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NIOD, Non Invasive Options in Dermal Science, is a whole new genre in skincare; sophisticated, next-generation face serums and formulations have been created to improve the integrity and health of skin with result-driven and scientifically proven products.

“In the business of beauty, perception is more powerful than reality and it is for this reason that brands – especially those in functional beauty – prioritize what they say ahead of what they do. The science of skin health has evolved vastly – truly advanced technologies exist today that are very complex to use and even more complex to explain. Our humility and persistence have allowed us to create NIOD with only a single genetic commitment – to be at the very edge of science without regard to brands, trends, criticisms and words. This commitment means that NIOD will always have a very narrow audience that appreciates a genuine commitment to true quality and innovation- an audience not inspired by marketing or pricing strategies, but instead by truth and accountability.

However narrow, I and we are very lucky to have this unique audience.”

Brandon Truaxe, NIOD Founder

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NIOD Flavanone MudNIOD Flavanone Mud
NIOD Flavanone Mud


Okay so the instructions indicate that it might sting, and most reviews concur. But seriously - Oh my goodness this was almost unbearable! And it continues once you take it off for a good ten minutes! Having said that it did leave my skin looking good the next day, but I just can’t bring myself to use this regularly because it is so unpleasant to use.
NIOD Lip Bio-lipid ConcentrateNIOD Lip Bio-lipid Concentrate
NIOD Lip Bio-lipid Concentrate

Very tinggly!

I have been using for about a month and while the difference probably isn't big enough for anyone else to notice, my lips do feel softer and plumper. Feeling was very tinggly at first but even a month later I still feel it. You only need a drop so it should last a long time.
NIOD Fractionated Eye-contour ConcentrateNIOD Fractionated Eye-contour Concentrate
NIOD Fractionated Eye-contour Concentrate

Not working

It’s pricey, and I didn’t find it did anything.

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