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The Ordinary “Buffet” + Copper Peptides 1% 30ml

4.5 of 170 reviews


4 instalments of $12.00

Or 4 instalments of $12.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $12.00

Or 4 instalments of $12.00 with LEARN MORE

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The Ordinary “Buffet” + Copper Peptides 1% is an updated and enhanced version of the original “Buffet” serum. Designed to target multiple signs of ageing, this multi-technology peptide serum is also formulated with 1% pure Copper Peptides to support overall skin health.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

GREAT - 89% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary “Buffet” + Copper Peptides 1%

The Ordinary “Buffet” + Copper Peptides 1%

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The Ordinary “Buffet” + Copper Peptides 1% Reviews

4.5 of 170 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love it


This product is a real all rounder. I found I got results straight away and really notice it when I’ve run out. The colour is really cool too

Most Helpful Criticism

No fast results


My understanding of copper peptides is they need to be used over a long period of time to see results. If you are looking for a quick change to your skin you'll need to find patience when using this product. The general texture of my skin is smoother instantly and the product sets quickly without leaving you feeling sticky/left over residue.
  1. The Underdog


    So I was on and off this product for a couple of months until I decided to fully commit to the serum and trust the process & yes the benefits don’t come overnight but it is soo worth the wait! My skin looks a lot more glowy and plump. I have also added a few drops to a spoolie brush and combed through my eyebrows and hair line and I have noticed that the bald patches on my brows are less noticeab...
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  2. Love it


    This product is a real all rounder. I found I got results straight away and really notice it when I’ve run out. The colour is really cool too
  3. Beautiful


    Feels so nice on the skin. Soaks in beautifully. Leaves my skin looking and feeling great. Is also a really pretty colour.
  4. Great product at a cheap price


    It's a fantastic product and incredibly cheap in price. I purchased for my mom and she never used a product at this price point and found amazing with it's result. It's great for sensitive skins as well. Definitely recommend it.
  5. Great blue serum


    Great blue colour copper serum. I use this at night time mainly. The skin is rejuvenated and poreless.
  6. Great but time will tell


    So far so good. Have always used Buffett religiously but decided to go with the addition of copper peptides. No reaction and my skin loves it but I think time will tell for any major improvement than just using the buffett alone.
  7. Great but time will tell


    So far so good. Have always used Buffett religiously but decided to go with the addition of copper peptides. No reaction and my skin loves it but I think time will tell for any major improvement than just using the buffett alone.
  8. Skin Superfood


    I feel like this just ticks all the boxes for me and helps to make my skincare much easier! Have used this product before and love it. just need them to bring out a supersize of this one like the buffet!
  9. Plump and hydrated


    Love the affect this has had on my skin. I use it at night and results is fresh plump hydrated skin in the mornings instead the dullness it had previously.

    Also you have Sodium Hyaluronate in the ingredients list twice in the online description.
  10. Didn’t see much difference


    I’ve used it for 3 months and I don’t see much of a difference between this and the buffet without the copper. I have combination skins and in my early 30’s. My skin feels great but it also felt the same without the copper.
    Will be purchasing the buffet without the copper next time than this one.
  11. Good serum


    I think my skin has definately calmed down alot after using this. Its hydrating and my skin is looking clear. A must part of my skin care routine
  12. Love love love!


    I use this daily (sometimes twice a night) as it so hydrating and nourishing. It sits so well under make up and leaves my skin feeling so replenished. I have redness and it really helps to settle this. I repurchase this whenever I run out because it works so well.
  13. In it for the long game

    Dani Exfoliates

    This is my first TO purchase - and my first TO REpurchase! I love water based serums so the texture of this and the time it takes to absorb into the skin took some getting used to, however, I have noticed an increase in hydration! I had some very fine forehead lines that have plumped out - though I suspect they were more due to dehydration than actual wrinkles. I bring this serum all the way down ...
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  14. Very hydrating


    My skin is plump and smooth when I use this regularly. The trick is to not use too much at each application. Half a dropper is more than enough for whole face, neck and upper chest. It irritates my eyes if I get it too close to them. Not sure why this Buffet + 1% Copper is almost double the price than the standard Buffet +HA. It doesn't say that this formulation is radically stronger than Buffet +...
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  15. Repurchasing


    I love this. It's a really light weight serum and plays well with others. Am happily purchasing again.
  16. Acne and blackhheads


    Large pores combo skin type. I love the ordinary but this product broke me out within days so i had to discontinue use. Very disappointed after all the great reviews! Just doesnt suit my skin type :(
  17. Second purchase!


    This is a definite buy! It is part of my daily routine - couldn't imagine life without it now!!
  18. Indulge in this Buffet


    A ride or die product! Well worth the price you pay!
  19. A beautiful Buffet for your ageing skin! So happy!


    I can’t live without this serum in my regimen! Yes!!
  20. Buffet Copper Peptides 1%


    Great product. Has made a real difference to my skin. Not greasy or oily and is absorbs really well. Recommended.
  21. Buffet Copper Peptides 1%


    Great product. Has made a real difference to my skin. Not greasy or oily and is absorbs really well. Recommended.
  22. Amazing serum!


    Have been using The Ordinary Buffet serum for some time, and this is my first time using the Buffet + Copper peptides. My skin feels very smooth and healthy! Love it!
  23. Not bad but not sure it’s worth it.


    I used to use this religiously but haven’t for the last couple of months and haven’t noticed actually any difference since stopping. Not sure it was worth the money. Probably won’t be buying it again.
  24. Holy Moly!


    I bought this on a whim because I thought I could do with some peptides in my life, and I’m so glad I did!
    I had gone out in the sun after using acids and my cheek was rough with flaking skin.
    I was using some really good moisturisers but my skin still wasn’t 100%
    I used this before moisturise at night, and when I woke up in the morning, all the roughness had disappeared from my ...
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  25. Trusty travel serum


    As a skincare lover, I find it difficult to decide what skincare to travel with (not that anyone is traveling at the moment). When reflecting on the distant days of travel, I realized that for the past couple of years, this baby has always come along with me. It is hydrating, has peptides in it to (hopefully) curb the signs of aging as well as the copper which seems to help avoid acne flair ups. I...
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  26. Glow in a bottle


    This is my absolute favourite serum. If I had to choose one product this would be it. It is lightweight and hydrating, plus the healing benefits are amazing. It makes any blemishes that I have heal much faster than when I don't use it and helps with the red marks afterwards too. I saw an improvement in my skin after a week using it and am on my 4th bottle. I use it morning and most nights.
  27. The serum that converted me to using The Ordinary products!


    I first started using The Ordinary's Buffet and loved it, but then a friend mentioned it came in this version with the added copper peptides, so I quickly put my order in. I have used a copper peptide serum before, and loved it, but I'm a big fan of products that have multiple ingredients that I want to get on my skin, including matrixyl and HA which this product contains. Use it every morning!
  28. Love it


    Absolutely love this. After using daily for a few weeks my skin elasticity has improved, I generally feel more hydrated, my skin looks glowy and has improved generally. The colour of the serum is super cool and fades away as soon as its rubbed into the skin. I did have a bit of trouble with this pilling on my skin at the start, but I use my vitamin B first, then this, then wait for a few minutes f...
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  29. Yes yes and yes


    I had previously used the original Buffet for some years and was recommended to try this version instead. Although it is pricier than the original, gosh it’s worth it. It has dramatically improved my skin texture and will keep repurchasing over and over.
  30. Great serum!


    I tried The Buffet and loved the results. So I purchased with the copper peptides. I’m not sure I noticed a difference but both products have helped my forehead fine lines. I will continue to use this one as I believe it will be better in the long term.
  31. Blue illusion?


    I love this product, hydrating and easy to use like the normal buffet serum but with a beautiful blue colour. Not sure if it's making a significant difference to the quality of my skin but I do feel it's looking firmer and plumper. Will continue to use to hopefully see long term results!
  32. Routine essential


    I'd used Buffet before this and found it to be o-kay. The Buffet + Copper Peptides is definitely superior — I use it in the PM, it makes my skin look smooth and bright in the morning and I notice the difference when I've gone a week without.
  33. Sensitive Skin - Rosacea


    I loved this product! It improved the hydration and texture of my skin! It applies somewhat sticky and dries quickly. For the first week, this product irritated my skin but after it had a very cooling and soothing effect. I was using this with Retinoid 5% in squalane, however, although it is not stated on this website or DEICM's website, I have been told by some of my friends in the beauty indust...
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  34. Love it !!


    Just love this product, have been using for several months now and can really see a difference in my skin, not a fluid as the NIOD copper making it easy to spread over the face, and you use only about 5 drops so it lasts and lasts
  35. Love it !!


    I have brought this product multiple times. I love the Ordinary products. The pricing is very affordable and they last a long time. It doesn’t make me oily and is just a lovely serum . My husband uses this also and loves it too. Will definitely continue to buy.
  36. wouldn't be without it!


    Just love this product, have been using for several months now and can really see a difference in my skin, not a fluid as the NIOD copper making it easy to spread over the face, and you use only about 5 drops so it lasts and lasts
  37. Great for hydration


    I definitely this this serum has helped to improve my skin texture and hydration. Also has some great ingredients for long term skin health. It doesn't have the best smell and takes a while to soak in.
  38. My favourite TO


    I am so glad I finally made the jump from buffet to buffet plus peptides! It has been amazing for my skin. I saw big change in texture and my skin looked plump! And I love the blue!
  39. LOVE


    I use a range of the ordinary products and this is one of my faves. Non-greasy and dries nicely. Skin always feels firm and fresh after applying.
  40. Another beauty from The Ordinary


    I purchased this product after listening to the podcast all about The Ordinary. I already use several of their other products, mainly in my morning skincare routine, but hey, there's always room for another!! This little beauty is jam packed full of amazing ingredients, and I can feel like I'm doing some good for the long term. Having said that, I've definitely noticed a different in the brightnes...
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  41. great price


    this is a really good price and I really like it. Has so many benefits
  42. No fast results


    My understanding of copper peptides is they need to be used over a long period of time to see results. If you are looking for a quick change to your skin you'll need to find patience when using this product. The general texture of my skin is smoother instantly and the product sets quickly without leaving you feeling sticky/left over residue.
  43. Love!


    I love copper peptide products, and this one is great and at a GREAT PRICE! This products doesn't show instant result, copper peptides take time to improve your skin. Give it time!

    Another note, many other "copper peptide" products I've tried put in fake blue colouring to make you think the copper ion concentration is higher than it is. The blue in this products is the real copper ion...
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  44. Nice serum but no difference in my skin


    This is a nice serum which I know needs to be used long term for benefit. I have only used it for about 3 months and finished the bottle. It makes my skin feel really nice and I love using it on my "non active" nights. I am hoping to see results soon and will definitely repurchase.
  45. Good hydration, plump skin


    I was skeptical of the price jump of this product compared to the other TO products but with the higher quality ingredients I now understand why. I have been using in the AM after niacinamide and before an extra layer of hyaluronic acid. My skin looks fresh, plumped and youthful. This product has helped with inflammation from a big breakout I had (thank you stress from covid) and hasn't irritated ...
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  46. Skin Food


    I use this product AM. I find it has helped my skin have a natural glow and refer to it as skin food. the color does not bother me nor does the smell. I team it with Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3% and 100% organic Rosehip oil. I like this combination and dont apply one at a time. I just put in palm of hand and mix all together and apply. its like a skin food boost
  47. The Best Little blue peptide


    Was on the lookout for the best anti-aging addictive to my skin care and boom
  48. Love this!


    I love this serum. It is a lovely consistency - not too thick but not too runny - and it absorbs beautifully. It doesn’t pill under other skincare either. It is very calming and hydrating. Lovely serum for the price too.
  49. Love it!


    I’ve been using this daily for several months now. Great for general skin health. I love teaming it up with TO Matrixyl and TO Amino Acids for an all round daily ageing, wrinkles, skin health and hydration boost!
  50. LOVE


    I was hesitant to purchase this due to the price jump compared to the original “buffet” but it really is amazing.
    You don’t get instant results from the copper peptides but after using consistently for over 3 months I’ve received numerous compliments on how fresh, healthy and bright my skin looks.
    Just like the original, only better!
    The blue serum colour is cool too!
  51. Great Product!


    One of the few products I put on in the PM on a daily basis. I love it. I wake up looking great.
  52. Unsure - seems good?


    Honestly hard to tell if it's doing much for my skin, but I do enjoy using the product! To be fair, I'm using this as prevention so it doesn't have much to work with in the first place :) Probably would purchase again
  53. Blue serum


    This is the most expensive product from The Ordinary that I have purchased. The serum is a bright blue colour and is light weight so it absorbs into the skin quickly. I have only used this in my night time routine so I cannot say what it's like under makeup. I haven't seen any miracle improvements in my skin, although I do not have many wrinkles to begin with. Overall I like the product.
  54. Love!


    The colour is so nice. It's a refreshing, light texture absorbs easily. It's working well for my skin. I've moved on to this brand from Drunk Elephant and I like it better so far.
  55. Functional serum


    This color of serum is really interesting, it's blue. The texture is really nicer that other serum I tries from this brand, which is not too sticky and the ingredient is really good. Hope it's functional.
  56. Bottle of Goodness


    I truly believe this blue-tinted powerhouse serum has helped to soften the fine frown lines I have started to develop in my late 20s. It glides on and absorbs easily, leaving my skin hydrated and notably plumper and firmer with religious use. I now cannot imagine my skin routine being without!
  57. This is a good all round serum


    I have fair combo skin. This was a good serum, although I prefer the other Buffet serum for the price. The consistency and smell were fine for me. It went onto my skin nicely. I would recommend if you have a bit more money to spend. I used after cleansing at night.
  58. not sure


    not sure with this one. didn't notice much, nothing good or bad. Worth a try as I have seen a lot of good reviews and pretty good price point.
  59. it is just ok


    I am not a fan of it. I use it for more than 2 months, but I didn't see any difference on my skin. For this price, compairing the result, I dont recommend it.
  60. All You'll Need

    Soph B

    If you only have time for one serum, this is the one you want! It's hydrating & nourishing, leaving my skin smooth and ready for sunscreen or a night cream in the evening. Great one for travel as it does so much for the skin, you don't need all the other bottles taking up room!
  61. Good but pricey


    I mean, it’s all relative with the Ordinary isn’t it, but I didn’t feel that I got any results with this version that I didn’t get with the regular, non copper peptides Buffet. I went through the whole bottle and enjoyed the blue tint but have happily gone back to the regular Buffet
  62. A little power house of goodness.


    I used to use the buffet before but now with added copper peptides I really feel like I am doing something good for my skin. it has a lovely smooth texture leaving my skin really hydrated and bouncy. it is a little more expensive than the plain buffet but I have read a lot of good things about copper peptides and I am certain this is doing good for my skin. I have already repurchased it and will c...
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  63. Great


    This has great ingredients and keeps my skin hydrated and plump. Would hopefully see the anti ageing benefits with more time
  64. Holy Grail


    WOW why did it take me so long to try this!? I have been using other products in The Ordinary range but never tried Buffet. I decided to skip the original due to castor oil in the ingredients and go straight for this one with Copper Peptides. It is a bit more expensive than their other products but I think it is totally worth. I have just turned 40 and still get hormonal pimples on my jaw line...
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  65. Loving it so far


    Have been using this pretty consistently on my face as well as my poor quality afterbirth stomach skin and things are looking a little more luminous so far, I fin it very hydrating and wake up in the morning with smooth skin instead of a dried prune.
  66. great nightly treatment


    I was amazed when using this product for the first time and seeing its 'blue' colour (from the peptides). This product is great and claims to help with aging, and scar reductions. I use it at night before I go to sleep, and wake up with my skin feeling hydrated and fresh.
    Just a side note - be cautious not to use this in the same routine as glycolic or Salicylic acids
  67. I think I like this stuff


    I have dry, sensitive skin and this product doesn't irritate it or cause any reactions which is already a win in my book. This is one of those products where I don't think you really see results in the short term but I am definitely going to stick with it after reading about the benefits.
  68. Dewy


    I like the way my skin feels after this, it feels hydrated.
  69. Look past the smell!


    After reading the benefits of copper peptides I was excited to use this! I know my future skin will thank me... but it does smell BAD
  70. Plumping and Hydrating


    I tried this serum after hearing about it on the Adore Beauty podcast. I mostly use it in the evening as the last serum in put on as it doesn't layer too well if you put it on first, but I do sometimes use it in the morning under my sunscreen too. I have quite oily skin and I feel this serum is quite hydrating on my skin. I wake up looking fresh and glowy, but not oily. I think I'll need to use it...
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  71. Unsure


    This definitely goes on a lot smoother than the original Buffet (smells much more potent) but as for the benefits of the Copper Peptides (particularly on scarring), I think I will need about 6 months of continued use to see. So far, I add 1 or 2 drops of it to Rosehip Oil and apply as my night-time moisturiser. My skin has been quite good lately, but it's hard to tell whether it is because of this...
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  72. Is it supposed to smell like vinegar?


    So I'm new to this product and not used to the funky smell, a bit like vinegar. It goes on great; smooth and evenly, though I'm finding it difficult to get past the odour. Not sure if it's supposed to smell this way as I've seen another review say it has no scent? Unfortunately I haven't used it long enough to notice any real benefits, but I'm hoping for the best. These things take time and I tr...
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  73. You know it's doing good


    I use this on alternate nights in conjunction with Retinol. It is not the type of serum you buy to see immediate changes, but something that will have long term benefits. Feels lovely on the skin and absorbs nicely.
  74. Great


    This serum has amazing ingredients and peptides. It has been helping my skin barrier
  75. light texture not greasy but invisible improvement


    I use it nearly every night with the serum. It is very light texture and easy to absorb into the skin. It looks like a blue gel liquid, but touching feeling is more like water. I haven't seen any visible improvement of my fine lines after four weeks application.It may need more time to show its effects.
  76. Great serum


    I’m really enjoying using this serum! It’s a good mix of wonderful peptides and will have a longer term effect that I’m excited to see. It is difficult sometimes to layer with more than one other serum and it is a little thick, however I’m always happy to tone down the number of serums I’m using so I can incorporate this one.
  77. Amazing


    This helps my skin look healthy and plump. I love this just like most other ordinary products
  78. Fine lines be gone!


    I bought this product after listening to the podcast featuring the ordinary. Since using this product in the first week I noticed my blemishes healed quicker, 2 weeks in and my skin glowed and after a month I noticed the fine lines on my forehead were less obvious. This is now a staple in my daily routine - recommend to all.
  79. Not Sold


    I really REALLY want to like The Ordinary’s products, I really do. I have purchased a few of their products and where I come unstuck is that they don’t feel......pleasant on my skin. This is how I feel about the Buffet + Copper Peptides. It makes my skin feel clammy, sticky, tingly and unfortunately I don’t see many results.
  80. Very good


    I have used two bottles of this and it is moisturising under my sunscreen. Feels a little tightening too (in a good way). Don't really know if it works wonders because I use alot of products but I like this one and will continue to use it.
  81. Upgrade on the original


    I have used the buffet serum in the past, but this one is incredible. Such a great upgrade!
  82. Nice quality product


    I loved this serum. My skin felt moist every time I put it on my face. Copper peptides also good for long term skin health. It doesn’t have any nasty fragrance. I can’t recommend enough of this product. Only thing I can complain about the product is that it takes little longer to absorbed fully. Overall, it’s a good value of money.
  83. Luscious


    I have been using the Buffet for a while was coming to the end of the bottle thought I would up it to the Buffet with Copper Peptides so glad I did this is beautiful on the skin leaves your skin clear and dewy. I have already purchased my second bottle so I don't run out!
  84. good but not the best


    It's lightweight texture, and hydrates my skin. It has blue color and light smell. After using for a week, I haven't seen any visible effectiveness on my skin.
  85. Feels effective


    It's early days for me and this product but first impressions are strong! It's a beautiful blue colour with a slightly medicinal smell, which I far prefer to a fragranced product. The serum is hydrating and rubs on smooth. I am excited too see what this product does for my skin with long-term use.
  86. Better than Standard Buffet!


    I’ve been using the ordinary products for a year now & just added this to my collection in replacement of the standard Buffet & will never turn back. My skin is already feeling more hydrated, plumper & even toned in just two weeks. Obsessed!!
  87. Great so far

    Emma Loves Skincare

    This is an interesting product which I've been using for a couple of months now. I haven't seen too much of a difference so far so I'll continue to try it a bit longer before making up my mind.
    It is a more expensive product on the Ordinary line, so I'm not sure if it's worth the price point long term. I've had no irritation to this product and I use it after cleansing and before moisturisin...
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  88. 100% repeat purchase


    Helps with skin healing and regeneration whilst keeping skin moist. I cannot live without it. I have bought so many bottles I have lost count.
  89. love


    An important factor is the amazing smell, I look so forward to using it everyday! Extremely hydrating, definitely recommend!
  90. Great product


    I’ve been using this for two months and I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my fine lines! I would recommend this as a staple in anyone’s serum routine, particularly if you’re just starting out and looking for a key product! My only complaint is that it does pill on my skin - but the benefits make it worthwhile!
  91. Loving it!


    I have been using this for a few weeks (maybe a little too early to review) and loving the feel of it! I have combination skin and in my early 30s. I feel it's certainly helping to plump and hydrate my skin. Works well in my night routine ( I cleanse, tone and then apply this followed by niacinamide).
  92. The perfect serum


    I love everything about this serum, i used to like the Ordinary Buffet, but the additional copper takes it to another level. The texture and the magical blue colour of the copper leave my skin soft and hydrated. Wilk definitely repurchase.
  93. Okay


    I’ve used both this and the original buffet - texture on this deosn’t Work well for me, I find it sort of stickyish under makeup and pilling. I am now using niod which is incredible. Worth the extra $.
  94. Best dupe for NIOD CAIS


    If you need a cheaper dupe for CAIS this is so good. Half the price and 3/4 of the effect of CAIS without the pocket pain.
  95. Love it


    This has become a must in my daily beauty process. My skin feels hydrated and makes it a great base for applying my make-up
  96. Great


    This buffet is incredible and I have seen improvements in my fine lines since using this.
  97. Great


    This has helped my fine lines a lot and has helped my complexion in so many ways. Will buy again
  98. Nice product


    Ive been using this product for 4 weeks, morning only. Unsure if it is making that much of a difference as i am also using retinol, but i find with a moisturiser on top it leaves my skin smooth and provides a nice base for make up. Unsure if i wpuld purchase again given the price, but i am keen on trying the cheaper formula of buffet to compare.
  99. The Buffet


    I have used the original Buffet for quite awhile and loved it so I thought I would upgrade and try this version. The verdict is I love it! Within a couple of days I noticed my dehydrated winter skin looks much smoother and more even toned and I’m very impressed and will continue to use this product and will repurchase.
  100. Love it


    I feel like this makes my skin so hydrated and dewy. I'm not completely convinced that it is entirely essential but I do love it. A bit expensive but I do really like it
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