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Aspect Phytostat 9 50g

4.8 of 121 reviews


4 instalments of $22.45


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4 instalments of $22.45


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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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Aspect Phytostat 9

Aspect Phytostat 9

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4.8 of 121 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

In love!


I am in love with this moisturiser! It’s light, yet moisturising and I get to use it for face, neck and eyes! I have been using it for a few weeks now and notice a great improvement in hydration, and its wintertime! Thanks Aspect!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not the best


Eh, nothing overly amazing. Smells weird but doesn’t stay around for too long. It’s really moisturising but not really for me as it makes my skin feel a little oily.
  1. for dry skin


    this is very moisturising and but isn't too thick or heavy feeling on the skin. I'm not a fan of the smell of the cream however
  2. In love!


    I am in love with this moisturiser! It’s light, yet moisturising and I get to use it for face, neck and eyes! I have been using it for a few weeks now and notice a great improvement in hydration, and its wintertime! Thanks Aspect!
  3. Love everything about it


    Never before did I meet a moisturiser where I liked EVERY thing about it. But now I have. Great packaging, great feel and smell, and results.
  4. Repurchased


    I've recently begun to invest in high quality skin care, and have been hearing great things about Aspect.

    This is my second time purchasing this particular moisturiser. I personally like the smell of the product, I find the consistency to be the perfect balance between light and heavy, and it keeps my skin hydrated all day, and overall looking dewy, I have dry skin naturally, this product really delivers on the moisture without feeling yucky!

    I can't really say I've noticed much in terms of lines or pigmentation, however I never look too closely at this type of thing so that's not to say it hasn't had an effect.
  5. Super lightweight!


    This has got to be one of the best moisturisers I have tried! I have noticed a huge improvement in the pigmentation and hydration of my skin. It sits nicely under makeup and doesn't make me oily throughout the day like a lot of thick moisturisers do.
  6. Good


    highly recommend this moisturiser. I used it day and night. It isn’t too greasy and not to thin. It has definitely been the best mosturiser I have ever used and I have tried many over the years
  7. The best!


    I’ve tried a lot of moisturisers and this is actually THE BEST I have come across. I have dry skin and it is hydrating and perfect under makeup!
  8. Best moisturiser ever


    Very effective, light-weight, professional skin care product that is by far the best I've tried! (And I've tried many) Worth every cent. Skin feels so soft and smooth it's like silk. The dispense method limits the product's contact with air, slowing down the rate at which skin care products generally lose their effectiveness over time. I started using the Aspect brand from recommendation by a skincare professional and I have since tried many of their products. It's definitely designed to be an results-driven and science-based brand.
  9. Good but there’s probably better out there


    I spend a lot on skincare, and don’t really care how much a product costs as long as it’s worth it. This is a good moisturiser but I think you can get a cheaper one that works just as well. I also find that this tub doesn’t last very long for the price point - I usually get 8 weeks out of it.
  10. Best night moisturizer


    I've gone through about 2 jars of this and i love it! It's so hydrating and you can feel that the texture is thick, but it isn't heavy or oily on the skin. Every morning i wake up with brighter and softer skin. Highly recommend!
  11. So nourishing


    Really nourishing moisturiser that cleared up and relieved my dry patches (thanks to retinol use) skin felt instantly plump and hydrated
  12. Best moisturizer I have ever used


    This moisturizer is a must, its the sort that stays on your face all day but is light enough that you don't notice its there. I love it! Best buy
  13. Not the best


    Eh, nothing overly amazing. Smells weird but doesn’t stay around for too long. It’s really moisturising but not really for me as it makes my skin feel a little oily.
  14. Very pleasing product


    I really love this cream. It makes my face look and feel smoother and soft very happy with the results so far.
  15. Lovely


    this product is honestly amazing! It nourishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  16. Hydrating moisturizer


    I like the feel and scent of this moisturiser, it leaves your skin feeling hydrated and supple. Sits well under make-up. A bit expensive though.
  17. excellent


    this product is honestly amazing! It nourishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  18. Great Moisturiser


    I have really dry flaky skin and this product is perfect for me. I long for the dewy skin I see all over insta and this moisturiser does exactly that. I couldn't be happier. + it smells fancy.
  19. Lovely Moisturiser, Absorbs Well


    I purchased Aspect Phytostat 9 after falling pregnant and being unable to use my regular moisturiser. Verdict? It's a lovely night time moisturiser! Is it worth the price? I'm not 100% sure - it's thick and velvety and perfect for night time hydration, but I haven't seen any major improvements in my skin (although that could be because I'm pregnant!). The smell is a little over powering, but the packaging is fantastic to use and it is beautiful to apply. I would probably buy again, but I wouldn't exactly call it my holy grail :)
  20. Smells great and is lovely and moisturising


    This is the second tie I've bought this moisturiser. It comes in an easy pump cylinder and smells great without being overpowering. I use morning and night along with the Jurlique facial oil. They work well together!
  21. Positive


    Lovely scent. Absorbs into your skin very well leaving my face feeling silky soft.
  22. Thick, protective and hydrating


    Phytostat leaves my skin feeling so plump and luscious! A beautician told me not to use it as it was for mature skin but this is one of the best moisturisers I have come across. Needless to say, I did not listen to her this time around!
  23. The best day & night moisturiser ever


    I love this simply because it can be used over the top of any serum both day and night so it's great for travelling only having to take one tub. It's also incredibly soothing and hydrating. I reorder this all the time.
  24. Nice product


    I used this moisturiser years ago and it doesn’t feel as a thick and creamy as before. It is still a nice moisturiser with a great smell and the jar design is awesome as your not dipping your fingers into the cream. Personally I prefer something a little creamier for winter and at night so for me this is probably better suited to the warmer months.
    Still a good product and considering its a 50ml jar it is still great value for a high end moisturiser. Overall ASPECT have great products and are worth a try.
  25. My favorite cream!


    I’ve always had dry skin and it’s really hard to find something that actually works and makes my skin feel hydrated - this has been an absolute lifesaver! It feels like a day spa to me and so luxurious - love using it so much! My skin is actually soft now! I use it at night time after a serum. I’ve recommended to all of my friends!
  26. Really firming


    Really nourishing and firming, worth the price as I feel I don't need serums to amplify it.
  27. Perfect


    I’ve been using this for around 2 years. After years of Rosceca and over sensitised skin I finally I found a moisturiser that is great for dry skin that I don’t react to.
  28. Very hydrating


    This leaves my face soft and hydrated. I have oily/dry skin and it doesn’t leave me oily or greasy.
    It’s beautiful under makeup as well.
  29. good


    Who wouldn’t want the skin tone of a 2 year old right! Light but also super moisture rich and non clogging. Haven’t had skin this good in a long time
  30. Highly recommend


    I am super happy with the Aspect Phytostat 9. It smells delicious and has been fantastic on my skin both day and night. I have now been using Aspect for around 3 months and have noticed a significant difference.
  31. Best product ever


    I’ve recently converted to Aspect products as a couple of friends had mentioned this brand to me. I thought I’d start with something I could use day & night so I started with the Phytostat 9 and I have to say it is by far the best product I have ever used. It’s moisturising when you put it on then within a couple of minutes it’s ansorbed but your skin is left dewy - not oily.

    The packaging is also superb.
  32. Not my favourite


    For the price I expected wow factor, but alas I’m left underwhelmed. It smells a bit weird, and that lingers for some time. It feels very rich but I’m not sure on the long term benefits yet
  33. Great moisturiser


    I have really dry flaky skin and this product is perfect for me. I long for the dewy skin I see all over insta and this moisturiser does exactly that. I couldn't be happier. + it smells fancy.
  34. Extremely rich


    This is an extremely rich moisturiser. It has a bit of a funky smell, I kind of like it though. It thick but not heavy. Makes my skin look very nice and well hydrated. I am currently using it ontop on Cosmedix affirm and I haven’t had any issues
  35. Creamy


    I purchased this cream based on the benefits that its supposed to deliver...reducing fine lines, skin pigmentation etc... After 3 - 4 weeks of usage i have not noticed any change in my skin. I had been using alpha H prior to switching to this product and i have to say i prefer alpha h. This moisturizer feels nice on the skin, glides on and seeps into the skin relatively quickly but that's about all it did for me. If its wrinkle reduction your after, for me, it didn't do anything to soften my fine lines as i was hoping it would.
  36. Good but pricey


    This moisturiser is heavenly and luxe. I wish I could afford to use it all the time, but it is definitely a beautiful treat that leaves skin so so soft. Lasts a long time too.
  37. The best day/night cream EVER


    I have this cream on repeat order - it can be used day and night so is great for travelling not having to carry around two separate creams and also for reducing the amount of products in my beauty cabinet. It's smooth cream/gel consistency - leaves zero residue and has no scent. It sinks into the skin beautifully and even 12 hours later my skin still feels nourished. It's amazing.
  38. Aspect Phytostat 9


    This product is definitely on the pricey end but it's absolutely worth it. I use it every night and when I wake up my skin looks great and feels moisturised. Packaging is also nice and hygienic. The tub probably lasts me about 30-4 months if I use it every night. It's definitely a luxury but is worth it if you can afford.
  39. Great moisturiser


    I used this for a couple of years to help treat my acne prone skin and it did an amazing job. The packaging is hygienic and the tub lasts for ages, which helps to justify the price. I took a couple of stars off because the price is prohibitive for many people and I've found that the Cerave Facial moisturiser does just as good a job for less than half the price. In saying that, it is lovely to use so if you can afford it, it is a nice product.


    I have very sensitive, dry and reactive skin... I also suffer from eczema! at first I thought this moisturiser was too light weight, as I would love to slap Vaseline on my skin but this moisturiser in just ONE WEEK... has transformed my dry, cracked, splitting skin into soft baby skin... no more rough patches of eczema !!! Thank u thank u thank u
  41. Soft skin in a tub


    This moisteriser is amazing. My skin is usually normal to dry. It is very hydrating but not thick and tacky. Makes my skin unbelievably soft and subtle. The packaging is great as it allows you to only dispense the amount you need in a hygienic way. A little goes quite a long way. Slowly trying to find my list of holy grail products and this is the winner for a moisteriser! Thanks for the recommendation on the Insta live!
  42. plumping


    My aged skin is feeling plump and refreshed, lovely product
  43. The holy grail


    This is by far the best moisturiser I have ever used. I can use it at night, or in the morning with or without make up. It absorbs so easily, and a little goes a long way. It lasts forever and is absolutely worth the price as it treats your skin while you use it. It stopped so many breakouts and whenever I stray from it and use another brand I regret it. If you’re on the fence due to the price, I 100% say hands down this moisturiser is worth it. If I doubt get it in one of their kits first to try it!
  44. The beat moisturiser


    This is by far my favourite moisturiser! Skin always feels silky and soft and so much brighter after using it! Must have product for everyone
  45. Excellent product


    Received a sample of some aspect products with another Adore purchase and enjoyed them so much I decided to explore the range.
    I have sensitive dry skin and have to be very careful with skincare and makeup.
    This product is beautiful. It can feel a little heavy at first, however it will melt in to leave your skin plump and smooth. I use this twice daily and am hooked. The jar has been going for 3 months now with twice daily use which demonstrates great value in my mind.
  46. Knows what I need more than I do!


    I love how this smart moisturiser adapts to give your skin just what you need. No matter if my skin feels dehydrated or has broken out or is sensitised, I put this moisturiser on overnight and my skin is just better by morning! Also easy to use in the AM as it sits well under makeup and doesn’t pill! Wow. Love this.
  47. Good


    Best moisturiser I've ever used, and great value too. I live in a very dry climate, and Phytostat is the only moisturizer I've tried that keeps my skin feeling hydrated all day, without having to slather multiple layers on. It seems to work best when applied both AM and PM.
  48. HOLY GRAIL - GOAT Moisturiser


    I have been using this moisturiser for a decade now - I started using it on the advice of a beautician when I was suffering from hormonal acne and it changed my life. My acne cleared up rapidly, and I have never been without it since. It is perfect if you have oily/combination skin as it is thoroughly hydrating but NOT oily, it is perfect for day and night routines, it goes on nicely under makeup without appearing oily, and it does not irritate the skin like so many moisturisers do. It has no nasty ingredients, it is very soothing. I also recommend the Aspect SMC for dryer skin types or if you want to really hydrate your skin, although this is not ideal for underneath makeup.
  49. Amazing


    This has quickly become one of my most favourite moisturizers. Quickly absorbed, hydrating and makes my skin feel and look superb!
  50. The best!


    I've been using this for over 2 years now. It is seriously the best moisteriser I have ever used. My skin feels so good after using it!
  51. Fantastic moisturiser - wish it wasn't so expensive!


    Skin type: Combination skin ; Age:25-30 ; Non-smoker
    I've used this moisturiser for years and it has never disappointed me. It is hydrating, light and has a beautiful texture. It smells great too. I apply this after serums and it seals them into my skin. The only reason downside is the price.

  52. Amazing moisturiser


    I just love this moisturiser it absorbs right into the skin and leaves the skin feeling soft. I will definitely keep repurchasing this one
  53. Perfection


    This product is great for my sensitive skin and really leaves me feeling hydrated and moisturised. It's so smooth and definitely a new favourite, only a shame it’s so expensive.
  54. Beautiful


    I have never met a moisturiser like this one, its so rich and beautiful. It sinks into the skin wonderfully and doesn't leave an oily film like some rich creams. It's exquisite.
  55. Fav moisturiser of all time


    This is my go to moisturiser. No other has kept my skin so hydrated and feeling as great as this one. Sometimes I don't want to fork out the cash, and have a look at ordering something a little cheaper but stop myself. If you're wondering if you should go for it or not, definitely do it. You won't regret.
  56. Positive Results


    I’ve been using Aspect Phytostat 9 for 5 years & the results are all positive. It crosses all of your T ‘s & dots all I’s it’s super hydrating & so convenient being a night, neck & eye cream. Love it!!!
  57. Makes the skin feel soft!


    Makes my skin feel so soft but not overly oily. Easy to apply I like the pump pack and I like that you can open it up to get every last bit out.
  58. dense moisturiser


    aspect packaging is amazing, this one in particular. Just push the lid down to dispense the cream, great at getting the right amount. Rich in moisture, only need to use a little amount.
  59. Gorgeous moisturiser


    Absolutely love this moisturiser!! Skin was instantly soft and supple and hydrated
  60. So glad I found this!


    For years I've telling my beauty therapist that I needed a moisturizer that was richer and denser than what I had been using (to meet the needs of my 40+ skin). I always felt my feedback was ignored, so I took matters into my own hands and found this on Adore Beauty. So glad I did! This is everything I had been looking for - it doesn't aggravate my skin, it's thick and nourishing and my skin feels smoother and hydrated. Love it!
  61. Glowing


    I adore this moisturiser, as soon as I started using it, my skin felt so supple and dewy. I will use this as a staple to my beauty routine! So happy I came across phytostat! Recommend highly!
  62. Love this moisturiser


    I’ve been using it for 3 weeks, and already my skin is looking amazing, I can’t believe how poor my skin was before this xx
  63. moisturising & lightwieght


    I love this moisturiser. My skin is prone to dryness from sun exposure and salt from the sea so I love using this morning and night. Its lightweight so doubles as an eye cream. I was using this is conjunction with aspects retinol PM and Vitamin C serum AM and I found my skin to be hydrated and smooth. If you have dry dehydrated skin and are worried about fine lines I would use this with the serums and you will notice a difference in your skins texture after a few weeks.
  64. Best Moisturiser Ever!!


    I have really sensitive skin and this is the first moisturiser that I have found that effectively moisturises my skin without breaking out or leaving it red.
    This moisturiser is a really nice texture and you can use both in the morning and at night. It is light enough to put on underneath makeup.

    My skin feels glowing after using this moisturiser. Prior to using it my skin was visibly dehydrated and dry with flaky patches around my chin. My skin is now clear, hydrated and glows!! Would absolutely highly recommend to anyone.
  65. My favourite


    I purchased this product a year ago and loved it instantly. I love trying out lots of different brands so decided not to repurchase when it was empty. After testing other moisturisers, I’m back to using my favourite, Aspect.
    I have dry/sensitive skin and this product instantly hydrates without feeling too goopy or shiny.
    Yes it’s more expensive than other products but it makes my skin happy so why not!
  66. Excellent product


    I had very dehydrated skin that needed nourishing and my facialist recommended me this product! It’s absoloitley amazing and I 100% would recommend it to others!
  67. Wow. Game changer!


    I consider myself a skincare snob and have tried just about every cosmeceutical moisturiser on the market.
    This could quite possibly be my next HG.
    I purchases this as part of the trial kit. I have wanting to try aspect for a while but have never really wanted to commit until I try. I'm a sample lover!

    So what can I say. Simply outstanding!
    The texture on my combo skin is absolutely to die for. The smell. Everything is great.

    Cannot wait to finish my line up that I have stocked up of moisturisers so I can't purchase a full size of this.
    Try it. You will not regret it!
  68. Just perfect


    I have finally found a moisturiser that isn't too greasy for my skin. I have dry skin and in my 50's. A lot of the moisturisers recommended to me leaves my skin very greasy and then when i put make up on as well for work, leaves quite oily. I used one jar and now ordering my second. Just love it.
  69. Hydrates skin


    Great moisturiser, leaves skin hydrated.
    Doesn't go a long way, but only a small amount needed.
  70. Like a tall glass of water


    Putting this on your skin is like relief - even if your skin isn't dry. It is so beautifully absorbed, nourishing but never too thick. Some very nourishing creams feel like you are 'sweating' under them in the hot weather, but this one sinks in beautifully.
  71. Fantastic hydrating moisturiser


    I thought I had to buy something like la prairie or la mer to get a great moisturiser but this one, is cost effective and amazing! As soon as it is on my skin, the difference is outstanding and I’m in absolute love!
  72. Can’t live without it


    Once you try this, no other will feel the same. I have sensitive skin and using this with an aspect cleanser has saved my skin. I now wear less foundation because my skin is clearer, brighter and even tone.
    A little more pricey, but worth it.
  73. Very moisturizing and refreshing


    Really liking this moisturizer so far. It is moisturizing and feels fresh on my face. It seems to be a good base for make up and hasn't broken me out yet. I like the way that it dispenses from the jar in a squeeze - very hygienic!
  74. Would recommend!

    Samantha - Adore Beauty Staff

    This beautifully rich cream has a lovely texture and really hydrated my skin without feeling too heavy. Sometimes these rich creams can make my skin breakout, but so far so good! Would recommend to anyone struggling with dry skin.
  75. Love it!


    Love this moisturiser, keeps you hydrated, not oily and only issue is with the packaging you don’t know when you are close to finishing up. Will buy again.
  76. Received sample and loved!


    This came as a bonus gift when purchasing Phytostat Pigment Punch and I absolutely loved it! I have never used such a hydrating, smooth moisturiser before. You only need a small amount so mine lasted a long time.
  77. Completely changed my problematic skin!


    I have suffered from acne for years and my skin therapist put me on Aspect and the Phytostat moisturiser is by far my favourite product! It smells amazing and feels great on my skin, without leaving an oily or sticky residue.... definitely worth the money!

  78. Miracle cream - love it!


    I really like this. It smells great, and it really helps my skin to look hydrated. The cream is thick without being too heavy and has a nice scent that isn't too overbearing. Definitely recommend.
  79. Really happy with this moisturiser


    With combination skin, and a massive problem with adult acne, it can be really hard to find a moisturiser that is suitable. This one is lovely, great coverage, doesn't block my pores, and I love the way it dispenses (so easy to get the right amount). Really happy with my purchase.
  80. Glides on


    Lovely to use. My skin feels smooth and plump. This product is now a staple in my skin routine
  81. Great as a night cream


    I use this as my night cream as I found it to be too heavy as my day cream. Works a treat along side my luna oil
  82. value for money


    Ive been using La Mer soft cream for a while & was looking for something cheaper but still effective for my skin type. This brand was recommended by a dermatologist. It does not disappoint. I saw the difference after first application. It can be used as an eye cream too. Now my husband is using it too.
  83. Love It


    I use this along with a few other products but I absolutely love it. It does what it says it does and makes my skin super soft. I swear it plumps my skin and my fine lines are reduced. Have only used for 2 weeks so far but am very happy with it and interested in trying more of the Aspect range.
  84. Wonderful product


    An amazing product, its for older skin but I use it now and love it. its definitley strong but also amazing hydrating and soft.
  85. Hydrating


    I have really dry skin and was having trouble wearing makeup without it going all cacky and sticking to the dry areas of my face. I rate this moisteriser because it is nice and hydrating (applying morning and night) and because I like that it is a thicker cream than other moisturisers I've used. My eyes are quite sensitive but I have not had a problem with using this moisteriser. I don't know much about skincare but I rate this moisturiser similarly to the Alpha-H essential hydration cream.
  86. Absolutely love this moisturiser to complete your skin regime


    This moisturiser feels amazing on your skin and is the perfect product to complete your skin regime. Would highly recommend for combination to oily skin types.
  87. Found my moisturiser after years of searching

    Time for New Skin

    I have adult hormonal acne skin, in my early 30s, with sensitivity and get easily congested. But had fine lines creeping in that needed a proper moisturiser. I tried so many, with no luck. But then this moisturiser was recommended to me by a specialist and I love it!

    It moisturises without clogging my skin. I feel hydrated but without a heavy residue. I use it morning and night (and a serum underneath but not necessary), with a single pump to cover my face, neck and chest. I've been using it for three months at the time of writing this :)
  88. Great product


    I love this moisturiser, I have cystic acne and my pores get clocked easily but this product doesn't break me out and makes my skin look healthier and better. I love Aspect products
  89. Excellent for dry skin


    I love this product. I have dry/sensitive skin and find this moisturiser really nourishing. I love it as both a daycream underneath my makeup and also at night. I love the clever pump too.
  90. Love this moisturiser


    This is the best all rounder out there. I had a break and tried a slightly cheaper option and it just didn’t compare so I’ve gone back to old faithful. I’m 42 so I need products that meet the demands of aging skin and this one is a winner
  91. Lovely, non-greasy moisturiser


    Aspect make some good products - they're not the cheapest but the quality is definitely there. This is a lovely, non-greasy moisturiser, which works well on my slightly dry skin and around the eyes. It's light enough that you can use it all year round. I don't use it every day as it's quite expensive but it is fantastic all the same. The packing is great too - I often sheer out cream foundation with Phytostat 9 right on the top of the dispenser. Highly recommended for those with normal to dry skin.
  92. In love


    I don’t care how much this costs I will continue buying. I have spent way more on moisturisers in the past and has not been half as good. I don’t find this pricey. I use this as night moisturiser. Skin feels softer and plumper and so nice. Still moisturised the next morning. Beautiful scent too. LOVE
  93. Skin feels so hydrated and silky


    I have been using this as my night cream and sometimes my day cream and my skin has felt so hydrated and overtime has the glow back in it! You don’t feel greasy but hydrated instantly
  94. Beautiful - But $$$

    Emma B

    I want to love this product so much!

    It leaves my skin so soft, and beautiful, and plump. But it's so expensive.

    If you have the money then this is a great product for you to refill every 3 months.

    I don't love the pump either,

    But I do love the product.
  95. Feels rich but suits my oily skin

    Rebecca (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is my favourite go-to everyday moisturiser. It has no smell, is nice and thick in texture but doesn’t leave any greasiness on my oily skin. I thought at first that it would be too rich for my skin, as I usually have to stick to more lightweight formulas but it absorbs quickly and just leaves my skin smooth and little bit plump. It ticks all the boxes for me but I have to be a little careful with the push down dispenser so I can make sure it lasts as long as possible.
  96. Wish


    I love this product, its gentle yet effective, I use it daily. Its rich but no greasy so good for my ageing skin. However I wish they have a even richer version of this for more dehydrated skin. Still very happy with the product.
  97. Beautiful product - definitely recommend


    I bought this moisturiser a few months ago and I'm in love with it.

    I haven't used this line before and will definitely be looking at their other products.

    I have combination skin so needed a moisturiser that wasn't too heavy but still has good moisture. It has a soft and not overpowering smell and a little goes a long way. I have also found it good in the winter months, enough moisture to keep me from getting dry skin around my chin, which is usually what happens. I'm confident it will be perfect for summer as well as it's not heavy.

    Will definitely be buying this again!
  98. Hydrating goodness


    This leaves your skin soft and supple with a dewy look.
    This is wonderful mixed with a vitamin C serum and for anyone with dry/tired skin
  99. Excellent for Ageing Skin

    Roxy Bella

    I am 54 and with my combo skin I am loving this moisturiser. In conjunction with the C Serum and cleansers. The moisturiser is great consistency providing enough hydration with no greasiness. The products sinks in and doesn’t sit on top. I feel hydrated and my skin feels tighter also.
  100. Amazing


    Absolutely love this product. Feels amazing on my skin and sinks in so nicely. Great moisturiser for dry and dehydrated skin!
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