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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Caring Wash Cleanser 200ml

4.4 of 66 reviews


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4 instalments of $6.99

Or 4 instalments of $6.99 with LEARN MORE

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The La Roche-Posay Toleriane Caring Wash Cleanser is a gentle and effective cleanser that can remove makeup, dirt, and impurities on even the most sensitive of skin types.

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GREAT - 86% recommend

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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Caring Wash Cleanser Reviews

4.4 of 66 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Beautiful Cleanser

Sara Dykgraaf

I really like this cleanser - very gentle on my skin Highly recommend!

Most Helpful Criticism

Wanted to love this....


I wanted to love this cleanser as the ingredient list looks great with some gentle cleansers and other great ingredients like ceramides and niacinimide, but it was just too weak for my normal to sometimes oily skin. I found my skin just didn't feel clean. The cleanser itself is nice and creamy and feels soothing on the skin. Maybe good as a cleanser to have around if you have very sensitive skin however it still might not be enough
  1. Beautiful Cleanser

    Sara Dykgraaf

    I really like this cleanser - very gentle on my skin Highly recommend!
  2. Gentle on the skin


    This cleanser is great as a first step for removing makeup. It is gentle on the skin while effectively removing makeup and does not strip the skin.
  3. Gentle cleanser


    I used this when my skin was sensitised and my usual cleanser was making my skin red. It's a light cream cleanser that washes away cleanly without drying out my skin. I used this morning and night every day while my skin was at its worst and it didn't make my skin worse. I only need a pea sized amount and this tube lasts for ages.
  4. Great cleanser

    Sara Dykgraaf

    Lovely cleanser, leaves skill feeling soft and removes makeup
  5. Great, gentle cleanser, even for acne prone skin


    My skin can get oily, but is also prone to dryness so finding a good cleanser is difficult. This is great though. No irritation (I have rosacea), isn't overly drying and cleanses gently. Not sure how well this would take off makeup. I find sometimes I have to cleanse twice to get my sunscreen off, but I don't mind. I have acne prone skin and this cleanser does not exacerbate it.


    I was looking for a gentle cleanser for my dry acne prone skin and this delivered! It is very gentle and not stripping at all. Since using it, my skin has felt more hydrated, and calm with less acne flare ups. I use it twice daily and my skin is looking great!
  7. Effective


    I haven't tried many cleansers but luckily I bought this and so far it has worked really well. great for sensitive skin. I feel like I need to use quite a bit of it each time so that's the only real down side.
  8. Disappointed


    verified purchaser
    This cleanser felt tight stripping and dried out my skin
  9. Like a hug for your skin


    I purchased this after starting on prescription retinoids as my regular cleansers dried out my skin - this has never stripped my skin, it's always so gentle and takes off all my makeup as a second cleanse. Love it! Would buy again
  10. Great


    I have dry skin and this is gentle and non irritating
  11. 5 stars


    I have been using this cleanser religiously for almost a year on my dry & sensitive skin. It always leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped. There's no fragrance & no irritation
  12. Great cleanser for dry/irritated skin


    I love this cleanser. I have dry and irritated skin and it is cleansing and soothing and works perfectly for me as a daily cleaner. Note, it is not suitable for removing makeup.
  13. Great for sensitive skin


    I have extremely sensitive skins and suffer badly from eczema and dry skin. This product not only does a great job for removing make up, etc. but is really gentle on my skin. One of the first cleansers I have tried that does not make me feel like I need to rush and apply moisturiser straight after.
  14. Gentle cleansing


    I bought this after I couldn't find anywhere that had the Cerave Hydrating Cleanser in stock. This is a lovely cleanser. For reference, I'm 38 with dry skin. I wear SPF every day, as a minimal make up as I can.
    I use this as a second step after an oil or balm cleanse - it wouldn't be cleansing enough to take make up off in a one step cleansing routine. This is completely fragrance free a...
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  15. Good for dry, sensitive skin


    I have dry, sensitive skin and sometimes get eczema on my face and neck and this is good for me. It’s really gentle and light but does a good job. If you have sensitive skin, you probably know that some gentle/sensitive skin cleansers feel like they don’t actually do anything but this one is effective. It doesn’t strip your face or leave you feeling dry and is really gentle.
    Probably not fo...
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  16. The best!


    Toleriane Innovation Caring Wash is absolutely the best cleanser that I've ever used!! It feels so wonderful on your face and is very gentle. I love that it's fragrance free. I recommend it to anyone with sensitive or acne prone skin.
  17. Amazing!


    My god it’s amazing. I have dry sensitive skin and this keeps my skin calm whilst easily and gently removing all my makeup. The texture is runny/milky and once on your skin becomes so creamy and luxurious.
  18. Gentle, restores balance


    At first I had a small breakout as this is a less aggressive cleanser than I had previously used, but it is really hydrating and so once my skin adjusted, it was clearer and better than ever. Helped my 'maskne' a lot
  19. Just Okay


    Skin don't feel clean enough, but at least it's not drying.
  20. Gentle


    This is a very gentle light cleanser. It doesn't foam up or feel tight or drying after use.
  21. Nice, gentle face cleanser


    This is my go-to face cleanser! It leaves my face feeling so refreshed and smooth, and without any irritation or dryness. Due to have such sensitive skin, I cannot use a lot of brands and cleansers, but La Roche Posay is so gentle and kind on the skin, it is my favourite brand!
  22. My go to face cleanser!

    Mitchell F

    After the whole cerave being sold out across Australia situation, I decided to take it as an opportunity to explore new cleansers. I wanted something - hydrating, gentle yet effective and able to cleanse my face without having any negative side effects and that’s exactly what this cleanser is. I use an oil cleanser before hand to dissolve my 3 layers on sunscreen I apply every morning and then I g...
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  23. Good but not great


    It does the job but doesn’t leave my face with the clean and fresh feel I get from my usual cleanser.
  24. Works for some


    I bought this because I was having an outbreak of a rash I get around my eyes and mouth. I needed something gentle that wouldn't make the situation worse. I like this at first, but I found if I didn't rinse it off quickly enough, the areas of my skin that were broken out burned and became quite hot. I'm sure this is just me being sensitive to an ingredient or something. I used it on my 1.5 year ol...
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  25. A lovely gentle cleaner


    I use this every morning in the shower. It’s very gentle and doesn’t dry out or strip my skin. A little goes a long way.
  26. Super gentle and creamy


    I purchased this after hearing Jo talk about it on the podcast. I also have sensitive skin, and have been keen to try some products from the la Roche posay line. This is quite a runny, but creamy consistency that feels quite light on the skin. It doesn't lather or foam, but if you spend 30 seconds massaging it into the face, it leaves the skin feeling soft and fresh. I use this after an oil cleans...
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  27. Ok cleanser


    It does give a good clean if you are not wearing sunscreen and makeup. Sometimes I had to do triple clean to feel my tinted sfp was totally removed. I finished the tub pretty quick.
  28. Great for sensitive skin


    I have very sensitive and reactive skin and this worked perfectly to calm and soften my skin. Removed all my makeup too
  29. Effective light cleanser


    I received a sample of this and it seemed to be a clearing cleanser without being drying, but I am not sure if i will purchase given that it may be too light for my skin, as I do not have sensitive skin and may find I can achieve clearer skin with another cleanser..
  30. Very Gentle


    I have been using this cleanser for a little while now. It is perfect for my skin, helps clean it well after wearing make up all day. It does say that it is fragrance free but I dislike the smell that it has. I probably wouldn't buy again.
  31. Great Buy


    I kept this in the shower, and used it on my "bits". I was getting really irritated in that area, and needed something that would hopefully reverse that. I started using this, and it's seriously amazing to use on sensitive areas, or easily irritated areas. I would highly recommend
  32. Wanted to love this....


    I wanted to love this cleanser as the ingredient list looks great with some gentle cleansers and other great ingredients like ceramides and niacinimide, but it was just too weak for my normal to sometimes oily skin. I found my skin just didn't feel clean. The cleanser itself is nice and creamy and feels soothing on the skin. Maybe good as a cleanser to have around if you have very sensitive skin h...
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  33. A gentle face wash


    This product is very gentle and doesn't not have any scent, suitable for sensitive skin. It does not dry your skin out either. It's a good basic everyday face wash.
  34. My favourite cleanser

    Bridget B

    This cleanser is perfect for me. It actually cleanses my skin, but does not dry out my sensitised dry skin. Would purchase again and again.
  35. Not For My Sensitive Skin..


    I usually use the LRP Toleraine Foaming Gel which I LOVE, but I was tempted to try something different that I thought might be even better. Unfortunately, I was really allergic to this product. It instantly made my skin feel like it was burning and left it very flushed. I tried it a second time to see if it was definitely this product and unfortunately it was. I returned it.
  36. Gentle cleanser


    A gentle cleanser that is well suited to normal to dry and sensitive skin. Doesn’t leave skin feeling stretched and tight. Fragrance free and a good introductory product to the brand!! Will continue to use and hopefully expand on purchases of this brand!
  37. Very Gentle


    Very gentle and doesn't completely dry out my face after cleansing.
  38. Perfect for sensitive or dry skin.


    I received this product as a tester from Adore Beauty (thank you). I really like it! It is super gentle and really hydrating! The only issue is that if your face has a lot of make up or sunscreen on it takes two or three washes to get all the gunk off! The cleanser is not super strong! I like to use it in the morning when I just need a light cleanse.
  39. Perfect for sensitive skin


    Loving this face wash.. does not irritate my skin and still have the clean feeling.
  40. good cleanser


    I like using this I don't know if I prefer it over the toleriane cleanser though
  41. very gentle


    this is a really gentle and calming cleanser that didn't break me out or cause any irritation in my skin. :)
  42. Great for sensitive skin


    I was recommended this cleanser by my dermatologist for my mild rosacea and dehydrated skin, and the first time I used it, I was seriously unimpressed - it burned and stung my face and left it feeling tight. In hindsight, it may have just been a flare I was having, because I attempted to persevere and ended up loving this. It has a light lotion texture that spreads easily but doesn't foam very muc...
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  43. Great for makeup removal!


    The AB team recommended this as my first cleanse in a double-cleanse for removing makeup after work. It's so lovely and gentle to use on my eye area even and a little goes a long way!
    It doesn't break me out and doesn't leave residue.
    I would give it 5/5 stars if the bottle was a bit better designed - the lid closure takes a good push to actually close properly, which when you're usin...
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  44. Gentle yet effective!


    I have very sensitive nice skin and this product didn’t cause any reaction. At the same time, it left my skin feeling clean without drying, and I use it as part of a double cleanse to remove my make up.
  45. Great cleanser


    I leave this in the shower and get a thorough clean at the end of the day. This product is recommend by my dermatologist so cannot go wrong especially for this price.
  46. Lovely everyday face wash


    I received a sample of this product and so far i love it! Have been using all week and it is a lovely texture, it feels great on the skin, it does a good job of thoroughly cleaning the skin, whilst not drying anything out. I really like this product and will buy once i finish my current face wash.
  47. Gentle on the skin


    I've been searching for a gentle cleanser to use in my morning routine, and this is getting closer. It's a little watery and combined with the packaging equals too much product coming out of the tube. Thankfully it's a large tube and not too pricey to give it a go. Would recommend for normal skin needing a gentle cleanse.
  48. Perfect


    I have ‘normal skin’ but eyes and cheeks are occasionally sensitive. The cleanser is perfect for every day use. It does exactly what it says, cleans without stripping the face of moisture. I would highly recommend to those looking for a great, simple & effective facial cleanser.
  49. great face wash


    I use this everyday in the shower and really like it, leaves skin clean and soft
  50. Perfect for sensitive skin


    I have suffered skin issues for a very long time and this is one of the only body wash's I can use on my skin, its great for dry skin as well but its perfect for anyone like me who gets itchy skin after they shower or has issues with any chemicals in soaps. Finding this was such a blessing
  51. Gentle but...


    Definitely good for sensitive skin, cleans just ok but left my face feeling more taught than I would have liked. Value for money definitely but I’m still searching for something a bit less drying.
  52. Dry skin saviour


    This cleanser is so silky smooth when I put it on my face it glides along so easily and feels extremely hydrating !
    Leaves my face feeling fresh and clean.
    Definitely recommend for dry sensitive skin
  53. Great


    I recieved this in my bellabox and i absolutely love it. It works well with my ultrasonic cleaning system. I have noticed that my pores have become alot smaller and skin is tighter!
  54. I’ve been using this for almost 2 weeks


    I move had frantic changes in just 2 weeks using it religiously morning and night and I get compliments everyday just form using the la rochay posay products
  55. A great cleanser for sensitive skin


    I was told to try this cleanser for skin that is both dry and a little oily on the T zone and prone to hormonal breakouts. It delivered a beautiful cleanse, although a double cleanse was needed to remove make up. Lovely and mild and would suit a lot of skin types.
  56. Love it!


    This is a great cleanser if you have sensitive and dry skin. It doesn't make my skin feel tight after use like some other cleansers. My skin feels hydrated and soft. It's an all-season, good cleanser if you like fragrance-free and non-foaming cleansers.
  57. Nice all-rounder


    This is a beaut cleanser for mornings, when you don't have make-up to remove (because you didn't get drunk and forget to take it off the night before, now did you???) or have sensitive skin. It's extremely gentle, non-perfumed and doesn't leave a strange film behind, like some cleansers designed for dry skin can do. I especially like it applied with a Konjac sponge in the shower. Suitable for ever...
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  58. Non drying, great for sensitive skin


    This product is great for cleansing your skin without drying it out and irritating it, perfect for sensitive and dry skin.
  59. Ok


    Good for sensitive skin i have sensitive skin and i didn't react. But is very gentle does not remove make up well need to wash few times.
  60. Gentle


    This is a great gentle cleanser for everyday use.
    I wash my face twice a day so I need something that won't strip my skin.
    This cleans well and leaves my skin feeling comfortable.
    I love how there's no scent.
    This is a light cream cleanser that doesn't lather. It rinses cleanly leaving no residue and does not dry out my skin.
    I love the big tube, and it's easy to use.
  61. Excellent face wash for dry/sensitive skin


    I have very dry/sensitive eyes and this face wash is fantastic and causes no irritation which I have found the case with many other face washes. It leaves the skin lovely and soft and doesn’t have an over powering scent which I like. The only negative is it’s not very good at removing eye make up unfortunately.
  62. lovely gentle cleanser


    I bought this after going through several bottles of the dermo cleanser, because I felt my skin was getting congested and I wanted a 'true clean' feeling, but to be honest, the no-wash formula works better for me. this one is wonderful if you have no active barrier problems, but sometimes washing with any water does more harm than good, no matter how gentle a formula. this one is exceptionally gen...
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  63. Good clean


    I have tried everything in the la roche toleriane range, and while this gives a really good clean and removes all traces of makeup and sunscreen without drying the skin out, I can only give it four stars because it is not quite as gentle as the dermo cleanser. When I have broken skin from eczema or my skin is in a particularly reactive phase, I am unable to use this because it stings. I should no...
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  64. Great!


    I got this as a sample first but purchased the full size after I ran out. This is a great cleanser for sensitive skin, and leaves your skin feeling really nice and soft. I find it does a better job at removing makeup than the Toleriane Dermo cleanser, so I prefer this one. Would definitely buy again :-)
  65. Happy to be pleasantly surprised.


    I got it as part of the la Roché posay sample pack but I I didn't jump in to use it straight away (I'm one of those people who are critical of samples...dont know why!). Decided to just go ahead and try it and damn, the first thing that popped up in my head was I can't wait for my current cleanser to finish because this is a match made in face heaven for me.
  66. Gentle Wash


    This is such a lovely face wash that is super gentle on the skin. I would recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin. It is nice and smooth on the face. It doesn't leave any redness or irritation.
  67. Gentle product for beautiful sensitive skin


    I originally had a sample of this product and loved it so much I bought the full sized product. It's so soft and gentle on my sensitive skin and I've noticed much less irritation, less break outs and overall my skin is just feeling amazing for the first time in years.
  68. Non irritating


    I received this as part of a free gift with purchase. This got my skin completely clean without irritating or drying it out. I’m not sure how it would’ve go removing makeup but it removed my heavy duty sunscreen without any problem.
  69. gentle!


    my skin has cleared up considerably since I switched to this cleanser, I had previously used neutrogenas grapefruit cleanser to try and clear acne and it dried out my skin so badly .. it was horrible.. I then switched to la roche posay and my skin has never looked better, it hydrated, soft and my breakouts are less and less
  70. Excellent


    This is an excellent cleanser for people with sensitive skin... or anyone at all, really. I don't have particularly sensitive skin, but I'm always on the lookout for non-irritating, non-drying and non-clogging cleansers which are fragrance free. This ticks all those boxes! Another excellent product from La Roche-Posay.
  71. Great product


    This wash is amazing for my sensitive skin and doesn't dry out or irritate my skin
  72. So Gentle


    This face wash is gentle on my skin and doesnt dry it out. Sometimes after washing my face it would be red and "tight" and that hasnt happened since I started using this product.
  73. Perfect for irritated skin

    Shanthi (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I've recently been getting psoriasis under my eyes and I've found a lot of my usual skincare irritates the area, making it flare up even more. La Roche-Posay is a range that I reach for whenever I need something gentle, so I decided to try out the Toleriane Caring Wash as my new cleanser.

    The milky texture of this cleanser is lovely and light, fragrance free which is music to my ears...
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