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Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12% 200ml

4.6 of 566 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58

Or 4 instalments of $8.58 with LEARN MORE

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The Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12% is a simple yet effective dual cleanser and exfoliant designed for effortless cleansing and skin renewal.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12%

Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12%

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Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12% Reviews

4.6 of 566 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

The only thing that cleared my stress pimples!


I usually have good skin but suffered some stress related breakouts on my cheeks and chin during the pandemic mayhem last year. Started using this product and it's worked wonders. A little bit goes a long way and I double cleanse at night. No more breakouts since.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not great


I was recommended this product by a skin specialist to help with my ance. After using this my skin started breaking out so much worse. I knew this was a common sign of using a new cleanser as it brings all the impurities to the surface but I was using this product every day for 6 weeks and saw no improvement to my skin.
  1. The only thing that cleared my stress pimples!


    I usually have good skin but suffered some stress related breakouts on my cheeks and chin during the pandemic mayhem last year. Started using this product and it's worked wonders. A little bit goes a long way and I double cleanse at night. No more breakouts since.
  2. Not great


    I was recommended this product by a skin specialist to help with my ance. After using this my skin started breaking out so much worse. I knew this was a common sign of using a new cleanser as it brings all the impurities to the surface but I was using this product every day for 6 weeks and saw no improvement to my skin.
  3. Harsh but good


    I wouldn’t use this everyday because it’s quite intense and the scent is also really strong too. The overall results of my skin are amazing when I use this. Definitely a must have in my cupboard but not something I reach for consistently.
  4. Amazing for acne


    I really loved using this as a mask. I would put it on before the shower and I felt like it seriously improved the appearance of my acne. I love it!
  5. Love it very much


    This is the most suitable cleanser for oily and acne skin I've ever used. It's perfect and affordable.
  6. Not bad


    A nice cleanser but can be a bit drying if you have dry or dehydrated skin.
  7. nice cleanser


    this is a strong cleanser but it works really well and cleaning my skin
  8. This cleanser is wonderful


    This cleanser is wonderful, it’s very gentle and cleanse my face well
  9. This cleanser is wonderful


    This cleanser is wonderful, it’s very gentle and cleanse my face well
  10. I love it


    I don't like the smell but this cleanser works wonders. My skin is so smooth and blemish free. I use the skinstitut glycolic scrub as well and find they work well together.
  11. #1 product for acne


    I have acne prone skin around my chin and jawline and have tried every product/pills to get rid of it. The only product that has helped me is this one!! I’ve been using it for over a month everyday or every second day and my acne has gone. It does come back around period time but very lightly. 100% will be using forever
  12. Deep clean


    I have combo skin and have found that this cleanser works really well on cleansing all the remaining sunscreen and makeup left in my pores at the end of the day. The formula feels gentle and not overpowering.
  13. Cleanser


    I have combination/oily skin and I struggle with acne and pigmentation. This cleanser works well for my skin. It is non-foaming with a mild tea tree scent, and it doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped.
  14. Excellent For Keratosis Polaris (Chicken Skin Arms)


    I've been using this product for around 6 weeks, every second day in combination with the ASAP Revitalising Bodymoist AHA cream and other BHA liquid purchased elsewhere. The combination is working wonders on the bumps & redness. This Skinstitut Glycolic 12% cream cleanser is gentle enough to use on my face & sensitive décolletage a couple of times a week. Will definitely buy again to keep using, g...
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  15. I love it


    I love this scrub. I have dry, dull and flaky and this just did wonders for it. It can dry my skin out even more so I make sure to and hydration back to my skin.
  16. HG Status - cannot be without it!


    I reviewed this a few months ago and only gave it 3 stars because I found it drying/tight feeling on my face. I had to re-review and give it 5 stars because this has become a necessary staple in my life! It's definitely reached HG 'cannot be without it' status for me.

    I use this for a variety of uses now (I LOVE a multiuse product!).
    I often have acne on my arms and chest. My f...
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  17. Good


    A good cleanser to really help with oliy skin, breakouts and pores. I like this in the warmer weather when my skin is oilier, and more prone to breakouts. Helps to clear it up
  18. My everyday cleanser


    This is my absolute staple cleaner to use everyday. It is gentle yet cleanse and settle my skin.
  19. My all time fave!


    I workout a lot and struggle with bumps on my body but this is a staple for me to help get rid of it. I can use it daily without getting worried that it is too abrasive. Works a charm!!
  20. Great for bacne


    I mostly use this to help exfoliate my back and clear up any spots that come up. I workout a lot and struggle with body acne but this is a staple for me and helps get rid of it.
  21. Excellent Exfoliant for body & face acne.


    This exfoliant, when used with the skinstitut gentle cleanser, has become an excellent addition to my skincare routine. The formula does not strip the skin of essential moisture and provides well-need deep cleanse for acne-prone skin. As I do suffer from the occasional bout of body acne, I found using this product on places such as my chest and back to be extremely useful to tackle target areas wh...
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  22. Great! Great! Great!


    This product is brilliant! My skin has never been cleaner or clearer. If you've been struggling with the same breakouts this is the cleanser for you!
    I'm 28 and have had breakouts ranging from cystic ance to the stubborn pimples constantly on my face for 15 years. I have been double cleansing with an expensive enzyme cleanser and micellar water and decided I need to change my cleanser to so...
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  23. Good cleanser


    I got this thinking it was my normal Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% 200ml - I thought they had changed the ingredients but didn't realise I got the cleanser. I do love the scrub (I love the little beads makes me feel like I'm really washing my face) however, this is still a great cleanser. I have a very oily t-zone so this helps a-lot.
  24. Great product


    Great product, doesn’t smell gross. I find it’s good to alternate as using too much glycolic can be a bit harsh
  25. This is the one!


    For years I have been looking for a product that actually makes a noticeable difference to my skin texture and this in the one people! It reduces redness, smooths the skin, evens tone, helps with pigmentation and best of all *insert drum roll* noticeably reduces pore size! I love Love LOVE this cleanser! It's nice and creamy so doesn't feel like you're stripping your skin, but it leaves your ski...
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  26. My Favourite Cleanser


    I have been using this for about a year and it would have to be my favourite cleanser. It has helped with the redness and severity of my acne. Absolutely love this product.
  27. My new go-to!


    Loving this cleanser! I have combo/acne-prone skin and have been able to use this daily without any problems! Such a small amount is needed, it has lasted me longer than any other cleanser! Top tip: put it on first in the shower and let it hang out on your face while you brush your teeth - works much better when left on for more time (for me, anyway!)
  28. AMAZING!!


    The Adore Beauty customer service team recommended I try this cleanser and I am blown away! Within the first week of using it, my skin was glowing and my breakouts were reducing! I have very acne prone skin and this product has made the most improvement in my skin, in such a short time. I think it is a great price aswell, would 110% recommend.
  29. Go to cleanser

    Mrs Smith

    My go to for my second cleanse in the evenings. Thoroughly cleans my skin without over drying. I have used Skinstitut cleansers for years and have not found any other brand that comes close.
  30. Not enough for my pores


    As the title suggests, I have young skin but pretty large pores and an appropriate cleanser is the only thing that can keep them clear - unfortuntately this didn't do the job. It might be enough for others but sadly not me!
  31. Does the job

    Laura M

    Value for money for the size of the tube. Skin feels clean afterwards without drying out. Slight smell which I don't like but not enough for me to not use again.
  32. Such a pleasant suprise.


    I got this product in a goodie bag and I am really loving it. I normally have combination skin and after using this my skin is clear and glowing. I will definitely be getting the full size!
  33. Good cleanser


    Used this product for multiple months routinely and after a while started to notice my skin feel clearer and more refreshed, overall good product
  34. Cleanses skin


    I've been using it for 3 months and it does the job cleaning the skin. Not a huge difference in tackling my blackheads (which is my main concern), but it helps when I breakout.
  35. Pretty good


    Not bad but not the best. I use it once or twice a week and my skin doesn't seem any different, hasn't made any difference with hormonal acne either.
  36. Nice and Effective Cleanser


    This is a good cleanser. It cleans the skin well and is not overly drying, however I probably would not recommend it for very dry skin. It is excellent value for the amount of product that you get (200ml). I like that the formula is like a milky gel and does not foam. It has a slight Tea Tree scent.
  37. THE BEST CLEANSE you'll have!


    I use this cleanser as a 'step two' cleanse and I use the Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser as a 'step one'. The gentle cleanse is a great start to remove makeup, SPF or just dirt and grime from the day but this cleanser really goes in for a deep clean. I've never seen my skin so CLEAN from cleansing at home. It gives your skin that fresh facial feeling. I have Normal-Dry skin and this doesn't strip my s...
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  38. I could take it or leave it


    I didn’t really find this did much for me.

    It’s a creamy cleanser and I’m not much of a fan of them.

    A little bit went a long way and it does last a long time.

    But using this alone my skin didn’t feel like it was properly clean.
  39. Great product


    This is my first time using a Glycolic cleanser and I'm loving it! I find my other skincare products are being absorbed easier and my skin is so much clearer and softer. I have normal/combination skin.
  40. Saviour


    This cleanser really helped clear up breakouts and keep them away, very happy!
  41. Fantastic, good value, haven't had acne since


    Haven't had acne since using. I use this every 2-3 days. After cleansing to get rid of the oils, I dry my face, apply this glycolic cleanser and use a foreo for about a minute. It's amazing. Skin is noticeably smoother immediately afterwards. Dead skin cells are removed to prep the skin for absorbing precious essences, serums and moisturisers.

    So amazing I've even bulk-ordered this d...
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  42. Essential Skincare


    I have been using this cleanser for years, throughout different stages of my skin's health. When I first started using this product I was desperate, I had really bad hormonal acne and nothing seemed to be working. But when I started using this cleanser, got on the pill, and started a more gentle skincare routine my skin did a complete 180. I now only get small breakouts around my period and honest...
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  43. great product!


    Its a big product and it lasts for a long time. Definitely one of the best cleansers ive used
  44. loved it for acne


    I used to use this for acne all the time, and it really helped. I kind of left it on my skin while I showered kind of like a mask. Helped a lot! Quite a strong scent.
  45. Everyday exfoliator


    Excellent for every day use, especially to exfoliate all the dead skin cells that my skincare products have left behind overnight.
  46. Glycolic


    I really like this on my face occasionally because it helps with texture. It can make my skin dry if I use too much, so I'd say use in moderation!
  47. Teens love this


    I have 3 teenagers who all use this - it has cleared up their spots, reduced their blackheads, and generally improved the texture of their skin. It has become a household favourite and one of the few products that actually does what it says it will for teenage skin without stripping it of all of its natural sebum. Have just reordered again!
  48. excellent value for money


    I prefer the glycolic scrub in terms of the immediate effects it gives you. While this is excellent value for money if I wanted to have a glycolic product in my routine once this is used up I would opt for the the scrub instead


    I really love this stuff, it's definitely one of my favourite cleansers. it doesn't really foam up so it can kind of feel like it's not working properly, but once you get used to that it's honestly amazing. I use it with my foreo and my skin has never been so clear.
  50. Love this scrub !


    This is my second lot of this scrub, I loved it so much. I paired this with the retinol cream and vitamin c powder . Overall not huge results but it I felt that it lifted some of my pigmentation . It was definitely fantastic at removing dead skin and giving me a polished , clean feeling .
  51. Gentle but effective


    I have always loved glycolic products and this is a great one! Very gentle but deep cleaning and exfoliating, doesn’t leave skin tight or stripped! Gentle enough for daily use.
  52. I use as a spot treatment


    I have sensitive skin however I do find that Glycolic can be very effective hence why I use it as more of a spot treatment on my chin and nose for hormonal breakouts or the small sweat pimples that I can sometimes get in the middle of summer. I don't use this on my cheeks as I find it too harsh and also unnecessary for my normal but occasionally sensitive skin.
  53. Gentle


    I found this cleanser to be quite gentle on my skin. The texture is a little different to what I expected- it's jelly-like. I found the Glycolic Scrub by Skinstitut more effective on my skin personally.
  54. Great Efficient Cleanser


    Have been using for 2 months and right from the start I could feel that my skin became smoother. I found that using day and night was a little too much so I’ve moved so a more gentler cleanser in the am. This is now a staple in my routine.
  55. Light


    I’ve been using skinstitut products for a while now and find that it’s not the best for sensitive skin, I experienced mild break outs but my skin did feel clean and soft after using this product and 14% didn’t go well with my sensitive skin, Someone with a different skin type/ concerns may find it more amazing and beneficial to their skin care routine!
  56. Really effective cleanser


    This cleanser really cleans, it’s unbelievable! My skin feels light and smooth every time I use it. Makeup goes on smoother during the day and I usually can’t use moisturisers at night because they clog my skin but after using this cleanser my skin drinks them in. My skin has never been so smooth and supple. It can be a bit drying so a good serum/moisturiser is essential, and it’s quite strong so...
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  57. Too strong for me, hubby loves it


    It's way too strong and drying for my sensitive face, and I find it even too drying for my body (possibly because of the sulphates?) I gave it to my husband who has issues of ingrown facial hairs, he said it's effective. So I guess it's a good product but not for me!
  58. Excellent cleanser, skin feel fresh and looks glowy and youthful

    Nina S

    This is a great cleanser, though fairly gentle it still contains enough of the active ingredient glycolic acid to leave skin feeling super zingy and like it has had a good “treatment” as well as leaving it looking really clean, fresh and glowing. I’m 32 for reference and I love this cleanser.
  59. Best cleanser ever


    My favourite cleanser ever! My skin always feels soft and fresh after using! Recommend it to everyone.
  60. A new part of my routine


    Another great product. I'm using this as a cleanser when my skin is a bit oily from hormones etc. It's a great complement to the other products depending on how my skin is feeling. No dryness at all which is awesome.
  61. Hooked!!


    I originally started on this as a sample. The value for money on this product is outstanding as you only need a pea-sized amount. My tiny sample tube lasted me forever and the sale tube is HUGE by comparison. I have combination skin and find this to be a nice, gentle cleanser that doesn't lather and leaves my skin feeling soft, fresh and smooth afterwards. I've really found that it's helped in red...
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  62. Perfect Cleanser for Me


    I've been using this for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it, I was a bit nervous using it as actives have given me a lot of purging and I was worried this would make it worse but I had bought it and decided to just give it a try. I honestly think this has helped clear up the issues caused by purging and acne. It does not irritate my skin at all and I actually really like the tea tree smell.
  63. multi-use cleanser


    I have been using this pretty regularly, as a daily cleanser in the shower. I didn't think much of it, in terms of an AHA product, but it's quite gentle and can be used at least once daily with no irritation. I have now changed the way I use it, and I think it's made a difference; I put it on more like a mask and let it sit for a couple minutes in the shower before washing it off to give the glyco...
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  64. Cleanser of my dreams

    Georgia Barnes

    LOOOOVE THIS CLEANSER! Especially paired with the Glycolic Scrub
  65. The best for an oily ass bish

    Monique A

    This + their moisturiser has been the best combo for my skin. I have tried my whole teenage life for something that won’t break my very oily and sensitive skin. My skin is left supple, glowy (NOT oily) and fresh.

    I was worried about investing in what I think is a pricey product but SO WORTH IT!! Will be buying more!
  66. Happy with this - Skinstitut Gycolic Cleanser 12%


    I was recommended the Skinstitut Gycolic Cleanser 12% by Adore beauty consultants (in combination with the Gycolic Scrub 14%) to combat my hormonal breakout which leave my skin dull and red patches. I have blotchy skin, with uneven skin tone and this product has helped so far. It is early days (only been a week) and I have seen a huge improvement in my complexion already since starting on this....
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  67. Gentle to use everyday


    This product is really great for oily skin! It works wonders on my skin. The product is gentle enough to use everyday and my face feels so smooth afterwards. It feels like it thoroughly cleans my skin too. I use this product in conjunction with the Glycolic Scrub whenever I have breakouts (which is rare now) and they both have really cleared my skin up ever since. I feel like it has also really co...
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  68. So so good!


    I used to have acne and very oily skin. I believe this product has really helped it. I don't rely on medicated cleansers any more. My skin feels soft, not oily and my acne is almost gone.
  69. Repurchased multiple times


    Love this, have been using it for years. Great on my oily acne prone skin. I use it once daily on a cleansing brush. It makes my skin feel so clean without feeling too tight. Has helped clear up my skin and keep it that way. Bonus is one bottle also lasts FOREVER so great value for money
  70. Intense cleansing


    I use this a a second cleanse, it seems a waste to use it removing makeup and being Glycol based you don’t want this getting near your eye area.
    This does give you a slight tingle and be quite drying in certain areas . I do use this cleanser morning and night but I use a more gentle cleanser on my neck . You don’t need a lot of product so it lasts for ages!
    My skin is super smooth an...
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  71. Not great for sensitive skin


    While this cleanser is good, it’s not great if you’ve got sensitive skin. I love the tea tree smell but I think that’s the part of this cleanser that makes it not suitable for me
  72. Strong but good!


    This is a great active cleanser when it isn't over used! I initially used it nightly but it started to dry my skin out a bit so now i only use it 2 nights a week and i love it. It doesn't make my skin feel tight and it's just what i need when my skin gets a bit congested. I actually gently work it around my face in circular motions using a piece of folded up gauze for a good deep clean. My skin fe...
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  73. Works a treat


    This is a fantastic cleanser! I would recommend this product in a heartbeat.
    Makes my skin feel super soft and squeaky clean.
    A small amount of this cleanser goes a long way!
  74. Good cleanser


    I really liked this cleanser - it has a great smell and made my skin feel nice. It didn’t make any improvements to my break outs, but it didn’t make them worse either.
    Would recommend trying this cleanser.
  75. sadly my skin isn't loving it


    really love the brand and the prices are so good i thought why not, for some reason my skin just didn't agree with it and it broke me out with lots of little under the skin deep pimples on my forehead, made me very very red on the face after using it as well, i think its little harsh if you have sensitive skin
  76. Great value for money


    I use this product everyday and one tube has lasted me months. It is great for oily skin and keeping skin clear from breakouts. It has been a game changer for my everyday routine and isn't too harsh on my skin.
  77. Easy AF!


    My first chemical exfoliant cleanser and what a good one to start with. I have combination skin with an oily T-zone and enlarged pores on my nose/cheeks. I was wanting something to help refine and clear these out. I'm loving this product as so easy to add into my routine, just an extra 30 secs in the shower and your done. The consistency is nice and thick so don't accidently squeeze out to much. B...
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  78. Good stuff


    I bought this to use in conjunction with my Laser Clinic treatments for pigmentation reduction and it works! I've also found it works in reducing break outs, which is a great bonus!
  79. Great results!


    I suffer from congested, oily/dehydrated skin and this cleanser is awesome! The first couple of times I tried it, it did feel a bit harsh, but now my skin has adjusted and I use it a couple of times a week (I leave it on for a few minutes in the shower before rinsing) and my skin feels amazing after!
  80. Great cleanser


    I've been using Skinstituts glycolic cleanser for 3 years now. It's great for acne prone skin. I use it once a day at night time. Its a strong cleanser for my skin, which is an oily combination. The bottle is quite big and I find that it lasts me for a long time. In the last 3 years I've used 4 bottles of this cleanser so I think it's good value for money.
  81. Not for sensitive skin but excellent exfoliator


    I have dry skin so I'm always looking for products to help lift the dead skin without being drying. One bottle of this cleanser lasts me forever- you need a pea size amount and it spreads easily. I'm on my second bottle of daily use in 2.5 years! I don't recommend it for sensitive skin or if you have open cuts or wounds as it does sting quite considerably in those spots- but otherwise it is an ex...
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  82. Great value for a great product


    I started my skin care journey with the Skinstitut range and for the cost and its effectiveness I was really happy. The products have some natural ingredients which I like but also have essential products for skin care concerns. I love this Cleanser!
  83. My everyday cleanser


    I like to believe this cleanser has helped keep my skin clear from breakouts since I have stopped relying on benzoyl peroxide for my acne-prone skin. My oily skin feels cleansed without stripping it dry
  84. My favourite glycolic cleanser


    I'm onto my second tube. It lasts for ages, so really good value for $. This has evened out my skin tone much better than my previous, 3 x price glycolic cleanser. Especially noticed that dull scars from hormonal breakouts around my chin/jawline are now completely faded, I get daily compliments on my skin looking clear, bright and smooth more now in my 40s than I did 10 years ago.
  85. Saved my skin!


    This product is a game changer. I struggled with acne from the age of 11-21. After trying countless different products, this has been the only one that has cleared my skin.
  86. Personal favourite


    My personal favourite face wash - paired with retinol it got rid of my cystic acne ❤️
  87. Kind to skin


    A light cleanser without stripping essential oils on skin
    Does the job
  88. Good acne treatment


    This product slowly transformed my acne. It reduced the size, amount of my pimples and the amount the was developing/active. As it is gentle but for every second day use. As I feel like if you were to use it daily it may strip your skin even if you are majorly oily.
  89. A bit intense for for daily, great body wash


    Too irritating for daily - but works well as a treatment wash once a week and works especially well as a body wash. Spots on my back and chest vanished. Lasts a really long time - good value for money
  90. not for sensitive skin


    I got a sample of this in a goodie bag, and immediately gave it to my sister as I knew it wouldn't work for my skin as this is not a cleanser I would buy for myself. My sister who has acne prone skin loved it and uses it everyday.
  91. Great for Acne Skin


    I've been having troubles lately with my skin and got told that this cleanser should help clear it up. Using only a pea size amount morning and night it has cleaned my skin right up and helped with the oiliness. It is more of a cream and doesn't foam up but it has worked wonders for me.
  92. Absolutely love


    I absolutely love this cleanser. When my skin starts playing up it always cleans it up and keeps it in good order. It's not that expensive and controls my oil production. Love Skinstitut!
  93. Nice but too harsh


    I really wanted to love this product as my skin has previously loved glycolic acid products. This one is just too harsh for my face tho, after using it my skin feels tight and dry. I have found it perfect to use on my arms, chest and back though! It has really cleared up the breakouts I had going on in those areas!
  94. skinstitut


    I was very impressed by this glycolic cleanser. I used it when i was going through a breakout on my face and it definitely helped to calm down the acne, without being overly harsh
  95. Carly

    Will definitely be re purchasing this!!
  96. Good cleaning cleanser

    Fab cleanser

    This glycolic cleanser is great! You can feel that it cleans the skin well without stripping it of oils and making it dry. It leaves my skin feeling sold. I use it at night and in the morning I use Dr Dennis Gross alpha beta pore perfecting cleanser (which adore should stock!!)

    I also use it on my arms to help manage my Keratosis Polaris. Sometimes there is a slight tingle so if you ...
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  97. A great everyday cleanser

    Zoey J

    Helps to keep congestion under control. It lasts a long time as you don’t need much.
  98. Great exfoliant


    I use this product every 3-4 days as a stronger cleanser than my daily cleaner as it is a bit stronger. It is really great at reducing my breakouts and helping my skin appear more even and less oily.
  99. perfect product


    use as a chemical exfoliatent a few times a week and its done wonders to my skin, reducing pimples and redness
  100. Gentle Active Cleanser


    Cleans skin without drying and effectively unblock pores without scrubbing, i use this as my everyday cleanser, removes make up well too.
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