Which Facial Oil is Best for My Skin Type?

Did you know there's a facial oil perfect for every skin type—even oily skin? It's time to end your prejudice against oils and start enjoying the benefits.

Facial oils are fabulous products that deliver the conditioning properties of moisturisers in concentrated doses. Despite the rumours that facial oils are only suited to dry skin types, oils can be a perfect accompaniment to any skin type.

Oils are concentrated powerhouses of essential omegas, vitamins, and minerals. Use the wrong blend, and your skin will speak volumes to it. Use the right one, and your skin will sing.


Which facial oil is best for my skin type?


Why should I use a facial oil?

The visible layers of your skin are primarily oil-based. Whereas it's easy to understand that an oily complexion is oil-based, it may seem counterintuitive to describe dry and normal skin types as 'oil-based'.

Even though it seems nonsensical, all skin types do, in fact, have this uppermost oil-based layer.

  • Dry skin types have an insufficient amount of oil.
  • Normal skin types have the perfect amount of oil.
  • Oily skin types produce more oil. Furthermore, this oil may be out of balance and deficient in substances that keep skin healthy.

Scientists know well that 'like attracts like'. If you want to improve the condition of the upper, oil-based layers of your skin, you should use oil-based skincare. If you want to improve the deeper, water-based layers, then you should use water-based products.

How are facial oils differentiated?

Facial oils are a blend of naturally oily ingredients that lend a healthy portion of three actives to skin:

Each of these ingredients helps to improve the condition of skin. Some heal and repair; others replenish. Some increase skin's resilience, and others defend from UV attack. A facial oil perfect for dry skin consists of a carefully chosen blend that's almost nothing like a facial oil for oily skin.

  • Fatty acids are great at improving the resilience and moisture retention of skin. While many fatty acids are great for dry skin, specific kinds balance oily skin, and some even help to alleviate acne.
  • Vitamins help skin retain its youth, defend from UV exposure, and can even treat conditions such as hyperpigmentation.
  • Minerals replenish skin reserves that help to heal and repair.


Which facial oil is best for my skin type?


How do I choose a facial oil for my skin type?

Now that you understand facial oils aren't just for dry skin, you may be wondering how to choose one that suits your specific needs. Adore Beauty has selected a couple of facial oils for each skin type. If you prefer to find your own product, simply look for the actives we recommend for your complexion.

Skin typeRecommended activesRecommended facial oils
  • Oleic acid, found in avocado, olive, and macadamia oils
  • Occlusive oils, e.g. squalene, mineral oil, and fractionated coconut oil
  • Anti-inflammatory GLA (gamma linolenic acid), found in borage, evening primrose, and hemp seed oils
  • Bisabolol, the soothing extract of chamomile
  • Linoleic acid, found in grapeseed, rosehip, and flaxseed oils
  • Sea buckthorn oil/pulp extract
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A, found in rosehip oil
  • Rice bran oil, which is full of antioxidants

If for any reason you don't find one of these appropriate for your needs, you can view all these and more in our facial oil store. We're also more than happy to help you select the perfect formula for your skin. Just reach out to us by email at service@adorebeauty.com.au or give us a call on 03 9486 7179.


Which facial oil is best for my skin type?

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