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Aspect Phytostat 9 50g

4.7 of 225 reviews


4 instalments of $22.45


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4 instalments of $22.45


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Aspect Phytostat 9 is an emollient anti-ageing treatment moisturiser ideal for dry and dehydrated skin. This 4 in 1 intense moisturiser adjusts to the specific need of your skin, restoring vital moisture and fighting visible signs of ageing. This intelligent face cream can be used on all areas of the face and neck, including around the eyes. 

  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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Aspect Phytostat 9

Aspect Phytostat 9

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4.7 of 225 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Beautiful moisturiser


Beautiful moisturiser. I am early 30s slightly oily to combination skin type. I use actives morning and night. This moisturiser is no fuss as you can use it even around the eyes. It us soothing and leaves you hydrated, smooth and fresh. I use it day and night. I have repurchased a number of times and will continue to do so.

Most Helpful Criticism



I really struggle with this cream - I bought it after getting the serums from my beautician, which I love for my skin, but I hate this cream. Mostly because of the smell - I find it really overpowering.
  1. Beautiful moisturiser


    Beautiful moisturiser. I am early 30s slightly oily to combination skin type. I use actives morning and night. This moisturiser is no fuss as you can use it even around the eyes. It us soothing and leaves you hydrated, smooth and fresh. I use it day and night. I have repurchased a number of times and will continue to do so.
  2. Light and fast absorbing


    Perfect moisturiser for my combination, acne prone skin as it is light enough to wear during the day and hydrating for over night wear. Love the pump too. If I have the budget I'd definitely be buying this regularly.
  3. Not for me


    verified purchaser
    This moisturiser was too rich for my skin. I had to stop using it after only a few days as it left my skin oily and irritated the area around my eyes. I have normal skin with the occasional breakout and this broke me out. May be better suited for dryer skin
  4. Great moisturiser


    I work in extreme air conditioning and my skin is so dry all the time.
    I bought the aspect starter kit and I'm won over.
    What great products.
    The phytostat 9 moisturiser does what a lot are lacking.
    My skin feels so nourished till next application.
    I thoroughly recommend this product and see a huge decline in my skin clarity when I run out.
    Love aspect produ...
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  5. Great for dehydrated skin


    My skin is glowing and so incredibly soft after using this cream. I love Aspect.
  6. Good product


    Good moisturiser. Leaves the skin feeling hydrated and radiant
  7. My favourite lightweight moisturiser


    One of my girlfriends had told me about this product and how much she really liked it. I considered buying it but the price was stopping me. I got a sample when i purchased some other products and within a week of using it my skin feel's so much nicer.
    The packaging is amazing, and love the push part at the top.
  8. Great for dry skin


    Can’t believe when I got this as a free sample. It feels so luxurious on my skin. I wake up in the morning looking refreshed . I am also impressed with the pump jar. This means the cream is not exposed to the air when the jar is opened.
  9. The moisturiser I didn’t know I needed


    I was in the market for a great all round moisturiser after using chemist brands and Clinique I was ready to use something that would give me more! I heard about this on the beauty iQ podcast and gave it a go, it’s lovely and silky and perfectly hydrating, it’s great for morning or night as it soaks into the skin beautifully.
  10. Repurchasable


    This product is divine, nourishing, soothing and anti-redness. I will continue to repurchase this time and time again. I'm onto my third bottle.

    If you haven't tried this, its on the thicker side of a lotion. Can be used morning and night. I do tend to prefer it for day time, as i like something a bit heavier for night time. However during the warm months, its fantastic and light for...
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  11. Everything you want in a moisturiser


    A brilliant moisturiser. Hydrating, make up goes well over top at day, feels nourishing at night. Not as thick as some other emollient moisturisers I’ve tried, a nice texture. Not too heavily perfumed, try it!
  12. Ideal for the eye area


    I received this as a gift and I have been using it around my eye area. It is a lovely product and I am very pleased with it. I tend to have black areas under my eyes and I am using this and another product to help.
  13. The best!


    I started using this moisturiser a year ago and haven't looked back. Even though its formulated for dry and dehydrated skin, it works really well on my combination skin. Its not too thick and heavy but definitely moisturising!
  14. Hydrating moisturiser


    I really like this moisturiser. It's really hydrating and great for day or night. I haven't seen any anti-ageing benefits as yet, but I really appreciate how hygienic this packaging is and wish every company would package their moisturisers like this! It has quite a strong smell, so those that are sensitive to scents may not enjoy this product.
  15. Ok - just not for me


    Nice solid moisturiser, I found that both myself and my husband got VERY red sore faces after using this. The texture was lovely, but the redness/irritation it caused in our skin just wasn't the right fit for us.

    I've since gone to Skinceuticals Emollience and love it.
  16. Hydrating and Lovely


    This moisturiser is really nice, it moisturises my skin well and smells nice. I have heard a lot of people hate the smell but I like it and it’s so hydrating so it’s worth it even if you don’t like the smell. I received this free with a purchase and will buy the full size soon.
  17. Hydrating & Plumping


    I have quite dehydrated and dry skin, and had been searching for a moisturizer all winter to combat it. This definitely has!
    Since using my skin doesn't feel dry at all, and looks fresh and glowy. I can definitely feel the difference too - my skin feels plumper and firmer.
    My only complaint is it doesn't last as long as I would like, which higher end brands should do. Still worth the...
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  18. Best face moisturiser


    I decided to make the switch after speaking to skin specialist (Tegan.Mac). I am always careful trying your face moisturizers as I can react easily. The Phytostat cream is beautifull, great for night time as it is a little thicker. It has a beautiful natural scent.
  19. I'm unsure


    I have dry, but not sensitive skin but I struggle with this cream. I love, love, love the smell and texture but every time I use it my cheeks go bright red. It's so weird. It tingles, which is fine, but then I look like a lobster. If I use it on consecutive days, I seems to develop something that looks like rosacea. It eventually goes away, but reappears when I use this cream again.
  20. Okay moisturiser


    Received a sample of this with my order. I have sensitive skin and this was okay for me. No irritation. It was quite hydrating. But my favourite moisturiser is still Olay.
  21. Much better then expected


    I have dry and sensitive skin and have never found a moisturiser that I really liked before. This has been amazingly hydrating and overall my skin is softer, smoother and brighter since I’ve been using this. I just bought my second jar and will continue to use.
  22. A great moisturiser


    I've been using this morning and night since I got it and I really like it. It tingles a little at first but I haven't had any issues (and my skin is quite reactive). I'll buy it again!
  23. My skin saviour


    I was really worried for my skin in the winter cause nothing was working for me. I have an oily Tzone which tends to get dehydrated and flakey in the winter so no of the moisturiser was working for me until I get the hand on this. I was bit skeptical to buy this as this price range is bit expensive for me. With lots of good review and the 20% off scheme, I thought to give it a try and oh boy! I do...
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  24. Wow


    wow, such a great moisturiser! it was indeed very hydrating & improved the texture of my face & glowed me up. I would recommend it a lot.
  25. Effective lightweight moisturiser


    This moisturiser is nice and light and soaks well into the skin, my only complaint is the smell, it is quite strong! I would avoid if you are sensitive to fragrance, besides this it is a great moisturiser.
  26. Solid moisturiser


    I find this moisturiser good for my oily skin - it doesn't necessarily feel luxurious or over the top - just a simple good moisturiser. I absolutely LOVE the packaging, the pump mechanism is fantastic. Would I repurchase? I hope so, but maybe only when on sale!
  27. Will definitely repurchase!


    Have been eyeing this off for a very long time now, patiently waiting for my current moisturiser to run out so I have an excuse to buy this. It’s like adore read my mind as they put out this product as a free gift with purchase!!! It’s so lovely and I can’t wait to purchase the full size
  28. Wanted to love this cream...


    It was a surprise when i received this cream because the packaging is amazing!!!my favorite cream which is murad retinol cream also use this kind of packaging to make sure the ingredients didn't lose power caused by the environment like humidity. However i hate the scent just like i don't like most scents of aspect products. I was so struggle because i know this is a good brand!!
  29. A top notch moisturiser


    This moisturiser is a lovely silky texture that sinks into the skin seamlessly. It’s the perfect moisturiser for summer.
  30. Great


    This moisturiser has helped improve my dry and dehydrated skin a lot
  31. Great for all skin types


    I battle with dehyrated/dry skin that is prone to sensitivity & I love this moisturiser! It's super nourishing without being too thick & absorbs nicely into the skin. Sits well with all the other products in my routine & great under makeup too. It's a no fuss and no brainer!!
  32. My favourite moisturiser


    I purchased this moisturiser after hearing Jo talk about it on the pod cast. I am a huge fan. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and the texture is perfect. It is absorbed really quickly. I use morning and night and it’s perfect before makeup (and sunscreen). Definitely worth the money and I will re-purchase.
  33. Not my fave


    Purchased this because the girls On the podcast highly recommended. Not the best for dry skin
  34. Good moisturiser


    Great moisturiser for what I needed. I have oily and dry skin and wanted a slightly heavier moisturiser compared to my oil-free ones. Didn't make me break out. Smells great.
  35. Big fan!


    This moisturiser blows my mind. It has transformed my skin. My skin used to look so lifeless and dull. Now it looks moistures, dewy and lovely. I love this and I love the gentle smell it has.
  36. Cannot live without this - have used for 10 years and still the best on the market


    I cannot rave about this moisturiser enough - it saved my skin from the worst hormonal acne, and I have not gone a day without it in ten years. It is a penny well spent and if you need one product in your regime its this. All of Aspect's skincare is the highest possible concentration and pure cosmeceutical ingredients on the market. I'm so glad I listened to the beauty therapist who pushed it on m...
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  37. Love this...


    I love this cream. At first I thought it was a bit heavy but it settles so well and I feel it really protects my skin from dehydration caused by air conditioning... It works beautifully after using the Aspect B 17 and Extreme C 20 serums!
  38. In.Love.


    It's a luxurious cream that seems like it would leave your face greasy, but it sinks in so perfectly, & smooths your face. I ran out, was using something else in the interim, & so noticed how much I NEED this cream! When I replaced the other day, & used it again, the difference in my skin is so noticeable. Less textured.

    And the smell is so intoxicating. SO many creams out there smel...
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  39. The Best Switch!


    I swapped to using the Phytostat 9 from the Sheer Hydration a few months ago.

    I noticed in a week a difference in my skin. It's just so much plumper and soft but also thicker... if that makes sense. I just feel like this is the perfect moisturiser it's lightweight but very hydrating.

    The packaging is pretty sleek as well the only problem is one you can't see how much you...
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  40. Super hydrating


    Very hydrating and I love using this at night time. It has a very strong smell to it, so I don’t like using it during the day, but at night it’s fine.
    Love the packaging and pump mechanism.
  41. Amazing!


    It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards.
  42. Recent Convert


    I recently purchased this product after listening to the podcast. My skin is very dehydrated and has suffered throughout my most recent pregnancy. I have seen an Immediate change in my skin with my deep smile lines plumped out and definitely more hydration overall so my skin looks more awake and fresh! I’ve been using day & night and have recommended to my family. The dispensing mechanism is gr...
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  43. Not for me


    I read the rave reviews of this product and was excited to try it, but my face just hated it! I have sensitive skin and I reacted quite badly to the moisturiser, despite following the instructions carefully. The smell is not nice and really overpowering, even if I had not reacted I don't think I would have continued using it because I really couldn't stand the smell. I will say that I have been us...
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  44. Yep, it's good!


    Just like all the reviews say, this product is fab. Hydrating but not gluggy... and it smells amazing. I actually got some for my mum as I loved it so much!
  45. Nice moisturiser


    This moisturiser is a little expensive but it does a good job of hydrating the skin and absorbs nicely. I love the packaging with the pop-up top for not letting bacteria or air into the product. They should make the packaging recyclable though. All in all, it's a good moisturiser but a little expensive for what it is.
  46. Scent or formula change?


    I love love love phytostat but have recently received one in the new aspect packaging....it smells different, I personally don’t like it. Not sure if the formula has been changed but I really don’t want to look for another moisturiser as I love this but the smell is gross.
  47. The Perfect Night Cream!


    Perfect night moisturiser which was recommended to me by my beautician. Absorbs quickly and leaves you with hydrated skin in the morning. Doesn't aggravate my sensitive skin which is a big plus! Worth the higher price tag.
  48. Don't hesitate just buy


    I had been wanting to buy this moisturizer for so long. Every time i'd go to I was a bit hesitant because of the price. Well let me tell you it is WELL WORTH IT. From the moment I put it on my face I was in love. My skin feels amazing, is well hydrated and sits perfectly under my makeup. I've noticed a huge difference if not only how my skin feels but how plump and hydrated it is. Don't be like me...
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  49. Holy Grail!!!


    This moisturiser SEEMS super thick & rich but it sits so well!! I have sensitive/acne prone skin & this is one of the only hydrating moisturisers that doesn’t flare it up. I bounce between phytostat, aspect spf, asap night cream.
    I use this on my eyes also. Love it!!! Would highly recommend. Worth the high price.
  50. Super hydrating


    I use this with PCA hydrating serum and cosmedix remedy oil, I cannot get over how amazingly plump and hydrated my skin is now. I’ve never been able to apply makeup that’s not flakey from having such dry skin until now. This moisturiser has made a huge difference to my skin
  51. Great Night Moisturiser!


    I was convinced to try this moisturiser after hearing so many good things about it on the Beauty IQ podcast, and I'm really glad I did. I usually steer clear of moisturisers that are marketed at dry/dehydrated skin as I'm more on the oily side prone to breakouts, but I never seem to have enough moisture in my skin at night. Enter Phytostat 9! This is my perfect night moisturiser, it feels so light...
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  52. Great


    A great moisturizer.
    I have moved onto something else but would def use this again in future.
    Never broke me out or caused sensitivity
  53. Great addition to my skincare line up!


    I bought this following the recommendation from the Beauty IQ Podcast! Great recommendation! I am a big fan of peptides in skincare and this moisturiser is super moisturising and hydrating.
  54. Love it


    I have ageing skin with a few issues with the occasional blemish. I love this cream. The pump dispenser makes it last for ages and a little goes a long way. It feels nice when it's going on and moisturizes well. I am about to buy some more :)
  55. My go to moisturiser


    I have tried other moisturizers but I always come back to this. I'm now on my third bottle and whether it's my night for retinol use or exfoliation I never have any issues if I apply this afterwards. I have naturally dry skin and I can definitely recommend, it's certainly worth the price.
  56. Amazing


    I ordered this moisturiser after hearing about it off the beauty IQ podcast and I absolutely love it!
    I legit used it twice and was hungover and got a compliment on my skin.. if that’s not a *add to cart immediately than I don’t know what is.
    Perfect for summer too as it’s not heavy on the skin.
  57. Great product


    I tried this product after hearing Johanna talk about it on social media and podcast. I have only been using it for a few days and love it. It doesn’t feel heavy when applying or oily which a lot of hydrating moisturisers can dee like. It has a slight fragrance but not strong, kind of a clean scent. I love the air pump design- so much more hygienic. Will definitely be buying again.
  58. My absolute favourite product!


    I remember the first time I put this on to my skin after being suggested it by a friend. The smell, the thickness whilst also being light weight, the way my face felt like it had been given a big hug, it was just a memorable moment! Not to mention the way my skin has been since using it, everything looks clearer and nourished. Having ran out of the product recently, I rushed to buy another tub, as...
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  59. Lovely moisturiser


    I love the feel of this moisturiser. Nourishing yet not heavy.
    I have combination skin and find that it moisturises well considering different parts of my face has different needs.
  60. It is okay..


    I wanted to love this - I had heard really good things about it, but I don't like the level of fragrance it has in it and it isn't very hydrating. There is nothing terrible about it, I just wasn't impressed. The airless pump packaging is good though.
  61. Too good to be true


    My sensitive skin just soaks this lovely moisturiser up.
    Its soothing and deeply hydrating but can be worn during the day and at night.
    Versatile and lovely under makeup
  62. Lovely evening finish


    I love the finish and hydration this product offers. It's not too light or heavy. I don't love the smell but won't be enough to stop me from reordering.
  63. A lovely moisturiser


    I love this moisturiser so much. It's non greasy, absorbs quickly and keeps my skin soft and supple. I use if every morning and it has helped with keeping my skin plumper.
  64. Cannot live without - holy grail product


    This product saved me when I wanted to put a paper bag over my head! Cured my breakouts and rebalanced my angry hormonal acne. Now, I cannot go without it morning and night. Intensely hydrating but not oily/shiny.
  65. Hydration god send


    Love this - it has helped repair my dehydrated skin so quickly! My skin was damaged and scarred from severe hormonal acne and I made it worse by only using actives! This is helping give my skin hydration boost it really needs! Highly recommend.
  66. My all time favourite moisturiser


    This is my favourite moisturising cream. It is beautiful thick and creamy and really plumps out and hydrates my skin. It is absolutely beautiful and I will forever repurchase and use this one
  67. On repeat order


    I truly have never found a moisturiser that compares to this - is a beautiful day and night cream and when my skin is being a bit finicky, it's the only moisturiser that will calm it down. Zero residue or stickiness. 10/10!
  68. Rich cream


    My favourite night time moisturizer. It’s so rich and beautiful. I always use this after my serums and my skin has been looking better than ever.
  69. Amazing everyday moisturizer.


    I have been using this product for two years now and it is definitely a great all rounder moisturizer for all skin types. It has a rich creamy texture and instantly makes your skin feel moist, hydrated and plump. My sunscreen and foundation also sit perfectly on top! Sometimes I struggle with moisturizers making my skin a little shiny but for me Aspect Phytostat 9 has more of a creamy mattifying e...
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  70. Best moisturizer ever!!


    I have been on the hunt for a lightweight moisturizer that I can't feel on my face but keeps it nourished all day and this has hit the mark in every way.
    The texture is a thick white consistency, one pump goes a long way.
    The packing is quite bulky but it is worth the money you get a few months out of it
    I like that the pump mechanism gives you exact amounts each time and the pum...
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  71. Very moisturising


    This is a very thick heavy cream that feels ver luxurious. At first I hated the smell but not I really love it. It’s hard to describe, something I’ve never smelt before. I love the packaging it’s so hygienic, and the product is just Devine. It leaves my skin so moisturized
  72. Struggles!


    I really struggle with this cream - I bought it after getting the serums from my beautician, which I love for my skin, but I hate this cream. Mostly because of the smell - I find it really overpowering.
  73. The finishing touch


    Recently took Joanna’s advise and added this to my nighttime routine. It’s the last step of my routine, after all of my serums. I absolutely love it. So lightweight and moisturising. It doesn’t feel thick and creamy at all. The best part is how good my skin feels the next morning. A big winner!
  74. My go-to summer moisturizer


    I have ordered this product multiple times! It’s perfect for my skin in summer as I live in a really hot climate and this isn’t too heavy and absorbs straight into my skin keeping it soft. Doesn’t break me out and keeps dry patches at bay :)
  75. Good


    This has made my skin look super moisturised and smooth. Love the results
  76. Soothing


    I use this morning and night and has definitely added more moisture to my face. It has a nice thick creamy texture which I love and use especially around my eyes.
  77. Best moisturiser


    This moisturiser blows my mind. It has transformed my skin. My skin used to look so lifeless and dull. Now it looks moistures, dewy and lovely. I love this and I love the gentle smell it has.
  78. So nourishing and light


    This is a beautiful product - just a subtle fragrance, beautiful silky texture and soaks into the skin. Really enjoying using this is the morning and have found it light but very hydrating for my skin.
  79. Can’t live without it


    Fantastic moisturiser for all skin types. Very thick but absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling silky. Layers really well on top of other aspect serums (extreme b, exfol 15) and Estée Lauder advanced night repair. This is my holy grail moisturiser.
  80. Effective and nourishing


    This product has made my skin feel smoother and much more hydrated.
  81. Perfect Daytime Moisturiser

    Caitlin (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Amazing everyday moisturiser. I have dry skin and it often feels quite tight and dehydrated after cleansing. I have used this moisturiser for years and continue to love it. It has very little smell and feels super lightweight whilst deeply hydrating the skin. It can be used both morning and night, but if you feel like you want something a bit heavier for night time you can layer it and apply a hea...
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  82. love this


    Very well priced for such an effective product, will be repurchasing! I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use.
  83. This works


    This stuff really does work and is acne friendly which is perfect for me. My lines have reduced significantly.
  84. Effective and not sticky moisturizer

    Elaine L

    I’ve recently had a baby and have been having a lot of broken sleep. I’ve been applying this moisturizer twice daily to help slow down the aging process for an otherwise aging experience. Also love how this can be applied to face, eyes and neck! One product for multiple uses.
    Have used these products years ago and remembered them as soon as I smelt the light fragrance of the moisturizer.
  85. Love love love


    Love this product it’s great how you have a measured amount every time and it’s great for my skin I have sensitive skin and I have had no problem at all with this.
  86. Nice moisturizer


    This is a nice moisturizer. It absorbs easily and smells nice, and the packaging is easy to work with.

    I don’t find it AMAZING, but it’s a nice step in combination with a facial oil at night for my dry-ish skin. I would happily use it in daytime if having an spf moisturizer wasn’t a priority - I think it would sit nicely under makeup.
  87. Must have!


    I have just purchased my second tub, I love this moisturiser! It does exactly what it claims to, and sits beautifully under makeup replacing primer! I have dry skin prone to break outs and this moisturiser doesn’t irritate my skin or break me out. It absorbs quickly even with its thicker consistency. Must have for dry, aging skin!!
  88. Good


    This is a super hydrating face cream that feels luxurious and keeps my skin soft. A bit expensive though
  89. Perfection!


    Beautiful lightweight moisturiser that works perfectly over serums and under makeup/sunscreen. My combination skin loves this product and I'll be keeping it as part of my skincare routine
  90. Geogeous moisturiser


    Absolute beautiful moisturiser. It’s light and good quality. Smells Devine. I have combination skin, gives my skin feel soft and gives it a glow not an oily look. I will continue to buy! Love aspect products!
  91. Great


    I really like this product, it's on the pricier side but I belive it's worth the money. I don't find it too greasy or heavy, and I like the pump packaging meaning it won't dry out in the container
  92. Perfect for winter


    Super hydrating for the cooler months, I found it a little thick during summer though for my oily skin
  93. Great


    This is really helpful in the winter or when I use retin a and my skin gets really dry. This product puts the moisture back in
  94. Beautiful moisturiser


    As someone who was suffering from chronic perioral dermatitis around my mouth and under my nose I was skeptical that this moisturiser would make any difference. Finally after nearly a year of embarrassing dry skin and an unsightly rash I finally have clear and hydrated skin. I no longer dread going out in public without makeup and the dermatitis has cleared completely. This is now a staple in my s...
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  95. Amazing moisturiser


    This is a really good moisturiser to wear at night, it's better than a lot of products which are 'masks'. This intensively hydrates and my skin feels so soft and supple the next morning. Highly recommend.
  96. very moisturizing


    I tried this recently and really really like it. It is very moisturizing and I don't have huge anti-ageing concerns - just some forehead wrinkles but it has helped to smooth my skin and increase elasticity
  97. Amazing!


    I tried this quite awhile ago and loved it and recently decided to purchase again as my skin was looking very rough due to winter and dehydration. After a very short period of time my skin has drastically improved, it is smooth and feels amazing to touch, I am so impressed as I have never had very good skin, but i have had several compliments saying my skin is flawless and I look younger! I actual...
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  98. light


    I like how lightweight this feels on the skin. It absorbs really fast as well
  99. Not for very dry skin


    I have dry mature skin and it doesn't really leave my skin feeling or looking moisturised even after applying extra.
  100. Lightweight with nice ingredients


    I have recently moved from using a very nourishing, rich night cream to this product and so far it's been quite nice. It doesn't feel as heavy going to sleep and it absorbs really well. I'm just waiting to see if it's got enough of a kick to deeply hydrate as my other product. I have found that I need to use a face oil intermittently to ensure my skin is happy, but I do have a very dry skin type.
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