Episode 9: How The Ordinary Gained Cult Status

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What’s on this episode? We’re glad you asked...

Body breakouts:

Bacne can be embarrassing... but don't worry it's something Joanna and Hannah have both dealt with, so they're sharing their tips to prevent body breakouts. If you're not keen on installing sandpaper in your shower, they both recommend using Skinstitut's Glycolic Scrub 14% as an alternative.

How The Ordinary gained cult status:

We're joined by the CEO of Deciem - the parent company of The Ordinary - Nicola Kilner. She shares why the brand gained cult status so quickly, some of her fave products and what's next for The Ordinary.

Nicola's routine:








The product we didn't know we needed:

Joanna's product: Christophe Robin Hydrating Melting Mask

Hannah’s product: FOREO UFO


Hosts: Joanna Fleming & Hannah Furst 

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Basics Of Getting Rid of Back Acne; And Everything You Would Want to Ask Nicola Kilner About The Ordinary - Beauty IQ Uncensored Episode 9 Transcript


Welcome everybody to BeautyIQ the podcast.


I'm your host Joanna Fleming


And I am your co host Hannah Furst


Hello, everyone. We are back for Episode nine. We can't believe it. Almost double digits. Pretty crazy, hey?


I know, I can't believe we've done this many episodes. And that you guy are still listening


I can't believe I still like you.


That is so mean. I'm very likeable


No, I'm just like, when am I going to get sick of Joanna? Like, we spend all day at our desks together and then we come here and we record every week now.


I was thinking like, if we ever lived together how we'd escape. I think we've become so consumed in ourselves.


I know, in each other and ourselves.


Yeah. We need a break at night time. Even though we still text each other


I know. So, what's on today's episode, Jo?


So today we are talking about body acne, which we've both experienced. So we can dish some dirt on that. And then we have a very special guest. We have Nicola from Deciem joining us. She's the CEO of the company. If you're not aware, Deciem is the company that own The Ordinary, which we know you guys go mental for. So she's coming on to chat to us. And of course, our products we didn't know we needed


So for our cringy convo today, we are talking about body acne and actually, because it's Melbourne is getting hotter, I have noticed my back. So I went out on Saturday night and I was like, Oh, thank God it was dark but my whole back was like, covered in little pimples


Is this because you've gone to a F45 again?


I think because I've re-joined F45, and I read online, because that's where I get all my medical knowledge that when you when you exercise and then don't shower straight after, the sweat can block the pores. And that's why you get body acne.


Yeah. So Hannah told me that she goes to the gym and then goes straight to bed and doesn't have a shower. What kind of person does that?


Is that weird?


Yeah. Well, I don't know, I think you do weird stuff and then we find out other people do it and I'm like, 'Am I the weird one?'


Guys, DM me. Remember, if you go to the gym at night and then don't shower afterwards and sleep in your sweat.


See, I just would feel gross


Do you shower twice a day or once a day?


Depends. Usually twice. Yeah, give or take.


I feel like what happens is, I work all day and then I go to the gym like until 7.15. And then I go to the supermarket and I cook my dinner could and I come home and then I'm like, I can't be bothered


Wait, so are you not having one shower at all?


In the morning!


Oh, okay.


I wake up in the morning, always, and have a shower.




So for me, whenever I get body acne, it's on my back and I'll have, like, periods of time where it's completely clear. And then I'll have periods of time where it's quite bad. So I think it's, probably for me, there's a little bit of hygiene involved, but sometimes...


I'd say so, yep.


Personal hygiene. But I really think that...So I've been doing something new where I've been... and you know how you were telling me you're really flexible.




And I was like, I can't do that. I can't scrub my back with my hand.


You meant flexible in that I can reach my arm around my back.


Yes. So Jo can reach her arm all the way around her back to, like, scrub her back.


To do my tan and everything


She can fake tan her own back.


Independent woman.


I know, independent woman. I just have to be brown on the front and white at the back. So tell us about your body acne.


So I got body acne when I was going to through puberty. So when I was a teenager, I started to get quite bad bacne and I was really self conscious about it, and it also, sometimes get a few chest pimples as well. But when I had the bacne, I was just really grateful that it wasn't on my face because both my brothers had really bad acne on their faces and both went on Roaccutane. So I was like, Well, at least it's on the back, and I don't have to worry about it


Yeah, you can cover it up with the top.


But it did go away when I went on the pill. So I am worried that if I do come off it, my bacne is going to return. But there are ways to get rid of it because I still do get it sometimes, when I don't exfoliate, like if I've put tan on like, three times in a row, and I haven't exfoliated it really effectively because, I'm flexible like I can get my arm back there but also


How the hell...


but also like, I kind of dislocate my shoulder


How the hell do you exfoliate your back?


Oh you just got to like...see I can get my arm right back there.


Oh I can too. Guys, we're just showing each other how flexible we are.


why can't you do it? You look like you can get your arm further...


So, what I do instead, is I get a glycolic scrub




and I go like this. And I like wipe it on the back. That's what I've been doing. And that seems to be helping reduce the body acne. Bacne


I like to use my Loving Tan exfoliating glove, which I think is the best one, because it doesn't rip your skin off like some of the other ones. Some of them feel like they're making you bleed. That one is really good, but I use that with the scrub as well. The Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%. Amazing for body


Is that a face scrub?


It is, but I prefer to use it on your body. Because I don't like to suggest harsh scrubs on the face


and what is in the glycolic scrub?


Glycolic acid. So it's just eating away at all of that, like gunk that's built upon your back. Because most people aren't exfoliating it as often as the rest of their body


I feel like... are you guys washing your backs? Aside from just like a quick spritz of water?


Yeah, I think... can you guys let us know if you're washing your backs


because I feel like now that I started being... Do you know what made me think of this? You know when we were talking about the underarm smells.


Yeah. And how I exfoliate under my arms.


Okay, So I have started. Even though I have no hair under my arms, I have started shaving my under arms, to get rid of all the dead skin cells.


Is it working?


Yeah, because I feel like the bacteria builds up in the places that you're not washing, which would be the same as your back and your chest, if you're not exfoliating those areas.


Yeah, I find in Winter I'm worse, because I'm wearing lots of layers and it's getting, like, sweaty and dirt and stuff builds up, and then I'm not washing it properly.


I feel like we care so much about our faces and the skin on our faces that we really forget about the rest of our body


Yeah I don't care that much about my body.


Yeah me neither.


As long as my face looks good I don't care.


Do you have any other tips for body acne?


You can use like a serum on your back as well, but you kind of need someone to apply that.


So what about for us single girls that have no one to apply those serums


I just think you've got to, just work on your shoulders, getting that flexibility up. I can maybe do some exercises on our stories or something.


Yes, let's get you to show how you like...


how I exfoliate my back.


What about using...so Loving Tan have a fake tan applicator that's like


they do


it must be on a stick.


Yeah. It's like a stick thing that you can... You can use I reckon. You can get away with using that.


What about finding one of those like, back scrubbers that has, like, a long arm?


you know what you should put in the shower, you should just buy a sheet of, like, exfoliating material, attach it to the back of the shower and just rub your back against it. Like a bear.


Why don't you just put sandpaper on one side of you're shower and then every day you just like...


yeah, you did that thing where the bears go up against a tree




We've gone way off topic.


I'm still on the search for someone to apply salicylic acid on my back. That's all we want, isn't it?


All we want is someone to apply fake tan and exfoliate our backs. That's all we want.


So I think the best suggestion that we have both used as a way to manage body acne is get yourself a Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub, is it 14%?


Yeah, I think so


and a Loving Tan exfoliating glove.


Yes. it's the best one out there, I'm telling you.


And maybe start yoga.




So welcome to our next guest. We are chatting with Nicola from Deciem today. She's the CEO of the company and we know that all of our customers love The Ordinary. So we thought what better person to bring onto the podcast, than you Nicola, so welcome.


Thank you. I'm very happy to be here.


You've come all the way from the UK.


I have, yes. Via Hong Kong. So we had last week in Asia, but yeah, over from London.


Well we've had two guests from the UK now


Come all the way from the UK to see us.


So everyone’s just flying over here to be interviewed by and Hannah and I. So our customers really are obsessed with The Ordinary. We get so many questions about the range. So I thought you might be able to share a little insight into why it has gone so gangbusters across the world. Like there's been products that have sold out worldwide because it's just been so popular. So why do you think it has gained that kind of popularity?


Well, we certainly never expected it to become as big as it has become. I think, for a while consumers were just ready for more transparency. They wanted to understand the ingredients. They wanted to be able to understand the world of skin care a lot better. And I think also, bringing more friendly prices to actually make great skin care accessible to everyone


And on prices, a lot of people ask me personally, 'why's it so cheap? Why would I, you know, spend $100 on a serum when I can buy one for $9.70'. So why? How is it so cheap?


So we do everything in house, so all of our manufacturing, formulation, design, creative, everything's done in Toronto in our head office. But really, we've just been honest with our pricing. The ingredients we use are incredibly effective, but they're not expensive ingredients. And one of the biggest barriers we've had to overcome is, I think, in the past people thought price point meant efficacy. And one of the examples I always try and give people is- If you had a headache and you went into a pharmacy, you know, to buy paracetamol, you would see paracetamol it maybe $5, $6. You would never see paracetamol at $5, $50, $500 dollars. It just doesn't exist in the health care category yet, you know, even though the paracetamol $5 it's safe, it's effective, it's been tested for so many years, it will help improve your headache. So health care has been transparent on ingredients for a long time. And when the consumer has the power to understand the ingredients it means that actually brands have to be a lot more honest with the pricing, and I think that's why we've kind of taken that health care approach to the skin care industry, where it was very difficult for consumers to actually see this world of skin care serums and not really understand the difference between a $500 serum and a $15 serum. And quite frankly, sometimes there are some incredible skin care products out there. But sometimes the formulas were very similar, and one of the things that we really try and get over to people is actually just because they're low price and even the price points within The Ordinary is not reflective of, the more you pay, the better the products. It's just that, that ingredient is more expensive, and the other great thing around Retinols and Vitamin C's and different acids we're using, once the ingredients been around for so long, so many people in the world can manufacture that compound that actually no one has the...




Yeah, the patent. Actually I gave the example, I don't know what it's like here, this is completely un-beauty related, but Viagra in the UK, the patent finally expired and suddenly there was this huge campaign in the UK because the price dropped by like 95% because actually, it went from one person in the world being able to manufacture to everyone.


So it's very similar to the pharmaceutical industry in that sense.


Yeah and so really we've just taken that approach in skin care. As I said at the beginning, we never expected it to really take off. So it's been amazing that consumers have really taking an interest in understanding ingredients and actually trusted us as a new brand


Because I feel like there's been a thing in skin care where you look like the way that they named skin care ingredients like 'glow' or whatever it is. And this is a completely different approach. I've never kind of seen like, it's niacinamide and that's what it is. And so you really have to do the research. Do you think customers have been really, like have taken that on board and just, like, run with it?


I think in a huge way. I mean, when you think 10 years ago not many people had even heard of hyaluronic acid, and now we're in a place with The Ordinary, so niacinamide is our number one selling product out of everything we have at Deciem and then again just a few years ago I don't think people would have perhaps really understood the ingredient niacinamide, and you know, ascorbyl glucoside, and it amazes me that actually, people have taken so much interest to really learn the ingredients. And, you know, one of the reasons with The Ordinary we want to step away from using a kind of, ‘this is your glow serum, and this is this' because the more claims you make the higher you set people's expectations and then you inevitably often fail. Where as actually, if you just talk about ingredient, how the ingredient works, then actually, people trust, and they kind of build that relationship a lot more. And the other good thing about The Ordinary people learn what ingredients do work for their skin and what ingredients don't work for the skin because everyone’s skin is different and maybe retinols will work amazingly on you, and horrible on my skin, and maybe vitamin C is great for me and it isn't for you. Whilst the skin care serums were titled 'Anti Ageing and 'Miracle this' and 'advanced this' , it makes it difficult to actually pinpoint as a consumer which ingredients working or not working for you. Where as with The Ordinary, you can almost have a skin care wardrobe where you have all of these different ingredients, and you can actually use them on different days. Different week strategy. Understand what works best for your skin.


So with Niod , because that's another range under the Deciem umbrella . So why's that price point significantly higher than The Ordinary? Because I think that's a point that people sort of confused by because it's from the same company.


So Niod, we really see as the technology brand, so it's always using the latest technologies. If you think about your Apple iPhone every year, there's a new update, technology is forever evolving. So Niod is committed to staying at the forefront of science. And the example we gave early around Viagra, a lot of the technologies in Niod are patented. There's only one person in the world that makes them. They're a lot newer. There's a lot more studies that have to go into it. The formulas are also a lot more complex for our team to make, because the eye serums got over 28 different technologies in it


I love that eye serum. That is seriously, my favourite eye serum.


I think that's a really good way of explaining the difference between The Ordinary and Niod; Is that The Ordinary ingredients are kind of like, tried and tested and you know that they're going to be effective in a formula. Where as you really do have to do a lot of scientific research behind the products in the Niod’s range, as opposed to The Ordinary. And that’s like an easy way for a consumer to understand that price point.


And I guess from our perspective, so our margin is similar across all of our brands, and so, if Niod’s more expensive, it's because it generally is costing us a lot more to make. But then Niod’s also got this focus on the long term skin health, skin integrity. An example of that is Niod doesn't have any acids because Niod’s around saying actually, acids are incredible to give you that kind of short term glowing skin, but they can cause inflammation. So Niod’s very kind of more long term. So actually, if somebody wanted to look great this weekend. They would get a quicker result from The Ordinary. So they're just very different approaches.


That's really interesting.


What would be your advice for someone that is, I guess, new to actives and new to like that kind of skin care, and they're wanting to start on The Ordinary. Where do you really get started? I remember when I first started, I'm like, 'where do I even start? These ingredients...'


And customers constantly email our CS team, they're like 'I've bought 10 of the serums How do I use?' It's like they don't think twice before actually making the purchase, and deal with it later...


just put it all into my cart and deal with it later...


And I'm gonna find out late


So one of our new launches in The Ordinary is our everyday set. So this is an amazing starting point for anyone, its a three step regime. It has in there our Squalene cleanser, our hyaluronic acid and then our natural moisturising factors. And so for any one who is kind of new, to kind of stepping into...


That's a good pack...


A place to  begin and then what we would recommend from there, is maybe just beginning with one other action, depending on, was more of a specific concerns. So perhaps if you're feeling like your skin's quite congested and you've got quite visible pores, you might want to add a niacinamide. If you're skin's looking, a bit dull and lacklustre, you might want to add in a vitamin C or maybe a glycolic acid to give you more brightening. If you're concerned around anti ageing, then buffet or my favourite, buffet with copper peptides, would be really good to add in. If you're feeling like your skin's really dehydrated, you might also want to add an oil on top and if you're maybe, in your kind of early twenties, and you're lucky to have really good skin, then I would recommend perhaps adding in an anti oxidant to really help protect the skin from different stresses in life. And the other part of that everyone should be using is an SPF


Oh, preach.


We do actually, frustratingly, we've got a couple of SPFs , but they're not here in Australia just yet. But in April 2020 we should have our SPFs available from The Ordinary in Australia


People are going to go nuts for that.


Yeah they really will. They really will. Although, Australia is very hard to get SPFs across the line. So we know what you're going through, trying to get that here


Yes, that's why it's taking so long.


So what is your routine? I imagine you probably use a few products from The Ordinary and Niod in the odd what are your go-to's personally?


So copper peptides always just has to be in my routine and it's probably really the one ingredient that I think everyone at Deciem would say if you have one ingredient your routine, make sure it's copper peptides because they really focus on that long term skin health. So when I have time, then I always start with the Niod Copper Amino Isolate Serum. Then, on top of that, I would usually then apply the Niod Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex. When I'm travelling or if I'm short on time, which is more and more now I've got a baby. Then I find buffet with copper peptides from The Ordinary is one of my go tos is because it just has everything in there. So if you're short on time and you really just want one serum that you know, covers most bases, then Buffet with copper peptides would be the one I go . And then often my routine tends to involve lab samples, so little things that are kind of coming out. And then I have things, you know, my routine always looks like a kind of, chemist made it, because even now I'm still using the pick nozzle. But minds still the lab sample because you only need such a tiny amount. But yeah, definitely kind of copper peptides is what I try and include always. And I'm a big fan of using an oil at night. I often use Rose hip oil and sometimes I put a couple of drops of sea buckthorn oil in it, which really helps to kind of give you a bit of glow the next day


Nice. Sounds like a good routine


And Niod Fractionated Eye- Contour Concentrate is amazing


Yes. Yeah Hannah is obsessed with that.


I'm obsessed with that. So my under eyes like my, that's what I hate


And all of our listeners know


everyone already knows. I talk about it all the time. I'm like annoying Joanna so much with my under eye talk. And then I started using... and what I love about it is that you could put it on the eyelid as well. Yeah, I just every time I wake up in the morning, my eyes feel a little bit tighter. It's just like, a wonder...


Yeah you said you noticed a big difference. When you started using it.


Yeah, it's a really, really good eye serum really, is what it is. Because I find that when I use a cream, I get that stuff getting those white dots.


Yeah, milia


Thanks for the technical term, Joanna.


If there was one product in the whole ordinary range that you had to recommend to you know your mom, you sister, your best friend. What would you recommend? apart from the copper peptide, because maybe people aren't there yet, if they're just starting out on skin care. What is that single product from the range that you'd recommend them?


So I think one of the ingredients that is getting a lot more popularity now is Squalene. So I definitely would recommend that, and we have it in a couple of, well, a few of our different products, but it's just so suitable to so many different skin types. It's a very friendly ingredient. It does very well for the hydration of the skin. It helps the skin with it's ability to retain more water. And actually just, there's a big difference between Squalene and Squalane. We use squalane, which is derived from sugar cane, so cruelty free, and a very stable source that we use. That's a great ingredient, which is suitable for all skin types, whatever age. And probably really, the other ingredient I always think, is kind of a universal, regardless of age, is Hyaluronic Acid because it's just so key for the skin, again, really building up that hydration and you know, when talked about hydration- once the, when their skin lipods and the skin barriers damage through loss of hydration actually impacts so many other things, even the natural life cycle of the shedding of your skin cells. So hydration is far more than just having hydrated skin. And this is the kind of basis of healthy skin


And back on the copper peptide. Because I don't think... I love that because I think that's interesting that that would be the one go-to ingredient for all Deciem employees. What is copper peptides and what does it do for the skin?


So, Copper peptides in our skin we actually use copper for skin healing and wound repairing but you can only utilise your own copper with copper peptides. And as we get older our own copper peptides start to deplete so you actually have to use a copper peptides to help utilise the copper that's already in your skin. If you think about when a five year old cuts their skin compared to a 95 year old, the 5 year old’s skin repairs so much quicker and actually a lot of the studies have been done on soldiers. So really looking at this ability to help heal wounds in a quicker and more sufficient way. But the reason why we'd really recommend it, and again, you won't have a short term, its really about the long term, because it's about getting your skin to behave better in itself. And also, when people ask for the effects, it's probably one of the hardest products to actually pinpoint. Because...


I agree. Anytime someone says, what does a peptide do I'm like 'uh...it does something, just put it on'


A peptide itself is...


Great advice Jo, 'just put it on'


Peptide itself, it's just something that's really targeted to really deliver. One of the frustrating things about peptides is that you can only stabilise peptides in water, and the skin repels water. So its one of the biggest challenges for any scientists when formulating it. When you get in the bath or you go swimming. You don't expand because your body is designed to really repel not absorb water. Where's oil really absorbs into the skin. So that's one of the challenges of peptides


well, that's something I noticed about The Ordinaries buffet plus copper peptides is that it has that much higher price point than some of the other products. So is that why?


so copper peptides are one of the more expensive ingredients in skin care, but because they're really trying to change the behaviour of your own skin and effectively your skin's working better. So people really see the difference in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity, pigmentation over skin tone, skin texture. So it's really the product that makes the biggest difference to your overall skin. But it's not a quick fix if you... and that's why we say, if you want to look amazing this weekend, use a glycolic acid, a lactic acid, things that a lot more targeted and work quickly. But for your long term skin health, at which I think more and more people are now committed to thinking, actually how do I really protect my skin for the long run, then copper peptides should always be included.


What would you say? The biggest difference between the Ordinaries Buffet plus copper peptides and the Amino Isolate...Uh what's the first word...Copper Amino Isolate. I knew it, in my head. But what's the biggest difference between those two products?


So they have different support systems. So the copper amino isolate serum, which is really a second version is more advanced. And it has a different way that the... well there’s a different family, the GHK, it's got the pure copper peptide but then it's also got support actors. And there is, well, then buffet, you'll also see the more instant anti aging results because it's got all of the different technologies in there, which are in the  current buffet


buffet is really hydrating.


Where does that name come from?


So it was actually play on... There was a very expensive brand that described one of their anti aging as a buffet because they're like 'it has a bit of everything'


like a breakfast buffet?


On a buffet, yeah with food. So actually it was Brendan that came up for that name, kind of tongue in cheek to kind of say- It really is a bit every anti aging ingredient in that


what is in Buffet? Because that's one of our best selling products.


yes, so it has Matrixyl, the different versions. It also has 11 amino acids in there to really support. That's why you get the hydration as well. But it's really just a multi peptide serums. So the weight of Active Concentrates is 21.5% which is extremely high for anyone looking at percentages of ingredients and skin care products.


So Adore Beauty has just launched the super-sized bottles.


Yes, which people are loving


people loving their 60mls. And also I think, that it's quite environmentally friendly, and I think that's a great addition to the range. What's next after that?


So one of our most requested products, which we always get, is concealers. So we will be launching concealers at the end of this year. They'll be price under $10 Australian dollars. They'll come in the 21 shades we currently have the colour foundations in. Super high pigmented and just a really great, I guess core product to have in your makeup bag. We also, so one of our best selling products globally, which frustratingly, we can't sell in Australia is our AHA  peeling solution.


Everybody asks us for that all the time.


Sounds amazing. You know how I feel about peels.


If something says peel in it...


I'm like, 'please!'


 Burn my face off


So we're launching a, I guess a fruit extract version. So our pomegranate enzyme with willow bark extract. So this will give you the similar results in terms of it being a mask, you applying, you help release dead skin cells and give you the effect the AHA peel, so that's going to be launching early in 2020. So Canada's the other market where we can't sell our AHA peeling solutions that's really going to be focused on...


So it's just for Canada and Australia?


Well, it will be available worldwide, but yeah these are the markets where we know we've got gap with our AHA peeling solution


Just a quick question, why is the AHA peeling solution...


I guess just from regulatory perspective. So in Australia and Canada its classed as a medical product, like you would need it, I think, prescribed


Hannah wants a sample.


How do I get one? can you send me one? anything that you need a prescription for, or anything that's like black market and you're like, not allowed to get here...


Actually we can sell it in New Zealand.


Books flight to New Zealand.


And then SPF is the next thing we're really working on. So they won't be available. April 2020.


What kind of SPF rating will they be? Is it going to be quite low or...


So we're gonna have SPF 30 and SPF 50 as well.


Wow. Cool. We look forward to that


looking forward to it


Everyone stay tuned.


Yeah. Awesome. Thank you so much for joining us today.


Flying all the way from the UK just to see us for this recording. Really Appreciate it.


Thank you for having me. We love Adore Beauty. So we're happy to be here.


Thanks, Nicola.


So now onto the products that we didn't know we needed.


Alright, so I'm doing hair. You're usually... you usually do all the hair, don't you?


I'm the hair person


my product that I didn't know I needed today is the Christoph Robin Hydrating Melt In Mask.


God we talk about Christoph Robin a lot.


I know. I really like it.


Do you want to tell people a bit more about the brand since we keep talking about it.


It's French.


Yeah, that's why we like it.


We met Christoph Robin last year, and he was really, really lovely. And the brand just has a really nice ethos. Like he uses a lot of natural extracts in his products, and it's a lot about scalp health, and I just really like the product.


Also  fine hair as well.


Yeah. Lots of volumizing products, which I probably love because I have fine hair


and the smell. I just can't... The smell is amazing. All the products


Yeah, so this particular product is a mask, but I'm actually using it in place of a conditioner. So it is so hydrating. It's almost like you know that feeling when you've used Pantene and it's like you're has so coated in like, silky stuff that it just feels amazing. That is what this mask makes you here feel like, but it's not coating your hair in Silicones. So it just makes your hair feels so soft and detangled. And for me, as we know, I get really knotty hair. So I just use that in place off a conditioner. It's got Aloe Vera and some other nice things.


Well... does it melt?


No, it's just kind of like a cream, I guess it's kind of like... it melts into the hair, which it does. You leave it on for, like, 5 - 10 minutes. You shave the legs, do whatever, I don't really shave my legs that much. But if you do...


So what else do you do in the shower?


I just kind of stand there and wait for it to work


I was going to say something really inappropriate


Oh. Hannah... don't go there


I'm not going to. That's on another episode


Yes, it's...I was going to say it coming but I wont.


Yes! you said it. It's coming.


Okay, so, yeah, that's my product I didn't know I needed. So if you've got really dry here, I absolutely recommend you buy this mask. It's pricey. But when do I not recommend a pricey thing? you guys know already.


I feel like Christoph Robin is one of those... one of those brands that, it's really... you know, when you buy expensive products and you're like, 'uh was it worth it?'. I feel like Christoph Robin, whenever I use their products and like 'Wow, This is really worth the money'. It's the ingredients and it's also quite unique products.


Yes, they are really unique. But I do want to say I never recommend a product I don't personally really love and that I wouldn't recommend to my friends. So Hannah what's yours?




you're not doing hair


I know. I'm doing something different. So I got this new product on my desk which was Foreo UFO. And I think you're going to have to tell me a bit more about it because I'm not quite sure what it does. But I have tried it recently. So basically you have to... It's a little like pink device and you get it comes with these little masks like tiny...


little round sheet masks


They're like sheet masks for cats. Like, you could cut holes in the eyes and put it on your cat for like, an Instagram photo. So they're really these little round masks and you put the mask... It's so hard to explain. But you put the mask on the UFO and then you clip it into place and then you sync it with your iPhone and then you do the mask...


I don't know if you're doing a great job...


I can't describe it. Do not know what I'll do, when we release the episode I'll do an Instagram story showing you how to use it.


Yeah, good idea. It has a lot of different facets to it, which is why I really like it. Because it's quite...


you've got one too.


I've got one. I really like it. I use mine pretty regularly and I like that they've got different sheet masks for different concerns. So the ones that I have are H2O one...


So the one that I used last night was a Hyaluronic acid.


That's the one I...yeah


You said this morning your skin looks really glowy.


Yeah, it does. It has lots of different functions. So it's got LED in it. It's like there's a ring of LED light around it and then the centre of it heats and cools


Yeah it's really cool


So, yeah. You get lots of different benefits as well as the benefit of a sheet mask in one device. And I think the thing only goes for a minute


So I did 90 seconds and then you could do another 90 seconds. But I really like the fact that you can manually do it. Because I would have liked to have done it for longer


Yeah you can control it manually.


And so I did read that the benefit of he the led and the heat and cooling effect is that the mask can penetrate deeper into the skin, so it opens up the pores. And then you've got the LED light, which, depending on what concern you've got you could use to promote healing


reduce inflammation.


Yeah so it's a really cool, nifty little device.


It is. It's expensive, but if you're into that kind of stuff like us


it is really expensive. It's $395


Is that how much it is?


Yeah, the sheet... The sheet masks are $4.50 each. So if you use a sheet mask, you know that's like that's actually quite cheap for a sheet mask.


It's a really cool device because you can use all those functions separately as well. I've got rosacea and I like to use the cooling one when my skin's really inflamed and I just can't get anything to cool it down and I find it really uncomfortable, and I turned the cooling one on, and I just leave that on my skin, and it just... it stays really cool. It just... it relieves that heat that's in my skin that I just can't get rid off


Someone actually... I was reading the reviews on our website, and someone did say, like, it's actually really good cost per use. So if you're doing a mask every Sunday, it ends up being a pretty good cost per use. I love that. It's like when I... that's how I justify buying expensive shoes.




that's what happens with devices. So, like, if you've got a Dyson Airwrap or whichever device you have invested in, that's kind of how you have to think about it.


Yeah, like the Airwrap you don't need to go and get a blow dry every week.


So if you're like... oh, that's actually another review, said what they loved about the Foreo, is that because you when you put the app on this like, lady talks to you and it's actually kind of like being in a spa.


That's the part that freaked me out. That's why I do it manually cause I'm like shhh


I really...so because I've been having trouble sleeping. So last night I was like, I'm going to...


so you let the lady talk to you.


Yes, I like, did it in bed. I put the mask on and I lay back, and she... my phone was next to me, and she was like, 'So just sit back and relax', and it was kind of like a bit of a spa experience.


Okay, Well, some people like the lady talking some people don't


so you've got options. So that wraps us up for another episode. Guys we live for your reviews.


Seriously live for them


Joanna, literally... I probably get a text every day with a new review.


I think I check it everyday. Is that really sad?


It's really sad. But, hey, your life sometimes is a bit sad and I, like, totally respect you for it. She's a homebody guys if you didn't realise.


I spent a lot of time reading your reviews, but it also makes us feel really good when we come in to hear to record


It really motives me


like, 'aw they like it'


it's just really cute the way that you... that everyone feels like...


like when we talk about our poo and like stuff like that and we're just glad that you guys enjoy it. So keep the reviews coming. If you haven't left a review...


If you're listening right now, I don't want to be forceful. Leave a Review.


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Just go to the apple podcast, and I think you can just leave a review at the bottom.




Cool. Thanks, guys. See you next week. Thanks everyone for joining us today.


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