The 7 Best Shampoos for a Dry Scalp in 2020

Nourish your dry scalp with a moisturising shampoo to promote healthy, shiny, and hydrated tresses.

A healthy scalp means healthy hair. If your tresses are becoming increasingly unruly, you may want to assess the condition of your scalp. A dry scalp can cause discomfort, itchiness, and flaky skin. The dryness may even cause the overproduction of sebum, leading to oily roots and limp and lifeless locks.

Switch up your haircare routine to introduce a shampoo suitable for a dry scalp. This change will not only prevent further dryness. A dry scalp shampoo will nourish and hydrate your scalp so you can enjoy balanced cleansing and healthier, replenished locks.

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Kérastase Specifique Balancing Shampoo - shampoo is being poured out of bottle into palm of hand - Best Shampoos for a Dry Scalp in 2019 - 600 x 429Kérastase Specifique Balancing Shampoo - shampoo is being poured out of bottle into palm of hand - Best Shampoos for a Dry Scalp in 2019 - 600 x 429

Best for dry or colour-treated hair and sensitive scalps, Windle & Moodie Nourishing Treatment Shampoo can be used as a daily cleanser without ever stripping or drying out hair.

Windle & Moodie Nourishing Treatment Shampoo has been expertly formulated for dry and colour-treated hair. This Tea-infused shampoo restores hydration levels and protects the hair and scalp from further damage and dehydration. Restoring optimal moisture levels within the scalp and in each hair strand, the shampoo provides a thorough yet gentle cleanse, making it perfect for sensitive and dehydrated scalps.

To promote a healthier and better hydrated scalp, this moisturising shampoo is infused with naturally derived Sugar Beet Extract and Wheat Micro-Proteins, which work together to restore balance. Windle & Moodie Nourishing Treatment Shampoo also contains Rooibos Tea, which encourages healthy hair growth while protecting locks from environmental aggressors. Argan Oil adds shine and vitality for a completely restored appearance.

A Natural Shampoo to Gently Cleanse and Moisturise Dry and Damaged Locks

Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo has a low-lather formulation yet delivers a thorough cleanse each time. Use daily without worrying about dehydration or dryness.

A Natural Shampoo to Gently Cleanse and Moisturise Dry and Damaged Locks

Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo is a deeply nourishing and hydrating shampoo developed for dry, damaged, and dehydrated hair. Using only the mildest natural ingredients, this shampoo expertly cleanses hair without ever stripping it of essential oils and nutrients or leaving it dehydrated. Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo helps moisturise and condition the scalp back to its optimal levels of hydration, leading to healthier hair that’s full of shine and vitality.

To moisturise and hydrate the hair, this Weleda shampoo is bursting with Organic Jojoba Oil, which nourishes locks during the cleansing process. Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo is also infused with Oat and Sage extracts, which work together to improve the suppleness and elasticity of hair, thereby taming unruly locks.

Kérastase Specifique Balancing Shampoo is the perfect weekly treatment to enjoy a healthier scalp and replenished tresses. You’ll quickly see restored softness, shine, and strength you never thought possible.

Kérastase Specifique Balancing Shampoo is a high-performance shampoo designed to provide a thorough cleanse to your hair and scalp while rebalancing oil production and restoring vitality. A dry scalp can lead to oily roots, as sebum production then goes into overdrive, causing greasy roots and limp locks. This nourishing shampoo works to regulate the production of sebum at the scalp while clearing away excess grime and impurities for a healthier and fresher do.

Rather than using harsh chemicals like most clarifying shampoos, this mild but effective formula favours botanicals to rebalance the scalp. Vitamin B6, a naturally occurring ingredient, is a key component. B6 is used to regulate sebum production, minimise irritation, and rebuild lustre. Kérastase Specifique Balancing Shampoo also contains Glycerine as its main cleansing agent. Glycerine effortlessly removes oil and product build-up.

Oribe Serene Scalp Balancing Shampoo is suitable for all hair types, including colour-treated hair, but is best for managing a dry and itchy scalp.

Oribe Serene Scalp Balancing Shampoo has been developed to treat a dry, itchy, and irritated scalp and eliminate signs of dandruff. Infused with Salicylic Acid, this shampoo from Oribe alleviates redness, discomfort, and dryness to retain balanced moisture levels for a healthier scalp and healthier tresses. This mild, nourishing shampoo can be used daily to refresh and rejuvenate lacklustre locks.

To gently exfoliate the scalp and remove flakiness and congestion, Oribe Serene Scalp Balancing Shampoo uses Salicylic Acid. The formulation also includes Pea Sprout Extract to restore strength and elasticity to the hair. Antioxidant Bilberry Fruit and Sugar Maple extracts soothe and protect the scalp. Caffeine works to energise hair follicles, and Sugarcane Extract provides an intense burst of hydration and nourishment. Like all Oribe shampoos, Serene Scalp features the Oribe Signature Complex, which defends hair from environmental stressors.

Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo is the perfect fast-acting treatment to a dry scalp and is mild enough for daily use. All hair types can enjoy the benefits of this nourishing and gentle-cleansing shampoo.

Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo targets a dry and itchy scalp head-on. This clever formulation aims to maintain a healthy moisture balance so that the scalp and hair feel comfortable and healthy. Working to completely refresh the look and feel of an uncomfortable and flaky scalp, this shampoo leaves tresses feeling healthy and hydrated, with a natural lustre.

To alleviate dry dandruff and itchiness, nourishing Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo contains Piroctone Olamine and Climbazole. These ingredients work together to soothe irritation and rebalance moisture levels. The shampoo also contains a blend of Rosemary Oil, Menthol, Salicylic Acid, and Ginger Extract. These work to slough away dead skin cells and hydrate dry skin.

Klorane Shampoo with Peony is mild enough for daily use and can be enjoyed by all hair types.

Klorane Shampoo with Peony 200ml is a light and refreshing shampoo designed to banish signs of dandruff and calm irritation on a dry and itchy scalp. Formulated with nourishing Peony Extract, this purifying shampoo works to effectively cleanse the hair and remove impurities. At the same time, Shampoo with Peony sloughs away dead skin cells for a balanced scalp and healthier hair. The shampoo brings immediate life and vitality to lacklustre locks while it soothes and comforts an itchy scalp.

To deliver instant care and comfort, this Klorane Shampoo with Peony 200ml Extract. Peony restores balance within the scalp while protecting it from environmental aggressors. A dry and itchy scalp can be caused by stress, over-colouring, excessive styling, and other external stressors. By keeping hair protected, this shampoo not only alleviates current symptoms but will prevent further irritation in the future.

Evo the therapist hydrating shampoo has an intensive formulation but remains gentle enough for everyday use on dry and thick hair.

evo the therapist hydrating shampoo 300ml has been expertly designed with dry hair and dry scalps in mind. The Therapist provides both instant and long-lasting hydration to restore balance and vitality to dehydrated locks. Packed full of moisturising hydrators, this nourishing shampoo is perfect for dry, coarse, and frizzy hair and for those suffering from dandruff and a dry scalp.

A rich and emollient formulation, evo the therapist hydrating shampoo 300ml will effectively cleanse the hair without stripping out essential moisture and nutrients. Instead, the shampoo replaces lost moisture to help strengthen the hair, reduce frizz, smooth flyaways, and alleviate flakiness and irritation. The Therapist is also perfect for colour-treated hair, as it will prevent the fading of colour and damage from environmental aggressors.

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So, let's recap the 7 Best Shampoos for a Dry Scalp in 2020

  1. Windle & Moodie Nourishing Treatment Shampoo

  2. Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo

  3. Kérastase Specifique Balancing Shampoo

  4. Oribe Serene Scalp Balancing Shampoo

  5. Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo

  6. Klorane Shampoo with Peony 200ml

  7. evo the therapist hydrating shampoo 300ml