From Beginner Serums to Hardcore Peels: The 12 Best Vitamin A Products on Adore

vitamin avitamin a

Ever heard of retinol? Or retinoids? What about vitamin A? Or was it prescription vitamin A someone was going on about in the group chat?

Despite being the gold standard of anti-ageing skincare ingredients, vitamin A is really, really confusing.

Using a vitamin A skincare product can help with the appearance of skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and pigmentation, resulting in plump, healthy-looking skin.

But why are there so many different names for vitamin A - retinol, retinal, retinoids?! - and how do you find the right vitamin A or retinol for your skin type?

You can find out everything you need to know about the best vitamin A product for you by listening to the Week 4 episode of Skincare School the podcast below (or keep scrolling for the quick version).

Types of Vitamin A for Skin.

Vitamin A is an ingredient commonly found in skin care, but it can be broken down into several types, all with different strengths and efficacies. These are collectively called 'retinoids'.

Here's a list of the most common vitamin A derivatives or retinoids found in skin care, from the gentlest to the strongest:

1. Retinol esters like retinyl palmitate and retinyl acetate are the mildest types of retinoids.

2. Granactive Retinoid.

3. Retinol.

4. Retinaldehyde or Retinal.

5. Tretinoin (also known as prescription vitamin A, retinoic acid or retin-A) is the strongest form of vitamin A for skin and is only available in Australia with a prescription from your medical practitioner.

You can browse and shop all vitamin A/retinol skin care here.

Watch more about the different types of vitamin A in our YouTube video below.

Best Vitamin A Products and Retinol Serums.

If you're a retinol beginner, please do not go straight for the strongest retinol serum. You will not get results faster. (Far from it, you'll end up with retinol face aka redness, flakiness and irritation.)

Start low and go slow by applying a gentle, low strength vitamin A product to skin after cleansing and before moisturiser. Start with once a week, then twice a week, so on and so forth. Once you've finished the serum tube, gauge whether your skin is ready to move up to the next strength.

Here are our top picks for vitamin A products on Adore. In order, we have a beginner retinol ester serum, two staged beginner to advanced vitamin A ranges, an affordable retinol serum, a granactive retinoid formula and two advanced vitamin A treatments for experienced retinol users only!

You can shop all anti-ageing and retinol serums here.

Plus, learn how to incorporate vitamin A as a part of an anti-ageing skincare routine in our YouTube video below.

How to Use Retinol and Vitamin A Skincare Products.

Finally, here's a reminder of the main basics when introducing or adding vitamin A into your routine:

  • Use only at night time.

  • Always apply sunscreen regularly throughout the day.

  • Do not use vitamin A if you are pregnant or breastfeeding - always consult your medical professional before starting any new product or routine.

  • See a doctor, dermatologist or dermal clinician to discuss any specific concerns.

Plus, listen to more about vitamin A on the Beauty IQ Uncensored podcast below.

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