Hairdresser tips for the healthiest hair ever

I used to think it was something in the water. Or the hands*. Those magical hairdresser powers that take you from drab to fab in a matter minutes – how else to explain getting a week out of a blow-dry?!

Turns out there ARE special secrets that can easily be incorporated into life outside the salon. Cloud Nine ambassador and stylist extraordinaire, Zowie Evans, shares her tips for achieving optimum hair health with us – and best of all, you don’t have to be a pro to master them!

1. Don’t wash your hair everyday – it will strip it of natural oils.

2. Always use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. If your hair is brittle, use a repairer like Moroccanoil Repair Shampoo and Conditioner; if it’s feeling dry and knotty, use a moisture-based shampoo and conditioner like evo the therapist.

3. My ultimate tip with summer coming up is don’t forget to treat your hair once or twice a week to a mask. Use Moroccanoil Restorative Mask before your conditioner for blondes, and for the brunettes, use evo the great hydrator before your conditioner. If you layer the mask and conditioner together, you will feed the hair on the inside and seal the cuticle = perfect hair every time!

4. Use your hairdryer on the cooler setting and avoid rubbing your hair with a towel after getting out of the shower (this roughens up the cuticle). Instead, gather your locks in your hands and gently squeeze the water out.















5. Avoid brushing hair whilst it’s wet – it has a higher tendency to break. Instead, use a comb or detangling brush, making sure to add your product first, like Moroccanoil Original Oil Treatment or evo happy campers hard working moisturiser.

6. When brushing hair use a natural bristle brush, to distribute oils evenly, making hair shinier and softer.

7. Give you hair a special treatment from time to time. Try evo’s mane prescription to keep your strands strong.

8. If you don’t like the feeling of product in your hair, use a leave-in conditioner like evo day of grace or Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream for a natural finish.

9. Apply styling products to the strands, not the scalp, to avoid drying it out.

10. Eat your essential fatty acids – omega 3 fatty acids promote healthy hair, skin and nails plus vitamins A & D!

11. Use styling tools with heat control settings such as Cloud Nine irons and curling tongs. Keep the temperature low (no more than 175 degrees) as the higher temperatures are only there for the very strong curly hair types to get them really flat. Remember that the more steam you see coming from the hair when using irons, the more moisture is leaving your hair. So keep it simple: lower temperature = higher hydration.















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