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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

Skinstitut Authentic

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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% by Skinstitut

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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% is a deep and invigorating scrub, perfect for the face and body. The primary ingredients of this product are Glycolic Acid, Jojoba beads and Tea Tree oil.

Glycolic acid provides effective chemical exfoliation, aided by physical, biodegradable Jojoba beads. Tea Tree Oil has long been used for it's anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, which assist in the treatment of acne and breakouts.


The Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% allows for controlled skin exfoliation for a smoother, brighter complexion. This scrub formulation repairs and strengthens impaired skin, refreshes and rebalances problematic skin and is a suitable product for preparation of dermal therapy modalities. A non-dehydrating product, this scrub is great for acne-prone and congested skin.


After cleansing with your favourite Skinstitut cleanser, squeeze a pea sized amount of Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% onto wet hands and apply to your face in a circular motion for 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. This product should not be used around the eye area.

This products works great with Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser to remove all traces of oil and makeup prior to exfoliation. Follow with Skinstitut Moisture Defence to keep skin hydrated and smooth without congesting pores.


Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% is now free from microbeads, using the polishing power of jojoba beads. To learn more about micro beads click here.


How to use Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

  • Squeeze a pea sized amount onto wet hands and rub over treatment area for 30 seconds.

  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water

  • Pat dry

  • Not to be used around the eye area

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Reviews (17)
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Love it! - 11-02-2013 by

I'd rate this scrub up their with my other faves by ASAP & Alpha H. Its very similar. Tiny fine granuales in a cream base make it super scrubby for a super smooth result. The huge tube last ages as you only need a pea sized amount and the pleasant scent & neutral packaging means my husband loves it too.

Love this scrub! - 07-03-2013 by

By far my favourite exfoliant. It isn't harsh on my skin but keeps it feeling fresh and clean. Reduces the amount of times I need to have microdermabrasion done also! Its cheap and usually lasts me a few months :)

The best scrub !! - 08-03-2017 by

Received this scrub with the glycolic cleanser and retinol yesterday and after first time use i can literally feel the difference with my skin. The scrub is soo goood i highly recommend this scrub to anyone to get it. If you have dull and rough/pigmented skin, Adding this product to your regime will do wonders to your skin, I promise! It is my favorite brand atm Thankss Skin institut :)

Good value for the quality - 29-01-2017 by

As I've found with all skinstitut products they are great value. They are big sizes and adore beauty always has them at a great price. This scrub is really great, I use it every second day and my skin has become a lot smoother.

Skin saver! - 22-12-2016 by

I hardly ever review products unless I'm super impressed! This cleaner has actually transformed me skin. I suffer from adult acne and have had 2 courses of accutane. My skin had started to go back to its old way with breakouts everywhere. I decided to give this a go before I went back to the dermatologist and omg I'm so glad I did! I had to use it nightly for about a month before my skin totally settled down but now I can get away without layers of makeup to hide my pimples as I have none! My boyfriend is shocked at the results as well :)

Long story short if you are thinking of buying this pleassssse take the plunge! You won't regret it

Best product for a scrub! - 20-11-2016 by

Best product to lift the grimy dead skin layer!
I use it once a week and it's great!
Get it!

Great stuff - 25-10-2016 by

I like it so much!

Great value, always a re-order - 18-09-2016 by

Effective, great value scrub which I use on my chest, thighs and bum if there is a bit of exfoliation required! Does what it says on the tin - always a re-order. Great for overall skin texture.

Life saving - 19-12-2015 by

I use this product in conjunction with apricot scrub (salicylic acid) every other day. I find the mix between these exfoliants a works best for treating my contested skin and acne. It's has been just 6 days and my acne is no more. I have suffered adult acne for about 2 years straight and nothing worked until now. I would have up to 15 pimples in one area around my chin and now I have 1! Will continue to use Skinstiut till the day I die. Thank you adore for the great value on this range and speedy delivery. Very happy customer :)

Love this stuff! - 08-11-2015 by

I was also recommended this product from my laser clinic to help prevent ingrowns and since using it for the first time I have been hooked! It makes my face feel so clean and fresh and the texture and appearance of my skin has dramatically improved. My partner is also in love with this stuff as he suffers from bad ingrown hairs on his neck and jaw and the skin would be very sore and sensitive after shaving. He has been using this product for about 3 weeks and already you can feel and see the difference. Highly recommend this product for both men and women!

My skin saviour - 30-11-2014 by

I first got introduced to the product by the girls at my laser clinic. They said it would prevent ingrown hairs from laser removal. It does exactly that but so much more. Whenever I get a breakout or those unsightly bumps under the skin I use this evey night for a week and my skin becomes flawless and super smooth. It's gotten rid of my blackheads and the milia I have in the corner of my eyes. I know it's not meant to be used around the eye area but my milia was so bad I thought I'd try it and it worked. . I can't live without this product

Very scrubby - 28-08-2014 by

Really really like this scrub, the grains of exfoliant are super scrubby like very fine sand, and the chemical exfoliant component is effective without being irritating to my skin. I use this to clear out blocked pores on my nose after using biore strips and it just completely cleans everything out and leaves my skin soooo super soft. I also feel like my skin absorbs my moisturiser so much better after using this scrub.

This scrub is awesome... - 26-07-2014 by

I LOVE using Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%, and my skin always feels amazingly smooth afterwards. It's a great addition to my weekly routine. Highly recommended.

Does exactly what it says! - 10-07-2014 by

Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% is a great product that's not expensive ie. reasonable price to purchase, and then you only need a tiny bit so it lasts for ages.

It leaves your skin very smooth without the irritation that some other exfoliants do. I love this product and the Skinstitut brand!

LOVE this scrub! - 01-07-2014 by

I absolutely LOVE this scrub. It is amazing! You only need a tiny amount so the tube will last you a long time. And it really makes your skin feel and look better.

14% glycolic exfoliating scrub - 20-06-2014 by

I love love love this scrub, this tube lasted me almost 12 months, using at least twie weekly, I am usually heavy handed but you only need a small amount. My skin felt so smooth and polished after it.
My beautician has tried to convert me to another product however I will stick with this, love it. Perhaps I should try the other products in this range!

Highly recommended - 25-03-2014 by

After visiting the beauty therapist she recommended this scrub for me (i'm prone to breakouts and sensitive skin). I used it everyday as my skin was quite congested and it really cleared it up. I paid $50 at the beauticians so when i found it on this website for this price it really is great value, plus its a big tube so lasts for ages. I also bought the skinstitute cleanser and use this everyday along with the scrub 2-3 times a week and have noticed a huge improvement in my skin. Happy customer, thanks Adore xx

Q & A
2 Questions Ask a question
  • From Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% at 18/11/14 11:12 AM
    • Q: I have acne scars on my upper back and bottom (unfortanetly) from 5-6 years ago. The scars aren't protruding, there just dark brown spots that really look disgusting, will this glycolic scrub work for it?
    • A: I would steer away from a glycolic scrub on acne-prone skin. It may irritate the scars, too.
      I would instead suggest a brightening product, like Ultraceuticals Even Skin Tone Serum or the Dermalogica Power Bright range.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No
  • From Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% at 19/02/17 2:36 PM
    • Q: How often should you be using this product?
    • A: Hi Nipune,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      The Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% is great to use once or twice a week. The glycolic in this product is an active and effective ingredient, designed to assist in the removal of the dead skin cells on the skin's outermost surface. Which, unfortunately, this process does start to slow down as we get older. This scrub will leave your skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean, great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and congestion. I'd avoid using this product more than twice a week. As this can cause your skin to become quite dry and flaky.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No
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