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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum 50ml

4.9 of 7 reviews


4 instalments of $32.25

Or 4 instalments of $32.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $32.25

Or 4 instalments of $32.25 with LEARN MORE

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It’s close to midnight, and something evil’s lurking on your face.  From the skin experts that brought you the cult-favourite Alpha-H Liquid Gold comes another break-through formula that works overnight to resurface and reboot your skin while you sleep.
  • Australian Made
  • Cosmeceuticals

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum 50ml Reviews

4.9 of 7 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Big BIG yes


I'll be honest, i've been blessed with pretty good skin. I was gifted the OG liquid gold for Christmas and after using it a few times I thought, ok this is alright, but did it give me the rave results it gave others? no, probably because my skins pretty good. But WOW THIS SERUM I can not get enough of. I'm a big big fan of The Ordinary granactive retinoid emulsion (hard to find these days?) so I knew I had to try the Midnight Reboot... and can I just say, it has not disappointed. The first time I tried it I had an instant glazed donut face. Couldn't stop looking at myself in the mirror. Still can't. This stuff rocks.
  1. Big BIG yes


    I'll be honest, i've been blessed with pretty good skin. I was gifted the OG liquid gold for Christmas and after using it a few times I thought, ok this is alright, but did it give me the rave results it gave others? no, probably because my skins pretty good. But WOW THIS SERUM I can not get enough of. I'm a big big fan of The Ordinary granactive retinoid emulsion (hard to find these days?) so I ...
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  2. Gentle but powerful!


    I have really been enjoying this product, and I can see visible results the morning after using it. It brightens and seems to even out my skin, it's definitely not harsh (I have rosacea and it never makes my skin flare up) and I would recommend it! I use it every second day paired with a moisturiser and I wake up glowy and fresh!!
  3. Lovely serum!!!!!


    Super happy with this one! My skin is super glowy and radiant the next day. With super sensitive skin, I am really hesitant to try new products, and after using this one for a month, around twice a week, my skin has seriously changed!
  4. Amazing product!


    I’m really happy with this purchase! I love the strength - it’s not too strong that it burns, more of a tingle! The smell if completely fine to me, I don’t care if a skincare product smells odd as it doesn’t last. The next day results are beautiful even skin and has calmed any breakouts
  5. 10/10 product


    Tried this after the girls recommended on the podcast. Definitely worth every penny! Skin is glowing in the morning and can visibly tell a difference.
  6. Overnight radiance!


    A fantastic serum for radiance and glow. Glycolic acid and retinol is a powerhouse combination, and after a month of consistent use my skin is noticeably brighter and texture has improved (particularly around my jawline). Twice weekly use suits my normal/combo skin without compromising my skins moisture barrier, but dryer skin types might find weekly use suits them better. Overall another fantast...
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  7. Great serum

    Love it

    Not harsh, does not leave skin feeling tight and dry. Wake up the next morning with a glow.
  8. Surprisingly gentle


    I have very sensitive skin, so I was a bit nervous to try this but also wanted the great results. It was surprisingly gentle and didn't cause much irritation at all. I woke up the next morning with noticeably smoother and glowier skin, but without flaking or redness that I expected from a retinol. I can definitely see this having some fantastic long term effects.
  9. Your skin will love it!


    This is the first Alpha-H product I have tried and I didn’t really know what to expect. I had heard good things about other Alpha-H products but this was fairly new and I had had some issues with sensitivity with retinol products before so I was apprehensive. I need not have worried as I can honestly say it is amazing and I had no sensitivity at all which was definitely a surprise! I use it onc...
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  10. 5+ Stars


    Have been an Alpha H Liquid Gold Fan forever so i was very excited to try this new serum. 6 weeks in and the texture of my skin has completely changed.. in the best way! My skin looks plum, glowy and extremely clear the morning after. I use this product 2/3 times a week and can confidently say this is now a permanent part of my skin care routine.
  11. Midnight makeover!


    My first purchase after loving the sample. I'm I'm 52 & already use Alpha H regularly, but feel this is an absolute game changer when I'm just 'looking tired'. (Still only using once/twice a week). Tiny amount applied so it lasts forever (still actually using my sample for weeks now). Follow with basic moisturizer, then in the morning my face looks glowing, clearer & plump (without puffiness). Def...
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  12. I was scared it would burn off my sensitive face but it didn't!


    I had never tried retinol before the Alpha-H Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum. I was level 10 anxious because I previously had perioral dermatitis and sensitive skin. But I am 30 and now my skin is fine, just dry and showing the first signs of ageing. I am here to tell you that I have been using it for 5 weeks... and my skin is glowing! I only use it once per week (Sunday nights) after cleansing ...
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  13. Sensitive to smells beware


    I received this as a sample and was really excited to use it before dropping the $120 on 50ml of product and boy am I glad I got to try the sample first! About five minutes after applying the serum to my face and neck I started having a terrible throbbing pain in my temple I associate with extremely strong artificial perfumes. I’ve never had this headache from skincare before and left the serum on...
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  14. Best sample ever


    Out of all the samples I’ve received from Adore, this is probably the best one. This product works wonders and really lasts forever. My skin was glowy and free from congestion after 1 use. It’s got a nice smell. It doesn’t burn at all
  15. Love this!!


    I've been using Alpha-H Liquid Gold for a while now but decided to try the Alpha-H Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum. I was hesitant given the hefty price tag but I'm so glad I did. I use this after cleansing my face at night with the Alpha-H Balancing cleanser and follow with a light moisturiser. In the morning my face looks even, bright and glowy! Definitely worth the slight tingle and the price...
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  16. Alpha H nails it again!


    If I could give this more than 5 stars I would! While the product sounds quite intense with 14% gycolic and a retinoid, somehow this NEVER sensitises my easily sensitised skin. I have no idea what sort of sorcery they had to do to achieve this, but it's brilliant! I see visible results from this serum after each use, and if I have a blemish coming up this seems to be able to flatten it overnight.
  17. Slowly but surely amazing results


    This retinol product is a good example of effective skincare alongside patience and consistency. Like with the other vitamin As I've tried (some of different types of vitamin A) and used before, such products will require your patience and consistent every other day or perhaps twice a week application. You don't get to see drastic results overnight, but you'll see relevant changes overnight or per...
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  18. True gold!


    I was previously using an alternative popular (but very expensive) brand of retinol and wasn't overly pleased with the results unfortunately. I switched to this serum by Alpha H and...oh my! I am seriously loving it! I have been using retinol and actives for quite a while so I went straight into using this every night. There is some very mild tingling upon application but it lasts only a minute or...
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  19. Beats Expectations


    I was given this beautiful bottle to try and review, and let me tell you, it has exceeded my expectations. As someone who has recently come off accutane and still has sensitive skin, I was a bit worried this would be too harsh on my skin, but to my surprise it doesn't irritate my skin at all. The few breakouts I get, this serum helps to get rid of them a bit faster, while leaving my skin glowing ...
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  20. YES YES YES!


    As another review said, it’s slighting addictive. Feels so good going on, and love that tingle!! I also love the colour? the sunshine yellow just makes me happy... it’s the small things in life. Received a sample size and it’s very generous, I think a bottle will last a while which is a big tick from me. I will be purchasing when my power peel runs out. The smell is a bit different.. cloves (love...
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  21. Love this product!


    I received this as a sample with one of my Adore orders and absolutely love it! My skin is often sensitive to glycolic acid, but whatever they put in this really makes it tolerable for my sensitive skin. Warning - it's a addictive and you will want to use it all the time! Skin feels very plump the day after use.
  22. Worth it


    I got a sample and was shook at how clear and nice my skin looked in the morning. It's worth it for a lockdown treat!
  23. Yes, finally!!!


    OMG this is magic... never tried the gold serum before but this reboot serum is amazing and WORKS! Bought this based on its descriptions what it offers I had sun burnt during the beach trip. Being Asian skin, tan patches everywhere on my face. Once application voila... in the morning i could see the different. I had also pigmentation for years and definitely fading and my forehead with that tan an...
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  24. An absolute GAMECHANGER of a serum


    If you are looking for a serum that will completely transform your skin, this is the one I’d grab. Alpha-H have absolutely established themselves as the masters of Glycolic acid, but this serum takes it to another level. Not only does this contain 14% of glycolic acid, the smallest AHA molecule that provides overnight gratification, it’s a double dose of skin transformation with the inclusion of ...
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  25. Sample win


    Got this as a sample and now purchasing the full size. Nice tingle as you apply to the skin, after cleansing in the morning my skin was radiant. Followed up with morning routine and my skin looked so dewy all day. Face timed my friend to show her the glow and now she is purchasing one
  26. One of my favorite Alpha h Products


    Received a 7ml as a GWP. I feel very effective after using it. I can obviously feel that it has a repairing effect on my skin. I think I'll buy full size.
  27. Noticeably amazing

    Angela B

    I’ve been waiting before I reviewed this product as I wanted to give it time to show its results. And wow! What results! I’ve struggled with my skin for years and was still getting break outs in my 40’s. This magic potion has really helped clear up my breakouts and prevent future ones. My skin looks clear, glowy and fresh for the first time ever. Midnight Reboot is expensive but you get results an...
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  28. amazing quality


    This is such a great serum lightweight, best texture. a little tingly feeling but completely normal with a product like this, obsessed with this product leaves skin flowing and supple.
  29. Another alpha-h product to love


    I am absolutely loving this product. After using, my skin feels smooth, soft and other products magically glide onto the skin. This product is nothing short of magic.....love, love, love.
  30. Plumped and glowing skin in a bottle

    Blown away!

    I received this as a sample with my last order (and I was SO EXCITED because I’ve wanted to buy it but too scared it wouldn’t be right for my skin), and wow... it gave me the smoothest, clearest and juiciest skin I’ve ever had and I noticed the results not just the morning after but the day after that it seemed to get better! I have a scar on my forehead and this is the only product which has made...
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  31. Skin so smooth


    Received this serum as a sample and am definitely going to buy. First time I used it my skin felt tingling and hot, by the time morning hit my skin was silky smooth and had a lovely glow to it.. I am obsessed with the feeling of my skin after using.
  32. Good for sensitive skins and leaves a really radiant glow on the skin


    Good for sensitive skins and leaves a really radiant glow on the skin
  33. Not all heroes wear capes!


    I've been using the Liquid Gold Reboot Serum for a few weeks now and have been really impressed with the results. I use it every second night in my PM routine and find my skin to be so soft and plum in the morning. I've noticed less congestion since adding this product to my routine, I've also had a few people comment on my skin being extra glowy so it must be working!
  34. Worth the investment


    It took me a while to purchase this product because it was a bit more than what I usually spend on a serum but I am so glad I did! I'm in my early 30's and this has actually made such a difference to all my little lines that are starting to come through especially on my forehead. I don't know how but my skin is just so plump and glowy the next morning. I don't find I need to use it every night, no...
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  35. great product


    I love this product! I've been using it for about two weeks and my skin is now so glowy!
  36. I love it so much I’m scared


    I’m scared I’m going to overuse this and then have to stay away from actives because I love it so much. The results are amazing that I get excited when I can use it next. A slight tingle on application which usually scares me because I don’t love a tingle, I always worry my skin will react or go blotchy but this definitely plumps and looks like I have a blur filter. I can’t wait to see the results...
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  37. Such a game changer serum!


    The best serum i’ve ever used!
    My skin feels like a dream after using it!
    It makes my skin super smooth and glowy!
    A bit tingly but totally normal.
    I can’t recommend it enough!
  38. No. 1 product on the market for first signs of ageing


    Can't recommend this enough. I use this all over my face including under eyes at night and wake up with absolutely plump, soft, tight skin. I'm 39 and experiencing all the first signs of ageing and this is the best product I have found to instantly restore some of the collagen loss and fine lines etc! I recently gave a similar review for alpha h's power peel which is also excellent. I was reluctan...
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  39. Liquid Gold


    Your skin feels incredibly soft after putting it on! I used it after the liquid gold, and what a powerful combination! This is something I'll use a few times a week, and alternate with my usual aspect retinol and B serum. It has a hint of a smokey scent, but nothing terrible, and it's 50ml of product instead of a standard 30ml that a lot of other brands have for the same price.
  40. Amazing glow, and more gentle than you would expect!

    Sam - Adore Beauty staff

    I have been using this serum for two weeks now and I am loving the results. It gives me a real glow and has evened out my skin tone. I have quite sensitive skin, so I was a little worried at first that this would be irritating, but it's actually very gentle and doesn' sting or irritate. And I love the combo oh acid and retinol, this is perfect for when I want to look good but can't be bothered ...
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