The Hair Volumiser You Can Keep In Your Handbag

Let me guess... you saw the word 'volumising' in the title and that's what made you click through? Welcome to the club. I'll try anything that promises to give my fine, flat roots even a hint of volume and texture. Most of the time, it lasts for about 5 minutes, until my hair is flattened down on my scalp again (who can relate?)

Anyway, I was trawling our site recently, and came across a product I'd never seen in my 4 years at Adore Beauty. It was Shu Uemura's Volume Maker Brush. My thought process went a little something like this:

WTF? A brush? What kind of brush? A makeup brush? Wait...what? Ok, I need to try this.

How Does A Volume Brush Work?

Ok, so I don't mean a volume brush like this one (although, those hot air brushes do work a treat). Shu Uemura's Volume Maker Brush resembles some kind of makeup product - but it's not. See, a volumising and texturising powder is actually packaged into a simple to use, portable brush that can be easily distributed through the roots, creating extra volume as you use it.

You might've seen or tried other texture powders on the market which are packaged in a way that makes it difficult to control how much product you're adding to the hair (and if you've ever used this kind of powder, you'll know that adding too much can have the opposite effect). This one, however, gives you maximum control.

The-Hair-Volumiser-You-Can-Keep-In-Your-Handbag Shu-Uemura-Volume-Maker-Brush 0005The-Hair-Volumiser-You-Can-Keep-In-Your-Handbag Shu-Uemura-Volume-Maker-Brush 0005

Tell Me More About Shu Uemura Volume Maker Brush:

  • This volumising powder quickly and easily gives body and lift to flat roots

  • It can also add texture and body through the lengths and ends of all hair types

  • The button on the end of the brush dispenses the correct amount of product every time

  • It's ideal for boosting second-day styles or doubling as a dry shampoo

  • The powder formula helps to absorb excess oil, while mattifying roots with no visible residue

  • Using the brush to disperse through the hair also helps to create more volume

  • Excellent for creating textured braids and up-dos, as well as on-the-go touchups

  • Comes in ultra travel-friendly, compact packaging, so it's ideal for keeping in your bag

Who's This Volume Maker Brush For? 

Well, if you're wanting to create volume, I'm guessing you probably don't have thick hair, right? This product is most suited to those with fine hair (that usually struggle to get any sort of body), but it can also be used on shorter hairstyles as a styling aid for creating texture and a bit of hold.

On those with long, fine hair that weighs itself down, this is a great product to dust through the roots and part. It'll help to create texture, volume and body without adding more weight to the hair.

And in all hair types, you can use it as a travel-friendly dry shampoo. The lightweight formulation, as I mentioned, can absorb excess oil to refresh styles, and reduce obvious greasiness.

The-Hair-Volumiser-You-Can-Keep-In-Your-Handbag Shu-Uemura-Volume-Maker-Brush 0007The-Hair-Volumiser-You-Can-Keep-In-Your-Handbag Shu-Uemura-Volume-Maker-Brush 0007

What's Everyone Saying About It?

This is my "desk to date" hair saviour

Lilian Harlow via

This is my "desk to date" hair saviour. I have fine and thin hair that is often quite limp by the end of the day. Spending 30 seconds brushing this wonder into my roots transforms my hair. The brush ensures a light and even distribution, which is important because you only need such a small amount to get the desired effect (and too much product is not a good thing). If you buff it into your roots,...
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Best to add volume


I LOVE this product. It actually lasts forever and one or two clicks will do my whole hair. I'm surprised at the person that did the last review because one tube has lasted over a year and I've come online to get another. Part the roots of your hair and kinda smoosh the brush into it in little sections. Takes my hair from being ultra fine and flat to having lift and body in the roots. Does make yo...
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Excellent volumiser for fine hair


Love this volumizer. The only complaint is that you can't see or shake it to feel how much product is left in the tube. Use only one "push" into your palm and then get a little on the brush to apply at the roots of the hair. A little goes a LONG way!!! Don't "squirt" the powder directly onto the hair if you have *very* fine hair.

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