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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% 200ml

4.7 of 1260 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58

Or 4 instalments of $8.58 with LEARN MORE

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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% is a high intensity exfoliant that works to deeply cleanse while also performing a controlled skin exfoliation. Suitable for most skin types, except red, sensitised or irritated.

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

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4.7 of 1260 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best results


Finally I found the scrub that really works. It removes all the impurities and dead skin very well.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for me


Am I the only one who doesn’t like this exfoliator? I don’t like the smell also I think the acid is too strong that irritated my eyes as soon as I rubbed it on my cheek..maybe this is not for sensitive skin?
  1. Best results


    Finally I found the scrub that really works. It removes all the impurities and dead skin very well.
  2. Powerful


    I got this to use on the back of my neck where I’ve started getting breakouts.
    It’s super strong and when used on the face is really drying but it works!
    It clears breakouts almost overnight.
    I use it sparingly on my face when I have a nasty breakout and it gives a super deep clean.
    Remember to hydrate like mad after using this!!
  3. Smooth as a baby’s bum!


    verified purchaser
    I use this exfoliater 1-2 then a week and I love it! After I use my skin is super smooth. If you have super sensitive skin it could be a little harsh on your skin but for me it’s perfect as I have suffered from hormonal breakouts on my chin and found it has really helped.
  4. Feels great! Not sure about prevention or smell


    verified purchaser
    This scrubs leaves my skin soft and even my boyfriend comments on the difference! However, the smell is not great and it has not been preventing me from getting more bacne. Will keep using it but seems like it's the same as other exfoliants.
  5. Love this product!


    I love this scrub and sometimes mix it with the gentle cleanser.
    It gets rid of black heads and leaves me face feeling smooth and clean. You can even use it to exfoliate your entire body!
  6. Great multi-tasker


    My skin is a tad sensitive so i only use this on my face once a fortnight or so. I love using it on the body though. I get keratosis pilaris on my upper arms and it helps with that. I also use it to remove tan prior to laser appointments or before applying fresh tan. I apply it all over my body on dry skin before i get in the shower and let it sit for 5 mins. Then i buff in circular motions once i...
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  7. Not a bad exfoliator


    In general I steer clear of physical exfoliators as I feel they're too rough on my skin. But I received a 30ml sample of this from adore, which lasted me a few months using it once or twice a week. It definitely tingles on application (I used it in the shower after cleansing), and I only used it on the T-zone where I tend to have issues with my skin. I didn't rub it in roughly, just gently massage...
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  8. Clears up congestion


    I needed help with my skin getting congested and breaking out (not fun being in my 30's with acne..... not the "youthful skin" look I'm going for). Using this at night 2-3 times a week helps so much in clearing the gunk just under my skin!
    The chemical exfoliant combined with the exfoliating beads work together perfectly and leave my skin super fresh.
    I'm very oily so I find I can get ...
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  9. Love this scrub!


    I use this in the shower and love it. The little beads are nice and not to abrasive. Has helped to clear some of the acne on my body and leaves my skin lovely and soft after the shower. Very affordable and is a great addition to my shower routine.
  10. Love!


    Really like this product. Gives me super soft skin. I gave 4.5 because sometimes it can be a little drying.
  11. Leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth!


    I have normal/sensitive skin so I was a little bit hesitant to try out a Glycolic Acid exfoliator/scrub but after reading though some of the comments and finding others with similar skin types as mine I decided to bite the bullet and try it. Before now, I’ve never really branched into skin care all that much, so trying out a scrub with Glycolic Acid was a brand new experience for me!

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  12. Cannot live without this


    This is the BEST exfoliater scrub out there for decongested skin. I have oily blackhead prone skin with hormonal acne and with regular use I do not break out at all! I use this 2-3 times a week, I also have sensitive skin. This is not too harsh.
  13. Good cleanser


    My partner has this at his house and has let me use it. I do find that this slightly drying, but I feel like my skin is so clean. I would recommend this but use something hydrating after it. I found my skin got a bit flaky after some time using it without moisturiser.


    I love this. It is intense but I have sensitive-ish skin and it love it !!
  15. So many things you can do with this!


    This is a go-to product for me. You can use it as an exfoliater between laser sessions, as an exfoliater for congested skin (pimples on your chest and back), for chicken skin on the back of your arms, to help remove fake tan...the list goes on. A shower must-have.
  16. Lovely scrub


    Reasonably priced and good quality scrub, without making my sensitive skin red...Always leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, leaves a lasting glow!
  17. Not for sensitive skin

    Kristina B

    This was a sample with purchase. I found this too harsh for the sensitive skin on my face but concede it may be useful to use on other areas. Unfortunately my skin doesn't tolerate strong exfoliators and dries out too much.
  18. Feels amazing


    Skin feels so smooth after but don't scrub too hard or on dry sensitive areas on the face
  19. Not for sensitive skin!


    I use this one a week and have to be very careful with not scrubbing for too long or else my skin looks extremely flaky the next day from a compromised moisture barrier. My skin isn't sensitive so I am guessing this wouldn't suit those with sensitive skin at all.
  20. Shaving's best friend


    I generally have sensitive skin so I don't use it on my face other than the enzymatic micro peel, however this is a holy grail when it comes to exfoliating before shaving and before/after laser. Really digs into the hair follicle and gives it a good clean. I wouldn't use any other exfoliator out there
  21. Effective But Not Too Rough


    This is the best exfoliator I have found to date, and I have lost count of many I've trialed and tested. It's gritty and feels like it's doing what it needs to without being too rough and abraisive on the skin. It always leaves my skin feeling smoother and like it's had a good clean, as a good exfoliator should! Currently onto my 5th bottle.
  22. Great results & a little goes a long way!

    Zoey J

    An excellent scrub that works well to smooth the skin and reduce congestion. Lasts for so long as you only need a small amount.
  23. Gritty & effective


    Great exfoliant! Definitely a routine staple. I love the grittiness and that you can feel the product working into the skin. Leaves my skin feeling clean and supple. Would recommend.
  24. Effective


    This is a great, simple and effective glycolic scrub. I've tried a few other chemical exfoliant type scrubs and this is just on it' own level. Does what you need without any unnecessary extras. You'll be left with smooth, radiant skin after using this.
  25. Good exfoliator


    This is great for the price. I was looking for a good cleanser with an exfoliating agent in it to use only once a week or so just to give a good clean or after a big night of makeup. I wouldn’t use it every day personally just because I would find it too harsh. For this use it is perfect. Gives a nice clean, just don’t scrub too hard! I have normal to dry skin and am 35 yrs old.
  26. Deep Exfoliant


    This is great to minimise my pores as well as give my face a good deep clean. As i have sensitive skin i only use once a week but clears my skin really well, ensure to always moisturise straight after rinsing and drying the face. I also use this for my laser areas too to bring out the hair follicle.
  27. Exfoliating Heaven


    I received a sample of this with another order and fell in love with it! This is truly the best product I’ve used and let me tell you, I’ve used a few! I like to lightly wet my face in the shower and then gently scrub in a circular motion paying close attention to my forehead and chin. Sounds strange but it’s an area that’s easy to forget. I love the way my skin feels so clean afterwards. But what...
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  28. So smoothing!


    This scrub is seriously lifechanging! the word "scrub" sounds quite harsh, but I have very sensitive skin and this works fantastically with no adverse reaction. Whenever I use it my skin feels so smooth afterwards. Love to use it on my back in summer too.
  29. A loved staple in my skin care routine


    I love this scrub and have been using it for a few years now. I like that you can actually see and feel the beads in it and leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth.
  30. Like it as a body scrub


    It is harsh on my face, but I find it works well as a body scrub.
  31. Another great Skinstitut product


    This is a great and gentle exfoliater. I have been happily using it for over a year. Great value and results
  32. Great skin clearing scrub


    I use this scrub a few times a week and it keeps my skin clear. I have dry skin but it doesn't dry it out too much. It helps keep away imperfections.
  33. Exfoliant at its best


    I use it when i get neck/back acne, or after a laser hair removal treatment. Absolutely amazing at exfoliating
  34. Exfoliant at its best


    I use it when i get neck/back acne, or after a laser hair removal treatment. Absolutely amazing at exfoliating
  35. Exfoliant at its best


    I use it when i get neck/back acne, or after a laser hair removal treatment. Absolutely amazing at exfoliating
  36. Highly recommended!


    I have been using this scrub for about 2 years now, and I love the immediate feelings of cleanliness it gives my skin.
  37. Bang for your buck


    I’ve tried so many expensive exfoliants, chemical and otherwise, but this good old fashioned scrub is the best in the biz! And for the price, you can’t go wrong!
  38. not for me


    I have mature skin and found this too abrasive for me.I love it for exfoliating my hands
  39. Great scrub


    Love this scrub. Been using it for years.
    Once a week I use this to help exfoliate my skin.
    Great for chest and back as well
  40. Nothing special


    I received a good sized sample of this as a free gift with an order. While it exfoliates the skin, it does the job like any other exfoliate. Also, it doesn't prevent blemishes, acne, and blackheads as it claims as I have been using this for couple months now and I still get blemishes like anything.
  41. great exfoliant


    i've been using this twice a week, and so far, it seems like it is doing it's job. my skin feels smoother and softer, and i don't have as many new acne bumps reemerging. would recommend!
  42. Not for me


    Am I the only one who doesn’t like this exfoliator? I don’t like the smell also I think the acid is too strong that irritated my eyes as soon as I rubbed it on my cheek..maybe this is not for sensitive skin?
  43. ROUGH Exfoliant


    I use this once a week at most for a really thorough facial scrub but it is very harsh. I also love using this product to remove fake tan easily. Beware of using this product on sensitive or mature skin.
  44. skinstitut


    glycolic acid works absolute wonders on my skin, i love how smooth and soft my skin feels afterwards
  45. The perfect scrub


    I have only been using this product for a week, but it feels amazing. You can feel it exfoliating, but it is also super soft. I have seen amazing results for my acne scarring from the skinstitut range.
  46. The goods


    I love everything about this cosmeceutical scrub. The affordability, the major effectiveness of this scrub, the texture, the cruelty-free aspect, the fact that Skinstitut is Aussie-owned. This product helped to clear out some recent breakouts I was struggling with, it also keeps any blackheads and flaky skin under control. Leaves my skin as smooth as anything, and somehow helps with oiliness too. ...
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  47. Great product


    For years I had trouble finding a product that would exfoliate my skin, but at this same time, wasn't harsh and abrasive. I suffer from sensitive, oily skin, which is prone to breakouts. I found this product was, hands down, a life saver. It gently exfoliates and leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean. Highly recommend!!!
  48. Clears up congestion in no time!

    Joy Pirotta

    I generally have pretty good skin however every now and then I get a bit of congestion on the form of tiny white breakouts/bumps on the side of my face. The Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% worked wonders...and so quickly!
    After I cleansed my skin, I applied a really small amount of the product directly onto the areas where felt congested and gently massaged it in circular motions.
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  49. Average


    An ok product, however does not have the luxurious feel that I have experienced with other products of this type. It is not that bad that I won't finish the tube, however I wouldn't purchase again.
  50. Awesome scrub


    I received this scrub as a sample with my adore haul. I use this scrub one to two times per week and absolutely love it! It is an intense exfoliant that clears my skin. I will definitely buy this once I’ve finished the generous sample! A little goes a long way!
  51. Great scrub


    I use the Glycolic scrub about once a week and find that it really cleans and leaves my face feeling silky smooth afterwards. The scrub can be quite rough so I try not to press too firmly on my face as I can have sensitive skin. I use a moisturiser or oil afterwards as well
  52. Fantastic exfoliant


    I recieved this as GWP. This is a great exfoliant and has helped in clearing up my congested skin. Love each and every skinstitut product.
  53. Great exfoliator


    This product is a great exfoliator. Does not irritate my skin and leaves my skin super smooth after using it. Breakouts have settled down since using this. It’s a huge bottle too so great value!
  54. Fantastic scrub


    I received a sample product of this scrub and was so impressed that I purchased it immediately. I am in my late 40s but prone to hormonal cysts around my chin. Since using the scrub, I have had very few cysts and when I have got them, they have cleared within a matter of days (compared to weeks previously). Red marks have also disappeared quickly. The rest of my face feels so smooth and soft. ...
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  55. Best scrub ever


    Love this scrub. Very easy to use in the shower a couple of times a week. Combined with a regular skin care routine, my skin is the best it has been in years.
  56. Great


    This has helped sped up the disappearance of my acne scars
  57. great for acne


    this scrub is amazing for congested and acne prone skin. it makes my skin feel super soft and smooth. Definitely recommend!
  58. Slightly harsh


    I have sensitive skin. This is a great exfoliator but just have to use it extra gently as it is abit harsh for my skin type.
  59. Great product


    Love this face scrub, it clears my skin and is great to use on body also!
  60. Great scrub!!


    I really love this scrub it does such a great job. It has really helped clear my skin of any blemishes as well as keeping ingrown hairs at bay
  61. Good cleanser


    Best exfoliater I ever used it is gentle on skin .
  62. Not the best


    I dont think its a fault of the product but i realized that i like exfoliating glycolic toners better then i like glycolic acid in cleansers as it is a wash off product. wouldnt repurchase
  63. Skin’s best friend


    As soon as I started using this I could see the freshness on my face!! Does the job !! Use to use asap but not going back anymore
  64. Excellent product


    I use this scrub 1-2 times per week when I just want my skin to feel extra fresh and clean. IRt leaves my face feeling soft and smooth, love it!
  65. Not the best exfoliate I’ve used


    I’m not really a fan of this exfoliant, I find it is rough on my skin and hard to get off (with little bits of the beads staying on my face until I’ve rinsed a couple of times). It does leave the skin feeling soft afterwards but I definitely think there are better options available.
  66. Not the best and not the worst


    I have used this scrub a couple of times and recently repurchased it after not using it for about a year. I love the ingredient list and price point however I think the actual texture is too abrasive for the face. When using on my face I have started using it more like a mask and gently buffing my skin as I was the product off so it's not so scratchy but I still get the benefits of using a glycol...
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  67. A little harsh but effective


    The texture is quite harsh so it might not be best for sensitive skin. I use this sparingly and only once a week. My skin is much smoother and my scars have lightened slightly.
  68. Favourite Exfoliator!


    This product is amazing, I've already repurchased it twice, and I can't imagine using anything else. I use this pretty much daily and my skin is always glowing with minimal breakouts. My acne scars have also faded.
  69. love!


    Got this scrub on a whim and it's become a staple product in my skincare routine. I'm usually not a fan of physical exfoliants, but this cleared up the texture issues I was having around my cheeks and chin area, and made my hormonal breakouts infinitely more managable. It makes my skin feel baby soft and glowy, and I've had so many compliments on my complexion from using this. Well priced, great b...
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  70. A great multi-purpose scrub!


    I've been using this product for almost 2 years now. It's greatly improved my skin's texture and radiance. It fades scars and fixes ingrown hairs; even got rid of my bum acne! I use it on my legs between shaves to help with any ingrowns or irritation from sweat/tight clothing. It's perfect!
  71. Great body scrub


    I bought this as I wanted a good thorough scrub for my body, mostly my legs and arms. I find it really sloughs away the dead skin and leaves everything soft and smooth. Definitely follow with a good thick moisturizer though as it’ll dry you out if you do it often.
  72. Good


    I have oily skin and i find this great at taking off dead skin cells and brightening my skin
  73. Great Scrub


    I received it as the goodie bag gift. I didn't use it every day, once a week, the exfoliation effect is very good, I feel it is very suitable for Oily Acne Skin, very effective. Will buy products of this brand.
  74. The best exfoliant


    I seriously love this product. I switched over from dermalogica to use this scrub. you can feel the difference of the skin instantly, smooths and refreshers without making it dry. I love it
  75. So so good!

    Hannah P

    I received this as a product sample twice and I absolutely loved it so bought the full size. the product is huge so will last forever. Its a really gentle exfoliater that I use twice a week and can really notice the difference aftewards. It's great before makeup application too :)
  76. Great scrub


    This is an awesome exfoliant and glycolic is a good chemical for blackheads and pimple removal
    It works really well I use it every 2nd or 3rd day as its pretty strong and its always going to be in my toiletries kit.
  77. Best exfoliator


    I’ve been using this for years. It’s affordable and it does the job well! I use it 3 times a week for a good clean. I have oily combination skin and this is perfect for it.
  78. Nice face scrub


    Really enjoyed using felt like it was actually removing old skin cells unlike most scrubs ive used in the past
  79. Favourite Exfoliate!


    The amount of positive reviews says it all! This is hands down the best exfoliating scrub I’ve ever used. I use it twice a week to help control blackheads and get rid of dead skin. Amazing product!
  80. Best scrub


    This scrub is amazing, there's a noticeable difference in the texture and appearance of my skin after using it. I use it about 3x per week. It's super affordable and lasts a long time!
  81. Great but might be a bit abrasive for some

    Emma Loves Skincare

    I like this scrub and have been using it for years but it may be a bit abrasive for some skin types. Definitely use a bit of water to mix it in before applying to the face
  82. Going to buy again


    I absolutely love this exfoliant. Whenever my boyfriend comes over, he always uses it in the shower and has even asked I get him one next time I stock up! Your skin feels so bright and clear after. However, it can be quite harsh so I only use it on Sunday and Wednesday nights. If your skin is prone to be sensitive, you might need to opt for a more gentle option. You should also be sure only to use...
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  83. New Skin!


    This worked from the very first time I used it. My skin felt brand new! You only need to use this 1 - 2 times a week. It’s an intense exfoliant but my skin has never felt better.
  84. New Skin!


    This worked from the very first time I used it. My skin felt brand new! You only need to use this 1 - 2 times a week. It’s an intense exfoliant but my skin has never felt better.
  85. Good for blackheads


    I have gotten this one a few times and I really like it. I find that it helps a lot with blackheads and does have a nice albeit short term positive effect on skin texture.
  86. Too harsh for my skin


    I got a trial size to give this product a go. I have adult acne and scaring I’m trying to clear up. I found the scrub was a too harsh for my sensitised skin, even when I was using it once a week. On the positive side I did feel like my skin got a good exfoliation from the beads and the glycolic acid.
  87. Love it!


    I love this product. It leaves my skin smooth and shinny. I’ve been using it for years. Thumbs up
  88. Good


    I like this product. It really feels like it is cleaning the skin effectively. You do need to be careful around the eye area as it can be irritating if used close to the eye area
  89. Fave exfoliant


    A good nice and perfectly rough exfoliant that has a refreshing and invigorating cooling feeling to it. Perfect for ridding your skin of those dull dead surface skin cells! Must buy!!
  90. Amazing!


    If you find most scrubs don’t do enough for you this will be one to try! It really gets the dead skin off and the glycolic acid is super refining!!
  91. Love the scrub


    Last time I placed an order, I got a small size of this Scrub for free. It's very convenient to carry outside, and it can relieve acne skin very well. I'll buy a full size one when I'm done.
  92. Really good!


    I really like this scrub! I have been using it for a while now, a little goes a long way and I always feel like my face is so much more soft and smooth after I use this. I just don’t rub it in to my face too hard because it is quite grainy. But all round I love it!
  93. Love it!


    This is now my favorite exfoliator - I find a little bit goes a long way and great results even after a single use! If my skin is feeling a little rough and congested, after using this exfoliator it feels amazing - smooth and clear!
  94. Love it!


    This is now my favorite exfoliator - I find a little bit goes a long way and great results even after a single use! If my skin is feeling a little rough and congested, after using this exfoliator it feels amazing - smooth and clear!
  95. Soooo gooood!


    Would highly recommend if you are prone to hormonal break outs as this stuff is great for giving your skin a really deep clean. Really enjoying Skinstitut products at the moment, effective and affordable.
  96. Greats results and great value


    This product has been a small win, it’s a strong enough exfoliate yet gentle enough to not leave your skin to red or dry. My skin is more smooth, radiant and unclogged. And its great value , which is also a bonus and more sustainable!
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