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Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser 200ml

4.6 of 518 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58


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Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser is a medium intensity, gel based cleanser that provides gentle daily exfoliation. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin.

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser

Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser

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4.6 of 518 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Love, love, love this! My old cleanser just wasn’t cutting it anymore, so naturally it was time for a change. Was recommended this but wasn’t expecting any miracles, but WOW! Best skin I’ve ever had! Would highly recommend if you if you are prone to hormonal break outs.

Most Helpful Criticism

A bit meh


Cleansed the skin well and removed makeup but didn’t do much for my combination/oily skin. I prefer the the Glycolic cleanser. I won’t repurchase.
  1. Good for getting a glow


    verified purchaser
    I think this wash is really great value. I find that straight after I use it I get a nice natural highlight going. it does get the skin really clean without leaving it tight
  2. Nice exfoliating cleanser


    verified purchaser
    I use this when I feel like I need a little extra exfoliation. It smells like fruit and works really well to get rid of any dead skin. I don't like to use it every day as I think it may be a little too harsh for me so I use it 3 to 4 times a week.
  3. Magic!


    verified purchaser
    Love, love, love this! My old cleanser just wasn’t cutting it anymore, so naturally it was time for a change. Was recommended this but wasn’t expecting any miracles, but WOW! Best skin I’ve ever had! Would highly recommend if you if you are prone to hormonal break outs.
  4. Great for sensitive skin!!


    Having sensitive I was terrified to use a acid exfoliator as I felt scrubs would damage my skin. Got a sample from AB and wow! No irritation or damage at all. And my skin looked clean and clear. My now go to product.
  5. Not for me


    I received a sample of this cleanser and excited to try it hoping this is going to be my new go to cleanser. To be honest, in my opinion this is just a very average gel cleanser, I can’t see the exfoliating effect, you would still need to do your normal exfoliate routine even using this cleanser... I don’t think I will consider to purchase the full size product.
  6. Incredible!


    verified purchaser
    I’ve been using this product for over two years now and I absolutely love it. It leaves my skin soft and clean rather than dry and stripped of its natural oils which is a big yes for me! I also love that it contains lactic acid as it gives my skin a gentle exfoliation every time i use it. Couldn’t recommend enough
  7. A real game changer

    Holly K

    verified purchaser
    I have combination skin and suffer from congestion and mild acne at times. This cleanser (and the whole Skinstitut brand) has improved the overall quality of my skin. It does not dry out the skin, no irritation and does a great job of thoroughly cleansing leaving skin soft. Love it
  8. Great


    This cleanser smells amazing and feels so nice on the skin. Foams up a little when you massage in. Seems gentle enough for my skin but definitely avoid my eye area when using
  9. My fave cleanser

    Bea O'K

    I've used this cleanser now for well over 2 years and I love it! I used to have very dry skin, but since using this cleanser, my skin feels so clean and hydrated and it smells divine. I have minimal breakouts and skin has been much smoother.
  10. Great product


    verified purchaser
    This is one of my favourite products. I love how it feels on my skin. It's gentle and foams well and my skin always feels really clean and cleansed after I use it. I have combination skin and find it doesn't dry my skin our or make it oily.
  11. Great


    This cleanses my skin thoroughly and leaves my skin slightly glowy afterwards
  12. Mature women's best friend


    Love this product for my mature age skin - cleanses perfectly while not drying out my skin - use it every day for perfect cleansing. Love it!
  13. Good clean


    This cleanser leaves the skin feeling very clean. I got this as a gift and am enjoying it as a break from my regular cleanser. Also looking forward to trying the glycolic scrub in this brand.
  14. Great gentle cleanser


    I found this cleaner to be nice and gentle on my skin. It foams well and leaves my skin feeling fresh and reduces oil production throughout the day.
  15. BELOW Expectations


    I’ve heard so many people rave about this Skinstitut range and wanted to try it for myself. I stuck with their products for one year. I used ONLY Skinstitut and nothing else. Unfortunately, I saw no improvements to my skin. I have an oily/combination skin type. Was disappointed with the outcome as I heard such good things and gave it a long trial. I would invest your money into different products....
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  16. Cleared up my skin almost immediately


    I’ve used this cleanser along with the glycolic scrub for years now. And they work together so well!
    This cleanser leaves your face feeling so clean and is strong enough to deal with breakouts and oiliness without causing and harsh reactions.
    I’ve used other products randomly out of curiosity and I always come back to skinstitute
  17. Love this product


    I have combination skin (oily t-zone and dry around my mouth) and I love this product - I use this in the evenings to cleanse and combine it with the ultra dry moisturiser and multi-active oil. I began using it twice daily but found it too much, once daily is enough for my skin. It cleanses well, foams well and is a gentle exfoliator. Good value for money and smells nice!
  18. Smooth skin after cleansing


    This leaves my skin smooth and cleansed it’s lovely and leaves a
    Perfect base for my skin care because I know that I’ve cleansed effectively! Will definitely be repurchasing this once it’s empty!
  19. Strong cleanser

    Trish S

    This formular doesn't have grit like the glycolic acid scrub, it's so much softer to apply and produces a slight foam. Not a fan of the smell, but it does do a good job of cleansing, but I do find after using it, it drys/tightens my skin quite substantially.
  20. Perfect everyday cleanser


    This is a great cleanser which is easy to use and leaves skin feeling exceptionally clean without dryness. Much less harsh than cleansers which contain glycolic acid with a similar result. I use this twice a day, every day and my skin looks and feels amazing .
  21. Good cleaner


    I’m happy with this cleanser. I prefer it to the glycolic cleanser which didn’t do much for me. I usually use dermalogica special cleansing gel but wanted to try something different. I like how this product ‘soaps up’ and leaves your face feeling really clean (that squeaky sound). I can see how some people may find it drying but I love that clean skin feeling. Will repurchase - a little goes a lon...
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  22. Gentle exfoliation


    Probably a more gentle exfoliator than the glycolic acid. Also not a fan of the smell of the lactic acid. Nevertheless, it works!
  23. gentle exfoliation that does the job


    really good product for the price ! i have oily skin and i found that it exfoliated and cleaned my skin without drying it out or stripping the natural oils, i use it every second day
  24. amazing


    Just buying this cleanser for the third time. It's wonderful! Does feel a bit drying but leaves your face extremely clean.
  25. Love it!


    My skin glows after using this as a daily cleanser .It's so gentle but has amazing results . Highly recommend.
  26. Good cleanser


    It is good cleanser to use on alternative days as it is bit strong to use everyday .it smeels nice too.
  27. A bit meh


    Cleansed the skin well and removed makeup but didn’t do much for my combination/oily skin. I prefer the the Glycolic cleanser. I won’t repurchase.
  28. Gentle cleanser!


    Very gentle on my skin, removes make up and leaves skin feeling fresh but not too dry. Love it!
  29. Great day and night cleanser


    The beauty salon I go to uses the skinstitut range in me when I get my facials done. They didn’t break me out after my treatments so I thought I’d give them a crack at home. I have combo oily/dry skin.
    I bought basically the whole range from adore beauty and my beauty salon and so far they’ve been great.
    I like this cleanser as it’s gentle so if I’m not feeling extra about my skincar...
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  30. weekly use


    It is one of the gifts in the goodie bag. I prefer using it as a weekly exfoliation.
  31. Nice everyday cleanser


    Nice cleanser which is not to foamy and leaves my skin feeling actually clean from impurities after a big day in the kitchen. Received in a goody bag as always choose one with a cleanser so I can find my no1 cleanser as always dabbling in different products. This is cheap and effective but not as hydrating as some iv tried.
  32. Great on acne prone skin


    I use this on my acne prone skin once a week or even once a fortnight as it dries my skin if I use it twice a week :( but great results once you figure out how frequently to use
  33. Lactic


    I found this good for a weekly exfoliation but I wouldn't use this as a daily cleanser as it does feel a bit stripping
  34. A little drying


    I find this to be drying on my skin when used everyday so I swapped to use it once a week when I would use my glycolic scrub & it worked well enough than
  35. My go to


    I have been using the Skinstitut L-Lactic cleanser since I first started taking my skin routine seriously about 2 years ago. I can’t even explain how much this cleanser has saved my skin. I love that it’s gentle yet affective. I am a fan of cleansers that foam up, I love that with this cleanser when your face is dirty it won’t foam up as much so it basically tells you if you need to double cleanse...
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  36. Nice but not for everyday


    I found this good for a nice cleanse with exfoliating properties but I wouldn't use this as a daily cleanser as it does feel a bit stripping
  37. Gentle but effective


    I have gradually introduced this cleanser as a gentler alternative to Skinstitut's Glycolic Cleanser since managing to improve my skin barrier and my breakouts settling. I find it nourishing but also helps clear breakouts when they do pop up. It does tend to have a bit more of a runny consistency which I found leads to excess dispense of product.
  38. Exfoliating cleanser


    Nice and gentle exfoliating cleanser. I used it every alternate day and leave it on for like a minute so i can get the full benefits. Clears my skin beautifully!
  39. Ummmm Not Sure


    I'm not sure about this. I can't get past the smell. It smells funky. Did I get an 'off' product? This hasn't done anything for my skin. It doesn't take off my makeup, it doesn't clear pimples. For me it does nothing. I do however love the 14% scrub, that is amazing. But this... nope. Nothing. Argh the smell is bad.
  40. Been using for 3 years - amazing


    I have sensitive skin and this cleanser is wonderful it’s so gentle and doesn’t ever sting. Even when I have open breakouts this cleanser doesn’t irritate them! Small amount goes a long way!
  41. Beautiful product


    This cleanser is so gentle but has amazing results . My skin glows after using this as a daily cleanser . Highly recommend.
  42. Awesome cleanser for problematic skin

    Emma Loves Skincare

    I find this cleanser is amazing when I have a breakout! It really does clear up my skin.
    It also lasts soooo long! The price is great considering how much you get.
    It could potentially be a little drying on some skin types.

    For reference my skin is oily/combination and I am 30 years old

  43. great everyday cleanser for makeup removal


    I use this everyday, even after "going out" makeup and it gets everything off, leaves my face feeling fresh and its quite gentle.

    My skin is early 40s, dry and hormonal, this is mild enough to use everyday and not drying.
  44. Great cleanser for dry skin


    I switched from using a glycolic cleanser to the L-Lactic cleanser and my dry skin loves this more. It cleans without stripping and I don't get that "too tight" feeling on my skin. Only downside is that I always seem to dispense too much but I end up using it on my neck and chest area.
  45. Holy Grail Product


    I have been using Skinstitut since 2014 as it is the only product that keeps my skin clear, fresh and supple!!
    I've tried new products in between and keep going back to Skinstitut because nothing beats it!! I use it morning and night, it doesn't leave a dry feeling after, your skin just feels soo clean and smooth.
    I also love the Normal skin moisturiser too which just makes the skin fe...
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  46. Stumbled across this cleanser


    I had made an error and ordered this cleanser instead of the scrub I was intending to buy. Have been using this cleanser for a month now and find it to be really effective and leaves my skin feeling really clean and refreshed. I generally wear a lot of make up and this helps keep my skin clean and glowing
  47. That Glow

    Holly B

    I love this product, my skin feels fresh after use and is so glowy i can't believe it. My face does feel a little tight after use but when you follow with a moisturised its great. Couldn't recommend Skionstitute products more, they are just great
  48. Clearing up my skin


    I use this product with the gentle cleanser and the 14% scrub throughout the week. my skin was initially sensitive and acne prone, it is now much stronger and clearer. When i ran out of this i noticed a difference in my skin (not in a good way) and couldnt wait to get it back again.
  49. Squeaky Clean


    I use to always have Acne and really dull skin, since using this product I now very rarely have issues with my skin. I would definitely recommend this product to those people struggling with acne and congested/dull skin.
  50. Great gentle cleanser


    very gentle on my skin, removes make up and leaves skin feeling fresh but not dry
  51. Perfect for my sensitive skin


    After trying this out from the starter pack I have grown to love this cleanser! I use it with my clarisonic and it always leave a my skin feeling soft and cleansed. Having sensitive skin it is really hard to find a product that doesn't react after a few uses. Goes perfectly with the glycolic scrub and sunscreen. The only downside is the packaging as a it is very runny causing a lot of waste when o...
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  52. Not a fan of the smell, but a good AHA for starters


    For AHA beginners, this is a good product to start with. Some people like the smell, but it really puts me off (its a personal preference thing).
  53. Great Cleanser - Love the Smell


    This is a great gentle everyday cleanser. My skin feels very refreshed after using it. I would definitely purchase again.
  54. Everyday Cleanser


    Perfect for everyday use, quite gentle but still lightly exfoliating
  55. Great cleanser


    I received this as a full size sample in my most recent order. This is a great everyday, surprisingly gentle cleanser. I use this morning and night and it does a great job at removing excess makeup and oil that my makeup wipe misses. Will definitely be purchasing when this runs out!
  56. Great affordable cleanser


    This cleanser makes my skin feel amazing. I have oily skin and I hadnt had any issues with it. My skin in clear and heaps with cleaning my pores.
  57. Acne is totally gone!


    Saved me from my acne! Very wonderful and definitely changed my skin so much. In love and highly recommend!
  58. Best cleanser


    I use this cleanser everyday, it is gentle and effective for reducing the oiliness of my skin
  59. Best everyday cleanser


    I have been using this product religiously for 3 years now, occasionally try a different product but always keep returning to this one! It is heavy enough to cleanse my face of all the make-up when lathered on twice, but gentle enough so it doesn't dry my skin out. I had adult acne problem, but this product helped with that. It is a great all-rounder and lasts for a long time; the only problem is...
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  60. AMAZING!


    Love this stuff have tried so many cleansers ranging in price and this is the best I’ve got hormonal skin and prone to blackheads around my chin and nose but I also suffer from eczema and this seems to help both and conditions and make my skin super soft without drying it out and without causing me to break out. Best one I’ve found over many years of searching, will continue to use :)
  61. Lovely gentle cleanser


    I love how this smells haha
    I’ve been using this product a few months now at night, removes makeup well. Hard to say if it does much since you just wash it off. I think I get better results from serums in the same brand
  62. Subtle but effective

    Kirsten M

    Really happy that I found this product.
    Fantastic value for money - I LOVE the size because it really makes you feel like it’s worth every cent spent.

    It’s really makes you feel like you’ve cleaned your face, but without stripping it and leaving your skin feeling dry and tight.

    Has also been a great first step in helping to calm and clear my hormonal acne.
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  63. A great everyday cleanser


    I received this cleanser as a freebie in my order, safe to say I would definetley re-purchase! This cleanser is a great everyday product, you can feel the active ingredients working as it cleanses the skin, I do like the fragrance as well! My only negative is that you can't use this in the eye area, but it's not a deal breaker!
  64. Best cleanser


    Love Love LOVE this cleanser! Lasts forever and keeps my skin feeling so beautiful and clean. I tried a different cleanser not too long ago and regretted it immediately. Cant live without this product
  65. Gentle cleanser


    Have bought this twice now but have now switched it out for the gycolic cleanser instead as I like the more active ingredients in that better. Nice cleanser
  66. Great sensitive skin option


    Super gentle for my sensitive skin - didn’t upset it at all which A LOT of cleansers have done in the past. Still cleaned off all my makeup including my eye makeup thoroughly! New favourite daily cleanser <3
  67. amazing


    great to smooth out any texture on my skin and reduce the oil i feel on my skin, remove makeup well
  68. Incredibly light and foamy


    I have been using this product for over a year and have seen some amazing results from using it (along with the glycolic scrub once a week). Before this product I was using thick and harsh skin cleansers that were no benefit to my skin, l lactic is light and will lather well with a very small amount. I recommend if you take this bottle travelling that you transfer a small amount to a travel bottle...
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  69. Smooths


    I love how this smooths the texture on my skin. I have raised bumps from acne and this definitely dries pimples out
  70. Gentle on skin


    This one bottle of cleanser has lasted me 6 months with daily use. Only the tiniest amount goes a long way. It’s also really gentle on the skin. I get breakouts which usually flare up or sting when cleansers touch them and this one doesn’t! Smells wonderful too!
  71. Cleans my face but no miracles yet


    I've been using this cleanser for a few months now and it gets my face clean and takes all the makeup off but I haven't seen any major changes in my skin's texture or the level of congestion on my face. Not a terrible product but probably wouldn't spend $30+ on it again
  72. Good cleanser


    Nothing too fantastic, I have not noticed a significant difference with this. But it is a good cleanser, leaves you feeling clean without stripping skin
  73. Nothing special


    I didn't feel like this cleanser actually cleaned the SPF off my skin or that my skin was exfoliated.
  74. Best cleanser for dry skin


    My skin is very dry and oily with large pores. This cleanser gives a really deep clean but is also very hydrating and leaves my skin feeling soft. Great to use morning and night.
  75. Great Cleanser, Leaks through packaging


    Excellent Cleanser! Helps skin feel clean both day and night. Need to gently shake the bottle before each use because it is a bit runny.
    Could only give it 4 stars because I find it leaks through the bottle, and I need to store it upside down to prevent it from wasting.
  76. Super effective


    I love this on hormonal acne around my mouth/ chin - it definitely smooths them down and makes it look better within one use!
  77. My go-to facial cleanser


    I absolutely love the whole Skinstitut range but especially this product. I have combination skin with congestion around my T-zone. This cleanser helps keep my skin clean, and nourished. I love the scent too, that hint of raspberries is divine.
  78. Runny


    I really love this brand, but there is something about this cleanser that didn't meet the mark for me. I

    I don't think it's on long enough for a great exfoliation and the product is very runny it almost falls out the tube.

    That being said it did cleanse my face very well.
  79. Perfect Everyday Cleanser!


    I went through a period of trying to find the perfect cleanser for my skin... the Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser is the best I have found so far. This is a great cleanser for removing make up and assisting with breakouts. It also doesn't leave the skin feeling too dry or tight. I have been using this product for over a year now and I'm not looking to change anytime soon :)
  80. Gentle


    This cleanser is gentle it helps to calm my skin. Great for daily use. Definitely repurchase.
  81. Skinstitut


    Really good for evening out hyperpigmentation over time! Thoroughly impressed by this - had a sample and saw results in a week
  82. Great daily cleanser


    It exfoliates ever so gently, not so much that you wouldn’t be able to use this twice a day. My pores look cleaner now, and therefore tighter. There is definitely artificial fragrance, but it hasn’t irritated my sensitive skin at all. Would recommend!
  83. Sample Review


    I can't believe how much I love this product. I have a lot of trouble finding cleansers that work for me - I have oily skin which drys out very easily, most cleansers leave my skin feeling dry and very tight. This one however left my skin feeling clean and hydrated. I'll be purchasing this in the full size.
  84. Has really cleared up my skin


    I have quite oily skin and was recommended the Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser by a skin specialist. I have been using it for a year now and I have to say my breakouts a becoming less and less frequent. My skin seems to be less oily but not stripped dry. It's easy to use and I will continue to purchase it. Best cleanser I've purchased.
  85. Skin felt smooth


    Have been really enjoying using this cleanser. At night I use it after my makeup removal (since it can't be used around the eyes) and I find my skin feels so nice and smooth and not dry.
  86. AMAZING!!


    I started using this product when it was recommended to me by a skin specialist, and I haven't looked back! It's super gentle on the skin and smells so fresh, it leaves my skin so soft and hydrated, but most of all - it's helped to clear up my acne so much! Definitely recommend.
  87. Really gentle


    This feels super gentle and calming on the skin. Perfect for sensitive skin
  88. Works Well


    I've been using this cleanser for about three weeks straight morning and night and it's done a great job of making my skin appear brighter and cleaning up some of the blemishes I had. At first it made my skin feel quite dry right after use, but as soon as serums/oils/moisturisers were on that feeling went away.
  89. Absolute Best!


    Absolutely LOVE this cleanser, have been using it for 4 years, leaves my skin clear, clean and super soft, and feels divine when applying it. I've switched to others on and off over the years, but always come back to this one as nothing else leaves my skin feeling so good.
  90. Amazing!


    I have really fair/sensitive skin, and use this cleanser once or twice a week. I wouldn't recommend using everyday, however I switch between cetaphil and find it removes everything that cetaphil can't without irritating my skin. A little goes a long way and have had my bottle for over 12 months and haven't even used half!
  91. Gentle and soothing cleanser


    Love this cleanser, it's very thorough and makes my face feel nice and clean. The only downfall of this sized bottle is that you only need a small amount but it pours out of the bottle so you always end up with way more than you need which is a bit of a waste.
  92. Must Have!


    I have been using this cleanser for 2 year's now, tried a few other's in the meantime but keep coming back to this. I have combination skin and I find using it once a day, preferably at night keep's my skin clear. Love the way it lather's, you feel like you are getting a really thorough clean. A staple in my Skincare Routine.
  93. My Favourite Face Cleanser


    I have heard so much about the Skinstitut products & people always recommending I try them & I am so happy I did.

    This cleanser is a favourite of mine. After trying various cleansers on the market I have never found one that ticked all the boxes for me until I found this one.

    I love you literally a pea sized amount with a little water will lather up enough to cover your...
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  94. Best Cleanser Ever


    I bought every cleanser on the market trying to manage my oily/blemish prone skin and then I found this. I have used it for around 3 years now, morning and night. After about a month of consistent use, my skin had dramatically changed. The texture was drastically improved, post inflammatory pigmentation faded much more rapidly than normal and I found myself with less and less breakouts as I contin...
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  95. Love This


    I have been using this cleanser for a few years now. I use it morning and night (twice at night) and it removes all of my makeup and leaves my face feeling so soft and smooth. The tube lasts forever as it lathers and you dont need much! It's by far the best cleanser I have used and so affordable.
  96. Can not live without

    Chanelle j

    If your not using this you need to.
    Keeps my skin clear even at that time of month. It's reduced my breakouts. Calmed my skin. I no longer have oily skin. It's been a repeat purchase for years.
  97. Great cleanser for everyday use


    I have used this cleanser morning and night for about 5 months now and love it. I won’t use anything else now
  98. Love this!


    My skin loves this cleanser! I have sensitive skin and this is gentle enough while still giving me amazingly smooth skin. My skin is so soft and clear and really feels fresh and clean after use. I recommend it to all!
  99. Hydrating yet gentle cleanser


    Ive been using lactic cleanser for a week now & I have very dry dehydrate skin, ive noticed a big difference in texture and prefer this one over glycol cleanser for a dry skin as it doesn't strip the barrier as much
  100. good cleanser


    I have hormonal cystic acne and unfortunately have not found anything that helps with this problem
    this cleanser did however help with spots and definately did not make my acne worse
    my skin still felt clean and nice
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