'Mushroom Beauty' Is a Thing in 2020, but Should You Wash Your Hair With... Truffles?

Food and beauty often intersect – honey, avocado, oats and coffee grounds are all prime examples. 

But I’ll be the first to admit mushroom beauty is a concept that feels a little... weird.

Mushrooms in risotto? Please. On a pizza? Absolutely.

But in shampoo? Apparently, yes.

Despite my ramblings, mushrooms are actually one of the biggest trends saturating the industry right now.

From face masks to ingestible blends, they’re everywhere – including in the latest truffle launch from Previa, an Italian haircare brand that's about naturally-derived plant extract formulas, without compromising on texture, experience or performance.

Emily Algar previa Hair Care ReviewEmily Algar previa Hair Care Review

Like all foodies, I love truffles on my pasta and infused in flaky sea salt, but would I like them in my hair? There’s only one way to find out. 

Keep reading for the deal on mushroom beauty products, and my thoughts on Previa’s Reconstruct Shampoo, Conditioner and Filler Treatment. 

Mushroom Beauty Products - What Are the Benefits?

Mushrooms have been used therapeutically in Eastern medicine for centuries, but the topical ‘shroom boom' took a little longer to catch on. 

Obviously, the clean beauty movement has the industry looking for plant-derived ingredient alternatives, and it turns out, mushrooms have a lot to offer. 

For example, the kojic acid found in shiitake is a fabulous skin brightener. Snow mushroom also functions similarly to hyaluronic acid (it can hold up to 500 times its weight in water), helping the skin retain its moisture levels. 

While there isn't a tonne of research into mushrooms in skincare and haircare products, mushies are also generally high in antioxidants and vitamin D = great for free radical protection and reducing inflammation.

Here are a few products you might not have known are mushroom beauty products:

What About Truffles... In Shampoo?

Previa Reconstruct reviewPrevia Reconstruct review

Previa's Reconstruct range is specifically designed to have a filler-like effect on the hair, adding movement and volume whilst repairing damage.

All things I very much like the sound of. 

Its star ingredient? Truffle. A bio-liquefied White Alba truffle complex, to be more accurate.

In case you were wondering, you won't see a glimpse or get a whiff of anything even remotely truffley in these products. Here's what the textures of the shampoo, conditioner and treatment look like.

See? No shrooms in sight.

previa hair care reviewprevia hair care review

The White Alba Truffle in Previa’s Reconstruct line is a rare ingredient grown in the north of Italy.

It’s rich in vitamin B and works to stimulate the regenerative protein structures within the hair, making it a godsend for dry, damaged and brittle strands. 

It’s also great for plumping up the surface of the hair, hence the “filler” analogy. Basically, it repairs damage and amps up volume for soft, healthy, swishy hair.

My Previa Hair Care Review.

OK, now for the juicy details on what this truffle haircare range is like.

Spoiler: Chic mushie-coloured packaging aside, you wouldn't even know you're washing your hair with a mushroom beauty product.

1. Previa Reconstruct Regenerating Shampoo.

Previa Reconstruct Regenerating ShampooPrevia Reconstruct Regenerating Shampoo

I’m pretty relaxed when it comes to shampoo. I don’t colour my hair or heat style often so find most products fare quite well. But with that being said, I know a good shampoo when I use one. 

Before I even opened the Previa Reconstruct Regenerating Shampoo 250 ML, I was pleased to read the formula is made from 97.5 per cent natural ingredients and housed in a 100 per cent recyclable bottle. Social responsibility is important and Previa has a really considered approach. 

Next thing I noticed was the smell. Wow. It’s not synthetically-perfumed like some shampoos but instead smells like a fragrance. The scent category is actually written on the packaging for those wondering: green, floral and oriental. 

But scent aside, it lathers like a dream and once rinsed, my hair didn’t feel like it was a tangled mess (a pet hate of mine in regards to some shampoos). 

2. Previa Reconstruct Regenerating Conditioner.

Previa Reconstruct Regenerating ConditionerPrevia Reconstruct Regenerating Conditioner

Controversially, I don’t really use conditioner all that often because my hair is fine and easily weighed down. But right now, I haven’t had a cut in over six months (bad beauty editor behaviour) so the ends are dry and prone to tangles. 

I smoothed the Previa Reconstruct Regenerating Conditioner 250 ML through the mid-lengths and ends, let it marinate for a few minutes and then rinsed with cool-ish water (I’ve read this smooths hair cuticles, leaving it shinier).  

Once out of the shower, I threw on a quick-dry towel for about 30 minutes before blasting with my ghd Helios hairdryer Black - my hair felt airy, smooth, glossy and light (even after my less-than-desirable hair drying skills). 

Previa hair care reviewPrevia hair care review

Fast-forward 24 hours and my hair sill felt fresh but soft. And the smell!

Even my boyfriend commented on my hair’s scent as I swished all over the house (and trust me, this is not a regular occurrence). 

3. Previa Reconstruct Filler Treatment.

Previa Reconstruct Filler TreatmentPrevia Reconstruct Filler Treatment

Again, I’m not huge on leave-in masks and treatments because they can leave my hair feeling limp. But I live to serve so I dutifully swapped out my conditioner for this, hoping it would give me glossy, shampoo-commercial volume. 

I actually turned off the shower and towelled my hair before combing the Previa Reconstruct Regenerating Treatment Mask 150 ML through. After the designated five minutes, I rinsed and proceeded to let it air dry this time around. 

Turns out, the word “filler” is apt. My hair was bouncy and full and perfectly swishy. My frazzled ends also felt softer and my natural wave looked a little more defined. 

As far as lightweight treatments go, this one is gold class.

To conclude, it turns out those truffles are good for something other than pasta carbonara. 

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