How to Choose the Best Skinsitut Moisturiser for Your Skin Type

Get the most out of your Skinstitut moisturiser by choosing the right one for you.

There’s nothing better than a good hydration sesh for your skin – not only does it feel wonderful but it works a treat on any complexion concerns you may have. Be it flakiness, break-outs, lack of elasticity, unbalanced sebum production or signs of aging, selecting the right Skinstitut moisturiser is key to preserving your beautiful skin.

You might possess skin that is drier than sandpaper or maybe your skin is oilier than a frying vat — either way, it’s important to moisturise twice a day. Dry skin needs a rich and nourishing moisturiser, whereas oily skin needs something lightweight, and oil-free to help control oil flow.

Skinstitut Moisture Defense Ultra Dry - Model looks into camera she has swiped the product on her face - 700x410Skinstitut Moisture Defense Ultra Dry - Model looks into camera she has swiped the product on her face - 700x410


Moisturiser For Oily Skin

Greasiness is often caused by dehydration, as the sebaceous glands make up for the lack of moisture by going into overdrive! Choose Skinstitut Moisture Defence for Oily Skin to hydrate, provide antioxidants and soften without clogging pores. This formula will also protect against environmental damage and reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

If Skinstitut Age Defence Is Making Your Skin Oily

We recommend switching to the Skinstitut Moisture Defence - Oily Skin, during the day and at night, and then adding a little bit of the SPF50 in or on top during the day. This moisturiser is much more lightweight, and hydrates without feeling oily or too thick. If you use a little bit of the SPF50 with this during the day, it will give you sun protection, while still feeling lighter on the skin, and looking less shiny.

Moisturiser For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is often in need of some intense healing, and Skinstitut Repair Balm fits the mould perfectly. Whether you’re a little more reactive due to a treatment, or simply experience rashes, irritation and flaking naturally, this moisturiser provides all the soothing you need! Hydrate, strengthen the barrier function, calm and heal with every application. Safe enough to use daily, or as your skin requires it.

Moisturiser For Dry Skin

If dehydration is getting you down, you need Skinstitut Moisture Defence for Ultra Dry Skin. Its rich formula dramatically replenishes, giving your skin all the moisturisation, nourishment and protection it needs. Feel your skin become softer, smoother and more even-toned with this antioxidant-laden, non-comedogenic formula.

Moisturiser For Mature Skin

Mature skins a little more TLC and with the Skinstitut Ultra Firming Eye and Neck Cream, you’ll be able to focus on particular problem areas. These zones are one of the first to show signs of ageing, as they don’t produce as much oil and are constantly exposed to the elements. Help repair this delicate skin with this collagen-stimulating, peptide-loaded treatment, targetting wrinkles, puffiness, shadows, crepiness and sagging as you deeply hydrate and nourish.

Moisturiser For Normal Skin

Just because you don’t have any particular concerns, doesn’t mean you can be lax with your moisturising! Choose Skinstitut Moisture Defence for Normal Skin, which will not only keep your hydration at an optimum level but help to diminish signs of ageing. The non pore-clogging formulation is lightweight and loaded with skin-loving antioxidants, too.

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