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The Ordinary Buffet 30ml

4.6 of 582 reviews


$6.23 x 4

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$6.23 x 4

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Deep Lines

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Buffet

The Ordinary Buffet

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4.6 of 582 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

wonderful and light
I have been using the Buffet for a few weeks and love how it feels on my skin and makes moisturiser and foundation go on easily.
Bought it for my daughter who has really dry skin

Most Helpful Criticism

Hydrating but
Its hydrating but I dont see much else different with my skin
  1. Like it

    I quite like this one over the others that I brought together. it works well with other products; upon application feels mild and assuring; will take longer to see other effects
  2. wonderful and light

    I have been using the Buffet for a few weeks and love how it feels on my skin and makes moisturiser and foundation go on easily.
    Bought it for my daughter who has really dry skin
  3. Good Product

    I have been using this for a few months and it is quite hydrating. I enjoy using it but haven't noticed much of a difference.
  4. Hydrating but

    Its hydrating but I dont see much else different with my skin
  5. Combine with other products

    I fly a lot for work and purchased this product after reading an article that said it was used by air hostesses. I have used two bottles of this product. It feels nice on my skin and absorbs well, but I need to use it in combination with other products. Despite the article I read I did not notice a significant difference when flying. For me this is a good product for the price.
  6. Third bottle and loving it!

    I am on my third bottle of The Buffet and I am in love. I use this product with other The Ordinary products and it has changed the look and feel of my skin. It’s smoother, plumper and my fine lines are definitely firmer. I use this morning and night, it sits great under make up and soaks right into the skin. Love love love.
  7. good but not potent

    its actually good for 30+ skin. good for sensitive skin, not potent though it contains lots of effective ingredients. I would recommend you if you have quite sensitive skin. I need to add a HA+B5 in the winter before the cream.
  8. Great budget serum

    Have been using this for a few weeks morning and night, my skin seems to be plumper and my pores are less noticeable, has helped reduce uneven skin tone, also use it on my forehead to help with the wrinkles there. Quality serum and ingredients at a great price.
  9. Love, love, love

    I am now on my second bottle of this magical serum! I use it morning and night and my skin is plumper and more hydrated than ever before! I was using a high-end serum before I discovered this little gem! My skin is plump and glowing. For this price, you can't go wrong! I have told all my friends about it and they are hooked too
  10. Ok

    Nice consistency however it is just ok. Didn’t see much of a difference. Prefer the rose hip with Vitamin C - much better result - clear smooth skin.
  11. Excellent product!

    I have been using this product for a few weeks now and am loving it! I have noticed firmer, plumped skin. It is super soft as well! I have been using the Buffet (1st) followed by the Hyaluronic Acid (2nd) and am loving the results.
  12. Hydrating

    I have been using this product for over two weeks now and I honestly don't know if it is good or not. It is a light weight serum and I think that is all I have to say about this. I would not repurchase this as this was not as effective as I hoped for.
  13. Great product

    I have only been using TO Buffet for a few days, so far I'm noticing, after each use the lined areas around my mouth are looking smoother. I apply Buffet in the AM approx. 10 minutes after TO vitamin C, then moisturizer approx 10 minutes later. I do find it beads if I rub the moisturizer in, to avoid this I rub the moisturizer in the tips of my fingers then pat onto my face, presto...looking fresh and clear...thankyou The Ordinary for great products at an equally great price and thankyou Adore Beauty for your great service and speedy delivery
  14. I LOVE THIS!!!

    Seriously, this is the best skin care product I have ever used. After a few days of use, my skin was feeling super plump, it’s got a glow I’ve never seen before or even thought was possible.
    My skin has always been prone to breakouts and had a dull appearance, thankfully that’s a thing of the past with this little beauty!

    This is a great product ,feel lovely on the skin and you don't need alot.
    Havent used for long but can say im happy with this.
  16. A bit meh

    I really wanted to like this as i'd heard rave reviews, however I found it just a bit...meh. It's not bad, and I didn't react to it. However I can't say I noticed much difference in my skin and, as with some of the other Ordinary products i've tried, it feels a bit sticky once on. The price point is great however and would be good for someone with either very sensitive skin or a person first starting out with skincare. It's just not doing much for my tough, oily skin!
  17. It's good

    I do like this one. Multiple ingredients but I don't find myself reaching for it as much as my other ordinary products. I do recommend it if you don't want to spend alot of money or if you don't want to spend ages on a skin care routine.
  18. It's good

    I do like this one. Multiple ingredients but I don't find myself reaching for it as much as my other ordinary products. I do recommend it if you don't want to spend alot of money or if you don't want to spend ages on a skin care routine.
  19. Hydrating asf

    I have gone through about 3 of these, and I am about to order another, or 2.
  20. Amazing results quickly

    I have normal to combo skin at times. I started using this product a week ago and I could see the difference straight away. I put it on under my moisturizer but after the toner and it made my pores look smaller in the morning and made the overall texture of my skin much smoother. Did not make skin oily or dry or cause any breakouts on me, however I am not prone to breakouts normally. I highly rate this product and can’t believe how cheap it is for all the things included in it. I love this company and this product.
  21. Immediate results

    The buffet is very good for immediate results. It’s plumps the skin nicely and gives it a fresh glow. Unsure of the long term affects though. Have been using for a while and haven’t noticed any dramatic changes in my skin

    Like most of the ordinary products this is very well priced.

    I found it to be very hydrating but didn't really like the slightly tacky feeling it leaves.
  23. Great value for a great product

    A very unique product. Affordable and it works! My skin is looking fresh and plumper than it used to. I am now about to order my third bottle as I like it so much.
  24. So far so good

    I’ve only been using it for a week but I look forward to putting it on each time! Even though there is no smell, the texture is lovely and a little goes a long way. I’ve added a few new products to my routine so it’s hard to say if this is what’s making the difference, but my skin has definitely improved.
  25. Not an instant fix but will beat aging

    It isn't a serum that shows instant results but I think this serum will be a long term fighter of aging. Prevention is better than a cure! I feel like I'm covering all the bases.
  26. Love! Lives up to the hype

    The Buffet is so nourishing and leaves my skin glowing. I also use Lancome Geneifique and the results are very similar but for a fraction of the price!
  27. Fantastic serum

    I have tried countless numbers of serums, inexpensive to crazy prices and this is my favourite. It feels lovely when applied, sinks in beautifully and I’m sure is improving my skin texture.
    And the low price is unbelievable!
    Highly recommended.
  28. Perfect serum

    This is my new favorite beauty product. I've been using it morning and night for over a week now and my skin is glowing and feels so soft. I have sensitive skin and get rashes and blemishes easily and this has only improved my skin. If you are just starting with this brand this is the product to try first.
  29. Inoffensive and moisturising

    I like that this product has no scent and it's slightly tacky which helps your makeup stay on. I also like that it's an all-in-one product so I don't need to think about what I need to use every day.
  30. Work this into your day routine

    I wear this almost every day under my moisturiser and sun-screen. I feel like this makes my skin smoother, softer and brighter. I also use this to help minimise the fine lines on my forehead.
  31. Great for price

    All the Ordinary line is beautiful and this is no exception. So amazing for the price. It performs beautifully with visible results
  32. Good value serum

    I’ve been using this for a week now morning and night. When I first tried I found it sticky and after layering on my sunscreen moisturiser found my face got pretty oily during the day and I don’t have oily skin. After a few days I noticed my skin was less dry and tight and started glowing. To combat the oiliness I now let it settle into my skin for a few minutes (while I brush my hair or do something else) before I put on my moisturiser. That’s made a big difference. I use it with ascorbic acid in AM and retinol in Squalane at night.
    For the price this serum is really really good. I’ve stopped using the Estée Lauder advanced night repair now!
  33. A definite staple !

    A colourless and scent-free serum which has a little tackiness on application but hasn't interfered with other products its layered with (oily yet dehydrated).

    Used for almost 2 years in my morning routine so unsure what bottle count i'm now on.
  34. Best product I've ever purchased

    I've lost count on the number of times I've repurchased this product. Cannot recommend it enough. Never before have I received so many compliments on my skin! Results are visible within a few days of use, I use 2-3 drops morning and night. It is definitely very, very noticeable when I run out of a bottle as fine lines on my skin become more noticeable and overall skin texture is less plump. You'll never look back with this.
  35. I love it

    I love this product. Very affordable, slides on great into my skin and helps with smooth makeup application. My skin loves it and feels incredible whenever I use it - it definitely feels more hydrated and bouncy!
  36. I wish I found it sooner!

    This “buffet” is my one can’t live without product! I’m in my 30s so starting to see the affects of sun damage, fine lines etc. I have a combination skin so still break out but also have dryness around my cheeks and eyes. This product is a godsend. It does feel a little sticky upon application but the stickiness disappears very quickly and leaves the skin hydrated and fresh! I apply this morning and night straight after cleansing my skin and while my skin is still slightly damp to lock in that moisture followed by eye cream and moisturiser and my skin has honestly never looked so good! I’m always trying new products (expensive and cheaper options) but always seem to go back to my trust “the ordinary”
  37. Not for me !

    I really wanted to love this one, as I do use a few of the other the Ordinary’s other products but I was left pretty nothing with this one ! Also I have sensitive skin and I found my skin got very itchy after I used it !
  38. Definitely does something!

    The Buffet is amazing for more instant signs of pigmentation and texture, but over months I lost track of changes, personally.
    When used before an oil (like The Ordinary Borage Seed Oil for PM) it can pill up and be gross to the touch. I have experimented with how to remedy this though, and I've found that waiting for at least 20mins after applying Buffet to then apply oil and applying said oil gently with light pressure can help it glide onto the skin. But indeed it's not a perfect science.
    Upside is that by only being able to apply further products on top with light fingertips, you won't go overboard with rubbing your skin into premature wrinkles, I guess!
  39. Glowy skin!

    I bought a suite of The Ordinary products recently and this was one of the products. I have been using this product now for a couple of weeks and already my skin is looking better, glowy and very hydrated. My skin looks amazing in photos! The products are so cheap too, and I love the packaging!
  40. For maturer skin

    No kidding -- it plumps up the skin instantly. However, the product contains some chemicals that are known to be 'topical botox', e.g. acetyl hexapeptide-8, dipeptide diaminobutyroyl benzylamide diacetate (which is a neuro-peptide that relaxes the face muscles and, in so doing, reduces wrinkles). Unless you have clear signs of ageing that you want to rectify on the day itself (it's a temporary effect), I personally don't feel that it's necessary to dwell into these realms of chemicals insofar as long-term peptide regime goes. As for other benefits, I do think that Buffet gives a special hydration and glow; though this can be achieved from other products without having to use a full botox-typed combination.

    For myself, I am mostly intrigued by the Matrixyl blends in Buffet -- new-age peptides that stimulate collagen synthesis. So I opted to use The Ordinary's Matrixyl 10% + HA serum instead of Buffet and it has become my skincare staple for more than a year. I keep a bottle or two Buffets handy though, just in case there's a special day or need to take a photo that would be memorialised and I didn't sleep well the night before and my skin looks sunken in or something.

    Insofar as ageing goes, with TO's Matrixyl alone, I feel that my skin definitely has signs of growing younger. So no doubt the same effect would hold with Buffet (whether short term or long run). In particular, my smile lines and neck lines are less defined than they were 2 years ago. (But note that this is a very subjective perspective as I have also experimented with loads of products at the same time as when I picked up The Ordinary into my routine.)

    TLDR: Use Buffet only if immediate rectification for ageing is needed; otherwise, opt for separate Matrixyl or Amino Acid serums instead if non-immediate peptide and hydration boost is what you need.
  41. Nice serum

    Onto my second bottle now. I’m in my late 30s and have noticed a few small lines. This serum feels nice on the skin even for oily skin
  42. One of My Favourite Products from The Ordinary

    As I have been circulating my way through all of the Ordinary products to work out which is best for my mid forties skin, this one is a staple that I include in every order. It's basically like a refreshing drink for your face and I feel my skin soaking in the product and giving me a nice glow before I commence the rest of my skin case routine. Excellent value for money and a product I will always have in my regime.
  43. Great Product

    Very happy, great for hydration, I will be buying again :)
  44. Great product

    This is going to be a regular product in my skin regime. I use it combined with other Ordinary products and I am pretty happy with my skin. Would recommend
  45. love this serum

    Very good serum? keep my skin very hydrated. Very affordable price too. Will buy again.
  46. A product best suited for younger skin

    I did not notice any significant improvement to my skin after using this continuously for 2 months. I feel this product is probably best suited to young skin which does not require any correction with active ingredients.
    Certainly no improvement at all in terms of texture, pigmentation, fine lines or redness. Reasonably priced.
  47. Love this product!

    I wear this under my primer every morning and I love it! My skin is noticeably brighter and smoother after using it for only a few days. Very impressed and will purchase again!
  48. Like it

    Love the ordinary products. I like the texture of this and my combination skin feels great after using. Visibly I haven’t noticed too much difference in the appearance of my skin, I’m 26 and would probably repurchase it again in the future as an anti aging measure but for now I think I might give something else a go next.
  49. Great

    I use this in conjunction with other The Ordinary products as recommended on their website under Regmen Guide and have noticed a huge change in skin texture. Their products are so affordable and give the same result as the same expensive products I originally purchased from a spa!
  50. Good intro to the ordinary

    Brought the buffet as my intro into the ordinary skincare range. Good packaging and formula. Easy to apply under moisturiser. Would recommend
  51. Great all rounder

    This was the first serum I purchased from the ordinary and I am loving it mixed with the L-Ascorbic Acid Powder. It's also really nice under makeup.
  52. Something a bit extra to make my skin pop

    I really enjoy this serum, it’s completely non irritating if a touch sticky when first applied. I use this morning and night on my combo/dry skin and find it helps to smooth my skin out. I will continue to use this product especially to fight signs of aging in the future.
  53. It was okay

    I used this morning and night for 3 months it was okay, my skin was smoother but it was nothinf to rave about I probably wouldn't purchase again
  54. Great product with suitable price

    it's a useful and suitable serum for my skin, great product.
    Even a little sticky gel but improve the smooth skin texture. I recommended to my friends; they loved as well.
  55. Waste of money

    This did absolutely nothing for me. I would not recommend
  56. Good all rounder serum

    I recently purchased this based on the great reviews and price point. I’ve previously used a range of dermalogica hydration and firming serums but the price was too attractive not to give it a run. I’m defintely impressed. My skin feels firmer and is brighter after a few months of use. I apply am and pm after cleansing and underneath a moisturiser. My skin tends to be sensitive and I’ve had no issues with this product.
  57. Great serum

    I’m really loving The Ordinary range of products and the Buffet would have to be my favourite. The serum is nice and light and soaks in very easily and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and supple. It’s a great product at a very affordable price.
  58. Valued serum

    This is the third time to buy this serum, Hydrated and absorb it well.
  59. Wow - what a product!

    I normally use Clarins Double Serum, which is amazing, but this product is incredible! The nicest serum to use at a fraction of the price - my skin just drinks it in.
  60. Non-Negotiable in my regime

    My skin feels so soft, healthy and plump! I also find that it reduces the redness around my nose, absolutely love this product! It is a hydrating serum, the consistency is amazing, it is very light and applies very well. This is a no-brainer, everyone needs this in their skincare routine.
  61. Perfect for hydrating under eyes

    Skin type: Normal-Dry
    I initially bought the buffet to mix with the Ordinary powdered Vitamin C. However, I did not feel like it did much and I started using it under my eyes to use up the product.
    I feel like this product has helped hydrate my super dry undereye area significantly compared to just using an eye cream by itself. I am not sure how well it works for your face, but I recommend it for under eyes.
  62. Must have

    If you’re going to buy anything from The Ordinary range- get the buffet. I’m 30 years old and my skin has never looked better.
  63. Holy Grail

    I love Buffet! It has made such a difference to my skin! It completely hydrates my skin, making it feel supple and soft. I've started receiving compliments on how my skin is glowing and I credit Buffet for that! I've purchased this twice and now and will continue!
  64. great hydration

    This was a really nice product, especially for the price. This gave great hydration on the skin. I found it was best to be used in a small amount to avoid pilling with other certain products on top. Would recommend this product to others.
  65. Love this product

    This product is a new one for me, after a week of use I already notice the difference in my skin. It was looking tired and fine lines were starting to creep in. Now my skin looks plump and moisturized whilst not getting oily in the Tzone and the dry skin i seem to of had is disappearing.
  66. hydrating and great ingredients

    I've used this for the last month and for the price I'm very impressed with my results. My skin is more plumped and hydrated. I will definitely continue to repurchase this product.
  67. Really nice product

    Definitely one of my favourite products I've tried from the Ordinary, overall whenever I'm looking a bit dull and tired I always put this on and feel like it immediately makes me look more fresh. The serum itself is a nice texture and a little goes a long way for covering the whole face, and it has a nice cooling/tightening feel on your skin- always nice to feel that immediate effect (not too tightening, but for me it was still nice to apply a moisturiser or oil afterwards).
  68. best serum!

    This is my favourite The Ordinary Serum. It contains a cocktail of peptides which help repair barrier function and reduce inflammation. I use this on alternate days to Salicylic Acid to prevent my skin from drying out. It can work wonders on dry flakey skin, acne and broken capillaries
  69. Makes skins feel amazing

    For $25 it is amazing, makes skin feel super soft and dewy
  70. A great place to start with The Ordinary

    A great place to start with The Ordinary. I find this serum leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. I have sensitive skin and it didn't have a bad reaction to this, which is great.
  71. Love this product

    I can’t recommend this enough. I can literally feel the moisture in my skin throughout the day. This adds a feeling of plumpness. I use this with the hylauronic acid then my normal moisturizer. My makeup sits nicely over the top as there is no residue at all.
  72. Love it!!!

    Amazing product my skin has gotten so much better after using this product!!! Love it!!
  73. No huge change to my skin but it just looks better

    I reallllly like this product. I'm using it more for preventative anti-ageing so I can't say I've seen any significant results, I'm just trying to prevent damage from happening in the first place. But I can say that my skin just looks and feels better when I'm using it. Smoother, brighter, I don't even know, just nicer!

    I'm super sensitive so I mix it with the Hyaluronic Acid (even though the peptides are already suspended in HA...I just need to further dilute it) and use it about every second day, but I think for most people it would be fine to use it straight on a daily or twice-daily basis. As I'm getting used to it I've been able to build up to somewhat more regular use.

    I'm only giving 4 stars because I haven't found it as life-changing as some products from TO, and it's a bit more expensive than most of them, but it's definitely something I will repurchase and would recommend to others.
  74. Bright and healthy skin!

    My skin feels so soft, healthy and plump! I also find that it reduces the redness around my nose, absolutely love this product! It is a hydrating serum, the consistency is amazing, it is very light and applies very well. This is a no-brainer, everyone needs this in their skincare routine.
  75. Plump skin

    This is a really great serum, I'm currently using it as a preventative measure against aging and although I haven't noticed any major results, this definitely plumps my skin. I think this is the sort of product you use to prevent, rather than treat! Totally recommend
  76. Love it!!

    This is one of my favourite products from this company. I have normal skin and this plumps up my skin and evens out my skin tone. I would definitely buy again
  77. Absolutely amazing!

    The buffet was my first foray into the Ordinary. I’m absolutely hooked! Makes my skin feel silky and smooth, without the pain and expense of Botox. The price point is so good, I didn’t believe the Ordinary could be as good as everyone said, but, I’m thrilled to say, it really is.
  78. Good but very sticky

    I'm fairly happy with this, its definitely hydrating and helps with how my skin looks, however the texture is very sticky. I only use it at night and always put it on well before bed to give it a bit of time to soak in. I wouldn't use it during the day as I don't feel like it would go well under makeup.
  79. Perfect product for busy mum

    I noticed the difference for the first week. When I visit my friend, she recommended me the brand. I don't know what to buy from so many products, so I bought the start kit. The buffet just very easy to use. Easy absorb and I can now skip the toner just apply it with sunscreen lotion. Or apply this with the night moisturiser. The little acne is gone, and the skin feel smooth and hydrated but not sticky. My new favorite in the cabinet.
  80. This serum is next level

    I have been using the ordinary products for nearly 12 months now.
    Got my first buffet bottle last week and I feel like it has taken my skin to the next level.
    Straight away I could see good results. Reduction in fine lines, great hydration for my dry skin.
    Since using this I have even had a comment that my skin has a nice glow.
    Great results in such a short time for me
  81. Great product!

    This product sinks into my skin really well. It made my skin super hydrated and smooth by the morning. Highly recommend
  82. Holy grail serum!

    This was one of the first serums I picked up from The Ordinary and I absolutely love it! It does wonders for my skin. I've noticed my skin texture has evened out and I get less blemish. Definitely worth a try!
  83. Updated review

    I submitted a review a few months ago when i got my first bottle. I now am on my second and i am even more in love. I can tell a real difference in my skin tone. Im soon to be 31 and have a toddler my skin was pretty blah and lack lustre, always had to wear foundation to make me look half alive. This product has made a big difference I don't wear foundation as often as I feel my skin has a lovely healthy glow. I apply 3 drops morning and night. Absorbs into the skin great no residue or stickiness.
  84. Best serum ever!

    My absolute favourite - fast absorbing and light, it is a combination of HA plus the added vitamin complex boost - my skin simply loves it. I could see the results after only a couple of weeks, the skin is much healthier and more hydrated.
  85. Try this product!

    My skin has never looked so good.

    I use this every night, I really noticed the difference after I used it for two weeks.

    If I don't use it my skin is noticeably more dull and not as plump.
    An added benefit of this product is that it has encouraged hair growth on my overplucked eyebrows!

    I simply run a drop through a spoolie and then spoolie my eyebrows

    I have absolutely loved every single Ordinary product I have used.
  86. Youth in a Bottle

    This serum is brilliant, particularly at such a low price point! I have lots of fine lines around my eyes, smile lines and frown lines and this serum addresses my concerns! After a weeks use day and night my fine lines had noticeabley reduced and my makeup didn’t crease as much. I use this serum after a water based Hydrating serum and before oil and moisturiser. I will continue to purchase this for my ageing, dehydrated skin. I have recently purchased a Derma Roller and can’t wait to see what results these two products will have when used together. Highly recommend.

    This amazing product is literally a buffet for your skin. It brings your skin back to life and makes you look and feel great. Perfect for under makeup, or without. My skin is on a roller coaster , it’s dry one second then oily the next. But I used this after cleansing my face with a facial cleanser. (I use the la Roche) and then dry. Apply the buffet to forehead, cheeks and rub it everywhere. Then apply my maybelline fit me dewy foundation. Works a treat! Can’t go wrong with this product at all.
  88. Staple item

    Just brilliant, my skin has improved using this and doesn't break out as much.
  89. Great Product

    Awesome product to go under your other serums
  90. Good so far

    I typically use this at night under a water mask but I have occasionally used this under a typical moisturiser and found that for some reason, the moisturiser doesn't absorb when I use this serum, it just sits on top of the serum.

    Otherwise my sensitive skin appears to handle it well, I have found my skin seems more moisturised/hydrated and just generally "happier".
  91. essential part of my routine

    I love this product. I have used it for about two years now and it has greatly assisted in smoothing and rejuvenating this skin on my forehead. It works over time, so do not expect to see immediate results.
    This serum is incredibly good value considering the ingredients. The only draw back is that it has made me grow some peach fuzz. On the plus side my eyebrows have grown too. I cannot recommend this product enough.
  92. OK, but nothing to write home about

    I really wanted to love this product. I'd heard nothing but great reviews from everyone I knew who has used it, but unfortunately for me, it just did absolutely nothing. I have normal/combination skin, with some slight pigmentation issues and the occasional hormonal breakout, but nothing major, it's all very subtle, generally I have pretty good skin (no real major issues), so this product wouldn't need to do much for me, but it just did nothing. I've seen no improvement to my pigmentation, my skin tone or moisture levels in general, it's just done nothing for me. Unfortunate, but I think i'll be sticking with ASAP serums which have worked wonders for my skin previously, but unfortunately are much more expensive.
  93. Obsessed

    Absolutely obsessed with this product. Been getting positive comments about my skin since adding it to my skin regime from friends and co workers.
  94. Amazing product!

    I love this serum - it goes on easily, doesn't clog my pores, and keeps my skin feeling hydrated. I have noticed a huge difference since I started using it.
    My normal serum is four times the price of this one, and I must say I think I might like this one a little better!

    Definitely great value for money!
  95. Amazing!

    I love this product! My skin feels more hydrated and plumped after using it. I used it every morning under my SPF. I'm onto my 3rd bottle!
  96. Brighter Skin

    I've been using this for 3 months now and my skin looks brighter and smoother. I will definitely repurchase.
  97. Great hydrating for 22 y/o

    For my 22 year old skin, I can't say I have seen major effects on aging; however, it definitely doesn't look worse! My skin looks plump and hydrated, and is a really nice product used in conjunction with the Hyaluronic Acid 2% for extra hydration!
  98. Easy serum

    Lightweight serum which is easy to layer with other products
  99. so good

    so pleased I tried this! my skin has never looked better!
  100. Delivers on its promises

    I use this in conjunction with a number of The Ordinary products and I can honestly say it works. My skin feels immediately hyrdrated and plump once applying. More importantly, I have seen an improvement longer-term in fine lines and an evening of overall texture. Consistency and dedication is key, stock to your regimen and you’ll see results.
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