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Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser  by Skinstitut


Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser is a gentle foaming cleanser and light exfoliator suitable for all skin types, especially those that are sensitive and irritated. Formulated with the chirally correct form of lactic acid, L-lactic Acid is the purest form of this type of alpha-hydroxy acid which makes it safe for sensitive and delicate skin types to exfoliate and decongest the skin.

Key benefits of Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser:

  • Deeply hydrates & nourishes
  • Exfoliates & decongests problematic skin
  • Reduces irritation & sensitivity
  • Streghtens skin integrity

Lactic Acid works by sloughing away dead skin cells, impurities, and sebum. By encouraging new cells to surface, this acid promotes a radiant complexion and more even tone. The hydrating properties of Lactic Acid are supplemented in this cleanser by extracts of Raspberry, Soya Bean Oil, Vitamin E, and Goji Berry. Also developed with Vitamin B5, this cleanser not only removes impurities and promotes hydration, but also nourishes and strengthens the health of the skin. Seaweed Extract is a powerful superfood ingredient that reacts with proteins in the skin to form a protective barrier and further lock in moisture.

The hydrating and nourishing properties of Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser make it safe to use daily and perfect for mature, sensitive, irritated, or delicate skin types.

How to use Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser:

  • Squeeze a pea-sized amount onto wet hands.
  • Lather over face, avoiding eye area.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.
  • Follow with your chosen serum or moisturiser.

What is the difference between Lactic Acid and glycolic acid?
Both are exfoliating alpha-hydroxy acids, but glycolic acid is more active. Lactic Acid is less concentrated, less irritating, more moisturising, and more gentle, making this exfoliant perfect for delicate or sensitive skin.

We recommend using Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser in combination with other Skinstitut products, such as Age Defense SPF 50+, to protect the skin from damaging environmental aggressors. Skinstitut correcting products can complement the use of Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser in fighting ageing, skin damage, and blemishes. Skinstitut Even Blend Serum assists in evening the skin tone, whilst Multi-Active Mist deeply hydrates and nourishes dehydrated and sensitised skin types. Skinstitut Retinol Serum fights acne and associated skin concerns.

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Aqua, Glycerin, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Lactic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Decyl Glucoside, Arginine, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E), Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Lycium Barbarum Fruit Extract (Goji Berry Extract), Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract (Seaweed Extract), Rubus Idaeus Fruit Extract (Raspberry Fruit Extract), Glycine Soja Oil (Soya Bean Oil), Xan-than Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Parfum (Passionfruit Fragrance), Propylene Glycol, Caprylyl Glycol, S.D Alcohol


  • Squeeze a pea sized amount onto wet hands and lather over face for 30 seconds.

  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water

  • Pat dry

  • Not to be used around the eye area

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Reviews (36)
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The One - 19-04-2018 by

I am in love with this cleanser! I spent ages trying different brands but Skinstitut is the one for me! I have dry/combination skin and this left my face feeling so smooth and clean without drying it out, like a lot of other brands did! Will forever be repurchasing.

good average cleanser - 17-04-2018 by

I bought this hoping for a little more than an average cleanser as i found their glycolic scrub so good. it cleaned my skin but over all didn't seem to do anything extra.

Great for Keratosis Pilaris - 16-04-2018 by

Fabulous cleanser, an absolute staple in my bathroom. It can get a bit drying on my skin, so I tend to alernate it with a creamier cleanser and bust this one out if I feel a breakout coming on. It’s also fabulous for keratosis pilaris and general spots on the body - I’ve actually been able to bare my arms and butt/thigh area his summer thanks to this stuff!

A little goes a long way - 16-04-2018 by

This will last forever as you only need a very small amount . However since using my skin has become dry not sure if this is the cause . I probably wouldn’t repurchase as I like the glycolic cleaner , works better for my skin .

my favourite cleanser - 12-04-2018 by

i've been using this for a few years andy love it, you only need a little bit and it last a long time.

The Best everyday cleanser for me - 29-03-2018 by

This little wonder is so good at clearing the skin, gentle doesn't sting and I look forward to taking off my makeup every night! This is one of many items I have from Skinstitut and I love the brand!

Favourite cleanser - 27-03-2018 by

This product saved my skin from breakouts. I would definitely recommend it. I have sensitive skin often with breakouts and blackheads. This cleanser has really helped. I've been using it for about 9 months and I'm still on my first bottle.

Amazing - 20-03-2018 by

I have tried so many other cleansers and found they break my skin out or leave me feeling stripped of any moisture. I have dry skin and this makes my skin feel soft and feels like a deep cleanse. So impressed with this will definitely repurchase!

My Fave - 28-02-2018 by

This is my favourite product in the skinstituit range. I have dry to combo skin and this is my go to everyday for smoothing and cleansing my face and neck. This has also helped with hormonal breakouts after having my baby. I use twice daily (morning and night) and noticed results within a few weeks of using in combination with other products from the same range. You will not regret purchase!

Gentle and effective - 25-02-2018 by

I just love this cleanser. I have combination skin with some redness as well. After washing with this, my skin is calm, balanced and feels great. I am a huge Skinstitut fan!

Holy grail - 21-02-2018 by

I cannot live without this product! A little goes a long way so the bottle lasts agesssss and my face feels really nice afterwards. I love that this helps with my congestion and keeps my face smooth

A deep clean guaranteed! - 19-02-2018 by

This cleanser is wonderful. It really gets deep into the pores and removes all the hunk out. My skin glows when I use this product but I cannot use consistently. My skin does need a break from it because the formula is so strong and effective. I don’t have sensitive skin, but it’s perfect for my combination skin!

Great for oily skin - 19-02-2018 by

This product is really good for oily skin, it helped to maintain my skin during the summer however I wouldn't recommend it as a daily cleanser as it can dry out your skin too much.

Love it! - 07-02-2018 by

My skin is very sensitive and dry and this has been amazing on my skin, doesn’t leave it feeling dry or sore and smells amazing. Would reccomend for all types of skin though as my mum uses it and her skin is very oily and it’s perfect for her too.

Amazing cleanser and lasts so long! - 18-01-2018 by

I have been using this cleanser for about a year now and have seen a massive change in my dry skin. As it has a natural exfoliating effect it has reduced my dryness without leaving my skin feeling tight or sensitive. The smallest amount goes so far as it spreads really well, so the cleanser lasts me months before needing to buy another. It removes my makeup really well or is great to use for the second cleanse after using the gentle cleanser.

Favourite Cleanser - 17-01-2018 by

I have dry skin that has a tendency to over produce oil at the same time. I used to suffer with acne on my face and ingrown hairs on my neck. I have used this cleanser morning and night now for nearly 2 years, along with the Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub twice a week and since then have only ever had the occasional pimple around my chin area and have not had an ingrown hair once since using it. This cleanser manages to make the skin extremely clean without making the skin feel tight or dry. I find the consistency of the cleanser to be a little runny and the smell to be a little perculiar but it is very effective so that’s all that counts for me. Would 100% recommend to anybody with dry or combination skin.

My favourite cleanser to date! - 27-12-2017 by

I have combination skin that can become dry and sensitive when I use various products. This cleanser however is fantastic and has made a noticeable difference - my skin is clearer and brighter. It comes in a massive bottle and is great value for money. I am now onto my third bottle! My only complaint is that the recent bottle I bought seems to have a different consistency to the previous bottles I've had...usually it is a lovely gel, however this bottle gushed out like water. I shook it up in case it had separated, but this didn't seem to help. Regardless, it is still a great cleanser that I would whole heartedly recommend to anyone.

Fantastic cleanser - 20-12-2017 by

This cleanser is beautiful. It has a gel like texture. Goes on smooth and removes all makeup including eye makeup

AMAZING - 12-12-2017 by

I absolutely love this cleanser, I was recommended it by my sister who shares my concerns for dry, dull and (elegantly) ageing skin. At first I used it and didn't love it, but I gave it a second chance, with a different moisturiser and now it's my favourite. I tend to only use it at night, as sometimes I feel it's a bit harsh on fresh morning skin, but pair this with a super hydrating moisturiser at night and you'll wake up feeling amazing!

Great for dry and congested skin - 22-11-2017 by

My skin is extremely dry and sometimes I need a gentle exfoliation, so instead of using the glycolic scrub - I use the L-Lactic Cleanser! This stuff is fantastic and leaves your skin feeling plump, fresh and hydrated whilst also exfoliating all the gross stuff away!

Fantastic cleanser for every day! - 13-11-2017 by

I have combination skin with some scarring and I have tried a multitude of products to get rid of it! I have been using the Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser along with the Enzymatic Micro Peel, Retinol Serum, Vitamin C Powder and Moisturiser for just over a week now and I can honestly say it has improved my complexion tenfold! This cleanser smells great and you can really feel your skin is clarified after each use. I use it morning and night daily, sometimes with a cleansing cloth to ensure I remove any traces of makeup. Given the size of the bottle and how little you need to use, it's great value for money. Highly recommend!

Great value and good cleanser - 16-10-2017 by

I started using this cleanser after the brand was recommended to me by a beauty therapist. After coming off the pill I've had hormonal breakouts and needed something stronger than the natural products I was using. I've found this cleanser to be really gentle in my sometimes sensitive skin and I've found the texture has improved a little so far and breakouts aren't lasting as long. I'm also using the glycolic scrub, even blend serum and oily skin moisturiser, which seems to be a winning combination.

Nice but I prefer the Gentle Cleanser - 11-10-2017 by

I recently started using this L-lactic cleanser from Skinstitute, and I think it's alright. To be honest I prefer the Gentle Cleanser instead but I thought I'd give this one a try. I think I'll return to the Gentle Cleanser but I feel like someone else could definitely enjoy this product. It has an interesting fruity fragrance and definitely makes my face feel clean.

Great gentle cleanser - 10-10-2017 by

I have been using this cleanser for over a year and every time I've tried a different product, I return to this shortly after. It is great for my dry skin and I always notice my skin is better while I am using it. Even though it contains lactic acid, I find it really gentle on my normally sensitive skin.

Hydrating and Renewing - 25-09-2017 by

I was advised by a beauty therapist to try this product, along with the gentle cleanser. This was to help my tired looking, dry and often congested skin. I rotate between both cleansers and it's great. I know longer get my typical breakouts and my skin is much more hydrated.

Will never change! - 18-09-2017 by

I used this for a couple of years and had great results, and then was lured away by a brand with fancier packaging. It didn't take long until I was back,using this cleanser.

I have dry skin with redness, and this really helps to minimise both the redness and the dryness. I team it up with one of the Skinstitut's serums and it works wonders.

Excelent Product - 23-08-2017 by

I received this as a sample in an order. Its wonderful. I use it every morning. Easy to use. Goes on nice. I have normal to dry skin. Will be purchasing this product 100%

Try a sample first - 19-08-2017 by

Got a sample of this product and it gave a thorough cleanse but was too strong a product for my skin, 24 hours later and its still feeling a bit stingy and tender (no redness tho)

granted I think I used too much, but it was just too strong for my skin and I don't have overly sensitive skin.

If you have skin that does not react badly to this product, go for it - but I don't have sensitive skin and I had a reaction to the product, so maybe request a sample first.

Love skinstituts other products though, I just think this product isn't for everyone.

Gentle, yet effective at refining the texture of my skin - 13-08-2017 by

This is a brilliant cleanser for me. I have mature, combination, and hormone affected skin and have been using this for a month. I have not introduced any other new actives, yet have noticed some improvement in old scarred areas that I have around my jaw line. I purchased this as part of the starter pack and will buy the full size next time.

A godsend for hormonal acne - 27-07-2017 by

I have never loved a cleanser as much as I love this product. A pea sized amount does my face, neck and chest all without that dry tight feeling. It smells amazing and is just an overall fantastic product.

Repurchase! - 24-07-2017 by

I've been using this cleanser for about 3 months now and I have combination skin with hormonal breakouts. Since using this cleanser, I've noticed my skin looks clearer, brighter and I like that it's also hydrating with the Lactic Acid in the product :) It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry and I'll definitely be repurchasing this cleanser again!

Good all round cleanser - 30-05-2017 by

I have been using this for about 4 months and my skin is looking great. I use it in conjunction with the Multi-active Mist and the Skinstitut Moisture Defence - Normal Skin moisturiser daily. I also use the Glycolic Scrub about 3 times a week. I am very happy with these products and will continually purchase them. They suit my mid-30s skin which was drying out and looking dull. It appears to take my makeup off really well - except around the eye area, but I think this is because we tend to avoid the eyes when we wash our face - I just use separate makeup remover to get rid of any mascara left.

Best cleanser I've ever used + results plus - 28-01-2017 by

I really enjoy the cleanser.

It's gentle enough to use on my sensitive, delicate skin but effective enough to feel like it's resurfaced my skin, opened my pores and most importantly it primes the area beautifully for moisturiser.

It doesn't irritate my skin at all but at the same time it's strong enough to take off all your layers of make-up should you need it to!

Gentle on skin - 22-07-2016 by

I've fallen in love with the skinstitute products. They're very affordable and they really work.
I found this cleanser to be gentle on the skin while providing thoroughly clean skin.

Saved my skin - 10-03-2016 by

This product saved my skin from pesky breakouts. I would recommend it to anyone. I have really dry sensitive skin which has been hormonal and crappy on and off for 4 years.. and this cleanser has been great! It is a tiny bit drying (for me) but if you moisturise day and night you will be fine. I've been using it for about 5 months and it is my holy grail face wash, foams up and really cleans the skin x

Awesome for acne, keratosis Pilaris or rough skin on the body but need to lather all over - 16-05-2015 by

This used to come in a 375ml pump pack and I used it religiously when I had breakouts on my back and shoulders. It left my skin silky smooth! It also smells nice in my opinion. Now the size is less than half and the price is the same... But I sure it still works well and was very gentle. I did use it on my face along with the glycol if facial scrub (awesome product). It would work well as an all over treatment.

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