Here Are Our 8 Best Conditioners for Dry Damaged Hair

You ever just look in the mirror and think, why does my hair look so dry and frizzy?

Well, your hair might actually be trying to tell you's suffering from some serious tress distress!

When your hair becomes damaged, the outer layer of your hair, called the cuticle, starts to lift and crack. This compromised cuticle results in dry, damaged hair that’s hard to handle.

If your hair is super-damaged, you might think that you need to shave it off and start again (OK, maybe a bit extreme). But with a good conditioner for dry hair, your locks can make a comeback!

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Switch up your go-to conditioner

So there's definitely a few factors that can make your hair feel dry and damaged. Aside from protecting your hair from heat damage, it's important to use a shampoo and conditioner that targets your hairs needs.

Adding this fortifying treatment into your hair-washing routine is an easy way to look after your hair and fight damage without really thinking about it. Formulated with Arginine and Soy Protein, this conditioner for dry and damaged hair seals in moisture and restores the look of frazzled ends.

Nourish your hair with a rich mask

Give your hair the VIP treatment with a rich hair mask. Hair masks are different to normal conditioners, as the former contain high concentrations of hydrating and reparative ingredients to deal with dry and damaged hair.

The nourishing key ingredient Baobab Seed Oil softens and hydrates to revive damaged hair. On colour-treated and chemically processed hair, use the mask at least 2 weeks before any further treatments to prepare and protect your hair. After colouring, continue to use the mask to maintain hydration and overall hair health. As one of the best conditioner for really dry hair, this one is free from sulphates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic colours and dyes, and gluten. Boom!

Repair your hair overnight

If you have long hair, or have every wondered how to keep curly hair from tangling at night, we suggest trying a Silke London Hair Wrap. You could also try using a Silke London Hair Ties to pop your hair into a bun, for that extra protection against damage and tangles.

This leave-in hair treatment restores damaged strands while you sleep. With a blend of 5 vitamins, this lightweight serum helps soften hair (goodbye, knots!) and makes it more manageable in the morn. This versatile hair serum can be used on dry or damp locks, so it’s always a perfect pick. Either way, gently work the formula through your lengths and ends. It can be used on all hair types, including as a men's conditioner for dry hair.

Embrace a leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioners are like bouncers for your hair. These nourishing cocktails form a barrier to protect your mane from external forces like UV rays and humidity. Leave-in conditioner makes a good hair conditioner for dry hair because it ensures that all the nutrients from your shampoo and conditioner stay in your strands.

Get all-round protection from this 5-in-1 moisturising conditioner for dry hair! Redken Extreme Anti-Snap leave-in treatment uses Ceramide to strengthen your hair against future damage. It guards against chemical damage, heat damage from styling tools, mechanical damage, surface damage, and hair breakage. To deeply condition your hair, apply after washing, when your hair is still damp. Leave in to let the formula work its magic.

Target your split ends

Some people notice the most hair damage at their ends. Factors like heat-styling tools and UV damage can create the dry and split ends that ruin a sleek-hair moment.

Your gut may be telling you to reach for the best paraben free conditioner for dry hair. Fact is, the best conditioner for rough hair may not be a conditioner at all! Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct Split Ends Recovery Concentrate was developed to help improve stressed, damaged hair and split ends. Made with Keratin, this concentrate not only helps repair existing damage; it also forms a protective layer to prevent future breakage. Give your ends some love by adding a few drops of this reconstructing serum to your damaged ends after washing.

Rejuvenate bleached locks

Have you been a tad overenthusiastic when it comes to bleach? Lightening too far or too often can damage your locks, making them porous and ready to snap. Try one of the best conditioners for dry bleached hair.

This potent potion hydrates and nourishes damaged hair with plant oils, Hydrolysed Elastin, and other goodies. Unlike other conditioners, this deep-conditioning hair mask is applied to wet hair BEFORE shampooing. To ensure your dry blonde hair absorbs all the magical ingredients, use a shower cap or towel and wait at least 20 minutes (you can even leave it overnight). Then, rinse well, shampoo, and condition as usual. If you dye your hair frequently, wait until 72 hours before or after your appointment, as this product can affect the results.

Reach for a natural conditioner

If you've found your locks are looking a little limp and lifeless, that could be because your hair is experiencing a bit of a silicone overdose. While there are some benefits to silicones, it can often stop moisture from properly penetrating the hair which results in dry, damaged hair. That's when a good silicone free conditioner comes in handy.

Free from silicones, parabens, gluten, mineral oil, and petroleum, what this beauty DOES contain is Iceland Moss and Larch Tree Sap Extract to smooth frizz and rehydrate damaged locks. The formula can be used as either a leave-in conditioner on textured or colour damaged hair that needs more hydration, or a daily conditioner after washing.

Soothe a damaged scalp

Argh! Dandruff is the worst. Not only does it make your scalp feel itchy and sore, but those funky flakes can ruin any cute hairstyle. (If you haven't tried a scalp scrub yet, we seriously suggest giving them a go).

This formula includes Watermelon, Lychee, and Edelweiss Flower Extracts to help remove loose dandruff flakes from the scalp while also hydrating locks. The best conditioner for dry bleached hair, it’s dermatologist-tested, colour-safe, and keratin treatment-safe. Plus, it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

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