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SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5 30 ml

4.8 of 26 reviews


4 instalments of $26.75

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4 instalments of $26.75

Or 4 instalments of $26.75 with LEARN MORE

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SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5 contains .5% pure retinol and is enhanced with the latest stabilisation and delivery technologies to provide maximum efficacy.
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 100% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Deep Lines

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5

SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5

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Customer Reviews

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4.8 of 26 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best entry level retinoid!


I am a big advocate for vitamin A and have left a glowing review of SkinCeutical's 1.0 option. As this is a lower strength formulation, I find this less irritating and perfect for those who are new to retinol. Although my evening go-to is the stronger option, I like to have this on hand should my skin want a small break from high strength products. A small pea-size amount is all you need to cover the entire face and it layers wonderfully with other skincare serums and creams. When I was using this nightly at the beginning of my vitamin A journey, I found this gave me such an envious glow the next morning - something no makeup product could ever replicate. It also exfoliates dead skin cells and refines the appearance of fine liens and wrinkles. Those who suffer from acne will also find this product useful with reducing breakouts and preventing new ones from occurring. As vitamin A can degrade very easily, be sure to keep the lid on when not in use. I highly recommend this product to skincare users of any age.
  1. Best entry level retinoid!


    I am a big advocate for vitamin A and have left a glowing review of SkinCeutical's 1.0 option. As this is a lower strength formulation, I find this less irritating and perfect for those who are new to retinol. Although my evening go-to is the stronger option, I like to have this on hand should my skin want a small break from high strength products. A small pea-size amount is all you need to cover ...
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  2. Holy Grail material!


    I’ve been using this for more than 3 years and I have acne prone skin. This helped with restoring my skin! It helped with the acne scarring, the white head has been reduced, my skin is smoother and softer, my skin tone is more even, and overall appearance is a lot better. This is something I will continue using due to my skin type. It helps with reducing the inevitable effects of my skin type whic...
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  3. Anti aging


    Best to start with this one before the higher strength to avoid sensitivity
  4. Do use it with caution


    verified purchaser
    This was my first retinol and I loved it, when I first using it, it didn't give me the bad effect, you know, the ugly period of retinol that everybody's talking about, though I used it once a week then leveled up to twice then eventually after a month I used it everyday, that's when the effect hits me.
    My skin peeled, irritated and red, so I stopped using it and splash Phyto corrective ever...
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  5. Love this retinol


    I’ve started using retinol earlier this year. Now it’s become my favourite anti-aging ingredient. I’ve tried few brands of retinol serum. This one is the best so far. Visible improvements of my skin texture and condition. Love it!
  6. retinol is the recommended ingredent for antiaging


    The retinol is the most effective ingredent that has been proved effective in antiaging. But a few people can adapt to ratinol.
  7. Recommend this one over the 1% one and other brands as well for daily use.


    verified purchaser
    Recommend this one over the 1% one and other brands as well for daily use. My facial lady told me this today, although you might think you are used to higher concentration, it is still safer to dail it back down to 0.5% for at-home daily use.
  8. Happy with this product


    verified purchaser
    So far so good! I have a normal skin type and am 50 years old. I purchased the Skinceuticals Retinol 0.5 because of it's excellent reputation, has won awards in it's category and the list of ingredients it contains. At this stage, I am applying it every second night just to make sure I don't have an adverse reaction. I am happy with my purchase.
  9. Amazing!!!


    verified purchaser
    I have combination skin type, when I finally get rid of acne, they leave terrible scars and some of them are dark colour (which means it's really hard to make them disappear). So I decide to use retinol, the result is really amazing, just after one use, I can see they are going to become lighter and it controls my other potential acnes at the same time.
    1. use o.5 if you ...
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  10. Great retinol - no irritation


    verified purchaser
    I really enjoyed using this retinol. It keeps my skin looking clear with no congestion and I think it has helped fade some old acne scarring. I didn't get any irritation with it, but generally use it 2-3 nights a week.
  11. Love this product. Visible results


    I have been using this product for 2 months now ( tube lasts around 3 months). I have really helped tighten my pores, smooth my skin and give my skin a healthy glow. I did experience some peeling at first but that’s completely normal. Moving onto the stronger retinol next.
  12. Worth the $$$


    Love the brand, love this product. Easy to apply, doesn’t feel sticky or too heavy. Has a lovely, subtle scent and truly works wonders for my skin.
  13. LOVE IT!


    I LOVE THIS!! A little goes a long way.
    I've been using this for post acne scarring and hyperpigmentation spots, and has worked wonders!!! My scars are lighter and have evened out my overall complexion and reduced dullness, giving my skin a more vibrant glow!!
  14. Amazing product


    amazing retinol product for any starters. I have experienced better and clearer skin.
  15. Amazing retinol that does what it says!

    Kelly T

    I have been looking for a no frills, does what it says retinol for a while now, and this is it! Super gentle (I have used retinol before) so I can use it 3 times a week, and every time I use it my skin gets clearer and smoother! The inci list is really lean which indicates that it is just a great product that isn’t being something that it’s not.
  16. Holy Grail Retinol Product


    This is the first ever retinol product I've used, and its amazing!
    I have oily/combination skin, and purged a bit from using this product. However, it didn't last very long and my skin went back to it normal self after a week. My skin didn't experience any peeling because I started very slow with this product.
    The texture of my skin is so much better after using this product and my pi...
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  17. Weekly routine


    This isn’t the first retinol I’ve tried, but it’s the one I’ll stick to. I did peel like crazy for the first 10 uses but a bit of exfoliating fixed that. I no longer have any problems and I use it once or twice a week. I feel like it gives me a youthful glow.
  18. Great introductory Retinol product


    This is my first retinol product and it worked wonders on bringing my closed comedones to head, which BHA and AHA failed to do. I only used it once a week pea sized amount each time. So far I have not experienced any dryness or flakiness due to this slow introduction of retinol to my skincare regime. I have not yet seen the effect of evening out skin tone on my skin. However, my skin is definitel...
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  19. Works but use with caution


    This product definitely improved my overall complexion, however I didn’t ease my skin into it properly and ended up with very dry and red skin. It only needs to be used every 2-3 days (which makes it last ages!) and definitely needs to be paired with a good sunscreen. When it is used properly, it works wonders!
  20. Best Retinol


    I prefer the Skinceutical Retinol over other retinols because it's in cream form. This stuff is effective and potent. It took me about three months to get used to the product. For me, I prefer to mix it with my moisturiser just to minimise the sensitivity, dryness and flaking that one can get from using retinol. I'm thinking I will stick to the lower strength for a while as I am still gettting the...
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  21. Great product, cannot live without


    I started using this product about a year ago when I turned 38, it was a game changer for my skin. It has completely changed the texture of my skin for the better with the bonus of looking younger too. I have extremely dry skin and have to pull back a little on my usage in winter but other than that I have no complaints at all. I'm on my second tube and haven't bothered trying any other brands I l...
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  22. Makes my skin feel nice - still yet to see results


    I purchased this after reading about retinol and the positive affects (I am only 21 but I like to get in early with my anti aging skin care!).

    It feels great on my skin (I use it every 3rd night), and I did not experience any redness or irritation like you can with some retinols. I haven't seen any dramatic changes in my skin, although I am sure in the long run it will be worth it@
  23. Packs a punch


    This is the first retinol product that I have used consistently. It’s definitely effective - after using it for a week or so, my skin was red and peeling! I would recommend easing into this product and buffering with plenty of moisturiser. This is a great retinol product though - it’s got a light but creamy texture that layers well under moisturiser and one tube lasts for ages!
  24. Gentle on my Skin


    This product was my first venture into retinol and I really don't have any complaints. I was a little apprehensive given the stories you hear about retinol, but I eased myself into a program, eventually using every second night (alternating with liquid gold) and I didn't have any issues. I am now looking to upgrade to a stronger retinol, now that my skin has been introduced to the ingredient
  25. Fantastic product, really works and lasts a long time.


    It may be on the expensive side and come in a small package, but this product sure does pack a punch. I have been struggling with acne for years. I have tried every product out there with no success. My beauty therapist told me to try this product and I have never looked back. At times, it does make my skin a little flaky, but that is just the sign to stop using it for a few days. Since using this...
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  26. Secret weapon to lovely skin


    Within days of using this product, my complexion is looking smooth and clear. I feel so much more confident about leaving the house with just sunscreen on now, rather than concealer, powder, bronzer, etc. I feel like it makes my Botox last longer and I'm not in such a rush to get an injectibles top-up now. In that sense, SkinCeuticals Pure Retinol 0.5 really is value for money. Just make sure you ...
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