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Pigmentation Correction

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Ultimate Guide to Pigmentation Correction
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Pigmentation Correction

Luxe Pigmentation Correction
Skincare products that show consistent and measurable improvements in pigmentation correction have been carefully formulated through years of research, review, and refinement. After all, a pigmentation product that shows visible pigmentation improvement within your skin should be developed with scientific care and attention. Our Luxe pigmentation correction range promises you exactly that: pigmentation correction skincare that's been carefully researched and evaluated by scientists for you. These formulas bring you the latest scientific innovations, the most efficacious active ingredients, and leading-edge breakthroughs in delivery. With our Luxe pigmentation skincare range comes a sense of trust, reliability, and efficacy that can only be found in scientifically developed skincare solutions.
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Professional Pigmentation Correction
Have you been struggling with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation? Is your skin affected by age spots that you're looking to fade? You may feel confused when you first begin to look for a pigmentation remedy. What works? What differentiates one product from another? How can you tell if a pigmentation skincare solution will be effective for you? The answers are simpler than you might think. Activity and efficacy of pigmentation correcting solutions are determined by the active ingredients used and their featured concentrations. Pigment correcting products that deliver a variety of active ingredients and fully absorb into skin are the most effective. These pigmentation solutions quickly and effectively create a significant improvement in skin condition. Many of the pigment correction products in our Pro range combine either an array of exfoliating acids or brightening and lightening ingredients. Some products even contain both. Look for effective combinations of salicylic acid (maximum 2%), glycolic acid, and lactic acid. For extra benefits, look for brightening actives such as kojic acid, liquorice extract, and vitamin C.
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Essentials Pigmentation Correction
When choosing a pigmentation treatment fit for your exact concerns, there are three kinds to select from. The first pigmentation correction category is physical exfoliants. Products such as scrubs, facial cloths, or sponges may be integrated for mild pigmentation correction. Secondly, chemical exfoliants featuring active ingredients such as salicylic acid are perfect for pigmentation concerns such as acne-induced post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Finally, for your best pigment correction results, choose a brightening serum that gets to work at the very cause of pigmentation. These products are perfect for ongoing pigmentation concerns such as age or sun spots.
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Ultimate Guide to Pigmentation Correction

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