How to Pick the Best Conditioner for Damaged Hair

Lost in the endless array of hair conditioners? If you have damaged hair, you need to find the perfect ingredients for your unique needs. Here’s what to look for.

Dealing with dry and damaged hair? Ditch the chemicals and go for a natural fix! From plant oils to aloe vera, many natural ingredients can transform your mane and give you the lush locks of your dreams.

If you want to upgrade your style, it’s time to go shopping for a new conditioner. Here are a few of the essential ingredients to look for when you're searching for your new fave hair product.

Sweet Almond Oil

This stuff is great for dry hair. Sweet almond oil seals your hair cuticles so that locks look glossy. By penetrating your hair’s shaft, sweet almond oil hydrates your hair from the inside out and leaves a protective layer over your strands.

Want an awesome conditioner for damaged hair? L'Occitane Repair Conditioner for Dry/Damaged Hair is made with sweet almond oil and a natural vegetable complex of five essential oils. Repair Conditioner leaves your hair looking healthier and feeling lovely.


How to Pick the Best Conditioner for Damaged Hair

Aloe Vera

Now, here’s a miracle cure! Aloe vera can leave you feeling amazing from head to toe. With a natural pH of 4.5, aloe is incredibly gentle and closes the ragged cuticles of dry hair. By locking in hydration, aloe vera creates a strong barrier against future damage. As a bonus, aloe is great for itchy, dry scalps.

For a natural fix, try Green People Intensive Repair Conditioner for Coloured/Damaged Hair. Made with green tea, aloe vera, yucca, and B vitamins, this impressive conditioner quenches the driest locks.


How to Pick the Best Conditioner for Damaged Hair


Coconut Oil

One of the biggest health and beauty trends of the century, coconut oil is wonderful for damaged hair. Rich in fatty acids, coconut oil is obsession-worthy for many reasons. To hydrate a tired mane, add this stuff to the top of your shopping list.

For a quick and mess-free way to get your daily coconut oil, try Weleda Oat Replenishing Conditioner. An ultra-luxe blend of jojoba and coconut oils along with organic oats, this conditioner makes your hair look and feel softer after every wash.

Date Extract

Tasty dates are good for your health and your hair too! Hair pros are obsessed with date kernel extract, thanks to its ultra-high concentration of protein and fatty acids. If you have ultra-dry and damaged hair, conditioner with date extract is a lifesaver!

Looking for lush locks? You need Klorane Desert Date Conditioner. Made from a unique combination of date palms and a botanical restructuring ingredient, this silicone-free formula transforms your hair from the inside out.


How to Pick the Best Conditioner for Damaged Hair