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Aspect Try Me Kit

4.6 of 113 reviews


4 instalments of $11.25

Or 4 instalments of $11.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $11.25

Or 4 instalments of $11.25 with LEARN MORE

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Aspect's best-selling must-haves are available to try in the Aspect Try Me Kit. A versatile kit for most skin types, cleanse with Purastat and hydrate the skin deeply with Phytostat 9. Extreme B 17 is perfect for day and night use to plump and lock in moisture, while Extreme C 20 is great to add extra protection throughout the day from environmental aggressors.

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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Aspect Try Me Kit

Aspect Try Me Kit

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Aspect Try Me Kit Reviews

4.6 of 113 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

A great trial kit


I purchased this kit mainly to try out the Phytostat moisturiser and B 17 serum. I was surprised to find that there wasn't a product in the kit I didn't love. I have gone on to purchase the full sizes of everything but the Purastat cleanser. I only wanted to trial one or two products at a time and the cleanser is the last product left. I will also be purchasing it in the full size once I have finished it. Definitely worth purchasing if you're interested in sampling products from the brand.

Most Helpful Criticism

sample your heart out


I love the ease of getting to try new products without the initial expense. I loved the high concentrate vitamin C product in this. My skin would glow after using it. My skin didn't really respond to the other products but it was worth getting for the Vitamin C alone.
  1. Great sample sizes

    Jess Miller

    This was such a great way to sample the aspect skincare. The sizes are generous, and I was able to get a couple of weeks out of them. I'm now converted to Aspect since trying this kit.
  2. A great trial kit


    I purchased this kit mainly to try out the Phytostat moisturiser and B 17 serum. I was surprised to find that there wasn't a product in the kit I didn't love. I have gone on to purchase the full sizes of everything but the Purastat cleanser. I only wanted to trial one or two products at a time and the cleanser is the last product left. I will also be purchasing it in the full size once I have fini...
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  3. Good value for $$


    I thought this kit was a great way to sample all the products, and really good value for money. I was particularly interested in trying the phytostat 9 moisturiser as I've heard so much about it, and I'm glad I did because although it was nice, I'm not sure it's worth the high price tag. I appreciated the decent sample sizes and it was a good array of products to trial.
  4. Simple steps


    This is so perfect to dip your toes into the world of skincare. The sample sizes are very generous and perfect for a good trial period over a few weeks.
  5. A little goes a long way


    I absolutely love these Try Me kits and I found hear samples went a long way. I’m really enjoying what I’m seeing from Aspect and Dr Aspect, you can’t go wrong with any of the moisturisers and the serums are high quality. Would recommend giving a try!
  6. Good trial kit


    Nice trial kit before purchasing the full sized. I would definitely purchase the phytostat 9 as it has a great texture when apply to theskin , not oily . Overall , good trial kit.
  7. great product and great size!


    you get so much in this kit! also great for travel lasts a coupe of weeks. Love these products
  8. Great trial kit


    I liked the idea of finally being able to trial other aspect products. The only aspect sample I have gotten from AB is the purastat 5 cleanser, which is ok, but nothing special. The vitamin c is really nice and goes on smooth. I think it was a bit too much for my sensitive skin. The vitamin b serum smells like vegemite, but my skin really likes it. It is also not sticky. I absolutely love the phot...
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  9. Perfect trial kit


    This is a fantastic kit to get if you're interested in Aspect but don't want to drop $$$ at once. I bought it mainly for the phytostat. Phytostat9 smells like gardenia's but is a beautifully hydrating moisturiser. I'm also enjoying the extreme C serum - very fresh and gentle. Unsure if it's worth purchasing the full size because of how pricey but haven't made my mind up yet.
  10. Great sampler!!


    verified purchaser
    An excellent pack to try out these products! Love the packaging of the moisturiser - you just won't know how much you have left though. The B and C serums would last about 2-3 weeks if each is applied once a day. Could definitely be a travel pack. Just be careful not to mix up the B and C serums. I did a double take when I pumped out the B serum and it smelled like berocca whereas the C didn't....
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  11. sample your heart out


    I love the ease of getting to try new products without the initial expense. I loved the high concentrate vitamin C product in this. My skin would glow after using it. My skin didn't really respond to the other products but it was worth getting for the Vitamin C alone.
  12. Great way to sample the range


    I purchased this kit after receiving a sample with one of my orders and fell in love. Expensive but quality product and this is a great way to sample the range. I wish more brands had kits like this.
  13. Great for sampling


    A really nice set of travel-sized products that gives you the chance to test out the Aspect products. I have been wanting to try this range out for agesss but the price has put me off so this has given me the chance to do so... not I just have to save up to purchase the full size range!
  14. I like it.


    It is very suitable for starters, and convenient for traveling. It works well for my skin.
  15. Amazing value


    I have been wanting to try these Aspect products for a while, and am SO glad I came across this kit!

    Cleanser: It has a very light foam to it, but it doesn't feel stripping at all and leaves my skin feeling clean but not tight.

    Vit C: LOVE. Really enjoying this, it has a great texture and I will be purchasing the full size.

    Vit B: Still not sold. Love the tex...
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  16. My Favourite


    I like the products of this brand very much. The cream is very moisturizing but not very greasy. It is very effective. However, the packaging of the three serums is difficult to use.
  17. Disappointing TBH


    I bought this after hearing all the hype about Aspect and wanted to give it a go. While I really liked the cleanser and the VIT B, I found the moisturiser and VIT C pilled and left me looking a bit red. I did love the smell of the VIT C (like fresh oranges) but for the price there's no way I would purchase. I found the moisturiser to just be really average, and knew it wouldn't work for me as the ...
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  18. Awesome trial kit!


    After regularly using the Purastat 5 cleanser, I was intrigued to try other ASPECT products but wanting to trial before using the full size as they are pricey. This pack is a fantastic trial kit, I’m 3 weeks in and still have some of the serums left and a decent amount of the moisturiser (I only use it in the evenings). I have noticed an incredible result with my skin (I’m 28 with some fine lines ...
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  19. Nice


    These products are great and it is a great way to try these products before buying full sizes as they are quite expensive. They do not smell great but I honestly don't mind as it means they're not pumped full of fragrance!
  20. Good introduction to Aspect brand


    I got the kit to trial Aspect skincare and price point is reasonable. I don't like the smell of the b serum (like berocca) but rest of the products are nice on the skin. I really like my b and C serums, think I prefer ASAP versions better.
  21. Great set


    Awesome way to give the aspect products a go. I really like them and see a difference in my skin when I use these, very happy with them!
  22. Great pack to try products

    A Arthur

    I bought this to trial the aspect range, and as a result ended up buying more aspect products! Love this brand. The trial products are a great size to get and idea of the range. I am tossing up whether to purchase the Vit B in full size... I’ve noticed a reduction of inflammation of breakouts). I don’t think I can comment on vit c as probably need more product/to use it longer before making a revi...
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  23. A comprehensive trial pack


    This is a solid intro to the aspect range. I found the cleanser would make my skin too tight, but the others I would reorder again.

    My favourite product by far was the moisturiser.
  24. Amazing!


    This is a great pack to give you a decent (2 week) trial of the 4 products. I noticed visible differences from the Vit C and B17 in that time, and the moisturiser is a dream to apply to I have purchased them. Great if you want to trial but don't want to commit to the full bottles!
  25. Good to try


    I got this product as I needed more of my number 9 and I wanted to try some of the other products in the pack. I liked the cleanser but unfortunately I used it up too quickly to make a final opinion. I loved the Vitamin C and I think I will be repurchasing it in a larger size. This pack is great for those who want to try Aspect but it does go really fast.
  26. Love this pack, but there is a but.


    I was wanting to try aspect as i know it is a good brand and this was the perfect introduction pack. I love that you get to sample the moisturiser, Vic B serum, Vic C serum and cleanser. I have gone on to purchase the big size of all these four products and love them all. The only negative i found and reason for 4 stars is that the pumping dispensers on the serums and cleanser break easily and fai...
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  27. Perfect tester pack


    This is a great trial pack, all these products are amazing and those bottles can be reused so great for the environment!
  28. Amazing trial pack!


    I received this when I purchased other full size Aspect products. I was so excited because I have been eyeing off a couple of these. I already have been using the phytostat 9 moisturiser (have been using for 2 years) and LOVE it. I’ve branched our recently to include the fruit enzyme mask and eye cream and love them as well. I loved testing the vit c and vit b serums and will buy the vit c soon. I...
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  29. Definitely recommend


    I’ve been using this for over a month and love each of the products. They look small but I’ve still got heaps left and I use them every morning and night! 100% recommend
  30. Perfect for travel


    I initially bought this kit to try out the products. I was instantly hooked and purchased the full size. I keep this kit and refill the bottles for travel.
  31. Great intro to Aspect


    I had used the fruit enzyme peel by aspect and loved it so much I was eager to try more!

    I also wanted to introduce serums into my skincare routine so this was a great way to see what worked without having to fork out too much. The Vit C serum wasn't for me but love the B - will definitely be purchase 3/4 of these products.

    All in all, a great intro to Aspect which all...
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  32. Great Value


    This starter kit is a great way to try a range without having to spend much. I am absolutely in love with all of the products I tried and will be repurchasing. Only note is that one of the serums (Extreme C) has a very citrusy orange scent which I'm not a fan of but it was so good I kept using it anyway. Definitely recommend.
  33. Beatiful products


    This kit is such great value for $$. My fave is the B serum, my skin is a lot brighter overall and I found it made the congested area around my chin clear up. It does have a slight berocca smell but it doesn't bother me. The moisturiser and cleanser is nice too. This is the first C serum I've tried and it seems to be slighty fading dark spots. Would purchase again and will buy the full size B.
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  34. Love this kit - perfect introduction to the product!


    Ticks all the boxes and makes my skin feel super healthy and hydrated! The cleanser is a must have and I find the moisturiser great for both day and night - doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky at all!
    Great gift idea too!
  35. Excellent kit to try products


    This was an excellent kit to try the cleanser, two serums, and moisturiser. I absolutely loved the moisturiser and have purchased this separately- it leaves skin incredibly soft, without being greasy. I found that the cleanser was a bit too gentle and felt like it didn't clean my skin enough. I'm still deciding on the vitamin B & C serums- I think the C serum may have broken me out, but both seem ...
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  36. Perfect minis for travel


    I first purchased this to try out the products before committing to full-sizes. Not only are the products themselves amazing, but the minis are also the perfect size for travelling. Highly recommend!
  37. Lovely easy to use clean products!


    Purchased after using it myself as a gift for my mum and she loves it! Good for all skin types and as a starter, highly recommend! Would be so great if they had a trial pack with a Vitamin A serum too!
  38. Great way to try products


    This is really good value for your money, the samples look very small but as it is a quality product you only need a tiny bit so it lasts a while. The moisturizer container can turn into a handy container for your micellar water on the go.
  39. Great sample pack


    This is a great try me pack. I used the cream before but wanted to try a few of the serums and facial cleanser. I love all four products and the serums go on nicely under the cream. I purchased the cleanser after trying it and love it. My skin has improved with hardly any blemishes, never dry or oily. I have also noticed it feels and looks more plump.
  40. Your skin’s best friend


    This kit has transformed my skin! I have uneven skin tone, pigmentation, extremely dry skin and I cannot stress enough how this kit and the full sizes of the Aspect range is an INVESTMENT into your skincare. I wouldn’t buy anything else actually and you end up saving money if you only invest in Aspect. I’m not sponsored to say any of this. I am just blown away!! The way I use it is Pirastat, then ...
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  41. Good product, funky smell


    Liking the products 2 weeks in. However the vitamin B serum seriously smells like dry pet food. Very off putting when using it especially in the morning. I asked if I could swap it out for something else and aspect said there are no alternatives, which is frustrating as I can’t see myself using this in future.
  42. Such a fun way to try aspect!


    I absolutely love Aspect B17 and the moisturiser. This such a handy way to try aspect and get to know their products.
  43. great value


    i just got this little tester pack as i find it has the most perfect size of there top products to try without having the buy the huge bottles and finding it out it doesn't work on your skin. Love the vitamin C serum it clears up your skin and reduces red marks. you get the perfect little size of moisturizer and this cream is super creamy but not too heavy. the B serum is also amazing! absolutely...
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  44. Great trial kit - I have this to blame for getting me hooked on the range


    Loved this kit! Such a great intro to these products, enough in each sample to really get an idea of which one you do and don’t like.
  45. Fantastic kit


    I am so pleased with this kit- it's great to get to try out the products before purchasing. The cleanser is amazing, the serums have very strong smells but they feel lovely on the skin. The moisturizer is my favorite though- it feels so nourishing!
  46. fabulous


    I have ordered this before and was very happy with the results. i tried another skincare regime in between but this is the best skincare i have ever used. the results are amazing. My skin is plump, smooth and lines and wrinkles are so faint. just love this product
  47. Pretty good


    does not dry the skin or take away the natural moisture from the face. Keeps you fresh!
  48. Excellent set


    Great value excellent products, this set transformed my skin its in the best condition in a long time. The cost per amount is so good it's hard to buy the full size serums!
  49. Loved it


    I have always had to deal with acne but since i started the kit I have noticed a real reduction of break outs and my skin looks fresh and bright. I was hesitant to spend so much money on the individual products incase they didn't work so this was the perfect way to test the products. I wold recommend this for anybody looking to try an easy to follow routine or a traveler with limited space in the...
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  50. Great starter kit - got me hooked


    Good sample-sized starter pack to try out some products. Also convenient for overnight trips due to the size
  51. Moisturizer is excellent


    This is a great starter Kit. I love the moisturizer
  52. perfect gift idea


    I love this little gift pack for those who want to try a different skincare routine but are hesitant. These products work well together and can be used by most skin types. So far, my friends who received this have gone on to buy more from this brand.
  53. Why did I wait so long to try it?


    I bought this awhile ago, I’m a die hard Dermalogica fan and wanted to expand on the current range of products I was using. Admit it sat in the cupboard for awhile but I’ve been listening to the beauty in podcast and thought I ought to see why everyone is raving about this brand and it’s products.
    I love it. The size of the products have been a great size to begin with (I initially thought ...
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  54. Great trial kit


    Lovely set to purchase if you want to try some products from the aspect range. The sample sizes are small but a little goes a long way. I especially loved the phytostat 9. Its one of my favourite products that i have been using for the past two years!
  55. Amazing value for money.


    This kit is a great introduction to Aspect. I love the cleanser, you can feel it stripping off the makeup/dirt but leaving all of the natural oils - the citrus scent is also a bonus.
  56. Great sample kit


    Loved this kit!
    Such a great intro to these products, enough in each sample to really get an idea of which one you do and don’t like.
  57. Awesome kit to try out a bit of everything


    This is a great way to try Aspect products before you buy the full sizes. Even though the serums are small, they really last a long time so you get several uses out of them. I really like all the products I tried in this sample kit. The serums are effective, the moisturiser is great for an everyday moisturiser and the cleanser leaves skin feeling very clean and refreshed.
  58. Cute kit


    Good sample-sized starter pack to try out some products. Also convenient for overnight trips due to the size


    HIGHLY reccomend. Firstly bought two, about to by a few more. Do the maths and you'll figure out they're cheaper to buy in this pack than big sizes ;) LOVE everything. Especially b17 and moisturiser. Great for travel. Great for presents. Just amazing. I love aspect.
    Doesn't break out my super sensitive skin.
  60. Great starter kit


    I love this try me kit. The products lasted longer than I expected, using them between 2-3 times a week. I LOVED the cleanser the most. Going to buy the whole kit again
  61. amazing


    My skin never looked and felt better after only 3 days of using the try me kit. My skin is plump amazingly hydrated and wrinkles reduced. My skin looks radiant and healthy
  62. Great Trial Kit


    I bought this kit as I was keen to up my game and try some quality cosmeceutical skincare. This kit was recommended to me by one of the Adore Beauty staff, and it is a great option! It is reasonably priced for a good selection of Aspect's most popular products and although the products look small, you actually get a few weeks use out of them which was a nice surprise! I really enjoyed the Purastat...
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  63. Good introduction to the brand


    This is a very good way to try the Aspect range. The sizes are generous, so you get a good idea of how it works on your skin. The only gripe I have is that the tubes are so tall and keep toppling over.
  64. Fantastic trial kit


    This is great value for money if you want to try aspect without committing to full price products. I gifted this to my sister as an introduction to the brand and cosmesuticals but will look at repurchasing as a handy travel-size!
  65. Fragranced


    I was so excited to try these but if you are quite sensitive to scents like I am I found these products quite fragranced :( Especially the Phyostat Moisturiser which was slightly scented (again, I am very sensitive to scents and allergic to perfume) and the B Serum which smelt like orange juice. It was a great way to trial the products though and the serums especially were really great, however pr...
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  66. Great little kit


    I love this kit, great way to try products and it provides enough to see if it works for your skin.
    I find it goes on my skin nicely ive got normal to combination/dry, no nasty chemical type smell.

  67. Great kit


    Great Kit to try out some of the products. The products are beautiful and my skin has never looked or felt better.
  68. Small sizes


    The samples are very small, but I did find them to last a long time. I love the cleanser, very gentle on my skin. The moisturiser didn't break me out or irritate my skin
  69. best gift


    I received this gift and this gift set was my introduction to this brand. I love it. If youre looking for a complete skin transformation, this is what you need. I love it!
  70. Good but small


    Liked the products and would buy them again but as others have said, the size it quite small.
  71. Certainly worth it, it's the best way to get an introduction to the Aspect range


    Certainly, worth it, it's the best way to get an introduction to the Aspect range. The samples are a little small, but they're enough to get a sense of what the products are like.
  72. very good


    Another great product from the line. This is a wonderful way to try the range!
  73. great way to try out the brand but these are very small.


    These are tiny! But I ended up purchasing three of the full-sized versions as I found i loved the products. Great way to try out the brand.
  74. good starter


    this is a good starter kit to trial a few aspect products, especially if you have sensitivities
  75. good trial kit


    I ended up liking all three of the products! But I would agree they are a bit small
  76. tiny tiny products


    I found the trial sizes really small, but I did enjoy a product or so I don't regret the purchase
  77. good range


    got this for my sister and a kit that's got a good range of different things to try - she loved it
  78. Worth it


    perfect for when travel around the world
  79. My therapist recommended this to try.


    Bought this try kit to feel what the aspect products are like. So far I have no issues with any of this. Been using for a week now. I wished the cleanser bottle is a little bigger but I recommend you try with the try kit before committing to buy the full size cosmeceuticals products as they are quite expensive and strong on the skin.
  80. Great value for money


    Perfect little starter pack from such an amazing brand. All the products are insanely good and you get to try them all at such an affordable price. Definitely recommend
  81. Such great value for money!


    This is my second time buying this pack and it is so worth the money, there is enough product in each to really give it a good try to see if you like it or to use for your travel pack. It has lead me to buy full size bottles as I know it works well on my skin.
  82. Great products - you'll become addicted!


    I have combination skin so am always looking for a product that will help my congestion and oily and dry/sensetive patches. This kit is a must try. All four products are great! But I'm in love with the cleanser and b serum in this pack! My congestion has reduced and my skin is more evenly balanced after just two weeks using this kit!
  83. Awesome size to trial


    I love that you can trial this range and I’ve been super happy with the results. I LOVE the moisturiser and face wash, haven’t tried the serums as I using something else at the moment. About to purchase a full size of the cream!
  84. A must at the start


    An excellent way to test out this brand and get a sense of what their products are like. Glad I gave it a try as it led me to find more of their incredible products.
  85. Really effective set


    This kit is a great way to try the aspect range! I have pretty oily skin that can be sensitive at times. Would definitely recommend to anyone with a similar skin type! Cleans my face super well and i loved the serums.
  86. Wow


    I bought this and it is the best thing I've ever bought for my skin because i found the Extreme B17 serum and it has transformed my skin - seriously! I like the moisturiser too. I use the cleanser occasionally but I find it harsh and it doesn't clean off make up well. Dont use the vitamin c serum much as i don't need to.
  87. Great trial pack


    I needed to change my skincare products but I have sensitive skin so this intro pack was great for me to trial it without wasting money. I loved it but I found the cleanser irritated my sensitive skin so I switched to asap sensitive cleanser and that works well for me with the other aspect products.
  88. Great intro to aspect


    This is a great kit for starting off with Aspect skincare. Ive been using it for about a week and can already see a difference in my skin. Will be looking to buy some of these products individually next, especially the extreme B17! Good little kit for the price.
  89. Love this


    Great kit that lasted for around 3 weeks using morning and night. Beware though, you will fall in love with the products and I'm currently trying to justify paying so much for the full sizes! Loved the Phytostat - 9 and the serums were just divine, I didn't really use the cleanser and preferred to stay with my current ASAP daily cleanser and exfoliator.
  90. Great way to try out some amazing products


    I’m a huge aspect fan and received this pack in a promotion. I love all of these, particularly the physostat 9 cream which I’ll definitely purchase in the bigger size!
  91. Great to test out these products


    I’m a fan of these products my skin feels clean clear and fresh after using after they are finished will buy the full versions
  92. excellent


    This is such a good face wash!!! it makes my skin feel so clean and soft, it definitely gets all the dirt out and even helps clear my acne I love this so much
  93. good


    You always know within seconds of trying a new product if it is the real thing ....I love this skin care and I am converted ! Thank you Dr Aspect
  94. Great travel sizes


    This pack is an awesome way to introduce yourself to the Aspect brand for a great price or as a backup for traveling.It's a good price point and you get enough to get an idea of whether you like the products before investing in the full sizes..
  95. Great to try or for travel


    I love trial kits for travel minis however this would be prefect to test the brand.
  96. I liked them


    Quite good value for money. I liked these a lot! Good products.
  97. Great sample size


    I bought this to sample the products before making an investment on full sized items. Great value as it lasts for a few weeks, long enough to see results. I’ve since gone on to purchase full size of all.
  98. Good value


    This was a great introduction to aspect products, they’ve won me over .
    The serums have made my skin smooth and glowing .
    I really like the aspect 5 cleanser, I plan to repurchase.
    The cream is soo lovely and a little goes a long way.
  99. Fantastic little bargain


    Fantastic way of trying such incredible products at such an affordable value for money price!!!
  100. Great for travelling


    I've used all of these products in the past and some I continue to use now. This kit is great if you wish to try out the Aspect range because as you only need one pump of each product even the small tubes last for ages, This kit is great for travelling and taking everything you need with you.
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