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L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil 250ml 250ml

4.7 of 256 reviews


4 instalments of $9.75

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4 instalments of $9.75

Or 4 instalments of $9.75 with LEARN MORE

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Transforms into lavish, softening foam, with an original and unique texture that leaves a satin-like softness all over the body.

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil 250ml

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil 250ml

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L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil 250ml Reviews

4.7 of 256 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Nourishing Body Oil that leaves you feeling fresh & clean!


I Love this Body Oil. I think I'll be using it for a long time. It's very sensitive on the skin, moisturises, and cleans very well. My partner who has sensitive skin loves it too. Harsh soaps give him a rash but this is perfect. It smells lovely and isn't too overpowering. It doesn't lather enough to use with a loafer but I don't mind just applying it with my hands. I recommend just going for it and buying the large size. It's better valued and I promise you won't be disappointed!

Most Helpful Criticism

Feels kind of cheap soap-spec drying


I bought this after falling in love with the milk concentrate hoping to have an end-to-end awesome experience and hydrated skin, but I found this to be kind of meh, not worth the price. Does smell alright though.
  1. Nourishing Body Oil that leaves you feeling fresh & clean!


    I Love this Body Oil. I think I'll be using it for a long time. It's very sensitive on the skin, moisturises, and cleans very well. My partner who has sensitive skin loves it too. Harsh soaps give him a rash but this is perfect. It smells lovely and isn't too overpowering. It doesn't lather enough to use with a loafer but I don't mind just applying it with my hands. I recommend just going for it a...
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  2. Highly Recommend


    This is definitely my top bath oil, especially suitable for autumn and winter. Super moisturizing, super suitable for people with dry skin like me, the body is slippery after washing! At present, it is my favourite shower oil.
  3. Generally Good


    It is the texture of sweet almond oil. It only needs a little bit and immediately produces rich foam, with a light almond fragrance, with a hint of milk, not strong or pungent, and better than ordinary shower gel smell.
  4. Excellent shower oil


    Purchased for my partner, he loves it so much, smell good and feel great for dry skin. Will purchase again in the future. strongly recommened.
  5. This is so lovely


    I always feel so lovely after applying this shower oil. The scent is heavenly and I’ve never managed to find an equivalent. I like to splurge on This almond range. It’s always a gift that keeps on giving. Leaves my skin feeling supple and hydrated and I always smell so nice!
  6. Leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft


    I love this shower oil! It has a lovely, decadent scent and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated after every use.
  7. Lovely Scent


    As with most of L'Occitane products, this almond shower oil smells lovely, and I find it very hydrating (especially compared to regular shower gels/soaps). I think a little goes a long way too, so the product lasts a while.
  8. Moisturising and not too oily


    Got this as a gift and its amazing! Not too oily but can definitely tell a difference after my shower, I usually have very dry skin and this helps a lot. Smells great too.
  9. In love


    I absolutely adore this product and love using this for pamper nights in! The lightweight oil is so lovely to use in the shower and leaves the skin hydrated with a gentle warm fragrance
  10. My favourite


    I received this as a gift and have continuously purchased it since! Such a beautiful texture and the scent is amazing. The scent lasts on your skin after using it and it just feels so luxurious. Definitely recommend, especially for a gift!
  11. Does what its meant to


    Nice mild fragrance. only need a small amount and voila, dry skin particularly on my legs is moisturised, recommend for winter use
  12. Smells divine


    Love the smell of this! I have used this as hand wash for my son who suffers from eczema and sensitivity and it has caused no flare ups. Very gentle and nourishing.
  13. Love love love


    Love this product. Smells delicious and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated.
  14. Total luxury


    This would make an amazing christmas present - the smell and feel are divine and generally you only use a small amount.
  15. Pampering


    I enjoy using this shower oil. It has nice subtle smell. My skin feel very soft and it has this pampering effect when you just need something special. I love the idea of refills to be more eco friendly and safe money too.
  16. smells so yummy


    this smells so yummy!! I love this stuff in the shower and it adds a bit of a 'lux' feel to my bathroom
  17. Not my kind of scent


    The shower oil leaves the skin soft and moisturised, but the scent smells a little old. I'm in mid-twenties, but the smell reminds me of an elegant lady in her late fifties or sixties maybe.
  18. Lasts forever


    Only need a small amount so it will last you ages, and smells and feels amazing on the skin. Very moisturising and non-drying!
  19. Odd scent


    This leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth. Like the feel of it, although I do find the scent a little odd. Would maybe not buy again, as they have better products.
  20. Great shower oil


    I love to use this in the shower as it leaves my dry skin feeling smooth and moisturized.
    I hate the feeling of lotion so this does the job perfectly with no dry time.

    It also looks and feels luxe to use.
  21. Feels kind of cheap soap-spec drying


    I bought this after falling in love with the milk concentrate hoping to have an end-to-end awesome experience and hydrated skin, but I found this to be kind of meh, not worth the price. Does smell alright though.
  22. sweeeet!


    such a lovely shower oil. strong scent but I love it and leaves the skin feeling nourished!
  23. A sweet and delicious smelling shower oil


    Was given this as a gift quite a few years ago and I am hooked for life! I love the L'Occitane brand and products but this is definitely a stand out. I love that this becomes milky when mixing with water and it leaves me skin with a delicate scent. It's truly perfect to use throughout the year and when you purchase larger size and refills, I have found it doesn't work out too expensive.
  24. A Luxurious Treat


    This body wash smells amazing and does not dry my skin. I suffer from dry skin and I am always cautious when it comes to choosing body wash and this one is definitely a win! Will 100% recommend. The only thing that I don't like about this product is the fact that it comes with a hefty price tag, so I only buy when I wanted to treat myself to something nice.
  25. Must Have


    A staple in my everyday beauty routine. I love how hydrated this shower oil is, it really keeps my skin hydrated especially during the colder and dryer months. It’s amazing.
  26. Smells amazing!


    I love this shower oil. I feel so fancy using it... it is pricier than your average shower gel but it’s worth it. It smells amazing and feels so nice on the skin. Will be purchasing this again when I run out!
  27. a true pamper product!


    I bought this as YOLO / pick me up product during covid. I really wanted something luxurious that was going to make me feel good and feel better with everything going on in the world. I really didnt know i needed this product until I tried it. What i love: the smell and the way my skin feels after my shower. What i dont love: that i probably dont NEED this product in my life but now i am just add...
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  28. I didn't know that I needed a shower oil until this...


    Basically is feels so luxe and smells delicious. Would make an awesome gift.
  29. Pampering in lockdown


    I've never really been a big shower oil fan, but I needed something to pick me up while we've been in lockdown. I instantly fell in love with this. It smells lovely without being too overpowering. The oil is really light and washes off easily. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and has made being in lockdown that bit more luxe. I'm now on my 3rd bottle and can't live without it.
  30. Unique


    This is definitely a nice product on the luxurious side but was very different from the regular shower gels I'm used to. Nevertheless, it foams up and lathers well so you don't need a big amount but I felt didn't clean as well as other products; a body scrub may also need to be added. Also, the smell was fine for me but I'd imagine it'll be too strong for some people.
  31. Not a big fan of the fragrance


    The texture of the product feels nice on the body and it makes my skin soft. But I don't like the smell that is formed when the oil gets in contact with water. It is a weird damp, musty smell. I won't repurchase.
  32. Luxury in a bottle


    This shower oil is so beautiful - from the scent to the texture.Turns into a milky texture when mixed with water and foams quite nicely. Perfect for shaving or indulging yourself in a foot massage. Washes right off and doesn't leave the skin greasy or oily at all. As someone with oily skin, the idea of putting oil all over myself was unappealing, however L'occitane has done it right. Would give 5 ...
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  33. Nourishing but strong scent


    I loved how nourishing the shower oil was especially for dry winter skin but I couldn't get over the smell. It was so strong and unpleasant. Deal breaker for me :(
  34. Great in winter


    This is a lovely, luxurious way to give my skin a little extra moisture through winter. I use it as a last step in the shower before rinsing off and getting out. It smells strongly of sweet almond and a small amount goes a long way - one bottle lasts months.
  35. It’s good


    I love this, and shaving with it in particular, it makes my skin feel so soft and nourished afterwards! The scent is very strong though, beware if you're sensitive to fragrance. My partner had a horrible reaction!
  36. Favourite shower item in winter

    Loccitane shower Oil

    The shower oil has a rich almond smell and a tiny amount goes a long way.

    The oil will lather with water in your hands to a light foam that you apply to your skin during the shower. It is slightly warm and very smooth. You have to dry it out for yourself - overall a very smooth and luxurious experience.

    Highly recommended for colder and drier months!
  37. Luxury Bath Ritual


    I absolutely love this product, it is a must in my pamper routine. I keep one in the shower for shaving my legs and one by the tub for the softest bath imaginable. I love to use this to shave my legs as it gives me the closest shave without drying out skin. If I am in a rush I can even skip applying lotion after shaving without getting dry skin. You only need a very small amount in the bath to cre...
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  38. Absolute heaven


    Smells and feels super luxurious, such a lovely product
  39. Bougie boyfriend approved


    So I’ve learnt a few things during isolation and one is that my boyfriend has taken a big interest in skincare (so proud) and also that he likes bougie products. This is now his staple for the shower and I’m hooked too. It applies as an oil but goes into a beautiful, creamy lather that’s perfect for washing and a dream for shaving. The scent is light and subtle and it leaves your skin feeling nice...
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  40. Nourishing, strong scent


    I received this as a gift and love how nourishing it was on my skin, I just wasn't a fan of the overpowering scent.
  41. Really lovely product


    This is my second bottle of the Almond Shower Oil. It lathers up nicely in the shower and leaves my dry skin feeling soft and comfortable. Will be buying a larger bottle next time.
  42. Moisturising and smells next level


    This soap has become the highlight of my day when I get back from work. It smells like a goddess would smell and leaves my skin feeling alike. I just don't know if I should apply it with a loofa or simply with my hand as it is a "shower oil"
  43. My fave body wash


    This baby smells so amazing, you can even smell it when you get out of the shower. It’s like a light oil then when you add water it Becomes this milky emulsion that’s heavenly.
  44. Luxurious but not for sensitive skin


    This is lovely to use when my eczema isn’t flared up.

    I get it on my hands and sometimes around my eyes and the scent seems to really bother me when I have a flare up.

    In general, on my legs and arms this is so moisturising and lovely to use, but I’m not sure if SLS free? Because I couldn’t use it during my flare ups I stopped using it altogether and my boyfriend used it...
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  45. Fav shower product ever


    Perfect for time poor mummas who don't have time to moisturise. Gentle and not strongly scented.
  46. Smells incredible


    Such a soft, subtle sweet smell. The texture is amazing and leaves my skin feeling silky
  47. Lovely shower oil!


    Makes your skin feel so soft and moisturised after using and helps with dryness
  48. Lovely!


    Great product to use shaving your legs. Smells divine too!
  49. Lovely moisturising body wash, smells amazing


    If you have dry skin this is the shower wash alternative for you - has helped with my dry arms/elbows. Really hydrating, and the smell is like all Almond L'Occitane products - absolutely amazing and smells so luxurious. Bonus that you can buy refills and don't need to get a new plastic container. Highly recommend for anyone with dry skin
  50. Luxury Shower Oil


    I love this shower oil. It works as a great saving cream and leaves my skin sooo moisturised. This is a luxurious product, I don't use it every day but it makes a shower feel a little more special when a pick me up is required. It makes a wonderful present as many people will enjoy but may not spend the money on it.
  51. Men love it too


    Purchased this for my partner - he gave it a thumbs up. The product smells amazing and creates a nice lather without drying your skin.
  52. Luxurious


    This is a beautifully luxurious product. Goes on as a silky oil and once water hits it, turns into a creamy cleanser. A little bit pricey and you do tend to use a little more as I put it straight on the skin instead of on a shower puff, but it's worth it! Makes your skin silky and smell delicious.
  53. Luxurious


    I was hesitant to try this as its a little spendy, but this is honestly the most luxurious shower oil. Doesn't latter up like traditional shower oil. Cleans beautifully 10/10
  54. great moisture for skin

    Dry skin in winter

    I love this product. Keeps my skin hydrated especially when I'm in rush and don't have time to moisturise. Smells amazing. Very luxurious. Like a spa at home.
  55. Amazing scent and velvety feel


    This shower gel is absolutely amazing! Generally I don't care much for shower gels since it seems like a bit of waste, and the smell doesn't last, but both the scent and feel of this product lasts. It is so luxurious and the scent is incredible. Just be careful applying it in the shower as it can get a bit slippery!
  56. So luxe!


    I am obsessed with this! I use this after I use my general shower soap and it leaves my skin feeling so supple. I also use this to shave as I find it irritates my skin less than soap.
  57. Lovely shower oil


    Used a sample. Really like the scent. It’s also very hydrating.
  58. Nice product


    great for winter time this product smells amazing
  59. Softens Skin & Smells Great!


    Smells amazing and fresh and the sent lingers on your skin even when you get out of the shower. It warms up a little when you pump it into your hands and rub them together to create a lather. It's leaves your body smooth and smelling so good. It's very hydrating for the skin. I will highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel special.
  60. Smells good


    Smell so nice and does a great job but the sulphate they use for the foaming agent can be a little drying.
  61. Bit of Luxury


    Its a little expensive, but I have very dry skin and this is a nice treat to use in the shower or bath for an extra moisture boost. It made a very noticeable difference to my skin and the smell is LOVELY
  62. Amazing


    This product is heavenly .... it smells sooo good and is beautiful to apply.
    However - after reading online that it is not vegan and cruelty free - I agree with other reviewers that I am unlikely to purchase again , and will be opting for more sustainable alternatives
  63. like it


    this product is great for all ages -It is super light in texture and hydrating
  64. Best ever shower oil!


    This shower oil is gorgeous, the smell, the texture and the way my skin feels after using. even though the price is a little more than I normally pay, I would not be without this and you only need a small amount to get a good lather in the shower. I even use it in a bath just poor a small amount under running water and the water turns into a milky, beautiful smelling luxurious bath. Cannot be with...
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  65. Hydrating


    I struggle with dry skin all year around and this really helps with hydration while smelling amazing.
  66. Smells Heavenly


    I got a small bottle of this in the Almond Trial Pack and it is absolutely beautiful. It smells amazing and really moisturises your skin while washing it. Really nice product.
  67. A touch of indulgence


    This body wash smells amazing! It moisturises my skin and leaves it lightly fragranced. I cover my body and then quickly rinse off at the end of my shower. I have also bought this as a gift for friends and they love it!
  68. Beautiful


    luxurious shower oil , skin is instantly hydrated. Smells great too
  69. Really lovely


    I love how different this shower oil is from traditional body washes! It leaves my skin feeling unbelievably smooth! Highly recommend to anyone looking to treat themselves!!
  70. Feels really luxurious to use


    This smells really nice. Nothing too overpowering but a smell that lingers a bit so you are not just washing it off. The smells is also quite neutral in a sense that my husband also enjoys using this.

    It feels really nice to use, it doesn't lather too much and becomes a bit milky as it mixes with water. It feels like it washes quite well without being drying.

  71. THE BEST


    This is my hands down number one beauty product. It smells absolutely gorgeous and just so luxe! The uptime gift for the person who has everything (or just anyone for that fact!)
  72. Amazing!


    This shower oil smells divine! It has a lovely sweet almond scent which is unique but not overpowering.
    The texture is very luxurious and nourishing.
  73. Super smooth skin


    Such a luxurious product - leaves your skin silky smooth and smelling delicious!
  74. Super smooth skin


    Such a luxurious product - leaves your skin silky smooth and smelling delicious!
  75. Quality product


    The shower oil is a quality product. I feel like it does a really good job cleaning the skin without it feeling overly dry. I've taken off half a star due to the price of the product.
  76. Luxurious


    The smell of this shower oil is so beautiful and it makes your shower feel like you are at a high end day spa. I'd purchase again for that reason alone. It's probably not the most hydrating body wash you could buy - but definitely splurge if you want something to make you feel relaxed and invigorated.
  77. Luxurious


    Such a high quality product, feels so smooth and silky on the body and a lingering, sweet, yet not overpowering scent.
  78. Smooth skin


    Did well to moisturise skin while in shower, non-drying. Don’t like that it isn’t sulphate-free, will look for other option because of that. Scent is actually quite lovely but it is overwhelming and strong.
  79. Amazing!!


    Hands down the best shower oil! Smells amazing and my skin feels incredible for days after because of this. Only wish it was bigger!!
  80. So nice


    As a dry skinned gal, I love this shower oil. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. And the sent is heavenly, feels so luxe! It isn't the most heavy-duty cleansing body wash, but does make for a very nice shower experience.
  81. Wouldn’t repurchase


    I bought this a while back and whilst I did enjoy the smell and it was moisturizing, it is not cruelty free or vegan and it has sulfate. Better alternatives on the market, especially for the price tag.
  82. Winter time shower oil


    This is my favourite winter time shower oil, it won't dry out my skin, and the scent is also lovely!
  83. Love


    Leaves your skin soft and supple. The smell is totally Devine. My favourite holiday skin product. Definitely recommend.
  84. Amazing


    This feels incredibly luxurious. It leaves my body feeling clean and hydrated.
  85. Splurge-y but worth it


    This is so lovely to use and smells delicious! Has an oil consistency which turns milky when water is added, so you get a bit of lather. Worth a bit of a splurge if you like luxe shower products
  86. cleansing without drying out


    It never dries out my skin and leave the skin soft and smooth.
  87. Big Fan


    Feels great on my skin and leaves me feeling refreshed, nourished and thoroughly cleansed.
  88. Really tried to make this work...


    After reading all the rave reviews and being recommended it by several people in person, too, I bit the bullet and bought a 250ml bottle of this shower oil. I absolutely love the body scrub and firming concentrate, so hoped this would be the same. Unfortunately, not so. I really struggle to get this to lather, and while I loved the scent of it in the bottle, when it hits water and begins to turn m...
    Read More
  89. Good


    I love this shower gel. It makes me feel special. It has a beautifully smooth texture with a pleasant perfume and leaves my sin soft and moisturized.
  90. The Best Shower anything ever!!!


    I love the scent and feel of this oil!!!! I even bought the big one
  91. I wish I was rich, I would bathe in this daily!


    This is one seriously luxurious product, the perfect pick-me-up when you’re feeling a bit flat. The smell, the feel of it on your skin, the look of it standing in my shower. My only wish is if it came in some kind of a pump bottle for easier use, but otherwise it is utterly perfect!
  92. So luxurious


    Everything about this body wash is amazing! It has a gorgeous scent. It hydrates my skin and has been a staple through Melbourne's winter. I actually shaved my legs, washed my body with another body wash, then I cover myself with this (a little goes a long way with a loofah) and rinse quickly so the moisturising from this oil can take effect. This would make a lovely gift too!
  93. Smells Amazing


    Love the smell of this product. Its also got a lovely texture and makes my skin feel soft. Still need a moisturiser after but I love it
  94. Wanted to love this :(


    I finally bought into the hype and got this shower oil. Really tried to love it, but I just don't seem to be having the same great experiences as everyone else. Yes - It smells divine BUT it is such a small bottle for such a large price. Wouldn't repurchase.
  95. Like being at a hotel


    Love this shower gel, its so creamy and makes me feel like a million dollars! The smell is heavenly as too is the texture!!
  96. Beautiful


    Beautiful shower oil. Smells delicious and leaves my skin soft and supple
  97. Sooo luxurious


    This shower oil turns milky on the skin and has the most wonderful smell. It leaves my skin soft and hydrated and smelling heavenly.
  98. Expensive but Heavenly


    This is my favourite body wash product. The smell is divine and clings to the skin, even after the shower. The oil is hydrating and skin instantly appears less scaly. However, it is very spendy - the bottle isn't huge and being an oil consistency, I seem to go through it very quickly. I have started using this before events only, rather than every day. I wish it came in a bigger bottle!
  99. DIVINE!!!


    I saw this shower oil a year ago and decided not to buy because I was put off by the "oil" part of the name. Wow am I regretting putting off buying this product.

    Yes, it's pretty expensive. I don't care! It smells incredible, foams up beautifully and leaves my skin feeling sooo moisturised without any oily film.

    Absolutely buying again.
  100. Lush and divine!


    I get REALLY dry skin in winter, desperate for something to help I purchased this shower oil despite the hefty price tag, and boy oh boy I'm so glad I did. I was fearful that the oil would be too heavy on the skin but it foams up to a nice creamy lather, smells heavenly and leaves your skin feeling so soft. Will be purchasing the refill next!
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