The 9 Best Luxury Bath and Shower Products For 2020

Transform your bathroom into a luxury spa with our premium bath and shower products.

In any season, there’s no better treat for a beauty lover than a spread of luxe bath products. But it’s not always easy to know just the right products for your pamper night. Luckily, we’ve got you covered! The self-care experts at Adore Beauty have rounded up the best of the best treats in a list so lovely, you’ll feel more relaxed just reading it. Don’t believe us? Read on for all the written hygge you could ask for.

Best Luxury Bath and Shower Products - womans chin, shoulder and collar in the sun. Her hand is on her shoulder - 1080 x 720Best Luxury Bath and Shower Products - womans chin, shoulder and collar in the sun. Her hand is on her shoulder - 1080 x 720

How to Make Your Regular Bath Luxurious and Relaxing?

If you’re reading this and thinking, ‘What even is a luxury bath product?’ then don’t stop reading. We’re about to take a deep dive into how to take your regular bath to the next level. Luxury bath and shower products go beyond your standard bar of soap or shower gel. Ranging from luxury bath oils and salts, body cleansers, and bubble baths to scrubs, soaks, and milks, these products can either relax you with soothing scents or energise you with invigorating aromas. Not only do they deliver long-lasting and complex fragrances, but luxury bath products are often bursting with nourishing ingredients to cleanse and nurture the skin. You’ll feel soft and supple from neck to toes after every bath or shower. Luxe bath products also make perfect gifts for friends and family. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of pampering?

Our Best Luxury Bath and Shower Products

If you’re looking to discover the best luxury bath and shower products in Australia, we’ve rounded up some of our top picks so you can transform your pampering experience. If you want to create the perfect experience with hair masks, candles, and more, look at Our Resident Bath Guru Shares How To Level Up Your Bath This Winter for more recommendations.

Hunter Lab Pinot Grape Skin Bath Salts are the best luxury bath salts to detox, cleanse, and relax the skin. Rich in antioxidants and Magnesium, this bath additive helps fight free radical damage, relieve stress in the skin, soften, and smooth while improving circulation and moisture retention. Particularly perfect for lacklustre or ageing skin, these gorgeous bath salts also deliver a calming scent of Pinot Grapes and Cranberry to soothe the senses.

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil is infused with high concentrations of nourishing Almond Oil and hydrating lipids to replenish moisture and leave skin feeling satin-soft. Transforming into a luxurious foam, this unisex body oil is the perfect way to add a pampering touch to your daily routine.

SALT BY HENDRIX Soak Infusion in Globosa + Green Tea are bath salts designed to relax and soothe tired muscles. This cocktail of Dead Sea Salt and Himalayan Pink Salt works to restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier and relax any tension. Simply dissolve into your bath to enjoy some productive me time.

Aesop A Rose By Any Other Name Body Cleanser is unlike your standard shower cleansers. This luxe product goes that one step further to nourish and pamper the skin. Combining skin-softening botanical extracts with Rose Petal Oil and a spicy floral fragrance, the low-foaming cleanser gently cleanses and softens skin while delivering a long-lasting and stunning scent.

L'Occitane Lavande Lavender Foaming Bath is the best luxury bubble bath for a spa experience, creating a bath full of bubbles with only a small amount. Infused with Lavender Essential Oil and Rosemary Extract, this aromatic foaming bubble bath softens, soothes, and perfumes the skin. It’s ultimate relaxation in the comfort of your own home.

L'Occitane Almond Exfoliating Delicious Paste is a luxury body treatment crafted to gently exfoliate and stimulate skin cell renewal. The result is a smooth and supple finish on skin that’s free of bacteria and impurities. Almond Oil and Almond Butter hydrate the skin while Crushed Almond Nuts and Sugar Crystals work to exfoliate. This is the perfect luxury addition to your bath and shower routine to renew and define your skin.

Aesop Redemption Body Scrub is a high-performance body scrub designed to polish the skin from neck to toe. Natural Pumice and Bamboo Stem effortlessly remove dead skin cells, bacteria, and impurities to reveal brighter, smoother, and softer skin. A blend of Fir and Pine Needles, Sage Leaf, and Clove awakens the senses.

If you’re after a rich and moisturising bubble bath, look no further than philosophy coconut frosting shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath. This multitasker gently cleanses and conditions the skin and hair while lathering to create pampering bubbles. And with its creamy coconut aroma, this is the perfect addition to your luxury bath collection.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Shower Cream Milk works as both a gentle cleansing lotion and as a hair-softening shampoo. Boosted with nourishing Shea Butter, Coconut, and Soy Proteins, this multipurpose shower must-have leaves both the skin and hair soft and supple, with natural radiance. Free of harsh chemicals and detergents, this creamy, foaming lotion is the perfect choice for cleansing and nourishing the body.

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