How to Decongest Your Clogged Pores With Skinstitut

Redesign your skincare regime with Skinstitut to unblock your pores for healthier skin.

If you suffer from acne or blemish-prone skin, you may have congested pores. It's time to give your face a vigorous cleanse and adopt a new skincare routine. We've teamed up with leading Australian skincare brand Skinstitut to help you redesign your regime. With a few tweaks, you can ensure your skin is left feeling and looking healthy and blemish-free.

Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser - smiling and applying product to face - How to Decongest Your Clogged Pores With Skinstitut - 700x430Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser - smiling and applying product to face - How to Decongest Your Clogged Pores With Skinstitut - 700x430

What Are Congested Pores?

You may have heard the term. You may even know how they feel on your skin. But it's important to understand what congested pores actually are and how they affect your complexion. If you have clogged pores, they're the result of an accumulation of dead skin cells and excess sebum, or oil.

When these two components combine, they produce a plug within the pore that cuts off the oxygen supply to the skin. With a lack of oxygen, bacteria can rapidly multiply, causing acne and blemishes.

Congested pores prevent the goodness from your skincare from penetrating. Products will simply sit on your skin as build-up. You may notice makeup applying unevenly and your skin feeling heavy and oily.

Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% - hand squeezing product onto other hands - How to Decongest Your Clogged Pores With Skinstitut -  700x420Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% - hand squeezing product onto other hands - How to Decongest Your Clogged Pores With Skinstitut -  700x420


Which Skinstitut Products Can I Use To Decongest Pores?

Skinstitut works on a five-step system: cleanse, exfoliate, correct, hydrate, and protect. Every step is important in the battle against congested pores.

Step 1 - Cleanse

In order to remove impurities, you need to use a high-intensity cleanser such as Glycolic Cleanser 12%. This product cleanses your skin deeply whilst lightly exfoliating to decongest pores. Glycolic Cleanser also contains tea tree oil, which has antibacterial properties to fight acne.

  • If you have sensitive skin, you should avoid this cleanser and instead consider Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser . This product still gives your skin a deep cleanse to unblock pores but reduces irritation and strengthens skin.

  • For more help choosing a skinstitut cleanser suited to your skin type, have a read through our guide 'Which Skinstitut Cleanser Is Right for Me?'

Step 2 - Exfoliate

An exfoliant is a particularly important step if you have congested pores. Exfoliants help remove dead skin cells and product build-up. Glycolic Scrub 14% works in two ways. First, glycolic acid enhances the shedding of dead skin cells and breaks down the glue that holds unwanted material in your pores. Then, jojoba beads mechanically buff away the debris and leave your skin feeling smoother. The additional tea tree oil also fights bacteria.

Step 3 - Correction

Retinol is an active ingredient that increases collagen and elastin production and repairs skin damage—perfect for those with acne-prone skin. It's important that you apply retinol correctly to ensure maximum benefits.

Step 4 - Moisturiser

Exfoliants and retinol can be quite drying, so it's important to rehydrate the skin as part of your routine. However, you don't want anything too heavy that can clog up your skin once more. Moisture Defence for Oily Skin is a lightweight formula that gives you a matte, clear complexion whilst hydrating.

Skinstitut offers a range of moisturisers for different skin types:

Step 5 - Protect Your Skin Barrier

Laser Aid is a multipurpose product than can be used as a lightweight moisturiser or an antibacterial mask. This product contains a rich blend of nutrients to soothe and cool the skin and reduce any redness and irritation. It's a perfect last step for keeping pores free of congestion.

With Skinstitut's five-step system, you can easily decongest your pores and prevent acne breakouts for healthier, more beautiful skin.


What Skinstitut Products Can I Use For Blocked Pores And Dry Skin?

 If your skin leans more dry, we recommend going for the Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser  and the Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%, as opposed to both Glycolic products.

The L-Lactic cleanser will be more suitable for your skin type, as it is still a chemical exfoliant and will help decongest the skin, without being too harsh or stripping on more normal to dry skin types. The Glycolic Acid scrub will be a great addition to this, to allow for additional exfoliating once or twice a week.

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