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There are so many different ways in which you may have sensitive skin - but we've collected some of our favourite products that keep irritants to a minimum. Even with sensitivities, it's still so important to have a complete routine that ensures your skin is nourished, hydrated and protected.


While it's impossible to account for all skin sensitivities, there are some common ingredients that can act as a trigger to your skin. Every skin is different, so just because something doesn't work for you doesn't mean it's not someone else's saviour.


Sensitive skin can lead to outcomes such as swelling, itchiness, scaly skin amongst other things. It's also important to check the products that you're currently using - some products are too harsh to be used all over the face. Some products in particular are only to be used once every second night, usually products that contain actives such as retinol or glycolic acid.

Another common skincare oversight include the belief that natural products can't irritate the skin - of course, they can be just as active as more refined products! You may want to consider checking your products for essential oils or fragrance, both of which can be irritants.


It is so important to avoid harsh soaps and detergents, so try a gentle milky cleanser that locks in moisture. Be sure to use cool or lukewarm water, as hot water can damage the skin's barrier. Do not use a rough cloth for cleansing - we recommend a soft microfiber cloth if you feel your hands aren't doing the job.


If cleansing is too much for your skin, try using a micellar cleanser. Best used on a high-quality cotton pad to remove makeup and the day's impurities, this nifty product tones and cleanses all in one. Don't rub, instead but press the pad against your skin before gently wiping.


Still not sure on the best option or routine for your skin, or need some instructions? Contact us, we'd love to help! Get in touch with our trained customer service agents, by simply filling out this form.

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Good hydration product

Love this product. Apply after toner and it is absorbed so fast. Now in Au is autumn and feel pretty dry, so I feel my skin improved after using this.
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I use this with the Effaclar Anti-Acne gel cleanser. It doesn't have the best smell but it works for acne and oily skin. The smell doesn't bother me as the product does what its meant to do.
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Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Intense

This is serum is so hydrating

I have pretty good skin, my main issue is dry skin and the occasional breakout. I have been using good quality products for 5+ years which provided me with good results, however the products I was using were very expensive. A dermatologist recommended Medik8 and so far, I am seeing the same great results at half the price. This is serum is so hydrating, I can feel my skin drinking it up. It is esp...

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