The Best Silicone Free Conditioner For All Hair Types

You’ve got rid of the sulphates and said goodbye to parabens and your hair care shelf is looking pretty lush. If you've done all of that, you deserve a pat on the back! As you clean up your routines and veer towards more wholesome, natural ingredients, you might be tempted to take your free-from journey just one step further. 

curly hair & frizz control - young woman with dark curly hair is smiling as her hand plays with the ends of her hair - 1200 x 800curly hair & frizz control - young woman with dark curly hair is smiling as her hand plays with the ends of her hair - 1200 x 800

Which Conditioners are Silicone Free? 

You can always check the Adore Beauty products descriptions too when looking for silicone free formulas. Whether you’re searching for a silicone free conditioner for fine hair or the best silicone free conditioner for dry hair, check out the list below to find your new silicone free conditioner.

If you're weaning yourself off of a silicone conditioner, you might want to check out this nourishing formula from Aveda. The certified organic Coconut Oil and Shea Butter work to deeply condition every strand and offer shine without the use of potentially damaging silicones. The Aveda Cherry Almond Softening Conditioner 200ml helps detangle damaged hair that’s showing the signs of wear and tear and the naturally-derived Cherry Blossom Extract and Almond Oil restores softness and shine.

A cruelty free, vegan formula that is gluten free and free from silicones, this conditioner is perfect for all hair types, especially those with long hair that tangles easily. If you’ve been piling on the silicone formulas, switching to this nourishing, more natural formula could be great for the health of your hair. Conditioning your hair from root to tip, your hair will feel softer for longer. 

The Aveda Cherry Almond Softening Conditioneris perfect for long hair that often looks flat and lifeless. Working to restore softness and shine from root to tip, this formula will leave your hair touchably soft and full of bounce. Slather this vegan conditioner onto your hair and leave for a few minutes to let it really soak in. Rinse out thoroughly to enhance the shine.

If your lack, lifeless hair leaves you feeling anything but glamorous, you’ll love the Windle & Moodie Fortifying Conditioner 250ml. A vegan, cruelty free, sulphate free and, of course, silicone free formula, this conditioner contains a blend of nourishing proteins and ingredients that give your hair the boost you’ve been looking for. Ideal for fine to medium hair, your hair will feel conditioned and volumised and thicker after every use.

Formulated with high functioning Wheat Protein, which works to give your hair a lift, without leaving it looking frizzy. Wheat Protein also won’t build-up on your hair like silicone can. Encouraging a fuller, thicker look, this conditioner also contains Rooibos Tea Extract, which helps promote hair growth, add shine and protects and nourishes even the most fragile strands. 

The perfect formula for fine, thinning hair that’s looking less than its best, the Windle & Moodie Fortifying Conditioner helps promote hair growth and keeps it looking shiny without the use of silicones. One of the best silicone free conditioner for curly hair, leave the formula on your hair after shampooing and rinse thoroughly. To thoroughly distribute the formula, comb through with a wide tooth comb.

When you’re rocking bright blonde hair, you might be tempted to use strong, silicone-based conditioners to keep your hair vibrant and soft rather than brassy and dry. Bleached blonde and blonde hair in general often requires a little TLC. The Fanola No Yellow Vegan Mask 350ml keeps your hair super soft and without the use of silicones are harsh ingredients. With a powerful toning approach, your hair will feel hydrated and nourished after every use.

Ultraviolet pigments in the hydrating conditioner work to give your hair a cool, ashy look. Any brassy blonde strands are neutralised and your hair will feel touchably soft and shiny. Perfect for all hair textures and curl types, this conditioner for blonde hair helps detangle hair that’s dry and hard to manage. Even the most stubborn brassy, yellow shades will be knocked out and replaced with a more even, cooler look. 

The Fanola No Yellow Vegan Mask includes nourishing Baobab Seed Oil and is rich in an assortment of soothing vitamins. Fatty acids, Omega 3, 6 and 9 work to keep the hair hydrated from within each fibre, helping to improve the hair’s elasticity. A gentle formula, without sulphates, silicones and parabens, this conditioner is less drying on the hair than others. Your hair will feel hydrated, soft and renewed after every use. Apply the formula to your hair and comb through. Leave for a few minutes and then rinse in cold water to activate the shine. 

It’s true, silicones can make your hair look silky and shiny, but they can also build-up and potentially damage your hair in the long-run. If you’re looking to switch out your conditioner for a silicone free formula, you could check out the Matrix Total Results high Amplify Conditioner 300ml. This lightweight conditioner uses proteins to boost the hair’s structure, so even limp, lack, lifeless hair is reinvigorated with volume. Providing essential moisture and nourishment to dry strands, your hair will look instantly lifted.

If your fine, flat hair is bringing you down, this conditioning formula works to boost the hair's volume by up to 35%. A silicone free formula that includes a blend of nourishing proteins and ingredients, your hair will feel softer and silkier after every use. Perfect for straight hair that lacks body, this conditioner delivers essential hydration to the hair for increased shine and softness. 

Safe for use on colour-treated hair, the Matrix Total Results High Amplify Conditioner provides long-lasting body and a flexible hold. The silicone free formula won’t weigh hair down and your hair will feel moisturised and nourished after every use. Apply the conditioner to wet hair and massage it into your strands gently. If you have very dry hair, you can leave the formula on for a little longer before you rinse out thoroughly. 

If you’re someone who loves to wash their hair daily with shampoo and conditioner, it’s important you pick up one of the most gentle formulas. One of the best conditioners you can use for daily washing is the Kiehl’s Amino Acid Conditioner 200ml. Suitable for all hair types, this formula works to give you healthy, shiny hair without the use of silicones. Infused with a nourishing blend of natural ingredients, your hair will stay soft even if it’s damaged.

Designed to keep your hair in the very best condition, this conditioner has a light, creamy texture. Working to strengthen your hair from the inside out, your hair will be easier to manage and bad hair days will be banished! Suitable for all hair types, a blend of Wheat Proteins and Amino Acids help keep your hair in tip top condition. 

If you’re looking to improve the condition of your hair, enhance shine, improve manageability and make it healthier in general, you’ll love the Kiehl’s Amino Acid Conditioner. Infused with Jojoba Oil and Coconut, this conditioner works to hydrate the hair without weighing it down or making it look greasy and heavy. Perfect for all hair types, work into the scalp and ends and leave for a few minutes before rinsing out thoroughly. 

If your hair is feeling a bit unbalanced and lacklustre, you’re going to love discovering the Mr. Smith Balancing Conditioner 275ml. Working to plump up and hydrate the hair from root to tip, this conditioner contains the perfect blend of moisture and proteins. When your hair is in need of a bit more volume, you don’t want to weigh it down with a heavy conditioner. This formula adds shine, movement and bounce without covering each strand in silicone.

Your hair goes through a lot from day to day. From daily aggressors, to excessive heat styling and formulas that contain harsh ingredients, it can be hard to keep your ‘do looking and feeling good. The Mr. Smith Balancing Conditioner helps your hair maintain a natural movement and it adds strength and shine. Suitable for all hair textures, from blonde, to wiry, thick and fine hair—everyone will enjoy this unique formula 

If you need to balance out the look of your hair without relying on too many chemicals, you might want to get your hands on the Mr. Smith Balancing Conditioner. Made with a blend of Cocoa Seed Butter, which has a hydrating effect, Shea Butter, which restores elasticity and delivers essential nutrients to your strands and Avocado Oil, which helps stimulate circulation, this conditioner gets the job done thoroughly. A PETA-certified, cruelty free formula that’s made in Australia, you’ll love the way your hair feels after you use this conditioner. 

The Klorane Conditioner Gel with Peony is a unique vegan moisturising gel conditioner that immediately comforts and hydrates a sensitive and irritated scalp. Did you know that stress can leave your scalp feeling less than its best. Stress affects the body in a number of ways, so it’s important you tend to your scalp with a relaxing formula. With soothing Peony Extract, this formula helps get your hair back to its best after periods of stress, seasonal changes, travel and chemical colouring and heat styling.

When your scalp feels irritated and your hair looks tired, it’s important you tend to it with a nourishing formula. The conditioner offers immediate relief and maintains optimal scalp balance with 24-hour comfort and hydration. With an innovative applicator tip, you can condition, cool and soothe the scalp immediately by directly applying the formula to the scalp. 

Made without parabens and silicones, the Klorane Conditioner Gel with Peony is a hypoallergenic, pH balanced formula that soothes a flakey, dry, irritated scalp. The perfect formula to use if your hair’s not looking its best, this unique gel formula can be applied directly to the scalp to offer relief. You can also use this formula as a pre-shampoo treatment. Simply apply to your scalp, leave for a few minutes and wash it away with a gentle shampoo. 

 Hydrate fine hair with this lightweight, silicone free formula.
 Hydrate fine hair with this lightweight, silicone free formula.

If you have fine hair, you might find it’s in constant need of hydration. Easily affected by the weather and your environment, it dries out, tangles and becomes hard to manage. The Pureology Hydrate Sheer Conditioner is a lightweight, silicone free formula that won’t weigh your hair down. Ideal for daily use, it works to restore the hair’s suppleness and maximises the look of your colour.

Designed to hydrate fine hair and give it a conditioned, soft appeal, this nourishing conditioner has been formulated specifically for those with fine hair that tangles easily. The thirst-quenching formula gives even the roughest hair a soft, touchable texture and sensitive scalps are calmed with the signature AntiFade Complex®.

Working to retain the vibrant colour of your hair, the Pureology Hydrate Sheer Conditioner gives your hair a healthy, conditioned look. The Advanced Hydrating Micro-Emulsion Technology revitalises dry hair and works to hydrate hair from the inside out. You’ll enjoy the aromatic blend of Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and Patchouli and you’ll feel safe knowing the formula is vegan and cruelty free. Your hair will feel replenished and regenerated when you use this formula. 

Dry, damaged hair can be really hard to manage. Rather than giving up and cutting it all off, there are things you can do to help. The L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert Nutrifier Conditioner 200ml is a deeply nourishing formula that detangles, smoothes, and revitalises brittle, dry and very dry hair. Also great for those with a less dry, normal hair texture, your undernourished strands will feel rejuvenated and replenished after every wash. An intensely hydrating formula, this conditioner has been made with Glycerol and Coconut Oil to detangle and nourish hair.

If you’re looking for a conditioner to help bring back shine, nourish each strand and add luster and softness to your mane, you'll love this formula. This lightweight conditioner won’t weigh your hair down or leave it feeling greasy. Made without silicones, the Glycerol supplies the hair with essential nutrients and seals in moisture. 

If you've been looking for a nourishing formula that contains no silicones, you’ll love the L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Nutrifier Conditioner. Formulated with Coconut Oil to add shine and softness, it works to prevent split ends and breakage. Helping Bring undernourished hair back to its best, this lightweight formula is safe for use on colour-treated hair and leaves hair softer than ever. Even distribute the conditioner to your lengths and ends and rinse out thoroughly for the best results. 

If you love to style your hair but are trying to clean up your hair care act, you might want to check out the Aveda NutriPlenish Vitamin Leave In Conditioner Spray. A silicone free leave-in conditioner for all hair textures, it weightlessly conditions hair and aids detangling. Working to keep your hair protected from harsh UV rays, this leave-in formula is a silicone free heat protectant. It will keep your hair string, soft and more manageable in just a few spritzes.

When you have very tangled, dry hair it’s important you keep it protected with a blend of the most nourishing ingredients. Instantly hydrating the strands, this leave-in conditioner has naturally-derived UV filters, which help protect the hair from dryness caused by the sun. Enhancing softness and manageability, this formula provides thermal protection, so you can keep heat styling your hair safely. 

The Aveda NutriPlenish Vitamin Leave In Conditioner Spray is a vegan and cruelty free formula that you don’t need to rinse out. You can use it in conjunction with rinse out conditioner, use it on its own and you can also use it as a pre-shampoo treatment. Made using 98% naturally derived ingredients, this formula can be used on wet or dry hair. A sulphate paraben silicone free leave-in conditioner, you’ll love the scent of the certified organic Ginger, Cardamom and other plant extracts and essences. 


If you love the look of shiny hair, you don’t have to give up your silicone-based conditioners completely. Why not alternate with some of the above silicone free conditioners to keep your hair looking its best. You’ll love the way your hair looks and feels when you use a conditioner designed to keep your hair supple, soft and healthy. 

What Does Silicone Free Conditioner Mean? 

A silicone free conditioner simply means that your formula has been made without silicones. A really good thing to consider when choosing a new conditioner is your hair type and texture. 

If you have fine, thinning hair, a silicone sulphate free conditioner could really breathe new life into your locks. Silicones are made up of reasonably large molecules, which will lay heavy on hair that’s already thin. You might experience greasy roots and heaviness, which isn’t ideal if your hair is already fine and flat. 

A silicone free deep conditioner for curly hair could also be a solid idea. Curly, coarse hair is often on the dry side. When you use silicones on thick, wavy strands, they’re likely to get stuck on the curls and build-up quickly, causing more dryness and damage in the long-term. The best silicone free shampoo and conditioner for curly hair will see to a damaged ‘do and bring your hair back to a state of natural health—without the shiny silicone coating. 

How to Tell if Conditioner is Silicone Free?

Adore Beauty has a great selection of silicone free conditioners for every hair type. As with every synthetic ingredient, it can be hard to know what to look out for in the ingredients list. If you are considering cutting down on how frequently you use a silicone conditioner, look for long words that have ‘cone’ at the end of them. If you come across one of those, give it a Google and see if it’s a type of silicone. 

Silicone Free Conditioner Benefits

Though there’s nothing really wrong with using a silicone conditioner, if you continue to use them over a long period of time, you may run into some issues. Why are silicones used in conditioners in the first place? Well, they make your hair look soft and shiny, even when it’s dry and damaged. So what’s the big deal and why should you consider switching to a silicone paraben and sulfate free conditioner?

As silicone builds up in your hair, you might find your strands become limp and lank. The silicone can weigh the hair down and make it seem greasy and lifeless. If you’re constantly using heat alongside a silicone conditioner, it could be hiding damage under a shiny filter. So, when you stop using the silicones, your hair suddenly shows all the wear and tear. They also make the hair harder to colour and they can be really hard to wash out if you use them constantly. You might want to use a shampoo and conditioner specifically for dry hair if your strands are becoming tangled and hard to manage.

Is a Silicone Free Conditioner Better? 

A silicone conditioner won’t necessarily harm your hair or your scalp, but it might not be the best approach to take in the long-term. When you use a silicone free hair conditioner, you may also be helping the environment. Essentially a plastic-type polymer, some believe the synthetic silicone ingredient could be damaging to the environment. Many believe that because silicones don’t break down easily, they’re harder to get rid of once they hit the environment. This chain of thought still requires research and investigation, but it’s certainly something to keep an eye on in the future. An organic shampoo and conditioner combo could mean softer, kinder ingredients for both you and the environment. 

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