The 4 Best Body Lotions For Uneven Skin Tone 2021

Minimise pigmentation and brighten skin with a moisturising and exfoliating body lotion.

Body lotions can do more than just moisturise and hydrate the skin, even though that’s essential! Tackle uneven skin tones, brighten dull skin, and diminish pigmentation with our selection of exfoliating body lotions.

asap revitalising bodymoist - woman has hand on shoulder applying body moisturiser - 600 x 428asap revitalising bodymoist - woman has hand on shoulder applying body moisturiser - 600 x 428

An exfoliating body lotion enriched with Glycolic Acid to improve skin tone and texture.

asap revitalising bodymoist 200ml is a 2-in-1 exfoliator and hydrator developed to moisturise skin while revealing a brighter and clearer complexion. Infused with Glycolic Acid to resurface the skin, this body moisturiser will improve both skin tone and texture for a smoother, tighter, and clearer appearance. This nourishing body lotion is perfect for managing skin conditions such as keratosis pilaris.

Glycolic Acid works to deeply exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and impurities for smoother and healthier skin. asap revitalising bodymoist 200ml is infused with 12% Glycolic Acid to resurface uneven texture, pigmentation, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs. This body lotion from asap also contains antioxidant Green Tea to protect skin from environmental aggressors. A cocktail of Grapeseed, Rosehip, and Avocado Oils provides both instant and long-lasting hydration.

Due to its Glycolic Acid content, asap revitalising bodymoist 200ml is best applied at night. Wear sunscreen during the day to protect your newly revealed skin.

An advanced body treatment to hydrate and resurface dehydrated and breakout-prone skin.

PCA Skin Body Therapy 206.5ml has been expertly created to improve both skin tone and texture for a smoother and brighter appearance to skin all year round. Best for targeting rough skin, brightening uneven skin tones, rehydrating dry skin, and banishing breakouts, this powerful body treatment is a beauty must-have to ensure summer-ready skin.

This nourishing body lotion is packed full of high-performance ingredients to smooth, hydrate, and resurface the skin. Lactic Acid is a mild chemical exfoliant that works on the top layer of your skin. By increasing skin-cell turnover, Body Therapy encourages skin that has an even tone and texture, and is free from impurities. This lotion also contains hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter, which work simultaneously to plump and soften the skin.

A fast-absorbing and non-greasy formula, PCA Skin Body Therapy 206.5ml is suitable for all skin types and can be used daily.

Enhance radiance and smooth skin with this Glycolic Acid- and antioxidant-infused body lotion.

Pixi Glycolic Body Lotion is more than just a deeply hydrating treatment to keep skin moisturised. It’s also infused with Glycolic Acid to offer gentle exfoliation on a daily basis. Revealing brighter and clearer skin, this 2-in-1 treatment works to remove impurities and dulling dead skin cells, adding enhanced luminosity to the skin along with a smooth and supple feel.

Working to diminish pigmentation and discolouration on uneven skin tones, and to smooth roughness on uneven skin textures, this nourishing body lotion provides long-lasting and instant hydration. As well as Glycolic Acid, Pixi’s body treatment contains a blend of powerful botanicals such as Aloe Vera, Grape Seed Oil, and Ginseng. Boasting antioxidant properties, these botanicals protect skin from environmental aggressors as well as calming and energising the skin.

Pixi Glycolic Body Lotion is gentle enough to be used daily, but we recommend applying in the evening due to the inclusion of Glycolic Acid. Wear sun protection during the day to keep your new complexion youthful.

To learn more about Glycolic Acid, check out our ultimate guide What Is Glycolic Acid and How Do I Use It?

An anti-ageing body lotion rich in Vitamin C to protect, hydrate, and brighten the skin.

Vitamin C is a powerful anti-ageing ingredient that boasts many skincare benefits, especially on mature skin. EmerginC Vitamin C Body Lotion is a Vitamin C-based treatment that works to hydrate the skin, smooth and soften uneven skin texture, brighten pigmentation, and protect the skin from environmental aggressors. This daily lotion will leave skin feeling fresher, with a youthful and luminous appearance.

With age, collagen production slows, leaving skin feeling dry and showing a loss of firmness. Vitamin C will stimulate collagen production, ensuring your skin is hydrated from morning to night. The big C also offers antioxidant protection against age-accelerating environmental aggressors and will brighten the skin, minimising signs of pigmentation. Additionally, this nourishing body lotion is infused with Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid, which work both on the skin’s surface and deep within the skin to remove impurities and dead skin cells for a revitalised look and feel.

EmerginC Vitamin C Body Lotion is best used in the evening as a daily treatment.

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So, let's recap the 4 Best Body Lotions For Uneven Skin Tone In 2021

  1. asap revitalising bodymoist 200ml

  2. PCA Skin Body Therapy 206.5ml

  3. Pixi Glycolic Body Lotion

  4. EmerginC Vitamin C Body Lotion

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