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Medik8 Crystal Retinal 3 30ml 30ml

4.8 of 35 reviews


4 instalments of $21.75

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4 instalments of $21.75

Or 4 instalments of $21.75 with LEARN MORE

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Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and refine skin texture with this powerful facial treatment. Thanks to its technologically advanced formula, Medik8 Crystal Retinal 3 resurfaces skin, helping to boost collagen to help reveal a radiant, youthful complexion. By using this advanced Vitamin A treatment, skin is left soft and smooth, while fine lines and wrinkles are dramatically reduced, and your overall skin tone is improved. The Medik8 Crystal Retinal 3 is starting point for normal skin in the Medik8 Crystal Retinal line, or the next step up from users of Crystal Retinal .

  • Cosmeceuticals

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Medik8 Crystal Retinal 3 30ml Reviews

4.8 of 35 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Holy grail product!


Can't live without this stuff, its made such a noticeable difference on my skin especially my acne scars! Onto my second bottle of this, use it 4-5 times a week at night time.
  1. Holy grail product!


    Can't live without this stuff, its made such a noticeable difference on my skin especially my acne scars! Onto my second bottle of this, use it 4-5 times a week at night time.
  2. Great product


    verified purchaser
    I started using this product after finishing a bottle of the Medik8 3TR which was a nice beginner retinal for me. My skin has taken to the Crystal very well and I use it every night without irritation. It is very soft and I can see that my skin appears very clear and smooth upon waking each morning. I like the texture compared to some of the more oiler retinal products. Easily glides on skin, no ...
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  3. Good and strong product


    Very good product, just be mindful of your skin type. Personally I use it just 1 time per week, otherwise my skin start to peel.
  4. Has really helped me clear up my acne


    Has really helped me clear up my acne. I find using it once a week makes a big difference. It can be quite intense so using it any more than that tends to aggravate my skin.
  5. Great 1st retinal


    This is the first retinal I have ever used and I love it. It has a beautiful soft sweet smell and a creamy texture that absorbs fast. My face looks radiant and smooth when I wake up. This has not caused any breakouts for me.
  6. Gentle and effective


    verified purchaser
    I was using Avene physiolift night creme prior to using this product. I use medik 8 B5 hydration drops before using this and it works really well. I have sensitive skin and I did not have any issues with rashes and inflammation even though I started using it daily pretty early on. Definitely noticed a difference in my skin and I will be moving on to retinal 6 next :)
  7. Happy :)


    verified purchaser
    I have just upgraded to this (after finishing a bottle of the Retinol 3TR) and I’m totally happy. No irritation at all. It takes no time to sink in. My skin is looking really good, smooth and glowy. I use the Advanced Night Restore cream after, which I love too.
  8. Love this Retinal


    verified purchaser
    I absolutely love this serum. It feels lovely on the skin and has a beautiful, light vanilla scent. I wake up with glowing skin and this product does not make my skin break out. I have combination skin that is prone to congestion and blackheads, so I really love how this serum does not contain silicone!
  9. Great retinol


    Love this retinol. Started with no.1 last year. The tube lasted ages and decided to move on to no. 3. This retinol is great. My skin is sensive and i have no reaction to this retinol at all. It delivers glowy, refined skin the next morning. I use it 2-3 times per week. Highly recommend.
  10. Love this, works for sensitive skin


    verified purchaser
    I have sensitive combination skin and experience occasional break outs (especially in so, have some post inflammatory pigmentation scars). I had used a vitamin A serum in the past so went with this mid strength one and it was great - no adverse reactions and my skin looks brighter and plumper in the morning. Currently still using every 2nd night but will transition to daily use soon. This has been...
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  11. Great vitamin A


    This product is fantastic! It's super lightweight and not overly drying like some retinol products. I'm in my mid-20s and looking for into level anti-ageing products. This delivers. My skin feels so smooth in the morning and I've noticed an improvement in skin tone too. I apply every second night and follow with a hydrating night cream.
  12. Gentle Clarity


    Me: Late 20's, combination skin, prone to redness on cheeks, sensitivity and acne

    This is a pleasant smelling, cream type serum that's a joy to use. I have been apprehensive using retinol & retinoids due to my sensitive and red cheeks, but this product did not irritate them the slightest. Over time, I noticed an improvement in overall clarity and brightness in my skin, and decided to ...
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  13. Gentle for beginners


    I use this on alternate nights and have not experienced any adverse reaction. I've used retinols before so could probably level up to the next strength without issue. This is a nice texture and I like the pump tube format.


    I have tried the crystal retinal 1 and I loved it so much! It had helped to clear my hormonal acne under my chin. It is very gentle, thus sensitive skin friendly! I am so happy with my past purchase that I decided to step up to crystal retinal 3. Hopefully this will give me better result in the long run!
  15. Oh the favourites list


    This is one of my favourite beauty products. It is effective, and goes a long way. It makes me skin feel incredible and soft, and more even-toned. Also, I love the smell so much! I had no flaking, or burning like some retinol products cause. Next time I will purchase the next level up, but this is a great starting point.
  16. LOVE


    I absolutely love this product and the ingredients are fabulous. Medik8 are a fantastic brand I can always trust. This plumps my skin and seriously reduced my puffy, tired eyes. Love it!
  17. Starter retinol


    Great starter of the range (only if you've used retinols before) and feel like I can move up to the 6 now. Feels great on the skin and works well on fine lines.
  18. Great product and no irritation


    This is the second retinol like product I have used. My skin is acne prone and becomes congestion with silicones. I had previously started with The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid Emulsion and liked the results but wanted to move onto something stronger. This product was one of the few retinol like products without silicones!!! I decided to start with Retinal 3. I've been using it for about 5 months....
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  19. Great starting point for retinol


    I have tried many retinol products, none have worked for me. Making my skin dry, red, sensitive and flaking.

    Since using this product I have had no issue with increasing the amount of days I can use the product. Recommend this to anyone starting out on retinol.
  20. perfect follow on from number 1


    lovely delicate retinal ... finished 1 and have moved onto 3 and is just as gentle love it
  21. So good


    My skin has not reacted whatsoever - no redness, no sensitivities - and it's completely smoothed the texture of my skin and treated my closed comedones! Amazing!
  22. Gentle and effective


    I have sensitive and normal/dry skin and have really enjoyed including the Crystal Retinal into my routine. Absolutely no redness or irritation, and I am noticing results already. My skin feels and looks smoother. A fantastic way to start with retinol products. I will definitely repurchase - potentially step up to the 6 next.
  23. Not for me


    My facialist got me onto this product, and it was my first time using a retinol, however my first use I had a reaction to it.
    I would recommend starting with medik8's first step retinol, rather than jumping straight to the 3 if you haven't used it before, or have more sensitive skin.
  24. Good product


    This is so effective for my combination skin. It has helped improve my skin and helped with pigmentation
  25. So good!!!


    Was recommended to me by my skin clinic. I’ve been using it every night for the last 2 weeks and already notice such a difference. I’m using retinol for preventing wrinkles, healing scars and preventing acne, it has done all of that for me already. I also love the smell, and that is in a cream base, can’t deal with oils!
  26. A must have in my beauty bag


    I had a bad experience with retinol and have been scared to go back to it as I have combination skin that can be pretty sensitive. I’ve now figured out you have to build it up over time so I started out using it twice a week then built up from there. It’s a long term game changer and has really improved the appearance of my skin. Definitely recommend!
  27. Great product


    I just switched from number 1 to 3. I’m such a fan of the crystal retinal range. I had wonderful results with number 1 and I am started to see even better improvements with number 3. It so good how you can start off slow and work yourself up.
  28. Best skincare purchase in 2019


    Cannot recommend enough! I love this retinol. It's helped with texture and tone in a. very short period of time. My melasma is something that I have to manage really closely and this has helped to fade it significantly. Super gentle but highly effective. I'll be rebuying the. next level up when I'm finished (Crystal Retinal 6).
  29. So far so good!


    My friend and I have been loving the Beauty IQ podcast and both really wanted to give this a try. She kindly bought it for my birthday and so far it has been great. I have had no reaction to it whatsoever! It smells nice and is super soft on your skin.
  30. I’ve being doing retinal wrong until now!


    I was reluctant to spend $ on retinal / rentinol until now!
    I’ve been using pharmacy brands and once damaged my acid mantle and was sore and flaky for a week!
    This product is effective and sinks into my skin well and is gentle!
    Everything you want from skincare!
  31. Lovely and effective formula


    This product is lovely, and has not caused me irritation at all. It is a smooth, creamy texture and doesn't feel too heavy on the skin. I use this 2-4 times a week and I notice the glow the next morning. I feel that my skin has improved in texture, it is softer and adds 'bounce'. Make sure you don't go straight into the higher levels straight away!
  32. Great next step in your Retinol Journey

    Nicole G

    Lovely, creamy formula that's easy to apply and isn't irritating.
    I'm currently using it twice a week at night and I always notice a glow the next morning!
    Would highly recommend if you're looking at upgrading your current entry level retinol.
  33. Results without irritation


    Although this is described as an intermediate strength retinol product, I found it gentle enough to use on my non-retinized, rosacea skin. Follow the instructions and introduce gradually, buffering with a rich moisturiser or oil over the top. The product is also described as a serum but is actually a light cream texture, easily spreadable with no oiliness. I find 1.5 pumps enough for each applicat...
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  34. Love this

    Kylie Q

    I really like the crystal retinol range from medik8. It's allowed me to easily step up to a higher level with zero irritation due to it's special micro encapsulated formula. They say this is better than retinol as it's got one less conversion to do this product doesn't irritate me at all. Start on the 3, move to the 6 then up to the 10.
  35. Non irritating


    Great product. I have dry, sensitive eczema prone skin that also gets hormonal acne.

    This goes on smooth. I don’t love the scent but I put a botanic oil serum over the top so don’t notice.

    I use it 4 x a week. My skin feels ultra soft, I will move up to the 6 at some point. Not sure about the anti ageing benefits as such given I don’t really have wrinkles at 28, but from ...
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