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NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex (MMHC2)

4.5 of 32 reviews


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A unique multi-molecular approach to hyaluronic application, Niod Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex is a truly advanced serum that captures 12 forms of hyaluronic compounds. With a peptide-charged delivery system, this deeply hydrating serum offers an improvement to visible hydration, plumping, and skin comfort and uniformity.

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GREAT - 87% recommend

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NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex (MMHC2)

NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex (MMHC2)

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4.5 of 32 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Perfect Serum


I love this serum! The texture is quite watery, but I much prefer it to the stickiness of The Ordinary. It sinks in to the skin quickly, and I feel like it have worked wonders with my skin's hydration levels, it looks a lot happier and more plump than previously. I do find i burn through a bottle quite quickly though using it twice a day, perhaps using a bit too much! Would definitely purchase it again.

Most Helpful Criticism

Only 3 stars because of the packaging!


Unfortunately I cannot review this product as when I went to use it for the first time I accidentally knocked the bottle over and the entire contents went down the sink! :(
  1. Perfect Serum


    I love this serum! The texture is quite watery, but I much prefer it to the stickiness of The Ordinary. It sinks in to the skin quickly, and I feel like it have worked wonders with my skin's hydration levels, it looks a lot happier and more plump than previously. I do find i burn through a bottle quite quickly though using it twice a day, perhaps using a bit too much! Would definitely purchase it again.
  2. Best hyaluronic product on the market


    Leaves no residue! Great before makeup. I have combination skin and my t zone is less oily when I use it! Far superior to the ordinary which leaves a residue and screws up your makeup application. I will be buying again and again. You only need a small amount so the bottle lasts ages
  3. Overrated


    This product is even more watery than water (NIOD seems to like this kind of formulation) which makes it really hard to apply and I feel like most of it's absorbed by my fingertips. I like that it's not sticky like the Ordinary hyaluronic acid is, but I do feel you'd be able to find a much more effective and user friendly version elsewhere for cheaper. Didn't notice any long term benefits from using this product as opposed to any other cheap version I've used.
  4. Only 3 stars because of the packaging!


    Unfortunately I cannot review this product as when I went to use it for the first time I accidentally knocked the bottle over and the entire contents went down the sink! :(
  5. Great but expensive


    Best hyaluronic product I have used. Hydrates the skin and doesn't leave the skin tacky like some can. It is expensive but is worth it. Hydrates my skin, feels great and layers well.
  6. Incredible hydration for dry winter skin


    I couldn't love this product more! This was the only thing that turned my dry skin around last winter. The best Hyaluronic Serum I have used.
  7. Good but expensive


    This is probably the best hyaluronic acid based serum I have used. It seems to do an exceptional job at hydrating the skin and has a lovely lightweight texture and doesn't feel tacky or tight after absorbing.
    However, it comes down to the high cost and law of diminishing returns. It's not 'that' much better than my next favourite hyaluronic serum. Which is from a Japanese brand, costs less than half of this and is over five times the size.
    Overall, it is a lovely hydrator but I won't repurchase. Though if this is in your budget, I would highly recommend it.
  8. great product


    I have extremely sensitive skin, and often strip my routine back to almost nothing. this is always a good addition, especially when I'm having trouble retaining moisture due to barrier damage. it's a bit pricey, and I think they Hylamide HA serum is nearly as good as a value option. you only need a little bit!
  9. Sleep in a bottle


    I use it overnight and wake up looking refreshed! Simply amazing. Used during the day, it is excellent under make up. Highly recommend.
  10. Nice for skin but ugh that smell


    I really wanted to love this because NIOD is so highly regarded, I didn't feel this was any better than the TO' Hyaluronic and the smell was so offputting, for something that you are putting right on your face it just smelt overwhelmingly of vomit to me. Given the price and smell I wouldn't repurchase
  11. simply the best


    I credit this product with balancing my oily to combination, wildy sensitive skin - I would never have thought that it was hydration that I actually needed, and this delivers it in an effective and no-fuss way. I could never be without it, tried and true over years of use!
  12. Best yet


    This is the best Hylauronic I have ever used! It's one of the few products I always have a back up of.
  13. Great but quite expensive


    I have dry skin but no real signs of ageing (yet, luckily).
    I had been using The Ordinary HA serum as part of my regimen for some time and thought I'd upgrade to the NIOD MMHC to see if it gave me any better results. On top of those, I already use quite a few other serums, including The Ordinary Buffet, niacinamide, vitamin C + alpha arbutin, retinol, lactic acid and MAP.
    The NIOD MMHC is obviously a good serum and does make the skin feel hydrated and plumped up. That said, for myself, I didn't notice it make any noticeable difference over and above the cheaper The Ordinary HA serum I was using. It's very possible that it's because I don't really need it, particularly on top of the extensive range of products I already use.
    So, my advice, since this product is quite a bit more expensive that The Ordinary equivalent, would be to try the cheaper option first for a bottle or two and then give this a try to see if it makes an incremental benefit.
  14. Beautiful HA


    I think a lot of people believe Hyaluronic Acid is a moisturiser. It actually isn't but it does attract moisture from the air. This serum is a nice light consistency, whereas The Ordinary HA is thick and sticky. It's totally worth the extra money to invest in a good HA serum and NIOD is up there with the best. I use the MMHC in summer and The Ordinary Squalene in the winter months.
  15. Great HA serum


    I have tried many HA serums and this one that combines a multitude of molecular weights along with different HA precursors is definitely high up on the list. It absorbs easily but does leave a slight tacky finish and although it is non-fragranced, it does have a slight chemical scent. All in all, I don't believe in splurging on hydrating serums however if you do then this one is well worth it.
  16. Perfect Product!!


    My skin has never been better and more hydrated. I have severely flaky dry patches but an extra drop of this and they're gone within 1-2 days. The formula absorbs right into the skin and is super lightweight which I love. I also like the fact that I can use is morning or night and there's not sticky film like residue on my skin which I get with the Buffet by The Ordinary. This is my all time favourite product in my regime and is well worth the money as a little goes a long way! I've had 1 bottle for 2 months now and have drastically noticed a difference in my complexion and fine lines. Also I'm only halfway through the bottle so it lasts a long time!
  17. Best HA serum!


    I loooove the weight and texture of this and have right away felt how much more hydrating it is than the HA serum I was previously using. I don't love the price to size ratio, but will likely purchase again anyway.
  18. Best hyaluronic Acid Serum!


    I have tried many hyaluronic acid serums, but this is my favourite by far!
    Has an unusual smell, but it isn't unpleasant.
    My skin always feels very plump after using this product. You only have to use a tiny bit on your face, so it lasts a while and is worth the cost. Love this.
  19. Nice HA


    I found this product to be ok. It has a nice liquidy texture, smells ok, non-irritating and the packaging is nice. It is hydrating and does what it promises. I also have HA+B5 from The Ordinary which is much cheaper and, in my opinion, does a better job.
    Everybody’s skin is different though and this is a nice product, just not worth the price for me.
  20. Caused dry patches and inflammation almost instantly (late 20's)


    I have pretty good (but very dry) skin, so I had high hopes for the MMHC which I bought last summer, but after using it for two days my skin became drier, then red, inflamed, and scaly! It got so bad people noticed. I immediately stopped everything in my regime - using only a medicated hydrocortisone ointment (it was very embarrassing). Then as I gradually re-introduced everything I realised after one use it was the MMHC. This was not during winter and Sydney is very humid so I knew it wasn't the hyaluronic acid pulling moisture out of my skin because of a dry environment. I couldn't make sense of it because even when I layered it with other hydrating serums, moisturisers and/or oils I kept getting dry red patches, I tried to persevere thinking my skin might need to build tolerance but it was too drying and irritating.

    I couldn't find anything about anyone else having this reaction so I thought I was just super unlucky and have since avoided all HA like the plague, only recently I read about how lower weight molecules can trigger inflammation, so it's something to keep in mind for the long term: "High molecular weight HA displays anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties, whereas low molecular weight HA is a potent proinflammatory molecule."... "Studies with inflammatory macrophages have shown that fragmented HA with a molecular mass with a peak in the range of 2.5×105 Da, but not the high molecular mass precursor, can induce the expression of inflammatory genes (Hodge-Dufour et al., 1997, Horton et al., 1998, Horton et al., 1999, McKee et al., 1996, McKee et al., 1997, Noble et al., 1993, Noble et al., 1996)."
  21. Hydrating


    I've been using this product for 2 weeks now. I was using Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 by The Ordinary before and was happy with it, but decided to do the upgrade. I didn't change my skin routine, but wanted to compare these two products. I was just applying MMHC2 on one half of the face and Hyaluronic Acid 2% on another half. MMHC2 is definitely more hydrating, not as sticky and makes my skin very soft. The formula is watery, but I don't mind it as I hope it will last longer and it gets easily absorbed into the skin. I didn't see a full benefit of it as I haven't bought CAIS2 yet. I do like this product but it's still early days to say if I would repurchase it in the future.
  22. The Secret to Plumper Skin!


    This serum is incredible. The texture is very fluid and is super easily absorbed by your skin. I've noticed immediate results and was very disappointed when it finished. Perfect product if you want youthful looking plump skin.
  23. Favourite hyaluronic serum


    This serum came highly recommended by heaps of highly respected beauty bloggers, so thought I’d give it a go. Have tried a few others and to be honest, was a bit underwhelmed. This one is the easiest to use due to its runny texture and non stickiness and I find it applies much better after a spritz of La Roche Posay Thermal Water to moisten the skin. I haven’t seen huge changes in my skin, but it definitely appears to be helping avoid any potential winter skin dryness. Will be giving another a bottle a go!
  24. The best


    This is without doubt the best hyaluronic serum on the market - it absorbs so easily, and the consistency is so wonderful. I have dry skin and wearing this before my moisturiser is a God send. Could not live without this in winter - definitely recommend to anyone else with dry winter skin!
  25. Beautiful Serum


    This Serum is just beautiful and spreads onto your skin like silk.
    I would definetly purchase this again as I feel it is very hydrating and makes my skin feel plump and smooth without any tightening
  26. Fabulous product


    I have purchased this serum after beauty pro advisor's recommendation....have no regrets! Using it in my am and pm routine together with The Ordinary products ( Buffet and Vit C ) and my skin is looking more radiant and feels very soft.
  27. Awesome


    This has a runnier consistency than the more viscous hyaluronic serums by Deciem's other companies, The Ordinary and Hylamide. It almost has the texture of water. Apparently, this has about a million different molecular weights of HA, which is why it is so effective at hydrating all levels of your skin. I just find it incredibly refreshing and moisturising. Having such a fluid and non-clogging source of moisture has been a godsend for my combo skin, where I can slather this on and not worry at all that it going to clog the pores on my t-zone or lead to oiliness. This is the serum that my skin has been crying out for!
  28. Good hyaluronic acid


    I bought this after seeing recommendations.
    I use two drops and it applies nicely. I pat this on my face and it dries down quickly. I always follow with more products and this layers well.
    I don't see a noticeable difference to my skin so I guess I just trust the experts who tell me this is good.
    It doesn't irritate my skin at all.
    It has a strange scent but not bad. It's a little of the fermentation scent.
    The 15ml bottle lasts a while for me, and the packaging is good.
    It's annoying that the label sticker prevents me seeing how much product is left, but that's not a big deal.
    I will finish the bottle but not repurchase.
  29. Hydrating


    Pretty good hydrator when used with the Copper acid. Love these 2 in combination. Works like magic to refresh skin. Perfect when stored cold. But a little too pricey for me. If you can afford it, go for it. Its definitely worth a try.
  30. NOT BAD


    Give it try if you can afford the splurge. I have almost finished a bottle and I can’t say I’ve noticed anything different with my skin. I don’t think I’ll repurchase this, as the one by The Ordinary seems to do the same job.
  31. The Best Formula


    I was using The Ordinary version of this but saw a recommendation from a Pro Makeup Artist. I bought tye smaller bottle to trial and my goodness!! I have had a reduction of redness, healing of marks and reduction of bumps. My skin also feels a lot smoother and is clearer. You only need a few drops to cover your face and neck and it is quite generous with how much product you get, I will be getting the larger bottle next purchase. Despite being hyaluronic complex I have had no negative reactions for my combination sensitive skin. It combined with other Niod products has improved the look of my skin and I am very happy.
  32. Amazing


    I previously tried The Ordinary version, and this is so much better. Skin feels moisturised and plump after using, which I didn’t feel with The Ordinary one. Sometimes I’d skip adding a moisturiser afterwards as my skin felt so nice and I didn’t need it. Only down side is the 15ml only lasted 5 weeks, and I used it once a day about 2/3 of that time and twice a day the other times. Even though you don’t need to use much each time, it doesn’t last long and it’s very expensive. It’s a great product though, and I’d rather spend more one one good product than buy heaps of cheap products that aren’t great.
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