9 Best Hair Volume Powders

Bored of fine, flat hair dragging you down? Pump up the volume on your look with some of the best hair volume powders.

There’s something about thick, lustrous hair that turns heads from even many metres away. A full head of healthy hair will give you a confidence boost, even on a lazy day.

If you haven’t been blessed with heavenly hair, but instead sport a mop that falls flat the day after you wash it, there are things you can do to pump up the volume.

Fine hair can get greasy quickly. As tempting as it is to fall into a daily hair-washing routine, you could make your hair look greasier if you constantly shampoo and then slather on a heavy conditioner.

Fine hair needs space to breathe! But how can you keep your hair looking clean without constantly retreating to the shower?

Loved by hair experts and fast becoming a favourite with beauty fans, a dry powder for hair volume will boost your locks with life. Designed to diminish the appearance of oil in the hair, a dedicated volumising powder can soak up your issue and give hair a boost in just a few shakes. Fine, thin hair often lacks texture. A hair powder or root spray can give your do some grip so it looks bouncy and full of body.

What is the best hair volume powder?

The best volume powder for fine hair will help lift the roots without weighing strands down. From a volumising powder for dark hair to a natural hair volumising powder, we’ve found the formulas that will take you to new heights and listed them below for you. Got a question about hair powder? We’ve got the answer!

As the day goes on, give your hair a scrunch to revive the product and enhance volume. Looking for a volumizing powder to take your hair to new heights? We’ve read the reviews and found formulas you’re bound to fall for.

More than just a pretty pink bottle that looks good on your bathroom shelf, KEVIN.MURPHY Powder Puff is a volumizing powder for thin hair that sometimes looks limp. Working to add body to hair that struggles, this formula won’t leave an unsightly powdery finish. Vegan and cruelty-free, this unique formula was inspired by the age of Marie Antoinette. Back in the 18th century, the hair was coated with powder to keep it upright and in place. Back then, the powder was very visible. But with years of research and experimentation, Kevin Murphy and his team were able to create a thickening powder that’s completely invisible.

Weightless and non-sticky, the pink Powder Puff hair volumizer morphs into a paste when you sprinkle it on. Offering each strand a lot of support, the formula pumps up the volume of your locks and gives hair a textured finish and healthy look. Seaweed extracts from France and extracts from Cranberries, Plums, and Apples help lift the hair and give it more life.

You don’t have to give up on your flat hair. KEVIN.MURPHY Powder.Puff is a weightless formula that’s been expertly crafted to add texture and boost volume. Perfect for curly, straight, coiled, and wavy hair, this powder is easy to use and easy to wash out. Shake a very small amount onto dry hair at the roots and massage gently to watch your hair grow.

If you have fine, lifeless hair, you might believe you need magic to conjure up volumized hair you’re proud of. Easier than waving a wand, Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion will transform your tresses and give them the body and movement you’ve always craved. The cruelty-free, innovative formula evolves in your hands from a powder to a very light lotion, made to absorb oils from your hair. Working to build out your hair's texture and volume, this easy-to-use formula thickens hair by up to 17% without making it look dry and dehydrated.

Working to instantly thicken your hair’s appearance, Aveda hair volumizing powder contains naturally derived agents that bulk out the hair and give it a fuller appearance. Kaolin Clay and Acacia Gum help build the hair up and give it a healthy boost without causing any damage. Each strand on your head is lifted as the innovative formula magically transforms from a powder into a matte-finish lotion.

Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion is a unique formula that’s been crafted to turn tired, limp locks into tresses that are lifted and lovely. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice and Marshmallow Root Extract make this a natural hair volumizing powder you’ll feel confident about. If you’re looking to take your hair to the next level, you’ll love the way this unique powder gives locks everything they need in abundance.

When your hair is limp and lifeless, you might be tempted to just chuck it up in a messy bun and be done with it. Rather than resorting to your trusty bun or getting locked into an unhealthy daily hair washing routine, reach for Oribe Swept Up Volume Powder Spray. This beauty instantly lifts locks and gives each strand a buildable grip. Perfect for second- or third-day hair, this formula weightlessly creates texture at the roots without clogging the scalp or making hair look powdery. Cruelty-free and made with a loving blend of texturising ingredients, this formula is perfect for all ages and all hair types to enjoy.

Curly, wavy hair can still look limp and lacklustre. Help pump up the volume with this volumizing powder spray. Working to build up the hair’s grip so it looks more styled and coiffed, the product creates major effects with small doses. The innovative packaging makes the formula easy to distribute evenly, and the non-aerosol spray quickly targets oily areas that need a little lift.

If you’re looking for a luxury powder to help breath new life into your hair, you’ll love how effective Oribe Swept Up Volume Powder Spray is. Because this product makes zero mess and creates a semi-matte, healthy-looking finish, you won’t need to worry about flat hair when you use it. Vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free, this formula helps protect strands against UV damage too. Simply spray the formula onto your hair to achieve great heights.

Lifting your hair doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re lusting after locks that stand out with volume and shine, ELEVEN I Want Body Volume Powder will help you achieve your desired look. Cruelty-free and vegan, this unique formula can be used on all hair types and hair lengths to add movement and body. If it’s a ‘just rolled out of bed’ look you crave, the gritty formula will give your limp, lifeless hair a perfectly messy style that stays in place all day. This ultra-lightweight formula won’t weigh your hair down. Best of all, you need only a small amount of this product to create the look you desire.

Rather than dousing your hair with thickening pomades and sticky hairspray, create moveable, natural-looking texture with this unique Eleven hair volume powder. Whether you’re in your teens or in your 50s, this hair powder will lift your look and give it a new lease of life. Fine hair doesn’t have to look boring! Give it a lift in the morning with this unique powder and then forget about it for the rest of the day. Your style will stay in place for as long as you need it to last.

ELEVEN I Want Body Volume Powder is an easy to use hair powder that won’t weigh your strands down or make them look dull. With colour-safe, anti-fade technology, this formula can be applied to the roots, lengths, and ends to soak up oil and add impressive volume. It’s perfect for fine, thinning hair. Just apply a small amount to your tresses and work it in with your fingers.

From humidity to long intervals between washing, there can be many reasons why your hair looks dull and lifeless. Help give it a lift with American Crew Boost Powder. Perfect for all ages and genders to enjoy, this formula offers a matte finish and anti-gravity technology. You can tackle hair that loves to fall flat! Get to grips with this innovative powder and add some much-needed texture and a fuller finish. Highly recommended, this formula is easy to use and gives thinning hair a boost of energy.

Whether you’re going for a dramatic look or a more subtle edge, this hair powder will give your strands a thicker, more voluminous appearance with minimal effort. Perfect for all ages to enjoy, this formula offers a gritty texture that gives your look a more styled effect. Created to mattify the hair, this boosting powder can be layered with other products and defies gravity with its unique technology.

If you’re looking to transform the look of your fine, limp hair, you’ll love American Crew Boost Powder. Perfect for creating looks that last all day, this formula contains Propylene Glycol to help the hair retain moisture and lends a soft, touchable appearance. Silica Silylate provides a flexible finish and hold, while Citric Acid revitalises the hair and gives it a fresher appeal. Sprinkle the formula lightly onto your roots to lift your look and give it a more textured finish.

Don’t give up on having thick, luscious locks! Take matters into your own hands with evo haze styling powder pump. Designed to give fine, limp hair the lift you crave, this fabu formula adds volume and texture with a matte finish. You can quickly apply this hair powder whenever you need to, if your do suddenly starts to look flat. Cruelty-free and vegan, this formula is conveniently packaged. To reactivate the existing product in your hair as the day goes on, simply rub your roots and watch your hair grow. Presto!

When you want to lift the look of your hair, simply mist this formula at the roots; there’s no heat-styling required to activate it. And the convenient pump creates no mess. Perfect for fine, limp hair that’s lost its volume, the powder gives good results with just a small amount. Highly recommended by consumers and experts, this formula won't clog your scalp or make it feel uncomfortable.

To help lift the look of your hair, try evo haze styling powder pump. A volumizing pump powder that works to add texture to the hair and give it a lift, this formula mists over oily hair, making it look less greasy. Transforming the look of limp hair that’s impossible to manage, this texturising product pumps up the volume with minimal effort. Once you’ve finished up the formula, you can refill the bottle, making it a great sustainable solution.

Perfect for hair that’s fallen a little flat, the IGK 30,000 FEET Volume Powder Spray 7g will help give your look a boost. A powder formula in a handy spray bottle, this formula coats each strand of hair with Bentonite Clay, which lifts the hair from the roots and gives it a more texture and a carefree finish. Quickly absorbing excess oil from the hair, this unique powder creates body without weighing the strands down. Mineral oil free, paraben free, cruelty free, sulphate free and vegan, your hair is in good hands when you start using this powder. Crafted to lift the hair from the root, this formula adds texture to the lengths without drying the hair out or making it look unhealthy. You’ll love the way your hair looks and feels when you use this hair powder.

If you're looking to style your hair to new heights, you’ll love the effect this volume powder spray gives. Super easy to use, you can use the formula as a dry shampoo when you’re in a pinch. To give your hair more volume from the root, part your hair in the middle and spray. You’ll immediately start to notice a bit more volume and you won’t see any sticky, visible residue on your hair. Perfectly packaged so it's travel-friendly, you’ll feel more confident about your hair when you use this formula. 

Safe for chemically treated hair to enjoy the IGK 30,000 FEET Volume Powder Spray is a lightweight volumizer that builds height and adds texture. The pump applicator allows for precise application and you can use the formula on all hair types. Perfect for weaving braids or styling updos, this powder makes touching up your look on the go a cinch. With no visible residue, this formula absorbs oil and gives the roots a mattfied finish. Unlike more traditional sprays, you’ll be in complete control when you use the unique pump applicator. And you don’t need to use a lot. Just a little puff of powder at the roots and you’ll be good to go.

Keep your grown-out roots undercover with this easy-to-apply, tinted, volumizing hair powder. Designed to cover greys instantly, this formula also keeps your look tidy between salon visits. You can control the amount of product you put on your hair when you use this densely pigmented powder, which comes in a range of shades. With a natural finish, the mineral powder can be used to extend the look of highlights and catch the light for a healthy appearance. A great product to help you fill in your hairline, this formula comes with a double-ended brush and a compact mirror.

There’s nothing more frustrating than when your hair appointment is still weeks away and your roots start poking through. Help restore your look for a polished finish with this powder root cover-up. Water-resistant and easy to apply, this formula is the perfect solution when you need to cover roots at a moment's notice. Made without waxes or dyes, this safe formula will help you achieve the effect you crave with ease.

You don’t need to panic about your hair when you have ColorWOW Root Cover Up at hand. The double-ended brush and compact mirror let you touch up your roots on the go, and the mineral powder looks natural. Use the brush to blend the formula into your roots. Start with dry hair for best results, and hold your hair taut from your hairline. Use the smaller end of the brush and use a pressing action to distribute the formula. Use the larger end of the brush to brush away excess product. Et voilà!

Your flat, lifeless hair doesn’t have to stay that way. Let Virtue Lifting Powder invigorate your look! This lightweight hair powder is easy to use. Turning to liquid as soon as it’s applied to your roots, the clever formula boosts the hair’s appearance and gives it a hit of volume. Perfect for touching up second- and third-day hair, this formula absorbs any excess oil and gives roots long-lasting body all day. Cruelty-free and vegan, this formula comes highly recommended and will make a great addition to your bathroom shelf.

Perfect for all hair types, this unique powder refreshes hair and gives it a just-washed appearance. Working to add shine and health to hair that needs a boost, this formula won’t clog the scalp. Safe enough for colour- and chemical-treated hair to enjoy, this formula is perfect for all ages and hair types. The pump dispenser distributes the product evenly to expertly boost and revive your mane.

Bring life back to tired, dull hair with VIRTUE Lifting Powder 10g. Absorbing into the hair easily, this formula helps rebuild hair strands. The ethically sourced Alpha Keratin 60ku is effectively utilised in the product. A fresh blend of florals and citrus, White Pear, Spearmint, and Lemon Oil gives even dirty hair a sweet scent. To add body and make your hair look thicker, lightly pump the product onto your hair and gently tousle with your fingertips.

How to use hair powder for volume?

Using a hair powder for volume couldn't be easier. Whether you want to define natural curls or simply boost the appearance of fine, thinning strands, a volume powder will help you get the job done.

When it comes to using a powder, keep in mind that less is more. Rather than dousing your hair with a waterfall of powder, a sprinkle of dust is plenty.

Hair powder is perfect for disguising second, third, or fourth (?) day hair. Simply tip your head upside down and dust the powder over your roots. Then ruffle your hair to ensure even distribution.

Does volumizing powder damage hair?

You might think that volumising powder will leave your hair looking dull and feeling straw-like. Well, you’ll be happy to hear that’s not the case. A good hair styling powder volume enhancer has an incredibly fine texture and nourishes hair without drying it out.

A great styling product to help soak up oil from wavy hair, a powder won’t weigh your hair down like a pomade or spray might.

Often crafted with a conditioning blend of natural fruit extracts like Plum and Apple with Seaweed extracts, a high-quality hair volume powder Australia won’t compromise the health of your hair.

A good volumising powder for fine hair will have a lightweight texture and a tacky feel. The latter property helps bind the hairs together to give them a visible lift. With just a fine dusting of your favourite product, a texture powder is easy to distribute and will quickly add extra oomph.

Can volumizing powder cause hair loss?

If you have very fine, thin hair, it’s true your hair generally can get damaged more easily. But you don’t have to avoid volumising hair powders! In fact, a product with a nourishing ingredient combination can actually improve the health of your hair.

Gone are the days when astringent talcs and drying agents were used in hair products to bulk up strands.

A volumising hair powder for thin hair, when combined with a healthy diet and low levels of stress, will help keep your locks looking and feeling healthy. It’s important that you wash your hair regularly if you’re using a hair powder daily, to ensure your scalp stays clear.

If you let the powdery formula lay on your scalp for too long without washing, you might start to experience some negative effects.

Is volume powder bad for your hair?

As with any product you put on your hair, if you overuse it without taking a break, you may start to experience some adverse effects. A volume powder isn’t inherently bad for your hair.

A simple sprinkle will boost your hair’s volume and give limp tresses a lifted, bouncy look. Always wash your hair to remove the product from your hair follicles and stop them from getting clogged.

Back in the day, when hair got greasy, women would use talcum powder to soak up the oil and leave their hair looking fresher. Although powdered hair looks cleaner, talc is bad for fine hair because talc dries hair out, making it snap and break faster.

These days, there are a slew of healthy, hair-enhancing powders for you to pick from. We've found some favourites and listed them below so you can find your match.

Fine, thinning hair can be hard to manage. Give it a boost with hair powders crafted to add volume and texture to hair that’s limp and lank. You’ll be able to cut back on your hair-washing schedule with a modern, freshening hair powder.

Brand and product inclusions are at the sole discretion of Adore Beauty. We do not seek or accept payment from brands or individuals listed in our guides.

Need a recap? Here are the 9 Best Hair Volume Powders:

  1. KEVIN.MURPHY Powder.Puff

  2. Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion

  3. Oribe Swept Up Volume Powder Spray

  4. ELEVEN I Want Body Volume Powder

  5. American Crew Boost Powder

  6. evo haze styling powder pump

  7. IGK 30,000 FEET Volume Powder Spray

  8. ColorWOW Root Cover Up

  9. VIRTUE Lifting Powder 10g

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