The 6 Best Aluminium-Free Deodorants

Looking for an aluminium free deodorant that keeps you fresh all day? Try our natural deodorants!

Deodorant is probably the ultimate beauty must-have. No matter whether you’re male or female, young or old, you all want to smell fresh and nice! Unfortunately, major deodorant companies may not have your best interests in mind. The average antiperspirant contains aluminium, an ingredient that works to minimise sweat production by blocking the release of sweat from the underarm area. While this action may keep you dry and odor-free, it may not be the best for your health.

 Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant - hands holding product and lifting lid off against pink background - 600 x 360 Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant - hands holding product and lifting lid off against pink background - 600 x 360

Why use aluminium free deodorant?

Aluminium, a commonly used antiperspirant ingredient, may prevent toxins from filtering out through the lymph nodes in the armpits. Concerns about the safety of this ingredient stem from the idea that blocking sweat can cause toxins to build up in the body. Research has linked aluminium to breast cancer as well as Alzheimer’s disease, which begs the question: what are your other options?

We’re always firmly on the side of ‘better safe than sorry’. So, while there aren’t any definitive studies on the adverse effects of aluminium, we’ve gathered our best, totally effective, aluminium-free deodorant options to make the switch quick and painless for you! Check out the options below for your new favourite all-natural deodorant.

This serious odour-killer works all day without aluminium to keep you smelling fresh and feeling dry throughout wear. Designed for active lifestyles, this gorgeous formula is clinically tested and recommended by dermatologists, ensuring you have nothing to worry about—sweat and unpleasant odours included. An invisible solid, Lavanila uses proprietary SmartSport Technology to break down sweat molecules, helping you stay active without smelling like it.

For a routine refresh, Eco Tan has you covered with its Organic Coconut Deodorant. This pleasant, unisex scent is ideal for anyone looking to change up their self-care with a healthier option. Free of parabens, aluminium, and antiperspirants, Eco Tan Organic Coconut Deodorant allows the body to release toxins naturally. The secret? A blend of essential oils keeps unpleasant odours at bay. A perfect everyday option, Eco Tan Organic Coconut Deodorant will have you looking, feeling, and of course smelling fresh and luxe all day.

We all care about the health of the men in our life, but switching to a natural deodorant for men might be a hard sell. Often, if a product works, it works, and that’s good enough for him. Yet there are just as many risks to using men’s deodorants that contain aluminium as there are for women. That’s why we love Weleda Mens 24H Roll-On Deodorant. Few natural deodorants promise 24-hour odour control. But this one from Weleda is happy to back up its promise. The formula is based on the powerful antimicrobial effects of Liquorice Roots. Witch Hazel also shrinks the pores in the armpit area, performing the same function alcohol performs in non-natural products. Although there’s a host of botanicals also at work, the fragrance is far from flowery. Think a fresh, woody scent that comes from Rosemary and Vetiver essential oils. One application leaves you—or him—feeling fresh and smelling great all day long.

For a real switch in self-care strategies, give a different kind of deodorant a try. Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste is a unique way to keep sweat and odour at bay. This product has gained a cult following due to its effectiveness without the use of aluminium or antiperspirants. Packaged in a jar, this user-friendly formula is filled with botanical ingredients that absorb sweat and neutralise odours for seriously heavy-duty wear. Perfect for those who don’t have time to refresh their natural deodorant throughout the day, this stuff seriously works according to reviewers. And we’re inclined to agree! Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste is a fantastic addition to any self-care routine.

This isn’t your grandma’s roll-on. Aesop takes the classic roll-on deodorant and makes it its very own by applying the brand’s unique take on botanical body care. Formulated with Zinc Ricinoleate, a gentle mineral ingredient, Aesop Roll-On Deodorant allows normal perspiration to take place while preventing odours. Zinc Ricinoleate prevents, or ‘fixes’, the odours produced by bacterial decomposition in sweat, stopping odour at the source and never allowing it to see the light of day. Add in a luxe blend of essential oils and you’ve got the perfect modern solution to smelling sweaty! Just roll on and go for a fabulous way to stay naturally fresh and dry throughout your day.

Sage and Mint are the unpredictable heroes in this natural deodorant from Dr Hauschka. The roll-on formula regulates your body temperature, keeping you feeling cool. Dr Hauschka Sage & Mint Deodorant Roll-On also handles perspiration effectively by removing impurities that settle on the skin and won’t stain clothes or clog pores. Crucially, it forms an acid mantle as a barrier on the surface of the skin of the underarms to prevent bacteria from setting up shop. Witch Hazel also plays a part in controlling sweat. This natural astringent constricts the pores and has brilliant antimicrobial properties. Finally, a novel duo of Sage and Mint delivers long-lasting freshness. And you won’t need to compromise your expectations for choosing the natural route.

Eco Tan Organic Coconut Deodorant - woman wearing a white single applying roll-on deodorant to her armpit - 650 x 403Eco Tan Organic Coconut Deodorant - woman wearing a white single applying roll-on deodorant to her armpit - 650 x 403

Which ingredients should you avoid in deodorants?

Natural deodorant generally equates to aluminium- and alcohol-free deodorant. We’ve discussed the potential downsides of aluminium, but alcohol is another ingredient commonly found in traditional deodorants that can dry out the skin and cause irritation. Traditional deodorants also often contain nasty and harsh chemicals and parabens, which may leave you smelling fresh but can cause skin sensitivities and dehydration.

Do natural deodorants work as well as traditional deodorants?

Deodorant isn’t typically a thing we want to experiment with. Let’s just say it won’t just be you who notices if your new deodorant doesn’t work! So we don’t blame anyone for being a little hesitant to ditch the traditional method of staying fresh and sweat-free. But an increasing number of people are making the switch to natural deodorants. This shows that natural botanicals can work just as well as, if not better than, nasty and harsh chemicals and harmful aluminium.

How to Switch to Natural Deodorant

If you still aren’t convinced, take a look at Aluminium Free Deodorant That Actually Works, where we tried out natural deodorant and delivered our verdict.

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So, let's recap the 6 Best Natural Deodorants to Buy Online in 2021

  1. Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant - Sport Luxe

  2. Eco Tan Organic Coconut Deodorant

  3. Weleda Mens 24H Roll-On Deodorant

  4. Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste

  5. Aesop Roll-On Deodorant

  6. Dr Hauschka Sage & Mint Deodorant Roll-On

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