A Clean Beauty Junkie Reveals Her Top 3 Facial Oils

Even before I worked in beauty, and before I became a clean beauty nut, I was a big fan of facial oils.  There is just something so luxurious about them; the lovely scent as you put them on, the beautiful bottles, the premium ingredients, the lush glow they give your skin - I could go on…

What's To Love About Facial Oils?

I have quite dry skin, so I have always loved the way oils make my skin not only feel hydrated, but actually look healthier.  When I really need a pick me up, I’ll even add a few drops to my moisturiser to give some extra illumination and glow (oh, and you can add a drop to your foundation for a dewy finish).  With consistent use, I've found using facial oils has helped to boost my skin’s elasticity and give me plump, happy skin.  

And the best part about most facial oils is that they don’t have fillers or artificial fragrance, just pure hard-working botanical extracts. And don’t forget to share the facial oil love by slathering some on your neck and decolletage too!

Where Do You Apply Oils In Your Routine?

Ahhh the age old question of layering. It's actually easier than you expect. You just apply your skincare in order of lightest to heaviest in terms of their consistency. So for example, you'd apply a water-based serum like a hyaluronic acid first, then your facial oil, then your creamy moisturiser.

And if you don't like the feeling of facial oils, our Beauty Editor adds a couple of drops directly to her moisturiser and mixes it in, so she still gets the benefits of the facial oil without the texture of it.

So, let's get to the important part - which oils are my must-haves?

Everything about this oil is light and fresh; the colour, the scent, and the texture.  But it certainly isn’t light on results! Thanks to all the amazing antioxidants in the formula, this oil won’t just hydrate and balance, but also work to brighten skin tone.  And bonus points for the sexy black glass bottle and slimline pepette! You don’t see that a lot, and it makes for such luxe user experience.  

The most boujee on my list, this oil is expensive, but totally worth the price tag.  Because of the tiny molecules in the Pomegranate seed base, this oil can easily penetrate the skin and is highly absorbent.  The ingredients in this oil have been chosen for their ability to encourage the skin’s natural healing processes, which helps to transform pigmentation and fine lines. Before I put this oil on I take a calming breath and smell the beautiful fragrance.  Such an indulgent oil deserves a moment of relaxation and selfcare.  

Firstly, it’s just super pretty!  This is they type of skincare product you want to decorate your bathroom with!  But don’t let the sexy branding fool you, this oil delivers some real results! Mermaid Oil is amazing for replenishing dehydrated skin because the omega rich formula it able to deliver vital fatty acids and seal in moisture.  Plus it comes in the cutest mini which is perfect for travel.