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Jurlique Bath & Body Shower Gels

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Take your shower experience from average to extraordinary with an incredible Jurlique shower gel. A Jurlique shower offers aromatherapeutic benefits as well as skincare benefits, so you’re sure to step out of the spray feeling empowered.


Each shower gel by Jurlique is formulated to foam lightly without stripping or drying the skin. The gentle, nourishing ingredients don't include synthetic chemicals or pesticides, potential irritants that are present in many mainstream shower gels. A shower gel that contains hand-tended botanicals from Jurlique’s South Australian farm will keep you and your skin happy and healthy!


Whereas many shower gels focus on scent rather than quality, Jurlique provides skin-nourishing ingredients as well as pleasant scents with aromatherapeutic benefits. Jurlique shower gels aim to provide whatever type of shower experience you’re looking for:

  • Take a relaxing bedtime shower with Lavender.
  • Experience an uplifting morning shower with Citrus.
  • Have a deeply hydrating shower with soothing Rose or sensual Jasmine.


You’re sure to find a scent to match your mood and your needs whilst also providing your skin with the benefits of top-quality botanicals. Choose a Jurlique shower gel, and choose comprehensive self-care.

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Jurlique Shower Gel - Citrus

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