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SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0 by SkinCeuticals


SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0 features the highest concentration of pure retinol to correct skin discolouration, while reducing the appearance of fine lines, breakouts, and blotchy skin. Formulated with the dermatologist gold standard in anti-aging, this high performance formula is backed by science to deliver visible results


Key benefits:


  • Stabilized form of retinol promotes optimal absorption
  • Increases cell turnover to minimize the look of large pores 
  • Exfoliates the skin to improve clarity and vibrancy
  • Reduces acne breakouts
  • Improves elasticity and boosts collagen, revealing firmer and tighter skin


Key ingredients:


  • Retinol is a potent form of Vitamin A. Decades of research have proven this to be an effective weapon against wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and discolouration.
  • Passion flower plumps and smooths the skin.
  • Milk thistle is skin soothing and improves the moisture barrier.
  • Shea butter helps nurture peeling, irritated skin. Shea also promotes skin resiliency.


How to use:


As part of your night-time skin regime, apply a pea size amount to clean skin, avoiding the eye area. Allow to properly absorb into the skin and follow with other skin care products. As this retinol cream increases photosensitivity, be sure to use a broad spectrum sunscreen each morning.


I am new to retinol anti-aging cream. How often should I use this?


Retinol is potent, which is why it is this face cream so effective. It is best to use this product once or twice a week and then gradually increase use to every other night. Once this tolerated, you can begin using nightly.


Who can use this product?


It is recommended that pregnant women not use retinol. Others should ask their physician prior to using. Retinol can be used on nearly all skin types, from oily to dry. It is beneficial to acne prone skin, mature skin, and skin with issues of pigmentation.


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Fantastic - 23-10-2018 by

This is the best retinol product I have ever used and trust me I have used so many different brands. The quality of the retinol is just another level, other brands may increase skin cell turnover and make my skin look brighter but this is the only brand which I have used where I have seen:

1. A reduction in the fine lines on my face.
2. Reduction in pigmentation.
3. Smaller pore sizes.

I did peel from this product (but that is the point of it) and all you do when you start to peel is reduce the frequency with which you apply it. I went from every night to 3 x weekly. It is a normal side effect and is easily manageable. I cannot recommend it enough for anyone looking for an anti-ageing product.

Love it - 19-09-2018 by

I bought this after years literally years of humming and hawing about It. Im so sorry I didn't buy it sooner. After one use my skin was clearer. I have used it for a few months now and noticed improvement on my forhead lines, frown lines. I did buy the 1% first would recommend using the lower strenght first. I can only use it twice a week. If I purchased the lower strenght built up as recommend I could use it more regular. I have my four sisters and SIL using it now too. They love it best money we ever spent.

Incredible - 13-09-2018 by

I have combination skin with acne scarring and pigmentation from sun damage. I purchased this to try and combat the scars and pigmentation, and so far it has been incredible. I have noticed a huge difference in the overall appearance and texture of my skin. This is a lot better quality than other retinols i have purchased, and you definitely get what you pay for! I cannot recommend this enough, well worth the price

High quality - 12-07-2018 by

This is a really high quality retinol from an amazing skincare brand,
this has helped so many issues I had with my skin, mostly the texture and blemishes! my skin feels so plump and smooth since using this :)

Best retinol - 04-06-2018 by

I’ve used this for years now as it’s probably the most effective OTC retinol product on the market. I’ve had dramatic results in texture and overall skin tone. I’m not troubled by fine lines, but I’m convinced I’d have more if it weren’t for this. This is quite strong so I’d warn to start with small amounts every 2nd or third day, and use loads of sun protection!

It does refine your skin - 01-06-2018 by

I purchased this product without any advice from the Adore Beauty online chat room, I just did a search and read the information, then I Google searched Reviews. I was wary of purchasing the 1.0, as I typically have sensitive skin & was worried about breakouts. Using it every second day has most definitely refined my skin & I haven't had any breakouts whatsoever!

I'm almost 47 and I often get told that I look 35 & not old enough to have three adult children. Honestly, the trick to not ageing too quickly is to not drink, smoke, take drugs, or spend too much time in the sun. Always keep your skin clean & moisturised daily, and gently exfoliated every other day. A little helping hand from these wonderful products never goes astray.

It really turns back time! - 13-12-2017 by

I am 42 and have been investing in skin care a lot over the past year, including professional peels and found that nothing was giving me lasting results to reduce fine lines, irregular skin tone, scarring, pimples and loss of skin tone.

I started to research and saw that Wayne Goss had returned to using Retin A. I then watched Mellissa55 on Youtube and was utterly blown away by her incredibly youthful skin at 61 after 28 years of using Retin A and Retinol.

I decided to commit and because I have been using the Ordinary's retinoids for over 6 months started with the stronger cream Skinceuticals Pure Retinol 1.0 because this product is recommended by Melissa55.

I have been using the product daily for 3 weeks. I have had the occasional rest day when my skin was painful, and/or buffered the cream with squalane oil. I decided to use the cream as much as I could tolerate to push through the "retinol uglies". As recommended I am applying the cream around the eyes and down the throat and rubbing it vigorously into clean dry skin in the evening, especially into "problem areas", like the side of my forehead that has the most sun damage from driving.

I am posting now at 3 weeks because I have made it through the uglies (for now) and my skin is showing incredible improvement. It actually looks like it did 6 years ago. I am most amazed by the "lift" around my eyes, the reduction in my frown lines, the over all improvement in tone and texture. I look in the mirror and it really looks like "me again". I guess that is one of the big struggles with aging, is we look in the mirror and suddenly it seems to be someone else's face. The other issue I had was that I would get a pimple and because my cell reproduction had slowed down it would stay for 6 weeks and then scar and the scar take 6 months to fade.

Ok, a bit about the rough times. I found my skin became incredibly sensitive and dry and would sting if I put any creams on it that were acidic. That included some sunscreen so I have been wearing hats, sunglasses, scarves and staying out of the sun as much as possible.

My saviors has been Weleda gentle cleansing cream, fresh aloe vera from the plant, and mostly the Ordinary Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F which is basically squalane oil with Vitamin C in it. I have slathered this on up to 4 times a day, sometimes skipping washing my face at all. I imagine that rosehip oil or plain squalane would be just as soothing. I used the Vitamin C because I had it to hand, it has never caused me any discomfort and Marie Veronique is one of the most scientific and informative sites online and their retinol product is mixed with vitamin c and oil to make it more gentle and effective. Mellisa55 also combines her retinol use with Vitamin c but uses it separately in the morning only.

My skin was for about 4 days, red, inflamed, blotchy. it was like every hidden blemish and wrinkle came to the fore! Sometimes my skin ached like it had been burnt. Someone told me that I'm looked "90" , I definitely looked 15 years older. The worst days for me were somewhere between day 6 and day 10 of using the cream. There was no way in million year I could have worn makeup. I just endured looking hag like, most people dont care or notice. One caring person asked if I had been crying, or had allergies. No-one else commented at all.

My research states that the best results are to be seen after 6 months regular use of Retinol. I highly recommend this product! I also highly recommend combining it with an oil, it is incredible how my "new skin" is just drinking in the squalane oil, which soothes, reduces the dryness and any irritation and massaging in the oil, acts as a gentle slough to remove any flaking.

Slightly flaky skin but works a treat! - 16-10-2017 by

Yes, this like any other retinoid does make your skin a bit flaky, however it also tightens your pores, softens your skins and refines the overall appearance of your skin. I pop it on at night after my shower, a tiny pea sized amount is all you need. In the morning I wake up to slightly shedding skin, however I give my skin a light exfoliation with some gauze soaked in warm water and then layer my Vitamin C and B serums. The B rehydrated so well that you wouldn't even know I was peeling that morning.

Best skin product I've ever used - 01-06-2017 by

I have PCOS and really struggle with oily congested skin. Make up never look nice because of the bumps and congestion on my chin and jaw line. I didn't think this product would help because I'd already had professional peels and laser. I was wrong! It worked. After a week I have a small about of peeling and my skin was a little red and itchy but 6 days on the congestions is finding it's way to the surface and a number of areas on my skin are smooth and fresh. Fantastic for those black heads that are tough to move. I'm so happy, I'd given up hope.

effective - 22-09-2014 by

I am 52 & have used .5% retinol for a while so decided to try the 1% it is much stronger & actually burned my neck the first time I used it so beware if you haven't used it before use very sparingly & follow directions, but it is a good product. My skin is a lot smoother after only a couple of weeks use.

Amazing. Takes a while and a bit of pain, but totally worth it. - 25-05-2014 by

I'm close to 30 and wanted to start on OTC retinol as I noticed I was looking older than I really am. It's been 6 weeks since I started using this product (every three days) and it's been worth it. First 4 weeks saw lots of peeling and pimples, but it went away and I'm left with skin that not only looks younger, but doesn't require make up. Recommending to all my friends.

The best over the counter skin care product for anti-aging and acne prone skin - 07-02-2013 by

I am in my mid forties (eek) and have suffered from acne/pimples my whole life. I have tried every over the counter product available including pro active.

Retin A has mad a HUGE difference to my skin. I will never be with out it! Start with 0.5 percent Retin A, then move up to 1%. My skin, glows looks healthier and im getting complements from friends. I started using once a week at night (your skin will peel after a couple of days) then twice a week, now I use every other night. A little goes a long way! I use St Ives Face scrub with Salicyc Acid, every other morning to help remove any flaky skin and that works well. I just use Cetaphyl to remove makeup. On my alternate nights i just use Akin Rose Hip oil - which i now absolutely love.

My skin is so soft and clear, and because of this i can get away with a much lighter foundation - so happy! Thankyou Skin Ceuticals!!! Best kept secret around!

Thats it! - all my top beauty secrets.

Have been using for 4 months now.

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