


    Love this scrub! It is an amazing gentle physical exfoliate without leaving your skin dry and tight
  22. amazing!


    I've been using this scrub over a year because I do laser hair removal treatments and I was told to use this scrub regularly during treatments. It has done an amazing job in preventing ingrown hairs and smoothing out my skin and I use this on my armpits and brazilian area.

    One day I ran out of my usual face wash and I decided why not try this scrub on my face too because its originall...
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  23. One of the best


    I have used this scrub a few times now and my skin always feels so good afterward. It is so effective at clearing away dead skin and congestion. 5/5.
  24. Go to


    I originally got a sample of this scrub and had to get a bottle after! It really does the job without being too harsh and still smooths and clears without irritating
  25. Consistently good


    I've used this a few times and repurchased a couple of weeks ago. My skin tends toward sensitive so I can't overdo the actives. I use this twice a week and it's perfect. You can target more sensitive areas by not scrubbing as much, and you don't need to apply much pressure at all. My skin looks clearer and my pores are less visible. Highly recommend. A good price for something that works so well.
  26. Awesome Product!


    I’ve been using this product alongside the L-Lactic cleanser and they’ve both cleared my skin up tremendously and they aren’t too harsh on my skin! I love them some much! And they last quite a while!
  27. Strong and amazing


    This is a super strong face scrub!! I can only use it once a week, but honestly it’s all you need at this strength. I use it after I cleanse and my skin is left so glassy and fresh looking, you can tell it’s removed the dull layer of skin after 1 use which is what you want from a chemical exfoliant. Very good value for money!
  28. Great for dry and dead skin near shaving prone area


    I use this product to bring life to any dead or dry skin that could come to the surface as a result of shaving. Used to get those embarrassing dark patches under my arms and I'd be never want to lift my arms up - but this product has changed it for the better!
  29. Hands down best scrub I’ve ever used


    I have sensitive, combination skin prone to breakouts. This scrub has saved my skin! My breakouts are next to nothing now and my skin feels incredible when using twice a week. I use this in combination with the peel and my skin feels and looks so much clearer. I will never buy another scrub ever again
  30. Scrub


    I use this on my legs 2-3 times a week to help with ingrown hairs! it has helped but my skin is quite sensitive so sometimes it becomes red if i scrub for to long! but it does help scrub away the dead skin cells! It lasted me a while to!
  31. Strong product and it works


    Received a sample of this. It works but use with care as it's really strong! Mildly burning sensation in the nostrils when breathing while waiting 30 seconds or so after application for the product to do its job - thanks the generous glycolic acid content. Skin feels smoother after use.
  32. Amazing!


    This product is absolutely amazing! I desperately needed an exfoliating product that was actually powerful enough to do something to my very textured and uneven skin. All the other exfoliating scrubs I have used have done an okay job but this product is next level. My skin is so soft, smooth and clear after using this. I only use it twice a week because it is that good you don't need to use it mor...
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  33. don't love it


    I usually use the alpha h micro cleanse super scrub as my manual exfoliant and thought i'd give this a go because it's much more affordable. I really hate the smell - usually that kind of thing doesn't bother me but it's so intense. It's a much more intense scrub - which is nice if i'm having a very bad skin day, but I feel like it's a bit too much. prefer the alpha h.
  34. Good for after laser treatments

    Great scrub

    I use this a week after my laser treatments to remove hair it makes my skin feel nice and help in laser aftercare treatment this was recommended to me and im glad it was.
  35. Skins best friend


    This is hands down the best exfoliator I have ever used. I’ve tried lots of others but always find myself coming back to this one. It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and clean. A purchase you will not regret
  36. Great Cleanser


    I always chop and change my regimen in skin care but I always come back to this one because its fantastic for the price and a great exfoliant for the skin. I was told to only use it every second day by one beautician when I first discovered it at her clinic, but when I moved away it was too far to travel to get it, so its great it is here on adore beauty as I shop here anyways and didn't realize t...
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  37. Great exfoliant scrub


    Amazing! Makes my skin feel so soft afterwards. Use 3 times a week on congested skin. Definitely have see my skin clearing
  38. Amazing


    Long time user of this product. This is my absolute all time favourite product. Leaves my skin feeling so smooth and exfoliated and looking very fresh
  39. Great even for sensitive skin


    This is amazing. My skin is sensitive, so I use once or twice a week. It doesn't sting or irritate my skin at all, and when i put on my moisturiser afterward I can feel how soft and clean my skin is. I just make sure that I use a really gentle calming moisturiser after I use it. Love it!
  40. Spot treatment


    Good to use on active blemishes to draw out excess oil. It makes my skin to dry however to use all over the face.
  41. My Supplementary Face Cleanser


    I recieve so many free tubes of this product whenever I get goodies bag which has been great!
    I sometimes use this product when I feel my skin needs it, which is only very rarely as I don't want to overwhelm my skin with the tougher products.
    It is a great product, espeially when my skin is really congested, I love the smell and the way it tingles just a little bit as I apply it. Makes...
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  42. Amazing scrub!


    I love this scrub - It was recommended by my skin therapist and I have wish I knew about it sooner! Makes my oily skin feel soft, clean and refreshed.
  43. Great Scrub


    I love this scrub. I only use it maybe twice a week, when I feel I need that extra clean. It really leaves my skin feeling clean . I wear quite heavy make up all week, so I love this as I feel perfectly clean and not congested at all. Would highly recommend this.
  44. Very good


    I recommend this product if you are going to do laser hair removal, to prevent in grown hairs and just general exfoliation. It can all be used before shaving/waxing.
  45. Lovely scrub


    Love using this scrub. I have acne prone skin and this scrub is gentle and does not irritate my skin. I prefer using chemical scrubs than physical (eg. salt and sugar) scrubs for my face because of my sensitive skin. I use it at least twice a week.
    If you want a more intense scrub I would leave it on my face for your whole shower like 10 minutes plus. I do this when I have especially dry ski...
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  46. Not for me


    I bought this due to the amazing reviews, and sadly wished I hadn't. The particles are too rigid and hurt my face and the smell is so chemically. I would recommend sticking to chemical exfoliants.
  47. Very nice scrub


    Great scrub. My skin feels incredibly soft after and it's great if I feel a cystic pimple popping up.

    But for the price, there are better scrubs out there.
  48. Amazing


    Best exfoliant I have used to date !! Has helped me fight acne too
  49. Great scrub


    This is a really effective scrub, i use it 3 times a week after my cleanser and i have found my breakouts are almost eliminate. The tube is big and lasts a long time, great value for money. Highly recommend!
  50. Nice!


    I received a sample of this product, and have been using it for the past few weeks - it doesnt seem to irritate my skin or make it red - i massage in for 30 seconds and then wash off - leaves my face looking brighter and plumber.
    Would consider purchasing it once my sample runs out!
  51. Better for the bod!


    I found this to be a little harsh on my face (I do have sensitive combo skin though) so I started using it on my body and have found it to be incredibly exfoliating, leaving my body feeling really supple and smooth. Every now and then I'll try it again on some problem areas on my face however I use it sparingly.
  52. Skin resurfacing gem


    I was using this quite regularly a few years ago and had good results, but for some reason I stopped using it. Fast forward to now, my skin has been in terrible shape and I needed something to help being it back. I've been going this 3 times a week for about 10 days and my skin is so much softer and less breakouts are occurring. Really gets your skin back to a better place quicker than any other p...
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  53. Favourite face scrub!


    This face scrub is my favourite by far. Can’t use anything else. My laser clinic taught me to get the most out of it, lather it all over your face and leave it there for 30 seconds to let the glycolic acid penetrate the skin, and then after the 30 seconds use circular motions to exfoliate as usual before you rinse. Gives a deeper exfoliate.
    I use on my body as well!
  54. love this!

    Georgia Barnes

    Love this scrub! it exfoliates your skin without stripping it and leaving it dry and tight.

    Love it!
  55. BEST scrub


    This is the best value cleanser I've probably ever used. The effects at this price point are great. Skin feels SO incredibly smooth after using this. I generally use at night for a deep cleanse after removing make up then using gentle cleanser.
  56. Perfect for body


    I agree with others that this exfoliant is far too scratchy and harsh for the face. But I use a small amount a few times a week on my back, chest, shoulders and arms. I'm prone to problem skin on my back, and this exfoliant is just ideal for areas with thicker skin. Leaves skin glowy, smooth, and clean, and without an overwhelming fragrance like many body scrubs.
  57. Good for unclogging but can be harsh


    I really enjoy this product, but make sure you read the instructions carefully and do not apply too often, or leave on too long for sensitive skin.

    It really help with my clogged pores/milia on my dry/sensitive skin, but I can only use it about 1 x a week.
  58. Pretty awesome - Gycolic Scrub 14%


    This product was recommended to me by the girls at Adore Beauty (along with the Skinstitut Gycolic cleanser). This product came in the post at just the right time, hormonal break out time - pimples on my chin and jaw - just not nice at all, and so red! i started using this immediately - just a pea size amount at night time. I can definitely say, that by the following morning the redness had improv...
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  59. Great value, works


    I remembered my old housemate used to have this scrub and how effective it was for exfoliating to prevent ingrown hairs. Great value for money—only need a tiny bit of product and can use on any body part, not just face.
  60. Perfect for stopping breakouts instantly!


    I stopped using this product a while ago and noticed that my skin had been playing up more often. I have oily skin and noticed that when I wasn't using this, my whole face would have a layer of oil and shine at the end of the day. I started having massive breakouts too (probably from eating poor food and the stress that came with Covid-19). I bought this product again because I know that it worked...
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  61. Best body exfoliator I’ve tried l


    I got this scrub on recommendation from the girls at laser clinics to help exfoliate after laser hair removal and now it has just become part of my weekly routine for my body. I love using it to buff away old fake tan and then prep to reapply a flawless fake tan! I love using it dry just before I hop into the shower for a really good scrub. My boyfriend has also got rally good results using this f...
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  62. Love this product!


    I have tried many skinstitut products, however this is one of my favourites. It's quite coarse and i love the smooth feel it leaves on my skin. You might get a fresh/cooling feel to your skin afterwards which again, i like. You only need a tiny amount of this and i find it best applied with a silicone face cleanser
  63. The best exfoliating scrub


    I used to have very rough uneven skin. This has helped me so much. I use this only once a week. Its usually in the shower when I have cleansed my skin and its soft to apply this product. I gently scrub this on my skin and just love how it feels after my shower. When I am moisturizing I can feel the difference.
    Highly recommend it.
  64. Best Exfoliant


    Great exfoliant for laser after-care. Also a great every-now-and-then face exfoliator if you have a bit of congestion and need a good scrub. Use it all over my body, great product and lasts so long!
  65. Good foray into exfoliants


    I had been hesitant to try glycolic acid, but upon the recommendation of a friend I ventured into the world of Skinstitut. My skin type is normal to combination, but also prone to some sensitivity, especially around the cheeks! As soon as I washed this off, my skin was left feeling smooth and soft and I could feel it being a deep clean.
  66. Love this product. My face feels so clean.


    Great product. My face feels so clean after it and it is gentle enough to use it every day. Doesn't dry out my skin and helps reduce acne.
  67. Scrub


    So far it’s good I haven’t had it for to long but it really gives you a good scrub and my face is improving in texture and acne :)
  68. Really happy with results already!


    I have used this product twice and can already see results, I love the smell and it really feels like it is penetrating the pores!
  69. Great scrub for a skincare newbie


    I've just recently added this product to my skincare routine and so far so good! I haven't really used an exfoliant before but this one is super gentle so its great for someone who is just starting out or has sensitive skin. My skin isn't too red after I use it and feels refreshed. Also, it's great value for money! I'll definitely be sticking with this scrub for a while.
  70. Amazing!


    Have been using this scrub for a week now and have already noticed a massive difference. Skin is clearer and a lot more softer. Will def purchase again
  71. Best scrub


    This scrub is amazing! It leaves my face feeling so soft.
    Definitely recommend this product.
  72. Love it!


    I use this about twice a week to give my skin an extra clean. Really love it. I actually love the tingle to feel it working. A really good twice a week boost to my cleansing routine
  73. Harsh


    Super rough and corse grain in product. Extremely exfoliation. For people with sensitive skin don’t rub too hard and only use one a week. Minor stings
  74. Fav Scrub


    I love this scrub. I use it once a week and it helps keep my skin clear
  75. Can be harsh for sensitive skins


    This scrub can be quite harsh if you have sensitive/combination skin, 14% is quite high percentage of glycolic acid if you haven't used it before and can give a tingly sensation. I would suggest a lower percentage or L-Lactic cleanser for the face and use this for the body instead. Please keep in mind scrubs like this if used on the face should only be used once a week maximum!! Anything more can ...
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  76. Amazing Exfoliant


    I literally love all Skinstitut products so much, I just think you can’t go wrong! The Glycolic Scrub is amazing, it works wonders for your skin and really helps to clear up any imperfections. I have had acne and suffer from hormonal breakouts and this scrub helps keep it all at bay. Plus, for a decent skincare brand, it’s super affordable!
  77. Amazing product


    This is the first time using skinstitut... was recommend and so far so good. My face is feeling fresh
  78. Love this scrub!


    My favourite scrub! I have just started using again after a while as I had forgotten to order and wow I didn’t realise how much I’d missed it! It leaves your skin feeling beautifully clean & clear! I still love this as much as when I first tried it years ago!
  79. Love it!!

    Maddie L

    Such a great exfoliant first dull skin. Instantly smooths and leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Definite glow too!
  80. A regular staple in my body care regime


    I use this scrub head to toe: great for keratosis pilaris on arms and legs in particular, and for a really deep clean of my face every fortnight. My skin needs regular a scrub to keep it soft and this is by far the most effective I've come across. Also great for preventing ingrown hairs.
  81. Great


    This was a freebie and I really like it! I can only use once a week but when I do, it removes dead skins so well, leaving my skin soft. Makeup stays longer and goes on better when I use this weekly. I’ll definitely be buying when my bottle runs out.
  82. Smooth Skin!


    I received this free with an Adore order and will definitely be repurchasing when it runs out. I use it 2-3 times a week, and cant stop touching my face after I do as it leaves it so smooth!
  83. Effective exfoliating scrub


    This facial scrub is good. I have sensitive skin and haven't had any issues with this. I haven't experienced any tingling or stinging, only minor redness but I have used glycolic acid previously.
  84. Hello fresh skin!


    Great scrub, not too granular, the beads are just right! Skin feels soft and fresh after use. No scent.
  85. Great Scrub


    I purchased this prior to purchasing the micro peel, this worked well when used often. I prefer the peel but this is a great alternative!
  86. My favourite!


    This scrub has the perfect level of abrasion and helps even out the texture of my annoying breakout-prone combination skin perfectly. A little bit goes a long way, meaning I will never need to order this more than twice in one year (and my partner uses it too!). I definitely recommend this scrub - it beats all others in my opinion.
  87. Great product but cap defective


    I first got this as a sample and loved it, so purchased the full-size. Removes all grittiness and makeup. However, the cap refuses to close. Press it as much as you like and it'll pop off again. Bit concerned that it will affect the product inside over time. Having said that, I bought the full sized Gentle Cleanser at the same time and the cap is fine. Would definitely buy again though.
  88. Great value for money!

    Chloe Gracie

    This is a great physical exfoliant that I like to use every so often to re-set my skin or if I'm experiencing a bout of hormonal acne. It's also lasted me months!
  89. Amazing!!


    I've only used this twice and it instantly smooths skin! I haven't noticed any lightening/difference in scars or stretch marks but it has made my hands, face, and body instantly smooth, you'll notice when you put moisturiser on afterwards. Can't wait to see how it turns out long term. Just be careful to avoid any scratches/open skin as it really stings.
  90. My second bottle


    This is my second bottle of this. Seeming as though I only exfoliate once a week it lasts me ages. It is quiet fine but feels really thorough on my skin
  91. Definitely helps acne


    I actually brought this for my husband as he has always suffered from back acne. I heard about it on the adore podcast and thought I would give it a shot. Well I can say it has definitely helped with his acne, oil and build up of dirt (from his job). He loves it as it actually works! Will continue to purchase this product!
  92. a good physical and chemical exfoliant


    I got this as a free sample and I have been very happy with it. Would definitely consider re-purchasing when I run out. I only use this once or twice a week. It makes my skin super smooth and soft. Not too harsh.
  93. Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%


    I have been using this face exfoliating scrub for years and i recommend it so much. A little goes a long way and personally, i only use it about 2-3 times a week and it works really well. I have oily skin and am prone to breakouts and it helps so much to clean my pores, help with oil production and even out my skins texture.
  94. Helpful!


    Has helped to minimise my KP. Really happy with the result. Great value.
  95. Good all-over scrub


    This is a good scrub that can be used on your face and body. I find it quite effective in preventing ingrown hairs between laser hair removal treatments.
  96. Love it


    I have always battled blackheads and I have sensitive skin. By using this product for 4+ years my skin has cleared up, blackheads are visibly reduced after a single use (prolonged use means they have almost entirely disappeared!), it is gentle enough to use almost daily.
    I love this product and always recommend it to friends.
  97. Favourite Scrub


    Definitely my favourite scrub. I use it twice a week and have noticed a serious change in my skin. Clears up pimples and leaves my face feeling super smooth. Great value as it lasts forever!
  98. Cult product for a reason


    I don't think I've ever met someone who doesn't like this stuff... It's great for oily/congested skin, but also just for a good exfoliation. (Maybe avoid if you have super sensitive skin). Also, this stuff is great value: the bottle is huge! I also use it on my back!
  99. Can't imagine my skin routine without this product!

    Julia Hothersall

    I can’t express how much I love this product and absolutely can’t imagine my skin routine without this product. I have received this scrub as a gift from Adorebeauty as a part of the promotion and instantly fell in love with it and have been ordering it since then. I normally use it few times a week to clear my congested skin as you feel deep clean after each use. This scrub is not too harsh on y...
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  100. Clears up skin


    This stuff is amazing! My skin has never looked so good. I use it as a mask also one a week.
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