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Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste 250ml

4.3 of 89 reviews


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4 instalments of $17.25

Or 4 instalments of $17.25 with LEARN MORE

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Volumise thin and lacklustre hair with Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste. This paste-like treatment transforms into a light foam and gently exfoliates the scalp for instant volume at the roots and density down the lengths.

  • Vegan
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 80% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Fine or limp hair
  • Oily hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends
  • Product buildup

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste

Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste

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Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste Reviews

4.3 of 89 reviews

80% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Beautiful product


Love this product. Smells great, leaves my hair and scalp feeling clean. Nice packaging, pricey but really luxurious all round.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not something I would use again


I found the paste to be harsh on my hair, with more hair loss than usual when washing hair.
  1. Beautiful product


    Love this product. Smells great, leaves my hair and scalp feeling clean. Nice packaging, pricey but really luxurious all round.
  2. Not for me


    I got this as a sample in a goodie bag to try but I really dislike the packaging. A tube would be so much more practical in the shower. I also have sensitive skin so I am not a fan of products with so much fragrance.
  3. Love it!


    Perfect for oily hair! Amazing smell
  4. Didn’t like the smell


    Pros: cleanses the scalp really well, AMAZING at getting rid of (mild) dandruff, keeps hair clean for longer. Cons: no volumising affect for me, the smell... I found it really off-putting and my partner also hates it. It’s an overpowering smell of rose extract, comparable to ‘Potpourri’. It has been 3 weeks since I used it and my pillows still stink of the stuff (even after washing them 3 times)...
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  5. Gorgeous


    I LOVE this.. amazing smell and foams up beautifully.. would re buy for sure
  6. Perfect for thin, oily hair


    I have fine hair that gets pretty oily and have pretty much given up on products that would help add volume. I received a generous sample of this with my last order and I wish I had discovered this earlier! It really makes a difference and a small dollop goes a long way. Will repurchase.
  7. Good anti-dandruff effect


    After using this product, the scalp is refreshed and oil production is reduced. I will continue to repurchase
  8. very surprised

    Love this

    I guess I am writing this on behalf of my husband who has been so plagued with "dandruff"since he was 13 yrs old & had always used items w chemicals bc thats what he believed he had to use.,well, this works differently, it exfoliates, it lifts up that dry flakey skin,that does a lot of things but probably the most important is that it gives his skin a chance to breathe & heal & I believe over time...
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  9. Very impressive product


    I’d heard a lot of great reviews about this product but was so reluctant to buy it just for it to be a huge disappointment. Well it’s proved me wrong, I am so impressed with how this product works. I’ve been suffering with very dry patches on my scalp & have used every dry scalp shampoo available with no success. This has lifted off all the build up from my scalp & also made my hair feel amazing. ...
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  10. very surprised


    had to talk my husband into trying this for his flakey scalp.He was stunned with the results & for the first time didnt smell like he had when he was using medicated hair products which didnt work anyway. Highly recommend this product
  11. Nice Hair Product


    It is one of the products in the Christmas gift pack. I used the sea-salt before. That one is good. So I want to try this one. It is good as sea-salt and provides more moisture. Good try.
  12. Love the volume this product creates


    My sister has such thin hair and this product really helped thicken it up and add volume. It also cleanses her hair so it doesn't get so greasy as easily
  13. love these pastes


    I received as a sample and gave to my mum who has super fine hair, as I already have large tub of the other thickening paste of Christophe robin and she loved it.
    Shes won over and wants one.
    I keep in constant supply of these pastes as they are superior quality and last months.
    Only need small amount.
    Feel so natural and good for hair.
    I swear by this product ...
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  14. Super clean hair


    I didn’t find this as volumising as reviewed by others, however it’s super cleansing, my scalp felt amazing after every use. It does make my hair feel thicker! A little goes a long way and my hair was super soft
  15. Gives a good clean, but volumising was minimal for me....


    I have fine curly hair and purchased this to give me a bit of a boost.
    It has a lovely smell and a tiny bit goes a long way, but I didnt find it made that much difference in the volume of my hair. It gave my volume a tiny boost, but nothing as drastic as I was hoping.
    It is helping with dry skin on my scalp and I will continue to use and experiment with different products to see if I...
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  16. Goog for my hair


    This product helped me clean the scalp effectively and made my hair fluffy. I only need to use a small amount of Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste to get a lot of foam.
  17. Clean and long lasting volume


    Received a sample of this and a little goes a long way. My hair feels so clean and has retained the volume for days after using this.

    Would repurchase
  18. Deep clean for scalp


    I only used a small sample and I fell in love with this product. Lovely rose scent. gently exfoliating and deeply cleansing my scalp. I feel so refreshing after using it.
  19. Va va voom!


    A little bit goes a long way. I only use this once every other week for a deep clean and gives my flat and heavy hair some va va voom.
  20. love


    I have medium long curly hair and was on the hunt for a good volumising product. Can't believe the volume this gave. I have not had that kind of volume is ages!! The rose scent is lovely and I had the best hair day in a long time. Didn't find it as drying on my hair as some reviews claimed. Definitely found the Christophe Robin sea salt scrub more dehydrating. Can't wait to use it again.
  21. Love this


    This product seems to do what it says on my hair.. the volume is amazing and not my hair is not tangled. I adore the smell of this. It is very natural (unlike the smell of the shampoo and conditioner from this range), very comforting and subtle. I wish their rose shampoo and conditioner had the same smell as this. I see that they are all perfumed, but this smells so much better to me
  22. 100/100


    This is amazing!!!
    I first tried this when I received a sample, as I wouldn't have believed it did everything it said. Let's just be clear.. It really is 'ALL THAT'. My hair is twice the size after using this and the volume lasts a week. I have had so many compliments on my hair since using this volumising paste, even asked if I was wearing extensions. This product will always sit on my sho...
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  23. game-changer!


    This is unlike anything I've used before for volume, and trust me I've tried everything. This shampoo not only gets rid of an oily dirty scalp, but my hair has never looked more healthy, shiny and full of life!
  24. Great Hair Scrub


    This cleansing volumising paste really cleans the buildups on my scalp and leaves my scalp feeling light and refreshed! However, I can't help but notice that it dries out my hair so much more than my usual shampoo. I guess you just have to deeply condition your hair after using this scrub.
  25. I love this!


    Received a sample of this product and I love it. My hair has never had such a thorough clean, with all my natural oils and product build up disintegrating as it foamed up. My flat, fine hair felt had a healthy bounce after drying - am about to purchase the full size!
  26. Very interesting product


    It's a really interesting texture and colour when you first open it, but once you start working it into your roots, it lathers so quickly and just expands in volume. You definitely notice more volume, even in towel dried hair it has more bounce to it. It also leaves my hair really really shiny.
  27. This really foams!


    I was so surprised at how much this lathered up!
    And the grains /texture took me by surprise.
    However after the first usage I realised I used waaay too much in the first application.
    My hair was so bouncy afterwards. I put treatment in my hair but I was surprised with how light my hair seemed - looked and felt more airy.
    I had a sample. I’m now a complete covert!
  28. Unique

    Jen B

    This shampoo is unlike any I have used before. The texture is like clay. I do think it extends the life of my colour, so for that I give it credit. Unfortunately I need to use a lot of conditioner after using this shampoo, as it dries out my hair
  29. Everything it claims to be


    This product is everything it claims to be and more. For starters, it’s a shampoo (and a very good one) at the same time as a thickening agent, so let’s the lazy girl like myself cut out a few steps. It lathers beautifully and delivers a full thick make of hair which is an amazing feat for fine dull hair like mine. And even better - there’s no heat styling required! What a great product. Just be s...
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  30. Best shampoo ever


    I was sceptical when I first opened this, but it is exactly what it says it is. You only need the tiniest amount and it works into this gorgeous foamy lather that I just want to keep massaging in. My hair is very fine and oily, but this has given me an extra day without the need for product to get me through a non hairwashing day. It's definitely pricey, but given the bounce and volume I get from ...
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  31. Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste


    This shampoo was the answer to all my hair issues. I tried everything to get rid of the oily look my hair began taking on about a year ago. Even freshly washed and blow dried it always looked wet/oily. I love my hair again!
  32. Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste


    .l I used it every two days and my hair is healthy, shiny, soft, and less frizzy. Please don't let the price turn you away. This WILL last a very long time. Its an amazing product. so glad someone finally figured this out.
  33. Fantastic for fine hair


    This is a life-changing product for fine hair. A tiny amount goes a long way towards a satisfying scrub on an irritated scalp. A tub lasts a long time. The only downside is the expensive price tag.
  34. Does what it says


    Makes the hair volume really go up and while it does so by making the hair somewhat more 'coarse' it doesn't feel unpleasant. Really love the smell too. I tried this product in a sample size, would definitely purchase the full size.
  35. Definitely gives a good clean


    I’m a bit on the fence with this one. Definitely gives a very good clean and sorts out oiliness but for me (with fine but oily hair) it might have actually dried my hair out too much. I think I will just use occasionally. I didn’t notice a huge difference in volume either. Large tub and will last for a really long time.
  36. Amazing!


    This is well worth the price!! I have fine, oily hair, and on top of that- a very bad straightening phase. This paste boosted my curls back in about two washes! My hair finally has volume, and looks the best it ever has. This product is amazing!
  37. Great Volume and Texture


    I received this as a deluxe sample.

    The texture and volume this product gives is great and small amount of this product goes a long way.

    I will look to purchase the full size when I am out of my current volumising products.
  38. Hands down the best!!


    Best ever volumizing conditioner I’ve used. Gives the scalp a good scrub too making it feel squeaky clean. And gives the best volume. Would def sag you need to follow with the Christophe robin volume conditioner as it can feel a bit too dry without it.
    Also to add I feel like it’d helped with the flakiness of my scalp!!
  39. Amazing!


    I love this stuff. Really good value because you only need to use a tiny amount!
  40. It just works!


    This smells amazing and luxurious, and foams up instantly.

    You really don’t need much.

    It really cleans my oily roots and means I get an extra day or so in between hair washes.

    I work out every day so live off dry shampoo, and I feel like my hair isn’t as oily with weekly use of this.
  41. Not suitable for damaged/bleached hair


    I received this as a sample and was keen to try it as I love the other Christophe Robin products I have. The volumising rose conditioner is one of my favourites. However this was very harsh. I have fine bleached blonde hair. I felt this react in my hair when I used it and I had hair break (it really stripped my hair and that’s obviously why it works so well for volume). It does works as a volumise...
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  42. Not suitable for damaged/bleached hair


    I received this as a sample and was keen to try it as I love the other Christophe Robin products I have. The volumising rose conditioner is one of my favourites. However this was very harsh. I have fine bleached blonde hair. I felt this react in my hair when I used it and I had hair break (it really stripped my hair and that’s obviously why it works so well for volume). It does works as a volumise...
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  43. Not something I would use again


    I found the paste to be harsh on my hair, with more hair loss than usual when washing hair.
  44. So effective


    This is a bit of a strange product at first, it has an unusual texture, but it’s so worth it! It’s so effective, I have very fine hair that becomes easily built up with dirt and oil and likely my over use of dry shampoo!
    This product cleanses and cleans my hair of all the build up leaving it feeling fresh and light and dry but in a really good way! It’s pricy but well worth it!
  45. The best I've used


    I received this as a sample and oh my gosh it's amazing.
    A little goes a long way. Texture is weird. Kind of like an exfoilatant. Layers SO Well.
    Replace it with shampoo and condition afterwards. It says to only use conditioner in the ends but I find it doesn't detangle the roots if you don't use a conditioner afterwards and doesn't feel nice and smooth.
    Would definitely purchas...
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  46. Great columising product


    Received a sample of this and loved the way it left my hair feeling. Will definitely be buying the full size!
  47. Love it


    I recieved a sample of this and loved it, Definitely can feel and see a difference when using these Christophe Robin Volumising range
  48. It's OK


    It does volumized your hair but my hair is super dry so it's not good enough for my hair, it's nice to received a generous size sample but I won't buy the full size, maybe it's good for short hair
  49. Great Volume!


    Received this as a sample with a previous order, found it gave my fair hair great volume and it smells amazing!
  50. deep cleans

    amazing smelling

    It’s a really great product to deeply clean my scalp and hair. The rose aroma is fantastic. Definitely will be my favourite hair cleansing product. May need a conditioner for dry hair scalp.
  51. Great


    Gives my hair a bit of volume and does what it says it will. Smells beautiful and makes my hair look great
  52. So clean !!


    Received this product as a sample and actually have to say I really liked it. It wasn’t super voluminous but you really felt it working when you used it. It foams up amazingly and left my hair feeling so clean ! Plus it smells absolutely amazing. I really loved the smell.
  53. Really Lovely


    Can’t say it’s mega volumising but it’s smells good and cleans well so
  54. Unusual but i liked it


    Its very odd that a clay foams up and cleans hair but i liked it..it smelt great and felt luxurious
  55. Interesting take on a volumising product.


    Interesting take on a volumising product. It certainly gave my hair a bit of bounce, but no more than a regular volumising shampoo.
  56. Flat hair no worries


    If you want some volume then this works wonders! a great product.
  57. Va-va-voom


    While I wanted to give it a 5 stars, but I may have to down a star because it does dry ur hair and makes it tangle, I also found the result seems to be a bit better to not use a conditioner afterwards, the effect lasts about 2-3 days (even with hair washed daily with normal shampoo).

    With drying and hair tangle being said, I kinda feel like that’s how it creates that effect though, I...
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  58. Good!


    Can’t say it’s mega volumising but it’s smells good and cleans well so
  59. Volume guaranteed


    Rose smell is beautiful. You only need a small amount as it lathers up massively. Cleanses so well and give instant volume. My only gripe, is that it leaves so much product in the hair the next day and you can see it all over the brush.
  60. The cleanest my hair has ever been


    I love this product! I'd been wanting to dry something similar for awhile and received a sample of this with my latest order. What can I say? I'm a convert! I used it in place of my normal shampoo and also used a silicone hand brush to move it into my hair and to give my scalp an extra scrub. After rinsing and conditioning my hair had never felt cleaner or softer and my scalp was extra clean. I'd ...
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  61. Dried my hair out


    I wanted to love this, but didn’t. Smells beautiful, lathers up great but left my hair extremely dry and with a very off feel to it.
  62. Not sure


    I wasn't sure about this my hair needed quite alot of product I have medium length hair and my hair tangled after I used this and was knotty. but I did get a bit of volume.Its very expensive I think adore has others that are a lot better
  63. Great for fine hair


    Loving this as a treatment for my hair, it is great for fine hair and would definitely recommend as an addition to the normal hair care routine! Really adds volume, only downside is it’s a little pricey, but you don’t need much to go a long way.
  64. Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste


    I have baby fine, poker-straight thin hair. Just horrible hair! This shampoo is phenomenal! It gives me tons of volume!! The scent is lovely and it's super fun to use. You need only a tiny amount! I have dyed black hair, and it doesn't seem to affect the colour at all!!! This will be a product I repurchase!!
  65. Core product


    I first bought this (and the corresponding conditioner) a year or two ago and I have never looked back. I have tried a ton of products before and after and with the exception of Oribe, nothing compares (I switch between this and Oribe). I have fine hair and this has been the best shampoo/conditioner yet. It has an amazing scent too. 100% worth the price.
  66. Feels & smells luxurious but not for everyday


    This smells divine, like fresh roses. Although it's pricey, you only need a really small amount and no need to double wash so a tub lasts forever. It definitely gives my hair a boost of volume, but can leave it feeling a little dry so I only use it in rotation with a lighter shampoo and I just make sure to follow with a really hydrating conditioner.
  67. Love!


    Love this! Even my boyfriend uses it.
    Makes my hair look so volumized and smells amazing!
  68. Great


    I got this as a sample. After the first use my hair feels so clean and gave my hair a pump. I will definitely purchase the full size
  69. Interesting product - certainly adds volume - a little weird at first


    Ok this is different. It’s a paste, like clay/mud. It smells great. It lathers quickly. You only need a tiny bit (like 10cent piece max, usually less). It’s tricky to spread out, so best to push it into the roots in various spots first, then try to get fingers in there to lather from the root & spread in roots. The outcome: it REALLY adds volume, but only where it has touched, so you can end up wi...
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  70. So good.


    This was the first paste-type shampoo that I've used and I love it. I do find it helps to add volume to my hair. However, sometimes it hard to lather up and work through. I find it helpful if I do a quick shampoo first and then use this product. (This also helps to really thoroughly clean my hair). The smell is gorgeous and lingers through the day. The price is steep, but I was surprised at how li...
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  71. Va va volume


    I was not feeling confident about the product before I used it only because I’ve tried volume products in the past that just didn’t cut it
    This however made my hair feel fuller healthier and lifted my flat hair from my scalp without damaging it love this product
  72. Perfect for fine hair


    I love this shampoo, I have fine coloured oily hair but lots of it so it gets weighed down easily. This shampoo is the best leaves my hair full of volume and squeaky clean, I follow it with a conditioning shampoo and then conditioner and it’s great.
  73. Stiff, sticky hair


    Really didn’t like this! I've used it twice now & both times my hair has been left sticky & stiff! Very disappointed given how expensive it is!!
  74. Lovely


    I was skeptical about this product at first but I was happily proven wrong. I use this once a week instead of shampoo and I feel it helps remove build up and also adds volume. I was worried it would make my hair very crunchy and dry but thankfully it doesn't do that.
  75. Smells lovely


    I use this once a week and it definitely adds volume to the roots of my hair. it has a lovely rose scent - love it
  76. Good


    I am absolutely in love with this product. I have very soft straight hair and it’s extremely hard to find a product that will give them volume . This paste works like a charm. The volume lasts for hours!!!!!
  77. Does what it says


    I got this as a sample and was keen to test it out on my curly thick hair which always fall short of volume. I was surprised at the amount of lift I got at my roots and it did not destroy any curl pattern which is a plus. It also smells amazing.
  78. Smells lovely, interesting and effective


    Well the texture of this is certainly interesting! It works great and the rose scent is lovely. Would recommend and buy again
  79. Was unsure but turned out good


    I received this as a sample and having short hair I managed to get three uses from it. I used it once a week for a thorough cleanse. I have curly/frizzy fine hair and usually volumising products tend to make my hair too fluffy and frizzy. This thoroughly cleaned my scalp without leaving it too dry. I would definitely buy a full size.
  80. Great product, cleans hair perfectly


    Despite the other ratings I actually love this product. My hair is thin and this gives my hair so much volume. It has a weird texture and once it foams up it actually goes a long way. It also cleans my hair very well and it feels amazing after. I use this once a week for a deep clean. Probably would recommend to someone with extremely thick hair.
  81. If your looking for dry hair knotty hair - try this


    I received this as a sample and wish I never did! My hair is so dry and knotty. I would never recommend this product
  82. Great volume shampoo for fine hair


    This product really does what it says. It does give great volume (well, as much volume as a rinse out product can give). My only issue is that I feel it cleans my scalp too well, to the point where it dries it out and causes flaking a few days after use. I don't get oily hair, so I can often go 5 days without washing my hair, but when I use this, I find that flaking and drying of the scalp occurs,...
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  83. Smells amazing


    The Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt did amazing things for my scalp so I decided to try this out and I love it just as much. I alternate between the two and use them pretty much every time I wash my hair and then follow with my regular shampoo. It's helped clear out the residue on my scalp and now my hair feels more voluminous and my scalp is so much cleaner. My hairdresse...
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  84. different


    never seen a hair product like this but wanted to give it a go, i have long thin hair and it gave a little volume but not enough to warrant paying the price. Smells great though!
  85. Brilliant

    Deborah (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have fine, coloured hair and was given this product to try.
    When I opened the jar I was surprised as I hadn’t expected it to be a paste, it felt more like a face scrub.
    However...once I figured out that it emolsified with water it lathered up my hair beautifully, I followed it up with the matching conditioner and my hair felt squeaky clean.
    But! The surprise was in how my hair ...
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  86. wish it lived up to the hype


    I bought this after seeing great reviews and was a little disappointed after I had really high expectations. yes, it does smell lovely, lathers beautifully and cleans my hair really well without it feeling heavy. but I was expecting to see volume and perhaps more time between washes compared to what I've been using, but unfortunately my fine oily hair still needs dry shampoo on day 2. still needs ...
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  87. Love it


    I have very fine hair that gets really oily very easily. Any 'volumising' products tend to put a coating on my hair weighing it down and making it super oily the next day. This stuff actually works! It makes the hair light and bouncy and lasts all day. The only issue is it sometimes makes my hair a little 'flyaway/staticy" which is easily solved with the daily hair cream. Love this product, can no...
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  88. Surprising!


    Would never thought of scrubing my scalp but thought id give it a go after reading the review Adore Beauty put up. Really works for volume. Would recommend.
  89. Unusual


    I found this product gave my hair volume, but it also made it feel dirty.
    It's like it leaves a product residue.
    I've used it twice and my hair felt the same.
    It also made my fine hair very tangled.

    Although I love this brand - (the hair masques are brilliant) - at this price, I won't be repurchasing.
  90. Great product


    The smallest amount of product is needed to create this beautiful Rose fragrant lather.
    My hair is shiny, soft with more volume therefore no need to use anything else.
    The paste is easy to apply and does not run between your fingers & that's a bonus!
    I'm looking forward to purchase more from this wonderful range.
  91. Extends the life of my wash


    While I only get a little extra volume from using this product (my hair just looks extra bouncy and clean after a wash), the main reason I love this product is that it triples the length of time I can go between washes. Amazing.
  92. Good shampoo on the pricey side


    I wanted to buy a volumising shampoo made of natural ingredients without all the nasties, and this shampoo definitely lives up to its promise. It's pricey but you only need a little bit. It washes your hair very thoroughly and gives your scalp a scrub. The product foams in your hair so it's easy to use and the smell is nice. My husband loves using this shampoo for his dandruff. I only gave it a 4 ...
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  93. Volumising


    This was a great product for adding some natural lift to my hair. I scoop out a little and massage it into my roots. It cleaned my scalp very well but it made it too squeaky clean and I felt my hair was getting stripped.
    Despite this feeling, it didn't actually strip my hair and after conditioner it felt nice again.
    The gritty texture feels like it's exfoliating my scalp.
    The ros...
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  94. Volumising


    This was a great product for adding some natural lift to my hair. I scoop out a little and massage it into my roots. It cleaned my scalp very well but it made it too squeaky clean and I felt my hair was getting stripped.
    Despite this feeling, it didn't actually strip my hair and after conditioner it felt nice again.
    The gritty texture feels like it's exfoliating my scalp.
    The ros...
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  95. Love how my hair looks and feela


    This stuff is amazing! I love it and I don't know why people are saying don't use with coloured hair! I have mid length brown/blonde (balayage) hair and I use twice a week. Does not damage or dry my hair out and definitely does not turn it green! Love love love this product!
  96. Great for fine hair


    I have fine thin hair and this works a treat. I was skeptical when I got it as it is a horrible looking brown paste. But it smells delicious and foams up a treat! My hair has volume that it has never had before and it seems to hold between washes. The only negative is that it is very drying so you need to use a great conditioner. I use the kerastase magic mastrale and find this is the perfect comb...
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  97. Disappointed - not for me


    Although this gave my hair some volume, it also seemed to dry my hair out. I have highlights and it made my hair feel quite strange and also seemed to leave a residue at my roots. I tried it a second time, thinking I might not have washed the product out properly, but it felt exactly the same. There was volume, but my hair felt like it was full of product.

    This product was also quite...
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  98. Nice but not for me

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    My hair is fine and I have a lot of it, I am usually very lucky in that cheaper haircare seems to work just as well as the expensive stuff. My hair is usually pretty decent volume wise! So - full disclosure, this product isn't really designed for me... I just really wanted to try it!

    This smells AMAZING and I really enjoy how this product feels. It foams up a lot that I really wasn't ...
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  99. Unusual but I liked it!


    I have super-fine hair, and not much of it, so this product sounded perfect for me. I was a bit nervous about the paste-like texture described, but I really liked it. It quickly emulsifies into a super-rich foam which you can really feel cleaning your scalp. Left my dark coloured hair super shiny, bouncy and full of volume. I definitely needed to use a conditioner afterwards though. I thoroug...
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  100. Disappointing


    I bought this product and did a lot of research into it and it sounded ideal for me. I used it twice and it turned my hair green! Do NOT use this with coloured hair, especially blonde highlights.
    It did add volume but I think there are more conditioning volumising shampoos on the market and this is VERY expensive. Especially to throw away because I won't use it again.
    No bad reflection...
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  101. Review & Earn
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