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ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment - 125ml 125ml

4.6 of 998 reviews


4 instalments of $6.24

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4 instalments of $6.24

Or 4 instalments of $6.24 with LEARN MORE

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The Miracle Hair Treatment was the product which started it all, developed in 2011 alongside the formation of the expert Australian hair care brand ELEVEN. This revolutionary all-in-one treatment boasts a multitude of benefits - eleven, to be precise! - and is a hair care must-have.

  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Oily roots, dry ends
  • Breakage and split ends
  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment - 125ml

ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment - 125ml

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ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment - 125ml Reviews

4.6 of 998 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

On my third bottle!

Carla R

I LOVE this hair treatment! I have coloured my hair many times, and everytime I come out of the shower my hair is often quite knotty. However after I put this through my hair, it always makes it super smooth and soft.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not amazing, not terrible


This product was really hard to get any sort of result out of. My hair is very long and curly which means it loves to get itself in knots. This product was just a sample and not used because I had any really damage to my hair- which has never been dyed or treated in anyway, so this may be why there was no really difference.

I find my hair is amazing after using the smooth me now conditioner moreso than any difference that came from using this product. Loved the smell though, always love the smells that come from Eleven products.
  1. Nothing spectacular


    I bought this after reading that it was a fantastic leave in conditioner but have been underwhelmed by the product. I need to use quite a lot and it doesn't seem like a standout product for me.
  2. Not bad


    verified purchaser
    My hairdresser recommended this product for my blonde hair. It has a lovely coconut scent. I found it made my hair feel a little softer but I didn’t find much of a difference in my split ends or anything else
  3. Good not great


    For the price tag this product is really good. however have tried superior yet more expensive products before. Have kept this one in my travel bag however.
  4. On my third bottle!

    Carla R

    I LOVE this hair treatment! I have coloured my hair many times, and everytime I come out of the shower my hair is often quite knotty. However after I put this through my hair, it always makes it super smooth and soft.
  5. Does what it claims.


    verified purchaser
    Love the way this makes my hair feel and look. It's such a beautiful product. Would recommend!
  6. If only it was curly girl friendly


    verified purchaser
    Smells like coconutty goodness and does a good job of replacing both my serum and heat protectant spray since it acts as both - I put it on towel-dried hair before blowdrying and it's done a good job of keeping my hair silky smooth and healthy. On the downside, it is not curly girl friendly and the silicones eventually weigh down the hair, you really need to pair a clarifying shampoo with this if ...
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  7. Love this!


    Love this hair oil. I use this after washing my hair to get rid of the 'fluffiness', works well and smells great! I have oily hair but this does not make it oily. It makes it soft and smooth.
  8. Soft and silky


    I’ve been using the product for years and I can’t live without it. I always notice such a big difference when I don’t use it. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and silky and the small bottle lasts for months! Highly recommend especially if you have curly and frizzy hair.
  9. Effective leave in treatment


    Hair was softer and less knotty after using this product, but not weighted down.
  10. Love this


    verified purchaser
    This product is pure coconut smelling goodness. Spreads through the hair so easily when wet and when it dries it leaves your hair soft with no reside. I use it everytime I was my hair, except for once a week when I swap it out for olaplex.
  11. You Need This !


    I use this after every wash and have noticed a change in my hair almost instantly.
    And the smell is just amazing !
  12. Lovely


    I adore this product. My hair looks incredible after I use it! It smells amazing and looks super shiny. Really glad I found this!
  13. Lightweight treatment


    I love this treatment, you can chuck it on your hair both wet or dry and it doesn't make it oily. Mind you, I have blonde bleached hair.
  14. The ultimate hair product!


    You must have this product in your hair routine! I apply after every wash and leave in. Makes your hair smell amazing, feel amazing and takes care of your hair too.
  15. Value for money and smells nice


    I feel like this product works. I put it on wet hair and I have noticed that it helps reduce frizz and hydrates my hair. The price point is substantially more affordable than most products that are similar. The smell is also really yummy and fresh, without it being overpowering.
  16. Smells amazing


    This is so lightweight and i love it. it doesnt make your hair oily either. i use about 4 pumps every time after i wash my hair and i have already noticed 2 months in it has already strengthened my hair and i can get longer out of washing it. ill keep buying this :)
  17. I keep coming back!


    I've loved this product for so many years. Recently I've branched out to try other products, but hands down this is the best. Other hair treatments leave my hair feeling greasy by the end of the day, but not this one. I apply it only to my ends before blowdrying and my hair always feels soft and healthy.
  18. Perfect leave in treatment


    I use this after every wash and it always leaves my hair feeling perfect and silky smooth!
  19. Loveee


    Makes my hair so soft and shiny and i can’t not use this after washing my hair, also lasts a long time because you only need a little bit.
  20. Amazing!! Definitely worth the hype


    I bought this after reading all the amazing reviews as I needed a new heat protectant. I now can see what everyone is talking about, my hair feels so smooth after using it! And the smell is amazing as well
  21. Another great product for Eleven


    Received as a sample. I’ve tried a lot of products from Eleven and I have to say that they are all spectacular. I love expensive haircare and expensive makeup but Eleven truly out performs a lot of other expensive hair brands I’ve tried. This leave in is absolutely beautiful. Pleasant smell, nice texture, light, sinks into the hair without being greasy. Hair is noticeably shinier and softer after....
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  22. strong coconut smell


    the first thing i notice when using this is the scent of coconut is quite strong, i love coconut but this smell is quite artificial to me. the product is quite hydrating to my hair but it doesnt make me wow or anything so far.
  23. Amazing


    Obsessed. I've used this twice and it has make my hair significantly and noticeably nicer. Seriously light so it doesn't weigh down your hair like other leave in conditioners and smells so good!
  24. My favourite hair treatment


    I use this religiously. My hair is super straight and fine and it doesn't weigh my hair down or make it feel oily. I love that it protects my hair from the heat too.
  25. Good All-rounder


    I have normal/fine hair but lots of it. It takes a little more product than instructed to feel like I've got enough in my hair, but it pays off. It doesn't weigh down my hair or leave any residue after drying. It helps my ends feel stronger and silky soft. I have colour treated hair and I find this helps remedy damage but also gives a lovely shine. The smell is divine too!
  26. Very impressed!!!

    Molly May

    I am very pleasantly surprised by a product that actually does what it promises! My hair is quite frizzy and damaged from colouring. I ALWAYS really struggle with containing my frizz with any products. This product I put on while damp and let air dry. My hair feeling soft and the frizz that usually sits on top of my head is drastically reduced! Also a big plus is that my hair doesn't feel like it ...
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  27. Really wanted to love this product


    I really wanted to love this product after hearing all the rave reviews! I really enjoyed the scent, but I found that it didn't moisturise my hair as much as I wanted (maybe this product is best for really damaged hair?) I also found that it was hard to pump the last bits of the content out of the bottle, so had to open the container and it got really messy.
  28. The best!


    I've tried sooo many different leave in conditioners - my hair is incredibly dry and needs a lot of love. heard about this one as a good bargain buy on the Adore Beauty podcast and then got a free sample with another order. I was immediately sold. After the first use, my hair was noticeably softer. I've tried it in combinations with different shampoos and conditioners and it has the same affect. ...
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  29. In love after two uses


    I've used this product twice and am already obsessed with it. My hair dries naturally so much smoother and is more manageable after using this. Without it, my hair was always fluffy and knotted easily. Using this, my hair dries out smooth and feels softer and my ends are noticably healthier.
  30. Is there something I'm missing?


    I received this as a gift with purchase when I ordered the ELEVEN Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. I had heard great things about this product and was excited to try it but after using it a couple of times, I can never tell the difference. I'll persist with using the product but the jury's out on this one.
  31. Incredible stuff!


    I can't recommend this enough! I have super dry and split ends and it makes my hair feel soft again. It is also really lightweight and dries down nicely, it doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy like I thought it might. It's for sure my favourite aftercare product for my hair!
  32. Great multi-tasker


    I have repurchased this product a few times over the years. It's a good multi-tasker to have on hand when you feel a bit lazy, you can just apply and forget about this product, it doesn't require much effort to use (doesn't need blow-drying in). My hair always feels nice after using it and it doesn't weigh down my fine hair. I've purchased this as a gift for friends who have different hair to me a...
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  33. another product I didn't know i needed


    I have had balayage done to my hair so the ends tend to be drier and more brittle. I love the addition of this product to my routine because it really softens out the ends of my hair AND it smells amazingggg. I got this as a sample in my goodie bag and have just purchased the full size because i am sold. Love this.
  34. Very hydrating

    Nice hairspray

    Easy to use and hair feels so soft after using it!
  35. Best all rounder


    Love all of the benefits of this treatment. I rub one pump through my hair after every wash, brush through my hair and off I go. The smell is divine. Will definitely keep purchasing!
  36. About 4 products in one!


    Arrived super quick, and couldn’t have come sooner! I just ran out of my old hair oil. I usually use about 3-4 different products to get the same results.
  37. Best Hair Treatment


    This hair treatment has a light coconut scent and makes my hair frizz-free, shiny and smooth. Product delivers exactly what it promises!
  38. Fab


    This is fantastic. It makes my hair soft and hydrated. Would recommend!!
  39. The reason my hair has remained alive


    I have bleach blonde foiled hair. I constantly have people compliment me on how lovely and healthy my hair looks and I honestly tell them BUY THIS MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT.
    I use it every time I wash my hair (every second or third day) and I truly believe this product had kept my hair healthy, shiny, moisturised for years.
    Tried both the spray version and the cream version and there bot...
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  40. My Holy Grail hair treatment


    I've been using this product for years and love it. I use it on wet hair throughout the mid lengths and ends. It makes my hair feel soft and easily detangleable, it controls frizz, and it doesn't weigh my fine hair down or make it greasy at all! It smells delicious, like a coconut sunny holiday for your hair!
  41. In love with this


    i got this one as a sample with my most recent order, i fell in love after the first use! I found my hair less fizzy and more manageable, and i am finding i can go a day longer before i need to wash my hair,
    I will be adding this one to my next order!
  42. Love love love


    This stuff is just fab! It's become a staple in my hair care routine.
  43. Great treatment


    Wonderful little product that doesn't break the bank! leaves hair nice, soft and not weighed downed. It also has a wonderful smell to it! A little bit goes a long way as well.
  44. Buy it, trust me


    After using heaps of different treatments from high end to affordable, I have found what works for me and what doesn't. This product is by far the best smelling treatment I have used. I have stopped brushing my hair once I wash it as I found I was starting to have a lot of breakage. I couldn't imagine not brushing when getting out of the shower, but I had to try. After putting Eleven miracle treat...
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  45. Hair's best friend!


    This has become a staple in my haircare arsenal and always reliable for sleek, smooth and shiny locks. Not only does it smell amazing, it also nourishes my dry hair and really seems to do the trick when it comes to preventing breakage and split ends.
  46. Favourite treatment!

    Uyen Bui

    I have medium, wavy and professionally bleached hair.
    Before using this product, my hair was a bit dry and tangled easily.
    This treatment makes my hair so soft and smooth. And it smells amazing, too!
    One negative is I still notice my frizz, especially when I blowdry my hair straight.
    Don't use too much, it can feel heavy!
  47. Soft hair


    Pleasant coconut scent (may be a dealbreaker to some), left my hair feeling nicely soft. Haven't used it regularly enough to notice a huge difference though.
  48. Great all rounder


    Purchased this as a leave in light conditioner and it’s great. I find eleven products really FUNCTIONAL rather than an indulgent experience like orbe ect but I’m never disappointed when I try their products. I have fine, dry hair and this is a light weight cream, it’s the consistency of conditioner - it’s not a heavy balm. Smells amazing and just seems to work. Will continue repurchasing
  49. Not the best for me


    I was really excited to use this in my hair after to read all the good reviews, but for some reason, it didn't suit my hairs at all. The consistency was too 'heavy' for my type of hair, which the appears looks greasy and oily, my hair is really thin and tangled, it helped me untangled. After my hair dry still looks oily and thick. Not really for my hair :(
  50. fantastic


    this is really good, hydrating and smells amazing like coconut
  51. Love it


    I bought this a few weeks ago as my ends are very dry, I love it! Leaves my hair silky and smooth and very hydrated. Only need a few pumps to cover my ends so the bottle should last quite a while. An amazing affordable treatment!
  52. Best treatment


    Best hair treatment on the market, although I do prefer the new spray version as it’s quite quick and easy to use compared to this one. But still highly recommend
  53. Happy


    First time buyer. I am happy with the product. I've used it for a few weeks. My hair is noticeably softer. I have pretty damaged hair (from heating tools) so this is quite helpful. The smell is lovely too.
  54. I love. this


    I have very frizzy hair and a lot of flyaways and this controls all that. It smooths and softens my hair. Makes my hair feel amazing.
  55. Ok, not amazing


    I bought this due to all the rave reviews. I didn’t really notice THAT much of a difference in my hair. Maybe I wasn’t using enough but the smell is really nice!
  56. Great for the price


    I really like this product considering the price. It makes my hair super silky and soft. It's not as good as other leave in products I have used but considering it is half the cost I really like it and will repurchase to save some dollars.
  57. Straighter for longer


    Hair stays straighter for much longer with this spray and looks supper healthy and smooth
  58. Nice treatment


    Easy to use, all round good hair treatment leaving hair smooth and fresh
  59. Pretty Good


    I received a large sample of this so have been able to try it out a few times. I prefer my usual leave-in treatment but this one was still pretty good. My hair often gets really dry and this helped make it much more hydrated overnight. Soaks into the hair well and doesn't leave it feeling sticky/pasty.
  60. Tames fly aways


    I have naturally straight hair but get really annoying flyaways. This is great to use after a shower on damp hair to prevent the fly aways to occur!
  61. Swear by this!

    Amelia L

    I have been using this product for years! It makes my hair feel so smooth and helps the need for those 6 week trims. A little goes a long way and I find the bottle lasts me ages. My hair is often quite flat and dry and I find this product really helps. Highly recommend for everyone!
  62. Amazing for my curly hair!


    My hair type is wavy/curly/frizzy and untameable! This really helps to smooth it and relax the wave a bit. Makes it wayyy more manageable!
  63. Five star!


    OMG love this product. I received a sample from the goodiebag. I have long, thick, curly hair, used up almost the 10ml tube in one go. I rubbed the conditioner on straight after shampooing without rinsing. My hair feel soft and not coarse at all the next day. There is very subtle coconut smell that is acceptable. I will definitely come back to purchase the full size product because it works on my ...
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  64. Silky smooth


    This hair treatment is amazing. It's super moisturising without being too heavy or greasy as most hair treatments are. My hair looks and feels amazing after using this product. And to top it off it smells amazing.
  65. Incredible


    I have been using this product for years!! I have blonde highlights in my hair so if it’s not looked after properly I imagine it can be dry. But I swear by this eleven miracle treatment, I also use the eleven shampoo and conditioner. The miracle treatment makes my hair soft and I feel good knowing that I’m giving it the nourishment that it requires! I’ve gotten my mum and sisters onto this product...
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  66. Best Hair Product


    I started using this product when I got this in one of my goodie bags and I fell in love with this. My hair feels so good after every wash. There are no tangles and after applying this my hair feels soft and I can pass my fingers into my hair from top to bottom. Would definitely recommend this product to everyone who want to have soft hair.
  67. A


    I waited at least a month or so to write this review as I was sceptical at first BUT since using this product, my hair has been absolutely soft and there’s visibly less split ends!
    I have asian bleach blonde balayage hair and before using this, my hair was very dried, dry and extremely damaged (even very difficult to brush through after a shower)
    This product works wonders and I have b...
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  68. Great product!


    As someone who has to use medicated shampoos for psoriasis formally beautiful hair looks less than lustrous and doesn’t feel soft. After reading many reviews I decided to give this a try. I am only 3/4 way through my first bottle and use it just a few times a week but I can definitely see a difference in how healthy my hair looks, it looks shiny and feels softer. Will definitely repurchase.
  69. Go to


    I use this on my hair which has become dry after dyeing it for the first time. I find this helps combat knots and keeps hair feeling smooth and manageable. Only trick is I do have to use quite a bit as I have a lot of hair. Overall, great stuff!
  70. Great product


    I received this product as a gift with my order. The reviews do live up to this product. Definatly will be purchasing when my gift runs out!! Smells really nice and makes your hair feel even nicer!
  71. Love it


    The best to use all year round. Adds extra manageability and softness where its needed.
  72. Great so far


    I was looking for something that wasn't going weigh down my hair like some oils do, happy with the weight of this and smells great. Still figuring out if it will help with damage long term but like so far.
  73. All in one holy grail


    I love this product and have been using it for about 8 years it’s an all In one so saves me money on buying individual products.
    It leaves my frizzy hair smooth hydrated and I know it’s protected when heat styling. Also smells really clean and fresh.
  74. All in one holy grail


    I love this product and have been using it for about 8 years it’s an all In one so saves me money on buying individual products.
    It leaves my frizzy hair smooth hydrated and I know it’s protected when heat styling. Also smells really clean and fresh.
  75. Love this leave-in hair product.


    I was recommended this product a year ago, and have not stopped using it since. Not only does it smell nice, but it does it's job +++. Has helped to prevent further damage on my distressed hair - caused by hair colouring, bleaching and environmental factors. Would recommend!!!
  76. Smells amazing


    This product smells amazing - like coconut, it's nice to put through damp hair before blow drying and definitely makes hair a lot softer.
  77. OK


    I love the smell and it does leave my hair feeling softer, but I have thick, curly hair and it doesn't really help control my frizz.

  78. Perfect treatment


    Smells lovely and works wonders, but I prefer the spray version as it’s easier and quicker to use in general! Would highly recommend
  79. nourishing for thick hair


    This is used after every wash & it makes hair nice and manageable, and acts as a heat protectant too- Love it!
  80. Best-seller for a reason!!


    This is amazing!! I recently started using it and it is a MIRACLE! Love love love, perfect for smooth hair and leaving it amazing and silky!
  81. So so nice!


    Love this little bottle, I got this to use on my dry frayed ends and its such a good option for someone looking for something affordable. It does the job, detangles and helps with softness. Also smells great! Love it.
  82. Amazing product.


    My friend recommended this three years ago to me. I have used it religiously since then and my hair has never felt better.
  83. MUST BUY!


    As a female with curly hair, my life's journey has been the search for a product to help reduce frizz. Eleven's miracle hair treatment is perfect! It works as a hydrating and smoothing base before I apply my styling product. Highly recommend to help in the maintenance of curly hair. I can only imagine how effective it would be on straight or wavy hair. GET ON IT!
  84. Great for all hair types


    I've bought this product three times. My hair loves it soaks it all up. My hair is quite thick and dry, I bought the shampoo and conditioner too so I can use all three. I like to try other products but always seem to go back to this one
  85. Okay, but not perfect


    I like the smell and the way it feels in my hair. That said, I don't think it's the perfect product for my hair texture. I have wavy hair which was still left frizzy and with plenty of flyaways, it didn't really do much to tame my hair. I'll keep using but I don't think I will repurchase again.
  86. Divine smell!


    This product is truly a miracle worker. Feels light and has made a noticeable difference. I only need a little bit so will last for ages and doesn’t weigh down my hair. Also, the smell is coconutty deliciousness.
  87. Great for de-tangling!

    Linda M

    My hair (which is long but thin) has been really knotty lately after I wash it and try to brush it out before drying.
    Sometimes even pulling chunks of knots out, I've seen a lot of people us this product and it's also recommended by hairdressers so I thought I'll give it a shot out of desperation to help de-tangle my mop! I used it today straight after I washed my hair before brushing and it...
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  88. Nice product


    I use this after each wash and it smells heavenly! I haven't seen much of an improvement in my hair frizziness but it does protect against heat damage.
  89. LOVE


    Multi purpose hair serum/protectant/detangle/smoother ...The list goes on.
    Works well with all hair types as most my friends with all different hair density and textures have used.
    Does not weigh down hair, some would said its another holy grail product to have in your hair styling/collection.

  90. Lovely & soft hair


    I really like this treatment. I recently got a full head of foils so I needed something to ensure my hair remained healthy. I love that it can provide heat protection as well as moisture- the last heat protecting product I had made my hair feel awfully dry and crunchy- but not this one! I can't stop touching my hair because it's so soft.
  91. Doesn’t weigh down my hair


    This is a lovely leave in treatment that doesn’t weigh down my fine hair. It’s rare for me to find a product that doesn’t make my hair clump together, feel gritty or sticky or make it look flat to my head. My hair feels soft and manageable after using and it dissolves completely into my hair
  92. Holy grail!!!


    This is my go-to, holy grail product! If I had to choose one product to take to a deserted island, it would be this one. I’ve been using the eleven miracle hair treatment for about 3 years and it has kept my extremely long hair soft, shiny, damage free and has protected my colour. I always get complements on my hair and how healthy it looks given it’s so long, and I can safely say that I owe it a...
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  93. Lifesaver


    I have purchased this hair treatment several times because it is so good. I use heat to style my hair for work everyday and I noticed that my hair was so much stronger after using this product for a couple of weeks. It keeps my ends hydrated and doesn't leave any weird residue on dry hair.
  94. So Good!


    This treatment cream is very good. I use it as a detangler for my daughter's long hair and it is leagues above the detangling sprays I'd used for her in the past. I also use it as a dry ends treatment for my thick and long hair. Does a great job to rehydrate my ends when they are looking dry and straw like.
  95. Soft silky hair!


    I received this as a sample and I am in love! The product is so lightweight but nourishing. I use it on my ends as it can get super dry, but it doesn't weight down my fine hair. Will be purchasing the full size for sure.
  96. Beautiful all-rounder


    This treatment is the answer to my low-maintenance hair prayers. It's so easy to apply and glides through damp locks. It leaves my hair feeling silky and soft - great results for a great price.
  97. nourishing


    Received a sample size. Such a good hair product and super nourishing. Smells like coconut
  98. Not sure


    Really good for some people, but found it made my hair too oily. I have very fine air & found that although it made my hair very soft, just too much needed afterwards to style hair. Basically left really fine hair too flat.
  99. A saviour


    I have been using this for about a year and a half now and my hair has never been so shiny and soft. It is an essential product and I have noticed less split ends.
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