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The scalp is so important when it comes to promoting healthy hair, but it can be easily affected by dry skin and dandruff. Keep your scalp clear and healthy with this selection of scalp care products.


Calm sensitive or itchy dry scalps with a hydrating, gentle hair mask that nourishes the hair as well as the scalp. 


Rebalance the scalp with a hair oil or tonic, which may be massaged into the scalp to stimulate growth and to gently exfoliate.


Your hair and scalp may be overburdened with the weight of hair products, so try giving it a weekly deep cleanse with a specialised shampoo, conditioner and mask.


Still not sure which product would suit your hair and your lifestyle? We'd love to help! Simply get in touch with us via this easy-to-use form and one of our trained representatives will get in touch with you.

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Klorane Conditioner Gel with Peony
Klorane Conditioner Gel with Peony

Lovely Scent

I found this conditioner to be quite hydrating with a delightful scent, however I found that I needed to use quite a bit of product for my hair (compared to other brands where I can generally use less product as they seem to glide easier in my hair). It didn't leave my hair as silky/smooth as my usual conditioner does, but the peony scent really is lovely.
American Crew Fortifying Shampoo 250ml
American Crew
American Crew Fortifying Shampoo 250ml

Maybe not the best choice for frizzy hair

This shampoo definitely made my hair feel stronger and I had fewer breakages, but it didn't make my hair smoother, softer or shinier, and I have issues with frizz. It may be great for others but probably isn't for me

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