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The philosophy of personalised skincare has been with Ella Baché from the very beginning.

Created by Madame Baché in Paris, 1936, a revolutionary cosmetic chemist who believed just as we are genetically different, the same holds true of our skin. Her skincare philosophy was based on the belief that "because no two skins are alike", every client’s skin is uniquely individual.

Her immense passion for skin care has laid the foundations for who Ella Baché are today. Ella Baché carried forward Madame Baché’s philosophy of individual skin care, to provide individual skin solutions so you get exactly what your skin needs to restore it to perfection.

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Ella Baché Refining Exfoliating GelElla Baché Refining Exfoliating Gel
Ella Baché
Ella Baché Refining Exfoliating Gel

Keeps acne at bay

Whenever I stop using this exfoliator my skin gets ‘thicker’ and blackheads and congestion start to rear their ugly heads. This exfoliator is amazing; gentle on sensitive skin, yet so effective. I use it every 2-3 days as recommended by the beautician at Ella bache; it keeps my skin hydrated too which is pretty unique for an exfoliant. Can’t recommend highly enough. Non abrasive and powerfully res...
Ella Baché Rinse-Off Cleansing CreamElla Baché Rinse-Off Cleansing Cream
Ella Baché
Ella Baché Rinse-Off Cleansing Cream

Best cleanser there is

Can’t live without this stuff now. It’s literally saved my skin after I suffered badly with pregnancy induced acne and dermatitis and extreme dry skin. It’s rich and moisturising and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and beautifully cleansed. If I’m wearing makeup I do a double cleanse with a oil based makeup
Remover first. I’m in love with this cleanser, would highly recommend.
Ella Baché Hydra Hyaluronic Cellular SerumElla Baché Hydra Hyaluronic Cellular Serum
Ella Baché
Ella Baché Hydra Hyaluronic Cellular Serum

Love it but there are better value serums out there

Don’t get me wrong - I loooove this product! But for 30ml the price is insane; the auto-dispenser means you get quite a big dose of the serum each time (so it only lasts a couple of months per bottle), as opposed to the dermatologica skin hydrating booster which contains the same ingredients yet lasts 5 x as long. I love Ella Bache and all their products, they’ve saved my skin, but this one is jus...

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