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Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12% 200ml

4.6 of 482 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58

Or 4 instalments of $8.58 with LEARN MORE

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The Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12% is a simple yet effective dual cleanser and exfoliant designed for effortless cleansing and skin renewal.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12%

Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12%

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4.6 of 482 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great for Acne Skin


I've been having troubles lately with my skin and got told that this cleanser should help clear it up. Using only a pea size amount morning and night it has cleaned my skin right up and helped with the oiliness. It is more of a cream and doesn't foam up but it has worked wonders for me.

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice but too harsh


I really wanted to love this product as my skin has previously loved glycolic acid products. This one is just too harsh for my face tho, after using it my skin feels tight and dry. I have found it perfect to use on my arms, chest and back though! It has really cleared up the breakouts I had going on in those areas!
  1. Great for Acne Skin


    verified purchaser
    I've been having troubles lately with my skin and got told that this cleanser should help clear it up. Using only a pea size amount morning and night it has cleaned my skin right up and helped with the oiliness. It is more of a cream and doesn't foam up but it has worked wonders for me.
  2. Absolutely love


    verified purchaser
    I absolutely love this cleanser. When my skin starts playing up it always cleans it up and keeps it in good order. It's not that expensive and controls my oil production. Love Skinstitut!
  3. Nice but too harsh


    verified purchaser
    I really wanted to love this product as my skin has previously loved glycolic acid products. This one is just too harsh for my face tho, after using it my skin feels tight and dry. I have found it perfect to use on my arms, chest and back though! It has really cleared up the breakouts I had going on in those areas!
  4. skinstitut


    I was very impressed by this glycolic cleanser. I used it when i was going through a breakout on my face and it definitely helped to calm down the acne, without being overly harsh
  5. Good cleaning cleanser

    Fab cleanser

    This glycolic cleanser is great! You can feel that it cleans the skin well without stripping it of oils and making it dry. It leaves my skin feeling sold. I use it at night and in the morning I use Dr Dennis Gross alpha beta pore perfecting cleanser (which adore should stock!!)

    I also use it on my arms to help manage my Keratosis Polaris. Sometimes there is a slight tingle so if you ...
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  6. A great everyday cleanser

    Zoey J

    verified purchaser
    Helps to keep congestion under control. It lasts a long time as you don’t need much.
  7. Great exfoliant


    I use this product every 3-4 days as a stronger cleanser than my daily cleaner as it is a bit stronger. It is really great at reducing my breakouts and helping my skin appear more even and less oily.
  8. perfect product


    use as a chemical exfoliatent a few times a week and its done wonders to my skin, reducing pimples and redness
  9. Gentle Active Cleanser


    verified purchaser
    Cleans skin without drying and effectively unblock pores without scrubbing, i use this as my everyday cleanser, removes make up well too.
  10. My favourite cleanser


    This was recommended to me, and it does as it intends! It is such a great cleanser. Removes the build up on my face throughout the day, and leave my skin smooth after I was it off. Highly recommend!
  11. Surprised


    This is very nice but I was surprised as I assumed it was a bubbly foaming cleanser but it’s more like a cream!
    I guess I should of read the description!!
    It works super well the the creamy formula makes it great for leaving moisture in the skin.
    Not the best for removing foundation so make this your second cleanse
  12. Face AND body hero


    Obsessed! So good to exfoliate the face when in need of a good cleanse. Buuuuuuuut also amazing on the body when pesky little pimples pop up (*cough* thanks to sweaty gym sessions*). Lovely consistency, doesn’t really smell, and a little goes a long way.
  13. Best all-over body wash


    Despite having clear skin on my face, I’ve suffered from back acne for 4 years since having kids. I’ve tried numerous products, treatments, microdermabrasion, etc. to no avail.... until I used this product! It’s worked wonders and I no longer have to worry about covering my back during the hot months.
  14. Helping my Breakouts


    I have been using this product for just over a week now and i have already seen a slight improvement, i started using it when my period started so i had major breakouts and they have settled heaps, can not wait to see how my skin is in the next month or two, fingers crossed it keeps up the good work. :)
  15. Great for Acne!


    This product has worked really well for me in terms of controlling my acne and texture. I use this every second night and it has improved my skin significantly. I will say that you should avoid it on broken skin as it does sting a little bit if applied on top, but otherwise this makes y face feel smooth and relieve acne breakouts! I would suggest pairing this with a good moisturiser too though!
  16. Great to clear up acne and redness


    This product is great, and helped me clear up all my congestion and acne. However it can dry your skin out a lot if you use it too regularly. Definitely recommend as a once week pick me up to your skin!
  17. Glycolic cleanser


    This cleanser is ok, can be harsh on the skin if your quite sensitive! helps remove dead skin cells whilst giving a deep cleanse.
  18. Stick to the other cleaners in this range


    Not amazing. Silly me, I accidentally ordered this instead of the exfoliator. I don't rate it, doesn't give me a clean feeling or leave my skin looking fresh.
  19. Body acne wash


    I use this product on my face, chest and back every morning.
    This is the only product that has helped to clear up blackheads, closed comedones and pimples on my back and chest. Things still pop up from time to time but this wash has helped enormously. The bottle lasts a while as well.
  20. A great active cleanser


    This cleanser is really good if you’re wanting a cleanser with active ingredients. It’s quite hydrating and works well to remove dead skin cells etc but I do find it a bit harsh on my dry areas (I have combo skin). I don’t reach for this often. It is amazing when I’m having breakouts or my pores are really clogged!
  21. Love this!


    First received this as a sample and fell in love with it immediately that I had to purchase a full size.

    Although it is a bit pricey, it definitely feels worth it. As someone with veeeeery oily skin (along with acne-prone, sometimes sensitive, dehydrated) this worked wonderfully.
    I have darker skin and quite a lot of hyperpigmentation and this cleanser really helped with those ...
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  22. Pretty good


    Received a sample tube of this with a recent order. I haven’t used it on my face as I already have a good exfoliator for my face, but, I used it on my arms and legs. I have quite dry skin, with ingrown hairs and a few bumps. I found it really helped smooth my skin within a few uses.
  23. Not for me, but my fiancé loves it.


    I received this as part of gift with purchase pack a while ago. I gifted it to my fiancé as he’s really got into skincare and wanted to try something for his blackheads. He really likes this cleanser and has noticed a positive difference in his skin, but found my skin just felt a bit stripped whenever I used it. I personally prefer my ASAP gentle cleanser, my skin has been on the dryer side lately...
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  24. Best cleanser


    This has saved my skin, feels like a facial every time.
    I used to have bad breakouts and this cleanser has reduced it 90%
  25. Good product to have


    This product is good to have in your bathroom. I recommend using it only if you're not using any other acids in that routine. Next time, I may opt for the gentle cleanser so I don't have to stress about using Niacinamide in the same routine.
  26. Not for sensitive skin


    I got a free sample of this in my goodie bag, but it's a bit harsh for my sensitive skin so, I gave it to my sister who seems to be liking it.
  27. Not good


    The product had totally separated (like curdled milk), and I think glycolic works best when kept on the skin so it’s not as effective in a wash.
  28. great cleanser

    cleanse queen

    I started using this in a very humid climate and it almost instantly cleared up my breakout. i’m now in victoria and it wasn’t working as well. i started using it only in the morning (as the instructions dictate) and it seems to be a little more effective.

    i would recommend using it with other complimentary skinstitut products.
  29. Clear and Smooth


    I use this along with the Glycolic Scrub and the two together work magic! This cleanser leaves my skin clear and smooth and I can notice my pores have reduced. Love the whole Skinstitue range!
  30. The only cleanser for me


    This cleanser is my holy grail. When I first bought this product a few years ago, it cleared up my skin like nothing else. My acne disappeared within a week and stayed gone. I have tried other cleansers in between purchases, usually samples of other products and within a few days, my skin will break out and look tired. It lasts forever and is well worth the money.
  31. Really Useful


    I am an older woman and have dry powdery skin. I use this cleanser in the morning to clean and gently exfoliate my skin afer using products at night. I feel it works very well, my skin is brighter, smoother and ready for the day products.
  32. Awesome cleanser


    I have combination skin and this cleanser helps keep my skin clear and not too oily
  33. Not amazing


    I was excited to try this cleanser and have been using it for months now. My skin has hardly improved and is probably more congested than it was before I started using this. However, I do find that leaving this on my skin for 10 minutes like a mask seems to work well for me. Not sure if I would repurchase though, as there are better products on the market that are less expensive.
  34. My back-up cleanser choice


    I bought a tube of this before I received my now go-to cleanser as a sample pack (and was converted). It's slightly too harsh for my skin, but My boyfriend "acquired" this and is happy with how much it's cleared up his skin even within a couple of weeks!
  35. Smooth and clean


    I use this every night with my Clarisonic which I was worried about at first being a creamier cleanser but it been going down a treat. It leaves me feeling clean but not tight, and lasts ages! I'll keep buying this one for a while!
  36. Great product!!


    Makes my skin super soft and my skin tone and texture has gotten so much more even! Love to mix and use this one at night and Skinstituts gentle cleanser in the morning
  37. Great product


    This is great for oily and congested skin. I usually use this at the night. Can make my skin feel a little sensitive sometimes.
  38. Not my favourite cleaner


    This cleanser was not for me. I prefer a more soapy cleanser that leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean. I found even when I double cleansed I couldn’t get that clean feeling. It didn’t make my skin worse but I also didn’t see any noticeable improvements either. I am sure it would work for some but it wasn’t to my preference. I prefer the l- lactic cleanser in this range.
  39. Gentle, yet effective!


    I received this cleanser as a sample along with my adore beauty order. Overall I found it really nice. I use it every second day and while there is some localised redness immediately after use, the effects are really nice. My skin feels clean and softer after a couple of week of use. One sample size has lasted quite a while as you only need a very small amount.
  40. Great Product!


    I have combo, acne prone skin and I really love this product! One thing I do have to keep in mind though is not using it when I have any super inflamed pimples, as for me it can worsen and cause further irritation. I use daily as I find it too harsh to use it too often..
  41. Not sure


    I received this as a sample and I'm not sure if I would use it again. I'm not a fan of cream cleanser as it does not foam at all so you will need to add water when cleansing. Even though I double cleanse this does not feel like it completely removes every trace of makeup and dirt.
  42. Amazing product for breakouts and price


    I buy this when I cannot afford my usual expensive Aspect Purastat Cleanser - it's an amazingly cheal alternative - very effective, gives a deep clean and fights breakouts.
  43. Love it!


    My acne drastically reduced after adding this to my routine every 2-3 days in the evenings after doing a double cleanse with their gentle cleanser. I will 100% purchase again.
  44. amazing cleanser


    I love this cleanser, it feels like it really does deeply cleanse my skin and remove all the dirt from my pores. I do recommend adding a bit of water to the cleanser first before applying to your face
  45. Clearer skin after first use!


    I received this as a sample and after using it for a couple days I had to buy the full size! After just one use i found my pesky blackheads had started disappearing and the rough texture of my skin had begun to smooth. I've used glycolic cleansers in the past but found this one to be my favourite! I have sensitive oily/combination skin and have finally found my holy grail!
  46. Sad- Didn't do much


    This cleanser probably will work for somebody else but for my skin it didn't.. I've been using this cleanser for 5 weeks but I see no difference with my acne, they're still red and bumpy. Also, I'm using the whole skinstitut skin care, unfortunately it didn't do much.

    I just want to say that, yes this cleanser actually cleanses your skin and remove all dirt, but despite that need mor...
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  47. No more dirt!


    This cleanser is so great to pick up all the dirt on your face and use active ingredients to target open pores and blackheads. This was referred to me by beauty therapists and it works well when you specifically massage it into problem areas.
  48. Nothing special


    This cleanser had no faults, however it didn't do anything for my face in terms of helping current problems ie congested pores.
  49. Fabulous cleanser


    I like to use this in the evening. Have noticed a change in the texture of my skin since using. Less black heads and spots all together.
  50. Best cleanser


    This is my all time favourite cleanser, it works wonderfully on my slightly dry skin, and helps retain moisture at all times!
  51. Cannot recommend enough


    I love this cleanser. I use it everyday, gets makeup off perfectly. And controls breakouts and skin tone perfectly. Girlfriends I’ve recommended the skinstitut products to now swear by them! Just love the brand!
  52. A staple


    Started using this cleanser years ago to help settle my acne and haven’t stopped! I use it every second night alternating with a gentle cleanser and find it helps to keeps my skin clean and clear.
  53. It works but...


    I liked this product for so long but I've decided it's just a bit too harsh on my skin. It's quite rough compared to some facial cleansers (I suppose it is a scrub) and needs a fair bit of water to mix in to make it less harsh on my skin.
    It does work but I only use it very rarely now - once a month just so I can finish it.
  54. Cleanser


    The cleanser is good but I haven't seen any results. It makes my skin more prone to break out
  55. Best sample ever!


    I received this in a goodie bag and it's pretty brilliant. My hormonal acne drastically reduced after adding this to my routine every 2-3 days in the evenings after doing a double cleanse with their gentle cleanser. I will 100% purchase again.
  56. Deep cleanse


    I was after a daily cleanser to use with my clarisonic brush to clean my skin and assist with my acne. It did exactly that, and was not too harsh on my sensitive skin.
  57. Gets to work quickly


    Bought this in hopes to settle a break out and it got to work very quickly! This will be my go to from now on.
  58. Great cleanser


    I thought this may be too harsh on mature so I was hesitant to try but it proved to be wonderful. A fabulous deep cleanse without stripping or overdrying.
  59. Great for oily and acneic skin


    I have combo/oily, acne prone skin and I really like this product! One thing I do have to keep in mind though is not using it when I have any super inflamed pimples, as for me it can worsen them and cause further irritation. Even with quite oily skin it is not something I would use daily as I anyway find it too harsh to use it so often, however it is great a couple of days a week for that extra de...
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  60. Great for acne scars


    I feel like it helped a lot with my hyperpigmentation and helped fade darker acne scars. It also helped my skin more radiant and made it softer as well.
  61. A favourite


    Lovely creamy cleanser that doesn’t leave a film or strip my skin. I wouldn’t use it daily but great for dry dull patches from using tretinoin and pimples.
  62. Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12%


    Thorough exfoliant. I use it a couple of times a week to keep my skin tone even
  63. Apart of my beauty toolbelt


    This cleanser is truly amazing! It has been apart of saving my skin as I struggled with acne even at age 23. Along with some other products (like the glycolic scrub and a dermaroller) I now have skin that I am confident in!
  64. Fresh and clean!


    My main problem is blackheads and large pores. I have used many different brands/products over the years (Dermalogica, La Roche Posay, Alpha-H, Neutrogena etc.). I was a little sceptical to try Skinstitut at first, and was worried it would be another product that does little. However, I am pleasantly surprised at just how good this product is! I have noticeable results; far fewer blackheads, small...
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  65. I find Glycolic is the best chemical exfoliant for my skin


    I find Glycolic is the best chemical exfoliant for my skin, it works really well and doesn't irritate my skin.
  66. Really nice cleanser


    Lovely texture, quite thick & creamy. Cleanses my combination skin very well, feels clean & smooth after. Can be a little drying so I only use 2-3 times a week & not if my skin is already feeling a bit dehydrated. Will probably give the scrub version a try next time for a more intense exfoliation.
  67. Love it


    I use it when my skin is not sensitive, it works well , and I can feel that after exfoliating, my skin absorb product better and faster
  68. Deep clean


    Gives my skin a deep clean and helps to remove that makeup. I use with with my cleanser.
  69. Wonderful


    So great for breakouts. It’s really strong so I tend to only use it once a week but it’s really nice. Great!
  70. Love


    This cleanser deeply cleanses my skin without over drying and helps with reducing oil production
  71. Great


    Great cleanse- Offers deep clean without drying the skin out
  72. So happy


    I was recently getting a really bad break out of no where and was encouraged to check out this range. I purchased this cleanser, mist spray and the moisturiser and after 4 days of use, my pimples dried. I look forward to buying more of their products. So happy!
  73. WOW


    I should have listened to my beautician a long time ago! This product is 10/10.. the difference in my skin is amazing. CLEAR FAST RESULTS. I will continue to buy this wash.
  74. Does its job


    Leaves my skin feeling very clean. I havent noticed a huge difference on the appearance of my skin but have had a few compliments since using it.
  75. Glycolic cleanser


    This is really nice for calming down acne. I use it at night every other day so my skin doesn't get too tight and dry, but this has worked wonders on my oily acne prone skin
  76. It is okay


    This fared a lot better than the other cleanser from the brand but it still doesn't help with oil controlling.
  77. Couldnt live without


    I really love this product. At first I only used it 3 times a week and now I can use it every night. I feel like this helps if you have acne prone skin
  78. Feels so good


    I love the way the product leaves your skin feeling refreshed and smooth without exfoliating. A small amount goes a long way so the huge bottle lasts forever, great value for money and a quality product. I’ve noticed a visible decrease in blemishes and blackheads since using a range of skinstitut products. This product in particular is probably my favourite.
  79. My favourite cleanser


    I love this cleanser. I doesn't leave my skin dry or tight but it still gives a good clean. I leave it on for a few minutes in the shower to get extra effect from the glycol acid.
  80. Fantastic


    I love this cleanser. It helps to clean and exfoliate my skin. It didn’t cause any breakouts and actually reduce my congestion. This made my skin glow. Definitely repurchase.
  81. I like it


    This is a good cleanser, doesn't leave the skin dry or tight
  82. Too strong for me


    It did not go well on my normal to oily skin even if I was only using very little pea-size amount still feels drying on skin afterwards. I do not like wasting so I am using it on my body instead and mixing it with my body wash and so far so good.
  83. Love!


    I love that this cleanser has an exfoliation factor for the days I can’t be bothered exfoliating! Didn’t cause any breakouts, made my skin glow!
  84. Love

    Chanelle j

    I use this every few days. Really deep cleanses the skin and leaves it soft.
    Gently scrubs away built up skin
  85. Really great


    This cleanser is soooooo good, really cleans my face. However I've been using it daily which has been a little harsh on my face so it really is only to be used every couple of days or whatever.
    When used correctly this cleanser is the best. I love all skinstitut products and will def keep using them.
  86. #1 Best Cleanser Ever


    Fantastic product. I can't believe it's so affordable (Skinstitut is rapidly becoming my go-to brand for everything for my oily and sun-damaged skin). It feels lovely on the skin, quite gentle actually but it clears skin like nothing else. No tightness, no irritation, and it lasts for ages.

    Also it's important to me that the brand is vegan and cruelty-free, so thank you Skinstitut!
  87. Good for sensitive yet acne prone skin


    I have incredibly sensitive skin and most face washes leave me skin feeling tight and itchy, but I love this. I have acne prone skin on my jaw so I feel like I'm getting a proper clean with this stuff without getting the irritated after effects
  88. Just got another one!


    I have been using this cleanser for around 10 months and it finally ran out. This cleanser will not dry up your skin and make it feel tight. I love the glycolic acid in it. I like to leave the cleanser on the face for a few minutes once in a while and it's like a chemical peel.
  89. Not bad


    It's not bad but did not find any difference. Skin cuticles gentle wash is the best.v
  90. Perfect cleanser


    This product was recommended for my teenage daughter and she loves it. We have seen results since using it
  91. Less is more


    Great cleanser with effective results for oily/ acne prone skin, however I find sometimes using less and rubbing in more gives better results.
  92. This is great


    At first I didn’t notice a difference and with having sensitive skin I was scared of using it. But I decided I need to give it a go. I try and use it about 3 times a week and the next day my skin is so soft. Really does a good job at getting rid of dead skin.
  93. it's really cleared up my skin


    Have been using this for around 4-6 weeks and it has been amazing for my skin. Less breakouts and doesn't leave your face with that tight feeling after cleansing. I've been using this cleanser in conjunction with the gentle cleanser from Skinstitut and my skin has absolutely loved me for it. This cleanser really surprised me as it's soft so you don't think it will be a deep clean but it's really c...
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  94. Transformed my skin


    I have finally found my holy grail cleanser. This cleanser has seriously transformed my skin, I frequented break outs on my chin and after using this regularly my skin has finally calmed down and I break out far less frequently. I am ingredient nerd and always check out the ingredients before purchasing a product because I have acne prone skin and I easily become congested. The gentle exfoliation ...
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  95. Highly effective.


    Great texture and highly effective! Skin was left looking smooth and radiant.
  96. Gets the job done


    I wasn't quite sure about this product, having read the stunning reviews I places an order. The results were instant, my skin looked fresh and had a nice glow about it. You know something is working when people comment asking if you've been on holidays, when all you've really done is adjust your skincare routine.
  97. A must have for oily skin


    My skin is super oily and using this a few times a week has helped balance the oil my skin produces
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